Energy Manipulation Part 2

August 5, 2011


I’ve been giving a bit more thought to how I want to present these exercises. Part one dealt mainly with energy awareness, although there was some manipulation involved. Part two is mostly going to deal with internal manipulation, moving the energy around within yourself, and part three, when I get around to it, is going to deal more with moving energy around externally. I’m only promising a part three right now, but I’m thinking I might have to add a part four in order to explain energy balancing, and possibly even a part five or six to cover advanced techniques.

First off, if you haven’t read part one yet, start there. Those exercises should keep you busy for a few weeks at least, but more likely a couple months. These exercises are designed to build on each other, so until you’ve started to see some success with those exercises, these will probably be too difficult to master.

The first exercise should have been included as #5 in part one, but was omitted. In fact, I’m adding this as #5 of part one right now, and pushing all of the other exercises up a number. If you’re already familiar with part one though, you may miss this one, so I’m reposting it here.

#5 ** Walking Barefoot **

This is actually a super simple exercise. All you have to do is take off your shoes and socks and start walking barefoot. When your feet hit the ground, try to pay attention to how it feels. Notice that different areas feel different. Grass is soft and cool. Cement is hot and hard. Carpets are smooshy, wood floors are flat, and tile is hard and cold. When you walk, pay attention to the feeling in your feet. With each step, try to notice your foot hitting the ground and how that feels.

You should do this exercise as much as possible. It’s an easy exercise because it doesn’t require you to actually do anything. It requires you to not do something. Anytime you don’t need to wear shoes or socks, don’t. Work and public showers are the only times most people need to be wearing shoes. If you’re like me, you may feel more comfortable driving in shoes, although it is perfectly legal to drive barefoot. Nowadays most companies don’t have a “no shoes, no service” policy, although a few hold-outs still do require shoes.

#12. Finding Your Chakras, pt 1

Let’s talk about Chakras for a moment. This is a practical article, not an article on theory, so I’m going to keep this as short as possible. Chakras are the parts of your body that allow for energy manipulation. They let you create energy, they let you take energy into your body, they let you push energy out of your body, they let you convert energy to a different type of energy, and they let you move energy around, both inside your body and out, in other words everything that energy manipulation entails. As you can guess, understanding your chakras is very important to energy manipulation.

The number of Chakras varies between different belief systems. Most systems work with seven major chakras, although Tibetan Buddhism uses ten. Those are just major chakras though. There are also minor chakras. Some systems list dozens of minor chakras. Even these though are just the largest and most important minor chakras in your body. There are actually tens of thousands of chakras that can be found through out your body. In fact, depending on how meticulously you want to count, there are actually millions, even billions, of chakras, but it’s sort of pointless to go looking for each and every one of those. The amount of chakras you’re going to be able to find in your body is going to be limited by how small of a chakra you’re willing to look for.

Different chakras within your body do not have different duties, although some may be better at certain jobs. Any chakra in your body can perform any of the jobs that a chakra can perform. If you read up on chakras you’ll notice the seven major chakras are each given different duties and properties. For our purposes, the main difference that we’ll acknowledge between the chakras is that some are far better at energy manipulation, and do it with much larger quantities of energy, than others. Some also naturally seem to work with certain types of energy, although any chakra can be made to work with any kind of energy. Now let’s go find us some chakras.

We’ve already talked about an area in your chest where emotion and energy seems to come from. That’s one of the major chakra. If you’ve been doing the exercises from the first part, then you might have already noticed a couple others too. You might have noticed that there’s a calmer type of energy coming from your head near your eyes, and you may have noticed other types of energy, mostly sexual or lustful energy, coming from around your genitals. These are also chakras. You might have also noticed that chakras don’t exist on the front or back of your body, they go all the way through it. So a chakra position on the front of your body also corresponds to a chakra position on the back of your body. If you haven’t discovered any of this yet, don’t worry, we’re going to find all the chakras right now.

This exercise is going to be easiest to do on a bed, but you’re going to need a little bit of room to spread out. Most people will probably need at least a full sized bed, although smaller people can get away with less. If you have a small bed, it might be easier to do this on the floor, but you have to be able to make yourself comfortable lying on the floor.

To start, you’re going to want to clear everything off your bed, like blankets, comforters, and extra pillows, so you have room to lay unhindered. If you need a pillow to be comfortable, you may keep one on the bed. We’re going to use as much sensory deprivation as we can in this ritual, so don’t burn incense or light candles. Try to make the room as dark and quiet as possible, and completely undress.

Next lie down on the bed on your back. Put your arms down at your side so they aren’t touching your torso, and spread your legs a bit so they aren’t touching each other. Spend a few minutes relaxing yourself and, if you know how, you might want to try meditating a bit too.


First we’re going to look for the easiest chakra, the Heart Chakra. The Heart Chakra is located in the center of your chest slightly above your heart. When you feel most emotions, such as anger or joy, you’ll feel them strongest inside of your chest. That feeling is caused by your Heart chakra activating. If necessary, work yourself into an emotional state. Think of something that will make you happy or angry or make you cry or something, whatever it takes to get you feeling an emotion. Think about exactly where you’re physically feeling that emotion in your body. Now pinpoint the center of that physical feeling, and that is your heart chakra. Now relax yourself, let the emotions start to fade away, but keep your eyes closed and think about that centerpoint in your chest and focus on it for a while. Get an idea of how it feels there, and how you interpret what’s going on there. Also try to remember where this point is so that the next time you look for it you don’t need to use emotion.


Now let’s think about something. Math or literature, pick your position. If you prefer math, you need to do math which will be slightly difficult to do in your head. It has to take some effort on your part, but at the same time you don’t want to mentally strain yourself. It could be multiplication, or division, or adding fractions, or multiplying them, or whatever. It really depends on how good you are at math. If you prefer literature, think of a story you’re familiar with, either from a book or movie, and start dissecting the plot and symbolism as best you can.

Spend a while, at least fifteen minutes, doing this, so that you get lost in your thinking. Then ask yourself, “Where in my body am I?” You should be feeling yourself strongest slightly above your eyes and directly in between them. This is your Brow chakra. You might also notice energy coming out of there. It’s not as intense as the energy that came from your Heart Chakra. This is energy is energy that is associated with thought and other mental tasks. Stop thinking and take a moment to feel out this chakra and become familiar with it. Also, once again, try to remember where this one is so you don’t have to go through this process again.


If you’re reading this article as you’re doing the exercise, start reading out loud. Otherwise just start talking. You can do this whispering, and you can do this screaming, but doing so will make this exercise more difficult. You’re best off talking in a moderately loud voice, like if you were talking on the phone to someone who was using a cell phone outside. That’s a good volume level.

If you pay really close attention, you’ll notice there’s a very slight vibration in your throat. This vibration is what makes your voice work. It’s also where your Throat Chakra is located. When you speak, a small amount of energy comes out of that chakra inside your throat and you may be able to notice it. Most of that energy will leave through  your mouth though. The energy, like your voice, originates at your throat chakra, but you’re pulling it up through your throat and spitting it out your mouth. It’s important not to get confused and think you have a big chakra in your mouth. It’s in your throat. Once again take a moment to feel the chakra out and get familiar with where it’s located.


This ones normally a bit difficult to find. There’s only one easy way I know of to activate this thing if you don’t already know how to activate your chakras. It’s very stupid and cheesy, and you’re probably going to feel stupid and cheesy for having done it, and before you do it you need to pray to whatever gods you worship that no one will catch you doing this. It’s that bad.

Okay. Get out of bed and stay naked, it’ll help. If there’s a mirror you can see yourself in, that’s a good thing. Spend some time admiring your awesome biceps and pectoral muscles. If you don’t have awesome biceps and pectoral muscles, imagine you do and admire them. If you don’t have a mirror, imagine you have one of those too. Look at yourself like your frickin’ Adonis, or Atalanta if you’re a woman, or prefer to imagine yourself as one.

Now stand up straight, legs slightly apart, arms at yours side, and fists clenched. You might want to even take a moment to bring your mighty fists up and shake them. Say “RRRRGH” as you do.

Now as your doing this exercise, you have to mean everything you say. You have to believe it and feel it inside of yourself. And if, at any time, you break out laughing during this exercise, you have to start over from the very beginning. Also keep in mind the chakra we’re looking for is located between your rib cage and your bellybutton, so that’s the area you want to pay the most attention to.

Take a moment to relax and clear your mind. Meditate for a few minutes if you know how. Then take a deep breath in, and then a deep breath out. Let the air come in through your mouth, and your stomach expand, and then push it out and your stomach constricts. Continue to take a few more deep breaths.

Say, “I am a powerful warrior.”

Take 3-5 deep breaths.

Say, “I am strong. Strength and power flow through my body.”

Take 3-5 deep breaths.

Say, “Let the energy that envelops me come through me and empower my body.”

Take 3-5 deep breaths, but as you do so envision waves of energy coming into you as you breath in, vibrating through your entire body on the way down your esophagus, and coming to rest in your upper stomach.

You might start to feel some energy in your chest around your heart chakra. If you do, you need to push that energy down your stomach as best you can and then ignore it. We’re not looking for the heart chakra, and we don’t want to get stuck focusing on that.

Say, “Let the power of my ancestors flow through my body.”

Take 3-5 deep breaths. Again let the waves of energy flow into you.

Say, “I am power and I am strength.”

Take 3-5 deep breaths. Again let the waves of energy flow into you.

Say, “I will crush my enemies on the battlefield. I will leave them broken and bloodied and their blood will quench my thirst.”

Take 3-5 deep breaths. Again let the waves of energy flow into you.

Say, “I am power. I am strength. I am a warrior.”

Now if you did it right, and you really got into it and believed all of these things you were saying, you should be feeling really pumped up right now. You should be feeling near invincible and ready to beat the crap out of someone or something. You should be punching yourself in the chest and stomach and making unintelligible grunting noises. You should be sort of wired with this empowering energy. Where is that empowering energy coming from?  You might feel it all over your body, and you might feel it coming out of different chakras, but it’s flowing into your body from a single source which can be found between your belly button and ribs. Just go to the very center of where that energy is emanating from, where it’s the strongest, and that is your navel chakra.

Relax a bit, explore your navel chakra, and try really hard to remember where it is. You don’t want to have to do this again.


This chakra is a tough one. It’s located between your belly button and your genitals. The chakra is associated with instincts and sometimes the subconscious, so it’s very hard to activate. Generally this would be where you feel fear from, and by fear I mean pure gut wrenching terror, not just nervousness or anxiety. It’s also where you get your intuition (gut feeling), and it’s connected to precognition. It’s also connected to sexual desire, actually horniness, but so is the next chakra.

The least time consuming way to find this chakra is to go look at some porn (but don’t masturbate, you’ll see why soon). It doesn’t have to be porn, but you have to find something that will turn you on. This can be movies, pictures, fantasies, or romance novels. It really doesn’t matter. If you feel anything in your genitals, ignore it, that’s not what we’re looking for. Before you feel something in your genitals, you should hopefully feel something a bit above your genitals. That’s your sex chakra activating.

If that method doesn’t work, then you can try refraining from having sex or pleasuring yourself for a while. After a little while, anytime you start to see someone attractive or maybe see a little bit of skin, you’ll start to feel an urge in you. That would be your sex chakra activating.

Once again, take a moment to explore this chakra and try to remember where it is.


Remember how you weren’t supposed to masturbate before? This is why. Masturbate now. You don’t have to really get into it, and it doesn’t have to be really good, in fact it’s better if it’s not so good, but pay attention to the orgasm. Where do you feel it the most. Where is the pleasure sourced from. You might feel it in your stomach, and you might feel waves of pleasure across your body, and that’s great, but it should be sourced from an area on your genitals. If you can’t differentiate that, you need to masturbate in a less pleasurable and sensual way, so that you just feel it at your genitals.

That point is your root chakra. When you have sex, and when you pleasure yourself, energy moves in and out of there. Take a moment to explore it (not making a sex joke here is killing me) and try to remember where it is.


This is the last chakra we’re looking for because it’s the hardest to find. It’s difficult to activate. Meditation sometimes works, but it’s still hard to find. To start this chakra isn’t even located on your body. It’s located just above your head. It could sort of be the top of a crown if your were wearing one, but I like to think of it as being kind of like a halo.

Hopefully, after finding the previous six chakras, you’ve got an idea of what a chakra feels like and that should make finding this chakra easier.

Sit cross legged on your bed (or in a lotus position if you can do so comfortably). Take a few moments to clear your mind and let it go blank. If you know how to meditate, start meditating, but meditate with the goal of clearing your mind completely.

After a few minutes, start looking for your crown chakra. The meditation should have made the thing activate, and if you’re lucky it’s pouring out enough energy to make it noticeable. It might not be noticeable though. If it isn’t, that’s okay, you just have to find it yourself.

With your mind still blank and in a state of meditation, concentrate on various points in the area right above your head. Remember how the other six chakras felt when you explored them. If you need to, now that you know where they are, meditate on each of them and feel them out. Figure out the things that each of them have in common. You’re looking for something else that’s similar to those chakras..

What you’re going to be doing is mentally poking around right above your head and seeing if a certain area feels like one of your seven chakras. If it doesn’t, move on to another area. Keep doing that and eventually you’ll hit your crown chakra. Once you do, spend some time exploring it and try to remember where it is.

Congrats, you’ve found all seven chakras! This exercise will probably take a couple hours to do, so you’re going to have to set some time aside for it. The good thing about this exercise is that you only ever need to do it once. So long as you remember where your chakras are, you’ll never need to use this exercise again. But if you do ever forget where they are, you can always repeat the exercise.

#13. Finding the Chakras, pt 2

Right after you finish exercise #12, you should probably do this exercise at least once. This is a much quicker exercise. The first few times you do it, it may take a few minutes to do. Eventually you should be able to do it in seconds. To start, a quick review, our seven major chakras in top to bottom order-

Crown Chakra – Right above the head
Brow Chakra – Slightly above and between the eyes
Throat Chakra – Center of the throat where we speak from
Heart Chakra – Slightly above the heart, center of the chest
Naval Chakra – Between the rib cage and the belly button, center chest
Sex Chakra – Between the belly button and the naughty bits, center stomach
Base Chakra – Naughty bits!!! Or, you know, the base of the spine.

Now lay in bed naked and spread out a bit. Close your eyes. Take a moment to clear your mind and relax. Now feel each of your chakras from top to bottom. Feel your crown chakra first, then your brow chakra, and so on and so forth until you reach your base chakra.

If you want, you can also activate each of the chakras when you feel them. If you don’t know how to do that yet, that’s okay. Just be aware of where the chakras are and how they feel.

Once you finish the exercise, you can do it again if you wish.

If you aren’t very comfortable with your chakras yet, or you just want some more experience feeling them out, you should spend a little bit more time doing this exercise than normal. Spend a few minutes, at least, concentrating on each chakra after you find it. Pay attention to how it feels and what it feels like. Ask you feel each chakra, ask yourself, how is this unique when compared to the other six chakras? When you finish, ask yourself, in what ways are all seven chakras alike?

Once you feel comfortable with your chakras, you can also do this exercise for speed. See how fast you can find all seven chakras. It’s important that you actually feel all seven though, and not just name them. It’s even better if you activate each one as you go. You should be able to eventually feel and activate all seven, in order, in a few second or less. Once you start to get good at this exercise, you’ll be able to do it several times in just a few minutes.

This is a really good exercise to do every night before bed. You’re already laying in bed, you’re already relaxed, and you only need to set aside a few extra minutes before going to sleep to do it.

#14 Activating Chakras

Once you’re familiar with your chakras and where they are, it’s time to move on to activating them. All that’s meant by activating a chakra is that it’s being used. You’re pulling energy into it, pushing energy out of it, or producing energy with it. Additionally you may be using it to convert energy or move it around. We actually activated each of the chakras in exercise #12, since we found a way to make them produce energy in order to find them. So if you’ve done #12, you’ve already completed this exercise. Congratulations!

Just kidding. The activation in exercise #12 was largely uncontrolled. The point of this exercise is to learn how to activate the chakras in a much more controlled way. We’re also going to do it in a way which is less time consuming and more universal.

You can start this exercise with whatever chakra you feel the most comfortable using, however I recommend starting with the Brow Chakra. The Brow Chakra creates a calmer energy that feels less intense than certain other chakras, and it’s far easier to control when you’re first starting out.

If you’re using the Brow Chakra, I suggest sitting up in your bed when you do this exercise. If you’re using a different chakra though, you may get better results in a different position. Once you start to learn the exercise though, you should be able to do it with any chakra in any position. I also suggest doing this exercise skyclad the first few times because it does make it easier, however it isn’t mandatory. The exercise will also be easiest in a quiet and dark room.

To begin with, just find the chakra like you did in exercise #13. Doing this activates the chakra. Once you’re aware of where the chakra is and you start thinking about it and concentrating on it, it will naturally produce a small amount of energy.

To start, let’s take energy into the chakra. If you remember the incense trick, we’re just going to do a variation on that. Like before, inhale, and visualize the energy coming into you as you inhale like it’s the thick smoke from the incense. Now inhale a second time, but instead of visualizing the energy coming in through your mouth, visualize it coming in through your Brow Chakra. Repeat this two or three more times.

You should start to feel a rush of energy in your body around your head. This may just be a slight rush of energy, or it may be very intense experience. You might even get a bit of a buzz off of taking in the energy. You might also start to notice some of the spiritual things around you. These are side-effects of taking in more energy than what you’re used too. If you don’t feel these things though, don’t worry about it. Most likely your chakra just isn’t taking in enough energy to have an effect on you yet. It’s like a muscle, and you’ll just have to practice more in order to build it up.

Now that we have an energy high, let’s try to push some of that energy out. As you breath, when you exhale, imagine the energy inside of you coming out of your mouth. Unless you’re very good at maneuvering energy around your body, exhaling probably didn’t have that much of an effect. Now activate your chakra and exhale again, but this time visualize the energy coming out of your chakra as you exhale. It should have a much more pronounced effect. Repeat two or three more times.

If you’re using your brow chakra, you probably noticed that you took in a bit more energy with every breath than you let out. This is because it is a lot easier to take in energy with the Brow Chakra than it is to push it out. You can of course equalize these abilities by training the chakra, but naturally, with the Brow Chakra, pulling in is a lot easier than pushing out.

Finally we need to make the chakra produce energy. This isn’t that hard. In fact we’ve already done this several times in this exercise. Concentrate on the chakra, and it’ll start creating energy. The stronger your concentration, the larger the amount of energy you’ll create.

You can also try visualizing the chakra as a wheel. As the wheel spins, visualize energy building up around it. As it spins faster, it makes more energy. This visualization will do three things. First it will get you thinking about the chakra, which will make it produce energy. Secondly it will give you a visual aid to connect to chakra energy production, and you can imagine that visual aid at any time to make a chakra produce energy. Lastly, by controlling the speed of the imaginary wheel, it will give you a method to control how much energy is being produced by a chakra.

Once you’ve succeeded in doing the exercise with the Brow Chakra, repeat the exercise with each of the six other chakras. Once you get used to this exercise, you can combine it with #13. As you go through each of the seven chakras, make them pull in energy, push out energy, or create energy.

#15 Finding the Smaller Chakras pt 1

Next we’re going to find a few of the smaller chakras so we know where they are for future exercises. There are billions of chakras through out your body, but we don’t need to find all of them. We’re going to concentrate on the most important chakras besides the seven main chakras, and those would be the strongest chakras in your hands and your feet.

Unfortunately, unlike the major chakras, there aren’t any methods to activate these chakras that work most of the time. In order to find these chakras, you’re going to have to look for them. Hopefully, from working with the major chakras in the previous exercises, you’ve become familiar with what a chakra feels like and how it works. That’s going to help you find these chakras, because the best I can do is tell you where they are and have you look for them. If you’re having trouble finding them, go back to the earlier exercises and continue to work with the major chakras until you have a better handle on what a chakra feels like.


There are three, arguably four, important sets of chakras in your hand. Most magicians tend to favor one of these three or four sets, and they’ll usually use that particular set to do most of the energy work done with their hands. However there are advantages to using each of the different sets of chakras, and it’s a good idea to train all of them, even if you favor one, so that you can use any of them as needed.


The wrist chakra is technically located on the arm just below the wrist. Like all chakras it goes through the body, so you’ll also find it on the opposite side of your hand. Magicians who favor this chakra often do a Spider-Man pose when trying to manipulate energy or work magic. They turn their arm over and move their hand down, kind of like what Spider-Man does when he shoots a web.

The main advantage of using this chakra is that it’s good for close-quarter spiritual, or spiritually-enhanced, combat. Magicians who favor this chakra are typically the ones who are more comfortable in a spiritual fight. The reason for this is, whether the palm is held flat or in a fist, it’s very easy to shoot energy from over or under the hand through this chakra. It’s also useful to make a consistent blade of energy that comes out and extends over or under the hand. You can hit someone, or some spirit, with your fist or hand, and also hit them with energy at the same time.

One other advantage to using this chakra is, by going through the backside, it can be done very inconspicuously. place your arm across your stomach, and you’ll notice the chakra can easily be pointed wherever you need to point it without it looking like you’re pointing at something.


Just below your fingers you’ll notice some mounds of bone (these are called carpals). There’s a small chakra on each mound. Directly below them there are several larger chakras. These chakras are almost always working together, and unless you try to really feel them out and separate them into individual chakras, they even feel like they’re one big chakra. After that there are again smaller chakras that exist through out the palm of the hand. All of these different chakras are usually used in unison, and most people regard them as a single chakra. As far as your hand chakras go, this one is the most powerful.

As you can guess, if you want to move or manipulate energy with your hand, this is the best chakra to use. It’s capable of doing more work than the other chakras in your hand. In combat, it’s often used by magicians who like to blast energy at a safe distance. It’s also favored by magicians who like to cast curses and enchantments without getting too close to their victims.

Even magicians who don’t favor this chakra tend to use it a lot, because it has some other unique uses too. It’s a chakra located in the palm of your hand, so if you’re holding something in the palm of your hand, it’s really easy to put energy into that object or take energy from it. It’s also the chakra that is usually used to enchant items. Going back to magical combat, it can be used to energize or otherwise enchant a weapon your holding.


Just below the tip of each of your eight fingers there is a chakra. There’s also similar chakras on your thumbs, but these are weaker and thumbs are rather unwieldy, so these ones don’t get used too often. Compared to other chakras in your hand, your fingertip chakras are fairly strong, but they’re usually used individually and not in unison with each other or any other chakras, so they end up being much weaker than the collective of chakras found in your palm. Most magicians tend to use the chakras in their index and middle fingers, because most people have difficulty moving their ring and pinky fingers individually, and the pinky chakra is a bit weaker than the others.

Magicians who favor this chakra are usually like to point their fingers at things to manipulate energy or cast spells. They’re also the types who like to tap or lay their hand on someone’s shoulder in order to curse or enchant them.

The main advantage of this chakra is it allows you to easily draw energy from, or put energy into or otherwise enchant anything, or anyone, you touch with the tips of your fingers. Plus, for some magicians, the act of pointing is a strong ritual aid.


Some magicians, especially those into martial arts, have favored the Knuckle Chakras. Some think that this is the best route to master shadow boxing. Unfortunately, when compared to other hand chakras, the Knuckle Chakras are very weak, and they also get used individually like the Fingertip Chakras instead of collectively. It’s possible to train them to move substantial amounts of energy, but very difficult. The Wrist Chakras actually work much better as far as shadow boxing and martial arts combat goes. The Knuckle Chakras end up being weak and redundant, and there’s no real advantage to using them over other chakras (and so I don’t suggest spending much time working them). Most of the magicians who do try to train their Knuckle Chakras just haven’t realized that there are ways to move energy from their wrist chakras that would produce better results.


We have four important chakras in our feet. Most people are going to favor one or two of these chakras, and just use those two. Usually the center chakras are favored, because they’re the strongest. Unlike your hand chakras, there isn’t much point in training each and every one of your feet chakra. There just isn’t that much of a difference between them, or any real advantage of using one over the other. The only exception would be if you were a martial artist who was really into kicking and wanted to incorporate energy work into your martial arts.


These are really the equivalent of your fingertip chakras on your toes. They’re a little bit further down the toe than the fingertip chakras are, and the strongest chakra is actually on the big toe. Individually these are going to be your weakest chakras. They’re not really close enough to be used as a collective, like your Palm Chakra, but they can still be used in unison, in which case they do become stronger than your Heel Chakra.


There is a chakra, sometimes regarded as a collective and sometimes regarded as a single chakra, on the bottom of the mounds of your foot just above where the arc starts. This is actually the strongest chakra on your foot.


Starting at the Upper-Foot Chakra, about three quarters of the way down the arc of your foot is your Arc Chakra. If they’re equally trained, this Chakra can become almost as strong as the Upper-Foot Chakra.


Finally, a little ways from the center of your heel, going towards the back of your foot, is the Heel Chakra. This tends to be the weakest chakra in your foot, although it is more powerful than a single toetip chakra. However if you were the martial artist I described above, this would be a very useful chakra to train.

#16. Finding the Smaller Chakras, Pt 2

Once you’ve found all of the chakras on your hands and feet, they can be trained in the same way as the major chakras. You can perform exercises #13 & #14 substituting the minor chakras for the major chakra.

#17. Moving Energy Around

Just like with the earlier exercises, this one requires laying in bed with as much sensory deprivation as possible, and before starting you should take a few moments to relax.

The goal of this exercise is to move energy around your body. Energy kind of works like a muscle. It moves around and changes according to what your brain wants it to do in the same way that your legs move for you when you want to walk. Energy will even move, as per your thoughts, when you don’t want it to. For instance, your legs aren’t going to start moving you somewhere because you think about walking there. But if you think about moving your energy across the room, it will start to move in that direction.

Your energy also moves and changes as per your emotions. Whatever you feel, your energy will try to do it. If you’ve ever gotten so angry you wanted to kill someone, your energy actually became aggressive and it literally attempted to kill the person. Luckily, unless you spent a lot of time training yourself in energy manipulation, you’re not going to be able to kill someone just by wanting to. This is one of the reasons why emotional control is so important for very experienced magicians who routinely work with large amounts of energy and can easily mold it into an attack.

The point is, you’re energy is always moving and working as per your intent, your will, your thoughts, and your emotions. If we can manipulate these things, we can manipulate how our energy moves and behaves. For this exercise, all we want to do is move energy around a bit.

Once you’re in a calm and relaxed state, concentrate on your Heart Chakra and the energy you have there right now. This is the energy we want to move around. Unfortunately we won’t be able to move all of it. Most likely, you aren’t yet skilled enough to move all of that energy at once without losing any. Even if can though, once you move the energy out your Heart Chakra is going to create some more. So if you notice that you just moved some of the energy and not all of it, don’t be discouraged, that’s supposed to happen.

Visualize all of that energy in your chest rolled up into a ball. Now visualize that ball slowly moving to the right side of your chest and then towards your shoulder. Visualize that ball slowly moving all the way down your arm, through your upper arm, through your forearm, through your wrist, and finally into the palm of your hand. When you do this, your chest should feel emptier, as if a lot of energy and emotion has been removed from it (although as we discussed, it won’t feel completely empty). Meanwhile you should now feel a lot more energy and emotion in the palm of your hand.

If you can, slowly visualize that ball of energy moving from your right hand back up your arm, through your shoulder and into your chest, across your chest, into your left shoulder and down your left arm and into your left palm. Then move the ball back into your chest. If you’re strong enough, see if you can get the ball of energy into each of your feet.

When you first start doing this, this can be a very difficult exercise. Make sure you visualize the ball slowly moving and going at a snail’s pace. The easiest way to fail at this exercise is to become impatient and move the ball more quickly than what you’re capable of handling. If this happens you’ll lose your focus on it altogether, and it will break apart and dissipate into your body. The exercise can also be very tiring when you first start doing it, meaning you may only be able to get the energy into your right hand before you’re completely exhausted by it.

As you do this exercise more and more though, you should be able to get better and better at it. Moving energy around will take less and less out of you, and you’ll be able to do it faster and faster. Once you’re able to successfully move the energy into all of your hands and feet, start working on moving it faster and faster. Eventually you should be able to easily and effortlessly push almost all the energy in your body to one area in a split second just by thinking that you want it to go there.

#18 Lifting and Dropping

This exercise is meant to help you get used to moving large amounts of energy quickly. It also teaches some techniques that can be used later on to raise and ground energy. Unlike the previous exercise, the entire point here is speed, not accuracy. If you find that you’re losing lots of energy, or that you’re only moving a fraction of the energy in your body, that’s okay for now. You’ll get better at doing this exercise more accurately and efficiently by continuing to work on #17 and #19. The point of this exercise though is to increase your speed.

To begin, stand up in a comfortable position and take a few seconds, or minutes if needed, to relax yourself and clear your mind. You may find it easier to perform this ritual skyclad, especially the first time, but the exercise can easily be performed clothed.

Using the techniques you learned in the previous exercise, move as much energy as you can into your upper chest, and hold it there for a few moments. Do not roll this energy into a ball. We want to move it as a large unwieldy mass of energy.

Now visualize that energy moving down your body and into your calves and/or feet, and hold it there for a few moments.

Then visualize the energy moving back up your body and back into your upper chest, and hold it there for a few moments.

Now move the energy into your feet or calves as quickly as you can. In order to do this, you’re going to have to visualize all of the energy in your chest dropping down your body really fast.

Now move the energy into your upper chest as quickly as you can. This time you’re going to have to visualize the energy moving up your body really fast.

Repeat these two steps, moving the energy up and down, several times or until you start to get exhausted.

#19. Stoning

This is a simple exercise I’ve discussed before which involves moving energy in and out of stones. It’s a great exercise that really helps a person learn how to manipulate energy, and it actually teaches a lot of different skills which are useful with energy work.

To start you’re going to need at least a few gemstones. You can buy gemstones for one or two dollars a piece at almost any occult store. I’d suggest getting five to ten, all different kinds, to start with. You can also try asking more experienced magicians if they have any extra stones. Many will have stones they used when they were first learning energy manipulation which they no longer have any real use for.

Pick any one of the stones and hold it in the palm of your hand. Make a loosely held fist around the stone. Now activate the Palm Chakra and pull energy in from it. If you’ve been practicing the earlier exercises, you may have already figured out a technique to do this. If not you can use the inhaling trick. Inhale and take energy into you. Now concentrate on the Palm Chakra, and move where you’re taking energy in from as you inhale to that chakra specifically.

Once you’re comfortable taking energy in through the Palm Chakra, you should start to learn how to take in energy without inhaling. After you activate the Palm Chakra, visualize the Palm Chakra as active and pulling energy into it. At the same time start pulling energy out of your hand and forearm and into your chest area. This should start taking in energy from the Palm Chakra, and it will do it consistently as opposed to only while you’re inhaling.

Once you start pulling in energy through your Palm Chakra, start taking in energy specifically from the stone. To do this, as you’re taking energy in from your Palm Chakra, change your intentions so that you only want energy from the stone, and not energy from the general area (often times when working with energy changing your intent is enough). At the same time  visualize the energy being pulled in from your Palm Chakra as being pulled directly out of the stone.

You should start to feel some energy from the stone coming into your body. This energy should have a unique feel to it, which would be the energy taint from the stone. This should give you an idea of what the stone feels like.

Now that we’ve gotten energy out of the stone, the next step is to reverse the process. Again hold the stone in your fist. Now start moving the energy in your body up into your forearm and then into your hand. Activate your Palm Chakra (by identifying it and thinking about it), and keep pushing the energy forward so that it comes out through your Palm Chakra. Once you’ve done this, intend to push the energy into the stone, and visualize the energy coming out of your Palm Chakra and being forcefully pushed into the stone.

Not all of the energy is going to end up in the stone. Some of it’s going to fall out into the general area around you. In fact, when you first start doing this exercise, a lot of the energy is going to fall out into the area around you. That’s perfectly normal. As you get better at it, less and less energy will be lost to the surrounding area, but you’re still going to lose some.

Once you have this down, you can repeat the exercise several times. Pull energy out of the stone, and then push energy back into the stone. You can also try the exercise with different stones. Different stones will have different taints, and the energy is going to feel different.

Another variation you can try, once you’ve mastered energy conversion, is pushing a specific energy into the stone that is different than the energy you took out. In fact if you repeatedly alternate between doing this and pulling energy out of the stone, what you’re doing is cleansing the stone.

By keeping a couple of small gemstones in your pocket, you can easily practice this exercise any time you have a few moments of free times. Just put your hand in your pocket, make a fist around one of the stones, and start pushing and pulling energy out of it. It can also be done at the same time that you’re doing a lot of other activities (like say having a conversation with someone or watching TV or reading my blog). In fact it’s good to practice exercises like this while doing other things, because it gives you practice in manipulating energy while your mind needs to be focused somewhere else.

#20 Raising Energy pt 1

When we raise energy, it means that we bring energy into the area that wasn’t already there. There are four ways we can raise energy. We can draw it from the earth, we can draw it from a divine source, we can draw it from a distant source, or we can create it ourselves. For this exercise, we’re going to work on drawing it from the earth.

To begin stand up. Being barefoot or skyclad will both help, but it isn’t necessary. What you want to do is activate some of your feet chakras and activate your base chakra (your base chakra is actually the most important one to activate, so if nothing else make sure you get that chakra). Then start pulling energy upward through these chakras and into yourself. Pull in as much as you possibly can. Make sure you intend to pull this energy directly from the Earth. Standing on dirt may help, but so long as you have an indirect connection to the Earth, the exercise should still work.

Keep pulling as much as you can and drawing the energy into you, and if you need to release the energy through your upper chakras. You should feel a lot of energy coming into you. Some of that energy may be from the area surrounding your legs, but when you’re taking in that much energy, you should deplete the energy around you fairly quickly and then start drawing from the Earth.

Be careful doing this though in volatile areas. If the energy in the area feels bad to you, then raising energy like this will most likely draw a lot of that energy into you, which could be a bad thing.

Since your chakras don’t really need to be touching the ground, you might be wondering why you can’t raise energy from the earth through your upper chakras, like the Heart or Brow chakra. You can. If you can figure out how to do it, you can try it. I’d suggest trying it with your Crown chakra since that’s the highest and will produce the strongest effect. If you succeed, you’ll probably notice that it feels very uncomfortable, and you’ll probably become a bit nauseous. That’s why most magicians will usually use their lower chakras to raise energy like this.

#21. Raising Energy, pt 2

Now we’re going to raise energy from ourselves. Start by laying in bed naked. Spend a few seconds relaxing and clearing your mind. Now do exercise #13 and find all seven of your chakras. Then continue and find all of the chakras in your hands and feet, and any other smaller chakras you may be familiar with.

After that, do exercise #14, and activate all of these chakras that you just found. Just do your best to produce energy from each one, and don’t worry about drawing in or pushing out energy.

Now try to think about and activate all of those chakras at once so they all produce energy. If it’s too much for you to focus on all of those chakras right now, then just focus on as many as you can (but in the future try to keep adding more chakras to that number). The most important chakras to activate are the seven major chakras, so eliminate those chakras last.

Once you’ve activated these chakras, try to produce as much energy as you can from each.

You’re now raising energy into the room, as much as you possibly can. Maybe you don’t want this energy in the room though. Maybe you want this energy for yourself. Your chakras naturally push most of the energy they produce outward (this way your body doesn’t hold excess energy, which for most people usually isn’t a good thing, but it’s often necessary for magicians to do this). What you need to do is turn your chakras inward so the energy goes into your body instead of into the general area.

To do this, as you’re creating energy with a chakra, also pull energy through that chakra into yourself. Now the energy will go into you instead, and you should fill up with energy fairly quickly.

You might not be able to both create energy and pull energy in with all of your chakras at once. You may have to limit yourself to even less chakras to do both acts at the same time. If you’re having a lot of trouble, you can start by doing it with just one chakra at a time, and keep practicing it until you can do it with multiple chakras at once.

Once you get a certain amount of energy into you, your body will naturally start pushing large amounts of energy out, because it’s not going to be able to hold that much energy. The more you do these exercises though, the more energy you’ll be able to do.

A word of caution, carrying around large amounts of energy can cause problems. Once you feel like your body’s starting to push out large amounts of the energy that you’re taking in, you should stop the exercise. You don’t want to take too much energy in. At the same time it’s a good idea to ground out after doing this exercise. That technique is explained in the next exercise.

#22. Grounding Out

Grounding is the act of pushing energy out of your body and into the ground. Excess energy can be harmful and difficult to control, and grounding is a way to get rid of that energy. Grounding is also a way to get rid of energy that may be harmful to us or disruptive to whatever we’re currently trying to do, or energy that just isn’t compatible with us.

When we ground there is usually a backwash effect. Some energy from the Earth will come into us. Typically when a person grounds it’s because the energy in them is causing a problem, and so there is usually an energy imbalance. Getting rid of the offending energy helps to correct this imbalance, and the backwash of Earth energy helps balance them further.

You do need to be careful though when the energy of an area feels off or yucky. When you ground in an area like that, there’s a good chance some of that energy will flow through you from the backwash.

Like raising energy, all you need is an indirect connection to the ground. You can even do this from the top of a skyscraper, because you’re still touching something that ultimately connects back to the ground. You could theoretically even ground while flying in a plane or jumping through the air, but it’s much more difficult.

When many magician’s ground they touch the floor with their hand. This is unnecessary though. You can easily ground out through your feet, and I suggest learning how to do this. Standing still for a moment while you ground is a lot less conspicuous than bending down to touch the ground. Grounding may also be seen as a sign of weakness in some situations, and you may not always want to show that weakness.

The reason why some magicians touch the ground is twofold. First off, many magicians find it easier to work with the chakras on their hands than the ones on their feet, mainly because they use the ones on their hands more often and haven’t taken the time to train their feet chakras. Secondly the ritual aspect of touching the ground helps them ground.

It may be easier to learn how to ground by using your hands, but after some practice you should be able to easily move on to doing it with your feet.

To begin, you need to fill your body with enough energy so you’ll have something to ground. The easiest way to get this energy is by performing exercise #21. If you haven’t perfected exercise #21 yet, then you can charge a stone for a few days for the same effect.

To charge a stone you should push energy into the stone several times a day without ever taking energy out. Keep doing this for three or four days, and you should hopefully have accumulated a sizable amount of energy by then. Alternatively you can place the stone on an altar to a deity for a day or two and ask that deity to charge the stone for you. This method may not work though. Once you have the stone charged, pull the energy out and let it fill your body.

To ground, place your hand on the floor. Next move as much of the energy in your body as you can into your forearm. Continue to push the energy into your hand. Activate one of the chakras on your hand. Your Palm Chakra is probably going to be the best one to use, but you can use whichever one you feel most comfortable with. Push the energy through your hand, through the chakra, and into the floor. When you push out the energy, make sure you do so with the intent that it’s going into the Earth and not just the floor. There will probably be some sort of backwash effect which will occur naturally. If you wish to increase this effect, after you finish grounding pull energy up from floor through your hand, with the intent that the energy is coming from the Earth.

The ritual is done with your feet in almost the exact same way. The only difference is that the energy has to be moved down your body and into your legs, and you have to use your feet chakras to push the energy out. You don’t have to be barefoot to ground out through your feet either. It may help, but your feet are touching your socks, which touch your shoes, which touch the floor.

#23 Touch and Draw

Remember the chakras that exist on your fingertips? Where going to start using those, and we’re pretty much going to do the exact same thing we did with the Palm Chakra when we drew energy out of the stone.

Your fingertips contain little chakras, and those chakras can be used to draw energy out of things. Last time we used gemstones, which hold a fairly large amount of energy, and which have fairly strong and unique taints on their energy. Now we’re going to start doing this to other objects to see how they feel.

Right now, place your fingertips on the wall next to you. Activate the chakras and draw energy through them, the same way you drew energy out the stone through your Palm Chakra. Don’t just draw from the surrounding area, but intend to draw specifically from the wall. Use visualizations if you need to.

The energy of a particular wall is going to vary due to a wide variety of factors. But your wall probably didn’t have as much energy in it as a gemstone, and the energy was probably a bit harder to distinguish. As you get better at energy manipulation you’ll become more sensitive, and you’ll be able to better work with smaller amounts of energy, and better able to distinguish the more subtle differences of an energy.

Now start walking around and touching things, and pulling energy out of them. What does your computer desk feel like? Your computer monitor? The door to your room? A piece of glass? A piece of plastic? The pavement outside?

Get in the habit of touching things, and get in the habit of drawing energy out of everything you touch. This is an exercise you can always be doing as you go about your day, especially once you become proficient enough to quickly draw out energy and identify it.

This method is fine on inanimate objects, but never use this method on living things like people, animals, or even house plants, and never use this method on spirits. Doing so is a kind of vampirism, and there’s a lot of other crap that goes along with that. Plus it can be harmful to draw energy out of a living thing that way. There is a non-vampiric method to feel out the energy of something living or a spirit, and I’m going to explain that in a future exercise.

This exercise is going to do three things. First its going to get you used to drawing energy into your body through a chakra, and your going to become more and more proficient at doing that, especially when you’re drawing in energy all day long. Secondly it’s going to train you how to identify different energies, and you’re going to become more and more proficient at noticing those subtle differences. Lastly it’s going to expose you to a lot of different energies and you’re going to start to get an idea of what a lot of different things feel like. Later on, when you feel an energy that is the same as or similar to an energy you’ve already felt, you’ll have a better idea of what that means.

#24 Barefoot, Again

This is a variation on #23, and its going to make use of the barefootedness we’ve had to endure because of exercise #5.

What we’re going to do is start using the chakras in our feet to draw energy out of the ground as we walk. We’re not going to draw energy out of the Earth, like we did when we were raising energy, but instead we’re going to start drawing energy out of whatever we’re walking on. Things like wood floors, carpet, cement, dirt, whatever.

Start by standing up right now, and drawing in energy from the floor beneath you. This is done exactly like exercise #23, except you’re using your feet chakras instead of your hand chakras. Activate the chakras, then pull in the energy directly beneath you. If you need to, visualize your feet chakras sucking in energy from the floor, kind of like a vacuum cleaner.

Unlike the previous exercise, it really isn’t that important to use a specific chakra. As was explained earlier, most people will be okay if they only ever train one or two chakras on their feet. The middle chakras are the strongest though, and will probably be the easiest ones for most people to use.

Now walk into another room and repeat the exercise, and then into another room, and then outside. You should start by doing this exercise whenever possible when you walk into a new room. Once you get a little bit better, you can start doing it whenever you walk onto a different type of ground. Once you become really fast at it, you can start doing it with every step you take. You can even perform this exercise when you need to wear shoes, although it will be more difficult.

This exercise will help teach you a few different things. First it will give you an idea of what all the things you’re walking on feel like, energy wise. Secondly it’s going to specifically train the chakras in your feet, and get you used to using them and make them stronger. Lastly it’s going to give you even more experience working with energy in general.

You may notice that your feet chakras seem weaker than your hand chakras. Actually these chakras are naturally more powerful, it’s just that most of us are used to using our hand chakras more often. It also doesn’t help that most people will wrap their feet up in layers of socks and shoes the majority of the time. Comparatively, outside of a few special occasions like playing in the snow or performing a prostate exam, our hands are usually left naked and we’re able to touch things with our skin.

#25. Converting Energy pt 1

The goal of this exercise is to start learning how to convert energy. In order to begin this exercise, you need to be in an emotional state. You can either work yourself into an emotional state, or wait for one to occur naturally. It really doesn’t matter what kind of emotional state you’re in, but I do suggest a positive emotional state, if for no other reason then it will be more pleasant for you. The stronger the emotional state, the easier this exercise will be, so if you’re having trouble with it try working yourself up more. Having a weaker emotional state will better work your abilities though.

Okay, you’re having an emotional state. I’m assuming it’s one of those states associated with your Heart Chakra, so I’m going to talk about putting energy into your chest. If it’s something associated with a different chakra, like say fear, you’re going to have to move the energy to that chakra instead.

Now go grab one of your stones. It doesn’t matter which. The more energy that’s in the stone the better, so a charged stone would be best. If you don’t have a charged stone handy, you can still do the exercise. It just won’t work your abilities as well.

You’re going to have to do these next parts quickly, because you’re only going to have a limited amount of time to do this.

Hold the stone in the palm of your hand and start drawing energy out of it. Take this energy and start moving it into your chest where your emotional energy is. Now push the emotional energy inside of you into this new energy. Have the emotional energy envelope and surround it. It should now start changing it, and the new energy should start becoming like the emotional energy.

With this exercise, at least at first, you’re probably going to have a lot more emotional energy than what you take in from the stone. You don’t need that much energy to convert though. Once you get the process down, you should be able to convert very large amounts of energy using only small amounts of energy.

#26 Energy Conversion Pt 2

This time we’re going to do the same thing as exercise #25, except we’re going to reverse the process.

First get a lot of energy inside yourself. You can either raise the energy and place the majority of it in your chest, or wait until you’re in an emotional state. Now pick up a stone, and start pulling the stone’s energy into you and towards the other energy in your body.

This time we’re going to have the stone’s energy envelope the energy already inside of us. Unless the stone’s particularly powerful, or you’re producing relatively small amounts of energy (in which case you need to keep working on the earlier exercises), you should have a lot more energy inside of you than in the stone. So this exercise will be a bit more difficult, but it’s essentially the exact same process as the previous exercise.

Bonus Exercise #1: Couplet

I’m listing this as a bonus exercise because not everyone’s going to be able to do it. If you can’t it’s no big deal. You can continue on with the other exercises and still learn how to manipulate energy. There are no essential skills that you’ll learn from this exercise that I’ll be incorporating into future exercises. If you are able to do this though, this is a very cool and sweet exercise you can perform with someone special.

To begin you need a partner, and both of you should either be adept at energy manipulation, or learning it. Anyone whose made it through part 2 of this guide should be fine. I really suggest doing this with someone you’re in a romantic relationship with. So long as both people are comfortable with the exercise, you can do it with a close friend or even an acquaintance. However the exercise is so personal that most people aren’t going to feel comfortable doing it with someone they’re not in a romantic relationship with. It also requires some degree of trust.

To begin, both partners should undress and sit cross-legged on the floor across from each other, looking each other in the eyes. Both should extend their left hands out with their palms facing upwards. Now each should take their right hand and place it over their partner’s left forearm.

Both should now start moving their energy into their right hand and then pushing it into their partner’s body.

More experienced magicians may wish to pull energy into themselves from their partner with their left hand at the same time at the same time that they’re pushing energy out with the right. This will make the process easier. You need to be very careful if you do this though. If one person is stronger than the other, they can end up pulling in significantly more energy than they’re giving away and drain their partner. This can make their partner sick, and in extreme cases it can be fatal. However a magician who lacks so much control over energy that they might kill someone by draining them almost certainly wouldn’t be strong enough to kill someone in this way.

When you just push in, you have control over how much you give away, and you probably won’t lose so much more than you’re going to make yourself sick. When someone is pulling, they need to have enough awareness and control to make sure they aren’t taking more than they’re giving away, or their partner needs to be adept enough to control how much they can take.

If you’re doing this in order to build up your energy manipulation skills, it’s best to switch hands halfway through the exercise so that you’re pushing with the left and receiving with the right. If you’re just doing this to enjoy the other person though, there’s no reason to switch hands.

With this exercise, both participants are going to be giving their energy, and in a sense their essence, to the other person to feel them out, and at the same time they’re going to be feeling out their partner. For some the nudity will add an additional element of intimacy to the exercise. Even putting that aside though, the exercise is still very emotionally intimate. Each participant is allowing the other to feel them at a very deep emotional and spiritual level, and the energy of both participants is intermixing and running through both bodies. In a certain limited spiritual sense, the two are becoming as one, and there’s no clear line between where one ends and the other begins.


I wanted to do a lot more with this section. I wanted to add more exercises dealing with energy conversion. I also wanted to add an exercise that dealt with how to feel out the energy of living things. To do that one though, I’m first going to have to first add at least two more exercises, maybe more, to teach some techniques I haven’t gone through yet. This article has already gotten very long, and several of exercises I covered ended up being split into two exercises instead of one. So these things are going to have to wait until part 3, and there will be a part 3 for sure. Eventually anyways.

The exercises in part 1 were fairly simple, and dealt a lot with energy sensing. Part two has dealt almost exclusively with internal energy manipulation. The exercises have become a lot more complex, but they’ve been worked up to by building on what came before them. Exercise #24 or #26 shouldn’t be any more complicated than exercise #1 if you’ve mastered everything that came before it. It’s also gotten to the point where I don’t have to explain every little thing. To someone who has gone through all 26 exercises, I can simply tell them to move energy to a particular part of their body, or put it into a stone, or draw it out of an item and into their hand. I no longer have to explain the techniques to do these things. Not only that, but people who’ve gotten to this point should be starting to figure out a lot of things about energy manipulation for themselves.

Still I’ll continue to give more exercises in part 3. That part will deal mostly with external energy manipulation. Now that you can move energy around inside your body, you’ll start to learn how to move it around outside your body. I’m also going to have some more exercises on energy conversion, mainly because this article just didn’t have room for them.

These things take a lot of time and work to put up. Exercises are really hard to figure out and write up. The only thing worse are rituals. It took me almost a year to do part 2. I don’t expect to wait as long before I finish part 3, but it might take me a while.

I’m not making any promises for future instalments past part three, mainly because I don’t know how I’ll feel about doing that much work. Right now I want to do five or six parts. Part four will deal with internal energy balancing, and part five will cover advanced techniques. Part six, if I even decide to do it, will have even more advanced techniques. Whether or not there’s a part six will really depend on how many things I want to cover.

As before, if you’re doing these exercises feel free to let me know how it’s coming along. If something isn’t easy to understand, or you’re having trouble with one of them, let me know. It may just be a simple clarification. Or I may need to add a new exercise to work some ability I hadn’t thought about. If you let me know about the issue I can not only fix the exercises for you, but I can fix it for everyone else as well.


Energy Manipulation: Part 1

November 1, 2010

A lot of people have been asking me for advice on energy manipulation lately. Either they want instructions or they want books or systems that teach it. So I’ve put together some exercises to help people who are just starting out. I’ve called this part 1. What I’ve posted here is far from a complete system, but right now there is no part 2. I might write more exercises in the future. If I do the new exercises  will build upon these exercises.

I’ve put these exercises in the order you’re supposed to do them (skipping 2 if it’s a cold time of year).  The techniques in the different exercises build on each other. At the same time though they aren’t intended to be done once and before moving on to the next one. In fact it isn’t even a system where you master one step and then move on to the next.

What I suggest doing is to start with an exercise and keep doing it until you get a handle on it and you’ve achieved some noticable results. Then start working with the next exercise, but keep going back and doing the earlier exercises. The better you get at the earlier exercises the easier the later exercises will be.

Also if you’ve done an exercise a lot and you have a good idea how it works and what it’s supposed to do, you should probably try to develop your own exercises to help train those same skills. These exercises were designed so that they could easily fit into most people’s lives, but there’s also a chance that they might not easily fit into your life situation. What’s even more likely is that you have a lot of unique opportunities in your life to train your abilities, and because those opportunities are so specific to you, you’re going to have to create your own exercises in order to take advantage of them.

I also recommend continuing to do basic exercises even after you have a mastery of energy manipulation. A lot of magicians fall into a trap of gaining some ability with energy manipulation and then ignoring it as they explore other spiritual and magical pursuits instead of continuing to work more and more with very basic and simple energy manipulation exercises.

When they do this their energy manipulation abilities stagnate. Energy manipulation being a very basic skill, they don’t progress in other avenues of magic as quickly or as far as they potentially could if their energy manipulation was stronger. Eventually they’ll even start to regress and become less powerful.

In order to do most of these exercises the only thing you really need is a quiet and private space to work. If you sleep alone, your bedroom should be perfect for this. If not you’re going to have to figure out a time when you can have the bedroom to yourself or figure out a different place where you can work privately.

A lot of these exercises are skyclad. There’s a few reasons I did this. First off all of the skyclad exercises are solitary. I don’t recommend serious skyclad work for people who are going to be uncomfortable and nervous when they’re naked around other people. However this is solitary work by yourself so most people should be comfortable in that situation.

Some of these rituals deal specifically with your sense of touch, and being skyclad gives a greater degree of control in that regard. On one hand your clothes limit your sense of touch because you can’t fully feel things through your clothes. On the other hand when you don’t want to feel anything, you can still sometimes feel your clothes on your body.

Finally for a variety of reasons energy is easier to manipulate when you’re naked. There is some debate about this in the magical community, but it’s true. It’s easier to sense and manipulate energy without clothes on. Granted it can be done with your clothes on, and if you’re experienced at manipulating energy there isn’t much of a difference between doing it clothed or naked. However when you’re first beginning to learn it helps a lot.

These exercises are all very basic. They don’t even technically deal with energy manipulation. They  focus on increasing your awareness and your basic ability to sense and identify energy. Several of the early exercises are designed to train a couple of your basic senses, touch and smell. Training any of your five basic senses to make them more aware of what’s going on around you will, in the long run, make you more adept at energy manipulation. I stayed away from sound because it’s a very hard one to write specific exercises for. I stayed away from taste because most people don’t want to go around licking everything. And I stayed away from sight because training sight is a lot more complicated and actually helps with more advanced topics (like seeing spirits and auras). If I do write future posts dealing with these topics, there’s a good chance I’ll include some information on training sight.

1. The Sleeping Exercise

This is a very easy magical exercise, probably the easiest one you’ll ever do, and also a very pleasant one too.

I suggest you use nice linens for this exercise. Something like silk bed sheets or Egyptian cotton. I also suggest sleeping with just a bed sheet, a pillow case, and a cover sheet. If that isn’t warm enough and you need a blanket, then put the blanket over the cover sheet so the cover sheet is against you (unless you have a really nice and comfy blanket).

Wash all of your linens as close to bed time as possible so they’re clean and fresh when you start the exercise.

Next right before bed take a long shower with hot water, about as hot as you can stand. The hot water is going to thin out your blood and pull your blood vessels closer to your skin, which is why you feel more sensual after a shower. It should go without saying that you need to completely dry yourself since you don’t want to be damp when you go to bed.

Of course do whatever else you need to do in order to get ready for bed. I suggest waiting until the very end to brush your teeth, because if your mouth feels all fresh and minty you’ll get even more out of the exercise.

That’s the prep work. This is the actual exercise. Once you’re ready for bed, take off any clothes (if you bothered to put any on after the shower), lay in the bed naked, and pull the cover sheet over yourself. This is an awesome exercise!

Okay that’s not the all of it. When you’re laying in bed you want to pay particular attention to how everything feels. How does the fabric from the bed sheet and the bed itself feel against your skin? How does the fabric of the coversheet feel? How are they different? How does the pillowcase feel against your head? How does your body feel where it touches itself and how does your hair feel if it’s long enough to touch your back?

But don’t focus on one body part or sensation at a time. Try not to concentrate on individual parts of your body to see how each feels. The goal should be to feel every part of your body at once. If you’re doing what you do most of the day, concentrating on the part of your body that interests you at the moment to see what it feels and ignoring the rest, you’re missing the whole point of the exercise. Take everything in at once, every sensation from your head to your toes, and feel it all at the same time. Use your mind to sort out these different feelings, to figure out which body parts are feeling what, instead of concentrating on specific parts and processing only a single input of information at a time.

The goal of the exercise, and most of these early exercises, is to get you used to feeling all parts of your body at once, and getting your brain used to processing all of that sensory input at once without having to block any out. In time this is going to make you more sensual and help to undull this particular sense.

After you’ve spent a little bit of time seeing what things feel like, move around a bit. See what it feels like to have the sheets rubbing against you. Try different positions. See what it feels like to lay on your left side, your right side, your back, your stomach.

Once you’ve spent some time taking all these sensations in and you’ve finished the exercise, I’d really suggest not getting dressed if that’s at all possible. Instead just lay in bed naked and relax taking in all of the sensations until you fall asleep.

One of the really cool things about this ritual is that with some slight modifications it’s something that can easily be done every single day since it’s basically just going to bed. It may not be convenient to wash bedsheets every single night or even to shower every day just before bed, but unless you have young children that want to sleep with you, most people should be able to go to bed naked and go to sleep.

2. Feeling the Wind

This ritual is really good for when it’s warm out. It’s not so great for when it’s cold out.

Once again, taking a nice, long, hot shower before hand will help. Sit either on your bed, on the floor, or on a yoga mat. If it’s breezy out, you can open a window by where you’re sitting, otherwise you’re going to want to turn on a fan.

If you can do it comfortably and with no pain, sitting lotus style may help. Otherwise just sit Indian style. And once again you’re going to want to do this without clothes on.

Basically just sit there, close your eyes, and feel the air blowing over your body. Like before you don’t want to concentrate on a particular part of your body, but rather take in everything at once.

If it’s really warm out you can even sleep like this laying in bed without a sheet or blanket and letting the air blow over you to cool off.

I’m actually tired right now. Notice how all of my exercises seem to involve sleep. If I wrote this just before lunch instead of just before bed you’d probably be learning energy manipulation by eating a sandwich.

3. Feeling your Clothes.

This is an easy exercise that you can do all day, every day. The whole point of this exercise is to spend as much of the day as you possibly can feeling your clothes.

During any part of the day in which you’re wearing clothes, parts of your body are touching fabric. Other parts of your body are exposed and not touching fabric, and if your clothes are baggy some clothed parts of your body aren’t touching fabric. Our bodies meanwhile are used to our clothes because we wear them all day, and at least after we’ve had them on for a bit we stop feeling them, unless they’re doing something abnormal, like chaffing.

If you’re reading this, and unless you’re naked, you’re probably noticing that I’m wrong. You’re feeling at least some of your clothing right now. The thing is if you start to think about your clothing and feeling it, your body will stop blocking it out and you’ll start feeling it. You have a lot of control over whether or not you’re feeling your clothing.

The goal of this exercise is to spend the entire day, the dressed parts of it anyways, being able to feel all of the clothes that you are wearing. You should be able to feel the fabric on any part of your body that is touching fabric at any moment.

Once you get used to doing this, and on a day when you’re wearing baggy clothes, every so often quiz yourself. As quick as you can figure out exactly which parts of your body are touching fabric and which parts aren’t.

This exercise is a lot easier to do if you’re doing exercise 1 and sleeping naked. Because you’ve gotten used to not wearing clothes through out the night, when you put clothes on in the morning you’ll really feel them. In fact if possible try to spend as much time awake without putting on any clothes as you can. It’d be ideal if you could wake up and go through your entire morning routine without getting dressed until you’re ready to walk out the door. The longer you spend without clothes on the more you’re going to notice them once you put them on.

4. Incense Exercise

Once again, find your sitting place and sit Indian style or lotus style naked. This time though light some incense near you. Whatever kind of incense you want. And as the incense burns just sit with your eyes closed smelling it. Don’t try to think about it or sense something or anything else. Just sit there quietly and breathe in the incense. Through out the exercise take a few deep breaths and let the incense fully fill up your lungs.

It’s best not to replace the incense in this exercise with something else, like a scented candle or a plug-in, unless you absolutely have to for some reason (like severe allergies). Incense is going to have a stronger odor for one. It’s also thick, and smokey, and it gets in your eyes, and so it has a sensual quality to it. And it tends to scent things like your hair and your bedsheets.

5.  Walking Barefoot

This is a super easy exercise. All you have to do is take off your shoes and socks and start walking barefoot. When your feet hit the ground, try to pay attention to how it feels. Notice that different areas feel different. Grass is soft and cool. Cement is hot and hard. Carpets are smooshy, wood floors are flat, and tile is hard and cold. When you walk, pay attention to the feeling in your feet. With each step, try to notice your foot hitting the ground and how that feels.

You should do this exercise as much as possible. It’s an easy exercise because it doesn’t require you to actually do anything. It requires you to not do something. Anytime you don’t need to wear shoes or socks, don’t. Work and public showers are the only times most people need to be wearing shoes. If you’re like me, you may feel more comfortable driving in shoes, although it is perfectly legal to drive barefoot. Nowadays most companies don’t have a “no shoes, no service” policy, although a few hold-outs still do require shoes.

6. Smelling Things

Most of us go through most of our day completely ignoring our sense of smell. Unless something near us has a strong smell, be it pleasant or disgusting, we usually have forgotten the fact that we can smell at all. So the point of this exercise is to smell as many things during the day as we can.

Now there are lots of little things you can do through out the day in order to smell things without coming off as too creepy or weird.

When you’re taking your shower in the morning, smell the soap and the shampoo and anything else you’re going to use before it touches your body. Before you get dressed smell your clothes (hopefully not to see if their clean enough to wear). Before you eat or drink anything smell it. Get in the habit of smelling everything before you put it in your mouth. Any time you put your head on something, like a couch or a pillow, smell it. If a person gets close enough to you, you may be able to smell certain things like perfume or their cigarettes. If you hug some one you can actually smell them in three different places. You can smell their hair, their skin at their neck, and their clothes. But if you’re not in a relationship with somone you have to be very subtle about smelling them like this or you’re going to come off as really creepy.

I’m sure most of you can come up with other things to do through out the day without seeming too weird. The whole idea of the exercise is to get used to smelling things as much as you can.

7. The Sitting Exercise

This is by far the most useful exercise I have. In ten years time it’s more likely you’ll still be doing either this exercise or some variation of it than any other exercise here. In fact a lot of the exercises I have are just variations of this exercise. You may not be able to do much with the exercise right now, but as you become more aware of energy and you learn energy manipulation tricks you’ll be able to do more and more with this exercise.

To start, spend at least a couple of weeks doing the first five exercises before you move on to this one. Make sure you’ve spent enough time to where you’re starting to master the above exercises and you’re getting something out of them. You really want to have a couple of senses, especially the sense of touch, trained to an abnormal level before you attempt this.

Okay, you need to go back to your sitting place. You’re going to want to do this at night so you have darkness. Turn off every light in the room that you can so it’s as dark as you can possibly get it. You’re also going to need it to be as  quiet as you can get it. So you don’t want any music on or the TV or people running around outside the room. The later at night you do this the less likely it is you’re going to have to deal with noise from outside. Don’t light any incense. And take off all of your clothes so you don’t have to worry about feeling them or having them get in the way. When you’ve done all of this sit in your spot either in the lotus position or Indian style and close your eyes.

We’ve spent the last few weeks trying to increase your senses. If it’s been successful they’ve been kicked into overdrive. Now we’re going to put them into a sensory deprivation environment and see what happens.

Actually we haven’t just been training your senses with the first few exercises. Those exercises also work to train your awareness. In addition to having heightened senses you should also have a heightened awareness. So now that you’ve been deprived of your five basic senses the end result should be that a sixth sense, your ability to sense energy, takes over.

To start just sit there for a while breathing and bringing yourself to a calm and relaxed state. Then think about this: What does the area outside of your body feel like? This is similar to when you were developing your sense of touch, except right now you shouldn’t have anything on or around your body, so with the exception of the parts you’re using for sitting, you shouldn’t be feeling anything right now. So what are the parts of your body that shouldn’t be feeling anything right now feeling? If you can’t put it into words right now, that’s okay. If you can’t feel anything, you just need more practice.

Now take a deep breath. Imagine that you’re pulling everything in the room around you inside of you through your mouth and filling up your chest with it. If you’re having trouble with this, remember the incense exercise. Imagine the air in the room is thicker, like the smoke from the incense, and that’s what you’re pulling into your lungs.

If you felt something around you before, did you feel that same thing intensify inside of you when you did this? If you didn’t feel something before, do you feel something now?

As the final part of this exercise, spend some time letting all of what came before clear out of you. Let the energy you took in earlier dissipate and get used to the energy around you so you aren’t focusing on it. Once you’ve done that focus on the center of your chest. This is the area where we really feel our emotions. This is where that energy builds up from and emanates from.

Right this moment you have to be feeling some sort of emotion. Even if it’s calm or boredom, you’re feeling something. That emotion is creating energy which is coming out of your chest. There are a few other energies that are in there too, like energy that’s tied into your personality, human energy, and the energy of living things. All of these different energies are kind of squished together in a ball in your chest, and from there they’re leaking out of your body into the room. This is the energy you’re creating. Take some time to explore that. Feel your emotions and then try to feel the energy that’s inside of you. The emotion and the energy are very much tied together and at some levels are the same thing. So give into the emotion and let it overtake you and then try and feel it inside of you.

8. Building a Reference

The problem with exercise number seven is that when you try to feel the energy inside yourself, there’s only a few different kinds of energy you’re going to find. For most of us it’s going to be things like peace, calm, boredom, relaxation, ect. Once you’ve gotten to the point that you can feel that energy inside of you you’re ready to start trying out exercise seven, which is about exploring new and different kinds of energy that occur inside of you.

To do number eight you need to wait until you have some sort of emotion. It can be any emotion. You could think something’s hilarious, or you could be really excited or happy about something, or you could be very sad or angry. It doesn’t really matter what the emotion is, but the stronger the emotion is the better. Also you’re going to try to hold on to that emotion as long as you can. So don’t try to calm yourself or relax yourself, just focus on holding the emotion.

The first time you do this you’re going to want to hold that emotion long enough to get yourself to your sitting place, undress, and close your eyes.

From there just repeat what you did with exercise number six. Let the emotion overtake you and try to see if you can feel out the energy and explore it.

As you get more and more used to doing this you should need less help in order to do it. After a while you should be able to do it while still dressed, and then wherever you might be. You’ll just need to close your eyes and feel the energy out, and after a while you won’t even have to close your eyes. This of course will make easier and easier and more convenient to do. After a while you’ll be able to feel out any emotional energy as it occurs.

9. Feeling Out Places

The energy of a place is determined by a lot of different variables. It depends on the people in the place, their particular emotions and personalities, the fung shue of the place (how energy does or doesn’t move through it), the location of the place, what’s around it, what purpose the place serves, and if there are any altars or if anyone is performing magical rituals there.

There are a lot of different factors and so each place is more or less unique. This exercise is about feeling out the energy of different places.

It’s more difficult to feel out the energy of familiar places because you’re used to them. The most difficult place to feel energy is going to be your bedroom, especially if you sleep alone. A bedroom that you sleep in alone, barring some special circumstance (like very active altars), is going to be almost entirely made up of your own energy. It’s going to feel an awful lot like you. It’s like touching someone’s forehead to see if they have a fever when you have a fever.

So we’re going to concentrate this exercise on unfamiliar places. Pretty much public places you’ve never been to or the homes of people the first time you’re invited in. You can also try this exercise in places you’ve only been a handful of times.

When you first walk into a new place take a moment to figure out what it feels like. Close your eyes if you have to, and if you have to take a deep breath and imagine you’re breathing in the incense. And then come up with a few words to describe how the room feels. If you happen to carry around a small pad of paper and a pen and can jot those words down, that’s great. Otherwise you’ll just have to try to remember them.

Whatever you do, don’t over think this and don’t try real hard to do this right. Only spend a couple of seconds, at most, figuring out what the room feels like. Go with your first instincts and leave it at that. If you do decide to spend a lot of time really delving into the energy of the room and figuring out what it feels like, second guessing yourself the whole way,  you’re going to come up with the wrong answer. If you went with your first instinct you might’ve had the right answer, but if you’re over thinking this you’ll never get the right one. Secondly you’re going to completely ruin the exercise and it isn’t going to do you any good.

The exercise is not about being right or getting this perfect. It’s about getting used to sensing the energy around you when you walk into a room, and eventually that will lead into being able to identify it correctly. But for now this is more about being able to feel it than correctly identify it.

Once you have your words to describe the energy, look at them and see if you might’ve come up with any of them for reasons that have nothing to do with the energy of the place. There are really two things you have to watch out for. The first are impressions that are tied into your sensory input. The second are preconceived notions about the place.

a. Sensory input – This is when you come up with an impression about the room not because of the energy of the room but because of something you saw, or heard, or felt, or smelled. Some of these are universal among people and fairly easy to figure out. For instance a lot of people will walk into the bedroom of a teenager who is into death metal and come out saying that it is a dark and evil place full of the energies of powerful satanic magics. In reality nine times out of ten that bedroom is going to be full of angsty horny teenage-esque energy and maybe a bit of negativity from the death metal with little, if any, magical power behind it. There’s just some dark and weird and maybe even Satanic death metal imagery through out the room and that, not the energy, is what the person is picking up on.

Some are a lot more unique and harder to pinpoint though. For instance, when I was a kid my parents didn’t drink coffee, nor did anyone I knew except my grandparents. My grandparents drank cheap Folgers coffee in the morning and I would stay with them in the summer time. Now whenever I smell freshly brewed cheap coffee it reminds me of my grandparents and also happy summer mornings from my childhood. I have to be careful with something like that because those feelings and impressions I get have nothing to do with energy, it’s just that my brain has been trained to associate certain things with the smell of instant coffee.

b. Preconceived notions – Sometimes we think a place feels a certain way because we expect it to feel that way. For instance if you go into the home of someone you know, you might expect their home to feel a certain way because of the way you feel about that person.

You have to be careful of this one though, because sometimes your preconceived notions are right. A lot of times this is true of places that are commercial, or where a specific thing is done inside of them all of the time. Whatever is being done in the place is effecting the energy, so places that serve a similar purpose often times have similar energies.

One example I can come up with are Catholic churches. I’ve been in a lot of Catholic churches. I was raised Catholic. Most of those churches have a very specific energy to them. The best way I can describe it is that it’s a churchy kind of energy, because of course it’s an energy I’ve been conditioned to associate with a church. It would be very easy for me, especially when I was new to energy manipulation, to think that there was no specific energy to Catholic churches. That instead I’m entering these churches thinking there should be a specific ‘churchy’ feeling to it because it’s a church and I expect it to have that energy. That isn’t the case though, and I can sense energy well enough to know that isn’t the case.

For the record not all Catholic churches have that energy. I was actually surprised to find some that didn’t have it at all. The one in Sedona, Arizona is a good example of a church that doesn’t have that energy. It’s also a very weird and atypical Catholic church for a lot of different reasons.

10. Make Mine Music

When you create something, you leave a small creationary energy imprint in it. There is a creationary imprint in this post. If you leave me a comment, you will leave a creationary imprint in that comment.

Now if you create something that you’re emotionally tied to, or if you’re very emotional when you create something, that imprint becomes a lot larger. Because of this artistic works, like books and poems and songs, tend to have very big energy imprints.

For this exercise we’re going to try to tap one of those imprints, an imprint in a song. So the first thing you need to do is pick out a song. I suggest finding a song that you like, and better yet one you already feel a connection to. Try and stay away from songs that have major shifts partway through. For the purpose of this exercise, at least when you’re starting out, pick a song that is consistent through out. Also you’re going to want to put the song on repeat. Many songs are only two or three minutes long, and although that should be more than enough time, the first few times you do this it might take you a bit longer than that. Lastly when you do this try to focus on a single aspect of the song. Most people when they hear a song focus on the lyrical part of the song, so that’s probably going to be the best part to focus on. However I do know that some musicians completely ignore the lyrical part of a song when they hear it and instead focus on a specific instrument. Whatever’s easiest for you to focus on focus on that, just make it a single thing.

What you’re going for here is you’re trying to feel the energy imprint of the song, to feel the emotions the artist tied into it.

To do that go back to your sitting place. Turn on your music, take off your clothes, sit down, close your eyes, and listen. By this point you should have the drill down.

The first thing you want to do is, with your eyes closed, visualize the song as having form. First mentally create the room you’re sitting in in your head as best you can. Don’t forget to create yourself in the spot you’re sitting in. Now somewhere in the room there’s the speaker that this music is coming from. That is going to be the source of the song, where it starts. But from there it’s going to move through different parts of the room, and at some point it has to at least come close to you, because you can hear it.

Now what does this song look like, what exactly are you visualizing? I can’t tell you that. You have to figure out, in your head, if a song had a form what would it look like? What do you think a song looks like? Some people might say a string of notes and others a dancing cloud of sound. It can be something very weird or something sick and twisted. I don’t know how your mind works or how you associate formless things.

Once you have your song though you now need to take it into you. The best way to practice is to imagine, in your visualization, an imaginary hand coming out of your chest, reaching to the song, grabbing part of it, and then pulling it into your chest.

If you can’t do that, if that’s too difficult, you can use the incense trick again. You can imagine the song being like a cloud of smoke from the incense. And then you can take a deep breath and breathe it into your chest.

Either way once you get it inside of you then you can feel the energy tied into that song. This is a little bit different than normal energy though. This energy came from a person, and it has a direct tie to that person. Not only does it have a bit of the emotion they were feeling when they wrote the song and even a bit of their life energy, it also has information about their destiny, their spiritual path, their personality, and their past. Every single aspect of their life and who they are is, in part, hidden somewhere in that energy. Also wherever they are right now, that energy is tied into them. It is a link to them, a way to find them, and a way to get to them magically.

11. The Singing Exercise

This is a lot like exercise ten, except once you finish, sit there and sing the song. Sing it as loud as you can. If you want you can stand up, and you can even dance a bit.

As you’re doing this, you’re putting energy into this little performance of yours just like the original artist did. Of course hopefully your performance isn’t being recorded by someone. And as you sing you’re projecting outward. So what’s happening as you sing is that you’re creating a relatively large amount of energy (relative to what you normally create) inside of you and then you’re spewing it out.

So what you want to do as you’re singing is see if you can sense the energy pouring out of you. If you can take some time to watch what it’s doing and see how it’s leaving you.

Oh, and to do this exercise you really need to get into the singing and just let yourself go with it. If you do it shyly or half-assed it won’t work.

If you try some or all of these exercises, and you feel okay talking about it, please post about your results. If you’re having trouble with part of it or there’s something you don’t understand, I’d be more than happy to help. Also, for future articles and possible revisions of this one, I’d like to know how well people understand these exercises and how much success they’re having with them. Finally if anyone knows a PC term for sitting Indian style, please post it. It just seems like there’d be a PC term for that by now.


Ritual Magick is Superfluous

October 15, 2010

Years ago I wrote a ritual for myself. A few days ago I was rewriting the ritual so it could be understood and used by someone else. This is a ritual I’ve used for years and one that I’ve done at least a couple hundred times. As I was writing the ritual I noticed that over half the steps, which I was writing down and explaining so someone else to do them, I no longer performed when I did the ritual.

The ritual is as strong and as effective as its ever been. I don’t need those extra steps, and I don’t usually do them because it saves time. However I still included the steps in the ritual and explained them for the benefit of another. I don’t do this to deny someone else my experience or for the sake of completion, but because those steps are important, and it goes back to the nature of ritual magic.

Ritual magic is always superfluous. For those who may not know exactly what ritual magic is, it’s a broad term which refers to magical acts which require some sort of physical action. This can be as simple as saying a word or phrase that announces your intent or waving your hand, or something very complex that can take multiple people hours to perform and can require days, weeks, months, and even years of prep time. The opposite of ritual magic is psionic magic, which is magic that is performed without any physical action, in other words entirely through the power of ones mind.

There is no magical act that can be done ritually which cannot also be performed psionically. There are also no magical tools which are required to perform any kind of magical act (other than your body, mind, and spirit of course). The actual ritual parts of ritual magic are all unnecessary. Any ritual can be pared down to psionic magic.

Of course there are a lot of advantages to psionic magic. It’s very fast. It requires zero prep time. This also makes it very versatile. It also makes it very efficient. Plus you’ll save money on tools. So why would anyone prefer ritual magic? There are actually a lot of reasons to use ritual magic, and the exact reasons are going to be a bit dependent on the practitioner and what their focus is. I’ll go more in depth into some of those reasons in a moment, but I’d like to take a step back and discuss what all of this means for the practitioner.

As a practitioner of magic, any ritual you do is less efficient than it could be. The fact that it is a ritual means there’s still something in there that doesn’t need to be there. And so with any ritual there’s always something for you to improve. As you do rituals again and again and again you should strive to understand how and why the ritual works. As you do this you should become more and more aware of aspects of the ritual that you no longer need, and you should take them out. You should pare down the ritual until it no longer exists, and at that point you can cast the spell just by wanting it to happen.

Ideally this is the end goal of learning any ritual. It also means that if you’ve been frequently doing a ritual for years, and it’s still as long and as involved as it was when you first started, you’re not reaching you’re full potential. You’re not working to understand and improve the ritual until you really get it, you’re just following instructions.

As someone who is trying to transmit or teach a ritual to someone else, you really have to not give people the benefit of your experience. The fact that you’ve cut out large parts of the ritual and it still works has nothing to do with those parts being unnecessary and everything to do with your personal magical progression.

When you give someone else a ritual you frequently use, at the very least you should give them everything you needed to perform the ritual the first time. You may even need to add in additional parts, because they may not be as adept as you were. This means when you’re teaching or rewriting a ritual, or writing it down for the first time because you’re lazy like me, you have to sort of forget everything you’ve learned and any ability you’ve gained and try to remember what it was like before you ever tried to do this ritual.

Psionic vs Ritual

Just about any spell or ritual you find is going to have at least some minor psionic component to it. Sometimes this is explicitly stated, but more often than not the psionic component is implied and it’s expected that the practitioner will be able to figure it out.

It’s typical that a bit of psionic magic is necessary in a ritual to tie the spell together. However usually psionic aspects are needed in a spell because the ritual writer gave up trying to translate them.

Simple psionics, things like raising small amounts of energy and lowering your shield, can be translated and written into ritual form. It would take a bit of work to do it and you would end up with a complicated ritual to do a simple psionic trick. Meanwhile it’s generally assumed that most magical practitioners will be able to do these simple psionic tricks. They’re not difficult to learn, they’re universal, and really if you want to have any success at magic you need to be able to do this sort of stuff.

A good ritual writer is going to keep going through the ritual, taking out psionic aspects, and translating them into ritual aspects. At some point though they’re going to be breaking down very simple psionics and they’ll throw their hands up in the air and say, “If they can’t do this, I can’t help them.”

Granted there are some spells that can work without any psionic act on the part of the practitioner. There is a variety of reasons why a spell might work, to many to really go through in the scope of this article, but it all really breaks down to spells that work despite the practitioner. Of course this won’t be true of every spell, only certain spells.

Why Use Ritual

You need to know psionics to do magic. Psionic magic is faster, more efficient, and cheaper. So why bother with ritual? Ritual magic actually has a lot of advantages over psionic magic. The specific advantages of a specific ritual are going to be largely dependent on the ritual writer, their understanding of ritual, and what advantages they prefer to exploit. I’ve listed some of the advantages below, however this list is far from inclusive.

You can’t explain psionics: It is impossible, at least as far as I can tell, to adequately explain to someone else how to do a spell psionically. For instance, this a common psionic prosperity spell. What you need to do is draw money that already exists towards you. There’s your spell, go cast it and you’ll be rich for the rest of your life.

I can give you exercises to help you with awareness, energy manipulation, mental clarity, emotional control, and the like. These things are the basic tools of psionics. I can also teach you metaphysical theory so you understand how magic operates. But I cannot give you specific instructions to do a psionic spell. All I can do is tell you what you have to do, and if you don’t already know how to do that and can’t figure it out, there’s nothing else I can do for you. Also if you bought a book from me filled with nothing but ideas for psionic spells, I think you’d be pretty pissed off. And remember, if you’re asking someone for a spell, it’s probably because you don’t know how to do it and can’t figure it out.

The solution is to translate psionic magic into ritual magic, usually with the expectation that the practitioner who receives the ritual will eventually translate it back into psionic magic after performing it enough times.

Of course to do this you need to have a fairly good understanding of both psionic magic and ritual magic and how both operate. Part of this is knowing magical theory, but a good portion of that is insight gained through practical work, mainly breaking rituals down into psionic magic and eventually experimenting with your own rituals so you can understand the relationship between the two. After that you just have to break the spell down into various psionic aspects and then find a ritual equivalent for each aspect.

Rituals provide better focus: Properly written rituals can help the practitioner achieve better states of mental focus, mental clarity, and intent. For instance the simple act of announcing what it is you want to do can greatly improve the chances of success for your spell. It focuses you on your goal, which is now clearly expressed, and it gives you a clear direction. This is just one example of something very simple that can be added to a ritual. There are of course many things that can be added to a ritual to increase focus, and in doing so increase success, some which are fairly complicated.

It makes magic more real: Magical success is somewhat dependent on faith. Not faith in a deity or religion, but faith in yourself, in your abilities, and in the fact that your spells will work as you intend them to.

When you have doubt, when you doubt your magical abilities, or even worse when you doubt that magic is even real at all and start to believe that this is all some fantasy in your head, it has a negative effect on your magical work. And from there it will spiral. The more doubt you have the less success you’ll have, until eventually nothing works and you believe that magic is just another spiritual fantasy practiced by impressionable teenagers.

I’ve gotten a little off track, but for most of us it’s far easier to believe in ritual magic than psionic magic. Ritual magic involves doing certain and specific physical acts to produce a specific intended result, the validity of which is backed by metaphysical theory. We understand this because this basically how we have been taught the universe works. Certain physical acts produce certain results.

Psionic magic on the other hand involves focusing on things, thinking things, feeling things, and possibly manipulating things at an unseen spiritual level, but it doesn’t involve any real action. You can be standing still and apparently doing magic. The people around you won’t even realize you’re doing it. And it becomes very easy to start convincing yourself that all of this is in your head. That you’ve allowed yourself to become impressionable and believe things which aren’t true. That your success is just coincidence. And it’s easier to do this with psionic magic because there is no physical aspect.

It’s also easier to doubt your own success with psionic magic. With ritual magic there is generally a belief that the ritual should work. That the ritual is going to pick up the slack and do a lot of the work. That if you follow the ritual it will succeed. It doesn’t feel so much as if the weight is on you as it is on the ritual. With psionic magic though the weight is entirely on you. You succeed and fail on your own ability, and if you don’t believe you’re strong enough to succeed, you won’t.

Living Spells: I’m assuming that all of my readers know what the term thought form means. It’s a fairly common term in magic that everyone should be familiar with. The basic theory is that expending energy on thinking something causes a spiritual manifestation of that something to appear. Typically this manifestation is brief as it quickly goes through the energy that compromises it. Although things that are thought of a lot, that a lot of energy is expended on, can end up existing for far longer periods of time. They can exist for years, even decades, after it is last thought about. Usually at that point there are many people expending energy on this same thought in order to sustain it for such a long time.

Of course, as with all metaphysics, if you understand the concept well enough you can develop ways to manipulate it to produce the results you want. You can make thought forms of whatever you want, you can give them an above average longevity, and you can even make them far more powerful than normal. Thought forms can even be made sentient (and this happens naturally too). At this point the thought form is thinking for itself, has unlimited potential for development, growth, and learning, and has a soul and connection to higher planes. At that point it ceases to be a thought form and becomes a spirit.

Many magicians read rituals, and then will spend inordinate amounts of times thinking about them, deconstructing them, and generally trying to determine how they work. Rituals are unique from other things we spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about though, because we also actually perform rituals, and on top of that when most of us perform rituals we’re usually working with very large amounts of energy.

This means that quite often powerful thought forms are created from rituals. With ritual that are very popular, like well published rituals that are hundreds of years old or the basic standard rituals of a relatively large religion, these generally have very powerful thought forms out there. In some instances these thought forms have become sentient spirits.

So with a popular ritual somewhere in the universe there is a strong thought form or even spirit of that ritual out there. When you do the ritual and feed energy into it, this spirit or thought form is activated and drawn towards the ritual. It will often times do a lot of the ritual work, which means you end up with a powerful ritual whose success is independent of the practitioner.

Some of the most powerful rituals out there will work even though the practitioner has no magical ability or skill because of this. In fact some don’t even need you to perform the entire ritual. Often times doing just part of the ritual will be enough to trigger the entire process. This is why you’re not supposed to read grimoires out loud. If you happen to stumble upon one of these living spells in there and start speaking it, you can actually trigger the entire spell even though you have no intent to do so, have done no other part of the ritual, and even if you lack the magical ability to do this on your own.

Symbolism: Much of the power of ritual is tied into symbolism. There’s actually a lot of basic magical theory you have to go through and learn in order to understand the power behind symbolism and why it works. It deals a lot with like attracting like, as above so below, thought form theory, and many other things. There’s so much depth to it, it’s far beyond the scope of this article to fully explain it.

But think of this. Plastic has no metaphysical quality. Actually it’s metaphysical quality is that it lacks a metaphysical quality. It doesn’t hold energy at all. Energy tends to pass right through it. It doesn’t taint energy which passes through it. It doesn’t really produce energy. Metaphysically it doesn’t really feel like anything. Why is this?

The common answer is that it is man made and not naturally occurring (the plastic we’re talking about is anyways). That seems like a good idea, except that steel is also man made and doesn’t occur in nature, and steel has metaphysical qualities. In fact it has some very strong and specific metaphysical qualities and we use them quite a bit in magic. Knives and swords are common magical tools that are typically made of steel.

There’s one huge difference between plastic and steel though. Man made plastic was invented about 150 years ago. Steel is so old we don’t know for sure when it was invented, but we’ve found a 4000 year old piece of steel.

For at least four millenia people have been thinking about steel. They’ve been using it, and working with it, and finding uses for it. They’ve been ascribing qualities and attributes to it. They’ve been associating it with things. They’ve written poems and songs about it. They’ve used it as symbolism in books and plays. It’s found its way into mythology and folklore and religions all over the world. This has been going on with plastic for a mere 150 years.

I’m not going to go into a full explanation, but if you take what you know about thought form theory and like attracting like you should start to get a picture of how various magical attributions came into being, and you can probably start to form a picture that shows why something old like steel has certain magical qualities and attributions behind it and something new like plastic doesn’t.

And in ritual symbolism works in the same way. We are able to illicit a spiritual response from a common symbolic act which in turn can be changed into a physical effect.

Showmanship: A lot of people want the show. If you’re doing a spell for someone else’s benefit, they probably want a show. If you’re charging them, they’ll most likely insist on it. In a perfect world people would only be concerned with results. But in our world people want a show.

They want to know you’re doing something. They want it to be something mystical. If you’re charging them, they want to know you’re doing work for the money you gave them. Psionic magic is horrible for this purpose. If someone pays you $50 for a prosperity spell, and you just stand still for a second and then say “done,” they’re going to want their money back. Even if as they’re asking for their money back they notice a hundred dollar bill on the ground, they’ll still want their money back.

Ritual however is something physical they can see. A lot of times even that isn’t enough though. So a lot of ritual is actually there just to look cool or mystical. A lot of it is nothing more than showmanship, usually just added in there for the benefit of an audience. It sometimes also helps with my earlier point of making magic more real.

A Simple Binding

September 27, 2009


Now that Tom has taken to figuring out and publishing one of my defensive maneuvers, I may as well tell the world and let others work with it.

This is a simple binding spell. Binding in this term is a spell that is meant to limit the magical ability of another practitioner. There are three ways to go about binding someone. You can internalize their magick within themselves so they can’t effect the world outside (this is the most simplest form, and it has the added advantage that the practitioner may not notice it). You can largely restrict the amount of energy they are allowed to produce and tap into thus rendering them unable to utilize magick (this renders the magician even more powerless but they’ll notice the spell right away, and it is rather difficult to pull of). Or you can completely bind them so they have no higher connection, no access to magical ability, and no way to cast any kind of spell (this is a complete binding and by far the most powerful and effective, although it generally requires quite a bit of work).

This type of binding is the first kind. This is a very good and effective binding because, despite being very simple to undo, it’s very strong and very deceptive in its nature, often times tricking the victim into fruitlessly expelling time and energy.

To cast the binding we draw the crossed symbol and place it upon the victim. It’s enough to draw the sigil in the air with our finger and then move it on top of the victim. The entire sigil is blessed by Saturn, who is a god of boundaries and rules and order, but Saturn’s power is only put at the point where the two lines cross.

Where the two lines cross is the only point where the sigil can ever be broken. Once the sigil is broken the binding is broken. Since Saturn’s power is only where the lines cross, the rest of the sigil will seem weak to an experienced adept who can identify it for what it is. The first instinct of the adept will be to just throw energy at the sigil until the binding is overcome and broken. However this will do nothing as throwing energy at any point other than where the lines cross won’t break the sigil, and where the lines cross are empowered by Saturn, and cannot be broken except by divine power.

To break the sigil, all that needs to happen is someone needs to grab both ends and twist them so the line uncrosses and makes a horseshoe shape. At this point the sigil will disappear and the binding will be over with. This makes it very simple for the caster to undo the binding, and the simple nature of breaking the binding is usually hard to guess.


Magick of Perception Pt 2 – Projections

June 25, 2009

What is a Projection?

A projection is an intense field of emotional energy which we project around ourselves, usually several feet outward, causing those that come into close contact with us to be affected by the energy, typically resulting in mood swings and, sometimes, the mistaken belief that the mood swing is the result of the practitioner. Projections are a naturally occurring phenomena, however they can be controlled and manipulated by a practitioner both in their creation and potency.

The horny projection

Most people who are naturally gifted with energy manipulation, even long before they realize their gifts and learn how to control them, often start by creating this projection, so I’m using it as a basic example. Usually they do it through out their mid to late teens. It’s caused by their bodies’ strong urges for sexual intercourse coupled with their inability to get it with any regularity. The repressed sexual energy, which is very strong and intense, wells up inside them, bursting out, and surrounding their aura. With most folks this projection is very light, almost unnoticeable. With a gifted person though, even at this early of a stage, all emotions and associated energies are far more intense, and they also accumulate where as they would dissipate in a normal person.

Now when this gifted person, we’ll call him Guy A, comes into contact with another person, we’ll call her Girl X, the horny energy surrounding Guy A will make Girl X horny. Girl X will now be much more open to sex, and she may also come to the conclusion that Guy A is turning her on, and she may in turn become sexually infatuated with him. If Guy A is also gifted with empathy, which wouldn’t be that rare, then Girl X’s horny feelings directed specifically at Guy A will work to increase the sexual energy he’s producing, thus making the projection even stronger, and in turn making Girl X hornier, leading into a cycle of rising sexual energy that will eventually position Guy A to get laid.

Now although Guy A will make Girl X horny, he still might not get laid, even if he doesn’t completely screw up the situation. Projections are not mind control. If Girl X is a lesbian that isn’t attracted to men, if she’s faithful and in a committed relationship, if she’s celibate, or if she outright finds Guy A to be an unattractive loser, Guy A probably isn’t getting laid. In the same way Guy A’s projection will attract gay men to him, but not straight men. In other words this projection is only going to give people a little push onto a desirable path, it won’t cause them to do anything completely out of bounds of what they would typically do. Plus if Girl X happens to be completely vapid, she may not be able to connect the horniness she feels with her proximity to Guy A, and although someone will be getting laid tonight thanks to the projection, it won’t be Guy A.

Making a projection sans teenage hormones (the sympathetic method)

Making a projection isn’t all that difficult. The energy of the projection can be pushed out at any point, but it’s best to push the energy out from where the corresponding emotion is coming from. For most emotions this is going to be at the solar plexus. For sexual lust and similar emotions it’s easiest from the pelvic area.

To start, we need to fill ourselves up with the emotion we want to project. Being able to change your emotions to reflect your will takes emotional control and practice. Any adept should be able to do this without any problems, but there is no way around putting in the time and effort to learn the skill. If you aren’t far enough along in your emotional control to change your emotions at will then your projections are going to be limited to the emotions you are currently experiencing and what you can easily manifest. Even with these limitations though projections can still be a very powerful tool.

Now as we’re filling ourselves with that emotion, we also want to be raising energy within ourselves. The energy we raise within ourselves will merge with the emotion and become an emotional energy. We can now push this energy outside of ourselves (at the solar plexus or pelvis) and let it extend for a foot or two (or more if we can manage) past our body.

Both the intensity of the emotion and the amount of energy we’re able to manifest will effect the power and effectiveness of our projection. As a general rule we want as much energy as possible poured into the projection. We can accumulate the energy over time. An investment of an hour or two raising energy, for instance, can result in very powerful projections.

We can also take the projection energy and throw it on to a person or area. This can help us effect people who may be far away from us and can also be used to target a projection’s energy on specific people.

Making a projection (the detached method)

When we’re working with energies like love, lust, bliss, ect the above method works fine. However when we start working with negative energies like fear and disgust we don’t want to have to fill ourselves up with the emotion.

This type of projection is a bit more difficult. How we work this is first we raise normal energy within ourselves. Then we push the energy outside of ourselves. Once the energy is outside, then we twist and warp it so that it corresponds to the emotion we want. After a point we can just feed more energy into the energy that already surrounds us and it will warp it itself.

In the sympathetic method the energy flows straight out of us and the energy that surrounds us is both attached to and is the same as the energy within us. In this method though the energy around us is separate and different from the energy inside us. In order for us to do this we need to create a small energy shield to act as a barrier between us and the negative emotional energy. The negative energy will of course feed on and eat the shield, at which time the shield will have to be renewed, but at the same time the energy devoted to the shield isn’t wasted as it eventually becomes part of the projection.

I know this all sounds very complicated but I assure you it isn’t. It’s very difficult to describe the process simply, but once you get it down you realize most of it comes naturally.

Length of a projection

Projections need to be upkept, and typically last until a practitioner stops upkeeping them. A projection needs constant feeding. This isn’t very difficult to do, especially with the sympathetic method. The projection itself will effect the practitioner and cause them to naturally feel the emotions of the projection, which will feed the projection. Projections are dependent on emotional control, and shifts in ones emotions, mood, or energy can end a projection or warp it into some other type. In some instances projections can last for quite some time after a practitioner has stopped actively feeding them (feeding largely on the continued emotions of the practitioner, and sometimes on those around him and magical objects too), sometimes without the practitioner’s knowledge.

Projections from fed stones

I learned this trick on accident. I noticed that cleansing stones can sometimes cause projections to pop up accidently.

To cleanse a stone, or any object, you need to first push out any energy that is in it. Secondly you need to push a ‘clean’ (in other words a preferable) energy into them (if you don’t the stone will just regenerate the original energy).

Often times with cleansing you’ll go through the process of pushing energy out and replacing it over and over again. This helps in getting rid of all the energy and is also a good exercise to learn energy manipulation.

This cleansing process tends to waste a lot of energy, especially with inexperienced practitioners, and so you end up with a huge build up of energy around the practitioner which matches the energy within them, thus creating a projection. Among those who aren’t well practiced at projections, projections of this type can be more powerful than what they can achieve without using the stones.

Expanding upon projections

Once you start to learn projections it isn’t very hard to modify them into other things. For starters, projections aren’t just limited to emotions, they can also hold feelings. Things like pain, nausea, electrocution, ect. Once you can project a feeling it’s very easy to turn the projection into an attack, either as an offensive shield that protects you, or throwing it at a specific person as a direct attack. Next time we’ll talk about lures which is another extension of projections.

Final Thoughts

The instruction in this section is very vague and assumes the practitioner has some knowledge of energy manipulation. I may change this later, but I doubt I will. If you don’t feel you can do this with the above instruction, go back to the previous section on glamours and work with those. Once you’ve mastered glamours and start to understand how energy works in regards to them, this section should come much easier.

Part 1: Glamours
Part 2: Projections
Part 3: Lures
Part 4: Ethics and Defense

Magick of Perception – Pt 1. Glamours

May 16, 2009


Often times it’s most difficult for us to teach what comes to us most easily. A natural talent is not something that’s worked for and earned, but something that just is, and it can take a lot of introspection to discover exactly how it is we do it, and a lot of time to figure out how we can teach it to someone else who has to actually learn it. I’ve had that difficulty with a lot of things that I know how to do, and this thing in particular I’ve shied away from until now, even though it’s one of the first things I learned and something I’ve always been very good at, without even trying.

What’s a Glamour?

A glamour, also glamor and glam, is a magickal act, spell or more likely psionic ability, which changes the way in which the practitioner or another is perceived, most often, but not exclusively, done to make the subject of the magick appear more attractive, thus the name.

Tools for casting glamours

You don’t need any tools to cast a glamour. If need be, you can do it entirely with the power of your mind, and it’s not even overly difficult to do it that way. But as far as casting glamours on yourself, there is one tool, and only one tool, that you’ll want, not because you need it, but because it will make casting your glamours a hundred times easier and will make them far more effective. If you don’t have one, buy a mirror. The best mirror to get is a large one that will allow you to stand next to it and see your whole body at once. Barring that, one that will let you see yourself from at least the waist up. Even a mirror that will let you see your whole face, like a compact, is helpful if it’s all that’s available (plus you can carry it around). If you can’t see your whole face in it, it’s going to be useless though.

How to cast a glamour

We’ll start by talking about making ourselves more attractive, because it’s both the easiest type of glamour to do and the one most people want. And if you want to be good at this, you’re going to have to become a bit of a narcissist. Remember, the mirror is your friend, and learn to enjoy looking at how beautiful you are in the mirror.

A glamour is an outward projection of ourselves. What we’re going to be doing is taking the energy around ourselves and reforming it to create a false perception of ourselves. We’re not working on changing ourselves, but rather what’s directly above us. It’s sort of like people will be looking through a fog to see us, and so their perception will be skewed.

One mistake people make is they try to change specific things about themselves. They’ll try to make their tits bigger or their stomachs smaller or their faces less wrinkled, because this is what they perceive to be beautiful, and this is how they would like to look. This never works. A glamour is not about changing the specifics of an appearance. Rather, a glamour gives off the perception of an ideal. You shouldn’t try to make yourself beautiful, instead you should find the essence of beauty, and surround yourself with it. Okay, that’s a new agey cop-out thought, so let’s explore it.

Basically what we want to put out is the idea that we’re beautiful, not the image of a clear complexion or a nice rack. Beauty is subjective anyways, and every person sees beauty differently, so if we put out an imprint of beauty, when a person looks at us they’ll assume we’re beautiful, and then they’ll fill out the blanks in what they see to make it so. This is how an effective glamour works.

Meanwhile if you try to change something specifically you’ll probably just draw attention to that body part. When I tried to make my chest look better for instance all I did was get a lot of compliments on my eight dollar walmart t-shirt.

So how do we find this essence of beauty and imbue it onto ourselves? Looking at ourselves in the mirror helps a lot. Here’s one of the big secrets though. When we look in the mirror, we have to see ourselves as attractive. We can know we’re not super-models and that our bodies are flawed, but we have to be able to see ourselves as attractive, as something someone else would find appealing and want to see naked. If you can’t look in the mirror without thinking your hideous and horrid you’ll never be able to cast an attractive glamour on yourself. If you can’t perceive yourself as beautiful, no one else ever will. More feel-good new agey zen crap, but it’s true, and this time easy enough to understand.

Now as you’re looking in the mirror at yourself and thinking about how fucking hot you are, find the energy that surrounds you, your aura and shield and whatever, and take those thoughts and images you have in your head about yourself and layer it on top of that energy. Once you’re able to do that, the next step is to try to not just plop it on top of the energy, but to mold and shape the energy into the form, to intertwine the two. This isn’t an exact method. It requires some very basic energy manipulation. If you’re not at a level where you knew exactly how to do what I was talking about the second you read it, there’s not much I can do to explain it to you better. But still attempt to do what I talked about and practice. If you can’t find the energy around you that’s okay. Instead put the mental image in your head and concentrate on projecting it over yourself on top of your skin.

The second big mistake people make when they’re making glamours is they try to hide the negative aspects of themselves that work against the glamour. They try to draw people away from their large nose or the pimple in the middle of their forehead. Never, ever, ever try to hide something negative in a glamour. When we make glamours, we need to be positive about ourselves and our self image. The moment you try to hide something that is less than desirable you’re looking at yourself as something less than absolutely fucking gorgeous, and your entire glamour will fail.

But we will hide the negatives with what we’re going to do as the next part of our glamour. Instead of going after the negatives we’re going to accentuate the positives. Sure, maybe we have a hideously deformed nose, but we might also have beautiful blue eyes. When we accentuate a positive part of ourselves, like our eyes, people will naturally be drawn towards them and will grant them more merit in judging our bodies than other parts, like say our hideously deformed nose.

How do we accentuate the positive? Well first we have to look at ourselves and determine what the positive is. Then we’re going to look at it some more in the mirror and be even more narcissistic than we’ve been thus far. We want to spend some time looking at what we have, thinking about it, appreciating it, being entranced by the beauty of it, even lusting after it. This will create a positive beacon of energy that will draw other people to it, and also make these qualities seem even more attractive than they may be.

And in the end, it has a lot more to do with our view of it being a desirable quality than anything else. If we look a little thinner or a bit more toned than we did last week, that can translate into a huge gain in our glamour once it’s filtered through our self-perception.

Clothing and Glamours

If we’re going to the beach we’ll be showing a lot more skin than if we’re going skiing. When we put a glamour on ourselves, we want to do it dressed as we expect to be when we want to use it. If you’re going to the beach you want to put your glamour on while wearing your swimsuit, not while covered in clothes. If it’s the middle of winter, you’re not going to do to well with a glamour you put on while naked.

One thing that does help though is a double glamour. Put the first glamour on naked, and then put a second glamour on while wearing your clothes. This is easy to do while changing or after a shower, and can become part of your morning routine before going out. The naked glamour will help us to accentuate and glam our individual body parts and muscles and other things that may not be overly noticeable while clothed, and then the second glamour, once clothed, will help complete the process. Doing this right after taking a shower, when the mirror’s still steamed, can help with blurring out the negative for us when we put on the first glamour.

Other types of glamours

So far we’ve talked about making ourselves pretty. But there are other things we can make ourselves. We can make ourselves look smart or learned or even like an elder in the community (these glamours are common among practitioners), we can make ourselves look like a warrior or thug to intimidate others, and we can make ourselves look dignified or formal, to name a few ideas. What we have to do in these instances is, instead of looking at ourselves as being pretty, we have to see ourselves as being smart or violent or whatever. It’s the same process, just what we see ourselves as changes, and we accentuate different parts. Where as we wouldn’t want to even think about some grey hairs with an attractive glamour, with an elder glamour we would want to make people focus on them.

Costumes and glamours

When doing a glamour, it helps to dress like what you want to be seen as. Sexy clothes will make attractive glamours work better, and if you want to look smart a pair of glasses probably won’t hurt.

Glamour length and maintenance

Depending on how good you are, all things being equal, glamours will usually last anywhere from a couple of hours to an entire day (until you go to sleep) with no maintenance and will require a very small amount of energy. It’s always best to cast a glamour as close to when you’re going to need it as possible. This lessens the chance that it will run out before you need it.

If you want to pump a little more juice into the glamour, you may want to stop somewhere and spend some time looking at yourself in the mirror. You don’t need to do this though. All you need to do is just think about how sexy/smart/intimidating/whatever you’re going for you look like right now.

However, the moment you think something contrary to the glamour, it dies. As soon as you think about how ugly you are, or even just doubt that you’re really fucking hot, the glamour dies. The energy around you will shift with your thoughts and emotions, and the glamour will be gone.

Photographing glamours

Unfortunately glamours don’t photograph well. In fact they don’t photograph at all, or work on film. The same goes for projections and lures, which I’ll get to later. Glamours are good for face to face situations. They’re not good for getting a good photo for your online dating profile, and it’s best not to develop any illusions about becoming a professional model through the power of glam magick. With photos you have to get by on just your good looks and photoshop skills.

Reverse glamour

The reverse glamour is a curse, and where we usually cast glamours on ourselves, we usually cast reverse glamours on other people. The most common type of reverse glamour makes someone look ugly or repellent. It can be done to make someone look stupid or weak or anything else though. The same method can also be used to cast a positive glamour on another.

Basically with a reverse glamour we’re going to find the energy that surrounds the subject, and then we’re going to twist and mold it into the image of the glamour in the exact same way we do it to ourselves, only we don’t need a mirror for this.

You might be thinking that the moment they don’t believe the reverse glamour themselves, it’ll disappear. That’s true, unless it has some tie to sustain it (no I’m not teaching how to do that, figure it out if you want to know). However that moment of doubt isn’t so easy. You’ll notice that when you successfully put on a strong attractive glamour, you actually start to feel really attractive, and it isn’t that difficult to not see yourself as unattractive. Two things are at work here. First of all, you’re surrounding yourself with energy that actively thinks you’re sexy, and on certain levels you’re being constantly bombarded with energy and thoughts that you’re attractive. Secondly everyone around you sees you as attractive, and they’re psychically pushing that idea on to you, even weakly. The moment of doubt isn’t all that easy to manifest, and the same thing is going to happen with a reverse glamour. They might manage to break it in a few minutes, but it could very well last all day.

Final words

This article was supposed to cover a lot more, but I didn’t realize the amount of detail I’d be going into. What I’m going to do is split this into four parts. Next up, projections.

Part 1: Glamours
Part 2: Projections
Part 3: Lures
Part 4: Ethics and Defense

Methods For Training Ki For Battle

February 2, 2009



What follows are advanced exercises. It is assumed that the practitioner has already trained themselves in and has a basic understanding of methods of basic energy manipulation and can perform all simple tasks such as raising, moving, grounding, and modifying energy. Practitioners who have not yet at least had some success with these abilities will most likely have little success, or possibly even understanding, of these exercises, and said practitioners are encouraged to first attempt to master the basics of energy manipulation.

Energy for battle (Ki)

Only certain types of energy are preferable for attacking. Many forms of divine energy along with lifeforce energy are useable. So are most energies that are, for lack of a better descriptor, neutral. The energy of the dead would be okay, so would the energy of the earth. The best energy though is energy is a purity of a being, without taint of any sort (certain types of divine energy may be more effective actually). The practitioner should, at this stage, be working on bringing this energy to a greater intensity without necessitating a taint. Intensity sans things like rage and violence is what is being sought.

Many practitioners make the mistake of utilizing emotions like rage and anger to attack. These energies are fiery, they burn. So long as they are allowed, they burn through the energy of the practitioner, even when they aren’t being used. The greater the intensity, the greater the amount of energy being burned. And so a practitioner makes his own ceiling, where once he reaches a certain degree of power, his power will completely drain him. Also these energies tend to be clumsy and inefficient. It takes a lot more energy of this type than it does to accomplish the same task with a calm energy, the reason being wasted energy, and so once again we’re needlessly burning energy. And then there’s the matter of overkill. Furious energies tend to take everything from the practitioner for a single punch. One super do-or-die attack (this can be controlled to a degree, but once again wasted energy). This not only exhausts the practitioner, potentially dangerously, but it also requires the practitioner to use more energy than he may need to, and also leaves the practitioner with less control over the energy (and a Magus is supposed to be all about control).

Exercise 1: Weight Training

This exercise is done with weight lifting, or any kind of exercise utilizing weights. It’s important to know which muscles are being worked by the exercise in question (generally the ones the hurt and get bigger as you do it). As you work out move energy into the working muscles. Have the energy become solid to lend strength to the muscles, and also have it work with the muscles to aid in completing the exercise. You may also wish to try moving energy to the point of contact with the weight or machinery and pushing outward to further aid in performing the exercise, although this isn’t necessary. This exercise will get the practitioner used to moving energy into muscles and using that energy to perform tasks, and at the same time will help the practitioner to do more revs and use heavier weights, helping them progress faster towards their workout goals.

Exercise two: Punching

Note: Perform this exercise on a bag, not on a person, even one holding pads.

As you punch the bag, move energy into your muscles to aid you in punching harder. Once you’ve mastered this, work on moving the energy first into your muscles, but during the punch moving it on to the tip of the middle to knuckles, so that at the time of contact the energy is centered there and hits the target. From here the practitioner should not just work on improving the intensity of their energy, but also reducing the size of the point at the tip of their knuckles the energy encompasses without losing any intensity (The same amount of energy equates to the same amount of force, and spread over a smaller area… it’s very basic physics).

This exercise can be modified to fit any sort of attack, the most important thing being to move the energy to the part of the body which is making contact.

Exercise three: Shadow Boxing

Again with the punching bag, this time the practitioner will throw a punch at the bag, but stop just short of making physical contact (best to keep it as close as possible to begin, within half an inch if you can manage). Following the same procedures as exercise two, the practitioner will now, at the apex of the punch, attempt to throw the energy forward to hit the bag without touching it.

The practitioner can further complicate this exercise by immediately drawing back their fist, and at the same time attempt to draw back in as much of the energy they threw out as they possibly can.

Freestyle Magick

August 31, 2008

A school of thought concerning magick has emerged which hopes to reform it into something akin to science. It’s proponents believe that magick has a very direct cause and effect relationship, and that the success of a given operation is dependent upon any number of variables being true, and that so long as all of these variables are true the operation will succeed every time. The science of magick is has reduced it to nothing more than reading and gathering (and possibly even obtaining through oral communication) all available information and then experimenting through trial and error while recording every conceivable variable and looking for those instances which result in success.

In reality though magick is more akin to art than science. There are rules and theories concerning art, none of which are absolute, and there are exercises and methods available to an artist which will increase their skill. But there’s also inspiration, and a mastery over emotion, and that thing that just clicks in an artist’s head at any given time. There is no formula which can guarantee a masterpiece. There isn’t even a formula that can guarantee anything more than a blank canvas. Art, like magick, is something that happens in the moment, and when successful is typically as much improvisation as premeditation.

Rituals are not meant to be rigid step by step guides to performing an operation which must be followed as if they were sourced from some mystical owner’s manual to the universe. A ritual is a method of performing a ritual that worked for a particular practitioner and are created as a how-to framework that other practitioners may take ideas from or build upon in order to perform the operation themselves. A ritual is never the only way to perform an operation, nor is it always going to be the best way to do it, and the methods employed by any practitioner will most likely carry some of their own personality and beliefs, and lean towards their own strengths.

The magickal dogma of today is nothing more than the thoughts and ideas of some past practitioner written down into words, and is no more or less valid than the thoughts and ideas of current practitioners. True magickal wisdom is not something can be read and memorized, or even something that develops from experience. True magickal wisdom involves creative thought processes, the ability to solve enigmas as they present themselves, the ability to create or find knowledge within yourself when it is needed, and a bit of inspiration.

Too many people see magick as classical music. If a certain skill level is achieved through practice and certain instructions are followed to the letter something truly beautiful and amazing will result. But magick is like jazz. If you don’t freestyle you aren’t doing it right and you don’t understand what it is.

Magick 101: Grounding

January 17, 2008

I was looking at that really big site I dislike that shall remain nameless, and this week they have yet another article up about grounding, and the definition of the term is different than every other article they’ve put up on grounding. So far I’ve seen about eight different articles on that site about grounding, and not one has had the correct definition, granted I don’t read it every week. The situation isn’t entirely their fault though, I don’t think I’ve seen the correct definition for grounding anywhere on the Internet, ever. And it’s sad because grounding is one of the basic maneuvers of energy manipulation and an important form of defense. So, due to popular misconception, grounding defined.

To begin with, the term grounding is not originally a magickal term. It was hijacked by the community because of similarities in what happens. Outside of magick, the terms grounding and grounded are references to the way in which electricity operates and moves. To be grounded means that there is either a direct or indirect connection between you and the Earth through which electricity can move. The thing about electricity is that it moves towards the ground, and unless you provide a clear path to the ground, it won’t move through you.

For example, if you jump in the air and touch an exposed electrical wire, nothing happens. But if you stand on the ground and touch the same wire, you get electrocuted. If you’re not touching the ground, electricity won’t move through you. This process is why birds can sit on power lines and not get fried. This is also true whether you’re standing on dirt or at the top of a ten story building. You don’t need to be directly touching the ground, you just need to have a connection to it for a pathway to form. Of course this pathway can be blocked by substances that conduct electricity poorly, such as rubber.

Moving on to magickal grounding, although techniques differ and there are a few variations of the term with bastardizations of the word, the very basic definition of grounding is touching the ground and pushing energy out of yourself and into the Earth, in a sense very similar to how electricity would move through you into the ground.

Much like the way in which electricity works, you don’t have to be touching the physical ground in order to ground. You can just as easily do it from the tenth story of a building. Unlike electricity though, you don’t need to be touching the ground at all to do it. You could, if you wanted to, ground while flying through the air.

Although the term usually refers to putting energy into the Earth, it can also refer to putting energy into other things. When two people have sex, under normal circumstances, both participants forcefully push their energies into their partner who in turn receives them passively. This act, putting your energy into someone else like this, is often times referred to as grounding into them, for example.

There are a few different reasons why a person would want to ground. If they had managed to acquire stronger energy then they were capable of managing, if they had absorbed energy that was incompatible with them or was otherwise harmful or imbalancing, if energy was having an undesired effect on mood, if something attacks by infecting the practitioner with energy their energy, ect.

There are of course other methods a person could use for the same effects. They could cleanse themselves, they could bleed out unwanted energy, or they could convert energy. Each of these techniques are best used under certain circumstances, but at times grounding is the best method to use.

One of the main advantages of grounding is it’s speed and ease of use. For those who are at least a little practiced at energy manipulation, touching their hand to the ground is enough of a ritual aid to effectively and quickly ground, although touching the ground is a superfluous act and grounding can be achieved without doing so.

The other big advantage is that the energy goes into the Earth. Energy has to go somewhere, and energy can do things and attract things, and with grounding you have a safe place to put it. The Earth is a huge renewable source of energy that is quite capable of taking care of itself. Most likely there’s nothing you can hold in your body that would be enough to hurt the planet or even pollute it for long, and even in the case of a reverse flow you most likely couldn’t take enough energy into yourself to put a dent in Earth’s reserves.

Finally, so long as a person isn’t discriminatory, grounding can be used to push out large amounts of energy at near instantaneous speeds.

For these reasons, grounding is usually the best course of action when the practitioner is being attacked with negativity or otherwise being manipulated by energy, or anytime the practitioner has absorbed energy which is immediately harming them. Even though it may be crude and a bit of overkill, because of its speed and ease it’s usually the best method when engaged in a fight.

Bleeding is taking specific energy in the practitioner’s body and pushing it out from any point. Bleeding is a bit tougher to accomplish than grounding and generally takes much longer, especially when the practitioner is being very meticulous about what has to go out and what should stay in. Bleeding also just releases the energy and doesn’t put it anywhere, although the method could be modified to release the energy into the Earth, but this makes bleeding even more difficult to accomplish and will make it take even longer.

Bleeding is best used when the real danger isn’t immediate and the practitioner has a lot of time to work with, not only because of the longer time it takes to bleed energy, but also so their is ample time to diffuse the energy without much build-up. Because a person can’t ground out all of their energy, in cases where the offending energy is severe and deeply imbedded in the practitioner a bleed can effectively rid the practitioner of the energy where simple grounding cannot. Also in cases where the practitioner has managed to isolate the offending energy into one area of their body, bleeding will push the energy out at it’s position, where as grounding will use large amounts of energy to flush the offending energy through the practitioner’s body, using them as a conduit, and possibly infecting the entirety of their body with the energy.

Cleansing, meanwhile, can remove energy, but at the same time the process was meant to do much more. Cleansing tends to be a bit more complicated than grounding, and many people are dependent on ritual aid in order to cleanse themselves. With practice cleansings can be done psionically and very quickly, but typically practitioners will still get better results via ritual, meaning these are essentially weak cleansings. Cleansing was meant to remove not only negative energy, but also outside energy and anything else that may have attached itself to the practitioner, while at the same time helping the practitioner rebalance themselves. Using cleansing to get rid of energy is like vacuuming tile. It’ll clean it some, but you’ll do a better job with a broom and a mop. Cleansing, like bleeding, also just dumps the energy, although unlike bleeding it does it all at once, not giving it much of a chance to dissipate. This is why, if you’re a practitioner, more likely than not your shower is haunted. Although cleansing and grounding overlap somewhat, each has specific purposes for which they’re best suited, and as a replacement to grounding cleansing does a worse job while requiring more of the practitioner.

Finally there’s energy conversions, in which energy is taken in and converted to whatever the practitioner wants it to be. Although this is, in many ways, superior to the other methods, it’s not without its problems. To begin with, an energy conversion will do nothing if the practitioner needs to ground because they have too much energy inside them. Secondly an energy conversion can be very complicated. Not only can it take a long time, but it can require a lot of a practitioner, especially when they are dealing with stronger energies or large amounts of energy. Even when an energy conversion may be the best option, there still may be a good chance that the practitioner isn’t yet capable of doing it. And lastly, there are times when you may not want anything to do with the energy at all for various reasons. In the end a conversion is good for conserving large amounts of energy the practitioner may want to use, but at times it’s easiest just to throw it into the ground and be done with it.

How to Summon Baal, or Anything Else, Quick and Dirty Like.

November 4, 2007

I posted this on another forum to a fellow who was asking for a method to summon Baal. My reply isn’t specific to Baal and I thought this might be useful to some so I’m reposting it here.

1. Research what it is you want to summon. In the case of Baal, the name can refer to numerous things, including several deities, so you need to figure out exactly what Baal you want to summon, and then you need to get an idea of how Baal is seen, what people generally think about him, and what he’s probably like. So long as it’s something that is popular or common internet searches will probably turn up enough information for the summoning. Be sure to check out encyclopedia mythica and wikipedia, although not always accurate they can still have a lot of information to help you out.

2. Find a statue or image of what you want to summon, and if you can’t find that then try for a symbol associated with it. Spiritual depictions are usually better than artistic depictions, but in any case go with the depiction that you feel most closely resembles what you’re trying to summon. If you have no other alternative you can make your own depiction.

3. Remove any barriers, wards, ect. that you may have around the general area that you’ll be doing the summoning (most likely your home). This includes personal wards and barriers, ones that are anchored to objects (be aware of certain things that may be decoration but are used for protection because they may have become active and can effect the summoning. This includes gargoyle statues and depictions of pentagrams), and ones that may have been put up by others.

4. Take down your shields and natural defenses. Any type of defense can hinder the summoning.

5. Make sure you aren’t in any kind of circle. Make sure there are no seals or sigils in the area since these may have an unknown effect. Refrain from doing any pre-ritual type ritual including asking for protection from anything. We don’t want to be putting up new barriers.

6. Now take your depiction of what you want to summon (in this case Baal), and place it somewhere (such as on a table or a night stand). You can just leave a picture on your computer screen if you want, that works too. Or you can print out a picture and put it in a frame and then place it on a table (the later method will generally bring better results). Now you need to activate this as an alter, in this case to Baal. Unless you want to develop a very strong relationship with Baal, this will probably just be a makeshift alter that we will take down after the summoning.

7. Now that the alter is ready non-aggressively direct energy towards the depiction of Baal with the intent that this energy is to be received directly by Baal. Make sure your defenses and your shields are down and, if he chooses to, Baal will also be able to direct his energy towards you. With a little practice you should be able to figure out how to bury thoughts into the energy in order to communicate, and you’ll be able to receive thoughts in the same manner.

8. Whether or not Baal responds you should also make it clear that he has an invitation to appear in your house and that you wish for him to come.

9. Have fun with your summoning adventures.