Psionic Vampires

July 29, 2006

This is just a quick overview of some of the things I’ve noticed in dealing with psionic vampires (also known as psychic vampires). I’ve met several incarnate psionic vampires and I’ve had long discussions with them about their views on magick, morals, ect., and I’ve fought several of them, and I’ve encountered several disincarnate psionic vampires too.

I don’t have anything nice to say about psionic vampires either, and I do suggest that they be avoided if at all possible. I’ve never met a psionic vampire that didn’t eventually attack me, usually without provocation. They all tend to have a very icky energy about them too. Their foulness is so strong that it isn’t just felt by those sensitive to this sort of thing. Humans are usually naturally empathic to a degree, and most tend to naturally dislike being near a psionic vampire.

Personality wise they tend to be loners, usually keeping to themselves or hanging around with other psionic vampires. Generally most people can’t stand being around them for long periods of time. They tend to be outcasts of sorts, typically bullied and picked on as children, and they tend to have picked up the bully mentality. They do have a bit more power than most, and since they can attack others who can’t fight back and get away with it they do.

Like bullies they tend to be cowardly. They attack those that they percieve as weaker than them in ways that they assume the other person can’t fight back against. Most tend to be afraid of entities they percieve as more powerful. They try to make others afraid of them, and they’re prone to shows of force (usually with very little else to back it up).

Most psionic vampires are dependent on other vamperic entities. These entities are usually feeding off of the vampire, most times without the vampires knowledge, which makes vamparic feeding a necessity. The vampire is usually under the belief that the entity is the source of most of its power, and that the entity is the more powerful party.

Psionic vampires tend to treat people around them as property that can be owned, and they can become violent if their property is ever threatened. They believe they’re right in doing whatever they want to someone else. They have a very anti-social mentality and no real morals.

A lot of psionic vampires claim they believe that people don’t like them because they don’t understand them, and that they’re doing something good for the world.

Their souls (or whatever you call it) have been chipped away at and are destroyed over time. Eventually it ends up being just a shell, any semblance of the being that once existed long since lost. Some psionic vampires will achieve physical immortality, however immortality tends to drive them insane, and by that point they’re hollowed out and more animal than man.

Most psionic vampires won’t achieve immortality. Those that get close end up as hollowed out disincanate spirits forced to feed to continue their existence.

Most psionic vampires utilize astral projection and dream walking.

Psionic vamparic attacks involve draining energy. An attack from a real psionic vampire feels like having something bury itself deep within you and then you become drained and exhausted. There are some posers and dabblers who can do simpler psionic attacks which involve draining the energy from the surface of you. The posers tend to quickly become as disgusting as real psionic vampires, and some will one day become real psionic vampires.

A psionic attack is sometimes done through touch, but it isn’t necessary. All a psionic vampire needs to attack someone is a connection to anchor themselves to a person. A psionic vampire could manage to make a connection with as little as an email or message board post, although this would be rare and is usually difficult to do. They may also find victims with random astral projection and dreamwalking.

Psionic attacks are easy enough to defend against though. When a psionic vampire draws energy out of a person they’ve created a two way channel between themselves and someone else, and they’re also making a backdoor to any defenses they may have so that they can feed. The victim actually has a lot of power when that kind of unprotected open channel is created, especially since the attacker is helping the victim by sucking through whatever gets put into the channel (*Side Note: If the victim is willing, they could pull things into themselves with the sole intent of sending such things through the vampires channel).

Most psionic vampires hate feeding off of sick people, but if a psionic does feed off you when you’re sick, they can take the sickness from you if you direct the energy correctly.

As stated earlier psionic vampires usually aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed, and most are easily tricked by simple ruses.

All of these facts have been acquired from various psionic vampires I’ve come in contact with online and offline. There are always going to be exceptions to any of the rules listed here, and more than likely there are vamparic entities in existence that I’ve never encountered. 99% of the time when dealing with psionic vampires though most, if not all, of this will be true.

Added Note: Before making a comment about how vampires are good and how wrong I am, please read the comment section, particularly this one, as it may save us both some time.

Missing Contact Information

July 29, 2006

For some reason I assumed this blog had my email address listed so readers could email me privately. I just found out it doesn’t. Well, that’s fixed now. If someone wants to make a private comment to me, they have my email addy. And as always feel free to use the public comment space to comment on my posts or argue with me or whatever.

The False Masters

July 17, 2006

Before I had studied Zen for thirty years, I saw mountains as mountains, and waters as waters. When I arrived at a more intimate knowledge, I came to the point where I saw that mountains are not mountains, and waters are not waters. But now that I have got its very substance I am at rest. For it’s just that I see mountains once again as mountains, and waters once again as waters
-Tao Yuan

I’m just sitting here watching the wheels go round and round; I really love to watch them roll. No longer riding on the merry-go-round; I just had to let it go.
-John Lennon

I don’t think anyone is already born a great, enlightened master. Most of us are normal, or at least pretty normal, when we’re first born. And for a while, the world has something to offer us. There’s love, and sex, and violence, and nature, and oceans, and art, and emotion. There are both beautiful and horrible grandiose things in this world for us to experience. And there’s so much that a lifetime isn’t enough time to even start to do it all.

But some of us manage to gain a bit of enlightenment. It starts as just a small peak at what else is out there beyond the physical. And suddenly we’re exposed to something so much greater than anything that can be found on this world. There exists infinite universes with countless variations of physical properties. This single lifetime loses meaning as one starts to see dozens or hundreds of lifetimes that went before it and they start planning the hundreds of lifetimes yet to come in the infinite future. Out there, outside of this world, there are countless new adventures to be had and millions of new experiences that are both wonderful and horrible.

And what can this small, lowly world ever offer that can compare to completely letting oneself go and becoming one with the universe, feeling all of its power coursing through us, as it violently whips us where it will? How can any connection made in this world hold meaning next to a divine connection? What physically sexual act is as wondrous as having another entity’s soul merge completely with your own before breaking away, each of you leaving a part of yourself in the other, and becoming soul mates for all eternity?

After we’ve experienced enough, we’ve found some truth. That this world and this lifetime is insignificant. We can easily puzzle out any mystery this world can give us. So we sit as wise gurus and call ourselves enlightened masters talking about illusions and the meaninglessness of this existence. The real point of existence lies in our spirituality, not in our physicality. The body is a sack of meat we’ll soon discard, the soul is the real treasure that will be with us forever. Wealth and comfort and physical pleasures are vain pursuits that offer us no lasting value.

And most end their road of spiritual discovery here and think they’re masters.

In order for one to gain certain types of wisdom and power, they need to expose themselves to the greater aspects of the universe, and unfortunately this will destroy all of the physical things they have cherished because they can’t compete with what’s out there.

But it isn’t supposed to end there. There’s yet another stage where the adept comes down from this level and is once again able to see the full wonder and beauty of what exists in this world, in this physically, the same as the naive mundane looking upon this world for the first time, except that they can fully experience that beauty through eyes that have also seen those other wondrous things.

We once had complete access to all of those things that exist outside of physicallity. Our bodies weigh us down and limit us. When we die, we’ll regain access to all of those things again if we choose them. But each of us gave up all of that access and power we once had, we willingly sacraficed it. And we did that because we saw something in being a physical entity that was worth more to us than that. We each saw a greater beauty here, in this world, than what existed out there, and we each have our lessons to learn here too.

And if you aren’t dead yet, you haven’t finished what you’re supposed to be doing here. There’s some riddle you haven’t yet solved, or some indulgence you haven’t yet had, or some bit of business you’ve neglected and left unfinished.

And the true master realizes that their life cannot be completely focused on their spirituality, because if that was their purpose and what their soul truly wanted and needed, they wouldn’t be alive. And the true master can see the value in physical happiness, in enjoying themselves during this lifetime, and indulging in those things that bring them pleasure.

You gave up so much to come to this world because it could offer you something that you thought held a greater value. So find out what that is, grab it, and indulge in it.

You don’t gain spiritual power by sacrificing the things that bring you joy for no purpose whatsoever.

The Magus and the Priestess

July 6, 2006

There are two paths to power, the masculine and the feminine, and the absolute of these two paths are represented by the Magus and the Priestess. The Chariot and Strength represent their respective powers in action.

The power of the Magus lies in altering the rest of the universe to conform to his will. Their is a duality in the Magus’ perspective of the universe since there is him and there is everything else (in this way he differs from the Fool who exists as a singularity; he is everything). The magus decides what he wants, and then he exerts his will to change the universe to change it. He is masculine. He forces his will onto the universe.

His power in action is represented by the chariot, where a figure has bound two animals together in order to carry him. In some instances these animals are the sphinx, which was defeated by Oedipus when he discovered the sphinx’s secret. This implies that the secret to the Magi’s power lies in acquiring secret information. In some instances the Magus is not being carried across land, but rather through the clouds, implying a spiritual rather than physical power. In any case, the important fact about the chariot is that the Magus has used his power to bind these creatures so that his will can be forced into the universe.

The converse of this power is the feminine power represented by the Priestess. The Priestess is entirely receptive. In her absolute state she allows the entirety of the universe to pass through her. She becomes one with the universe and aligns herself with its will.

Her power in action is represented by the strength card. Here we have a woman holding open or shut the jaws of a lion. The card itself corresponds to Leo. The constellation of Leo is in reference to the indestructible lion killed by Hercules, which is the lion represented in the card. And here we a woman who does not appear to be physically strong and yet she is able to hold open the mouth of this super-lion.

The woman can do this because her will is aligned with the lion’s. The lion wishes for her to hold open his mouth, and so she is able to hold open the lion’s mouth, and is aided in opening the lion’s mouth by the lion’s own jaw muscles.

In the same way neither the lion nor the woman need to be bound here. Both have the same wants, and both are working towards the same goals.

In a lot of ways the differences come down to swimming against the current and swimming with it. The Magus makes himself very powerful so that he can exert large amounts of energy to bring about change in the universe. Meanwhile the Priestess moves with the universe, she aligns herself with its will, and she works within the directions that the universe takes her, and consequently she is able to bring about changing by exerting very little power because the universe is doing most, if not all, of the work.