The Gospel Of…?

December 15, 2009

Okay, I feel somewhat ashamed by this.  I channeled this work about a month ago. It was something’s gospel, and it gave it to me, and it is an interesting read full of interesting thoughts. Although I wrote down the gospel word for word, I didn’t write down the name of the entity that it belonged to. I was also tired after I did this and I set it aside to reread it later before posting it and its taken me this long to remember I had it and get around to getting it up. If I remember the name of the original author, or better yet if I can reestablish the initial channel and contact him, I’ll change the title of the post to reflect this and give credit where it is due.

Time moves against us, forward and backward, like the current.

It is a fool who glances past the initial illusion of time and supposes he has found some great truth, when all he has found is another illusion. And so all wisemen are fools.

It is a fool who glances upon the illusion set before him and supposes that it must hold some truth. And so all fools are wisemen.

Time ebbs and flows backwards and forwards. Its shape is malleable, its form in constant flux. Because it exists as a matter of perspective learned men consider it a construct of perspective. A thing that is naught, except that we have named it, to explain away the physical laws.

And yet an ocean, perceived correctly, is naught but a trillion tiny drops of water, with a shape no less malleable and a form no less in flux then time itself. No boundary exists between ocean and ocean, besides that which man has named, and no boundary exists between drop of water and drop of water, except that which we has been perceived. But do we suppose an ocean is naught because it is only a perception? Does the nature or form of the ocean change when seen only as a trillion tiny drops?

The All of the universe is infinite in all directions. When we search for the beginning, where all things begin, we circumvent one obstacle, peel back one layer, only to find another layer and another obstacle without end. When we look ahead to see the ending of all things, we see only continuity and new beginnings.

The first spark that began the universe occurred prior to the creation of time, and so all things where created at once. The first spark occurred, and all of creation came into being.

And the ending of all things should have occurred at that moment, except that there is no ending, because the All is infinite in all directions, and so all things lingered on, and from this the ocean time was born.

The first spark that began the universe occurred prior to the creation of time, and so all things where created at once.

But they were also created in order. There was that which came first, and that which came last, and that which came in between. For if there was no order then nothing could linger and there would be no infinity.

And so there was order, and there was chronology, and time existed before its existence.

The first spark that began the universe occurred prior to the creation of time, and so all things where created at once. The first spark occurred, and all of creation came into being.

But the few learned among us knows that the universe did not begin at the first spark, that there was that which existed before the first spark, and so there is no true beginning.

The beginning is a matter of perspective.

All things are forever because the All is infinite in all directions. We are and will always be, and so there is no change, no point in choosing one path over another.

Some learned men see cycles. All things infinitely repeat. All that happens will happen again.

We are all just fallen embers from the first spark. We are all just pieces of driftwood cast in the ocean of time. Insignificant, pointless, meaningless, and our destiny dependent on the motions of supreme powers.

But if we can perceive a beginning, we can percieve an ending. And between a beginning and an ending we can change, evolve, and become.

But the All is infinite in all directions, and so if we mark an ending, we must also concede that a beginning is birthed. And so we move between beginings and endings, over and over, some marked by time, some by age, and some by virtue of accomplishment. We become creatures of eternal struggle and hardship who never know the peace and tranquility of a piece of driftwood moving where the current takes it.

When we mark an ending, we sit on the precipice of a new destiny. No longer are we constrained to the fate gifted to us by some external power. No longer is our existence pointless. We have a purpose. We can shape universes. We are no longer a fallen ember, but a new first spark.

How to Summon Baal, or Anything Else, Quick and Dirty Like.

November 4, 2007

I posted this on another forum to a fellow who was asking for a method to summon Baal. My reply isn’t specific to Baal and I thought this might be useful to some so I’m reposting it here.

1. Research what it is you want to summon. In the case of Baal, the name can refer to numerous things, including several deities, so you need to figure out exactly what Baal you want to summon, and then you need to get an idea of how Baal is seen, what people generally think about him, and what he’s probably like. So long as it’s something that is popular or common internet searches will probably turn up enough information for the summoning. Be sure to check out encyclopedia mythica and wikipedia, although not always accurate they can still have a lot of information to help you out.

2. Find a statue or image of what you want to summon, and if you can’t find that then try for a symbol associated with it. Spiritual depictions are usually better than artistic depictions, but in any case go with the depiction that you feel most closely resembles what you’re trying to summon. If you have no other alternative you can make your own depiction.

3. Remove any barriers, wards, ect. that you may have around the general area that you’ll be doing the summoning (most likely your home). This includes personal wards and barriers, ones that are anchored to objects (be aware of certain things that may be decoration but are used for protection because they may have become active and can effect the summoning. This includes gargoyle statues and depictions of pentagrams), and ones that may have been put up by others.

4. Take down your shields and natural defenses. Any type of defense can hinder the summoning.

5. Make sure you aren’t in any kind of circle. Make sure there are no seals or sigils in the area since these may have an unknown effect. Refrain from doing any pre-ritual type ritual including asking for protection from anything. We don’t want to be putting up new barriers.

6. Now take your depiction of what you want to summon (in this case Baal), and place it somewhere (such as on a table or a night stand). You can just leave a picture on your computer screen if you want, that works too. Or you can print out a picture and put it in a frame and then place it on a table (the later method will generally bring better results). Now you need to activate this as an alter, in this case to Baal. Unless you want to develop a very strong relationship with Baal, this will probably just be a makeshift alter that we will take down after the summoning.

7. Now that the alter is ready non-aggressively direct energy towards the depiction of Baal with the intent that this energy is to be received directly by Baal. Make sure your defenses and your shields are down and, if he chooses to, Baal will also be able to direct his energy towards you. With a little practice you should be able to figure out how to bury thoughts into the energy in order to communicate, and you’ll be able to receive thoughts in the same manner.

8. Whether or not Baal responds you should also make it clear that he has an invitation to appear in your house and that you wish for him to come.

9. Have fun with your summoning adventures.

Let Us Bring Some Evil Into This World (A Call to End Inaction)

September 10, 2007

Within the realm of my blog, my book, when I speak with people, when I write people through email, I’ve been rather free about the magickal information I give out. I am very much aware of the danger this information can pose to the practitioner if it’s put to use. I’ve been hurt badly in the past, and I’m no doubt at least partly responsible for injuries that have occurred to others. Still, I continue, and will continue, as I have been, offering what information I have to anyone who truly wants to learn.

There is a disgusting trend that has emerged where information is being hidden away in fear that it may be used in such a way that the practitioner is hurt. Books are being burned or otherwise taken off the market, stores refuse to carry certain titles and authors, people are being told not to read certain works because of the ideas discussed within them, and some are asking, or even demanding, that people stop teaching spellwork, astral projection, channeling, mediumship, and the like to just anyone. Meanwhile practitioners are being urged not to practice. They are being told that they aren’t strong enough or learned enough yet to protect themselves if they chose to utilize magick. In some instances practitioners are being urged to give up magick completely as it’s far too dangerous to ever be used and instead to just be a part of a neopagan religion.

Change is upon us. If you can tap the energy of this place, the vast ocean of energy that exists around us, and fall into it, and follow it a bit into the future you’ll notice that it starts to twist and turn, that it’s twisting and turning right now. We’re heading towards an apocalypse of sort, this world is going through a great change. I can feel it, my teacher felt it, my peers feel it, and almost a hundred years ago Allister Crowley felt it. This isn’t something new.

A lot of people like to talk about this change. I’ve become certain that most can’t feel it, they’re just repeating what they’ve heard from others. They have no understanding of it. A common belief is that, once this change occurs, the veils will break and we’ll all be blessed with magickal and psychic powers. Another belief is that this effect is generational, we won’t gain these powers, but our children or grandchildren or whenever this happens will be born with it.

The truth is this change isn’t something that’s going to happen. It’s happening right now, and it’s been happening for some time. Those waiting to just wake up with their magick powers one day should give up now. It isn’t happening. No new power is coming into this world. The power has always been there, and it will always be there. Having power is a matter of grasping that power which has always been there to be grasped. What has changed is an increase in opportunity.

In the 19th century Levi’s works were only available to those who could speak French. In the early 20th century translations started appearing, but these translations along with their French counterparts were still difficult to find and treasured among those who owned them. By the 1970s increased interest in the metaphysical and cheaper printing techniques meant that Levi’s works were now more widely available, assuming you knew who he was and knew of a place that sold good occult books or a good mail order company. Today Levi’s works can be found at the local bookstore, they can easily be downloaded online, and even if you don’t know who he is typing magick into a search engine along with a week studying online should lead you to him.

Nearly all of the most famous magickal and spiritual works are available online. Every year more works are translated and better translations appear (compare Mather’s Sepher Yetzirah to Kaplan’s superior translation). Finding the exact book you want isn’t much harder than typing the name into an Amazon or Ebay search, or asking your local bookstore to order it. Meanwhile inventions like the Internet, HTML, and cheaper and more efficient POD techniques make publishing and distributing ideas, techniques, theories, and teachings easier.

Right now it is easier for a neophyte to find the information they need to begin solitary practice or work towards initiation than it has been in thousands of years. It is taking less and less work to find the necessary information, and more and more the information is simply presenting itself to people, no work required. And the situation is only going to get better, or worse depending on your perspective of it. No one is going to be gifted with magickal powers. Rather we’re being gifted with a better opportunity to acquire those powers.

This world is in the process of shifting. It’s moving towards some unforeseeable end, and currently it’s ripe to be influenced. I’ve seen factions of otherworldly beings forming. They’re parties that have an interest in where this world is heading and the final outcome of these events. They will take what they can by influence and they will take what they can by force. Wars will be fought between these powers that be, actually the battles have already started, and in the end their strength will determine the fate of this world.

Humanity has been castrated and robbed of the right to determine its own destiny. They’ve taken from us our gods and angels and heroes and villains and demons and old ones, the very things that were meant to show us what we could aspire to become.

And now the world shifts, and the power long ago taken from us is offered to us again. Some believe that we’re destroying this world, that we are a parasite to it, and that it seeks to expel us. This world clings to us and I hear it pleading with us to realize our potential and again become masters of our destiny and determine this world’s fate.

We are among the elite, and we are growing. We are those that have chosen not to cower behind a higher force, but rather to throw ourselves into the universe allowing our strength, our talent, our merits, and our character to lead us to our salvation, or our damnation. We are supposed to be the strong and the powerful who walk the path to enlightenment unhindered by fear, not the cautiously weak who chose ignorance out of fear.

A time will come when these battles come near to an end, and they will have taken what can be taken by influence, and they will have taken what can be taken by force, and the victor will determine what fate befalls all of humanity, and the only hope humanity will have to determine its own fate will be to prove themselves stronger and uninfluenced and take back by force what is rightfully theres.

Inside each of us is the potential to achieve power beyond that of even the gods. Those incarnate here have a greater right to determine the fate of this world than any other entity, and with that right comes the power to claim and defend it if we chose to.

This world does not need caution. It does not need fear. This world needs strength, and it needs practitioners that are practicing and growing in power so that they may face what is yet to come against them.

Power can only be achieved through experience. Risk is an essential element of progress. Read books. Read everything. Don’t be swayed from a particular author because they have been labeled as evil or dangerous. Look at their ideas and determine for yourself their validity. And cast spells, astral project, summon things, channel, in other words practice magick. Get into fights and mix it up with entities. Yes, all of this is dangerous. Do it anyways. Don’t wait to do things because you doubt your abilities. Your abilities will only grow through experience, and doing things now is the only way to grow your abilities. Time spent waiting for your abilities to develop from an armchair will only be time wasted.

We need to walk our paths fearlessly. We need to allow ourselves to grow spiritually. We need to have confidence in our abilities and faith not in higher powers but in our own power to protect ourselves and find salvation.

When we see ourselves as weak, we become mastered by our own limitation. When we believe that we our strong, strength tends to manifest within us.

The true master teaches empowerment, not subjugation. The true master preaches of the strength of his disciples, not their weaknesses. The true master sees himself not as having ascended to a point above others, but of having reached a higher point that others will hopefully exceed.

Works of Art and Energy Imprints

October 23, 2006

Humans are naturally empathic creatures. We can easily understand the emotions of others without claiming any ESP ability. When someone around us is upset or depressed, often times we can just feel it on them. Likewise when someone is happy that emotion just seems to flow off them and into us. In fact if you lack these abilities, the psychological community labels it as an anti-social disorder.

The entirety of art is based on the strong empathic ability of humans. The goal of art is to create a piece that can continually express what the artist intends, and manipulate the empathic ability of the audience to make them feel certain emotions.

Because of this art usually has an energy signature of their creator. A good artist will put a certain intended emotion into their work. However it’s possible for an artist to leave an entirely different energy signature than what was intended. And it’s possible for thier to be very little or no signature where an artist was just going through the motions.

Weird Al is interesting because sometimes his song parody has a much stronger energy put into it than the song being parodied. This was the case with Star Wars Cantina, and it’s especially true of his new song White and Nerdy.

Between different mediums the method of tapping into the energy signature differs. It’s a bit different with a song than with a book, and neither are like a poem, or a movie. The mudane method of empathically being effected by these works only taps the surface of what is possible, and is rather simple to do. Still many people may have trouble achieving an empathic connection to certain mediums, but may be quite adept at doing it with others.

A practitioner can go quite a bit further though, twisting themselves into the work and pulling energy out. The true energy of the work can be found, and with much greater ease and a much greater intensity by a practitioner. A practitioner is also able to find thoughts and ideas which the artist may have, usually unintentionally, buried inside of the energy signature of the work, since energy can carry ideas inside it.

This method can also be used to establish a link between the practitioner and the artist. A practioner, if they wanted to, could utilize a living artist’s work to establish psychic contact with them, walk into their dreams, or direct magick at them. Although most of these things would be considered immoral by most.

If the practitioner is dead but still exists in that same form, the works can be used as a means to contact their spirit. If they have moved on, it can be used to find the remnants of who they were within the Akashic record.

Channeled works present another interesting, and at the same time dangerous, use of this power. A practitioner reading a channeled work (or looking at one in the case of pictures) can tap into the energy of whatever the work was channeled from, and if it still exists that energy can be used to form a link into it and open up the channel. This can help the practitioner to better understand the channeled work, and it can also be used to gain new channeled information from the same source.

This is, however, very dangerous. Many of the channeled works out there were created with the intent of finding those who would be able to restablish the link, and then utilize the person for their own ends. The things on the other side of the channel may wish to decieve or mislead the practitioner, harm or destroy them, drive them insane, or any number of other nasty things. Some of it may be done intentionally. Some of it may just be a neccessity in achieving some end. Once the link is established, some may become violent and/or harass the practitioner until they get what they want. This is an area where the practitioner should be cautious.

At the same time though, it’s very possible for an adept practitioner to accidentally reopen a channel just by reading a work. This is one of the reasons why just reading a grimore can be very dangerous. A practitioner, when reading a text on magick, should always be prepared for the possibility of channeling something they don’t want.

It’s not strictly art that carries the signature though. Emotion is the key, not the act of creativity. Personal letters, emails, and blog and message board posts can easily hold an energy signature, especially when the author was strongly moved by the ideas behind the words. Home movies can capture the energy signature too if the emotions in the room are strong enough. The same goes for a photograph. With home movies and amatuer photography the energy signature may not be connected into the creator, but rather the people on the film and the subject of the photograph.

This is why photographs are useful in working magick against someone. They give the practitioner a means to either form a link or strengthen an existing link via the signature of the photograph. The same can be done with film, although it’s less common.

Once again I’ll go back to the point that I’ve brought up several things that a person can do with this ability that would be considered very immoral. The most important reason to do this is that a practitioner needs to know about these things, because there is a strong possibility that someone else will try to use these methods against them, and they need to be prepared for that eventuality.

Secondly, none of these methods are evil in and of themselves. They are tools, and by having these tools at their disposale, even if they’re never used, the Magus is more versitile and thus more proficient. These tools can very easily be used for some immoral end. But they can also be put to some good purpose. It’s the same as any physical weapon. It’s neither inherently good nor evil, it is the act in which it is used that makes it so.