Teen Witches

August 19, 2011

Last week A while back Albiana reposted an article she wrote about a teen witch she happened upon. If you’re not familiar with her blog, Albiana is a long time Pagan who has more recently joined up with a Garderian BTW sect. Her online persona is that of a wise and experienced, yet sassy, Wiccan. In her blog posts she often times uses this persona to poke fun at the stupidity, ignorance, or absurdity she finds within the Pagan community. It’s a fun blog to read, mainly due to her bitching.

It’s difficult to take issue with Albiana’s post. Her online persona is critical of every minor infraction against intelligence and common sense, and that’s why she’s fun. It’s only supposed to be taken seriously to a point, and beyond that it’s just entertainment. But this post in particular resonated with me, because we adults in the community do treat teens pretty shitty, and we often times don’t give them the proper respect they deserve. These teens then grow up without guidance, and being resentful towards us, and they’ll become the immature and stupid middle-aged people we all complain about having to deal with.

The phrase that Albiana overheard, which set-off the post was this:

“Yeah, so I’ve decided to be vegan now. Oh, and I finally told my parents I was bi, which made them completely freak, but then what can they do, right? I’m almost 16 and in a few years when I’m 18 they won’t have a say at all anyway. Besides, they got more pissed off when I told them I wanted to practice vampire wicca, but its my life not theirs so they can just deal.”

My first impression is complete awe. This teen has such a strong command of the English language that she’s able to express herself in a grammatically correct way, and she can do it without using profanity. However I’m assuming Albiana was paraphrasing from memory, and so this wasn’t the teen vampire-Wiccan talking, but Albiana herself. In that case I have to point out that I’m pretty sure ‘vampire wicca’ is hyphenated, but I’m not positive on that point.

My second impression is that this is a typical teenage girl. I really don’t expect much from them. Even the most intelligent teenager is still going to be largely immature, because maturity is derived from life experience, which teenagers lack. Their spiritual experiences are, at best, still minimal and their spiritual understanding is almost entirely speculation, and they typically have accumulated very little theoretical information, and next to no practical information, to develop that speculation. It’s largely a matter of time. I’ve lived twice as long as a teenager, and the older I’ve gotten the better I’ve gotten at reading. As far as life experiences go, as far as accumulated information goes, age is a huge advantage.

Teenagers are also rebellious and experimental. They do things just to piss their parents off. They also try out new things, sexually, spiritually, and dietary.

Albiana also talks about how these teens never do any real magic because they’re scared of what might happen. It’s probably true, but it’s also normal. They’re still children, and children are scared of things. I don’t mock a three year old for being scared of the dark, and I’m not about to mock a teen for being scared of a demon, or even a simple ghostie.

I’m not scared of these things, but I can easily deal with a ghostie and I can hold my own against a Goetic spirit. But I can see why someone would be afraid of a ghost or a demon. I know how to hurt a spirit, and I know how to kill one, and I’ve tested myself against some pretty nasty things and survived. There’s empowerment in all of that, and that empowerment helps with not being afraid. If I had never fought a spirit, if I didn’t know what I know, a simple ghostie would seem invulnerable. I would see myself as powerless against it. That can be a very scary place to be.

When people get so bent out of shape over something stupid a teenager did or said, I immediately assume one of two things about them. Either they live their lives terrified that someone who knew them back in high school will one day expose them for what they were as a teenager, or they’ve managed to romanticize their teenage years. Sure they may have done kid stuff, but they were intelligent and mature, and even cool about it, and nothing like these kids today.

Fortunately I didn’t really find my spiritual path until after my teen years. It wasn’t something that seemed all that important to me. So there is no goth-vampire-Wicca phase in my past. Still I’ll admit I was just as much of an embarrassment as a teenager, I just found things other than spirituality to focus myself on. Remembering the way I was, it’s hard for me to be critical of the teens I meet today.

There are adults that act like this. When a thirty, or forty, or fifty year old, or an even older person acts like this, they’re a lost cause. There’s nothing that can be done to help them if they’re that spiritually inept and generally immature at such an old age. They’re also going to be looking for things like power, control, and respect, all meaningless things that will prevent them from ever finding spiritual truth.

Teenagers though are awesome. Teenagers are just being teens when they do these things, and they all still have potential to grow up into really powerful magicians. Teenagers have an excuse for being ignorant, immature, and spiritually inept. Sometimes they come into the community to be rebellious and piss off their parents, but even when they do they’re drawn into rebelling in this direction because they have an interest in spirituality. It’s very rare to see one who wants a place of power and respect in the community or control over other people. Usually their motives are more or less pure, and they’re genuinely seeking spiritual truth.

For a lot of them, it’s going to be a phase. Right now I’d say only one and ten will still be involved with some sort of minority faith at thirty years old. But can you blame them? They’re mocked by the more respectable adult members of the community, they’re offered little in terms of guidance, and the only people willing to teach them are usually emotionally unbalanced adults that want to have power over them and possibly take advantage of them. Sadly, the most intelligent among them will see the community for exactly what it is and run away from it. The ten percent that stay are going to be so spiritually adept they don’t really need the community, or so stupid and easily manipulated that they’ll never amount to anything.

It’s the way we approach teenagers. Most teenagers need spiritual guidance when they’re first starting out. Just like most adults need spiritual guidance when they’re first starting out. Responsible adults also need to guard them within the community. There’s a lot of people who would take advantage of them, and there are quite a few more that set a bad example. Teenagers can be taken advantage of more easily. It doesn’t mean they’re stupid or gullible, and it isn’t their fault. They lack the life-experience to see things from the perspective of the adult that is victimizing them, and they often don’t understand why what’s being done to them is wrong.

They also don’t have much experience dealing with spiritual issues. They may be afraid of a lot of things. That’s normal, and a psychologically healthy response. They don’t have the spiritual tools to defend themselves, and they don’t yet have confidence in their magical abilities. That can make them feel very powerless, and make spiritual threats seem invulnerable and unstoppable. What they need is an experienced magician or magicians to take them by the hand and back them up. It’s a safety net for them, so they know that if they get in over their heads there’s someone powerful there who can fix it.

At the same time they need to be regarded as people. They deserve to be treated with the same respect as everyone else. They should be listened to, and they shouldn’t be mocked for having an opinion, being wrong about something, or exploring things. We should also keep in mind that we aren’t their parents. It isn’t our place to tell them what they should or shouldn’t do, or what they should or shouldn’t be. We shouldn’t hold it against them because they disagree with us, or because they make a life choice that seems silly to us.

We have to allow them to explore things, to do things, to make mistakes, and discover knowledge for themselves, even if they’re going to get hurt in the process. None of us were content to listen to the advice of our elders, and the same is true of the teenagers of today and tomorrow. We’ve all chosen a spiritual path that is dependent on personal growth and evolution through spiritual experiences. Children need to have those same spiritual experiences in order to evolve and grow. It’s not a type of knowledge that can be imparted to them.

Energy Manipulation Part 2

August 5, 2011


I’ve been giving a bit more thought to how I want to present these exercises. Part one dealt mainly with energy awareness, although there was some manipulation involved. Part two is mostly going to deal with internal manipulation, moving the energy around within yourself, and part three, when I get around to it, is going to deal more with moving energy around externally. I’m only promising a part three right now, but I’m thinking I might have to add a part four in order to explain energy balancing, and possibly even a part five or six to cover advanced techniques.

First off, if you haven’t read part one yet, start there. Those exercises should keep you busy for a few weeks at least, but more likely a couple months. These exercises are designed to build on each other, so until you’ve started to see some success with those exercises, these will probably be too difficult to master.

The first exercise should have been included as #5 in part one, but was omitted. In fact, I’m adding this as #5 of part one right now, and pushing all of the other exercises up a number. If you’re already familiar with part one though, you may miss this one, so I’m reposting it here.

#5 ** Walking Barefoot **

This is actually a super simple exercise. All you have to do is take off your shoes and socks and start walking barefoot. When your feet hit the ground, try to pay attention to how it feels. Notice that different areas feel different. Grass is soft and cool. Cement is hot and hard. Carpets are smooshy, wood floors are flat, and tile is hard and cold. When you walk, pay attention to the feeling in your feet. With each step, try to notice your foot hitting the ground and how that feels.

You should do this exercise as much as possible. It’s an easy exercise because it doesn’t require you to actually do anything. It requires you to not do something. Anytime you don’t need to wear shoes or socks, don’t. Work and public showers are the only times most people need to be wearing shoes. If you’re like me, you may feel more comfortable driving in shoes, although it is perfectly legal to drive barefoot. Nowadays most companies don’t have a “no shoes, no service” policy, although a few hold-outs still do require shoes.

#12. Finding Your Chakras, pt 1

Let’s talk about Chakras for a moment. This is a practical article, not an article on theory, so I’m going to keep this as short as possible. Chakras are the parts of your body that allow for energy manipulation. They let you create energy, they let you take energy into your body, they let you push energy out of your body, they let you convert energy to a different type of energy, and they let you move energy around, both inside your body and out, in other words everything that energy manipulation entails. As you can guess, understanding your chakras is very important to energy manipulation.

The number of Chakras varies between different belief systems. Most systems work with seven major chakras, although Tibetan Buddhism uses ten. Those are just major chakras though. There are also minor chakras. Some systems list dozens of minor chakras. Even these though are just the largest and most important minor chakras in your body. There are actually tens of thousands of chakras that can be found through out your body. In fact, depending on how meticulously you want to count, there are actually millions, even billions, of chakras, but it’s sort of pointless to go looking for each and every one of those. The amount of chakras you’re going to be able to find in your body is going to be limited by how small of a chakra you’re willing to look for.

Different chakras within your body do not have different duties, although some may be better at certain jobs. Any chakra in your body can perform any of the jobs that a chakra can perform. If you read up on chakras you’ll notice the seven major chakras are each given different duties and properties. For our purposes, the main difference that we’ll acknowledge between the chakras is that some are far better at energy manipulation, and do it with much larger quantities of energy, than others. Some also naturally seem to work with certain types of energy, although any chakra can be made to work with any kind of energy. Now let’s go find us some chakras.

We’ve already talked about an area in your chest where emotion and energy seems to come from. That’s one of the major chakra. If you’ve been doing the exercises from the first part, then you might have already noticed a couple others too. You might have noticed that there’s a calmer type of energy coming from your head near your eyes, and you may have noticed other types of energy, mostly sexual or lustful energy, coming from around your genitals. These are also chakras. You might have also noticed that chakras don’t exist on the front or back of your body, they go all the way through it. So a chakra position on the front of your body also corresponds to a chakra position on the back of your body. If you haven’t discovered any of this yet, don’t worry, we’re going to find all the chakras right now.

This exercise is going to be easiest to do on a bed, but you’re going to need a little bit of room to spread out. Most people will probably need at least a full sized bed, although smaller people can get away with less. If you have a small bed, it might be easier to do this on the floor, but you have to be able to make yourself comfortable lying on the floor.

To start, you’re going to want to clear everything off your bed, like blankets, comforters, and extra pillows, so you have room to lay unhindered. If you need a pillow to be comfortable, you may keep one on the bed. We’re going to use as much sensory deprivation as we can in this ritual, so don’t burn incense or light candles. Try to make the room as dark and quiet as possible, and completely undress.

Next lie down on the bed on your back. Put your arms down at your side so they aren’t touching your torso, and spread your legs a bit so they aren’t touching each other. Spend a few minutes relaxing yourself and, if you know how, you might want to try meditating a bit too.


First we’re going to look for the easiest chakra, the Heart Chakra. The Heart Chakra is located in the center of your chest slightly above your heart. When you feel most emotions, such as anger or joy, you’ll feel them strongest inside of your chest. That feeling is caused by your Heart chakra activating. If necessary, work yourself into an emotional state. Think of something that will make you happy or angry or make you cry or something, whatever it takes to get you feeling an emotion. Think about exactly where you’re physically feeling that emotion in your body. Now pinpoint the center of that physical feeling, and that is your heart chakra. Now relax yourself, let the emotions start to fade away, but keep your eyes closed and think about that centerpoint in your chest and focus on it for a while. Get an idea of how it feels there, and how you interpret what’s going on there. Also try to remember where this point is so that the next time you look for it you don’t need to use emotion.


Now let’s think about something. Math or literature, pick your position. If you prefer math, you need to do math which will be slightly difficult to do in your head. It has to take some effort on your part, but at the same time you don’t want to mentally strain yourself. It could be multiplication, or division, or adding fractions, or multiplying them, or whatever. It really depends on how good you are at math. If you prefer literature, think of a story you’re familiar with, either from a book or movie, and start dissecting the plot and symbolism as best you can.

Spend a while, at least fifteen minutes, doing this, so that you get lost in your thinking. Then ask yourself, “Where in my body am I?” You should be feeling yourself strongest slightly above your eyes and directly in between them. This is your Brow chakra. You might also notice energy coming out of there. It’s not as intense as the energy that came from your Heart Chakra. This is energy is energy that is associated with thought and other mental tasks. Stop thinking and take a moment to feel out this chakra and become familiar with it. Also, once again, try to remember where this one is so you don’t have to go through this process again.


If you’re reading this article as you’re doing the exercise, start reading out loud. Otherwise just start talking. You can do this whispering, and you can do this screaming, but doing so will make this exercise more difficult. You’re best off talking in a moderately loud voice, like if you were talking on the phone to someone who was using a cell phone outside. That’s a good volume level.

If you pay really close attention, you’ll notice there’s a very slight vibration in your throat. This vibration is what makes your voice work. It’s also where your Throat Chakra is located. When you speak, a small amount of energy comes out of that chakra inside your throat and you may be able to notice it. Most of that energy will leave through  your mouth though. The energy, like your voice, originates at your throat chakra, but you’re pulling it up through your throat and spitting it out your mouth. It’s important not to get confused and think you have a big chakra in your mouth. It’s in your throat. Once again take a moment to feel the chakra out and get familiar with where it’s located.


This ones normally a bit difficult to find. There’s only one easy way I know of to activate this thing if you don’t already know how to activate your chakras. It’s very stupid and cheesy, and you’re probably going to feel stupid and cheesy for having done it, and before you do it you need to pray to whatever gods you worship that no one will catch you doing this. It’s that bad.

Okay. Get out of bed and stay naked, it’ll help. If there’s a mirror you can see yourself in, that’s a good thing. Spend some time admiring your awesome biceps and pectoral muscles. If you don’t have awesome biceps and pectoral muscles, imagine you do and admire them. If you don’t have a mirror, imagine you have one of those too. Look at yourself like your frickin’ Adonis, or Atalanta if you’re a woman, or prefer to imagine yourself as one.

Now stand up straight, legs slightly apart, arms at yours side, and fists clenched. You might want to even take a moment to bring your mighty fists up and shake them. Say “RRRRGH” as you do.

Now as your doing this exercise, you have to mean everything you say. You have to believe it and feel it inside of yourself. And if, at any time, you break out laughing during this exercise, you have to start over from the very beginning. Also keep in mind the chakra we’re looking for is located between your rib cage and your bellybutton, so that’s the area you want to pay the most attention to.

Take a moment to relax and clear your mind. Meditate for a few minutes if you know how. Then take a deep breath in, and then a deep breath out. Let the air come in through your mouth, and your stomach expand, and then push it out and your stomach constricts. Continue to take a few more deep breaths.

Say, “I am a powerful warrior.”

Take 3-5 deep breaths.

Say, “I am strong. Strength and power flow through my body.”

Take 3-5 deep breaths.

Say, “Let the energy that envelops me come through me and empower my body.”

Take 3-5 deep breaths, but as you do so envision waves of energy coming into you as you breath in, vibrating through your entire body on the way down your esophagus, and coming to rest in your upper stomach.

You might start to feel some energy in your chest around your heart chakra. If you do, you need to push that energy down your stomach as best you can and then ignore it. We’re not looking for the heart chakra, and we don’t want to get stuck focusing on that.

Say, “Let the power of my ancestors flow through my body.”

Take 3-5 deep breaths. Again let the waves of energy flow into you.

Say, “I am power and I am strength.”

Take 3-5 deep breaths. Again let the waves of energy flow into you.

Say, “I will crush my enemies on the battlefield. I will leave them broken and bloodied and their blood will quench my thirst.”

Take 3-5 deep breaths. Again let the waves of energy flow into you.

Say, “I am power. I am strength. I am a warrior.”

Now if you did it right, and you really got into it and believed all of these things you were saying, you should be feeling really pumped up right now. You should be feeling near invincible and ready to beat the crap out of someone or something. You should be punching yourself in the chest and stomach and making unintelligible grunting noises. You should be sort of wired with this empowering energy. Where is that empowering energy coming from?  You might feel it all over your body, and you might feel it coming out of different chakras, but it’s flowing into your body from a single source which can be found between your belly button and ribs. Just go to the very center of where that energy is emanating from, where it’s the strongest, and that is your navel chakra.

Relax a bit, explore your navel chakra, and try really hard to remember where it is. You don’t want to have to do this again.


This chakra is a tough one. It’s located between your belly button and your genitals. The chakra is associated with instincts and sometimes the subconscious, so it’s very hard to activate. Generally this would be where you feel fear from, and by fear I mean pure gut wrenching terror, not just nervousness or anxiety. It’s also where you get your intuition (gut feeling), and it’s connected to precognition. It’s also connected to sexual desire, actually horniness, but so is the next chakra.

The least time consuming way to find this chakra is to go look at some porn (but don’t masturbate, you’ll see why soon). It doesn’t have to be porn, but you have to find something that will turn you on. This can be movies, pictures, fantasies, or romance novels. It really doesn’t matter. If you feel anything in your genitals, ignore it, that’s not what we’re looking for. Before you feel something in your genitals, you should hopefully feel something a bit above your genitals. That’s your sex chakra activating.

If that method doesn’t work, then you can try refraining from having sex or pleasuring yourself for a while. After a little while, anytime you start to see someone attractive or maybe see a little bit of skin, you’ll start to feel an urge in you. That would be your sex chakra activating.

Once again, take a moment to explore this chakra and try to remember where it is.


Remember how you weren’t supposed to masturbate before? This is why. Masturbate now. You don’t have to really get into it, and it doesn’t have to be really good, in fact it’s better if it’s not so good, but pay attention to the orgasm. Where do you feel it the most. Where is the pleasure sourced from. You might feel it in your stomach, and you might feel waves of pleasure across your body, and that’s great, but it should be sourced from an area on your genitals. If you can’t differentiate that, you need to masturbate in a less pleasurable and sensual way, so that you just feel it at your genitals.

That point is your root chakra. When you have sex, and when you pleasure yourself, energy moves in and out of there. Take a moment to explore it (not making a sex joke here is killing me) and try to remember where it is.


This is the last chakra we’re looking for because it’s the hardest to find. It’s difficult to activate. Meditation sometimes works, but it’s still hard to find. To start this chakra isn’t even located on your body. It’s located just above your head. It could sort of be the top of a crown if your were wearing one, but I like to think of it as being kind of like a halo.

Hopefully, after finding the previous six chakras, you’ve got an idea of what a chakra feels like and that should make finding this chakra easier.

Sit cross legged on your bed (or in a lotus position if you can do so comfortably). Take a few moments to clear your mind and let it go blank. If you know how to meditate, start meditating, but meditate with the goal of clearing your mind completely.

After a few minutes, start looking for your crown chakra. The meditation should have made the thing activate, and if you’re lucky it’s pouring out enough energy to make it noticeable. It might not be noticeable though. If it isn’t, that’s okay, you just have to find it yourself.

With your mind still blank and in a state of meditation, concentrate on various points in the area right above your head. Remember how the other six chakras felt when you explored them. If you need to, now that you know where they are, meditate on each of them and feel them out. Figure out the things that each of them have in common. You’re looking for something else that’s similar to those chakras..

What you’re going to be doing is mentally poking around right above your head and seeing if a certain area feels like one of your seven chakras. If it doesn’t, move on to another area. Keep doing that and eventually you’ll hit your crown chakra. Once you do, spend some time exploring it and try to remember where it is.

Congrats, you’ve found all seven chakras! This exercise will probably take a couple hours to do, so you’re going to have to set some time aside for it. The good thing about this exercise is that you only ever need to do it once. So long as you remember where your chakras are, you’ll never need to use this exercise again. But if you do ever forget where they are, you can always repeat the exercise.

#13. Finding the Chakras, pt 2

Right after you finish exercise #12, you should probably do this exercise at least once. This is a much quicker exercise. The first few times you do it, it may take a few minutes to do. Eventually you should be able to do it in seconds. To start, a quick review, our seven major chakras in top to bottom order-

Crown Chakra – Right above the head
Brow Chakra – Slightly above and between the eyes
Throat Chakra – Center of the throat where we speak from
Heart Chakra – Slightly above the heart, center of the chest
Naval Chakra – Between the rib cage and the belly button, center chest
Sex Chakra – Between the belly button and the naughty bits, center stomach
Base Chakra – Naughty bits!!! Or, you know, the base of the spine.

Now lay in bed naked and spread out a bit. Close your eyes. Take a moment to clear your mind and relax. Now feel each of your chakras from top to bottom. Feel your crown chakra first, then your brow chakra, and so on and so forth until you reach your base chakra.

If you want, you can also activate each of the chakras when you feel them. If you don’t know how to do that yet, that’s okay. Just be aware of where the chakras are and how they feel.

Once you finish the exercise, you can do it again if you wish.

If you aren’t very comfortable with your chakras yet, or you just want some more experience feeling them out, you should spend a little bit more time doing this exercise than normal. Spend a few minutes, at least, concentrating on each chakra after you find it. Pay attention to how it feels and what it feels like. Ask you feel each chakra, ask yourself, how is this unique when compared to the other six chakras? When you finish, ask yourself, in what ways are all seven chakras alike?

Once you feel comfortable with your chakras, you can also do this exercise for speed. See how fast you can find all seven chakras. It’s important that you actually feel all seven though, and not just name them. It’s even better if you activate each one as you go. You should be able to eventually feel and activate all seven, in order, in a few second or less. Once you start to get good at this exercise, you’ll be able to do it several times in just a few minutes.

This is a really good exercise to do every night before bed. You’re already laying in bed, you’re already relaxed, and you only need to set aside a few extra minutes before going to sleep to do it.

#14 Activating Chakras

Once you’re familiar with your chakras and where they are, it’s time to move on to activating them. All that’s meant by activating a chakra is that it’s being used. You’re pulling energy into it, pushing energy out of it, or producing energy with it. Additionally you may be using it to convert energy or move it around. We actually activated each of the chakras in exercise #12, since we found a way to make them produce energy in order to find them. So if you’ve done #12, you’ve already completed this exercise. Congratulations!

Just kidding. The activation in exercise #12 was largely uncontrolled. The point of this exercise is to learn how to activate the chakras in a much more controlled way. We’re also going to do it in a way which is less time consuming and more universal.

You can start this exercise with whatever chakra you feel the most comfortable using, however I recommend starting with the Brow Chakra. The Brow Chakra creates a calmer energy that feels less intense than certain other chakras, and it’s far easier to control when you’re first starting out.

If you’re using the Brow Chakra, I suggest sitting up in your bed when you do this exercise. If you’re using a different chakra though, you may get better results in a different position. Once you start to learn the exercise though, you should be able to do it with any chakra in any position. I also suggest doing this exercise skyclad the first few times because it does make it easier, however it isn’t mandatory. The exercise will also be easiest in a quiet and dark room.

To begin with, just find the chakra like you did in exercise #13. Doing this activates the chakra. Once you’re aware of where the chakra is and you start thinking about it and concentrating on it, it will naturally produce a small amount of energy.

To start, let’s take energy into the chakra. If you remember the incense trick, we’re just going to do a variation on that. Like before, inhale, and visualize the energy coming into you as you inhale like it’s the thick smoke from the incense. Now inhale a second time, but instead of visualizing the energy coming in through your mouth, visualize it coming in through your Brow Chakra. Repeat this two or three more times.

You should start to feel a rush of energy in your body around your head. This may just be a slight rush of energy, or it may be very intense experience. You might even get a bit of a buzz off of taking in the energy. You might also start to notice some of the spiritual things around you. These are side-effects of taking in more energy than what you’re used too. If you don’t feel these things though, don’t worry about it. Most likely your chakra just isn’t taking in enough energy to have an effect on you yet. It’s like a muscle, and you’ll just have to practice more in order to build it up.

Now that we have an energy high, let’s try to push some of that energy out. As you breath, when you exhale, imagine the energy inside of you coming out of your mouth. Unless you’re very good at maneuvering energy around your body, exhaling probably didn’t have that much of an effect. Now activate your chakra and exhale again, but this time visualize the energy coming out of your chakra as you exhale. It should have a much more pronounced effect. Repeat two or three more times.

If you’re using your brow chakra, you probably noticed that you took in a bit more energy with every breath than you let out. This is because it is a lot easier to take in energy with the Brow Chakra than it is to push it out. You can of course equalize these abilities by training the chakra, but naturally, with the Brow Chakra, pulling in is a lot easier than pushing out.

Finally we need to make the chakra produce energy. This isn’t that hard. In fact we’ve already done this several times in this exercise. Concentrate on the chakra, and it’ll start creating energy. The stronger your concentration, the larger the amount of energy you’ll create.

You can also try visualizing the chakra as a wheel. As the wheel spins, visualize energy building up around it. As it spins faster, it makes more energy. This visualization will do three things. First it will get you thinking about the chakra, which will make it produce energy. Secondly it will give you a visual aid to connect to chakra energy production, and you can imagine that visual aid at any time to make a chakra produce energy. Lastly, by controlling the speed of the imaginary wheel, it will give you a method to control how much energy is being produced by a chakra.

Once you’ve succeeded in doing the exercise with the Brow Chakra, repeat the exercise with each of the six other chakras. Once you get used to this exercise, you can combine it with #13. As you go through each of the seven chakras, make them pull in energy, push out energy, or create energy.

#15 Finding the Smaller Chakras pt 1

Next we’re going to find a few of the smaller chakras so we know where they are for future exercises. There are billions of chakras through out your body, but we don’t need to find all of them. We’re going to concentrate on the most important chakras besides the seven main chakras, and those would be the strongest chakras in your hands and your feet.

Unfortunately, unlike the major chakras, there aren’t any methods to activate these chakras that work most of the time. In order to find these chakras, you’re going to have to look for them. Hopefully, from working with the major chakras in the previous exercises, you’ve become familiar with what a chakra feels like and how it works. That’s going to help you find these chakras, because the best I can do is tell you where they are and have you look for them. If you’re having trouble finding them, go back to the earlier exercises and continue to work with the major chakras until you have a better handle on what a chakra feels like.


There are three, arguably four, important sets of chakras in your hand. Most magicians tend to favor one of these three or four sets, and they’ll usually use that particular set to do most of the energy work done with their hands. However there are advantages to using each of the different sets of chakras, and it’s a good idea to train all of them, even if you favor one, so that you can use any of them as needed.


The wrist chakra is technically located on the arm just below the wrist. Like all chakras it goes through the body, so you’ll also find it on the opposite side of your hand. Magicians who favor this chakra often do a Spider-Man pose when trying to manipulate energy or work magic. They turn their arm over and move their hand down, kind of like what Spider-Man does when he shoots a web.

The main advantage of using this chakra is that it’s good for close-quarter spiritual, or spiritually-enhanced, combat. Magicians who favor this chakra are typically the ones who are more comfortable in a spiritual fight. The reason for this is, whether the palm is held flat or in a fist, it’s very easy to shoot energy from over or under the hand through this chakra. It’s also useful to make a consistent blade of energy that comes out and extends over or under the hand. You can hit someone, or some spirit, with your fist or hand, and also hit them with energy at the same time.

One other advantage to using this chakra is, by going through the backside, it can be done very inconspicuously. place your arm across your stomach, and you’ll notice the chakra can easily be pointed wherever you need to point it without it looking like you’re pointing at something.


Just below your fingers you’ll notice some mounds of bone (these are called carpals). There’s a small chakra on each mound. Directly below them there are several larger chakras. These chakras are almost always working together, and unless you try to really feel them out and separate them into individual chakras, they even feel like they’re one big chakra. After that there are again smaller chakras that exist through out the palm of the hand. All of these different chakras are usually used in unison, and most people regard them as a single chakra. As far as your hand chakras go, this one is the most powerful.

As you can guess, if you want to move or manipulate energy with your hand, this is the best chakra to use. It’s capable of doing more work than the other chakras in your hand. In combat, it’s often used by magicians who like to blast energy at a safe distance. It’s also favored by magicians who like to cast curses and enchantments without getting too close to their victims.

Even magicians who don’t favor this chakra tend to use it a lot, because it has some other unique uses too. It’s a chakra located in the palm of your hand, so if you’re holding something in the palm of your hand, it’s really easy to put energy into that object or take energy from it. It’s also the chakra that is usually used to enchant items. Going back to magical combat, it can be used to energize or otherwise enchant a weapon your holding.


Just below the tip of each of your eight fingers there is a chakra. There’s also similar chakras on your thumbs, but these are weaker and thumbs are rather unwieldy, so these ones don’t get used too often. Compared to other chakras in your hand, your fingertip chakras are fairly strong, but they’re usually used individually and not in unison with each other or any other chakras, so they end up being much weaker than the collective of chakras found in your palm. Most magicians tend to use the chakras in their index and middle fingers, because most people have difficulty moving their ring and pinky fingers individually, and the pinky chakra is a bit weaker than the others.

Magicians who favor this chakra are usually like to point their fingers at things to manipulate energy or cast spells. They’re also the types who like to tap or lay their hand on someone’s shoulder in order to curse or enchant them.

The main advantage of this chakra is it allows you to easily draw energy from, or put energy into or otherwise enchant anything, or anyone, you touch with the tips of your fingers. Plus, for some magicians, the act of pointing is a strong ritual aid.


Some magicians, especially those into martial arts, have favored the Knuckle Chakras. Some think that this is the best route to master shadow boxing. Unfortunately, when compared to other hand chakras, the Knuckle Chakras are very weak, and they also get used individually like the Fingertip Chakras instead of collectively. It’s possible to train them to move substantial amounts of energy, but very difficult. The Wrist Chakras actually work much better as far as shadow boxing and martial arts combat goes. The Knuckle Chakras end up being weak and redundant, and there’s no real advantage to using them over other chakras (and so I don’t suggest spending much time working them). Most of the magicians who do try to train their Knuckle Chakras just haven’t realized that there are ways to move energy from their wrist chakras that would produce better results.


We have four important chakras in our feet. Most people are going to favor one or two of these chakras, and just use those two. Usually the center chakras are favored, because they’re the strongest. Unlike your hand chakras, there isn’t much point in training each and every one of your feet chakra. There just isn’t that much of a difference between them, or any real advantage of using one over the other. The only exception would be if you were a martial artist who was really into kicking and wanted to incorporate energy work into your martial arts.


These are really the equivalent of your fingertip chakras on your toes. They’re a little bit further down the toe than the fingertip chakras are, and the strongest chakra is actually on the big toe. Individually these are going to be your weakest chakras. They’re not really close enough to be used as a collective, like your Palm Chakra, but they can still be used in unison, in which case they do become stronger than your Heel Chakra.


There is a chakra, sometimes regarded as a collective and sometimes regarded as a single chakra, on the bottom of the mounds of your foot just above where the arc starts. This is actually the strongest chakra on your foot.


Starting at the Upper-Foot Chakra, about three quarters of the way down the arc of your foot is your Arc Chakra. If they’re equally trained, this Chakra can become almost as strong as the Upper-Foot Chakra.


Finally, a little ways from the center of your heel, going towards the back of your foot, is the Heel Chakra. This tends to be the weakest chakra in your foot, although it is more powerful than a single toetip chakra. However if you were the martial artist I described above, this would be a very useful chakra to train.

#16. Finding the Smaller Chakras, Pt 2

Once you’ve found all of the chakras on your hands and feet, they can be trained in the same way as the major chakras. You can perform exercises #13 & #14 substituting the minor chakras for the major chakra.

#17. Moving Energy Around

Just like with the earlier exercises, this one requires laying in bed with as much sensory deprivation as possible, and before starting you should take a few moments to relax.

The goal of this exercise is to move energy around your body. Energy kind of works like a muscle. It moves around and changes according to what your brain wants it to do in the same way that your legs move for you when you want to walk. Energy will even move, as per your thoughts, when you don’t want it to. For instance, your legs aren’t going to start moving you somewhere because you think about walking there. But if you think about moving your energy across the room, it will start to move in that direction.

Your energy also moves and changes as per your emotions. Whatever you feel, your energy will try to do it. If you’ve ever gotten so angry you wanted to kill someone, your energy actually became aggressive and it literally attempted to kill the person. Luckily, unless you spent a lot of time training yourself in energy manipulation, you’re not going to be able to kill someone just by wanting to. This is one of the reasons why emotional control is so important for very experienced magicians who routinely work with large amounts of energy and can easily mold it into an attack.

The point is, you’re energy is always moving and working as per your intent, your will, your thoughts, and your emotions. If we can manipulate these things, we can manipulate how our energy moves and behaves. For this exercise, all we want to do is move energy around a bit.

Once you’re in a calm and relaxed state, concentrate on your Heart Chakra and the energy you have there right now. This is the energy we want to move around. Unfortunately we won’t be able to move all of it. Most likely, you aren’t yet skilled enough to move all of that energy at once without losing any. Even if can though, once you move the energy out your Heart Chakra is going to create some more. So if you notice that you just moved some of the energy and not all of it, don’t be discouraged, that’s supposed to happen.

Visualize all of that energy in your chest rolled up into a ball. Now visualize that ball slowly moving to the right side of your chest and then towards your shoulder. Visualize that ball slowly moving all the way down your arm, through your upper arm, through your forearm, through your wrist, and finally into the palm of your hand. When you do this, your chest should feel emptier, as if a lot of energy and emotion has been removed from it (although as we discussed, it won’t feel completely empty). Meanwhile you should now feel a lot more energy and emotion in the palm of your hand.

If you can, slowly visualize that ball of energy moving from your right hand back up your arm, through your shoulder and into your chest, across your chest, into your left shoulder and down your left arm and into your left palm. Then move the ball back into your chest. If you’re strong enough, see if you can get the ball of energy into each of your feet.

When you first start doing this, this can be a very difficult exercise. Make sure you visualize the ball slowly moving and going at a snail’s pace. The easiest way to fail at this exercise is to become impatient and move the ball more quickly than what you’re capable of handling. If this happens you’ll lose your focus on it altogether, and it will break apart and dissipate into your body. The exercise can also be very tiring when you first start doing it, meaning you may only be able to get the energy into your right hand before you’re completely exhausted by it.

As you do this exercise more and more though, you should be able to get better and better at it. Moving energy around will take less and less out of you, and you’ll be able to do it faster and faster. Once you’re able to successfully move the energy into all of your hands and feet, start working on moving it faster and faster. Eventually you should be able to easily and effortlessly push almost all the energy in your body to one area in a split second just by thinking that you want it to go there.

#18 Lifting and Dropping

This exercise is meant to help you get used to moving large amounts of energy quickly. It also teaches some techniques that can be used later on to raise and ground energy. Unlike the previous exercise, the entire point here is speed, not accuracy. If you find that you’re losing lots of energy, or that you’re only moving a fraction of the energy in your body, that’s okay for now. You’ll get better at doing this exercise more accurately and efficiently by continuing to work on #17 and #19. The point of this exercise though is to increase your speed.

To begin, stand up in a comfortable position and take a few seconds, or minutes if needed, to relax yourself and clear your mind. You may find it easier to perform this ritual skyclad, especially the first time, but the exercise can easily be performed clothed.

Using the techniques you learned in the previous exercise, move as much energy as you can into your upper chest, and hold it there for a few moments. Do not roll this energy into a ball. We want to move it as a large unwieldy mass of energy.

Now visualize that energy moving down your body and into your calves and/or feet, and hold it there for a few moments.

Then visualize the energy moving back up your body and back into your upper chest, and hold it there for a few moments.

Now move the energy into your feet or calves as quickly as you can. In order to do this, you’re going to have to visualize all of the energy in your chest dropping down your body really fast.

Now move the energy into your upper chest as quickly as you can. This time you’re going to have to visualize the energy moving up your body really fast.

Repeat these two steps, moving the energy up and down, several times or until you start to get exhausted.

#19. Stoning

This is a simple exercise I’ve discussed before which involves moving energy in and out of stones. It’s a great exercise that really helps a person learn how to manipulate energy, and it actually teaches a lot of different skills which are useful with energy work.

To start you’re going to need at least a few gemstones. You can buy gemstones for one or two dollars a piece at almost any occult store. I’d suggest getting five to ten, all different kinds, to start with. You can also try asking more experienced magicians if they have any extra stones. Many will have stones they used when they were first learning energy manipulation which they no longer have any real use for.

Pick any one of the stones and hold it in the palm of your hand. Make a loosely held fist around the stone. Now activate the Palm Chakra and pull energy in from it. If you’ve been practicing the earlier exercises, you may have already figured out a technique to do this. If not you can use the inhaling trick. Inhale and take energy into you. Now concentrate on the Palm Chakra, and move where you’re taking energy in from as you inhale to that chakra specifically.

Once you’re comfortable taking energy in through the Palm Chakra, you should start to learn how to take in energy without inhaling. After you activate the Palm Chakra, visualize the Palm Chakra as active and pulling energy into it. At the same time start pulling energy out of your hand and forearm and into your chest area. This should start taking in energy from the Palm Chakra, and it will do it consistently as opposed to only while you’re inhaling.

Once you start pulling in energy through your Palm Chakra, start taking in energy specifically from the stone. To do this, as you’re taking energy in from your Palm Chakra, change your intentions so that you only want energy from the stone, and not energy from the general area (often times when working with energy changing your intent is enough). At the same time  visualize the energy being pulled in from your Palm Chakra as being pulled directly out of the stone.

You should start to feel some energy from the stone coming into your body. This energy should have a unique feel to it, which would be the energy taint from the stone. This should give you an idea of what the stone feels like.

Now that we’ve gotten energy out of the stone, the next step is to reverse the process. Again hold the stone in your fist. Now start moving the energy in your body up into your forearm and then into your hand. Activate your Palm Chakra (by identifying it and thinking about it), and keep pushing the energy forward so that it comes out through your Palm Chakra. Once you’ve done this, intend to push the energy into the stone, and visualize the energy coming out of your Palm Chakra and being forcefully pushed into the stone.

Not all of the energy is going to end up in the stone. Some of it’s going to fall out into the general area around you. In fact, when you first start doing this exercise, a lot of the energy is going to fall out into the area around you. That’s perfectly normal. As you get better at it, less and less energy will be lost to the surrounding area, but you’re still going to lose some.

Once you have this down, you can repeat the exercise several times. Pull energy out of the stone, and then push energy back into the stone. You can also try the exercise with different stones. Different stones will have different taints, and the energy is going to feel different.

Another variation you can try, once you’ve mastered energy conversion, is pushing a specific energy into the stone that is different than the energy you took out. In fact if you repeatedly alternate between doing this and pulling energy out of the stone, what you’re doing is cleansing the stone.

By keeping a couple of small gemstones in your pocket, you can easily practice this exercise any time you have a few moments of free times. Just put your hand in your pocket, make a fist around one of the stones, and start pushing and pulling energy out of it. It can also be done at the same time that you’re doing a lot of other activities (like say having a conversation with someone or watching TV or reading my blog). In fact it’s good to practice exercises like this while doing other things, because it gives you practice in manipulating energy while your mind needs to be focused somewhere else.

#20 Raising Energy pt 1

When we raise energy, it means that we bring energy into the area that wasn’t already there. There are four ways we can raise energy. We can draw it from the earth, we can draw it from a divine source, we can draw it from a distant source, or we can create it ourselves. For this exercise, we’re going to work on drawing it from the earth.

To begin stand up. Being barefoot or skyclad will both help, but it isn’t necessary. What you want to do is activate some of your feet chakras and activate your base chakra (your base chakra is actually the most important one to activate, so if nothing else make sure you get that chakra). Then start pulling energy upward through these chakras and into yourself. Pull in as much as you possibly can. Make sure you intend to pull this energy directly from the Earth. Standing on dirt may help, but so long as you have an indirect connection to the Earth, the exercise should still work.

Keep pulling as much as you can and drawing the energy into you, and if you need to release the energy through your upper chakras. You should feel a lot of energy coming into you. Some of that energy may be from the area surrounding your legs, but when you’re taking in that much energy, you should deplete the energy around you fairly quickly and then start drawing from the Earth.

Be careful doing this though in volatile areas. If the energy in the area feels bad to you, then raising energy like this will most likely draw a lot of that energy into you, which could be a bad thing.

Since your chakras don’t really need to be touching the ground, you might be wondering why you can’t raise energy from the earth through your upper chakras, like the Heart or Brow chakra. You can. If you can figure out how to do it, you can try it. I’d suggest trying it with your Crown chakra since that’s the highest and will produce the strongest effect. If you succeed, you’ll probably notice that it feels very uncomfortable, and you’ll probably become a bit nauseous. That’s why most magicians will usually use their lower chakras to raise energy like this.

#21. Raising Energy, pt 2

Now we’re going to raise energy from ourselves. Start by laying in bed naked. Spend a few seconds relaxing and clearing your mind. Now do exercise #13 and find all seven of your chakras. Then continue and find all of the chakras in your hands and feet, and any other smaller chakras you may be familiar with.

After that, do exercise #14, and activate all of these chakras that you just found. Just do your best to produce energy from each one, and don’t worry about drawing in or pushing out energy.

Now try to think about and activate all of those chakras at once so they all produce energy. If it’s too much for you to focus on all of those chakras right now, then just focus on as many as you can (but in the future try to keep adding more chakras to that number). The most important chakras to activate are the seven major chakras, so eliminate those chakras last.

Once you’ve activated these chakras, try to produce as much energy as you can from each.

You’re now raising energy into the room, as much as you possibly can. Maybe you don’t want this energy in the room though. Maybe you want this energy for yourself. Your chakras naturally push most of the energy they produce outward (this way your body doesn’t hold excess energy, which for most people usually isn’t a good thing, but it’s often necessary for magicians to do this). What you need to do is turn your chakras inward so the energy goes into your body instead of into the general area.

To do this, as you’re creating energy with a chakra, also pull energy through that chakra into yourself. Now the energy will go into you instead, and you should fill up with energy fairly quickly.

You might not be able to both create energy and pull energy in with all of your chakras at once. You may have to limit yourself to even less chakras to do both acts at the same time. If you’re having a lot of trouble, you can start by doing it with just one chakra at a time, and keep practicing it until you can do it with multiple chakras at once.

Once you get a certain amount of energy into you, your body will naturally start pushing large amounts of energy out, because it’s not going to be able to hold that much energy. The more you do these exercises though, the more energy you’ll be able to do.

A word of caution, carrying around large amounts of energy can cause problems. Once you feel like your body’s starting to push out large amounts of the energy that you’re taking in, you should stop the exercise. You don’t want to take too much energy in. At the same time it’s a good idea to ground out after doing this exercise. That technique is explained in the next exercise.

#22. Grounding Out

Grounding is the act of pushing energy out of your body and into the ground. Excess energy can be harmful and difficult to control, and grounding is a way to get rid of that energy. Grounding is also a way to get rid of energy that may be harmful to us or disruptive to whatever we’re currently trying to do, or energy that just isn’t compatible with us.

When we ground there is usually a backwash effect. Some energy from the Earth will come into us. Typically when a person grounds it’s because the energy in them is causing a problem, and so there is usually an energy imbalance. Getting rid of the offending energy helps to correct this imbalance, and the backwash of Earth energy helps balance them further.

You do need to be careful though when the energy of an area feels off or yucky. When you ground in an area like that, there’s a good chance some of that energy will flow through you from the backwash.

Like raising energy, all you need is an indirect connection to the ground. You can even do this from the top of a skyscraper, because you’re still touching something that ultimately connects back to the ground. You could theoretically even ground while flying in a plane or jumping through the air, but it’s much more difficult.

When many magician’s ground they touch the floor with their hand. This is unnecessary though. You can easily ground out through your feet, and I suggest learning how to do this. Standing still for a moment while you ground is a lot less conspicuous than bending down to touch the ground. Grounding may also be seen as a sign of weakness in some situations, and you may not always want to show that weakness.

The reason why some magicians touch the ground is twofold. First off, many magicians find it easier to work with the chakras on their hands than the ones on their feet, mainly because they use the ones on their hands more often and haven’t taken the time to train their feet chakras. Secondly the ritual aspect of touching the ground helps them ground.

It may be easier to learn how to ground by using your hands, but after some practice you should be able to easily move on to doing it with your feet.

To begin, you need to fill your body with enough energy so you’ll have something to ground. The easiest way to get this energy is by performing exercise #21. If you haven’t perfected exercise #21 yet, then you can charge a stone for a few days for the same effect.

To charge a stone you should push energy into the stone several times a day without ever taking energy out. Keep doing this for three or four days, and you should hopefully have accumulated a sizable amount of energy by then. Alternatively you can place the stone on an altar to a deity for a day or two and ask that deity to charge the stone for you. This method may not work though. Once you have the stone charged, pull the energy out and let it fill your body.

To ground, place your hand on the floor. Next move as much of the energy in your body as you can into your forearm. Continue to push the energy into your hand. Activate one of the chakras on your hand. Your Palm Chakra is probably going to be the best one to use, but you can use whichever one you feel most comfortable with. Push the energy through your hand, through the chakra, and into the floor. When you push out the energy, make sure you do so with the intent that it’s going into the Earth and not just the floor. There will probably be some sort of backwash effect which will occur naturally. If you wish to increase this effect, after you finish grounding pull energy up from floor through your hand, with the intent that the energy is coming from the Earth.

The ritual is done with your feet in almost the exact same way. The only difference is that the energy has to be moved down your body and into your legs, and you have to use your feet chakras to push the energy out. You don’t have to be barefoot to ground out through your feet either. It may help, but your feet are touching your socks, which touch your shoes, which touch the floor.

#23 Touch and Draw

Remember the chakras that exist on your fingertips? Where going to start using those, and we’re pretty much going to do the exact same thing we did with the Palm Chakra when we drew energy out of the stone.

Your fingertips contain little chakras, and those chakras can be used to draw energy out of things. Last time we used gemstones, which hold a fairly large amount of energy, and which have fairly strong and unique taints on their energy. Now we’re going to start doing this to other objects to see how they feel.

Right now, place your fingertips on the wall next to you. Activate the chakras and draw energy through them, the same way you drew energy out the stone through your Palm Chakra. Don’t just draw from the surrounding area, but intend to draw specifically from the wall. Use visualizations if you need to.

The energy of a particular wall is going to vary due to a wide variety of factors. But your wall probably didn’t have as much energy in it as a gemstone, and the energy was probably a bit harder to distinguish. As you get better at energy manipulation you’ll become more sensitive, and you’ll be able to better work with smaller amounts of energy, and better able to distinguish the more subtle differences of an energy.

Now start walking around and touching things, and pulling energy out of them. What does your computer desk feel like? Your computer monitor? The door to your room? A piece of glass? A piece of plastic? The pavement outside?

Get in the habit of touching things, and get in the habit of drawing energy out of everything you touch. This is an exercise you can always be doing as you go about your day, especially once you become proficient enough to quickly draw out energy and identify it.

This method is fine on inanimate objects, but never use this method on living things like people, animals, or even house plants, and never use this method on spirits. Doing so is a kind of vampirism, and there’s a lot of other crap that goes along with that. Plus it can be harmful to draw energy out of a living thing that way. There is a non-vampiric method to feel out the energy of something living or a spirit, and I’m going to explain that in a future exercise.

This exercise is going to do three things. First its going to get you used to drawing energy into your body through a chakra, and your going to become more and more proficient at doing that, especially when you’re drawing in energy all day long. Secondly it’s going to train you how to identify different energies, and you’re going to become more and more proficient at noticing those subtle differences. Lastly it’s going to expose you to a lot of different energies and you’re going to start to get an idea of what a lot of different things feel like. Later on, when you feel an energy that is the same as or similar to an energy you’ve already felt, you’ll have a better idea of what that means.

#24 Barefoot, Again

This is a variation on #23, and its going to make use of the barefootedness we’ve had to endure because of exercise #5.

What we’re going to do is start using the chakras in our feet to draw energy out of the ground as we walk. We’re not going to draw energy out of the Earth, like we did when we were raising energy, but instead we’re going to start drawing energy out of whatever we’re walking on. Things like wood floors, carpet, cement, dirt, whatever.

Start by standing up right now, and drawing in energy from the floor beneath you. This is done exactly like exercise #23, except you’re using your feet chakras instead of your hand chakras. Activate the chakras, then pull in the energy directly beneath you. If you need to, visualize your feet chakras sucking in energy from the floor, kind of like a vacuum cleaner.

Unlike the previous exercise, it really isn’t that important to use a specific chakra. As was explained earlier, most people will be okay if they only ever train one or two chakras on their feet. The middle chakras are the strongest though, and will probably be the easiest ones for most people to use.

Now walk into another room and repeat the exercise, and then into another room, and then outside. You should start by doing this exercise whenever possible when you walk into a new room. Once you get a little bit better, you can start doing it whenever you walk onto a different type of ground. Once you become really fast at it, you can start doing it with every step you take. You can even perform this exercise when you need to wear shoes, although it will be more difficult.

This exercise will help teach you a few different things. First it will give you an idea of what all the things you’re walking on feel like, energy wise. Secondly it’s going to specifically train the chakras in your feet, and get you used to using them and make them stronger. Lastly it’s going to give you even more experience working with energy in general.

You may notice that your feet chakras seem weaker than your hand chakras. Actually these chakras are naturally more powerful, it’s just that most of us are used to using our hand chakras more often. It also doesn’t help that most people will wrap their feet up in layers of socks and shoes the majority of the time. Comparatively, outside of a few special occasions like playing in the snow or performing a prostate exam, our hands are usually left naked and we’re able to touch things with our skin.

#25. Converting Energy pt 1

The goal of this exercise is to start learning how to convert energy. In order to begin this exercise, you need to be in an emotional state. You can either work yourself into an emotional state, or wait for one to occur naturally. It really doesn’t matter what kind of emotional state you’re in, but I do suggest a positive emotional state, if for no other reason then it will be more pleasant for you. The stronger the emotional state, the easier this exercise will be, so if you’re having trouble with it try working yourself up more. Having a weaker emotional state will better work your abilities though.

Okay, you’re having an emotional state. I’m assuming it’s one of those states associated with your Heart Chakra, so I’m going to talk about putting energy into your chest. If it’s something associated with a different chakra, like say fear, you’re going to have to move the energy to that chakra instead.

Now go grab one of your stones. It doesn’t matter which. The more energy that’s in the stone the better, so a charged stone would be best. If you don’t have a charged stone handy, you can still do the exercise. It just won’t work your abilities as well.

You’re going to have to do these next parts quickly, because you’re only going to have a limited amount of time to do this.

Hold the stone in the palm of your hand and start drawing energy out of it. Take this energy and start moving it into your chest where your emotional energy is. Now push the emotional energy inside of you into this new energy. Have the emotional energy envelope and surround it. It should now start changing it, and the new energy should start becoming like the emotional energy.

With this exercise, at least at first, you’re probably going to have a lot more emotional energy than what you take in from the stone. You don’t need that much energy to convert though. Once you get the process down, you should be able to convert very large amounts of energy using only small amounts of energy.

#26 Energy Conversion Pt 2

This time we’re going to do the same thing as exercise #25, except we’re going to reverse the process.

First get a lot of energy inside yourself. You can either raise the energy and place the majority of it in your chest, or wait until you’re in an emotional state. Now pick up a stone, and start pulling the stone’s energy into you and towards the other energy in your body.

This time we’re going to have the stone’s energy envelope the energy already inside of us. Unless the stone’s particularly powerful, or you’re producing relatively small amounts of energy (in which case you need to keep working on the earlier exercises), you should have a lot more energy inside of you than in the stone. So this exercise will be a bit more difficult, but it’s essentially the exact same process as the previous exercise.

Bonus Exercise #1: Couplet

I’m listing this as a bonus exercise because not everyone’s going to be able to do it. If you can’t it’s no big deal. You can continue on with the other exercises and still learn how to manipulate energy. There are no essential skills that you’ll learn from this exercise that I’ll be incorporating into future exercises. If you are able to do this though, this is a very cool and sweet exercise you can perform with someone special.

To begin you need a partner, and both of you should either be adept at energy manipulation, or learning it. Anyone whose made it through part 2 of this guide should be fine. I really suggest doing this with someone you’re in a romantic relationship with. So long as both people are comfortable with the exercise, you can do it with a close friend or even an acquaintance. However the exercise is so personal that most people aren’t going to feel comfortable doing it with someone they’re not in a romantic relationship with. It also requires some degree of trust.

To begin, both partners should undress and sit cross-legged on the floor across from each other, looking each other in the eyes. Both should extend their left hands out with their palms facing upwards. Now each should take their right hand and place it over their partner’s left forearm.

Both should now start moving their energy into their right hand and then pushing it into their partner’s body.

More experienced magicians may wish to pull energy into themselves from their partner with their left hand at the same time at the same time that they’re pushing energy out with the right. This will make the process easier. You need to be very careful if you do this though. If one person is stronger than the other, they can end up pulling in significantly more energy than they’re giving away and drain their partner. This can make their partner sick, and in extreme cases it can be fatal. However a magician who lacks so much control over energy that they might kill someone by draining them almost certainly wouldn’t be strong enough to kill someone in this way.

When you just push in, you have control over how much you give away, and you probably won’t lose so much more than you’re going to make yourself sick. When someone is pulling, they need to have enough awareness and control to make sure they aren’t taking more than they’re giving away, or their partner needs to be adept enough to control how much they can take.

If you’re doing this in order to build up your energy manipulation skills, it’s best to switch hands halfway through the exercise so that you’re pushing with the left and receiving with the right. If you’re just doing this to enjoy the other person though, there’s no reason to switch hands.

With this exercise, both participants are going to be giving their energy, and in a sense their essence, to the other person to feel them out, and at the same time they’re going to be feeling out their partner. For some the nudity will add an additional element of intimacy to the exercise. Even putting that aside though, the exercise is still very emotionally intimate. Each participant is allowing the other to feel them at a very deep emotional and spiritual level, and the energy of both participants is intermixing and running through both bodies. In a certain limited spiritual sense, the two are becoming as one, and there’s no clear line between where one ends and the other begins.


I wanted to do a lot more with this section. I wanted to add more exercises dealing with energy conversion. I also wanted to add an exercise that dealt with how to feel out the energy of living things. To do that one though, I’m first going to have to first add at least two more exercises, maybe more, to teach some techniques I haven’t gone through yet. This article has already gotten very long, and several of exercises I covered ended up being split into two exercises instead of one. So these things are going to have to wait until part 3, and there will be a part 3 for sure. Eventually anyways.

The exercises in part 1 were fairly simple, and dealt a lot with energy sensing. Part two has dealt almost exclusively with internal energy manipulation. The exercises have become a lot more complex, but they’ve been worked up to by building on what came before them. Exercise #24 or #26 shouldn’t be any more complicated than exercise #1 if you’ve mastered everything that came before it. It’s also gotten to the point where I don’t have to explain every little thing. To someone who has gone through all 26 exercises, I can simply tell them to move energy to a particular part of their body, or put it into a stone, or draw it out of an item and into their hand. I no longer have to explain the techniques to do these things. Not only that, but people who’ve gotten to this point should be starting to figure out a lot of things about energy manipulation for themselves.

Still I’ll continue to give more exercises in part 3. That part will deal mostly with external energy manipulation. Now that you can move energy around inside your body, you’ll start to learn how to move it around outside your body. I’m also going to have some more exercises on energy conversion, mainly because this article just didn’t have room for them.

These things take a lot of time and work to put up. Exercises are really hard to figure out and write up. The only thing worse are rituals. It took me almost a year to do part 2. I don’t expect to wait as long before I finish part 3, but it might take me a while.

I’m not making any promises for future instalments past part three, mainly because I don’t know how I’ll feel about doing that much work. Right now I want to do five or six parts. Part four will deal with internal energy balancing, and part five will cover advanced techniques. Part six, if I even decide to do it, will have even more advanced techniques. Whether or not there’s a part six will really depend on how many things I want to cover.

As before, if you’re doing these exercises feel free to let me know how it’s coming along. If something isn’t easy to understand, or you’re having trouble with one of them, let me know. It may just be a simple clarification. Or I may need to add a new exercise to work some ability I hadn’t thought about. If you let me know about the issue I can not only fix the exercises for you, but I can fix it for everyone else as well.