Magick of Perception – Pt 1. Glamours


Often times it’s most difficult for us to teach what comes to us most easily. A natural talent is not something that’s worked for and earned, but something that just is, and it can take a lot of introspection to discover exactly how it is we do it, and a lot of time to figure out how we can teach it to someone else who has to actually learn it. I’ve had that difficulty with a lot of things that I know how to do, and this thing in particular I’ve shied away from until now, even though it’s one of the first things I learned and something I’ve always been very good at, without even trying.

What’s a Glamour?

A glamour, also glamor and glam, is a magickal act, spell or more likely psionic ability, which changes the way in which the practitioner or another is perceived, most often, but not exclusively, done to make the subject of the magick appear more attractive, thus the name.

Tools for casting glamours

You don’t need any tools to cast a glamour. If need be, you can do it entirely with the power of your mind, and it’s not even overly difficult to do it that way. But as far as casting glamours on yourself, there is one tool, and only one tool, that you’ll want, not because you need it, but because it will make casting your glamours a hundred times easier and will make them far more effective. If you don’t have one, buy a mirror. The best mirror to get is a large one that will allow you to stand next to it and see your whole body at once. Barring that, one that will let you see yourself from at least the waist up. Even a mirror that will let you see your whole face, like a compact, is helpful if it’s all that’s available (plus you can carry it around). If you can’t see your whole face in it, it’s going to be useless though.

How to cast a glamour

We’ll start by talking about making ourselves more attractive, because it’s both the easiest type of glamour to do and the one most people want. And if you want to be good at this, you’re going to have to become a bit of a narcissist. Remember, the mirror is your friend, and learn to enjoy looking at how beautiful you are in the mirror.

A glamour is an outward projection of ourselves. What we’re going to be doing is taking the energy around ourselves and reforming it to create a false perception of ourselves. We’re not working on changing ourselves, but rather what’s directly above us. It’s sort of like people will be looking through a fog to see us, and so their perception will be skewed.

One mistake people make is they try to change specific things about themselves. They’ll try to make their tits bigger or their stomachs smaller or their faces less wrinkled, because this is what they perceive to be beautiful, and this is how they would like to look. This never works. A glamour is not about changing the specifics of an appearance. Rather, a glamour gives off the perception of an ideal. You shouldn’t try to make yourself beautiful, instead you should find the essence of beauty, and surround yourself with it. Okay, that’s a new agey cop-out thought, so let’s explore it.

Basically what we want to put out is the idea that we’re beautiful, not the image of a clear complexion or a nice rack. Beauty is subjective anyways, and every person sees beauty differently, so if we put out an imprint of beauty, when a person looks at us they’ll assume we’re beautiful, and then they’ll fill out the blanks in what they see to make it so. This is how an effective glamour works.

Meanwhile if you try to change something specifically you’ll probably just draw attention to that body part. When I tried to make my chest look better for instance all I did was get a lot of compliments on my eight dollar walmart t-shirt.

So how do we find this essence of beauty and imbue it onto ourselves? Looking at ourselves in the mirror helps a lot. Here’s one of the big secrets though. When we look in the mirror, we have to see ourselves as attractive. We can know we’re not super-models and that our bodies are flawed, but we have to be able to see ourselves as attractive, as something someone else would find appealing and want to see naked. If you can’t look in the mirror without thinking your hideous and horrid you’ll never be able to cast an attractive glamour on yourself. If you can’t perceive yourself as beautiful, no one else ever will. More feel-good new agey zen crap, but it’s true, and this time easy enough to understand.

Now as you’re looking in the mirror at yourself and thinking about how fucking hot you are, find the energy that surrounds you, your aura and shield and whatever, and take those thoughts and images you have in your head about yourself and layer it on top of that energy. Once you’re able to do that, the next step is to try to not just plop it on top of the energy, but to mold and shape the energy into the form, to intertwine the two. This isn’t an exact method. It requires some very basic energy manipulation. If you’re not at a level where you knew exactly how to do what I was talking about the second you read it, there’s not much I can do to explain it to you better. But still attempt to do what I talked about and practice. If you can’t find the energy around you that’s okay. Instead put the mental image in your head and concentrate on projecting it over yourself on top of your skin.

The second big mistake people make when they’re making glamours is they try to hide the negative aspects of themselves that work against the glamour. They try to draw people away from their large nose or the pimple in the middle of their forehead. Never, ever, ever try to hide something negative in a glamour. When we make glamours, we need to be positive about ourselves and our self image. The moment you try to hide something that is less than desirable you’re looking at yourself as something less than absolutely fucking gorgeous, and your entire glamour will fail.

But we will hide the negatives with what we’re going to do as the next part of our glamour. Instead of going after the negatives we’re going to accentuate the positives. Sure, maybe we have a hideously deformed nose, but we might also have beautiful blue eyes. When we accentuate a positive part of ourselves, like our eyes, people will naturally be drawn towards them and will grant them more merit in judging our bodies than other parts, like say our hideously deformed nose.

How do we accentuate the positive? Well first we have to look at ourselves and determine what the positive is. Then we’re going to look at it some more in the mirror and be even more narcissistic than we’ve been thus far. We want to spend some time looking at what we have, thinking about it, appreciating it, being entranced by the beauty of it, even lusting after it. This will create a positive beacon of energy that will draw other people to it, and also make these qualities seem even more attractive than they may be.

And in the end, it has a lot more to do with our view of it being a desirable quality than anything else. If we look a little thinner or a bit more toned than we did last week, that can translate into a huge gain in our glamour once it’s filtered through our self-perception.

Clothing and Glamours

If we’re going to the beach we’ll be showing a lot more skin than if we’re going skiing. When we put a glamour on ourselves, we want to do it dressed as we expect to be when we want to use it. If you’re going to the beach you want to put your glamour on while wearing your swimsuit, not while covered in clothes. If it’s the middle of winter, you’re not going to do to well with a glamour you put on while naked.

One thing that does help though is a double glamour. Put the first glamour on naked, and then put a second glamour on while wearing your clothes. This is easy to do while changing or after a shower, and can become part of your morning routine before going out. The naked glamour will help us to accentuate and glam our individual body parts and muscles and other things that may not be overly noticeable while clothed, and then the second glamour, once clothed, will help complete the process. Doing this right after taking a shower, when the mirror’s still steamed, can help with blurring out the negative for us when we put on the first glamour.

Other types of glamours

So far we’ve talked about making ourselves pretty. But there are other things we can make ourselves. We can make ourselves look smart or learned or even like an elder in the community (these glamours are common among practitioners), we can make ourselves look like a warrior or thug to intimidate others, and we can make ourselves look dignified or formal, to name a few ideas. What we have to do in these instances is, instead of looking at ourselves as being pretty, we have to see ourselves as being smart or violent or whatever. It’s the same process, just what we see ourselves as changes, and we accentuate different parts. Where as we wouldn’t want to even think about some grey hairs with an attractive glamour, with an elder glamour we would want to make people focus on them.

Costumes and glamours

When doing a glamour, it helps to dress like what you want to be seen as. Sexy clothes will make attractive glamours work better, and if you want to look smart a pair of glasses probably won’t hurt.

Glamour length and maintenance

Depending on how good you are, all things being equal, glamours will usually last anywhere from a couple of hours to an entire day (until you go to sleep) with no maintenance and will require a very small amount of energy. It’s always best to cast a glamour as close to when you’re going to need it as possible. This lessens the chance that it will run out before you need it.

If you want to pump a little more juice into the glamour, you may want to stop somewhere and spend some time looking at yourself in the mirror. You don’t need to do this though. All you need to do is just think about how sexy/smart/intimidating/whatever you’re going for you look like right now.

However, the moment you think something contrary to the glamour, it dies. As soon as you think about how ugly you are, or even just doubt that you’re really fucking hot, the glamour dies. The energy around you will shift with your thoughts and emotions, and the glamour will be gone.

Photographing glamours

Unfortunately glamours don’t photograph well. In fact they don’t photograph at all, or work on film. The same goes for projections and lures, which I’ll get to later. Glamours are good for face to face situations. They’re not good for getting a good photo for your online dating profile, and it’s best not to develop any illusions about becoming a professional model through the power of glam magick. With photos you have to get by on just your good looks and photoshop skills.

Reverse glamour

The reverse glamour is a curse, and where we usually cast glamours on ourselves, we usually cast reverse glamours on other people. The most common type of reverse glamour makes someone look ugly or repellent. It can be done to make someone look stupid or weak or anything else though. The same method can also be used to cast a positive glamour on another.

Basically with a reverse glamour we’re going to find the energy that surrounds the subject, and then we’re going to twist and mold it into the image of the glamour in the exact same way we do it to ourselves, only we don’t need a mirror for this.

You might be thinking that the moment they don’t believe the reverse glamour themselves, it’ll disappear. That’s true, unless it has some tie to sustain it (no I’m not teaching how to do that, figure it out if you want to know). However that moment of doubt isn’t so easy. You’ll notice that when you successfully put on a strong attractive glamour, you actually start to feel really attractive, and it isn’t that difficult to not see yourself as unattractive. Two things are at work here. First of all, you’re surrounding yourself with energy that actively thinks you’re sexy, and on certain levels you’re being constantly bombarded with energy and thoughts that you’re attractive. Secondly everyone around you sees you as attractive, and they’re psychically pushing that idea on to you, even weakly. The moment of doubt isn’t all that easy to manifest, and the same thing is going to happen with a reverse glamour. They might manage to break it in a few minutes, but it could very well last all day.

Final words

This article was supposed to cover a lot more, but I didn’t realize the amount of detail I’d be going into. What I’m going to do is split this into four parts. Next up, projections.

Part 1: Glamours
Part 2: Projections
Part 3: Lures
Part 4: Ethics and Defense

4 Responses to Magick of Perception – Pt 1. Glamours

  1. Teresa says:

    Hi I’ve just paid fifty pound to someone for a crystal ball they said it had been in the family for thirty five years and is called a gypsy rose how can I tell if it’s real it’s medium in size very heavy and is clear but has a magnum effect when looking in please help thanks Teresa

    • Rob says:

      It sounds like a glass ball. Glass can be pretty heavy, almost as heavy as a real crystal ball. I don’t know what the British market is like, but considering that 50 pounds is about $78 USD, if the ball is of a larger medium size $78 is an okay price for it. I’m not sure if you know what constitutes average sizes for crystal balls. I have a glass ball on the larger side of medium, about as big as you can get and still consider it a medium, and I believe I spent $60 USD on it. The same guy sells smaller medium ones for $35, and ones the bigger than your head for $120.

      There’s two things to look for to identify a real crystal ball. The first thing is the imperfections. Real crystal balls always have imperfections in the ball, glass ones never do. First clean the ball, because sometimes a person will mistake dust for an imperfection. Then look really hard for what looks like sport or knicks inside of the ball. High quality crystal balls will be pretty clear, but they’ll still have imperfections. The other thing you can look for are the grooves from when the ball was made. Check the surface really well and you may be able to see lines or markings. This is usually going to be more common and pronounced on older and antique balls. I don’t know much about crystal ball production, but I believe it’s possible to make a real one today without the grooves. Still, glass balls won’t have grooves.

      Medium sized crystal balls, if they’re real, usually go for a few hundred dollars or more, unless you can find a really good deal on one. I’d say expect to spend at least 300-400 on a good sized ball when you’re ready to buy one. I’d also say to stay away from psychic shops unless you personally know it’s reputable and descent priced, because most pass off glass balls priced as if they were real. Also stay away from online ordering, because it’s usually impossible to identify if the the ball is real for sure from a photograph, unless it’s a very poor quality ball.

      Glass balls aren’t worthless, and there’s still a lot of really fun things you can do with them. Real balls are far more powerful though, and worth the extra money.

      • Me says:

        Next time, just try to hold it close enough to smell it, or lick it. Even quartz and crystal taste different and we all know what glass tastes like. Light shines through them differently, and they feel way different in the hand if u compare neutral, non magical objects made from each.
        Seriously just lick everything, lol.

        • Me says:

          oh yeah, I have a question magic Rob, how do u do the opposite of glamouring?
          I think I used to do what ur describing in this post habitually as a teenager without realising it.
          But what I wanna know now is how to just blend in sometimes and be left in peace.
          That could really come in handy for travelling through foreign countries where they fetishize exotic looking people and other stiuations.

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