Magick of Perception Pt 2 – Projections

What is a Projection?

A projection is an intense field of emotional energy which we project around ourselves, usually several feet outward, causing those that come into close contact with us to be affected by the energy, typically resulting in mood swings and, sometimes, the mistaken belief that the mood swing is the result of the practitioner. Projections are a naturally occurring phenomena, however they can be controlled and manipulated by a practitioner both in their creation and potency.

The horny projection

Most people who are naturally gifted with energy manipulation, even long before they realize their gifts and learn how to control them, often start by creating this projection, so I’m using it as a basic example. Usually they do it through out their mid to late teens. It’s caused by their bodies’ strong urges for sexual intercourse coupled with their inability to get it with any regularity. The repressed sexual energy, which is very strong and intense, wells up inside them, bursting out, and surrounding their aura. With most folks this projection is very light, almost unnoticeable. With a gifted person though, even at this early of a stage, all emotions and associated energies are far more intense, and they also accumulate where as they would dissipate in a normal person.

Now when this gifted person, we’ll call him Guy A, comes into contact with another person, we’ll call her Girl X, the horny energy surrounding Guy A will make Girl X horny. Girl X will now be much more open to sex, and she may also come to the conclusion that Guy A is turning her on, and she may in turn become sexually infatuated with him. If Guy A is also gifted with empathy, which wouldn’t be that rare, then Girl X’s horny feelings directed specifically at Guy A will work to increase the sexual energy he’s producing, thus making the projection even stronger, and in turn making Girl X hornier, leading into a cycle of rising sexual energy that will eventually position Guy A to get laid.

Now although Guy A will make Girl X horny, he still might not get laid, even if he doesn’t completely screw up the situation. Projections are not mind control. If Girl X is a lesbian that isn’t attracted to men, if she’s faithful and in a committed relationship, if she’s celibate, or if she outright finds Guy A to be an unattractive loser, Guy A probably isn’t getting laid. In the same way Guy A’s projection will attract gay men to him, but not straight men. In other words this projection is only going to give people a little push onto a desirable path, it won’t cause them to do anything completely out of bounds of what they would typically do. Plus if Girl X happens to be completely vapid, she may not be able to connect the horniness she feels with her proximity to Guy A, and although someone will be getting laid tonight thanks to the projection, it won’t be Guy A.

Making a projection sans teenage hormones (the sympathetic method)

Making a projection isn’t all that difficult. The energy of the projection can be pushed out at any point, but it’s best to push the energy out from where the corresponding emotion is coming from. For most emotions this is going to be at the solar plexus. For sexual lust and similar emotions it’s easiest from the pelvic area.

To start, we need to fill ourselves up with the emotion we want to project. Being able to change your emotions to reflect your will takes emotional control and practice. Any adept should be able to do this without any problems, but there is no way around putting in the time and effort to learn the skill. If you aren’t far enough along in your emotional control to change your emotions at will then your projections are going to be limited to the emotions you are currently experiencing and what you can easily manifest. Even with these limitations though projections can still be a very powerful tool.

Now as we’re filling ourselves with that emotion, we also want to be raising energy within ourselves. The energy we raise within ourselves will merge with the emotion and become an emotional energy. We can now push this energy outside of ourselves (at the solar plexus or pelvis) and let it extend for a foot or two (or more if we can manage) past our body.

Both the intensity of the emotion and the amount of energy we’re able to manifest will effect the power and effectiveness of our projection. As a general rule we want as much energy as possible poured into the projection. We can accumulate the energy over time. An investment of an hour or two raising energy, for instance, can result in very powerful projections.

We can also take the projection energy and throw it on to a person or area. This can help us effect people who may be far away from us and can also be used to target a projection’s energy on specific people.

Making a projection (the detached method)

When we’re working with energies like love, lust, bliss, ect the above method works fine. However when we start working with negative energies like fear and disgust we don’t want to have to fill ourselves up with the emotion.

This type of projection is a bit more difficult. How we work this is first we raise normal energy within ourselves. Then we push the energy outside of ourselves. Once the energy is outside, then we twist and warp it so that it corresponds to the emotion we want. After a point we can just feed more energy into the energy that already surrounds us and it will warp it itself.

In the sympathetic method the energy flows straight out of us and the energy that surrounds us is both attached to and is the same as the energy within us. In this method though the energy around us is separate and different from the energy inside us. In order for us to do this we need to create a small energy shield to act as a barrier between us and the negative emotional energy. The negative energy will of course feed on and eat the shield, at which time the shield will have to be renewed, but at the same time the energy devoted to the shield isn’t wasted as it eventually becomes part of the projection.

I know this all sounds very complicated but I assure you it isn’t. It’s very difficult to describe the process simply, but once you get it down you realize most of it comes naturally.

Length of a projection

Projections need to be upkept, and typically last until a practitioner stops upkeeping them. A projection needs constant feeding. This isn’t very difficult to do, especially with the sympathetic method. The projection itself will effect the practitioner and cause them to naturally feel the emotions of the projection, which will feed the projection. Projections are dependent on emotional control, and shifts in ones emotions, mood, or energy can end a projection or warp it into some other type. In some instances projections can last for quite some time after a practitioner has stopped actively feeding them (feeding largely on the continued emotions of the practitioner, and sometimes on those around him and magical objects too), sometimes without the practitioner’s knowledge.

Projections from fed stones

I learned this trick on accident. I noticed that cleansing stones can sometimes cause projections to pop up accidently.

To cleanse a stone, or any object, you need to first push out any energy that is in it. Secondly you need to push a ‘clean’ (in other words a preferable) energy into them (if you don’t the stone will just regenerate the original energy).

Often times with cleansing you’ll go through the process of pushing energy out and replacing it over and over again. This helps in getting rid of all the energy and is also a good exercise to learn energy manipulation.

This cleansing process tends to waste a lot of energy, especially with inexperienced practitioners, and so you end up with a huge build up of energy around the practitioner which matches the energy within them, thus creating a projection. Among those who aren’t well practiced at projections, projections of this type can be more powerful than what they can achieve without using the stones.

Expanding upon projections

Once you start to learn projections it isn’t very hard to modify them into other things. For starters, projections aren’t just limited to emotions, they can also hold feelings. Things like pain, nausea, electrocution, ect. Once you can project a feeling it’s very easy to turn the projection into an attack, either as an offensive shield that protects you, or throwing it at a specific person as a direct attack. Next time we’ll talk about lures which is another extension of projections.

Final Thoughts

The instruction in this section is very vague and assumes the practitioner has some knowledge of energy manipulation. I may change this later, but I doubt I will. If you don’t feel you can do this with the above instruction, go back to the previous section on glamours and work with those. Once you’ve mastered glamours and start to understand how energy works in regards to them, this section should come much easier.

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