Thoughts on Lycanthropes

December 9, 2006


Going back to the German legends, the source of a werewolf’s power is something known as a wolf strap. This is a magickal device in the form of a belt or something similar that when worn turns a person into a wolf.

According to the old German legends a wolf strap could be gotten by making a deal with the devil. However some werewolves did get their wolf strap through inheritance (supposedly from a relative that had made the deal).

Typically a person would transform into a wolf in order to 1. Steal livestock 2. Rape 3. Kill people they had a grudge against. In any case, these were not things being used for good purposes.

There were some other facts about the wolf strap that show up from time to time that are important to consider. First it was said that it could never be lost nor gotten rid of once a person had made their deal. Secondly it could only truly be destroyed via a specific holy ritual performed by the church.

It’s also interesting to note that, based on folklore and supposed accounts, some later theologians had come to the conclusion that the individual was not actually shape shifting, but rather being knocked unconscious while a demon rampaged around and later waking up with the demon’s memories.

Back to the point though, the wolf strap, and how exactly it works. Now I’ve never seen a working wolf strap, so this is largely speculation. But I have seen similar things and can guess how this must work based on how they work, and some of this information is channeled (for what that’s worth anyways).

I don’t believe in the Christian god nor do I believe in his adversary, so I’m going to through out the devil making deals theory right off. However there are lots of things out there that can easily fit into the Christian definition of a demon, and no doubt a devote Christian would label a horrific, yucky, monster as a demon. So I will buy the deal part.

But how does it work, and what does the demon, or whatever it is, get out of it? It’s a possession. The person looses control of their body at which point the entity itself takes over while being able to transform the physical shape of the body. I’ve heard of possessions where the possessed is able to change some physical aspects of themselves, however nothing to the extent of turning into an animal. But it would theoretically be possible, and much easier than manifesting form from nothing.

The wolf strap itself is possessed with the entity. This entity is able to jump into bodies via the wolf strap when it is worn. Because of the entity, the wolf strap itself would be sentient. This would give it some ability to at least influence those around it, and a sentient object can find its way back to a person (aka can’t be lost). A non-sentient object can even find its way to a specific person if it’s properly enchanted to do so.

As for destroying the wolf strap, it would be destructible, but that wouldn’t be the best way to go about it. Destroying the wolf strap could let loose the entity inside of it. At least inside the strap it’s somewhat contained and you know where it is. Unleashed there’s no telling what it could do. Even if it chooses just to go into another strap, you don’t know where that strap will turn up, when you had the entity trapped in one prior to destroying it.

Without seeing the ritual involved with destroying the wolf strap I can’t tell exactly what it was meant to do. One solution would be to call forth angels to deal with the entity once it’s released. Another would be to seal it out of this dimension or send it to one that it can’t easily escape from. Or it could have been a bastardized pre-christian ritual that no longer worked properly because important parts were removed (such as asking a specific deity to take care of the entity). Unfortunately I haven’t seen a copy of one of these rituals.

Tips and Tricks for Your Next Seance

December 4, 2006

Some time ago I figured my next little post would be an intro into past life regression considering how popular the topic seems to be. Unfortunately the post has proven more time consuming than I initially thought it would. Add to that my real life issues and that I had a very nasty flu this last month and it seems as if I’m never going to add another post to my blog.

So to add a post in here I’ve decided to write about something just as popular as past life regressions, but far more dangerous! Whether your looking to add a bit more realism to your next Halloween party or you just like the idea of living in a haunted house, these tips can help you show results at your next seance without having to move the planchette across the ouija board and claim it was a ghost. Unfortunately I’m not joking about the dangers involved here, and I take no responsibility for what might happen if you decide to make use of any of this information. You may end up with a very big mess to clean up. But there’s no danger involved in just reading this article. So, on to the tips:

1. First off, just because something is non-corporeal doesn’t mean it’s a dead person. It should be obvious, but a surprising amount of people don’t get the idea that there are other things roaming around with only astral bodies that never had an incarnate form here. So just because you’ve contacted something doesn’t mean it’s a ghost.

2. A person doesn’t gain intelligence, precognitive ability, or even spiritual insight through death alone. Dead people tend to be as smart as they were in life (and many happen to be insane and Ignorant too). Most don’t have much in terms of spiritual insight, because generally the people that do don’t get stuck as a disincarnate spirit for long. And being dead doesn’t magickally make one able to see into the future. I don’t understand why so many people tend to think the dead have this power.

3. People don’t remain as spirits forever after their death. Some move on to other things, some reincarnate, ect. Some may be around but able to resist being summoned forth. But there are also a lot of ghosts and a lot would be happy to show up. You’ll find you get better results at a seance if you try generally summoning forth the dead rather than trying to bring forth a specific person.

4. When summoning a specific person, time is very important. The less time they’ve been dead, the better the chance that they’re still around. Spirits that are more than a hundred years dead are rare. There are however lots of spirits that are several decades dead. But they’re still only a small fraction of all the people that have died. Most people will be unreachable before six months. Even among those that last beyond the six month mark, most will be gone within eighteen months of their death. Six months isn’t when the dead start departing either, it’s just your last good chance of reaching them. Many will leave long before then, and some may become unreachable immediately after they die. The sooner you try a seance after someone’s death, the better your chances are.

5. Just a note, it can be very detrimental to a dead person to continually summon them forth and to keep them here long after their death. There is a good chance that by bringing them forth you’re keeping them from their spiritual path in the afterlife, and every time you summon a person you risk creating an attachment to yourself or some other aspect of this world that could keep them here decades after you’ve finished with them. If you care about a person’s well being, it’s best not to summon them too long after their death, or to summon them more than once or twice. Actually, it’s probably best not to try to summon them at all.

6. Many things are reliant upon permission to do things, even to enter a home. A lot of times you can manage to haunt your house just by giving a general invitation for anything to enter it. You can also be more specific and only give permission to a specific type of entity. But remember anything that has been allowed into your home also has the ability to grant permission. This includes the people you live with, your pets, and the entities that may already be in your home.

7. Your body works a lot like your house. A lot of times the only thing stopping you from being a medium is you giving permission for an entity to possess you. This is very dangerous though, and the thing that makes a good medium isn’t getting the spirits into their body, but being able to get them out. Even then this is something that you’re probably better off not practicing.

8. Things may also need permission in order to manifest, do tricks, possess items, ect. If you use a ouija or spirit board, or if you have a spirit knock so many times, what you’re really doing is limiting what the spirit is capable of doing by giving them very specific limitations on how they’re allowed to manifest. This method is far from full proof, but it is a lot safer than simply asking a spirit to come forward and manifest. Likewise if you’re using one of these methods you have to be careful not to grant something permission, either by accident or because it asks you to.

9. As always, a free lunch will attract things. If you want entities, a good way to get them is to bring forth a lot of energy. Something will show up to eat it. Some things may be indiscriminate of what they eat, but a lot of the times you’ll find the rule of ‘like attracts like’ holds, and what you get is related to what kind of energy you put out. This is why if you’re depressed or scared you’ll tend to draw forth a lot of negative entities to yourself. Other energies will attract other kinds of entities. The more energy you can manifest, the more likely something will show up. Large amounts of energy act as beacons for many disincarnate beings.

10. In the same vein as #9, power alone will be enough to attract entities. Powerful practitioners tend to have entities around them simply because a lot of things tend to be attracted towards that power. One should be cautious when dealing with these entities however. A lot of these entities may be harmless and not malicious in any way. But some will no doubt try to manipulate the practitioner’s power for their own uses, or simply destroy the practitioner.

Review: Tarot Garden

December 4, 2006

I didn’t set up this site to promote or criticize online vendors. I won’t make posts like this very often because I really don’t think they belong here.

That aside, I’m making an exception now because I’ve had exceptional experiences dealing with Tarot Garden. The site itself is a wonderful tarot resource that you can spend days browsing through if you want to look at some of the decks that are out there. Even if you have no intention of buying anything, I’d still recommend visiting the site because it’s a virtual museum of tarot.

The site itself has a wide selection of tarot decks. US Games and Llewellyn decks are sold there, but they also have decks from some of the smaller indie companies and some of the larger European companies that are hard to find in the states. They keep some expensive and rare OOP tarots in stock too if you’re into that sort of thing (and yes, I am into that sort of thing, I just can’t afford it).

What really surprised me though was the level of service and care the company took in dealing with my orders. On my first order I had a problem with the information I sent, and only minutes after placing my order someone from the company caught the error and corrected it. My emails have always been answered promptly by the site staff, sometimes only minutes after sending out a message in the middle of the night. My orders were shipped soon after I made them, and every time my package arrived sooner than I expected it. And even when I was buying common $10 and $20 decks, you’d think they were antique decks worth hundreds of dollars by the way they were packaged.