Fae Helper Evocation Spell

January 15, 2011

Initially I was planning to post a glam-break spell I have that, although very powerful, is of very limited use to a magician who is able to cast it. But when Natalie brought up the fact that she wanted to meet fairies it reminded me of my Fae Helper Evocation, which is a fairly useful spell.

Notes On Using Fae and the Limitations of This Spell

Different types of fae have different types of abilities. For instance pixies are very good at casting glamours and trolls tend to be very good at guarding an entry way or portal. With the literally thousands of different types of fae out there, there’s quite a bit that fae are capable of. But fae spirits do have very real limitations. After all they are not magical genies that can grant any wish. They aren’t even relatively powerful spirits when compared to things like arch-angels or the Goetic spirits.

Also keep in mind that fae may not always understand things in the same way you and I do, and they may have trouble comprehending what you tell them to do. For instance if you get a fae to find “treasure” for you, in my experience you usually end up with garbage. It isn’t that the fae is intentionally doing this, it’s just that it may consider things like shiny buttons, cool rocks, and even discarded candy wrappers as treasure. A lot of fae don’t even understand the concept of money, and some of the ones I’ve met that do don’t understand the concept of paper money, and think of money as being something like a coin whose value is derived from the fact that it is made with a precious metal.

Another common problem working with fae is their attention span. Fae are creatures of desire who live in the current moment. Most fae however desire to help people they deem worthy (usually people who are innocent, who are very good natured, who are parent like, or who treat them very well). The problem is they tend to be easily distracted and can quickly forget what they’re doing and go off to do something else that looks like fun. One of the best tricks for working with a fae is to ask it to do a job it would normally find enjoyable instead of something that will bore it. If the fae likes what it’s doing, you have a better chance of success. Unfortunately this isn’t foolproof. A fae creature still might get distracted.

Because of that, this spell works through Venus. Venus is one of the deities that is highly revered by most fae. She is also the goddess of desire, which gives her quite a bit of power over the fae. By casting the spell through Venus you can keep a fae focused on the task at hand so he or she doesn’t get distracted.

But this does mean that you have to work through Venus to do the spell, and so you should ask and receive permission from Venus first. And Venus is a deity who I have found is relatively strict in what she allows you to do with her power, even if you have strong connections to her.

Also the fae summoned through this spell are brought forth under the protection of Venus. To attempt to hurt, kill, capture, punish, or otherwise harm these spirits would be an affront to Venus and she may seek vengeance against you.

This spell doesn’t summon forth a single fae creature. It summons forth a lot of fae, pretty much whatever can be convinced to come, to work within the general area where you cast it. It’s easily modified to only summon forth a specific type of fae, but as it’s normally cast it will bring in all different kinds, and you may find some strange ones that normally would never be found in your area.

The large number of fae creatures work like a dragnet usually covering the city (or general area) where you live. This makes them very good at doing things like finding a place where you can buy something in your town, finding a specific person and bringing them to you, or finding your car keys.

As you can guess, the larger the area you want covered, the less effective the spell will be. However you could conceivably have the spell cover the entire world (though I’ve never tried this).

The spell also lasts for about half a day. So when you’re thinking about what you want to do with this spell, try to figure out something that can be realistically accomplished in half a day. Asking the fae to say, guard your house for the next week, is unrealistic since the spell only lasts for half a day.

On a final note, when you use this spell to summon forth general fae, you may bring forth dark fae who might try to harm or kill you. Usually these are not very powerful spirits, but the situation is made worse by the fact that they are under Venus’ protection and so you can’t really harm them. If this happens, I’d suggest concentrating on purely defensive measures to protect yourself and those in your home. If absolutely necessary, try to work out a non-violent way to remove the fae from the general area or limit their abilities without doing any permanent harm or trauma to them. Once they’re away from you, don’t concern yourself with them anymore. After all it is their right to do as they wish, and from my experiences Venus will look after them and take an interest in what they’re up to.

What You Need:

A Venetian Altar
A Fae Knife
A Candle
A Lighter
A Candle Holder

The Venetian Altar

For more information on how to build an altar, see my FAQ on the subject. You can use a makeshift altar for the spell, but for the best results I suggest having a permanent altar. Fortunately for me, my Venetian altar was one of the very first one I ever built.

The Fae Knife

In theory you don’t need to have a special fae knife for this ritual. If you have a normal magic knife you use, it could theoretically be used and work just fine. But I also find that fae really like having their own knife, and it shows a good deal of respect on your part (which wins you some favor with them) when you actually buy a knife especially for them. Knives aren’t that expensive, so I really suggest getting one. I also suggest getting one that is, for one reason or another, fae like. I keep mine on my Venetian altar to help empower it.

Once you get a fae knife, I suggest blessing it under the fae. If you have fae in your home, you can always ask them to do it. Or you can have Venus bless it as a knife dedicated to the fae. You can also use this spell to summon forth fae to bless your knife.

The Candle

A plain white unscented candle will work fine for this spell. I suggest finding a candle that will take 8-12 hours to burn, since the spell lasts for as long as the candle is burning. If the candle doesn’t burn at least eight hours, you may find that the fae didn’t have enough time to do what you wanted them to. Meanwhile if it lasts for more than twelve hours it usually becomes a pain to have to watch over the candle for that long and at the same time you’re going to have lots of fae coming and going through your house while the spell is active.

As you can guess, the lighter and candle holder are just things that you need in order to use a candle.

A Summary of the Spell

Basically the spell uses the power of your fae knife to cut open a portal and then uses the power of Venus to summon fae through it to complete a task for you.

The Ritual

1. To begin, ask Venus for permission for what you are about to do. If you want more information on communing with the gods, see this post. You may wish to spend some time allowing Venus’ energy to flow through you.

2. Next the candle needs to be blessed under Venus. It’s recommended that the magician be in communion with Venus for the blessing.

3. Hold the candle up to the Venetian alter. Say, “Venus bless this candle so that while it burns it will bring forth fae to this place and that by your will they will be directed to [and say what it is you want the fae to do].

4. Allow the Venetian energy to flow through you and into the candle. Afterwards place the candle on top of the candle holder on the Venetian alter.

5. Take the Fae knife and say, “With this knife I will cut a portal in this room through which all fae may pass.”

6. To do this slice the sword vertically in the air near the Venetian altar. While doing this, visualize the blade slicing through reality as if it were a paper wall and revealing what lies behind it. You need to be able to imagine that it isn’t just air you’re slicing through, but that this paper wall exists where you are cutting, and this wall is what separates reality from everything else, this world from all other worlds, and where we are from every other point in this world. The veil is being pierced here, is being broken here, cut through, and a portal is being created.

7. Light the candle while saying, “By Venus’s power, as this candle burns let fae be drawn to this place, through my portal and by any other means, to complete my task as per Venus’s will and under her protection.” Alternatively you may also, if you wish, repeat the task which the fae are to complete in the above statement, although this isn’t necessary.

8. The spell will last so long as the candle burns. I suggest allowing the candle to burn itself out even if you have already seen results. Fae will still be coming and going during this period as a result of the spell. After the spell is finished be sure to thank Venus and show her your gratitude.

Some Notes

-The spell is easy to modify in order to bring forth only a specific type of fae, although in my experience you usually get less fae this way. If you are familiar with the type of fae and their energy you just have to align the portal with that energy so it only draws fae from a specific world or place largely populated by that type.

-You can also modify the way in which the portal is created. In particular, if a strong portal already exists where you are casting the spell you may wish to just modify that portal to suit your needs rather than create a new one.

-The spell can also be modified to be cast without Venus’s aid, and doing so will give you a lot more leeway in what you can do. However doing so will also net you fewer fae, and you won’t have the benefit of Venus directing their desires so they will complete your task.

-The fae who respond to your request have all volunteered to help you for their own reasons. Don’t worry about immorally controlling the fae or taking advantage of them since each has come of their own free will.

-As stated earlier, any of the fae that come are under the protection of Venus as the candle burns. To harm them in any way or have any sort of malice towards them is an affront to Venus.

-Likewise Venus will protect the fae in her own way while they are working on the mission you gave them.

Some Things I’ve Done With This Spell

Here are just a few examples of things I’ve done with this spell to give you an idea of what you can do:

-A friend of mine called me upset because a friend of hers had called her while he was driving and after taking a large amount of pills in a suicide attempt. After convincing him to get out of the car he passed out while still on the phone. Afterwards she heard several people discussing robbing him while he was unconscious before someone hung up the phone. No one knew where he was and several friends and family members had tried calling him with no response. First I got his number and tried calling it, but it went to voicemail. Afterwards I cast this spell with the instruction that the fae were to find him and then get him to return my call.

Three hours later (now the middle of the night) he was woken up, very hung-over, took out is phone and called back only me without knowing who I was. I explained who I was and after talking to him verified that he was okay and in a safe place and then let him go so he could pass back out.

I actually originally created the spell for this purpose.

-I once used a modified version of this spell to summon gnomes into a local business in order to take out their computer system, which they did. After doing that they got into the AC system and tore that up as well (that was a bonus as I never intended it to happen).

-I’ve used this spell to have the fae help me find a place that has a video game I wanted on release day because I didn’t preorder it.

-I’ve also used this spell to find lost car keys.

-If you’re looking for a relationship and going out to a place where you expect to meet other single people, you can give the fae a description of what you’re looking for and then have them draw those people to where you’ll be so you’ll have a chance to meet them. Be very specific about the physical traits you want though and don’t rely on general terms like attractive or pretty. Even a word like thin is open to too much interpretation for me to recommend using it here without further clarification.

Final Thoughts on Working with the Fae

I’ve worked with fae a lot in the past and over the years I’ve had many living in my home with me for periods of time, and that’s because I’m very compatible with them and I like them a lot, they amuse me to no end. I’ve had a lot of success working with fae too, and a lot of that has to do with the way I treat them. You’ll find you’ll have much more success working with fae if you give them the respect they deserve and are due.

Most magician’s fall into one of two categories in how they view fae. The first kind reveres and even worships them as if they were gods, some even believing they are gods. These people have usually been tricked by fae. We aren’t even going to deal with these people.

The second type of magician tends to think of fae as silly, weak, possibly annoying, and largely useless spirits. They tend to show fae very little respect and believe they deserve even less. The fae often times have special fun with these types of magicians and attempts to use the fae often times end disastrously.

In truth fae deserve a lot of respect. Yes they are fun loving and can be silly or slaves to their desires, and many are prone to causing mischief. But most types of fae would be considered higher realm spirits. Most embody positive emotions like joy and love and happiness. And many can be valiant and fiercely loyal.

Many fae find themselves trying to protect or avenge the innocent when they have been wronged. They end up doing whatever they can to protect an abused child from their parent or an abused animal from their owner. I’m personally far from innocent, but I’ve had a pixie come to my aid in a spiritual fight before. The fact that pixies are not particularly strong spirits doesn’t make the act any less valiant, in my opinion it makes it more so.

Fae, for the most part, are noble and good creatures. They are capable and have a good deal of potential, and they do a lot of good in this world. I’m not saying we should worship them, or serve them, or put them on a pedestal and make them out to be something far greater than what they truly are. But they shouldn’t be looked down upon and they should be given the respect they are due.

From my experiences, fae are generally very appreciative of this, especially since many magicians and spirits don’t give them this sort of respect. Magicians who treat fae in this manner have much better relationships with them and have much greater success working with them.

Be sure to let me know if you have any problems with performing any of the steps in the ritual so I can go back and clarify or rewrite it. I’m particularly concerned about step 6 and may go back and elaborate on this some more, break more of it down into actual ritual, and maybe expand it into several stepts.

Obsession and BS

September 30, 2010

Obsession is a term that gets thrown around a lot in the magical community. It’s used a lot by Ceremonial Magicians and Pagans, and is often times the reason for not working with spirits or using extreme caution when doing so. So it’s surprising that the theory of Obsession was developed completely outside of the Ceremonial and Pagan communities.

Obsession has its origins in Spiritism. If you didn’t know, Spiritism is a fairly modern belief system developed in France that is very similar to the American and British developed Spiritualism. Spiritualism predates Spiritism, but not by much, and the two belief systems have a huge cross-influence. So much so that there are only a few minor distinguishing differences between them.

Although cross-influences are common throughout the metaphysical community, the fact that obsession has gained such high regard in Western ritual magic systems is, at the very least, confusing. The idea of obsession runs counter to the practices of the founders of modern Ceremonial Magic who were active in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, it runs counter to the practices of the Pagan founders who were active in the 50s and 60s, and it runs counter to the practices of the Medieval European magicians that these systems are largely based in.

There’s also a lot of confusion about what the definition of obsession is. Very few magicians can give you a clear definition that would help determine the difference between an obsessed individual and your normal practicing magician. However when the term first appeared in Spiritism, it was adequately defined.

Obsession simply means that your actions or personality have to some extent been influenced by a spirit. On the surface this may seem like a bad thing, but the definition is actually overly broad, and note that nowhere does it mention manipulation or control.

If, for instance, a spirit came to you and told you that in the next week you would be in a horrible car accident, and because of that warning you started wearing a seatbelt, you suffer from obsession. If a spirit comes to you and tells you there’s a great sushi restaurant down the street that you didn’t know about, and you go to eat there, you suffer from obsession. In both instances your actions have been influenced by a spirit.

The idea of obsession was developed by early Spiritists because they saw it as a real danger. A good deal of Spiritists and Spiritualists are not magicians themselves, but use magicians, in there case mediums, to facilitate their magic. The average adherent lacks the methods of protection and spiritual attack which are available to a person with a background in ritual magic. It’s also less likely that the average adherent will have taken time to develop skills in self-awareness, mental focus, and energy manipulation, all of which help prevent spiritual manipulation.

Meanwhile Western ritual magicians have always worked with spirits. We constantly communicate with spirits for information, we summon them forth, we revere and worship them, we fight with them, and we use them to achieve our goals. We have always surrounded ourselves with the spirits and allowed them access to our lives. And yes, you can practice a form of Ceremonial Magic or Paganism that doesn’t directly utilize spirits, but even so the act of doing magic will draw spirits towards you, so eventually you’ll get to a point in your practice where you have to deal with them.

As you can see, the idea of obsession as it was originally defined when viewed through the perspective of a ritual magician is absurd. Some people do hold true to this definition though. By associating with, talking to, and working with spirits they believe a person risks seriously harming themselves through obsession.

Because they don’t know the true definition of the term or its origins, many ritual magicians try to determine what the term actually means, which leads to all sorts of fanciful ideas. It doesn’t help that besides the Spiritist definition, there has never been a clear definition of what obsession is. All that is ever given are aspects of what obsession is. It involves working with spirits and becoming obsessed with them.

An idea has emerged that working with a particular spirit or spirits in general causes one to eventually become obsessed. This has nothing to do with the nature or type of spirit being worked with, it is simply a byproduct of working with spirits. There is also never a clear indication in the definition of when or under what circumstances a magician will cease to work with spirits in a healthy and productive way and become obsessed. There is never even much of an explanation as to why this would occur. It seems to be nothing more than a fanciful idea without any reason or evidence attached to it.

Certain spirits can be manipulative in their nature. There are too many stories to deny that this happens. Manipulation can be something as simple as a lie or as mystical as a thought suggestion or even outright possession. Whether or not a person is manipulated, and how badly they are manipulated, is going to be dependent both on the nature and power of the spirit and on the magician. It’s a danger, it happens. However it won’t inevitably happen just because someone works with spirits.

Sometimes we also see personality changes. These can be a lot harder to pinpoint as spiritual manipulation though. Anyone who is actively exploring their spirituality, such as through seances and evocations, would be experiencing personal growth, and this in turn can lead to changes in their personality. Connecting into spirits and becoming possessed by them can also modify a person’s personality, sometimes permanently. Often times magicians willingly allow spirits to do this to them in order to help them grow spiritually. Some spirits may also do this with the best of intentions, wanting to help the magician, but without permission. In either case there are a lot of pros and cons that must be weighed before we can even determine if what happened was a good thing or a bad thing.

These personality changes are also not as drastic as many like to believe. Often times spirits just work to nudge a person into a particular direction they were already swaying towards, or pull some aspect of their personality to the surface that they usually repress, or simply offer them a temptation that makes them do something they wouldn’t have done for free.

Lastly some people do have obsessive problems with magic in general. Most of us who have profound and surreal spiritual experiences will go through a phase where we give up on reality and immerse ourselves in our spiritual life. For most of us though that is just a phase, and we eventually come to some realizations and ultimately find a balance between the spiritual and mundane aspects of our life. There is a small number of people who never even try to achieve that balance, and instead just immerse themselves more and more into the spiritual aspect of their life as the rest of their life is left to deteriorate.

Although spirit contact may be involved, this has nothing to do with spirits. It has to do with practicing magic. Many of the people who fall into this trap have serious mental problems to begin with, everything from severe depression to schizophrenia, and instead of helping with their mental issues their spiritual path just exasperates them.

We also have to note that when we practice magic and allow spirits into our lives, they’re going to effect us in some way. If you joined some new club next week, started hanging out with the people in the club, making friends, seeing them all the time, it would have some sort of effect on your life. Your world views would change a bit. You might find yourself trying new activities. You would have new people in your life who would be calling you up because they need rides to the airport or someone to help them move. When you work with spirits you’re letting something new into your life, and your life is going to change because of it, and yes sometimes they’re going to do things to your life, and it won’t always be pleasant things.

So yes there are dangers when working with spirits. They aren’t really as big or common as the idea of obsession makes them out to be. It’s really similar to the dangers you experience whenever you work with magic. And the best defense is actually to practice magic. The more practical experience you have working with magic and dealing with spirits, and the more you grow spiritually, the stronger you will be and the less dangerous magic will be. On the other hand stronger magicians tend to pull stronger spritis and bigger problems towards themselves, so you never actually get to be safe.

The idea of obsession meanwhile is largely bullshit. It’s based largely off anecdotal evidence of a handful of people who had very bad experiences working with spirits. It’s being perpetuated by people who are, for the most part, novice practitioners and armchair magicians. These are not people who know about obsession because they have experience working with spirits and have been obsessed. These are the people who have never worked with spirits or only work with spirits while following strict guidelines for protection because they believe it is dangerous. That’s why the information on obsession is largely unclear, indefinite, and doesn’t follow logical reasoning. It is derived entirely from speculation and secondary sources, not from the practical experience of people who have actually worked with spirits.

New Goetic Daimon

November 21, 2009

If you truly work with the Goetia, and you actually respect and talk to and befriend the entities within, as opposed to trying to trap, torture, or command them (as is outlined in Goetia), you’ll probably discover that there are a lot more than 72 names. Several hundred in the Goetia catalog, and many other catalogs too. Me and a friend have been working on completing the Goetia catalog for some time. We have, as of now, over a hundred names, which way may or may not publish at some point.

Anyways tonight we came across one who wishes to be remembered. As promised I’m publishing his information here, right now, so anyone who wants to can use it and some people will know who he is. Note I spell things in a way that the pronunciation makes sense to me.

Dethieos – pronounced death+e+o+s – He is a teacher of archery and sword fighting. He has blessed many great heroes in the past. The last person he blessed was Gilgamesh. The last time he was evoked on this world prior to tonight was in 30 BC. He also knows of all weapons and their current location.

How to Summon Baal, or Anything Else, Quick and Dirty Like.

November 4, 2007

I posted this on another forum to a fellow who was asking for a method to summon Baal. My reply isn’t specific to Baal and I thought this might be useful to some so I’m reposting it here.

1. Research what it is you want to summon. In the case of Baal, the name can refer to numerous things, including several deities, so you need to figure out exactly what Baal you want to summon, and then you need to get an idea of how Baal is seen, what people generally think about him, and what he’s probably like. So long as it’s something that is popular or common internet searches will probably turn up enough information for the summoning. Be sure to check out encyclopedia mythica and wikipedia, although not always accurate they can still have a lot of information to help you out.

2. Find a statue or image of what you want to summon, and if you can’t find that then try for a symbol associated with it. Spiritual depictions are usually better than artistic depictions, but in any case go with the depiction that you feel most closely resembles what you’re trying to summon. If you have no other alternative you can make your own depiction.

3. Remove any barriers, wards, ect. that you may have around the general area that you’ll be doing the summoning (most likely your home). This includes personal wards and barriers, ones that are anchored to objects (be aware of certain things that may be decoration but are used for protection because they may have become active and can effect the summoning. This includes gargoyle statues and depictions of pentagrams), and ones that may have been put up by others.

4. Take down your shields and natural defenses. Any type of defense can hinder the summoning.

5. Make sure you aren’t in any kind of circle. Make sure there are no seals or sigils in the area since these may have an unknown effect. Refrain from doing any pre-ritual type ritual including asking for protection from anything. We don’t want to be putting up new barriers.

6. Now take your depiction of what you want to summon (in this case Baal), and place it somewhere (such as on a table or a night stand). You can just leave a picture on your computer screen if you want, that works too. Or you can print out a picture and put it in a frame and then place it on a table (the later method will generally bring better results). Now you need to activate this as an alter, in this case to Baal. Unless you want to develop a very strong relationship with Baal, this will probably just be a makeshift alter that we will take down after the summoning.

7. Now that the alter is ready non-aggressively direct energy towards the depiction of Baal with the intent that this energy is to be received directly by Baal. Make sure your defenses and your shields are down and, if he chooses to, Baal will also be able to direct his energy towards you. With a little practice you should be able to figure out how to bury thoughts into the energy in order to communicate, and you’ll be able to receive thoughts in the same manner.

8. Whether or not Baal responds you should also make it clear that he has an invitation to appear in your house and that you wish for him to come.

9. Have fun with your summoning adventures.

Account 1: Evocations by Telephone

July 9, 2007

A while back I wrote a series of accounts for a friend’s e-group which detailed magickal experiences, particularly those that dealt with otherworldly entities. The group is now pretty much dead, and these accounts don’t have a real home. I don’t see much value in these accounts, except maybe as cautionary tales, but I already wrote them and I’m in need of good blog filler. Maybe someone will get some use out of these or see something similar to what they’re dealing with.

T told me that B wanted this account written up and added to the group in order to catalog it, but he didn’t think it was necessary to do that. I told him that if B wants it, I’d do it. Since I don’t know who might be reading this in the future, I’m going to refrain from mentioning the grimoire or tarot deck that was used. This is an account of what happened with me and T the other day, and T can fill in any details I miss.

I was talking on the phone with T, and T had come across some of his old notes from when he used to hold classes. He went through some of them, and told me some of his curriculum, and he gave me a couple of the tests he had for his students. Among his notes there were several pages from a grimoire. T had read them out loud to me and explained some of what was contained in the grimoire.

T then said that there was a tarot deck associated with the grimoire and gave me the name and asked if I had ever heard of it. When I told him no he said I should look it up and see what it was like. So I went online and found a site that had pictures of all the cards up. The deck was not a tarot deck. It had cards with pictures and I didn’t see any relation between it and a tarot deck. There was something there that sort of draws you into the deck. But at the same time it felt completely repulsive. I had told T that the deck was icky and there was something very wrong with it. That’s the best way I can describe what I felt. I also had an innate need to burn the deck. T had told me a story about him going into a trance and burning the associated grimoire in the past. Of course the deck was on the computer screen, so burning it wasn’t an option. But I did close the window and deleted the cache and history in the web browser.

Around that time I started to notice some stuff moving around my room. T told me later that he had sensed three entities in my room, although I only ever identified two of them. The one that caught my attention, which I became focused on, was the same thing that T was seeing over at his house.

The thing had a humanoid shape to it. It was very tall and very thin for its height, lengthy. A lot of it wasn’t very human-like though, and its limbs didn’t end like humans do. It looked like his arms ended in spikes or claws. In some ways it reminded me of a masters of the universe toy I used to have, the one that you could assemble different ways.

Anyways when I felt this thing I immediately didn’t like it. It had an icky feeling to it. It was a very bad thing.

I ended up using a light attack against it, and it was more instinct than anything else. The attack itself wasn’t something I usually use and wasn’t very human-esque, so I can’t describe it too well. The painful aspect of it would’ve been somewhat equivelent to throwing a bunch of knives at someone’s face. I also showed this thing how I felt towards it, and a bit of a glimpse at what I really was, and gave it a message sort of like, “You know what I am, do you really want to fuck with me and find out what happens next.”

At that point it sort of backed away from me, and seemed a bit cautious towards me. I can’t really describe the emotion I got from it then, because it wasn’t close to anything human, but I would say it was something akin to fear, although very different from it. Kind of like it served the same purpose as fear.

The thing remained in the room for a while longer, and there were some occurances in that time. The ceiling is speckled, and the thing was trying to channel into me and on the ceiling the pictures from the cards were forming. The window was also very offish. It’s hard to explain, but it happens common enough. Almost like watching a TV screen that’s on the fritz.

The energy of the rooms was also being converted. For my part I was trying to stop it from doing that, but it was probably a losing battle. I was carrying some Venetian energy in me, and the entity didn’t seem all that keen on that type of energy from what I could see.

T had the same thing in his home this entire time. I’m not sure quite how he dealt with his, or the totality of what happened over there, except that he seemed to have things worse, and he did have a drawer open by itself with the grimoire inside.

The thing or things left and everything calmed down a bit. That’s when I noticed the second thing moving around the room. It was a weird little thing, and I think it might be the same type of thing as what I used to have living with me because they did seem similiar.

It just looked like a little black blob of something that moved around the room real fast. I tried tapping it, and the results threw me at first. There was nothing bad there and no harmful intent, but it seemed empty. There was nothing actually there. Like it was bare. There was some energy there fueling it, but it really didn’t have any signature, and there was nothing beneath that. No thought, emotion, intent, basis, ect. Something that was empty.

I think it’s a chameleon type thing, and I think I had something that was at least similiar to it at one point. What I think it does is it finds other entities to tag along with for a while, and when it does it changes itself so it takes on their same aspects and energies. So it’s always 100% compatable with whatever it decides to join up with. Of course if it’s not currently attached to something, it has no aspect to it at all, it’s almost a nothingness.

The entity I had before was similiar to it in a few ways. For one thing, that entity was completely compatable with me. I tapped it and it had the exact same energy as me. It’s nature also seemed very similiar to my own. It also started out similiar to this thing when I first met it. It was a gray blob as opposed to a black one. But then it started to grow bigger, and it was also shifting into a human form. After a while it had a human head and human hands, and they were becoming more defined and more useful.

Anyways this other thing didn’t seem harmful in any way, but I got rid of it anyways because of what it came into the house with. On the off chance they have some association, I don’t want anything to do with it.

Three things, two of them similiar to what I described in my room, appeared at T’s house later on to go back through the portal, and he had some reprucussions from that, but I wasn’t there and you’d have to ask him about that.

Also, as an oddity, something came out of T’s portal and told him it was the true Venetian energy. The odder thing about that being I would’ve been in communion with Venus a few hours before that happened to T. Once again though, this isn’t something I really played a part in, and you’d have to ask T for a better description of what occured.

Addendum: T was well known in the group for being a metaphysical teacher. At the time I thought he knew better than to read a grimoire that had any real power to it, and believed him when he told me the grimoire he was reading was more or less worthless (it wasn’t). As a final note, upon further research I’ve found the toy was called Modulok.

Tips and Tricks for Your Next Seance

December 4, 2006

Some time ago I figured my next little post would be an intro into past life regression considering how popular the topic seems to be. Unfortunately the post has proven more time consuming than I initially thought it would. Add to that my real life issues and that I had a very nasty flu this last month and it seems as if I’m never going to add another post to my blog.

So to add a post in here I’ve decided to write about something just as popular as past life regressions, but far more dangerous! Whether your looking to add a bit more realism to your next Halloween party or you just like the idea of living in a haunted house, these tips can help you show results at your next seance without having to move the planchette across the ouija board and claim it was a ghost. Unfortunately I’m not joking about the dangers involved here, and I take no responsibility for what might happen if you decide to make use of any of this information. You may end up with a very big mess to clean up. But there’s no danger involved in just reading this article. So, on to the tips:

1. First off, just because something is non-corporeal doesn’t mean it’s a dead person. It should be obvious, but a surprising amount of people don’t get the idea that there are other things roaming around with only astral bodies that never had an incarnate form here. So just because you’ve contacted something doesn’t mean it’s a ghost.

2. A person doesn’t gain intelligence, precognitive ability, or even spiritual insight through death alone. Dead people tend to be as smart as they were in life (and many happen to be insane and Ignorant too). Most don’t have much in terms of spiritual insight, because generally the people that do don’t get stuck as a disincarnate spirit for long. And being dead doesn’t magickally make one able to see into the future. I don’t understand why so many people tend to think the dead have this power.

3. People don’t remain as spirits forever after their death. Some move on to other things, some reincarnate, ect. Some may be around but able to resist being summoned forth. But there are also a lot of ghosts and a lot would be happy to show up. You’ll find you get better results at a seance if you try generally summoning forth the dead rather than trying to bring forth a specific person.

4. When summoning a specific person, time is very important. The less time they’ve been dead, the better the chance that they’re still around. Spirits that are more than a hundred years dead are rare. There are however lots of spirits that are several decades dead. But they’re still only a small fraction of all the people that have died. Most people will be unreachable before six months. Even among those that last beyond the six month mark, most will be gone within eighteen months of their death. Six months isn’t when the dead start departing either, it’s just your last good chance of reaching them. Many will leave long before then, and some may become unreachable immediately after they die. The sooner you try a seance after someone’s death, the better your chances are.

5. Just a note, it can be very detrimental to a dead person to continually summon them forth and to keep them here long after their death. There is a good chance that by bringing them forth you’re keeping them from their spiritual path in the afterlife, and every time you summon a person you risk creating an attachment to yourself or some other aspect of this world that could keep them here decades after you’ve finished with them. If you care about a person’s well being, it’s best not to summon them too long after their death, or to summon them more than once or twice. Actually, it’s probably best not to try to summon them at all.

6. Many things are reliant upon permission to do things, even to enter a home. A lot of times you can manage to haunt your house just by giving a general invitation for anything to enter it. You can also be more specific and only give permission to a specific type of entity. But remember anything that has been allowed into your home also has the ability to grant permission. This includes the people you live with, your pets, and the entities that may already be in your home.

7. Your body works a lot like your house. A lot of times the only thing stopping you from being a medium is you giving permission for an entity to possess you. This is very dangerous though, and the thing that makes a good medium isn’t getting the spirits into their body, but being able to get them out. Even then this is something that you’re probably better off not practicing.

8. Things may also need permission in order to manifest, do tricks, possess items, ect. If you use a ouija or spirit board, or if you have a spirit knock so many times, what you’re really doing is limiting what the spirit is capable of doing by giving them very specific limitations on how they’re allowed to manifest. This method is far from full proof, but it is a lot safer than simply asking a spirit to come forward and manifest. Likewise if you’re using one of these methods you have to be careful not to grant something permission, either by accident or because it asks you to.

9. As always, a free lunch will attract things. If you want entities, a good way to get them is to bring forth a lot of energy. Something will show up to eat it. Some things may be indiscriminate of what they eat, but a lot of the times you’ll find the rule of ‘like attracts like’ holds, and what you get is related to what kind of energy you put out. This is why if you’re depressed or scared you’ll tend to draw forth a lot of negative entities to yourself. Other energies will attract other kinds of entities. The more energy you can manifest, the more likely something will show up. Large amounts of energy act as beacons for many disincarnate beings.

10. In the same vein as #9, power alone will be enough to attract entities. Powerful practitioners tend to have entities around them simply because a lot of things tend to be attracted towards that power. One should be cautious when dealing with these entities however. A lot of these entities may be harmless and not malicious in any way. But some will no doubt try to manipulate the practitioner’s power for their own uses, or simply destroy the practitioner.