Thoughts on UFOlogy

June 23, 2012

This isn’t a conspiracy theory blog, nor is it a place to speculate on alien theories, so I’m going to keep this a bit short and simple.

First off, it needs to be said that most UFO stories are hoaxes. This isn’t a hoax perpetrated by individuals, but rather individual reporters and the media. UFO journalism has long been considered yellow journalism. Most of the major figures in UFO reporting have admitted that their stories were often times heavily embellished, that they often fabricated evidence to make the stories appear more true, and that sometimes when they had nothing to report they just completely made the shit up. We’re not even considering things like leading questions or dismissing negative evidence, we’re talking about journalism based on pure make believe.

Then we get into unscrupulous mass media outlets, namely FOX and now apparently the History channel, and reality gets even more fuzzy.

I’d also like to weigh in on the government conspiracy theories ever so briefly, and say that they’re crap. Places like Area 51 do have a lot of UFO sightings, and the government likes to keep that area pretty well hidden and secure. That’s because the air force does testing of experimental aircraft and other weapons which the general public is not yet aware of, and for reasons of national security it’s important to keep this information concealed from enemy nations. An enemy spy and an X-Files fan may not be so easy to tell apart.

In the same way, the air force does investigate UFO sightings, but for reasons of national security, not because of a extraterrestrial concerns. What some might view as an alien spacecraft may be a test run of a new type of aircraft from say China, or formally from the Soviet Union, to see if it could fly undetected in enemy territory.

It’s also important to keep this information concealed, possibly even for decades, not because the air force is hiding alien encounters, but because it’s hiding its investigative procedures. We don’t want China knowing the criteria we use for determining if something is or isn’t an enemy aircraft, or a weather balloon, or an unidentified object. If they knew that, they could possibly develop an aircraft which is designed to prey upon our investigative techniques to appear as something it isn’t.

But that isn’t to say there isn’t some modicum of fact behind the UFO theories. The UFO mythology that now exists, although greatly embellished by the media, is at its core based on a handful of real sightings and encounters. It’s this modicum of fact I want to look at, from a more spiritual perspective.

Out of all the folks who reported on UFOs and other paranormal activity, John Keel seems to be the one man who possessed both intelligent, logical, and sane reasoning and a great deal of journalistic integrity. Keel treated UFO reports like any normal journalist would treat their subject, by reporting the facts of the story as they were discovered. Reading his books it’s also clear that he understood, very well, that sometimes things are misperceived, and a perfectly normal event, under the right conditions may appear to be something more fantastic, such as an alien or paranormal encounter.

Over the years, what Keel discovered was that whenever he had an alien encounter or UFO sighting which, based on the evidence presented to him, he personally believed to be factual, there was also a lot of other unexplained paranormal activity in the area which would not normally be associated with UFOs. This might be things like ghost sightings, ghost activity, instances of precognition, and the like. This led Keel to the belief that perhaps what we’re dealing with is not extraterrestrial contact, but some other sort of paranormal event, or that paranormal events were otherwise somehow linked to aliens.

This is actually the belief I’m going off of. UFOs have become a very big thing, especially over the last 70 years. Because of this it seems that, in recent times, a lot of paranormal events have been incorrectly perceived and hypothesized as alien encounters. Most notably the rare occurrences in which a physical entity appears do in no part to the intentional actions of the observer.

There are a lot of different non-human things out there, and some of them end up in this world for a period of time. Some stay here for very short periods of time, and others manage to hide themselves for longer periods of time. I’m going to look at the five most common and likely real types of aliens, and compare them to the knowledge I’ve accumulated of other beings.

The Nordics

I’m starting with the Nordics, because they’re what inspired this entire mess of an article in my head. If you’re not a UFO fanatic, you probably have no idea what the Nordics are. I never heard of them until very recently.

The Nordics appear as very large human men. They’re usually around seven feet tall, broad shoulders, and all of that. They have fair skin and hair. Nordics are always men, women Nordics are never reported. Their personality is usually described as youthful, playful, and happy, and sometimes they are also described as wise and protective. They also seem to be concerned with spirituality and are sometimes noted as being magical beings. Often times they communicate telepathically.

What I just described, that’s a frickin’ elf. When I read that description, knowing what elves are like, it’s clear as day to me that a Nordic is another name for an elf.

First off, modern fantasy has warped the concept of what an elf is. Their fair yet androgynous appearance is taken to mean that the men are effeminate. On the contrary, the opposite is true. The women are very masculine. They’re muscular, large, have broad shoulders, and although elves are usually able to discern genders among their own kind, humans are not. Among humans, even female elves tend to get mistaken for men.

Elves are also very fair skinned and have light hair. They don’t do well in heat, and they prefer temperatures a bit colder than what humans are comfortable at. Their skin doesn’t do well in the sun either, and they burn easily. For this reason, at least in traditional folklore, they often stay in the shade, most times appearing in the forests and in the shadows.

Elves do live considerably longer than humans. This tends to make them not very career driven, at least by our standards, and instead they come of as having a very carefree and playful sort of personality. This is why they’re often described as playful, gay, and child like.

In all other ways though Elves are very similar to humans. So much so that they’re probably just an alternate evolutionary path of a human. The worlds they tend to inhabit are usually colder, either do to a different atmosphere or possibly just being slightly farther away from a star. This accounts for their bodies evolving lighter skin tones, and also their inability to remain comfortable in direct sunlight and heat. Although they live considerably longer, they’re childhood is only slightly longer than humans, and they have about as many surviving children over a lifetime as humans typically do. This means they don’t spend the majority of their life raising children, and so gender roles within a family are not so well defined, and so from an evolutionary standpoint the genders have not differentiated as much as in humans.

Hopkinsville Goblins

The Hopkinsville Goblins were reported in several places, most notably the Sutton family farmhouse. The Sutton family farmhouse encounter is one of the most famous alien encounters due to the large amount of evidence. There were two incidents that occurred that night, there were numerous witnesses and their stories and descriptions of the events matched fairly well, there was evidence of the reported shoot out and damage to the farmhouse, the family dog was noticeably frightened by something, and law enforcement was brought in with trained police officers reporting that the people seemed truly frightened of something, to the point that they at least were sure that these people believed what they were reporting. There was also no financial motive for making the report. On the contrary considerable damage was done to the farmhouse during the shoot out.

What’s described in the case may actually be something very close to goblins. What was described sounds a lot like a type of dark fae that does periodically show up. I’ve seen these things appear in small numbers, however I’ve heard stories of a few different instances where they showed up physically in larger numbers and the incidents were very similar to the Sutton sighting.


This is a name given to a type of alien that appears as an energy being, which is very similar in appearance to a ghost.

I don’t think I have to go into too much more detail about my thoughts, since pretty much any non-physical spirit fits the description of an Andromedan. I would however like to conjecture that the specific UFO mythology perhaps isn’t based on actual spiritual beings, but rather even higher beings from the mental planes, which are made out of thoughts and ideas. These have a very celestial quality to them.


There’s all sorts of legends of these things, Reptile humanoids who disguise themselves like men in an attempt to take over the world. They control all the world governments, and live in secret underground bunkers, or some other such nonsense.

These things are real. They’re nasty little buggers, and they do tend to come out of the ground. I’ve never heard of them having any sort of shape changing ability, or any other way of disguising themselves as humans. They have a diminutive intelligence, probably being as smart as a child. They will bully small children, and torture and kill animals. Some of them at least can speak some English, and they like the curse words. They use simple weapons and tools, and they are probably a very technologically limited race. I doubt they’re intelligent enough to understand modern politics, let alone take over the world.

All the sightings of these things seem to come out of Southern California. There was a claim, in the 30s, of an ancient city of theirs found underground. I’ve also heard they appear in the myths of the Hopi, and that they believed them to be mean creatures that had cities underground.

My guess is that there’s a gate open somewhere in the Southern California area these things are aware of, and that every so often they sneak through before going back again.


Finally, the most famous, the grays. I don’t really have an explanation for them, since they don’t really match up with any other sort of entity I’m aware of. The only thing I can say about the grays is that, thinking of them, I get a weird alien vibe I’m not entirely comfortable with. I’ve had similar vibes before, and it isn’t always negative, but I’d be very cautious and distrustful around something with that energy signature.