Secrets to Sex Magick: A Guide to Ultimate Power

October 15, 2007


First, certain thereoms need to be taken as fact, or proven as fact, that:

1. All things have a perfect state, that his state exists at the zenieth of all planes, and as anything rises up the planes they achieve this state to a greater degree, and that this state is of greater strength, purity, and simplicity (conversely a similiar, if not entirely mirrored state should exist at the absolute depth of all planes, and this state can also be achieved by moving into that direction, however being closer to the zenieth of all planes than the depth, it is an easier achievement to move upward rather than downward).

2. As all things fall down from the planes they become more complex and impure and as a result are both weakened and fractioned off into smaller pieces.

3. That where we are is somewhere above center, but closer to the middle than the zenieth of all planes of being.

4. That a sexual union of two entities follows all of these rules. That as a generality the sexual unions made in this world are impure and highly corrupted from their perfected form and as a result base. That sexual unions, as occuring in this world, are also fractioned and incomplete, there existing many different kinds of sexual unions which can be defined in many different ways (by method, by emotion being expressed, by deviancy, by purpose, ect.).

5. That higher forms of a physical sexual union can be achieved, both through intense emotions expressed by both partners in the act of intercourse and through means of sexual magick.

6. That even higher forms of sexual union exist, these forms being entirely spiritual, and as sexual union moves towards its perfected form it becomes more and more an act of both union and creation, as souls literally exchange their parts to become eternally bound to each other and recreate themselves as entirely new entities, and that in its perfected state the two souls entirely merge into one for all eternity, creating an entirely new being.

7. That when the universe (or this particular multiverse if you prefer) began there was but a single entity in which all there is existed and all of creation sprung forth from this entity (this entity bearing no relation to the judeo-christian god), hereafter refered to as the all, to give it a name.

8. That the all, as a single entity, was limited and could not evolve and exceed itself.

9. That this all no longer exists as a single entity, that it was itself split in order to create all things, and that it only exists as the sum of the entirety of everything.

10. That when the all first split it created two halves, hereafter known as the male and female, and that each half could evolve, becoming more than a half of a whole, but that regardless of evolution neither half could ever equal the all. However between the two halves every power of the all existed (going back to judeo-christian mythology, God’s greatest act was to create man and woman in the image of himself (each being a half to His whole), and these two halfs, brought together in union, could recreate this act, making children in the image of themselves).

11. And so all things in existance are less than the first which created everything and can never evolve into more than the first.

12. That each of us exists as a half to a perfect whole, split into a male and female side. That these sides have nothing to do with gender. That for every half that exists in the universe, there is exactly one other half which perfectly fits it. There are however many other halves which kind of fit it, or mostly fit it, or even almost perfectly fit it.

13. That this is true of all things, be they insects or men or angels or gods, that each has a perfect half that exists somewhere else.

Leading to the conclusion that:

14. When two perfect halves which have equally evolved engage in an act of perfect sexual union and unify as a single entity that their sum will have exceeded that of the all which first created everything, and that they will have evolved into an even greater entity, something beyond the entirety of everything, and this evolution is the penultimate goal of all things.

Direct Link to Book and Promises of Pictures

October 15, 2007

Know first off that it’s a miracle that I even manage to upload posts at all. I have no clue what I’m doing or how this blog thing really works.

That being said, I’ve managed to semi-master the art of uploading stuff. Right now the most current PDF of my book is available for download via this site. This is the book as it currently appears on Lulu, minus the covers. This is the fourth revision (which fixes some spelling errors, notably a typo of ore for or and some confusion with the words affect and effect).

I’m also going to try to get pictures attached to posts.