Please note the organization scheme on this page has become obsolete, and I haven’t updated it in some time. I’m currently trying to find a better and easier method to organize this material. In the meantime you may wish to use the normal site archives or the categories to find articles which may be of interest to you.


Magick 101

Magick 101: Types of Magickal Information
Magick 101: Altars – An FAQ
Magick 101: Meditation & Trance: An FAQ
Magick 101: Astral Projection and Out of Body Experiences: An Faq
Magick 101: Matter and Energy
Magick 101: Our Magickal Bodies FAQ
Magick 101: Element Theory
Magick 101: Grounding
Tools: Wooden Wands, Staves, and the Qualities of Different Woods
Tools: Chalices, Cauldrons, and the Properties of Water and Other Liquids
Tools: Knives, Athames, and Swords; and The Qualities of Different Metals
Tools: Candles and Lanterns
16 Common Incenses and Their Uses
Buying a Crystal Ball (And Not Getting Anally Raped)
What is an Otherkin?

Practical Magick

Contacting the Divine
Aresian Unbinding Spell
How To Summon Baal, or Anything Else, Quick and Dirty Like
Magick of Perception – Pt 1 Glamours
Magick of Perception – Pt 2 Projection
Magick of Perception – Pt 3 Lures and Thought Suggestions
New Goetic Daimon
A Simple Binding
Methods For Training Ki For Battle
Of Groups and Rituals
Tips and Tricks for Your Next Seance
Ipad Ouija – Buy a Real Board
Secrets to All Magick (Ebook)


On the Origins of the Tarot
Reading the Tarot Pips: Introduction
Reading the Tarot Pips Part 1: The Elements
Reading the Tarot Pips Part 2: Basic Kabalah
Reading the Tarot Pips Part 3: Numerology 101
Reading the Tarot Pips Part 4: Putting it All Together
Reading the Tarot Pips Part 5: The Aces
Etteilla Pattern Tarot
Some Card Interpretations (Rider-Waite)
Review: Tarot Garden
What’s Up With Crowley’s Tarot
Update on Crowley’s Tarot
Crowley’s Tarot – Yet Another Update.

Theoretical Magick

Magick Au Natural (Or Skyclad), A Primer
The Universe, the Qlippoth, the Sepiroth, Ect.
A Treatise on Sex Magick
Secrets to Sex Magick: A Guide to Ultimate Power
The Core of Magick – How to be a Successful Magician (As Inspired by Recent Blogosphere Drama
The Gospel of …?
The Sigils of Thomas Pendragon
The Virtues of Discordianism
Stages of Magical Progression
Koans in Practical Usage
Lady Godiva and Other Thoughts
Time Travelling Magick in Theory
Prosperity Magick: Why Your Money Spells Don’t Work
Profaning the Gods for Entertainment: Who Put the “Glad” in Gladiator
Lies a Kabbalist Told Me
Sex is Sticky
Freestyle Magick
Rambling Philosophies
Of Magick, Money, and More Effective Magick
Works of Art and Energy Imprints
About Time
The False Masters
The Magus and the Priestess
An Idea
Stupidity in Astrology
Shielding Part I

Shielding Part II


Psionic Vampires
Info on Psychic Vampires from the Black Grimoire
Notes on Spirit Animals
Thoughts on Lycanthropes
Bogey Men
Fallen Angel Mythology
Helping Ghosts Pass Over
Pictures of Spirits


Eris’ Enlightenment
Perseus and Medusa
Groups of Four

Personal Accounts

Mermaids: a Personal Account
Account 1: Evocations by Telephone
Account 2: The Chaos Ball
Account 3: Seems Like Old Times
An Astral Trip

Community Thoughts

The Blogosphere Book Game
Books of Magic, Teachers, Systems, and Personal Magic
Thoughts on Teachers
Expect More From the Community
Book Advice: Writing a Better Grimoire
Why Thelemites Lack Enlightenment
Waite and Crowley: BFF
Why Do They Call Themselves Satanists (And Other Fun Facts About Group Structures)
Magick = White’s Only
Let Us Bring Some Evil Into the World (A Call to End Inaction)
A Word About Elders
So Long Mr Grabbe

Site Info

Mission Statement
Getting Added to my Blogroll and RSS Feed News
Glossery Up
Missing Contact Information
A Word on Questions
Up and Coming Free Book and Blog Stuff
Free Book Now Available
Need Help Finding/Identifying This
Rich’s New Blog
Direct Link to Book and Promises of Pictures
Site Update

2 Responses to Index

  1. Becky says:

    I have read several of your articles and I’m interested in you view of the Rede. Is there an article that you have written about magical ethics? If so where would I find it. I have found it difficult for sometime now to be the person that the rede says I should be. Thanks Becky

  2. Arthur Loyd Palmer says:

    “European equal mental control ” these words spoken with movement of hands frame subjects like pitchure.produces a horsefly that bites and leaves really nice welts on your contribution.also does anyone know why this spell works.e.g.there is no rymth .maybe psionic?

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