Contacting the Divine

This is basically a rehash of the information I supplied in my earlier post, summoning Baal quick and dirty like. The reason for this is to eliminate some confusion. This is not an evocation method. It doesn’t really evoke. It’s meant for communion. In fact, it’s generally used for divine communion, and that’s how I was originally taught it, although you could do it with anything. Anyways here’s the method, as taught to me, with some paraphrasing and minor tweaking.

1. Figure out which deity you would like to contact. Remember not everything that’s ever been listed as a god or deity or whatever really is one. When first starting, it’s better to pick a big name that is tried and true. It’s also best to pick a god or goddess you feel a personal connection to or compelled to contact. I’d recommend against using this method with the Judeo-Christian god (yes he exists, however there’s a reason why I recommend this and it deals with the nature of what he is, and I’m not opening that can of worms here). I’d also recommend against trying to contact a supposedly all encompassing deity (I’m talking about the Wiccan Goddess). Also remember that sometimes deities are incorrectly associated as the same deity, and other times they have multiple names. Figuring out exactly who you want to talk to may require some research. For instance, Venus is not Aphrodite and Jupiter is not Zues, Pluto is the same as Hades and Dionysus, Bacchus, and Iacchus are all the same deity.

2. Do some additional research on the deity to get an idea of who you’re trying to contact. Read the mythologies concerning them. Wikipedia and Encyclopedia Mythica are good places to start. The information may not be the best there, but at the same time remember that a lot of the myths out there are long bastardized and misunderstood, to the point that you usually can’t decide anything for certain about a deity until you’ve met them.

3. Next you need an altar. You can build a very nice permanent altar, but for now we’ll just use a makeshift altar. I have a whole FAQ on altars. Basically it’s just a space we set aside for an entity, in this case a deity. All we need for an altar is a representation. We can easily go online and find a picture and turn our computer monitor and surrounding area into a temporary altar. The altar is not essential, this can be done entirely mentally, but it’s easier with an altar early on.

4. Next we want to prepare ourselves for divine communion. What different gods will find acceptable and offensive varies. In emergencies, this step can be skipped, and most deities will understand. It’s best to take a shower or bath beforehand, especially if it’s needed, and a short cleansing ritual while you’re in there won’t hurt. Clothing will vary considerably based on personal taste and deity. At the very least you’ll want to have descent, clean clothes. Formal is more respectable, but black tie is usually going way too far. Naked is actually sacred and as formal as you can get (plus it will help with the later steps). When in doubt, wear nothing. Also make sure the area around the makeshift altar is clean and dusted and free of garbage or crap to show proper respect.

5. To begin the communion meditate in front of the altar, hopefully reaching a state of trance (although this isn’t mandatory). I’ve also written an FAQ on this. Once you’re relaxed, you need to direct energy towards the representation. This is simple energy manipulation. If you can’t do this, you can try directing thoughts or focusing on the representation, although this won’t be as successful. Direct the energy at the representation with the intent of it reaching the deity (this is important. Ultimately the representation doesn’t really matter, it’s the intent of where the energy is sent).  Also try to keep your shields, filters, wards, and barriers as low as possible and be open to receiving foreign energy.

6. After a time you should hopefully feel divine energy sent back at you. If you’ve never felt divine energy before, don’t worry, you’ll know it when you feel it. The first time it is thousands of times stronger than what you’re used to and literally rips right through you. Once you get used to dealing with divine energy this will ease up a bit. You shouldn’t do this around bedtime, at least at first, because you’ll be wired for a long time.

7. Once you feel the energy coming back at you, you’ve successfully achieved communion. You can now direct the energy coming into you back to the deity, creating a cycle. You can also bury thoughts into the energy to communicate, and stuff will come back in the energy sent to you. Sometimes this might be a direct worded answer. Other times it may be more detailed and beyond words, and it may be buried in the energy and not fully manifest for hours. Divine energy also tends to try to create a purity, although the definition of what constitutes a purity varies between gods. Jupiter, for instance, defines purity as being larger and stronger, and Jupiterian energy tends to make people stronger and helps them to build muscle.

8. After ending the communion it’s important to keep the divine energy and not cleanse or ground until it’s worked its way out of you, unless it’s a dire emergency. Divine energy is a divine gift, and intentionally expelling it is disrespectful. Also information may be buried in the energy to answer your questions and offer guidance.

9. Not everything that can be contacted with this method, and not everything listed as a god, is a god. From my experiences no real god will get upset if they are asked to prove that they are in fact a god (at least by their own methods, in other words don’t try asking gods to prove themselves by winning you the lottery. That actually can get you in trouble if you ask the wrong one). Anything that says its a god and wants to treated as such will see nothing wrong with proving this unless it isn’t a god. I’ve also found that deities don’t mind being questioned about their advice or about their nature. There usually isn’t anything wrong with asking why.

10. Objects can also be blessed by a deity while doing this through various methods. If you have something you want blessed, have it ready and ask the deity if they’ll do it during the communion. Usually, if they’re willing, they’ll give instructions of what needs to be done.

11. One of the worst things you can do is utilize a deity’s energy for a purpose that you don’t have permission to utilize it for (especially if it’s something the deity wouldn’t give you permission to do). It’s always best to ask first and to respect their wishes.

12. The gods understand that we are only human. They also understand our nature and all our emotions. They do forgive honest mistakes and know that we’re all far from perfect. They also are there to guide us and help us with our lives and our spiritual paths.

21 Responses to Contacting the Divine

  1. Chris says:

    Great. Thanks again for your work.

  2. carlos says:

    This type of working works very well for me, i’ve tried contacting different deities with success. Could you write in short about the basic types of spells possible with some common gods, like the greek-roman or planetary gods? I mean like what type of spells work well with the energy of one particular deity.

    • Rob says:

      You can really use the energy of any type of deity for any type of spell, but certain combinations tend towards, well, interesting results. My Bacchian blessings to find love always ended up with hang-overs and sexual exploits I normally wouldn’t have done, for instance.

      The other problem with the gods is that each one is really complex. Most deities have nuances to them that really have to be explored to be figured out. Venus, for instance, isn’t a good deity for love spells. She has a motherly aspect that usually drives her to teach you a lesson, and with love spells the lesson is usually that she doesn’t want you using her power for love spells. I’ve never known anyone who was able to get good results from a Venetian love spell. She is however a very good deity for working with fae, which isn’t always obvious from her descriptions. I would really need a separate blog post for each deity to even start to explore them.

      I’d suggest first going to the deities you feel the strongest connection too, because you’ll most likely be able to figure out these deities the quickest, and exploring what their energy is like and what it can do. Also ask if they would be a good fit for a particular spell or request, and also ask if they could recommend another deity that might fit a particular spell or request better. Asking if maybe there is someone else that would be a better fit for something isn’t disrespectful, and I’d say more than half of the times I’ve asked I’ve been outright told who to go to, and a few times I’ve been told without asking.

  3. carlos says:

    Thanks for the answer!
    Also i have another question :) A few days ago i noted something during this ritual like a presence of an entity which started kinda feeding on the energy i raised. I’m not sure tho about what exactly happened, but i felt a presence of something, and it was not pleasant. I couldnt really figure out what to do though, and after the ritual my forehead felt kinda drawn, and i was in a bad mood thereafter, not in the usual peaceful and holy state. I had dreams of ghouls all over my room but that probably was because of reading too much about magic that day.
    Anyway, the question is, is there a need of banishing or other protection while doing this ritual, or something different happened and the divine energy itself keeps things away?

    • Rob says:

      I wouldn’t be so dismissive about the dream’s connection to what happened. On the other hand though, I wouldn’t worry too much about it if it never happens again.

      It’s possible you tapped a non-divine entity on accident. If you weren’t familiar with the deity you were working with, it’s also possible that you contacted a deity you weren’t very compatible with. The only way to figure out which happened is to figure out if you felt divine energy. Even if the energy wasn’t peaceful or even holy, it would still be very powerful and complex, and in those regards comparable to other deities you’ve worked with.

      I’m the last person to ask about protection magic, because I don’t do it. I think I’ve maybe cast two banishings in my entire life, and that was more about ritual experimentation than anything else. I’m not saying everything’s perfectly safe though. I end up having to deal with a lot of crap. I think that produces stronger magicians though.

      My normal method is reactionary instead of protective. I clean up the messes as I make them, and that usually involves hurting or killing anything malicious that ends up being drawn towards me.

      The ritual itself is mostly safe. Unless you’ve pissed them off or are a completely horrible person, the gods generally won’t do anything to hurt you and will protect you while in their presence. The only problem is if you don’t make divine contact and instead come across something that isn’t a god, which may have been what happened to you. Then the ritual is about as dangerous as channeling. There’s some danger, but if you don’t do something stupid like give a spirit permission to possess you or continue to talk to something that makes your face bleed, you’ll probably be fine. The worst case scenario that has more than a miniscule chance of happening is the spirit may evoke itself into your room in a spirit form. The things that are strong enough to do a full physical manifestation probably have better things to do than screw with you, even if they are pure evil.

      The reason your forehead hurt is because you’re using your brow chakra to channel the gods. Either the energy you took in this time was incompatible with you, so it sort of infected that chakra and caused you some pain, or you were channeling something that wasn’t a god and you aren’t used to channeling spirits yet. Gods will do a lot of the work when you contact them. Spirits usually won’t, which makes it more difficult to channel them. If you’re not used to contacting spirits, it could’ve just been that you overworked yourself and that’s why the chakra hurt.

  4. carlos says:

    thx for the reply! I think it was more like stressing a bit too much, and getting a bit exhausted, also i was not really used to receiving that much energy. I’m kindof doing one session per day and it feels fantastic, now i’m getting more of an intuition about _when_ to start it. I didn’t really succeed in communication in words or anything sort of, but i’m pretty sure that the energy is divine. I didn’t really feel like i’d need protection, it was just you always read a lot about how important that is.

  5. carlos says:

    now i know a bit more a bit about, and i’d like to post this personal account because it is maybe helpful for all the beginners who might encounter similar situations.

    Since two weeks or so, as i’m practicing this divine communion, i started noticing gradual changes in myself and so last night also during the day it was very obvious. I felt very intensively aware, was full of thoughts and ideas, and also playing music seemed extremely easy and sensitive.

    When i got to bed, i felt i’m on a much higher energy level then usual and before sleeping, i did the lesser pentagram ritual mentally. I do that mainly because it gives me an instant shift of consciousness, thats what i understand of it at this moment. I felt like becoming a ray of light or something, and before my eyes i started to see a world which i never had seen before, there were a lot of particles, quickly changing into each other, and their colour was made of rainbow colours. I cant really describe that better, it was as if each color were a rainbow on it’s own, constantly pulsating. Colours i’ve never seen before. I think this is because this place is of a higher frequency. There were no forms of things and people only particles.

    That day i didn’t do this communion, and so while i was in this state, i started to become very interested in what would it be like now. But i decided to try it totally mentally, still lying in bed. And that was not the best idea. :) Upon my uttering of the god name, very quickly, so like after a minute or two, something has appeared, which was very surely not a god. I’m so sure about it now because in this higher state everything is much more clear. You know much better what happens to you, and what does not happen. So this guy was like red and black, and it felt uncomfortable. I still remember the energy. It was if like a tentacle would sit on your face. It didn’t seem intelligent, it felt like a predatory simple spirit upon the descriptions i’ve read. I didn’t know what to do, i opened my eyes and sat up but i felt that it’s still there though of course physically i couldnt see it. I went back to meditation and then there it was still draining my energy mostly he was interested in my forehead as it was very strong compared to normal. I tried to communicate with it, but no answer came, so i tried everything i could. I imagined a shield between us, and that helped, after that i felt there is at least a roof on top of my head, and the jelly is sitting on top of the roof. I tried to attack it with intent, but i didn’t really work, it seemed stronger than that, as i never tried attacking like this before.

    Then i decided to open up my computer, and do the divine communion as i usually do with picture, music, candle, everything. It happened to be the strongest one ever, with everything so clear as a hd video, i felt clean and blessed afterwards, and could sleep without any problems.

    Actually i think one should not avoid these encounters, even when being just a beginner. If i had more experience in energy manipulation most likely i could’ve blasted this guy out of the solar system. Still it was an experience i could learn a lot from.
    I mean it can happen, that ones energy level is higher then his expertise very similarly to a newly rich guys first day at the stock exchange. But i write this down to note, that with repeated communions of divine energy you can definitely raise your energy level, to where you’re not that familiar with things anymore. But that’s the goal overall, isn’it? :)

    • Rob says:

      I’m glad you’re getting a lot out of the ritual. It really is an awesome ritual. I was taught it years ago, and I was impressed with how dramatic and immediate of an effect it had on me, and I still use it in my personal practice today. I’ve been told that the guy who taught it to me learned it from a class he took at a local occult store when he was a teenager in the eighties. The class, which was only a few hours long, cost him $250 back then. It seems expensive, but a ritual like this makes the cost worth it.

      As for your fight, in a situation like that you’re better off not shielding. The shielding is going to hinder your attacks. The reason why attacking it with intent didn’t work is because you put a shield between the two of you.

      With vampiric spirits specifically, in order to drain you like that, they have to shut down all their defenses and make a clear path between their insides and you. Also, unlike a normal attack, which would push energy towards you, a vampiric attack pulls energy away. So if you attack a vampire through the energy they’re taking, they’re going to be completely defenseless and doing most of the work in terms of directing the energy.

      What you did though is also a really good strategy to deal with vampiric spirits. Vampires are an abominations. They’re not supposed to exist within the universe. They are a complete impurity. All divine energy seeks a state of purity. So divine energy ends up destroying vampires, or at least the twisted parts of a spirit or person which are vampiric. The moment the altar activated and divine energy came into the area, it went after the spirit, and it was attacked with the strength of a god.

  6. lobfro says:

    Rob, by wiccan goddess do you mean Hecate? It would be such a bummer if you do bc it’s a deity that I’m feeling very drawn to. Also, me being such a noob I’d like to know your point of view on some thing that has been happening almost every time I get to meditate, I have seen some sigils (a simple N like symbol, and jupiter’s sigil turning CCW) a rune (hagalaz) and what I’m thinking might be Hecate turning towards me, looking at me… Of course I wouldn’t try to contact them using your guide if I haven’t done enough research about them, but what I’m wondering is: what’s the deal here? I thought mortals are the ones trying to communicate with deities and gods, not the other way around…

    • Rob says:

      Hecate isn’t the Wiccan Goddess. In fact she’s not even part of the Northern European pantheon Wiccans also tend to use. Some Wiccan’s have hijacked her, mainly because she’s a goddess of Witchcraft. The Wiccan Goddess is the Goddess. Wicca is a monotheistic pantheistic religion, the Goddess usually being a reference to the supreme deity, sometimes also in tandem with the God.

      Gods will often times make an effort to connect with people, especially those they have strong connections to. You should try using the above ritual to contact Hecate and see what she’s trying to tell you.

  7. ice4sugar says:

    Out of curiosity. Why contacting Wiccan Goddess is a bad idea? If it is possible I would like to know.

  8. Adam says:

    Thanks for posting this ritual. I was wondering what spirit or god is easiest to commune with? Also is there any class of spirits that are easier to commune with compared to other classes?

  9. question, is Capricorn a god? Could I contact him? I’ve heard capricorn is based off of Pan. house is haunted. Lots of people have seen this. I’ve been sick along time with no explenation form the doctors. Could it be this vampire thing? Please help!

    • Rob says:

      I think it depends on what you think Capricorn is. Pan is definitely a god. Almethia maybe is, I don’t know. There are other things associated with Capricorn as well, things I haven’t really concerned myself with. The best way to find out what those things are is to go looking for them.

      As for Capricorn itself, it’s a zodiac sign.

      Most places are haunted. Usually nobody sees it because most things tend to sleep unless they’re woken up. Have you been waking things up?

      What vampire thing? If you have a vampire thing living with you, it can most certainly make you sick.

      • So I moved to this house-its 130 years old. It was originally (supposedly)haunted by a women who lived and died here. She was harmless and only rung bells or moved furniture.

        But then I made friends here in the sixth grade. I visited her old colonial home which is 200 years old and part of the underground railways. They had that house exorcised after the spirit attempted to choke her mother and her cousin. The house has been fine since. But I think whatever it was stayed around the property and I brought it home.

        All I know is that is hates this girl, whenever she comes over it begins all sorts of things, shes heard an angry mad shouting at her, and Ive seen shadows out of the corner of my eyes. Anyone of my friends who stays here sees thing, but its deffinatly angirest with her.

        I’ve heard him breathing over my bed, and opening doors, knocking on my window sending me horrible dreams sometimes and hallucinations of spiders. I thought I was crazy but things started happening to my friends when i visited too The reason I wonder if it has vampiric energy is because when he began to show up, all my energy disapeared an I’ve slowely gotten sicker and sicker over the years, sometimes needing months in bed. None of the doctors can figure anything out, my bloodworks normal and otherwise I’m mentally okay. But they said theres something wrong, they just dont know what to make of it.

        Sometimes I see this thing in my sleep…I wont sleep in my sisters room because thats where the worst stuff happens. All I can say is whatever it is is shapeless except for that it is white, has a large head and a long neck and wide shoulders, and no other discernable features. Without telling my friend anything she described this exact figure to me as well. They feel cold on their necks, but I always feel warmth, like breath. I dont know what that means though.


        • Rob says:


          What kind of furniture are we talking about, and how far? Heavy furniture, and a noticeable distance. That’s a good deal of power. It’s not unheard of, but you don’t usually see that in a random ghostie, and when you do it usually means its being quite a bit empowered.

          The things you’ve described, the breathing, opening doors, the knocking, it’s all rather typical, and weak spirits can accomplish that much when they’ve been empowered.

          Of course it’s worse in your sister’s room. Either she’s a vampire (very unlikely), she’s the source (probably not the case), or she’s gifted enough to give off lots of energy in her sleep, but undisciplined enough that she can’t contain it and can’t protect herself (my guess).

          I’m almost certain it’s not a vampire problem. I can cut and paste advise for dealing with vampires because they all tend to follow the same pattern. A vampire spirit would’ve made contact with someone in the house and corrupted them by now. Probably you. If you’re not a vampire, than someone else in the house is, if you have a vampire spirit. So far I think that’s unlikely.

          The most important question in my mind is why is your house awake? You can fill a house with all sorts of spirits, weird ones, nasty ones, annoying ones, mischievious ones, and a house that age no doubt has quite of stuff accumulated there. But usually that stuff sleeps. The things in your house aren’t sleeping. They’re being woken up. They’re being empowered. Why is that?

          If you don’t know the answer, someone else in the house does, probably your sister. But I think you know the answer.

          I don’t want to assume too much until I know how this started, but after this many years it wouldn’t be unlikely that you’re not dealing with one or two spirits, but many different spirits.

          Although I don’t think you have a vampire in the mix, you might still have something parasitic, or something that’s making you sick for other reasons, or some other metaphysical phenomena happening. Then again it could just be natural causes, but the house would still need to be dealt with.

          What I’m really interested in is the color white. Could you describe it in as much detail as possible please. Are we talking faded white, transparent white, ivory, shiny, or like a blinding bright white light?

          • Thanks for responing to me by the way because its very helpful.
            The stuff has always been rather small I think footseps, bell ringing I guess, feelings of coldness, etc. Theres been figures in my X-box Kinnect reading when I was out of shot.
            I don’t think its my sister, she was horrified by the whole thing while here an she moved out three years ago and hasnt had trouble since. Her room has just since stayed dark because I believe it to be ark, and more things can happen there. To be honest…the same amount of things happen in my room or more…(which I’m just sort of realising because I mostly blocked it out.) The thing is our whole family…we have always experienced stuff we like to pretend doest happen. Or that its ourselves talking…when it clearly isnt. When we were younger we went on my dads fishing boat. She got caught in the lines. He was about to drop the line, which woul have killed my sister, but some voice told him to turn around. My sister heard angels sing when she was young. I used to talk to ghosts when I was younger, apparently, and though I avoid most everything now, I sometimes still see and hear things. but its all blocked up in “I shouldnt be seeing this” so I pretend it never happened and the sights go away. So determinging whose the one who awakened the house might be difficult you see. My sisters out, because shes gone though. Thats me, my dad, and his girlfriend. (she has a creepy obsession with the beauty of the house, but other than that I dont think she sees anything lol)
            To be honest, I think whatever it is tried to contact me. Well, no I’m sure of that, He woulnt let me open my eyes, he brought me out of my body, that was the scariest thing thats ever happened. But I forced myself back in which was frigging hard, and told myself it was a dream.
            I dont know much about this stuff honestly. I looked in to wiccan stuff in the past as a phase but it was all just light a candle! junk thats pretty much garbage. I know sometimes I get feelings, and when I read peoples tarots I know the cards to pick and its usually spot on. Couldnt tell you why though.I know sometimes I see things, especially out of the corner of my eyes. But I usually know where “not” to look if tht makes sense. I wasnt afraid of ghosts, who always seemed around until this thing moved in. And I’m still not afraid…more so its not soemthing you can ignore.
            In anycase I dont feel like looking away anymore. I want to be positive about it. I dont know how to see them on command though, like you seem to be able to.
            And this thing I saw was a shapeless white, pure white,atleast thats how it is when i look with closed eyes…I dont know if that makes sense.When I walk around awake sometimes its something you can feel. The only real tangible thing its ever done with my eyes awake, and I knew it was him because this was after he screamed at me in another language and ripped me out of my body, when i returned i woke up, and saw the shadow of a claw going down my window. I was completly awake by then, and it lasted long enough that I couldnt call it just a trick of the light (which I would have if able)

            I don’t know if I could have awakened the house. I think its the most likely to be honest, out of all of us. My dad says if he ever saw anything hed be happy, since it would mean theres something after death. And this never troubles him.
            Sorry these are so long by the way, but this has been an issue for so long, and you seem like you can actually help. I’m so tired of being sick. Yesterday was especially bad. I tried to put like mental wards up, because some of youre blog ive been reading had stuff like that, but I think thats like someone bling pretending they can see. I ended up getting so tired I fell asleep at 7 pm and woke at 11 am today.

            • Rob says:

              If you’re reading tarot and practicing Wicca you’re almost certainly the one who woke the house. If there was a single inciting event it would be easier to fix, but it may have been a lot of small things over a long period of time.

              What you describe sounds like a fairly common spirit. I suspect its not just one thing, that you have lots of different spirits in the house, and you’ve dealt with several different ones. I’m also not sure if you’re able to tell the ones that are friendly from the ones that are malicious.

              Magic is physically draining, especially when you’re ill, so you need to be careful. It’s physically demanding. Making your body as healthy as you possibly can will help.

              As for seeing things its a combination of tricks. Taking in the energy around you and visualizing it will help. What you’re seeing isn’t reflections of light. The second part is that you can’t look at these things. You want to be able to keep them in the corner of your eye, or better yet lose focus and look at everything at once. Our brains naturally focus on a point when we look, then it creates a foreground and a background from there, and a lot of the details fade out of what we notice. You need to train yourself not to do that.

              The guy I know who is best at seeing things has a brain issue where he has no depth perception. Because of this he doesn’t look at anything, he looks at everything at once. It’s strange to watch him, because he can watch things without his eyes pointing at them.

              You have two options to start dealing with your problems. The first is to start putting the house back to sleep. This will cut off a lot of the empowerment, leaving only the most powerful spirits and those most tightly attached to yourself and family members. From there it will be much easier to figure out what’s malicious and deal with it.

              The second option is to open the house up even more. This will fast track your personal enlightenment and set you up to better deal with what’s going on. Ideally you’ll eventually have taken control of the house in time.

              Option one is the quicker route and the easier one. The house’ll be semi-cleaned after only a few rituals, and it doesn’t sound like there’s anything all that nasty in the mix.

              Option two is the longer route, but its also the more interesting option and the one that will probably give you the best personal gains. It’s also the scarier option and the one that requires more of you. Being able to shed your fear so you can be relaxed out of body would be a necessary prerequisite for instance.

              If something is making you sick, or if you having something that is a non-vampiric parasite, it’s probably deep and powerful. Either way it will be difficult to deal with, but option two would be the better choice to go after it.

              • Thanks so much for your help Rob…I think I’m going ith option two. It feels right. An since coming on to this blog its solidified the judgement that I can do this. I have so many questions but I wont bug you too much more, I’ll begin getting books and focusing on understanding and practices. Thanks for your time.

  10. Michael says:

    I want to try this, it seems like a much more effective method of communication with the Divine than prayer. I do have some questions, though.

    I want to commune with Anubis Would it be too much to ask for your thoughts on him?
    My impression so far is that he’s noble, solemn, and stoic, but also not one for many words. A silent observer, if you will.
    But with prayer being the only method I have used to speak with him, I just wonder if I really have connected with him. Could prayer actually be interfering with communion?

    The plan is to use my computer screen as a makeshift altar until I can afford a statue. Next to my computer monitor, is a dragon altar (I haven’t used it in a while, though). Would there be any conflict?
    Your altar FAQ mentioned dragons and fae not getting along, and thus not to put imagery of those two together.
    I don’t see why there would be any incompatibility between Anubis and dragons, but if there is, then I’d rather move the dragon altar somewhere else before attempting this method of communion.

    Thank you in advance. I hope this wasn’t a needlessly long comment, btw. lol

    • Michael says:

      Alright well, I was able to answer my own questions. And in hindsight I realize how dumb they were. Oof.

      I don’t want my initial comment to be a waste of time, energy, and thought. So, I will just ask one more question.

      How do I figure out the correspondences different herbs/gemstones/etc have? I have tried googling methods before, but I just can’t find anything.

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