Mood And Magic

November 29, 2011

I had a really bad year once. I don’t mean bad like I went goth or started listening to nothing but Supertramp, but I had about a year where I wasn’t feeling very happy. It was just a jumble of events that kept occurring which were sad, or depressing, or stressful. It was a lot of things, and its not like I just broke down and had a nervous breakdown one day. But slowly, and very gradually, my mood shifted to being not so pleasant.

During this time my spirituality started to change. I started seeing spirits less and less, and eventually not at all. I stopped hearing them when they talked too. My ability to sense energy started to diminish. I could still notice the energy movements directly around me, but it took effort, and I couldn’t feel all that much.

I could still gather up information, but I had to forcibly channel, and meditate, and concentrate. I could still speak with specific spirits, but I had to try really hard, and what I heard came in really weak.

Magically, I could still do magic, I could still fall back on my favorite rituals, but it was much more difficult, and I was succeeding less and less. Psionic magic started to become very difficult. I used to sometimes accidently make things happen by just wanting them, and that spontaneous ability seemed to leave me.

Everything seemed to be effected, including things like divination, astral projection, and glamours.

I wasn’t completely defenseless, and I wasn’t completely stripped of my magical ability. I could still cast a spell or jump into a witch war if I had to, but that sort of stuff took a lot of effort, and I was far weaker than I remembered being.

It happened so gradually, I didn’t even notice it happening at first, and by the time I did start to notice, I had started to forget the way I used to be.

And when that happened, it sparked some doubt in me. Maybe my spiritual beliefs were all fantasies or delusions. Maybe I am, or was, a seriously disturbed individual. All of these things I had memories of seeing and feeling, I wasn’t feeling anymore, and I was starting to wonder if I ever really did.

Then I had a really good day. It was actually a good week that culminated into a really good day. I remember visiting the park that night, and I felt everything. It was a large park, and I could feel every blade of grass and animal and insect in the place. And every person, including the girl I went with. And I knew everything each of them was feeling, and what they all felt like on the inside, spiritually speaking. In the same way, I could feel of the spirits there too. I could see them walking around, and I could talk to them if I wanted too. The entire park was a sensual overload.

And my mind, my mind just opened up all of a sudden. I still knew things, but I didn’t know how. There was a fogginess in my head, and stuff would just sort of come out of that. But now that fog was lifted, and it was like I suddenly had multiple minds that were hidden behind that fog, and now I could see how they were working and how everything was figured out logically. I felt like I had become some sort of genius.

And that’s when I remembered that this is what it should feel like to be me. I should be living in that sensory overload, able to feel the entire universe around me. And my mind should be working at that higher level. I shouldn’t just know things, but I should be able to see how I’m figuring them out. I should feel my higher connections. Energy should be pouring out of me. I should be seeing, and interacting, with dozens of spirits every day. And my life should be so spiritual that it seems normal to me, and I never have any reason to doubt its reality.

I realized that something had been seriously wrong with me, and at the same time any spiritual doubt I may have had was wiped away.

I’m not telling this story to brag, or to try to gain sympathy for my plight, but to share the lesson of it all:

The better your mood, the more spiritually adept you are.

We have higher bodies. After our physical and astral bodies, both of which we’re already very connected to, we have our mental body, or Holy Guardian Angel. Our connection to this body still exists at birth, but it’s somewhat severed. We can rejoin with this body, as I have, but even if we don’t our mood will still effect our magic. Our mental body is powerful. It’s full of knowledge and ability. Magically and spiritually speaking, it’s the greatest source of power we have available to us. It’s also a piece of who we are, and without it we’re all incomplete.

Our mental body exists in a place called the heavenly planes, called that because it’s a seriously happy place. There are of course lots of different places in there, but all of them represent various versions of what some would term heaven. The lowest area of the mental planes is probably close to the theological Christian interpretation of heaven, being a place of perfect love and contentment.

Like attracts like, and we’re drawn towards what is like us, and away from what is unlike us. When my mood started to diminish, I became unlike the heavenly planes, and unlike my mental body. Even though I fully reconnected myself to my mental body, once my mood shifted that connection became strained, and as my mood got worse so too did that connection. As things got worse, it was getting more and more difficult for me to connect to this part of myself.

Even if I hadn’t merged with my mental body and reconnected with it, my mood still would’ve had a negative affect on my magical ability. Just because someone hasn’t yet gone through that process of reconnection doesn’t mean that they don’t have some sort of connection to their higher self and that they aren’t gaining something from it.

When I had my good day, I became more aligned with the mental planes, and I became more aligned with my mental body, and almost instantly my connection came back. I became whole again.

When our mood is positive, we have a stronger connection to the higher planes, and to our higher bodies, and our spirituality and magical abilities are all strengthened. When our mood is negative, our connections to these higher bodies fade, and we become spiritually weaker.

Of course it isn’t realistic to always be happy or always be in a good mood. However if one wishes to be spiritual, and to be as strong as they can spiritually, then they need to stay away from long periods of negativity.

We also need to adjust our mood for magical practice. Magic isn’t something that is best practiced in a serious or somber mood, and its definitely not something that should be practiced while enraged, upset, or depressed. Moods such as happiness, joy, and love produce much better results.

When we aren’t in a positive mood, and we need to perform a magical operation, we need to get into one of those moods. Each of us has our own different happy thoughts, and we need to use those to empower ourselves.

I listen to punk music, and surround myself with toys and old video games, and think about tv shows and movies and comic books. These are some of my happy things. All the little pictures I put on the posts that are meant to be humorous, or reference some part of my childhood, all the little jokes I make, and all of the references I make to pop-culture aren’t just part of my personality, and they definitely aren’t a sign of immaturity. These are all a crucial part of my spiritual practice. I need these things. They make me stronger.

I’ve said before that I’ve never met a magician that could actually do real magic, to any degree, who didn’t also have a good sense of humor. I’ve also never been in a successful group ritual that was entirely serious and where there was never a point where people broke out laughing.

There’s a reason for that. These things aren’t distractions. They aren’t profane. They’re empowerment. At the same time rage and depression make horrible fuels for a magical operation. Nothing ever seems to work when a magician tries to harness the power of those emotions (yes there are darker magics that can use these things, but I’m not talking about those just now, and if you’re trying to harness the power of your rage and depression but still doing magic like you normally would, you’re not doing it right).

Somber rituals meanwhile, where everyone goes through the motions and where everyone is afraid they’ll ruin everything by adding some levity to the operation, are even worse. There’s no way to even harness that crap.

By the way, if you’re wondering why I put Batman at the top of this post, it’s because I talk about my Dark Knight of the soul.

To Disrobe or not Disrobe

November 29, 2011

Personally I prefer skyclad practice to clothed practice. Although I do believe there are certain benefits to skyclad practice, it’s far from necessary, and as a magician I’m just as effective with my clothes on. The real reason I prefer skyclad practice is because that’s the way I was trained. My first teacher was a strong proponent of skyclad practice. My initial training focused on skyclad work, and it lies at the foundation of my spiritual practice. It’s to the point now where, although I don’t need it, I’m far more comfortable doing magic naked than with clothes on, and any anxiety or embarrassment I may have had over being undressed in front of others went away a long time ago.

I’ve seen articles that have weighed the pros and cons of skyclad practice, but it was never really something I ever did. I never really had a choice in the matter. My teacher knew spirituality through skyclad practice, and that’s the only way she knew how to train me. My choice wasn’t whether I wanted to practice skyclad or not, but whether I wanted to advance spiritually with the teacher that was offered to me, or not.

That wasn’t much of a choice either, because everything inside of me was telling me that I needed to be with my teacher. I could’ve said no, but that would’ve run counter to every instinct I had, and ultimately I would’ve done almost anything that she told me was in my best interest. Luckily my trust wasn’t misplaced, and she was a very good and responsible teacher, but she was definitely in a position where she could’ve taken advantage of me in a lot of different ways.

I’m guessing for most people skyclad practice isn’t much of a choice either. It all depends on what groups you’re interested in and who you want for a teacher. Out here I don’t think there is a public group that practices skyclad, so unless you know someone who’s into skyclad practice, your only choice is to practice skyclad in solitary. Some people may have the exact opposite issue, where there’s a really good group they want to join, but they require skyclad practice. The only people who need to decide whether or not to practice skyclad, really, are group founders and leaders.

If you’re considering attending a skyclad ritual or group, there are definitely some things you need to think about, but what’s probably your biggest issue, being naked in front of other people, isn’t really something that needs all that much of your time. It’s the sort of thing a person can spend weeks, even months, thinking about and going over in there head, but all of those issues will fade away within the first five minutes.

If you’re thinking about skyclad practice, but you’re nervous about being naked, the best thing you can do is just jump right in and try it out. After five minutes you won’t be nervous anymore. Also remember that this isn’t forever. Just because you undressed in front of other people doesn’t mean that you always have to be naked. If it turns out you don’t like being skyclad, you can always put your clothes back on and never take them off again.

It’s like trying a new meal. You wouldn’t spend a long time trying to figure out if you might like it or not. You’d taste it, and if you didn’t like it you just wouldn’t eat it again.

In a responsibly run setting though there’s a few reasons why you’re fears will quickly fade away:

1. Everyone else is naked too – When you’re considering taking off your clothes for the first time this never really enters your mind, and if it does you probably don’t think that it makes a difference. You’re not at all concerned about seeing someone else naked, what bothers you is them seeing you naked.

However once you’re all there and undressed, it’s like being in the changing room at the pool or taking a shower at the gym, except that it might be unisex. It’s not that bad because everyone else is naked too. You’re not being paraded around in front of leering eyes. People aren’t sizing you up. They’re just as naked, and exposed, as you are.

2. No one cares that you’re naked – In a responsibly run group, no one is going to care that you’re naked. If anything, the other participants are more concerned about being seen naked than seeing someone else naked. The more experienced members though are probably going to be comfortable in their skin, and treat you exactly the same as if you were fully clothed.

This also means that no ones going to be looking at you lustfully, and there’s not going to be anything to be ashamed about. Which leads right into number 3-

3. Everyone’s body has issues – Because we usually only ever see ourselves naked, and maybe a significant other, we get this idea in our head that our physical imperfections are rare, and so we want to cover them with clothes. We don’t want other people to know exactly how ugly we really are.

Once everybody is naked though, you start to see that very few people are perfect. Some people are a little overweight. Some are a lot. People have cellulite. Breasts are sometimes uneven. Or small. Penises are small. People have back zits. Some women have large feet. Some men have very small womanly feet. With most people things tend to be more saggy than firm. Even a lot of the very few people who look absolutely fantastic naked have managed to find miniscule flaws that nobody else will ever notice to be ashamed about.

Once you notice that everybody else has issues, it makes it a lot easier to accept your own. You also start to notice that nobody even cares, and probably even notices, whatever is wrong with your body. They’re too busy worrying about their own.

This is actually one of the benefits of skyclad practice. It promotes a more positive body image.


The biggest issue with practicing skyclad is finding a good group of people to do that with. You don’t want to have a bad first experience, where a bunch of folks are eyeing you over and trying to get into your pants, or rather that patch of sky which covers your genitals. Even worse you don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you’ll be pressured into sexual acts, or worse yet possibly raped.

Before you practice skyclad, you should find a person or group that you feel comfortable with. You should be able to get to know the group socially, figure out what they’re about spiritually, and spend enough time with them to have some level of comfort. As a general rule, if you were alone at a party with just these people, and you wouldn’t feel comfortable getting completely trashed with them, you probably shouldn’t be doing any skyclad work with them either.

Outside of the odd ritual or event that draws people from all over, any skyclad group should offer prospective attendees a chance to meet with everyone, clothed, before they attend a skyclad function. This not only allows potential members an opportunity to get comfortable enough with the group to take their clothes off, but it also allows the group to screen potential members before they’re put into a sensitive situation. After all, even if you were comfortable with the group, you probably aren’t going to be comfortable if the group leader lets just anyone who answers their craigslist ad attend the skyclad ritual.

I’d be very wary of any group where you aren’t at least allowed to meet the leadership first while everyone is wearing clothes. Even if you are allowed to keep your clothes on, it’s usually a bad sign when the group leader wants to be naked when you first meet.

It’s also a good idea to ask about the degree of sexuality inherent in their rituals. Just because a ritual contains some sexual aspects it’s not necessarily a bad sign. Many rituals utilize various degrees of symbolic sex. However you want to make sure you aren’t walking into an orgy, since that will probably be a bad experience for you. You also want to make sure the group isn’t doing anything that would make you feel uncomfortable.

In this regard everyone is going to have different limits. Some may be okay with light touching, others may not. Some may be okay with the ritual leaders performing more sexualized acts than what is expected of typical attendees, others may not.

You should also get a straight answer from the group leader if you’re going to be expected to touch anyone’s genitals with any part of your body or have anyone else touch your genitals during the ritual. If they say yes, it’s a really bad sign. There’s a time and a place for rituals like that, but it’s usually going to be between two romantically entangled partners, or with a small tightly knit group that has no romantic entanglements. It’s not the sort of thing that should be happening during larger, general rituals.

Also try to (subtly) question members of the group about the sexual practices of its members. Things you want to look out for are groups where all of the members seem to be pushing for polyamory, and groups where it seems like people are constantly swapping partners. Also look out for groups where members are a little too open with strangers about fringe sexual practices, like BDSM or furry costumes, especially when almost all of the members of the group practice the same fringe sexual practices.

These are usually signs that although the group rituals may not be overly sexualized, the group itself does have an undercurrent of sexual recruitment, and the skyclad practice may just be a way to ease you into that.

The best way to join such a group though is to make friends in the group before you join up. Try to talk to some of the people already attending the group you might get along with. Go out to dinner with them a few times, or invite them over for a little while. You can even try doing some spiritual work with them. This way you can build up a relationship with someone already in the group and come to trust them. Then when it comes time to take your clothes off, you won’t be all alone in a large group of naked strangers.

Energy and Magick – A Basic Treatise

November 27, 2011

The first myth about energy that must be dispelled is that it doesn’t exist. A lot of people in the community have been saying this lately, and a few months back the blogosphere was stirred up with arguments over whether or not energy was actually a thing. Energy is a real thing, and any person who claims otherwise is not a magician. They may be an armchair magician coming up with unfounded theories on magic, and they may have done a few rituals by going through the motions, but they have never actually done magic.

The vast majority of everything that is termed magic is tied into energy work. A basic understanding of energy is necessary to do any significant amount magic, especially in regards to developing magical techniques. Energy is also an essential component to logically explaining how and why magic works. To dismiss energy as a fiction is to admit to having no understanding of magic.

It also needs to be pointed out that energy isn’t a new concept. It’s been called different things through out history, but the idea of energy has existed in various spiritual systems going almost as far back as recorded history. Energy is not an invention of New Agers or the New Thought camp or any other group that Pagans and Ceremonialists sometimes like to mock. It also isn’t limited to just the older Eastern religions. The idea appears in the West too.

Another thing to keep in mind, just because a particular magician didn’t mention something in their written works doesn’t mean they weren’t aware of its existence. This is especially true of metaphysical truths that should be obvious to actual practitioners. Energy definitely falls into this category, as does other things like the metaphysical qualities of stones.

Ceremonial magic has produced a lot of literal magicians. These are the types who think that a magician’s written works compromise the totality of his or her knowledge, and consider anything not discussed in the work to be at the very least beyond the scope of that magician’s work, and in many cases believe it to be nothing more than New Age hokum. Many Ceremonialists, Pagans, and other Western magicians dismiss anything not discussed by major predecessors as unfounded and untrue, even when it is something so basic and simple it should be obvious to any practitioner.

The second thing that needs to be discussed is why we call it energy, and most specifically if it should be called something else. It’s been called other things in the past, such as aether, void, and spirit. Energy, when used metaphysically, also doesn’t mean the same thing that it means when used scientifically. Some have said that we should really call it something else, since it isn’t really energy.

The problem is, language really isn’t made to communicate metaphysical experiences. Many of these experiences, like most things in life, can only be understood through comparison of our own life experiences. At this point in time, only a small percentage of the world’s population has experienced a true metaphysical event, and an even smaller percentage have sought to study and analyze these experiences. There are simply not enough adepts in the world to warrant new words being added into the languages of the world to describe these experiences.

One option is that we make up completely new words. The problem with doing this is, unless someone has a code book, they won’t know which words are meant to be applied to which metaphysical experiences. If I say ‘bonta’, for instance, do I mean energy, or shielding, or grounding, or something else entirely? Unless you’re familiar with the term, you won’t know.

What we do in magic, what we’ve always done (and what I’ve noticed the gods also do sometimes when they need to communicate foreign ideas), is we steal similar words. We find something that’s kind of like the metaphysical experience or magical operation we’re trying to describe, and then we call it that. This isn’t a perfect system, but in this instance, at least, if we find another magician who has experienced the same thing, they can usually infer what we’re talking about by looking at the original definition of the word.

For instance, the word shield is a piece of armor, usually carried in ones hand, and used to protect oneself. It is a universal symbol of protection. In magical terms, a shield is a barrier of energy used to protect oneself from unwanted magical attacks, among other things. In scientific terms, grounding refers to how electricity moves on a path towards the ground whenever possible. In magical terms it refers to pushing energy out of oneself and into the ground.

Energy is another one of these words. Energy is an invisible force which does things, and on the physical level is usually the force that empowers the magical operation. It does other things too, like giving us the ability to continue living and sustain our physical bodies. For the most part, energy is a fairly obvious term to describe this force. It does other things too, which maybe aren’t so obvious with the term energy, like constructing the universe in a way that empathy is possible, but no term is going to be perfect.

Of course we could call it something else, like communication as one person suggested. Except there really isn’t a point to changing the name. Yes, communication would better describe its functions within empathy and telepathy, but it doesn’t really describe how it empowers a spell. And just like energy, the term communication already describes something completely different.

As of right now, everyone is used to using the term energy and understands what it means. Any other term is going to be just as flawed, so there’s really no point to changing the name now.

Before we can begin to understand something, we need to define it, so what is the definition of energy? The best definition I can come up with is that it is an invisible, yet sensible and relatively quantifiable, force which can cause change and which can be manipulated and directed.

So let’s start by describing what a force is. A force is something that can cause some sort of change in the universe at some level. Heat is a force. When created, it will raise the temperature of the surrounding area. You can feel that temperature change. Electricity is a force. Electricity can do everything from turning on your TV to killing you. Even though you can hit me with it, your fist isn’t a force. But the momentum of the punch and the calories your body expends to move your fist, those are forces.

Metaphysical energy is also a force. On a very basic level it can be felt, and it can change your emotional state. Manipulated at a more finer level it can do everything from making you rich to killing your enemies to empowering your sperm, and at some levels it can even create life from nothingness (imaginary/artificial elementals). Energy is a force.

Energy, like many things in the universe, is invisible. We normally can’t see it with our eyes, although there are ways to train our mind into creating visual representations of energy. However energy doesn’t reflect light, so these visions of energy are not being seen by our eyes, and can not be objectively viewed by just anyone.

Energy is, however, sensible. We can feel energy around us. How much energy we need in order to feel it, and how accurately we interpret those feelings, is entirely dependent on how well we’ve trained our bodies.

Energy is also relatively quantifiable. As long as I’m adept enough at sensing energy, I can look at the energy is column A and the energy in column B and determine which column contains more energy. I can determine that one room contains a lot of energy, and that another room contains a little bit of energy.

However I can not objectively measure the energy in an area. My measurements of energy are based on the reactions of my physical and spiritual bodies, neither of which are completely accurate tools for measurement. There are a large number of internal variables which can make me incapable of accurately measuring energy in the same way that a fever can render me incapable of accurately measuring the temperature in the room with just my body.

These measurements are all relative too. I can say that column A has a lot of energy, or that it has more energy than column B. However I can’t give you a number, like 95 degrees, so that you could understand how much energy is in column A. What I might consider to be a lot of energy, you might not consider to be much energy at all. Meanwhile without personal knowledge of column B, you have no idea what more energy than column B means.

How I sense energy is also relative to where I am in my own spiritual path. What I thought was a lot of energy ten years ago doesn’t seem like much energy at all to me now. What’s more, if I cannot recheck something now, I have no idea what my past measurement means, since my concept of energy quantities has changed so dramatically. For instance my first teacher seemed to be extraordinarily powerful. More energy fell off her than I ever saw anywhere else. However its been many years since we’ve had any kind of contact. If we were to meet up today, it’s completely plausible that I may have surpassed her many times over, and now view her as having very little power. It’s also completely plausible that she’ll seem just as powerful to me and beyond my capabilities today as she did then.

Energy can also cause change, which, as we discussed earlier, is necessary for any force. Energy is typically the empowering force in a magical operation. It’s what makes things happen and causes the desired change. It’s also what connects things together.

Lastly energy can be manipulated and directed. We can move energy. We can take energy from point A and bring it to point B. We can also change that energy. We can change it to another type of energy, or mold it into something else completely. We can make that energy do what we want it to do.

These are all important things. Energy isn’t some natural primal force, like a hurricane, which we can neither stop or control. Energy is something we have control over. We can move it, we can create it, and we can work with it. This is essential for magic to, well, work.

That being said, energy is a physical thing. Energy is deeply tied to matter, and it seems to bare some relationship to it. Matter only exists within the physical realms, and the same is true of energy.

We live in the physical planes. Earth is part of the physical realms. The physical realms have physical stuff. Earth isn’t the entirety of the physical realms though. There are other worlds. There are also completely spiritual places within the physical realms which contain little or no matter. Where ghosts and spirits exist, the ones you see in this world anyways, is part of the physical realm. When you astrally project, where you go is almost always part of the physical realms.

Beyond the physical realms we have the mental realms. There everything is based in thoughts and ideas and knowledge. There is no matter there, and there is no energy. Beyond that are the emotional realms, which lie on the other side of the abyss, and once again contain no energy.

So magical operations done in the mental realms, so long as they are not intended to affect or utilize the physical realms, do not use energy. However magic done in a physical realm with the intention of affecting the mental or emotional realms will almost always use energy, since it is usually a necessary conduit (among other things).

There are also different types of energy. There’s happy energy, and sad energy, and playful energy, and angry energy. For every kind of emotion that exists, there is a kind of energy.

Note that I said every emotion. There are many more emotions than exist in the normal human spectrum. In fact there are more emotions than exist in any human’s spectrum. There are just too many emotions for anyone to be able to naturally feel all of them.

Some more common emotions that fall outside the normal emotional spectrum are death, life, and violence (not to be confused with anger or rage). All of these things have specific energies that can be felt, and in turn can give you a concept of what the emotion feels like, but which are not naturally felt by most humans.

So the question arises, where does energy come from? Within the physical realms, energy is a byproduct of emotion. Whenever an emotion occurs, energy is created as a result.

So now we must define emotion as it’s meant in a metaphysical sense. An emotion is not the same thing as a feeling. A feeling is a kind of emotion, but there are also emotions which aren’t feelings. Feelings are also things that are created within us at some level. Either our bodies’ physiologies create them, or they’re created on some spiritual level, depending on what you want to believe, and they can be easily manipulated through the use of certain drugs.

Emotions, however, don’t begin with us. Emotions existed before there were people, before there were spirits, and they actually appear pretty close to the beginning of the universe.

An emotion is a primal force created as a byproduct of an act. An act meanwhile is something that happened.

The very first thing in the universe, at least as far back as we’re able to see, are acts. The first act occurred when the first part of the universe created itself. This in turn creates the very first emotion, creation, or creativity. As it turns out, the earlier an emotion appears in the creation of the universe, the more powerful it tends to be, and the more energy it tends to create on the physical realm. This is why sex magic can be so powerful.

So an action occurs. That action causes a change. This action-change in turn creates an emotion specifically tied to it, and that emotion ripples across the universe in a wave. In the physical realm, this wave takes the form of energy.

Going back though, these actions, which start the universe, create emotions, which form the emotional realm. You get a few of these emotions together and eventually they realize they exist. This is the first idea, and from this idea other thoughts and ideas start to spring forth, which in turn is knowledge, and all of this creates the mental planes. That initial creative emotion drops down and enters the mental planes, and you start having creativity and art and culture and invention and all sorts of other things. Eventually these things start to take form. Now they’re not just thoughts and ideas, but they start to gain substance. Enter the physical realms.

The physical realms started as nothing. Just this idea of a physical place where things could have substance, and this was caused by creation. Then emotion comes into the mix, and when it enters the physical realm, it creates energy. Energy will be the form that emotion takes when it enters the physical realm, because everything in the physical realm must have a form. Thoughts are now brainwaves, creation is now cells, and emotion is energy. This gooey energy starts to fill up the physical realm, and then Thought enters the mix. Empowered by Creation, Thought starts to come up with ideas which in turn molds this energy into different things. First completely spiritual realms are created. And then spirits are created which inhabit these realms. These spirits, in turn, are connected to higher entities made up entirely of thoughts, ideas, and knowledge. More emotions come in, the energy gets more diverse, more and more things are molded, and eventually from all of this matter is formed. Then we have physical worlds and later they’re inhabited by entirely physical beings. These beings in turn have a connection to a spiritual self, and to a mental self which is entirely thoughts and ideas. This is the creation of the universe, and how energy came into existence.

NOTE: I understand this idea leaves a lot to be desired. The creation of the physical realms from the mental realms leaves a lot to be desired in this explanation, especially considering how smooth, and even inevitable, the creation of the mental realms from the emotional realms are. It was really a question of whether I wanted to spend weeks, maybe months, trying to sort out all of the small details, or whether I wanted to get an article posted right now. Hopefully I’ll be able to clarify this process further in a future article or a future revision of this article. If not, feel free to do the work yourself.