Personal Account: Pandora Boxes

July 7, 2011

Usually I don’t post personal experiences for a variety of reasons. Every so often though I find myself with no other way to express the information. This information comes from a past life regression, and I can’t think of any other way to preserve and publish this information. I also know that in the past life, I had somehow come across this information on my own. I’m assuming someone or some group actually has information on this stuff, so maybe this post will shake some more information loose.


This regression is from my most recent past life. I’ve practiced magic in several of my past lives, including this one, and those past lives usually tend to have a stronger influence on me.

In this particular past life I was a woman, and judging by fashions and interior design I’d say I was a teenager sometime in the fifties, and that I lived in what was probably an English speaking country, most likely the United States or Canada. I died sometime in the seventies, probably closer to the end than the beginning. I’ll get to that in a moment.

Beyond that I had quite a bit of family money and was rather opinionated. I never married and never had children. I lived in a very large home as a child, moved out into my own home, a much smaller one, for a while, and eventually moved back into the family home (I’m assuming this followed the death of my parents). I don’t believe I ever worked a real job or ever actually earned money.

I remembered hiding spiritual books in my bedroom as a teenager, and through hypnosis I was able to discover where I was exposed to magic. A neighbor was a sickly old woman, and she taught me some things at a very young age. Around the time I was twelve she died, and I stole some of her books from her house following her death. Those were the books I was hiding in my house.


My first ever past life regression was of a death, and whenever I find a new past life, the first thing I try to discover is how I died. I usually die young, and quite a few of those deaths are violent, with the remaining ones being accidents. There’s probably a lesson I’m refusing to learn hidden in there somewhere.

Anyways the first time I regressed this past life’s death, it was strange but I was satisfied. Unfortunately I didn’t realize that I was missing big holes.

In the regression I was a bit older, and as I said it seemed to take place in the seventies, which would put this death shortly before my birth. I was in a home, and I can’t say for certain what country it was in, but judging by the place I’d say it was a western nation. The place was a two story, and I was upstairs, and the whole place looked cheap. The walls were painted a light blue, and it looked like it was lit by track lighting, or maybe an uncovered lamp. I was in one of those upstairs areas that isn’t really a room, but just an open area upstairs. I’m not sure what they’re called.

The house looked cheap, so it definitely wasn’t mine. It also wasn’t very well furnished. There wasn’t much furniture, and there wasn’t much on the walls. It looked like the sort of place a bunch of guys in their early twenties might own if they were really clean.

Anyways there was some blood on the wall. I was speaking to a spirit. I remember saying, “Do you know what I am,” while all poised for attack, and then something slashed me across the chest. In one swipe three cuts tore up my shirt and cut deeply into my breast. And that was how I died.

I assumed a few things from this. I knew the house wasn’t mine, so I assumed I was there to clean it and get rid of some hostile spirit. Much like I do in this lifetime, I just assumed I’d be able to handle this spirit. Unfortunately this spirit turned out to be a lot more powerful than I thought it would be, I got in over my head, and those slashes across my chest were enough to kill me.

I was happy with that explanation, but I was wrong about everything, and I figured that out when I regressed the missing pieces.

What Really Happened

As I said I had a second regression, and I remembered all the missing pieces, and now what happened makes much more sense. The most important part of the regression though is what I learned about the pandora boxes.

A pandora box was why I was at the house. I had no intention of cleaning the place, and I wasn’t even invited in. When I arrived the front door was unlocked. What I wanted was inside, and so I went in.

If you’re not aware of how regressions work, at its most intense you have access to the thoughts that were swimming in your head during the regression. It’s like you’re rethinking them. That’s why remembering something like you’re name can be so difficult, because we usually don’t think of our names. I’m sure there’s a lot of other information I knew then that I can’t remember now, because I wasn’t thinking of the back story shortly before I died.

I’m not sure where the name pandora box comes from. I don’t know if it was a name I gave the thing, or if it was a name I learned from someone else. I also have no clue where I learned about these things or how I even knew they existed. I don’t know why I was looking for one either, but if I knew where one was today, I’d probably go looking for it now just because. I do know that the idea of pandora boxes was in my head, in the sense that what I was looking for was one of several such things. Which means there should still be others like it which are still intact.

To describe this thing, it was a wooden box which was probably about a foot and a half to three feet long. The base had a rectangular shape, but the top was more slanted downward, like the roof of a house, and the ends actually came out further than the base. There were a set of circular indentations across the tops of the long sides. These pushed into the base, and the top was curved around them. It would provide a way for it to be set upon rods or carried with them, although I have no idea if this is their purpose.

The box itself was beautiful. Everything about it was a masterful work of art. You’d have to see this thing to appreciate it, but it’s one of the most beautiful creations I’d ever seen, and made entirely out of wood and paint. There were several different colors, including quite a bit of light blue and several shades of white. However most of the box was painted a color that I can clearly see in my head when I think about it, but which I can’t identify. I’m colorblind though, so it’s very possible this is one of the colors I can’t see, like green or purple.

I know in my head that these boxes are very, very old. They are thousands and thousands of years old. I don’t know the exact age. I’d say anywhere between four thousand and fifteen thousand years old. Looking at it though, it was in pristine condition. There was not a dent or a chip on it, not even a loose splinter. The paint wasn’t even faded. The paint literally looked like it had just finished drying. The thing didn’t even collect dust. It’s either craftsmanship far beyond any techniques known today, or very powerful magic.

The other thing about these boxes, they also have a very strong invisibility spell on them. One of these things could be sitting in front of your computer monitor right now, and you’d never know it. You can’t see it with your eyes, and you can’t remote view it with your astral body. It contains a tremendous amount of energy, but you’d never be able to feel it. You wouldn’t feel it if you touched it, and you moved towards it, you would walk around it without even noticing. You wouldn’t even notice the absence of something there. It would seem just like an empty space in the room. I’m pretty certain that photographs and video tapes wouldn’t work either. There is no way you could locate or sense the thing, physically or metaphysically.

You’re probably wondering how I found the thing then. I’m not sure how I located it, but I know how I finally got to see it. No spell is foolproof, there’s always a work around if you’re smart enough to figure it out. But let me get back to the regression.

So I let myself in to the house, entering through the front door. I already knew where I was going in the house too, because I made a beeline right for the room I needed to be in. Right away I went up the stairs, entering that open area I talked about earlier. The place seemed deserted, and there was some blood on the walls. I should’ve guessed something was wrong. I think I was just too obsessed and excited to see the warning signs.

Anyways I went into the hallway and entered a room which was sort of like a den. There was a lot of different things piled up on the shelves and on the desk that was in the room. Anyways I  was in this room with a spirit friend of mine, and this is how I saw the box. I’m not sure exactly what kind of spirit this was, but for whatever reason the invisibility spell didn’t work on him. I had him come with me because I knew it wouldn’t work on him, and he was my way to get the box. How I knew this, I don’t know.

Anyways I stepped out of myself a bit, and I let myself see through the eyes of this spirit. I was in front of the doorway still, and the spirit was across the room on the other side. When I saw through his eyes, I saw myself standing on the other side. Quickly I scanned the room, and there was the box I was searching for laying on the desk. And it was open. And I was overcome with terror.

I popped into my own eyes, turned around, and tried to leave that house as quickly as I could, not even bothering with the box. When I got into the open room, I saw it in the hall, the thing that used to be in the box. Judging by my reaction earlier, I’d say that I knew that something really bad was in that box, but I’m not sure if I knew it was this.

This thing was like a tall anamorphic feline almost, and it had breasts so I’m thinking it was female. It had bright white fur. Maybe there was a darker color in the back, but the front of her was definitely bright white. And she had spots, but weird spots. They were black, and they were square, not round. And they were white in the middle. They were like square donuts.

And the power. The energy I felt pouring off that thing was immense. In this lifetime, I’ve never seen a spirit that powerful in this world. I’ve never seen one that was even close to that powerful in this world. It wasn’t stronger than a god, but I can’t think of anything else that comes close to it. And this is just based on the energy pouring off the thing that was so strong I couldn’t help but feel it. There’s no telling how much power was inside of that thing.

The energy was very animalistic, very violent, and very twisted and evil. The thing was intelligent though. I can’t imagine anything being that powerful and not being very intelligent.

The energy was so strong, I can almost feel what it was right now. It was so strong that when I think about the thing or talk about it, a bit of its energy taints me, and its enough to be noticeable. I’ve also noticed that certain primals tend to be drawn towards that energy, and I’ve been approached by them because I carried it. The primals are surprisingly civil, and even a bit obedient, when they sense that energy. What that means, I don’t know. It doesn’t last very long now, years after the regression. After I experienced the full force of the regression though I carried that energy with me for almost a month before it fully dissipated. Nothing I tried did much to get rid of it, and in the end I had to wait for it to dissipate on its own.

I just want to give some sense of how strong this thing was, but it’s hard to do, because I can’t find anything approximate to relate it to. But I’ve fought a lot of spirits, including a lot of very powerful ones, and I’ve met quite a few more than I’ve fought. I’m not exaggerating because I’m inexperienced with spirits. Things as strong as this are pretty much unheard of in this world.

The thing was definitely far stronger and far faster than me. It didn’t seem to like me, and it was getting ready to attack. I figured I was screwed, so I tried bluffing. I didn’t really have any other options, and it wasn’t like I was going to make my situation any worse than it already was.

So that’s where you get the ‘Do you know what I am… blah blah blah… power power power… I could crush you with a thought, ect. It came at me, swiped once with its claw, ripped up my shirt, and put three gapping slash marks across my breast. Deep wounds like that into a woman’s breast hurt a lot, but they’re not usually fatal, at least not right away. I was still alive, and still managing to stand, and what I did next was truly impressive. I picked up the spirit and through it down the hall, through a doorway, and into a bedroom at the end of the hall.

Picking up a spirit and throwing it across a room is a fairly simple psionic attack. It usually doesn’t do much either, besides maybe roughing the spirit up a little and possibly opening up some room between you. What’s impressive is that I was able to do it to something that powerful. I couldn’t do that today. Even well rested and my energy peaked, tapping into all my reserves, even if I used enough energy to kill myself, I couldn’t manage to throw something that powerful. I’m not as powerful now as I was then.

The throw cost me just about every ounce of energy I had left. I had nothing left to defend myself with, and I could barely move. It didn’t even buy me a second. The spirit got right back on its feet, and rushed towards me, and at that point I met my end in a bloody mess. I don’t remember much of it. I suppose I either lost consciousness, or my soul was pulled out before I finished dying. That is how I came to my end.

Theories on the aftermath

I’ve been trying to find this scene for quite sometime. It was a gruesome murder, and I was a rich socialite in a place I wasn’t supposed to be in. If I could find an account of the crime, I could probably find out what my name was and find out more about that pastlife.

But it’s like finding a needle in a haystack. I’m looking for a single murder that happened in the 1970s. There were over fifteen thousand murders every year during that period for just the United States. Which, another issue, I’m not sure what country this happened in. And this is in the pre-internet, pre-electronic archive, pre-search engine days.

That also assumes a body turned up. What if that thing ate the body or otherwise disposed of it. Then I’d just be a missing person. I had money, so I’m assuming at some point someone had me declared dead, but I’m wondering if anyone really cared that I was missing. I had no husband, or children, and my parents were dead. I don’t think I had any siblings or other close relations, and I don’t many of the people I knew cared all that much for me. I was probably just some eccentric old maid that took off one day, and when I didn’t come back I doubt anyone really went looking for me.

I’ve also thought that maybe the whole house is still hidden. When I got into the house, that spirit was still in it. Maybe the box had a failsafe. When it was opened, it just made a bigger box around the house. The spirit got trapped inside and can never leave, and the lot just disappeared from existence. No one notices that it isn’t there, and no one seems to see it when they pass by it. It’s a nice theory, but it doesn’t explain how I found the house, or why I didn’t notice the huge invisibility spell around the house, which would have been a sign that something had gone horribly wrong. The only way this works is if the box was opened after I had already gotten onto the property.

Other Theories

Someone pointed out to me that what I described was similar to some descriptions they had heard of the ark of the covenant, except smaller. I don’t know what descriptions they were talking about.

Someone also told me that they heard of similar boxes being made in an ancient civilization, they thought maybe Babylon. They were very old and powerful and evil spirits that couldn’t be allowed to walk the earth. Instead of destroying them, powerful magicians trapped them in these boxes. That way their power could be sucked out of the boxes and utilized. However failsafes were put into the boxes to try to prevent them from ever being opened so that these things would never walk the earth again. Over time the boxes were lost and scattered.

Someone also told me heard of spirits like this in an unpublished French grimoire, and while trying to translate the grimoire his pet was brutally torn to pieces, after which he stopped working with it and destroyed his copy of the manuscript.

I’ve also seen some theorize that these things were worshipped, like gods, by the primals. It’s also thought that these things are what most people are looking for when they go after the primals, and somehow the two have gotten mixed up. Primals are strong relative to your average spirits, but they aren’t that strong, and they aren’t usually that bright either. It’s not the sort of stuff most people would equate with the Lovecraftian mythos.

Sex Magic and the Swinger Mentality

July 3, 2011

Sex magic is a fairly broad term that covers a lot of different practices. It includes everything from symbolically sexual rituals and intimate non-sexual rituals to actual sex and masturbation during a ritual. For the purposes of this article though, I’m only concerned with sex magic as defined as having actual ritual sex.

Sex magic is a valid and potentially powerful form of ritual magic. It can be used to reach higher states of ecstasy, to reach higher spiritual states of being, and to form stronger spiritual connections with your partner. It can also be used for more tangible gains, such as prosperity magic or love spells.

I’ve always been a strong proponent that sex magic works best within a monogamous relationship. This isn’t magic that is done by yourself, this is magic that is done in a partnership, and the strength and experience of that partnership is a lot more important than the strength and experience of the individual practitioners. To reach the higher levels of what is attainable through sex magic, it isn’t enough just to develop oneself. The practitioner needs to develop themselves inside of the confines of a partnership and in specific regards to that relationship.

Sex magic works best within a monogamous relationship, but there’s still a lot, magically, that can be gained from casual sex. Not everyone is going to be fortunate enough to be in a long term relationship with a fellow practitioner, and there’s still a lot that can be done and experimented with if you’re able to find another partner or two that’s willing to work with you.

However there’s an ideology that is counter-productive to sex magic that has entered the magical community by way of the swinger community. As far as I can tell, there are two types of swingers. There are a very few swingers who are fairly young and attractive. These people keep to their own kind, don’t associate with the other swingers, and, in the rare instance they enter the magical community, generally don’t get involved with sex magic. These folks are desirable, and there are always people willing to sleep with them.

The second type are unattractive. Many are older and even elderly, a large percentage are overweight, some of the men are underweight, most are out of shape, and some are just plain ugly. There usually isn’t anyone in this group that very many people would fantasize about sleeping with, and most people aren’t interested in seeing any of them naked. The problem the people in this group have is that the only people who will sleep with them are the other swingers like themselves. That might be fun for a while, but eventually some of these folks want to start sleeping with more attractive people. A big lure of swinging is getting to sleep with all sorts of attractive people, but that only really works if you happen to be an attractive person. This group also tends to have a high man to woman ratio, so there’s an incentive to get more willing women into the group.

One avenue some of these folks turn to is sex magic. It’s a way for these people to swing, and to hopefully bring in some younger and more attractive people with the lure of spirituality. No one is going to be enticed by the bodies these swingers have, so spirituality becomes an additional tool they can use to attract new partners.

Of course I take issue with the clear exploitation of someone else’s spirituality for sexual gain, but that isn’t the problem I want to talk right now. There’s a much bigger issue in that these swingers are damaging the effectiveness of sex magic by pushing an ideology which runs counter to it.

There’s an idea within the swinger culture that sex is not really connected to different emotions. Swingers are especially referring to love, but they also mean other emotions too. After all we’re not always in love with the people we have sex with, but that doesn’t mean that sex isn’t emotional for us. Most swingers believe that these emotional responses to sex are conditioned, as are certain other things connected to sex like intimacy and emotional closeness. They also believe that the best way to be is to recondition oneself so that all of these things are no longer connected to sex. Sex should just be a pleasurable physical act and nothing more.

This is a great ideology for a swinger. In fact I’d say it’s a necessary ideology if you want to be a swinger. How else can someone juggle an open marriage or deal with the emotional weight of having all of these various sexual partners?

When swingers move into the realm of sex magic, they bring this ideology with them. It’s a good ideology to bring with them, because it makes it easier for them to convince these young attractive people to have sex with them. Sex is promoted as a meaningless physical act, just like it is in the swinger community. The only difference is that in the swinger community the goal is physical pleasure, but here the goal is spiritual and obtained through ritual. In the magical setting sex becomes no different from drawing a circle on the ground or swinging a sword through the air. These are things most magicians wouldn’t think twice about doing if they believed it served some spiritual purpose, and these swingers would prefer it if we all thought the exact same way about having sex with them.

This is a great ideology for swingers, but a very poor ideology for magicians to have. The problem is having ritual sex is just like drawing a circle on the ground or swinging a sword through the air. If you do either of those things as a purely physical and mechanical act, it isn’t going to do shit. Your just drawing lines in the dirt and pushing aside air molecules. It’s the intent, the energy, and the emotion that goes into these acts that empower them during the ritual.

Sex works the exact same way. In fact sex is such a great ritual tool because, even with casual sex, it’s usually wrapped up in emotions and intimacy and creates such strong bonds between the practitioners. The feelings of love and friendship and acceptance, the intimacy and closeness you feel when you give yourself to someone, feeling wanted and being touched by someone else, and even the lust of being with someone you’re genuinely attracted to are the sorts of things that empower sex in ritual.

These aren’t the sort of things we, as magicians, should be trying to remove from sex. These are the sorts of things we should be embracing, and the parts of sex we should be trying to further exploit in our own spells and rituals. Sex should be about feelings, that’s where its power lies.

Of course I doubt the swinger element will care much. I’ve talked to many of them, and I honestly believe they’re exploiting spirituality to get people to have sex with them. Even the ones who do have a genuine interest in magic usually don’t understand how to properly use sex within ritual. They also tend to be the sorts that believe that the only good spiritualities are the ones that either endorse their sexual habits or have no opinion about them. They’re often very offended by people who disagree with them about sex, or think that what they’re doing might be wrong or immoral.

Holy Guardian Angels (HGA) & Mental Bodies: An FAQ

July 1, 2011

General Questions:

1. What is an HGA?

An HGA, or Holy Guardian Angel, is one of several different spiritual bodies that every person possesses. Your physical body and your astral body would be two other examples of spiritual bodies. Unlike those bodies though, your HGA is not made up of any amount of mass or energy. Your connection to your HGA is also partially severed prior to birth, and this causes your HGA to act independently, and sometimes casts the illusion that your HGA is a separate and distinct type of spirit.

2. Is an HGA an Angel?

No. Angels are a sentient and distinct quasi-physically incarnate type of spirit that possesses freewill. They have individual personalities, thoughts and agendas and have no bodily connection to incarnate human beings. An HGA meanwhile is non-physical and a single part of an incarnate person.

3. Is an HGA a spirit guide?

No. A spirit guide is a distinct and separate non-incarnate spirit which attempts to aid an incarnate person in pursuing their spiritual path. An HGA may aid a person in finding their spiritual path, but it has a vested interest in doing this since the person is really just another aspect of themselves, and the only way for the HGA to achieve enlightenment is for their physical selves to also achieve enlightenment.

4. Is an HGA a servitor?

No. The term servitor is used to describe distinct spirits, either sentient or otherwise, which in some way aid or serve a practitioner. An HGA sometimes seems like a servitor because it will often times work to aid the practitioner, however it does this because it is part of the practitioner. An HGA is no more a servitor than person’s right arm is.

5. What’s the difference between an HGA and a Mental Body?

There is no difference. These are two separate terms which are used to describe the exact same thing. The term HGA has a gnostic origin and was made popular by certain Ceremonial Magic systems, most notably the Golden Dawn and its offshoots, especially the OTO. The term mental body is less confusing and a better description, and is currently gaining more popularity.

6. Is a mental body like an astral body?

Yes and no. It’s like an astral body in that it is a separate body from the physical body, it can access areas the physical body is barred from, and there are ways to shift your consciousness into your mental body to act through it.

In several ways though it’s not like your astral body. Your astral body is made up mostly of energy, although it does contain some small amount of matter. Your mental body contains neither energy nor matter. It’s made up mostly of thoughts, ideas, and information. It also contains things like emotions and passions.

Your mental body is also partially severed from your physical and astral bodies at birth. There is still a connection, but this connection is incomplete. This allows the mental body to act independently and have a personality which differs from your physical self. Often this casts the illusion that the mental body is a separate entity.

Finally your mental body has access to areas that your astral body is barred from.

7. What is the purpose of having an HGA?

Your HGA is one of your spiritual bodies. It acts as a bridge between your astral body (which is in turn connected to your physical body) and your emotional body (which in turn connects to even higher bodies). In this way your HGA acts as the bridge between your lower selves and your higher selves.

Your HGA is also your means of accessing the planes it inhabits. These are generally known as the heavenly planes, because on average they are extraordinarily wonderful places and collectively they encompass all of the things and places that are usually associated with heaven.

8. Do only certain groups utilize the HGA in spiritual practice?

The term HGA is largely associated with certain ritual magical groups. Specifically the term is a part of many systems of Ceremonial Magic, although the concept is also seen in a lot of systems that were founded in Ceremonial Magic or which had a cross-influence with Ceremonial Magic.

However the actual process is not specific to any group or belief system. The idea appears again and again in many different systems and religions. Often times a practitioner will belong to a system or religion that doesn’t have the vocabulary to describe merging with ones HGA, and it’s not something that’s usually talked about by members of the system. This type of practitioner may have a very difficult time describing the process. This can also make it difficult for people of different systems, with vastly different vocabularies and beliefs, to realize that they are actually describing the same process. It’s even more difficult for someone who has never experienced it.

Also you have to keep in mind that just because a specific person, or book, or spiritual system, or religion doesn’t mention something, doesn’t mean that it isn’t known and isn’t being experienced. Many practitioners through out history didn’t bother to write down the entirety of their practice, and they often didn’t mention things that should have been obvious to fellow practitioners. Merging with your HGA is one of those things. It’s generally assumed that any advanced practitioner has already done it.

Make-up of the Mental Body

1. What gender is my HGA?

Your HGA will be the opposite of your physical gender. If you’re a man, you’re HGA is a woman. If you’re a woman, your HGA will be a man. This is because prior to your birth your HGA was hermaphroditic. In order for you to have a gender, your HGA had to give you one of its genders. Which ever gender you didn’t get is the one your HGA retained.

2. If I’m homosexual, will this change my HGA’s gender?

No. There is some confusion because merging with ones HGA is a sexual act. This has caused some to speculate that perhaps a person’s HGA appears to them in a form they would find sexually attractive, which does sometimes happen, and as the gender they would prefer, which doesn’t happen. The HGA’s gender is determined solely by the gender it retained at your birth, not by the gender you would prefer to have sex with. Furthermore the act of merging is a higher sexual act. It’s far removed from some of the more base elements of physical sex while incorporating other higher elements. In a lot of ways the act is no longer comparable to physical sex, and normal gender conventions and heterosexual and homosexual labels really don’t apply anymore.

3. If I’m spiritually a different gender, will this change my HGA’s gender?

No. If were born a man, you are a spiritual expression of your soul’s masculine side. If you were born a woman, you are a spiritual expression of your soul’s feminine side. Your alternate side rests with your HGA, and the only way to incorporate that into your physical self is to merge with your HGA.

4. If I have sex reassignment surgery, will this change my HGA’s gender?

No. Your HGA’s gender is determined at your birth, so modifying your gender after the fact will have no effect on it. Changes made to your physical body with sex reassignment surgery will not change your spiritual gender.

5. What sort of stuff is my mental body made out of?

Thoughts, ideas, knowledge, imagination, information. These are the sorts of stuff that things on the mental planes are made up of. Your mental body is also made up, partially, of stuff that exists in higher planes. Things like emotions and passions.

6. What powers does my mental body possess?

Your mental body contains quite a bit of knowledge and information, much of it spiritual. Exactly what it knows and how much it knows is going to differ from person to person. One of the biggest factors though will be how many times you’ve been reincarnated and what you did during those lifetimes. Your mental body will also have greater access to your past lives. Outside of your own information, your mental body will also have access to the unlimited stores of information located in the mental planes.

Your mental body also has the ability to act independently of your other bodies, to access any area of the mental planes (the middle triad on the tree of life), and the ability to communicate and interact with entities that exist on the mental planes. Your mental body also serves as your bridge between your physical and astral bodies and your other higher bodies, such as your emotional body.

Finally all of this extra knowledge comes with a great deal of power. Your mental body already understands how to do things, magically, that you otherwise wouldn’t know. Merging with ones mental body also usually increases both energy production and general spiritual sensitivity.

Merging with your HGA

1. What effect does merging with your HGA have?

To start, you’ll pretty much instantaneously get a huge boost in power and quite a bit of knowledge popped into your head. It’s a lot of power and information to get all at once, and with most people it will probably take months, maybe even a full year, to sort out everything they now know and are able to do. How long it takes is going to be somewhat dependent on how much magical training the person had prior to merging, and how dedicated they are to exploring their new abilities.

At the same time merging with your mental body will give you full access to the mental planes, the ability to gather knowledge from there, the ability to channel spirits that reside there, and the ability to shift your consciousness to your mental body. This is done in a similar way to astral projection.

2. What does merging with ones HGA feel like?

I personally didn’t find it to not be very pleasant, but experiences vary. To me it felt like there was a cold spiritual fire between us, my physical and mental bodies, and this fire was consuming both of us, or rather melting us together, and I had to surrender to it and allow it to destroy who I was to create this new me.

3. How much more power do you gain from merging with your HGA?

The more experienced of a practitioner you are the less you’ll gain from merging, but in any instance it’s going to be a lot of power. It’s not like being ten times more powerful or a hundred times more powerful. It’s like being a million times more powerful. How much power a person has immediately after merging is so much more than what they had prior to merging that it really isn’t comparable anymore. It’s like comparing the amount of water in a raindrop to the amount of water in the ocean.

A large amount of this power though is due to all of the information you gain from merging.

4. How much more knowledge do you gain from merging with your HGA?

The exact amount depends largely on the amount of information you’ve managed to accumulate through out your existence, especially in regards to spiritual knowledge and life lessons. You’ll find a lot of things will start to come easier to you. When you learn certain new things it won’t be so much like learning them, but more like remembering them. A lot of times you’ll just need something to jog your memory to bring a good portion of it flooding back. It’ll also become easier to have past life regressions, and they’ll happen spontaneously much more frequently.

However the biggest advantage is that you’ll now have access to a lot more information. You can now use your mental body to fetch information from the mental planes and talk to entities that exist there, and the amount of knowledge there is astronomical. Comparatively, imagine doing all of your research using your personal library of books at home. Then one day you’re allowed complete access to the library at an ivy league university. It’s a tool that allows you to figure things out and discover new things for yourself.

5. How does merging with your HGA affect your personality?

It can have a few different effects. Generally nothing from your base personality that already exists will be lost. Some of it may be superseded and become secondary once other elements are added into your personality, and the whole process may result in personal growth which causes you to outgrow some elements of your current personality.

For the most part you will take on aspects of your true self, or at least your truer self. Those parts of your personality which are not part of your physical existence, but are rather derived from your spiritual existence, your soul, and which follow you from lifetime to lifetime will start to take a greater precedence. Also lost parts of your personality, parts which did not make the transition into your physical self, will now merge into your physical self.

In the section on gender we already discussed how your physical self is the expression of your masculine or feminine side. After merging you now have access to the other side of yourself, and those two sides will begin working more in tandem. Instead of being one or the other, you will become the expression of both your masculine and feminine sides.

Past life regressions will also become easier after merging, and so you may start incorporating elements of past life personalities into your own personality.

6. What are the prerequisites for merging with your HGA?

There are a few prerequisites that need to be met in order for merging to become possible. These are:

1. Contact must be established with ones HGA.

2. Ones HGA must be ready to merge (usually at the point of contact the HGA is either ready or preparing for this).

3. A person’s mental state must be in alignment with some part of the mental planes in order to achieve union with their mental body. Generally this means shooting for the lowest of the mental planes, which in the Kabalist system is Tiperath.

In order to be in alignment with Tiperath, you need to achieve a state generally described as perfect harmony, complete peace, and true contentment. You don’t have to be able to hold that state indefinitely, but you need to be able to reach it and sustain it long enough for the merging to take place and complete itself. If you can hold it for an hour or two, you’ll probably be okay.

This is why it’s so important to spend time working out your psychological issues and getting yourself to a place where you’re psychologically good and mentally healthy. Such a state is necessary in order to merge with your HGA.

4. You have to be willing to first open yourself up to the merging, and then to surrender yourself to it. This may take some mental and spiritual training. This may mean taking the time to develop a relationship of comfort and trust with your HGA. This may mean having outside guidance to help you through this.

7. How long does it take a person to become ready to merge with their HGA?

It varies from person to person. It depends largely on how many issues you have to work through and what system you’re using to get to that point.

In a good mentor-student relationship it can realistically be achieved in a matter of months, even weeks. In this relationship the mentor is tailor made for the student, and they develop a system for the student that tackles the specific issues the student is having, while at the same time doing it in a way that is very efficient once the student’s personality is taken into account.

Using a one size fits all system it could take a year, or even several years. These systems are designed to tackle all, or at least most, of the issues that a practitioner may face. The individual practitioner, meanwhile, has to go through all the steps, regardless of whether or not they need them. These steps are also not designed to meet the specific needs and learning style of the practitioner, but are rather designed so that they will work with as many people as possible. Efficiency is sacrificed for universality. These systems also require a much higher level of dedication and a lot more time. For the practitioner that doesn’t have that much time and dedication, it may take them much longer to work through the system. Some may never complete the system. You won’t have a mentor pushing you to work through the system and your issues the entire time either, which also doesn’t help.

One size fits all systems are also often times developed in a way to make it take longer than it should to merge. Some of these systems want to keep practitioners paying dues at the lower levels for as long as possible. These practitioners are either going to require less of the group’s resources for their personal practice, or if there isn’t much offered to higher level practitioners, they’re going to be more likely to stay with the group and believe that they are continuing to get something out of it. These groups try to advance the practitioner at as slow a pace as possible, while still allowing the practitioner to see some level of improvement in their abilities so they’ll stay with the group.