Tips and Tricks for Your Next Seance

Some time ago I figured my next little post would be an intro into past life regression considering how popular the topic seems to be. Unfortunately the post has proven more time consuming than I initially thought it would. Add to that my real life issues and that I had a very nasty flu this last month and it seems as if I’m never going to add another post to my blog.

So to add a post in here I’ve decided to write about something just as popular as past life regressions, but far more dangerous! Whether your looking to add a bit more realism to your next Halloween party or you just like the idea of living in a haunted house, these tips can help you show results at your next seance without having to move the planchette across the ouija board and claim it was a ghost. Unfortunately I’m not joking about the dangers involved here, and I take no responsibility for what might happen if you decide to make use of any of this information. You may end up with a very big mess to clean up. But there’s no danger involved in just reading this article. So, on to the tips:

1. First off, just because something is non-corporeal doesn’t mean it’s a dead person. It should be obvious, but a surprising amount of people don’t get the idea that there are other things roaming around with only astral bodies that never had an incarnate form here. So just because you’ve contacted something doesn’t mean it’s a ghost.

2. A person doesn’t gain intelligence, precognitive ability, or even spiritual insight through death alone. Dead people tend to be as smart as they were in life (and many happen to be insane and Ignorant too). Most don’t have much in terms of spiritual insight, because generally the people that do don’t get stuck as a disincarnate spirit for long. And being dead doesn’t magickally make one able to see into the future. I don’t understand why so many people tend to think the dead have this power.

3. People don’t remain as spirits forever after their death. Some move on to other things, some reincarnate, ect. Some may be around but able to resist being summoned forth. But there are also a lot of ghosts and a lot would be happy to show up. You’ll find you get better results at a seance if you try generally summoning forth the dead rather than trying to bring forth a specific person.

4. When summoning a specific person, time is very important. The less time they’ve been dead, the better the chance that they’re still around. Spirits that are more than a hundred years dead are rare. There are however lots of spirits that are several decades dead. But they’re still only a small fraction of all the people that have died. Most people will be unreachable before six months. Even among those that last beyond the six month mark, most will be gone within eighteen months of their death. Six months isn’t when the dead start departing either, it’s just your last good chance of reaching them. Many will leave long before then, and some may become unreachable immediately after they die. The sooner you try a seance after someone’s death, the better your chances are.

5. Just a note, it can be very detrimental to a dead person to continually summon them forth and to keep them here long after their death. There is a good chance that by bringing them forth you’re keeping them from their spiritual path in the afterlife, and every time you summon a person you risk creating an attachment to yourself or some other aspect of this world that could keep them here decades after you’ve finished with them. If you care about a person’s well being, it’s best not to summon them too long after their death, or to summon them more than once or twice. Actually, it’s probably best not to try to summon them at all.

6. Many things are reliant upon permission to do things, even to enter a home. A lot of times you can manage to haunt your house just by giving a general invitation for anything to enter it. You can also be more specific and only give permission to a specific type of entity. But remember anything that has been allowed into your home also has the ability to grant permission. This includes the people you live with, your pets, and the entities that may already be in your home.

7. Your body works a lot like your house. A lot of times the only thing stopping you from being a medium is you giving permission for an entity to possess you. This is very dangerous though, and the thing that makes a good medium isn’t getting the spirits into their body, but being able to get them out. Even then this is something that you’re probably better off not practicing.

8. Things may also need permission in order to manifest, do tricks, possess items, ect. If you use a ouija or spirit board, or if you have a spirit knock so many times, what you’re really doing is limiting what the spirit is capable of doing by giving them very specific limitations on how they’re allowed to manifest. This method is far from full proof, but it is a lot safer than simply asking a spirit to come forward and manifest. Likewise if you’re using one of these methods you have to be careful not to grant something permission, either by accident or because it asks you to.

9. As always, a free lunch will attract things. If you want entities, a good way to get them is to bring forth a lot of energy. Something will show up to eat it. Some things may be indiscriminate of what they eat, but a lot of the times you’ll find the rule of ‘like attracts like’ holds, and what you get is related to what kind of energy you put out. This is why if you’re depressed or scared you’ll tend to draw forth a lot of negative entities to yourself. Other energies will attract other kinds of entities. The more energy you can manifest, the more likely something will show up. Large amounts of energy act as beacons for many disincarnate beings.

10. In the same vein as #9, power alone will be enough to attract entities. Powerful practitioners tend to have entities around them simply because a lot of things tend to be attracted towards that power. One should be cautious when dealing with these entities however. A lot of these entities may be harmless and not malicious in any way. But some will no doubt try to manipulate the practitioner’s power for their own uses, or simply destroy the practitioner.

8 Responses to Tips and Tricks for Your Next Seance

  1. Hi Rob

    It’s me, ALG. I left a comment on your blog once, about Tarot cards.

    Rob, I’m not a magick practioner – the only thing vaguely “spiritual” that I do is meditate. Lately a few creepy things have been happening, hope you can shed some light.

    I used to have a live-in maid, M. She was a very reliable housekeeper. There were a few occasions when she told me that in the night, in her bedroom, someone or something would tap or slap her on the shoulder to wake her up. When she woke up, there would be no one around. M has also reported the experience of waking up in the night and feeling as if someone was sitting on her.

    Anyway, M eventually resigned (for other reasons). I now employ two other maids. I never told either of them about M’s experiences. But they have both separately told me and my wife that similar things have happened in that same bedroom. Very recently, one of those two maids said that she woke in the night and found the bedroom door closed, even though she had left it open; and the door ought to have stayed open (because it has a magnetic knob that keeps it in place). She said that she reopened the door, went back to bed and lay there observing the door. At that point in time, she felt something like a hand, placed against her cheek. She freaked out and ran to the other bedroom, where the other maid is sleeping.

    Rob, personally neither my wife and I have experienced anything strange like that in the house. We have two young children and they never said anything either. So we aren’t frightened but it does seem a little creepy.

    My wife says that these incidents seem to happen in those periods of time when I am meditating regularly. The incidents tend to stop when I stop meditating. (I’m not a regular meditator, there are weeks when I meditate several times per week, but in other weeks I get lazy and don’t meditate at all).

    Is my meditation causing these incidents to happen.

    Another thing is that eight years ago, when we bought this place, the previous family had an old man who said that he would miss this place a lot. He’d asked if he could come back once in a while just to visit. Because he was such a nice old man, we said yes and he did come back a couple of times thereafter, including to collect their mail etc.

    After some time, he stopped coming, and we never thought much about it. But we wonder now whether he has died, and still comes back. The bedroom where strange things happen used to be the old man’s bedroom.

    Let me know what you think?

  2. Rob says:

    I remember your other post.

    The meditation could be the cause. Anytime you do anything that could be considered magickal or spiritual, there’s a chance that it could have side-effects like what you’ve been experiencing. When you meditate you could be creating portals. If you do any sort of astral projection, channeling, going to a happy place, or if you’re getting channel-yanked you’ve probably created a portal. Even if you haven’t portals just seem to appear sometimes when enough energy is present (not sure if you need to do something else to make them).

    The thing about portals is anything can be running through them. They can also be pouring out energy for things to feed off of and manifest with. There’s not much you can do about open portals. You can close them, but they may reopen on their own even if you don’t accidentally do it again. You can seal them, but you’ll just make more the next time you do something. You can get an entity to guard them, but then you still have an entity living in your house, and this one you’re empowering with a job. Or you can just learn to live with them being open.

    Also if something is in the house, your meditations may be putting forth excess energy that it’s feeding on in order to manifest, or helping it in a number of other ways.

    A few other things to consider. Antiques and items used by other practitioners may have things attached to them. Also your last maid may have brought this with her and dropped it off at your house. And then there’s the bed and the mattress, which can cause all sorts of problems if it was used when you got it, or if you haven’t replaced it when you’ve gotten new maids.

    As for what’s going on, everything you’ve mentioned is fairly common. It’s easier for things to manifest in the dream realm than the physical world, so it’s easier for them to make contact there. Getting slapped or tapped while in a dream is fairly common. So are the little touches while awake, and playing with the door. The sitting thing is sparking some memory of something I know, but I just can’t remember what it is. It doesn’t sound like a malicious sexual predator though, which are associated with chest-sitting, so no worries there.

    Everything you’ve described sounds like attention grabbers. The thing is doing the best it can to make people realize it’s there, look at it, pay attention to it, ect. Another common trick is stealing small yet important things like car keys and wallets and hiding them, and sometimes even giving them back when asked to. The point of all this is to empower the entity. Every bit of attention they get gives them more power in this realm and a greater ability to manifest. If things continue as they have been, whatever this is may eventually be able to show it’s form, communicate through speech, and will have a greater ability to physically effect things.

    And as it becomes stronger, it may also try to illicit certain emotions for more energy. Fear is a common one among a lot of entities, especially negative ones, partly because of how easy it is to create. Horniness is another common one, mainly because humans are very good at creating sex energy. This could be something as simple as light petting.

    This doesn’t seem like it’s a ghost though. Ghost’s generally go about their business, whatever it is. You don’t generally see ghosts doing attention grabbers like that unless manifestation would work for some greater purpose.

    As for what it is, it could be almost anything. It’s not trying to be big and scaryish, so that rules out a few really nasty things. And it doesn’t have enough power to manifest very much on its own, so that rules out a few other nasty things. It’s probably something that is mostly harmless, but that’s not something I can be certain about.

    Definitely watch the situation and pay attention to what’s going on. It may start to show it’s form and speak, which might give you a better idea of what it is. It may be able to effect dreams, so pay attention to changes in a person’s dreams too. Be very careful of very vivid dreams that don’t seem like dreams, especially with a very dominant character in them, dreams that are emotionally distressing, and constant nightmares. The first is dependent on the situation, but the second two almost always point to a negative entity. Also be careful of mental suggestions. A lot of entities can implant thoughts and emotions in a person’s head and it can cause all sorts of havoc. Some do it maliciously, some are just mischievous, and some think they’re doing good.

    More than likely the entity isn’t harmful, and at its worst may become an annoyance. If it’s bothersome, you could try telling it that it has to leave your house and it’s not welcome there a few times. Sometimes that’s all you need for an effective exorcism. If you’re going to let it stay in your house, keep an eye on it and be careful of what happens.

  3. Well, Rob, things just got a bit creepier early this morning. The entity, whatever it was, turned off the fan in my room. The sound of the switch (a loud click) woke my wife, who woke me, and asked if I had done something to the fan. I said no, and got out of bed to check the fan. It was ok, nothing wrong with it, except that something had distinctly turned the switch from “On” position to “Off” position. I’m quite sure it’s not a mechanical fault of any kind.

    I did what you suggested and told the entity that it’s not welcome and to leave. My wife did the same. Hope it works.

    Anyway, should I get a priest or psychic or one of those magical/spiritual type of people to come cleanse my house or something like that.

  4. Rob says:

    It’s best to never get other people to take care of your spiritual problems. As for a priest, I’ve never heard of an exorcism where someone didn’t die. And they’re typically ineffective anyways. The power lies in YHVH, not in Christ, and even then only when you understand what you’re working with. The Catholic methods are either pagan or old christian rituals that have been bastardized into absurdity through religion and Catholic theology. Most of them aren’t going to do what they’re supposed to.

    ‘Magickal people’ are even worse for the most part. The best case scenario you’ll find is someone who just cons you out of your money and doesn’t do anything at all. Sometimes though they’ll come in and just provoke an otherwise harmless entity into becoming malicious, or they may come in and get rid of the entity but wake up or draw in something far worse.

    Besides, you want to have your own barriers and wards and such on your house so you can take them down when needed.

    From what you’ve described, the entity doesn’t seem to have become malicious yet. It isn’t even that annoying. It hasn’t broken anything yet, let alone something valuable.

    Just remember, when you give it attention, think about it, fear it, whatever, you empower it, and it grows stronger, and it’s able to do more things. Just ignore it and it should weaken. The only time you should give it attention is to tell it to get out of your house, or to force it out if you’re able. Hopefully it will ultimatly just move on to someone else that will give it the attention it wants.

    Typically this isn’t going to be a one time thing. Once this thing is gone, you’ll find something else along the way. Most practitioners have at least a few things living with them most of the time. Other times they can have hundreds of things roaming around their home. Usually things like this aren’t even worth the effort to get rid of. You go after the mean ones, the ones that really bother you or destroy things, and sometimes you get some of the nicer ones to help you upkeep the house.

    It’s good to learn how to get rid of this thing now though, so that when something bigger does come along you’re better prepared for that. Like I said though, it doesn’t sound like this thing has done anything horrible yet, so there’s no reason to go to the extreme of hurting it or trapping it yet.

    You can try this though. Go into a medatative trance and imagine a small cube in front of you, four walls. Focus your thoughts and energy from inside the cube, and have it push towards the walls of the cube, into them, and solidify to give it a mass. After you’ve done this for a while, expand the cube a little so it become larger, and as it becomes larger be aware that it has a spiritual mass, and so it can push spiritual things aside. Continue to push your thoughts and energies into the wall while expanding it bit by bit, until the wall encompasses the entire house. Once your satisfied just leave the cube there and go about your day. Wait at least a few hours and then you can poof away the cube.

    This should do a cleaning and push everything out of the house, while at the same time create a light and temporary barrier so it can’t just walk back in. I don’t know how far along you are or how successful you’d be at something like this. If you can do it right though, it doesn’t take very much effort or practice to get to the point where you can do this in a few seconds, or figure out how to have the cube screen so certain friendly entities don’t get pushed out.

  5. Thank you very much, Rob. I will give it a shot. I have done this kind of meditation and I get the basic idea of what you’re describing. I’m usually drawing energy into me, or circulating it around myself – now I see what I gotta do is expand it around the house and push things out. Hope I have enough energy for this!!

  6. […] far. 1. Before meditating, visualize a shield around myself. For the rationale, see the comments in this blog post. 2. Take several fish oil pills each day to improve my mood and ability to focus on what I want. 3. […]

  7. Carrie says:

    As a medium, it has been my experience that it is also not desirable to contact a spirit within a day or so after their death. They are usually in a state of chaos and upheaval immediately after their death as those ties are severed and changed and very rarely are they able to really mumble out anything coherent, let alone comforting or constructive. They are often afraid and unsure during this period of time.

  8. Rob says:

    Carrie – It’s been a while since I’ve heard from you. I really should try to keep up more with your blog… I do read it, but by the time I do the one post I had something to add to is so old I don’t think it’s worth adding to anymore :) Hope everything’s well with you. I wish I lived closer and could attend some of your classes.

    Back to the topic, thanks for the info (and your insight is always appreciated). To be honest, I don’t evoke the dead all that often (I see enough of them as is anyways), and I don’t think I’ve ever tried to get one right after they died barring a very odd and confusing experience many years ago, so I’ll have to confer to your wisdom on this.

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