Fae Helper Evocation Spell

Initially I was planning to post a glam-break spell I have that, although very powerful, is of very limited use to a magician who is able to cast it. But when Natalie brought up the fact that she wanted to meet fairies it reminded me of my Fae Helper Evocation, which is a fairly useful spell.

Notes On Using Fae and the Limitations of This Spell

Different types of fae have different types of abilities. For instance pixies are very good at casting glamours and trolls tend to be very good at guarding an entry way or portal. With the literally thousands of different types of fae out there, there’s quite a bit that fae are capable of. But fae spirits do have very real limitations. After all they are not magical genies that can grant any wish. They aren’t even relatively powerful spirits when compared to things like arch-angels or the Goetic spirits.

Also keep in mind that fae may not always understand things in the same way you and I do, and they may have trouble comprehending what you tell them to do. For instance if you get a fae to find “treasure” for you, in my experience you usually end up with garbage. It isn’t that the fae is intentionally doing this, it’s just that it may consider things like shiny buttons, cool rocks, and even discarded candy wrappers as treasure. A lot of fae don’t even understand the concept of money, and some of the ones I’ve met that do don’t understand the concept of paper money, and think of money as being something like a coin whose value is derived from the fact that it is made with a precious metal.

Another common problem working with fae is their attention span. Fae are creatures of desire who live in the current moment. Most fae however desire to help people they deem worthy (usually people who are innocent, who are very good natured, who are parent like, or who treat them very well). The problem is they tend to be easily distracted and can quickly forget what they’re doing and go off to do something else that looks like fun. One of the best tricks for working with a fae is to ask it to do a job it would normally find enjoyable instead of something that will bore it. If the fae likes what it’s doing, you have a better chance of success. Unfortunately this isn’t foolproof. A fae creature still might get distracted.

Because of that, this spell works through Venus. Venus is one of the deities that is highly revered by most fae. She is also the goddess of desire, which gives her quite a bit of power over the fae. By casting the spell through Venus you can keep a fae focused on the task at hand so he or she doesn’t get distracted.

But this does mean that you have to work through Venus to do the spell, and so you should ask and receive permission from Venus first. And Venus is a deity who I have found is relatively strict in what she allows you to do with her power, even if you have strong connections to her.

Also the fae summoned through this spell are brought forth under the protection of Venus. To attempt to hurt, kill, capture, punish, or otherwise harm these spirits would be an affront to Venus and she may seek vengeance against you.

This spell doesn’t summon forth a single fae creature. It summons forth a lot of fae, pretty much whatever can be convinced to come, to work within the general area where you cast it. It’s easily modified to only summon forth a specific type of fae, but as it’s normally cast it will bring in all different kinds, and you may find some strange ones that normally would never be found in your area.

The large number of fae creatures work like a dragnet usually covering the city (or general area) where you live. This makes them very good at doing things like finding a place where you can buy something in your town, finding a specific person and bringing them to you, or finding your car keys.

As you can guess, the larger the area you want covered, the less effective the spell will be. However you could conceivably have the spell cover the entire world (though I’ve never tried this).

The spell also lasts for about half a day. So when you’re thinking about what you want to do with this spell, try to figure out something that can be realistically accomplished in half a day. Asking the fae to say, guard your house for the next week, is unrealistic since the spell only lasts for half a day.

On a final note, when you use this spell to summon forth general fae, you may bring forth dark fae who might try to harm or kill you. Usually these are not very powerful spirits, but the situation is made worse by the fact that they are under Venus’ protection and so you can’t really harm them. If this happens, I’d suggest concentrating on purely defensive measures to protect yourself and those in your home. If absolutely necessary, try to work out a non-violent way to remove the fae from the general area or limit their abilities without doing any permanent harm or trauma to them. Once they’re away from you, don’t concern yourself with them anymore. After all it is their right to do as they wish, and from my experiences Venus will look after them and take an interest in what they’re up to.

What You Need:

A Venetian Altar
A Fae Knife
A Candle
A Lighter
A Candle Holder

The Venetian Altar

For more information on how to build an altar, see my FAQ on the subject. You can use a makeshift altar for the spell, but for the best results I suggest having a permanent altar. Fortunately for me, my Venetian altar was one of the very first one I ever built.

The Fae Knife

In theory you don’t need to have a special fae knife for this ritual. If you have a normal magic knife you use, it could theoretically be used and work just fine. But I also find that fae really like having their own knife, and it shows a good deal of respect on your part (which wins you some favor with them) when you actually buy a knife especially for them. Knives aren’t that expensive, so I really suggest getting one. I also suggest getting one that is, for one reason or another, fae like. I keep mine on my Venetian altar to help empower it.

Once you get a fae knife, I suggest blessing it under the fae. If you have fae in your home, you can always ask them to do it. Or you can have Venus bless it as a knife dedicated to the fae. You can also use this spell to summon forth fae to bless your knife.

The Candle

A plain white unscented candle will work fine for this spell. I suggest finding a candle that will take 8-12 hours to burn, since the spell lasts for as long as the candle is burning. If the candle doesn’t burn at least eight hours, you may find that the fae didn’t have enough time to do what you wanted them to. Meanwhile if it lasts for more than twelve hours it usually becomes a pain to have to watch over the candle for that long and at the same time you’re going to have lots of fae coming and going through your house while the spell is active.

As you can guess, the lighter and candle holder are just things that you need in order to use a candle.

A Summary of the Spell

Basically the spell uses the power of your fae knife to cut open a portal and then uses the power of Venus to summon fae through it to complete a task for you.

The Ritual

1. To begin, ask Venus for permission for what you are about to do. If you want more information on communing with the gods, see this post. You may wish to spend some time allowing Venus’ energy to flow through you.

2. Next the candle needs to be blessed under Venus. It’s recommended that the magician be in communion with Venus for the blessing.

3. Hold the candle up to the Venetian alter. Say, “Venus bless this candle so that while it burns it will bring forth fae to this place and that by your will they will be directed to [and say what it is you want the fae to do].

4. Allow the Venetian energy to flow through you and into the candle. Afterwards place the candle on top of the candle holder on the Venetian alter.

5. Take the Fae knife and say, “With this knife I will cut a portal in this room through which all fae may pass.”

6. To do this slice the sword vertically in the air near the Venetian altar. While doing this, visualize the blade slicing through reality as if it were a paper wall and revealing what lies behind it. You need to be able to imagine that it isn’t just air you’re slicing through, but that this paper wall exists where you are cutting, and this wall is what separates reality from everything else, this world from all other worlds, and where we are from every other point in this world. The veil is being pierced here, is being broken here, cut through, and a portal is being created.

7. Light the candle while saying, “By Venus’s power, as this candle burns let fae be drawn to this place, through my portal and by any other means, to complete my task as per Venus’s will and under her protection.” Alternatively you may also, if you wish, repeat the task which the fae are to complete in the above statement, although this isn’t necessary.

8. The spell will last so long as the candle burns. I suggest allowing the candle to burn itself out even if you have already seen results. Fae will still be coming and going during this period as a result of the spell. After the spell is finished be sure to thank Venus and show her your gratitude.

Some Notes

-The spell is easy to modify in order to bring forth only a specific type of fae, although in my experience you usually get less fae this way. If you are familiar with the type of fae and their energy you just have to align the portal with that energy so it only draws fae from a specific world or place largely populated by that type.

-You can also modify the way in which the portal is created. In particular, if a strong portal already exists where you are casting the spell you may wish to just modify that portal to suit your needs rather than create a new one.

-The spell can also be modified to be cast without Venus’s aid, and doing so will give you a lot more leeway in what you can do. However doing so will also net you fewer fae, and you won’t have the benefit of Venus directing their desires so they will complete your task.

-The fae who respond to your request have all volunteered to help you for their own reasons. Don’t worry about immorally controlling the fae or taking advantage of them since each has come of their own free will.

-As stated earlier, any of the fae that come are under the protection of Venus as the candle burns. To harm them in any way or have any sort of malice towards them is an affront to Venus.

-Likewise Venus will protect the fae in her own way while they are working on the mission you gave them.

Some Things I’ve Done With This Spell

Here are just a few examples of things I’ve done with this spell to give you an idea of what you can do:

-A friend of mine called me upset because a friend of hers had called her while he was driving and after taking a large amount of pills in a suicide attempt. After convincing him to get out of the car he passed out while still on the phone. Afterwards she heard several people discussing robbing him while he was unconscious before someone hung up the phone. No one knew where he was and several friends and family members had tried calling him with no response. First I got his number and tried calling it, but it went to voicemail. Afterwards I cast this spell with the instruction that the fae were to find him and then get him to return my call.

Three hours later (now the middle of the night) he was woken up, very hung-over, took out is phone and called back only me without knowing who I was. I explained who I was and after talking to him verified that he was okay and in a safe place and then let him go so he could pass back out.

I actually originally created the spell for this purpose.

-I once used a modified version of this spell to summon gnomes into a local business in order to take out their computer system, which they did. After doing that they got into the AC system and tore that up as well (that was a bonus as I never intended it to happen).

-I’ve used this spell to have the fae help me find a place that has a video game I wanted on release day because I didn’t preorder it.

-I’ve also used this spell to find lost car keys.

-If you’re looking for a relationship and going out to a place where you expect to meet other single people, you can give the fae a description of what you’re looking for and then have them draw those people to where you’ll be so you’ll have a chance to meet them. Be very specific about the physical traits you want though and don’t rely on general terms like attractive or pretty. Even a word like thin is open to too much interpretation for me to recommend using it here without further clarification.

Final Thoughts on Working with the Fae

I’ve worked with fae a lot in the past and over the years I’ve had many living in my home with me for periods of time, and that’s because I’m very compatible with them and I like them a lot, they amuse me to no end. I’ve had a lot of success working with fae too, and a lot of that has to do with the way I treat them. You’ll find you’ll have much more success working with fae if you give them the respect they deserve and are due.

Most magician’s fall into one of two categories in how they view fae. The first kind reveres and even worships them as if they were gods, some even believing they are gods. These people have usually been tricked by fae. We aren’t even going to deal with these people.

The second type of magician tends to think of fae as silly, weak, possibly annoying, and largely useless spirits. They tend to show fae very little respect and believe they deserve even less. The fae often times have special fun with these types of magicians and attempts to use the fae often times end disastrously.

In truth fae deserve a lot of respect. Yes they are fun loving and can be silly or slaves to their desires, and many are prone to causing mischief. But most types of fae would be considered higher realm spirits. Most embody positive emotions like joy and love and happiness. And many can be valiant and fiercely loyal.

Many fae find themselves trying to protect or avenge the innocent when they have been wronged. They end up doing whatever they can to protect an abused child from their parent or an abused animal from their owner. I’m personally far from innocent, but I’ve had a pixie come to my aid in a spiritual fight before. The fact that pixies are not particularly strong spirits doesn’t make the act any less valiant, in my opinion it makes it more so.

Fae, for the most part, are noble and good creatures. They are capable and have a good deal of potential, and they do a lot of good in this world. I’m not saying we should worship them, or serve them, or put them on a pedestal and make them out to be something far greater than what they truly are. But they shouldn’t be looked down upon and they should be given the respect they are due.

From my experiences, fae are generally very appreciative of this, especially since many magicians and spirits don’t give them this sort of respect. Magicians who treat fae in this manner have much better relationships with them and have much greater success working with them.

Be sure to let me know if you have any problems with performing any of the steps in the ritual so I can go back and clarify or rewrite it. I’m particularly concerned about step 6 and may go back and elaborate on this some more, break more of it down into actual ritual, and maybe expand it into several stepts.

12 Responses to Fae Helper Evocation Spell

  1. Hermes says:

    Hi Rob, that’s a really useful post! Although I wanted to ask you if there was a specific time when one can cast this ritual to make it stronger (a Sabbath maybe, or when Venus is dignified?).

    • Rob says:


      With whatever system you use (such as magical days, the moon cycles, astrology, ect), I’d say try to concentrate more on doing it during a time that relates to what you’re trying to get out of the spell as that would seem to bring more success then trying for a time that would better facilitate the evocation. For the actual evocation Venus is doing most of the work, so overcoming an ill dignified time shouldn’t be that big of a deal. Likewise because the spell isn’t tied into a specific place or even world where the fae are summoned from you don’t have to worry about doing it during a time when fae are not very active in your area.

      I wouldn’t try the spell on most Sabbats though, unless it was an emergency, mainly because several of them, like Samhain, are special fae days. You might have issues finding that many fae willing to help you on those days as they usually have better things they could be doing.

      There isn’t anything all that difficult about the spell though, like I said Venus actually does a lot of the work on the actual evocation, so it should work pretty well regardless of when you try it. I understand the very real advantages of doing magic during preferable times, but personally I’m not a huge fan of it, so I usually don’t worry about figuring out best times.

  2. Chris says:

    Hello, Rob, and thanks for another good post. I was hoping you could answer a couple of questions for me.

    Firstly, I read “Psychic Self Defense” by Helena Blavatsky recently, and while I don’t necessarily consider her to be what you might call an authority on all esoteric matters, she did write some about fae in this book. Now, I have no personal experience with fae, so I feel quite confused about all of the contradictory literature on the subject. Blavatsky seems to use the terms “elemental” and “fae” interchangeably. This is the first time I have seen this and assume that perhaps she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. She states that fae are elementals, that is, consisting of only one element, and are not compatible with humans. She also states that sometimes fae incarnate as humans and that these creatures are something of an abomination and that should encounter one it may be the worst day of your life. She also mentions then in relation to a “Devic” realm. So, (in addition to all of the information you have already provided about fae) I guess I was hoping you could clear up some inconsistencies here and explain what Blavatsky was going on about, what the nature and origin of fae are, and the nature of fae otherkin. I know this is a lot, but I would really appreciate you taking the time to clarify this for me and perhaps others.

    Also, in a ritual like this, do you tend to use, or recommend using, opening/closing rituals in tandem like, say, LBRP/LIRP, etc?

    Thank you in advance for shedding some light on this.

    • Chris says:

      Correction: I referred to Helena Blavatsky as the author of “Psychic Self Defense” when I meant Dion Fortune. Sorry for the confusion.

    • Rob says:

      I’ve seen the idea that fae and elementals are the same thing in a lot of literature. Having worked with both, I don’t really buy into that though. Elementals are the spirits of physical representations of the elements. Ergo the spirit connected to an actual fire would be a fire elemental. That’s at least what I’m talking about when I say elemental, and that’s something very different than what fae are.

      It’s hard to exactly describe fae, because there are so many different kinds and they can be so varied. They all do have a similar energy though, and all of them are spirits of desire. They tend to do be doing whatever it is they desire to be doing at any given moment, and the moment their mind changes they’ll change what they’re doing.

      I don’t recall Fortune saying humans were incompatible with fae in Psychic Self Defense, but I don’t think that’s entirely true. It may be true that Fortune wasn’t very compatible with fae. I’m very compatible with fae and I’m perfectly content living with them. It does have a lot to do with your personality. Most of what they do doesn’t bother me, and they usually behave around me. Plus I really like fae and they amuse me, and they seem to be a type of spirit that is especially compatible with me.

      Most of what Fortune says about faekin is pretty accurate, although it may be a bit misleading. Faekin do cause a lot of mischief. If you leave them alone with your stuff, they’ll break it. They’ll flush weird crap down a toilet and put weird crap into a garbage disposal. They’ll put pie in people’s shoes and food in women’s pursues. They’ll steal your candy, cookies, and alcohol if you leave it out. They’ll stuff food and other garbage into furniture. They’ll wait until the car ride home to tell you that they overheard the girl two tables over at dinner tell her friends she really needed to just get laid and thought you were hot. The full list of things I have is actually too long to fit into a comment.

      If they happen to have some magical ability, it just gives them even more opportunity to cause mischief. Even if they are honestly trying to help, most of their spells don’t work like they should.

      Actually faekin are really funny, so long as it’s happening to someone else. They also sort of force you to act like their parent whenever you’re around them. Faekin, like most otherkin, tend to have social issues because they don’t understand the proper way to act and how to judge other people’s intentions. They are faelike and it shows in how they act, but they’re also human and they’re usually capable of the full human range of emotions and their personalities are at least as much human as they are fae.

      I never use banishing rituals. They seem to be overused in modern Ceremonial Magick and are counterproductive to culminating magical power in tools and culminating magical energy in a space and banishing prior to a ritual wastes anything in the area that could have been useful.

  3. Chris says:

    Great, thanks for your response.

  4. What a seriously cool working. I’m going to give this one a try. I like.

  5. L. A. says:

    I love the Fae! What I find unique about them is that they actually are very wise Beings–with a high intelligence, yet also with a child-like innocence and playfulness as well.

    I’ve seen one Faery I will never forget- face to face 2 years ago, and this was a miracle for me- as I am not psychic. I prayed God would let me meet one, and that prayer was answered.

    She had a royalty/regality about her, but she was also very innocent looking and unassuming, peaceful and calm as well. I will never forget seeing her. She was looking at me through a section of my hair of all places. That’s why I like to keep my hair on the longer side to this day- because of how she liked being in my hair.

    She actually looked very much like a Pixie- after seeing a painting of Brian Froud’s pixies at Barnes & Noble. Only she was more softer, spiritual gentler, regal looking- and the pixies he painted were male ones and bratty/mischievious ones.

    Seems the Pixies have a softer side as well.

    You are so spot on about how they help animals too. After my encounter, I went to get Faery readings by a Faery Intuitive woman at a Holistic Fair. She told me the reason my little pup, Mindy was charging after the mushrooms in our yard was because the pixies were teasing her while sitting on them.

    When I was home reflecting on that -and how nasty it seemed they were for doing that, I actually heard this message interject my thoughts- and it was NOT from me!– “We have to do that because you humans never pay enough attention to her!” was this thought, and I felt like a real louse for judging them negatively.
    From that day on, I made a special point to play with that pup- even when I was busy. Now there is special bond between me and Mindy.. thanks to the Pixies straightening me out on how to treat housepets.

    The latest message I received from the Faery intuitive woman is that the Pixies told her to tell me that they noticed I decorate my bedroom with twigs and sticks. They like that alot, but feel I should also add some gilt gold paint here and there on the sticks and hang crystals off of them…lol

    I had never told anyone that I bring the outdoors inside –for the sake of the Faerykind. I am glad they noticed! I havnt painted the twigs with gold paint yet- but do have crystals here and there.

    When I am outside in Nature, I can feel a happy presence, and I know it is them. I love them-. I notice tons of those little fluttery “flutterbye” butterflies dancing around in the air wherever that presence is.

    • Rob says:

      Yup, what you describe definitely sounds like pixies. They’re actually one of the least mischievous types of fae, although they are a bit prone to gossip and believing the gossip they hear. You also shouldn’t let them find you a date because, as well intentioned as they may be, they have no concept of human attraction and compatibility.

  6. L. A. says:

    PS… referring to my last comment- I didn’t mean to insult the male pixies Brian Froud paints.
    They may be mischievious looking but they were still attractive and fun-loving looking.

  7. alveo says:

    Preparat Alveo – Sodium citrate, which is also an Herbal Essences ingredient, achieves the same result
    as citric acid.

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