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  1. robert says:

    Thanks for your work here rob. I’m mostly into anthony robbins that IS about ‘Constant and Never Ending Improvement’ (CANI for short). I found myself stuck, waiting, delayed and not sure why but one thing lead to another that had me looking up kabbala…. but was getting impatient with all the stuff UNTIL I came across YOUR ‘walk through’ of the tree… and it was suddenly CLEAR that its really a way of working with versions… in this case yourself (I used to be in software develoment)… which too is about Constant and Never Ending Improvement (eg: Windows). In personal development (Toni Robbins) critical aspects of ‘versioning’ (transformationing) include (i) Decisions (ii) Identity (iii) Values (iv) Vision+Lifes Purpose… etc etc well your example made it sooo easy for me to WALK THROUGH my situation NOW (Hanged Man) and see how useful (relevant and necessary) this is for everyday application. In walking through it was clear how decision at hod and netzack could easily lead to a less than useful solution. Sooo I’ve been here pretty much daily for the past 5 days or so. Just wanted to say Thanks

  2. Rob says:

    Thank you. It’s always nice to hear that someone found some value in something I’ve put out there. I’ve noticed lately that quite a few of my blog readers seem to be coming in from various self improvement systems like Robbins’. To be honest I wasn’t really aware of this aspect of the community prior to when it started driving traffic to my blog. I have however noticed that a few of the fundamental concepts surrounding practicing magick seems to be deeply ingrained into the various self improvement programs out there. Meanwhile the improvement of self is essential to practicing magick and surviving it.

    As for your draw towards the Kabbalah, whenever you have a strong instinctual draw towards something like that it usually means that there’s something important to your personal path to be learned there, and usually when you look back on it much later on you end up seeing it as a major turning point in your spiritual development.

    Once again thanks for the nice comment and it is appreciated. Good luck and I hope you find what you’re seeking.

  3. crimzonsoul says:

    I like your site, and I know its not easy to put up. Thanks for putting it up and maintaining it. It’s really very informative.

  4. me says:

    With coherent, thoughtful and expressive writing, your blog is certainly a rarity out of the magickal themed websites online.

  5. indigo says:

    I’ve tripped across your blog and just wanted to say that your attempts here to explore and communicate about magick are interesting. You’ve certainly brought up varied and useful topics and opened the doors of dialog. I think that if anything I learned some names for some types of experiences that fit better than anything I had noted up till this point and was gently reminded that the path is always there.

    Good luck on your path.

  6. Pablo says:

    Yeah, I was reading your blog about the chaos energy, how did you do that? I have trouble getting raw energy from myself! And how did you rip that hole in Time/Space? It sounds interesting, even if I can;t do it I’d try and practice everything I can (Ohh, there’s not much good about Baal anywhere, I looked and I can only find the “Demon” of christianity)

  7. Rob says:

    If you’re not constantly feeding off something to sustain yourself, you’re producing some energy whether you know it or not, and there’s going to be some left over excess coming off you unless you can control it well enough to seal it all inside (this would be your aura and possibly a shield too). The energy you shed is still a part of you, even though it’s technically left your body, and you still have some ability to control it as if it were inside of you. The further out it goes the less control you have until finally you have no control at all.

    Your energy production increases with practice. Simple energy manipulation tricks and psionics tend to increase your ability to produce energy over time. You can tie yourself up spiritually by not properly dealing with certain issues or emotions or having a lack of focus and direction in your life, and this can be fixed by spending a long time healing and fixing yourself and dealing with your problems. Alternatively certain spiritual events can mostly fix this problem instantaneously. If the damage is severe enough this may be the only option available. We also have reserves of energy which are very difficult to access and typically only become available in trance or when we desperately need them. Also you might want to look into things like chakras and yoga exercises.

    You can also draw energy through the Earth. You just have to key into it and then pull energy up through your feet and have it gush out of your head. If you’re good enough at it you should be able to fish out specific types of energy if you know what you’re looking for.

    As for ripping holes, it’s a psionic trick. They need to go somewhere though. In this instance it was a hole that led somewhere into the past in some convoluted plan I came up with that made very little sense except at the time. Time travel holes are difficult. Anyways just pick a spot and start tearing at it. It might help to physically cut it, especially with a blade you’ve enchanted, possibly with your own energy, but it can be done just by thinking you want it done if you need to.

  8. Ann says:

    Hi Rob! Thanks for the great website. Could you tell me the proper candle layout for the unbinding ritual to Ares, please? I’m in desperate need of this. Thanks so much! Ann

  9. Robert Cohen says:

    Just stumbled on your website and have been enjoying it. And do want to thank you for all the energy you have put into it and for all the sharing.
    I’m real curious as to where you are located? I hope that is OK to ask.
    I’m in Sag Harbor NY and teach the Tarot and Astrology in NYC. I’m a math professor
    thanks again
    Robert Cohen PhD

  10. I’m curious, Rob: What was your intention when you started this blog? And now? What do you hope to spark by disseminating this very intriguing, insightful, provocative, well-thought-out material (including what I perceive to be your own personal explorations)? You obviously possess a wealth of knowledge, and have spent a great deal of time compiling and sharing your knowledge with us readers. (For which I, at least, am appreciative.)

    You’ve written a whole book here. Where do you anticipate it might go? What goals do you have? How do you hope your knowledge and experience might influence those who read your posts? I’d love to learn more about your objectives, etc., if you have the time and inclination to share.

    Many blessings,
    Skye Alexander

  11. T says:

    Rob, I’m quite impressed with your blog. While almost anyone can make a large blog with many posts, it’s quite rare to find one with consistently well writen and thought provoking material.

    The biggest limitation I’ve found with magick is the imagination of the practitioner, so I’ve been very glad to find your blog. It has inspired me to try new things I would not have considered otherwise. Thank you.


  12. seeqa says:

    Thank you for such an informative site!
    I would dearly like it if you would please post your thoughts and experiences regarding hex breaking and how to go about such…
    thank you especially for your posts about vampires, and “the black book”

    • Rob says:

      Thank you.

      I do have some rituals for hex breaking, but I don’t ever really use them, especially on myself. I find it better to just identify the energy and rip it apart. The best part about this is it takes a few seconds and can be done at any time of the day regardless of what else you might be doing. This way you don’t have to wait until you’re able to do a ritual, you can undo the hex immediately.

      The only reason why I would wait to break a hex is if I didn’t know who cast it and I needed it in order to launch a counter-offensive. I suggest always, always, always attacking anyone who has attacked you. I know that if I were attacking you, and you defeated my attack, I would just take what I learned and then come back with something new and different. I would keep doing this until I succeeded. You need to attack back so there is some deterrent stopping this person from continuing to attack you.

      I also do have some other rituals I may use in tandem with a hex breaking, like cleansing rituals, room cleanings, and the like. Again this comes down to exactly what was cast on me and how I want to deal with it.

      I was actually planning on posting some cleansing rituals in the future. Maybe I’ll post some hex breaking rituals with them.

  13. Abhinna says:

    I wanted to know about magickal properties beech and eucalyptus wood. Also i want to know about which woods would be most suited to water signs. I found your expert insights on tools very informative and helping. Thank you.

    • Rob says:

      Thank you.

      Beech is fire associative and it deals specifically with creativity and creative endeavors like making works of art and such.

      Eucalyptus is associated with healing, and it’s actually an often used herbal remedy.

      Personally my first choice for a Water wand would be Willow. Rowan would be another good one. Sandlewood is both fire and water associative, but it is unfortunately endangered.

  14. Abhinna says:

    Thank you Rob for answering my question. I want to ask you something. Many a times, I dream about my old home and school,things happen there have not actually happened earlier. When i get up next morning , i feel exhausted as if i have traveled or worked a lot. Is it an obe(out of body experience) or just fantasy created by my mind? Can you suggest something to avoid that tired feeling? Keep up the good work. BEST WISHES!

    • Rob says:

      It could be an OBE, and an OBE could cause that feeling. It’s hard to tell by what you told me. There are also several things that are connected to dreaming that it could be.

      In either case the problem is that you are essentially not sleeping, or at least not getting the full benefits of sleep, for a couple of hours every night. It’s made worse that, during that time, you’re actually exerting yourself more.

      I really suggest you take up daily meditation, at least for a little while, for however much time you can spare. If you can do an hour a day, that’s great. Even fifteen minutes a day is ideal, and ten minutes may even give some really good results. Even people who are really strapped for time can manage ten or fifteen minutes a day before bed. Even if that means you’ll lose ten or fifteen minutes of sleep, it’s worth it.

      Meditation will increase focus, mental clarity, intelligence, awareness, and mental control. All of this will make it easier for you to identify when you’re dreaming, identify when you’re astrally projecting, control your dreams, control yourself in your dreams, control your astral projections and when they’re happening, ect.

      It’s not something that will work overnight, but give it time and you’ll see some real results. If you want to see faster or better results, you might also want to look into lucid dreaming and dream recall techniques, like keeping a dream journal.

      I’ve actually had very severe dream related problems in the past, some that are similar to what you’re going through, and meditation really helps and it’s what saved me from them. It’s good for a large amount of dream problems.

      And keep in mind, you’re still going to have issues sometimes no matter what. Every once in a while you’ll still have a bad night or you’ll decide to explore something in a dream and you’ll wake up exhausted, and you’ll just have to trudge through your day like that. But if you get good at meditating it will be a lot less frequent, it’ll be less severe when it does happen, you’ll have a lot more control over it, and it will have a lot less of an impact on your life.

  15. Abhinna says:

    You are correct about my sleep pattern. Evan after sleeping 8.5-9hours everyday, i feel drowsy and my mom is surprised about how much mare sleep I need. I get sleepy around 12-12.30 which at times stretches to 1. Most people don’t believe, some say I am bragging but its true that my dreams are almost always lucid. Around the end, I should say the twist or at the turning point when things start to get out of hand, I somehow know I can handle it. I some way or the other escape from the dangerous situation or solve the mystery, complete the homework,pass the test, etc,etc( depending on the theme of the dream). Another thing, I always remember my dreams, sometimes for 2-3 days. I haven’t tried maintaining a dream journal. I am thinking to start one. I will also try to meditate. I love meditating, it calms my anger and refreshes me. I just need to adjust my daily routine, i liked your suggestion of meditating just before sleep. There will be no disturbances and silence of the night will create a mystic mood. Thanks for your considerate advise and understanding nature. Its my pleasure to interact with you.

  16. Joshua says:

    I actually stumbled on your site quite accidentally, while searching about our “fine friends” the Masons. Anyhow, I’m 36, I’ve had what most would call ESP since childhood. It really kicked in (and changed from strong intuition, to outright visions…like slides in front of my eyes) around 24 years of age. I’m the furthest thing from a magician. In fact, I know little about the subject and most of the knowledge I now have comes from your well written site here. I commend you on your writing. I’m emailing you because your blog has drummed up some interest. You obviously have your shit together and most likely know where to point a newcomer. With so many sites and books on the subject, it’s especially hard for a newcomer to figure out the legitimate teachings from the B.S. Can you point me to some good starting points? I’m very interested in learning how to protect myself, how to perform spells/invocations properly and so forth. I’m a quick learner, so fundamentals would be great, but anything beyond them would be much appreciated as well. Rob, thanks for your work. -Josh

    • Rob says:

      A lot of people tend to have special powers escalate in their early to mid-twenties, I don’t know why that is.

      You really have to read a lot of books and practice magic to tell the bullshit from the good stuff. Unfortunately a lot of the information out there is bad or recycled, and even when you do find a book that has good information, a lot of times that good information is hidden between a lot of bullshit.

      More than anything though look for books that give you instructions and tell you things to do. Theory is nice, but until you have a foundation in practical magic 95% of it is going to be useless. Plus it’s really easy to tell if these books are effective or BS. You have something you can try and see if it works.

      I did write a post called ‘Blogsphere Book Game’ which I went through ten books for the beginning practitioner. There’s also a link to Gordon’s original post on there and in a later post he lists all of the different bloggers who participated with links. All of those lists are worth at least looking through as I found out about a lot of really great books looking through them.

      It’s really hard though to find just general path information but really easy to find the best information for a specific path. I’m extremely eclectic both in my practice and how I came to learn about things, but at the same time I was lucky enough to have a mentor when I was first starting out to give me specific direction as I needed it.

      If you’re feeling overwhelmed by everything that’s out there, maybe you should try looking at a specific path that fits you. It’s usually not too hard to find the best basic books from each path.

  17. vivi2002 says:

    hi rob.i stumbled upon your blog when i googled the word trance trance and boy am i in shock.ive been looking for someone to help me understand what i went through when i was in trance and i think you might be the guy.ill try to keep it short.
    the first time i went into what i think you call trance was actually in a church.we were told to close our eyes and focus on an image of christ and think about him.i think i must have stood there for about thhirty mins(i realise now that that is what you call meditation)when i opened my eyes i was moving in slow motion(literally)i could see every one around me but i could not speak even though i tried.the next morning i looked to the top corner of the ceiling and something or someone said to me “you are crazy” i sort of sensed what people were thinking and electrical equipment kept going off around me.i never fully recovered from that experience.also i do what the christians call speaking in tongues .i was scared shitless then(i was only 20)but with guidance i would like to go back there because if im honest when i wasnt being scared by the things i was sensing and seeing(not phyically of course)it actually felt fantastic .almost like being mother said it was God i said it wasnt and she said i was possesed(i.e by an evil spirit.)i believe there is God i also adore jesus but i am not a christian .i call myself spiritual i need help.

    • Rob says:

      In the church you came out of a meditation too quickly, and doing that can be jarring and unsettling. In the future just take your time to come out of the meditation and you should be fine. When you’re ready to come out try staying relaxed and focus on your breathing. First just acknowledge that you are breathing. Then watch your breathes as they come in and out again and again. After you feel comfortable watching your breathing start to make an effort to control it. Make your breathing deeper or shallower, faster or slower. Once you’ve manipulated your breath for a bit then start to come out of meditation. It sounds long but the whole process will probably only take a minute or two.

      I can’t tell by your description what you were doing when you were speaking in tongues, it could be any number of things. However you can’t get possessed without permission. You have to tell something that it can possess you, at least partially, or metaphysically open yourself up to a possession in order to get possessed. It’s possible you’re naturally opening yourself up without knowing it because you’re a natural medium, but I doubt it. Unless you start telling things they can possess you, or you start attempting mediumship, even in limited forms like automatic writing and spirit boards, there is no danger of possession.

      • vivi2002 says:

        hey rob thanks for your response. wow ive been reading through your blog and ive come across some really interesting stuff.can i just say rob meditating isnt something i do on a daily basis i fact it isnt something i do at all we were told in church to meditate but i thought it meant thinking..i guess i just got it right accidentally that one time and i havent been able to do it since then well not until i came across your site.when you say i came out of meditation too quickly do you mean i wasnt even in trance at all .because i experienced a lot of stuff i didnt even have a name for sleep paralysis, astral projection ,lucid dreaming i could even fortell the future .also everything seemed to be speaking. i mean every sound or movement seemed to make sense to me e.g people blinking ,chewing moving their hands especially moving their hands at one point i stopped speaking totally and communicated by making hand movements sort of like a abracadabra motion.i think the scariest thing of all was when i said jesus is in this body meaning my body .i even clamped my hand over my mouth cus i thought ..”you cant say that, thats blasphemy” but my sister sort of gave me a knowing smile.that really freaked me out cus i keep thinking i channeled jesus.i dont even know what channeling for speaking in tongues i can sort of do it on tap all i have to do is sort of calm down and start speaking its almost like auto matic speaking but not in english everyone speaks differently.and its not sort of repetitive like they do in the pentecostal sort of makes sense to me even if i dont actually know wat im saying it feels like i understand what i am saying.some people interprete what people say when they speak in tongues i dont know if that is possible or they are just making stuff up .i always feel as if they arent interpreting me accurately anyways.i dont go to church at all now because i dont really think they know what they are doing in church with this whole God thing.they keep telling me its God i know it isnt.well im not sure but i know its not as black and white as they say it is.oh and finally ever since that experience my mind counts.i meant non stop counting from one to seven or sometimes nine then it stops and starts again (think ocd)over and over and over mum says i must be counting the seven, i disagree i think the whole thing screwed my mind. your insight on this matter rob would be much appreciated cus the next time i go into that state ,im gonna be asking for lottery numbers.thanks for your response

        • Rob says:

          It’s difficult to say if you were or were not in trance. The things you describe are not effects of trance, they’re just things that are easier to do while in trance (and trance is in no way necessary to do them).

          It’s very possible that you accidentally managed something real during your meditation and that sort of activated these other abilities you had.

          Some of what you describe is similar to mediumship, especially during the early stages when a person is still mastering it, and you may have some natural mediumship abilities. You may be speaking in tongues because you’re not yet letting go enough and managing to facilitate the spirit that is possessing you so that it can adequately control your vocal chords.

          I’d be cautious of anything claiming to be Jesus. You did not channel or become possessed by Jesus. There are only three explanations for the Jesus thing. Either you’re suffering from a major psychiatric disorder such as schizophrenia, you were for some reason delusional when this occurred, or you were dealing with a deceptive and most likely malicious spirit.

          The counting is also not a good sign. Assuming it’s not a psychiatric disorder then you’ve managed to get something malicious attached to you that’s screwing with you. It could very possibly be the early stages of a walk-in.

          Read this ritual I wrote up. In place of a god though, use one of the four archangels, either Micheal, Raphael, Gabriel, or Uriel, whichever is your favorite. Use the same techniques you were using to speak in tongues. Ask them to appear before you or come into you, and ask them to rid you of the spirit which is bothering you.

          You could also try a simple cleansing spell if you can figure out how to do one of those.

          If that doesn’t give you some relief from the counting in your head, then it’s probably a psychiatric problem, one that possibly could have been caused by a genuine metaphysical event in your life which, as you put it, screwed your mind.

  18. vivi2002 says:

    thanks rob ill give the ritual thing a go.thanks for the info(really scary stuff)

  19. Morgan says:

    Hello Rob,

    I find your blog to be both fascinating and informative. However it does leave me with many questions, as I am rather new on the path of magic. Can you recommend any decent magic discussion forums? I have tried a few out there, and it is difficult to run onto serious informed magicians. It is mostly ones who think themselves adept. I am sure you know what I mean. ;)


    • Rob says:

      I know what you mean. I’ve been in a lot of different discussion forums in the past, and ultimately I made my blog and left them behind. I may post on one now and then when I feel in the mood, but I haven’t ever seen a good discussion forum. There’s very little information there, lots of drama, nothing of real value for me, and although I do see some opportunities to teach, I have to deal with too much BS, stupid rules, egomaniacs, and armchair magicians to stay there very long. I prefer my blog, and I’m a lot more productive here.

      Most of those forums, like a lot of various Internet forums, are really about online communities and e-friends centered around a shared interest, and not spiritual practice. People who just want to have spiritual discussions, and not make new friends or deal with angst and flame wars, usually end up quickly leaving these forums because it’s not worth the trouble. So the people who want the community and the friends are all that’s really out there. And it’s usually the same people in all of these different Internet forums too.

  20. Morgan says:

    I find this blog quite refreshing. I find other blogs to be enlightening as well. I read something intelligent and truthful, and then I think. I find before long that I have answered many of my own questions. But then there are a few that I might ask. Although I was not sure that a blog is the proper forum for asking questions.

    Somehow the TRUTH shows through in the end. Or perhaps for certain persons like myself who seek the truth it prevails. You are quite right about the forums. Much drama and surprisingly the ones sucked in by some “11 year old” who is bored are the ones who call themselves Magus and profess to be all knowing. Now I admit I was sucked into the drama in one instance, but I learned better. And it didn’t take me long. But the ones who get sucked in quickly to an obvious mind game surely cannot be “Magus”. This is the first tip.

    And then they have their teachings. Now this is information “borrowed” from elsewhere. Unfortunately, these “magus” have never actually worked it. I found myself in trouble after attempting a working. Something just went wrong and I am not sure what. I asked an “all knowing one” for help, and was rather quickly avoided from that point forward. And oddly the other “all knowing” weren’t to be found either. Then eventually I was accused of “drama” and being an “attention whore”.

    Is it crazy to take some free magickal classes from someone online that you ever met? Yep! But hey Crowley was an adventurer and must have encountered some frauds too. :)

  21. I would love to see something on Psychometry here. It’s something I began studying and practicing about a year ago and have gotten quite advanced very quickly. I find that many practitioners have never heard of such a thing! It’s an amazing sector of divination and I’d love it if you would share the knowledge with everyone on your blog :)

    • Erockos says:

      Hi Rob, I have a random question that you may not even have an opinion on, but I’ve stumbled upon your blog recently and have found I enjoy reading your opinion on things. My question is about glossolalia. From time to time I feel the urge to speak in what seems like gibberish, usually carrying some kind emotion or feeling but without any actual knowledge of what I’m saying or why I feel the urge to say it. I am not the healthiest person in the world and these “episodes” tend to happen usually when I’m feeling weak or sick and recently it has progressed to the point that I feel the urge more and more and its even sometimes hard to resist the urge to just speak whatever it is that I’m speaking. I guess what I’m actually asking is your opinion on the matter, do you know of any magical or, as you would probably say, spiritual reason for something like this? (I’ve done a little research into glossolalia and as of now I don’t really think too much of it, but I’ve run across plenty of different opinions on it while scouring the internet and as I said I enjoy reading your opinion on things so any sort of insight would be appreciated. If you have no opinion on it that’s cool too lol) Thanks.

  22. Hi i just want to ask how do you know if you have an abilety, my family think i can do Reiki because i know when they are herting and i place my hands on them and there pine goss away.

    • Rob says:

      If you’re able to do something, you have an ability. It’s not a very useful ability unless you understand how it works and how to control it though.

      Reiki is a specific system that involves a good deal of training and understanding of energy manipulation. I’ve never studied Reiki, but I still suggest it as a good starting point to learning energy manipulation, because I’ve met some very stupid and inept people who achieved a basic understanding of energy awareness and manipulation through Reiki. If you haven’t studied Reiki though, although you may still have some psychic healing or energy manipulation type abilities, you don’t know Reiki.

  23. Markus says:

    hi i was reading your articles here and i think you might be able to help me with a big problem i have but its very complicated and i dont know if this is the right section to post it….so if you are willing to help just answer my post please

  24. Coleman says:

    Hello Rob,

    I have been reading your blog for a few weeks now as well as some of the books you have recommended and I would like to say that you have been extremely helpful in my learning and practice.

    I was wondering though if you had any information on shapeshifting (I don’t like that term but it is most accurate). More specifically I was hoping you had some experience or could point me to a direction where I could learn more about changing the physical body into a certain animal or evem person by magickal means.

    Again, I love you blog and all of your information has been most helpful.

    Thank you,

  25. Anon says:

    So assuming one doesn’t know about these otherkin spiritual knowings (I’ve read your version on the subject) and/or beliefs, but their personality CAN BE like that of an angelkin? So angelkin don’t come in varieties of character or personality? What about dreams of rebirth and/or death? (Just asking all these questions because I’m really curious about “rebirth” and your knowledge/views on angels, dreams and such)

  26. Scared and confused says:

    Hello Rob,

    I’m just starting out exploring magic and so far I’ve read the lesser keys of solomon and some phil hine. Everything was fine and exciting until I read condensed chaos by Phil Hine. He mentiones some .. horrifying experiences he had with .. i dunno., things that aren’t human. I think what bothers me the most is the way he mentioned them almost nonchalantly..

    It got me thinking that if this sort if thing is a common occurence for a practitioner, then maybe I should just steer clear of all this “stuff”.

    I come from a fairly superstitious background and as a defense mechanisim I’ve developed a sort of sneering, uppity, agnocsticism towards the concept of demons, enteties and what not. Unfortunately, now that the fear has been reawakened in me, I’ve been having terrible sleep at night, I wake up every few hours and almost every night I swear up and down that I’m done with all of this.

    Just so you know, I’m not taking the chaos appproach (I feel that it lacks the proper structure to help a noob actually learn anything) I’m actually starting out with the self initiation GD book by ther ciceros.

    I’m taking it as slow as possible and planning to spend at least four months meditating and “communicating” with the godform of Maat before I do anything else.

    I am guilty if havung jumped the gun and performed a few rituals that I had no business doing. I’ve even entertained thoughts of conjuring a goetic demon. Haha.

    I’ve attempted an angel summoning and (naturally) nothing happened. I don’t know if it’s because I don’t know what I’m doing or because this is all rediculous and of course magic isn’t real!!

    So after that lengthy bit of introduction, here’s what I’m actually asking. I want to make an informed decision on this: am I getting in over my head? None of my friends or family practice magic and I live in a country where witchcraft is an enormous taboo. this all means that I don’t have the support of a group or a temple to fall abck on when shit gets hairy.

    Also, in the manual I’m reading the authors recommend I do the LBRP everyday because as a beginner
    I’m going to “flare up” on the astral level and that could attract all sorts of crap to me.

    I was so happy back when I thought magic was just a way of manipulating our subconcious into doing things that we normally can’t do. That godforms, spirits and demons were just fancy reproductions of aspects of our psyche.

    What do I do? Like I said I want to make sure I’m not getting over my head. I never used to be a scared person. That was my favorite thing about myself. Am I giving up my peace if mind (and sanity) for something that isn’t worth it?

    I feel it’s important to mention that I got into magic in the first palce due to an experience I had as a teenager with my cousins when I suggested we try a “spell” and got a freaky result. We were all scared stiff, of course and never touched magic again until now. I’m a 22 year old girl.

    My pourpose in pursuing magic isn’t noble like people who are in it for the spiritual kick. Simply put I want to make my life easier and manifest my will (lofty goals, I know lol) but I do consider myself an ethical person and I would never try to harm anyone or influence their freedom of will or force them to do anything in any way. I want it for purely selfish reasons; money, success, confidence, the usual.

    Am I in it for the wring reasons? Tell me straiyght, I can take it :)

  27. Stephanie Beal says:

    Hello! My name is Stephanie. I have been looking for time travelling magical for some time now. I am very happy that I found your web-site. I am extremely interested in changing some things in my past, particularly my behavior. I need it locked in and for nobody to try to mess with my life as it had been at that point. I had a 5 month old baby and a very angry husband. I needed divine assistance with raising my child. I could not afford the things I so desired and had to do without many things. I wanted to have a tub birth, but we did not have a place with a tub we could use. There are other things that occurred which I would never want to change. I am having a difficult time dealing with what I’ve done and what’s been happening.

  28. Stephanie Beal says:

    Good morning\day\evening! How are you? I sent another e-mail previously. I am looking for a way to change my own past behaviors. You have given me some hope that this is possible. I would love to hear back from you on whether or not this dream might become a reality.

  29. Shane says:

    Hi my name is Shane I’ve been reading your website and I believe there is hope for my ambitious goals after reading your page. I was hoping you could give me some instructions for your Geburah method it would be extremely helpful and I would appreciate it greatly thank you for your time and energy.

  30. Jonan says:

    Hello , I am Jonan from Taiwan. I have seen your post about summon demons. Actually I want to try. Could you tell me some detail about this process ? I am a Christian. And , I want to sure is it make me apart from the heaven or not. If I just summon but a contract. I am surely afraid of punishment in forever. I just want to know and see in my eyes and ask some questions. But I wonder that demons will play tricks in their words to confuse me into danger.

  31. Stormy says:

    Hello, my name is Storm, I saw the post about Empathy magic, and I was wondering what gemstones you would suggest to use, I really don’t like using sites on the internet to find stuff out about magic, but I feel like you know what you are talking about.

  32. Carol says:

    Your blog an astral projection is full of bullshit. For one, your body does not die if you die in AP, you just wake up. Second, lucid dreaming is not AP, or it is lucid dreaming. Lookup the definition of lucid. You can watch and watch and it be very vivid but you can not control it. The difference between AP and Lucid. I stopped reading there because it doesn’t seem to me that you have much experience with it all. No offense but if you’re going to write about something, you should know your facts.

  33. Michael says:

    Hello Rob! How are you? Are you planing to write “energy manipulation part 3 ? ” It
    seems it’s been a while since you posted part 2.

  34. Saba says:

    Hi Rob,
    Hope you are doing well. I have campus across your blog while searching for information about voodoo time travel spells. It seems like you are quite knowledgeable about the subject.
    Would it be possible if I ask you about what I am interested in knowing about that?

    Thank you

  35. Elan says:

    Hi, Rob. Reading your post about communing with God’s and I have a ton of questions. For example what do you think about Odin/Wodun. I hope you reply so we can continue

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