This June will mark the two year anniversary of my blog. Yea! Things have changed in that time, so I think it’s time to change the about page. If you want to see the old page, it’s still a post and still the mission statement.

About two years ago I began this site to post some articles I had written for a friend’s e-journal that never saw publication. I had wanted to do my part in putting good, useful information online for practitioners, something I didn’t see enough of. Did I succeed? I don’t know. I still think the site needs more practical information. And I really should update more often. I still don’t think the site has made any big waves in the metaphysical community.

But what began as yet another project on the side two years ago has become an indispensable part of my spiritual practice. This blog has not only become my outlet for distributing my public spiritual work, but it has also become a valuable learning tool. I believe I’ve learned more writing this blog than anyone else has learned from reading it. From the beginning it was a dream of mine that one day my blog wouldn’t be filling a gap in the community, but that there would be a plethora of sites like it maintained by practitioners who wanted to share some of their knowledge publicly. I’ve seen a few good sites appear since starting this blog, and I’ve been directed towards a few others that were here before me, but they still seem to be a difficult to find rarity. If you’re a practitioner, I’d suggest and encourage starting your own blog and website to publish information and thoughts, if not to selflessly give something to the community, then for the selfish reason of advancing your own spiritual attainment.

As for the site, my name is Rob, I’m a practitioner, and this is my blog. It deals with everything concerning magick. I’m very good at keeping it on-topic. Feel free to give your opinion or ask questions in the comment sections, and if need be you can email me directly. I make new posts when I can, which is, unfortunately, not often enough. I try to respond to every comment, although it sometimes takes a while. My sidebar has a list of links that I think most people will find informative.

Adept of the Magical Order of the Peacock
Knight of Anubis
Acquirer of numerous other titles and degrees

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  1. Ree says:

    Hello and I really appreciate your website and sharing. You mentioned that you started your own group that is open to community members and I was wondering how one finds out more information about it and getting connected. Is it in the Los Angeles area by chance? And if not, then do you know of a group in the L.A. area that might be good to connect with for those interested in learning about magick from practitioners such as yourself? Also, can you share about what the best ways to learn about magick for the practitioner, as it seems that in cities like L.A. there is much commercialization of magick, “closed” or “limited” sharing of information, and much of the information does not seem to go beyond the superficial levels.

    Thanks so much and please keep up all of the important sharing that you are doing with this blog,


  2. Oslokeez says:

    All I need to say is thanks and be well. I’m a musician who revels in much of what you describe here. Your words have given me refreshment. ~peace

  3. gracesong815 says:

    I came across your blog in doing a search for substantial articles to read regarding magick. Thus far, it’s been very informative.
    Keep up the good work!
    P.S. In the system of magick that you describe in the E-book section of your blog, have you seen physical, tangible results?

    • Rob says:


      I wrote the ebook years ago, so like anything I wrote years ago I’ve grown and changed my mind about some things. If I were to rewrite it today, covering the same information, it would be done a bit differently.

      That being said, the book more or less covers the various techniques that lie at the foundation of my personal magical practice.

      I’m not sure what you mean by physical and tangible. The book deals with energy manipulation and that, by itself, isn’t something that is very physical or tangible. Granted that can be developed into physical and tangible results.

      Like I said, those techniques and ideas lie at the foundation of my magical understanding. My entire spiritual practice begins there. You can look at everything contained in this blog, in my private spiritual practice, and my emotional and physical health as starting there.

      However it is just a foundation. My spiritual practice has evolved from reading, studying, watching others, channeling information, and most importantly practical work and experience, and only because I’ve possessed the necessary attitudes in order to grow as much as I have. Nor would I say that my path is the only path or even the best path to spiritual attainment and enlightenment, it’s just my path.

      I hope that answers you question.

  4. Keith Brown says:

    These are the best series of essays I’ve seen in a long time– a very long time. I am pretty sure Gene would have approved. In fact, I’m sure as I am about anything– not since the Gandalf Club, which was before the word was cancelled when it became too cute as was Rational Yoga– a nice idea, but mucked around by idiots. This is all approximate, you understand– and you’d value the opinion of Gene a lot.

  5. Marlon C. Hartshorn says:

    I agree with Keith, these essays are great quality. They have worked on my mind all weekend and really inspired me and made me think and question things a lot more.

  6. I am kind of new to all the subjects but thank you for posting such information. They really are priceless.

  7. Diogeneia says:

    A student of mind found your blog while researching on the web–something I caution them about regularly. But after reading that first blog and checking out others, I’ve come to find it a good resource for additional opinions and information on various magic(k)al topics. It’s a nice supplement. I don’t always agree with everything, but I respect your perspective and believe diverse points of view are valuable.

    You continue to do good work here, Rob. Keep it up. :)

  8. Dear Rob,
    I am grateful for the wonderful information on this blog and am really enjoying your articles.
    I do, however, know firsthand that it is possible to loose oneself within an projection.
    I have somewhat often accidently astral projected, perhaps, because of a serious lack of grounding. Within my projection I have often forgotten who I am (I am always the same other person or being who is very young but with long white hair and walking barefoot in the dark on soft ground) apart from a vague tug in my heart. I’ve always made it back, obviously, but sometimes it is very difficult and terribly frightening. I think in most cases folk probably do remember who they are but I just wanted to let you know there’s at least one case of the little lost astral projector. I’m not wiccan nor do I practice magick because it never seemed to be my path. I do however have strange sight and hearing. I hear and see more than those around me. Strange things but not necessarily frightening. When I was little I saw and heard much more but during my teens questions of sanity arose and this is when things faded out for a bit. Within the last six years they’ve returned and this is when the accidental astral projections began. I was told, in a dream, that I need to sink into the earth and be up to my knees in mud in order to prevent getting lost. I was also told that I’d always be drawn somewhere else so preventing the astral projections seems to be impossible for me and, I think, without it, I’d feel hallow and shell-like. Some part of me feels to exist very far away from this life I am living. So I am on a bit of a quest, I suppose, to be able to hold onto who am in this world when I am pulled into another. I’ll be searching for that knee-deep mud.
    I’m not presenting this to you to be contradictory. In fact, you are probably perfectly correct in saying that one can always return. I have, after all, always made it back to myself, though, not on my own accord… Sometimes it’s just a whisper and other times a tiny spirit but it always instructs me to walk backwards. Then I wake and I’m me again.
    I used to think this was a dream, and tell me if I’m wrong, but it seems like much more. It sounds like astral projection… but I am no expert.
    Thank you for reading,

    • Rob says:

      The memory issues aren’t that uncommon. A lot of people have issues holding on to memories and remembering what they’re supposed to do in an astral projection. Although it isn’t as common, some people do forget who they are (this problem arises more with dreaming though). Meditation will help you keep your memories intact and help you focus, but it’s hard to say to what degree that will help.

      What you’re describing sounds like an astral projection. If you’re popping channels, you also might be getting yanked through, and the two things sound similar when described, but I doubt that’s what’s happening.

      You’re definitely being pulled towards something that you’re supposed to find. The fact that your sight returned around the same time the projections did means that you’re probably getting ready to evolve spiritually.

      When you project out and you’re being pulled somewhere else, are you always fighting it and trying to hold on to yourself? It seems to me that the best thing to do would be to lose yourself completely and follow this wherever it will take you. My guess would be that where it’s taking you is where you need to end up. I’d also guess that you’d eventually find your way back to your body.

      • Hi, Rob. This is very helpful, thank you. Since I posted this I’ve acquired a book on meditation in hopes that it will help me find grounding.

        Yes, I am fighting it… because I know what’s coming and I’m very afraid of not getting back, of not remembering myself. I think you’re right, though, and next time it happens I’ll go willingly. Now that I think about it I don’t think I’m completely alone there on account of the voice and light telling me to walk backwards in order to get back. Perhaps this is where “I” go – perhaps this is a part of myself that somehow got aside from my consciousness or perhaps it’s something fun and magic! Either way it’s there with me and I trust it.

        Thank you so much, Rob. Your insight is greatly appreciated.

  9. Cyphress says:

    I’ve been wondering if it would be possible to cast spells on live plants. If so, would the harvested parts of the plant retain those magickal properties? To what degree of magick could be bound to a plant? Would spells and the magickal properties of those plants synergize well together?

    • Rob says:

      They used to cast spells on plants all the time. Usually these spells were meant to protect the plants and make them grow better. Harvests were very important, and these were the ancient equivalents to modern day prosperity spells.

      I’ve never tried, or really even thought about, casting a spell on a plant in order to transfer it to a person through digestion. It might be possible. Looking at the metaphysics of food transference, the general idea is that every generation causes a greater degree of degradation. The sun releases energy. This energy is absorbed by plants. Plants are first generation, and get the most energy. Herbivores are second generation, and they receive a lessor amount of energy from the plants. Carnivores, meanwhile, are third generation, and they receive even less energy from eating the herbivores.

      Likewise you’ll get the most energy from eating fruits and vegitables, less from eating things like Chickens and Cows, and the least amount from eating Lions and Tigers. Of course this idea deals with energy, not with actual spells.

      Assuming the theory also holds with spells, the best thing to do would be to cast the spell directly on the person, rather than casting it on their food. Casting it on their food would just be inefficient, even if it did work.

      Plants are also living things. We might not hold them in the same regard as people, or even animals, but they’re still alive, and they have souls. At some point casting spells on them like this, while they are still alive, may become immoral.

  10. Jillian G says:

    I’ve been non stop reading the various articles you’ve written, and you’ve really got me thinking. I find myself in alot of mania’s where i get super charged with ability and comprehensions, usually instigated by panic attacks etc. I get the idea that it’s something you have excuses for. It’s been a minute since i took the time to read someone’s blog like this, i like you, your special :)


  12. Paula Perry says:

    hi rob, i found your blog today by searching incense uses. i too, started a blog over 2 years ago about pet care, it grew to be more holistic care and now animal welfare. i learned a lot from writing the blog as well. i have used incense most of my life, back in the day to cover up pot smell. :) now i see an incense called pot. how funny. i live in ca where there are as many smoke shops as starbucks. also use to be known as ‘head shops’, now ‘smoke shops. i look forward to following your blog. i started a spiritual path in 2010, which is and has been a great journey as well!

  13. There definitely is such a thing as a “beautiful mind” in magick if there’s one in mathematics, right? Rob, for me you currently fit that form, and am serious about this.

    Blessed to have been touched by your thinking.

  14. Do you have a facebook/ instagram?

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