Spotting Fake Otherkin Part 1: Intro and Angelkin

For those not in the know, otherkin are people who are reincarnations of past lives that were non-human, usually also defined as a species not thought to be native to earth, although Angelkin are included in this definition even though they are native to earth. Among otherkin the most popular claims are Angelkin, Faekin, Demonkin, Elfkin, and Dragonkin, in that order. Relative to the population, otherkin are relatively rare. Still you put seven billion people on a planet, you’re going to end up with a sizeable chunk of otherkin, and they’re going to be more predisposed to alternate spiritualities, so if you’re active in the community, you have a good chance of meeting one. Still the vast majority of people in the community, even among adepts or spiritual masters, are human through and through.

A large amount of people do claim to be otherkin though. Although a few might be outright liars, most are just troubled people who wanted it to be true so badly that they convinced themselves that it was. Being otherkin feeds a fantasy of escape from their mundane and sometimes difficult lives, it let’s them feel special (without having actually earned that specialness), and it justifies why life hasn’t worked out so well for them. It’s a variation of the theme where people have convinced themselves they have major psychological disorders like autism or a learning disability despite never being diagnosed as such. Just like those disorders, real otherkin often find themselves faced with major issues in their life because of what they are, especially in terms of socialization and fitting in with normal society, because they’re operating with an (at least partially) alien logic, alien emotional spectrum, and alien energy. Schizophrenics also operate on an alien logic. Sociopaths operate on an alien emotional spectrum. Those groups also have issues with socialization and fitting into society.

The main point of this series of articles is to give some tips on how to tell the real otherkin from the fake ones. Maybe, also, someone who identifies otherkin will give this a read through and finally find the proof they needed, or more likely take a long look at how they identify themselves and the fact that maybe they were mistaken. I’ll definitely go over Angelkin and Faekin, since I understand these species and their kin very well, and am always able to spot them immediately. I’m not as well versed in Dragons and Elves, and mainly rely on the energy and what I do understand of the logic to identify them, but I may eventually give them a try. Demons are not worth doing, because if someone claims to be a Demonkin they are almost certainly faking. Demonkin are extraordinarily rare, so much so that I’m unsure if there’s even one on the planet. Impkin exist, and almost always identify themselves as Demonkin, but even those are very rare even among otherkin.

To start, here are a few tips to tell which are real that is pretty much universal among otherkin. Do remember though that everyone is different, and all otherkin also possess a human aspect which is 100% normal human when taken by itself, so none of these rules are hard and fast, just guidelines. The energy never lies though.

1. Possesses a non-human energy signature – If you meet a Demon, an Angel, a Fae, whatever, you can always tell that these things are what they are by their energy signature. There’s a specific kind of energy that all Angels emit, and there’s one for all Fae too, and for everything else. Even animals have specific energy signatures that are unique to their species. Otherkin always retain some aspect of their former self and so they always emit the energy signature of their previous species to some degree, some so powerfully they can easily be mistaken for what they were instead of what they are. The energy signature is very difficult to fake, and most things and people that can won’t bother, and are generally self-aware enough to know for sure whether or not they’re an otherkin. The very best way to identify an otherkin is by their energy signature. If you know the energy signature of the species well enough, you can always tell for sure if they are the real thing or not.

2. Possesses a non-human logic – In addition to the energy signature, otherkin also possess a non-human logical base. They don’t think like normal people do, and they don’t understand the world in the same way. This is why, to a lot of people at least, spirits of the same species seem an awful lot alike. Within their species they have personalities as varied as humans, but we’re largely drawn to the part of them that is the most different from us, and the most difficult for us to understand. If you understand the logic of a species, you can usually identify whether or not someone is otherkin by the way they interpret that logic. Very few fake Angelkin are able to get their logic right. Even though Fae seem a lot simpler to understand to me, I’ve never seen fake Faekin that got it right.

Logic isn’t foolproof though. If someone understands a certain type of spirit, and they’ve spent a large amount of time with that type of spirit, and they’re fairly intelligent they can sometimes fake it. Otherkin are also part human, and that human part may be suppressing the otherkin part, or they may have just figured out how to hide it very well. This is especially true after they’ve been incarnated many times over as human. Also this is the sort of thing that extensive therapy and medication can sometimes normalize. So an otherkin may not show the logic, because they happen to have a good therapist or psychiatrist.

3. Has trouble socializing and fitting in – Real otherkin often times find it difficult to socialize, to have relationships with friends, and to do things like get along in school or hold down a job. It’s often difficult for them to understand the world and how it operates, and what is expected of them in order to fit in. This isn’t a hard rule, some are very well adjusted, especially after many incarnations. This is also usually true of fake otherkin, because the kind of person who is drawn towards believing they’re otherkin probably has some of these same issues.

4. Doesn’t long to go home – Just about any fake otherkin will talk, at length, about how they’re eventually going to go back to their home world where they belong in some future incarnation. That’s part of the escapist fantasy that leads non-otherkin to self identify as such. Very few real otherkin will ever mention going home. Usually by the time most are spiritually advanced enough to realize what they are, they’re spiritually advanced enough to realize they are never going home.

Otherkin aren’t some sort of spiritual astronauts exploring other realms. Things don’t normally go incarnate on different worlds. If something jumps worlds and species like that, there’s usually a pretty good reason for it, one that didn’t leave them any other alternative. Either they could not stay where they were from, or their previous species failed to provide them with something they spiritually needed. In any case their spiritual path lies ahead of them, and their current incarnation is a spiritual growth for them. They should be going forward, not back to what they were.

If you look at past lives, even fake ones, people don’t want to go back to who they were. Out of all the people who claim to have been Cleopatra in a past life, none of them want to be Cleopatra again after they die. There’s a reason for that. It doesn’t make sense that actual otherkin would want to go back to their past selves. People don’t think, or grow, like that.

So let’s get into some specifics that only apply to Angelkin that will help you identify one:

1. An Angelkin will never found or attend an Angelkin group – Angels don’t enjoy each other’s company. Angels don’t have the normal human spectrum of emotions. Many emotions that are common among humans are never felt by angels, and Angels feel a wide variety of emotions that, under normal circumstances, humans never will. One of these emotions triggers when an Angel is in close proximity to another Angel, and it’s best described as an overwhelming urge to beat the crap out of the other Angel. The same way humans can suppress their emotions instead of acting on them, an Angel can suppress this emotion, but it’s very uncomfortable for them to do so. Because of this, Angels don’t like to be around each other. The emotion is triggered by Angelic energy, which Angelkin also possess. Angelkin will feel this same emotion, just like Angels do.

So for a real Angelkin, to be around others of their kind is a very uncomfortable situation, and a sort of personal hell. It’s not something they would willing do unless they had to, or it served some important purpose or helped them reach some goal. They wouldn’t do it just to connect with others like them, and maybe have a few laughs.

So anytime you see an Angelkin group, whether its online or an actual meet-up, every single person in that group is not an Angelkin.

2. An Angelkin will not evoke Angels, usually – There’s a lot of magic out there that involves Angel evocations. Protective circles and banishing rituals commonly make use of Angels. You can also straight up evoke them if you want, just like a demon or anything else. Some fake Angelkin will take to owning their Angel aspects and constantly evoke Angels in their magic, just to prove how Angelific they are.

Actual Angelkin will usually go out of their way not to evoke Angels. There are of course exceptions. In a dire emergency it might be worth it to evoke an Angel. And sometimes a person might actually need to speak to a specific Angel, especially if they have a past life history with that Angel. But under normal circumstances, an Angelkin won’t be evoking Angels, and will usually modify any magic to remove Angelic evocations.

Of course there’s the reason above, that Angels don’t like each other and don’t want to be around each other, and this extends to Angelkin. Also, for the same reason, when an Angelkin just evokes an Angel for no good reason, there’s a good chance they’ll end up in a fight. Not only are Angels compelled to beat the crap out of each other, it’s part of how they socially interact with each other.

There’s a more important reason why Angelkin don’t like evoking Angels too. Angels don’t like Angelkin. I don’t mean emotionally, but on a cultural level. Angels are proud of what they are. They’re proud of what they do and their place in the universe, and see themselves as fulfilling an essential role. For an Angel, dismissing that role and not doing what you’re supposed to do is one of the most vile and disgusting acts imaginable. Angelkin got to be Angelkin by not being Angels anymore, and Angels will usually despise them for it.

So if an Angelkin isn’t getting the crap beat out of them, they’re getting some lecture about what a worthless piece of shit they are and how they’ve made horrible decisions and how they really should go back to being what they were.

So for them it’s like every conversation you’ll have with your parents after you’ve dropped out of college.

3. An Angelkin won’t normally announce themselves – If an Angelkin tells you they’re an Angelkin, most likely they’ve identified you an Angel or Angelkin, they’re threatening you, or they’ve developed a very close and intimate relationship with you. Otherwise they probably won’t bring it up, and may even attempt to hide it if asked directly. They may claim to not be otherkin, or not know what kind of otherkin they are, or just plain not want to talk about what kind of otherkin they are.

As stated, Angels are very proud of what they are. No matter what sort of situation led an Angelkin to stop being an Angel, one of two thing is true. Either they’re no longer proud of what they were, or they’re ashamed of what they’ve become.

Of course that’s a simplification. An Angelkin may be going through all sorts of emotions trying to figure out their place in the universe, if not being an Angel is right or wrong, and there may be both elements of being an Angel and elements of being an Angelkin that they’re proud of, and that they’re ashamed of.

However the whole thing is typically a very personal ordeal and full of strong emotions, some of them very negative and directed at themselves, and so it isn’t the sort of thing that most people just go around announcing. For example, it would be very unlikely that an Angelkin would stand up at an otherkin meetup full of strangers and say their name and that they identify as Angelkin.


Gandalf (not his real name): Hi, my name is Gandalf, and I’m an Angelkin. In my past life, I served the god Zeus.

Group: Hi Gandalf.

Lord Fuzzlebottom: Hi, I’m Lord Fuzzlebottom, and I’m an alcoholic.

Group Leader: C’mon people, let’s stop with that joke. It got old like ten meetups ago.

Of course, there are reasons why an Angelkin might just announce themselves. It’s common for Angels to announce exactly what they are prior to an attack. It’s part of how they threaten and intimidate. The cultural aspect may carry over to Angelkin, and they may be announcing themselves before they even realize what they’re doing, or might not even care when they’re thrown into battle and start regressing aspects of their past self. Likewise it would be a show of respect, a common courtesy, not to hide what they are from other Angels, including Angelkin.

4. An Angelkin never served – A lot of fake Angelkin will tell you how they served under a certain god. The main source of Angel mythology is Christian mythology, which paints a picture of Angels serving under the Hebrew god and Jesus. Some supposed Angelkin may consider themselves Christian angels, where as those with a more Pagan leaning may just suppose that every deity has Angels, and that Angels serve deities, so they pick a cool deity they like to have served under.

Any Angelkin who says they’ve served under a god is not a real Angelkin.

If there is a manual out there about being an angel, the sort of thing that every angel has to read to know how to act and behave, the very first line of the very first page is going to have in giant bold letter the sentence, “Angels do not serve.”

Angels do not serve anything. Not people, not Gods, not Demons, not other Angels, not Satan (even if they are ‘fallen’), not Jesus, not institutions, not spirits, not religions. Angels do not serve.

The specifics delve deeply into Angelic culture, logic, and their emotional base, so much so it would be difficult to go into it. The gist is that Angels believe very strongly in certain ideals, and they also believe themselves to be incorruptible, and at least in regard to serving their ideals perfect. To some degree there is truth. You can not bargain with an Angel, reason with it, it won’t compromise, there’s nothing it can be tempted with, and you can’t coerce it with threats. Even if you’re vastly more powerful than an Angel, if you attempt to beat the crap out of it to get it to do what you want it will just keep fighting you until you finally kill it.

From an Angel’s point of view, they are perfect in serving their ideals. Gods, by definition, are imperfect, and even if they weren’t, there’s no reason why they would necessarily follow the ideals of Angels. Therefor Gods aren’t to be trusted as commanders. Angels need only trust in themselves to know the right thing to do. They don’t need to be told what to do by a superior.

Angels won’t even serve other Angels. Part of that is because an Angel may have been corrupted, and Angels can only know that they themselves haven’t been corrupted, not others, so they will only trust themselves. Plus, even among uncorrupted Angels, there are differences of opinions at time, and Angels don’t compromise.

Granted there is a lot of collusion between the Hebrew god, Jesus, and certain angels. This is largely a matter of these parties working towards the same goals. Angels are more than willing to do what you want them to do, so long as its also what they want to do. They also aren’t going to be very upset about not getting the credit for their actions, or the fact that they’re labeled as servants (so long as that doesn’t hurt their overall goals). As said, they have a different emotional base.

However the whole relationship between Angels and Christianity is far more complex, but not something worth getting into.

5. An Angelkin will understand the hierarchy and how its used – The hierarchy is one thing about Angels an awful lot of people have heard about. It’s something we know about because certain ancient magicians got this information from spirits they conversed with. However they may not of really understood the information, so they may not have explained it well, so now we have fake Angelkin just throwing it out there in ways that doesn’t make sense.

First off, this hierarchy thing isn’t a real hierarchy, not the way in which we understand that word. It isn’t like the rank of power in the European feudal system, or a chart of what rank commands what like in the military. It’s actually more like a family tree, except Angels don’t reproduce sexually, so it isn’t based on genetics.

There are actually two separate hierarchies. One of them, the main one, includes every Angel in the entire multiverse that has ever been, including former angels that have become kin. Actually when we say every Angel in the multiverse, we mean the ones that originated in the higher realms. There is a lower realm equivalent to Angels, however those aren’t quite exactly Angels. There are of course Angels that have ended up incarnated in the lower realms, but this will never happen to most Angels and kin. We’re getting off topic.

Anyways this hierarchy serves a few purposes. When two Angels meet, they introduce themselves by saying who they are and who is around them in the hierarchy. There are Angels above, Angels below, and there are lateral moves. The main point of this exercise is for the two Angels, if they are strangers, to start naming Angels in the hierarchy that they Know of until they find an Angel in common. This let’s them determine what their relationship is to each other, and more importantly in a situation who actually has dominion.

Angels do follow a complicated system of dominions where who is able to act is dependent on their position in the hierarchy. Placement in the hierarchy is power based (Angels determine their place by beating the crap out of each other to see who’s stronger), but ability to act is not. For example, an Archangel is extraordinarily powerful and holds a very large dominion over their planet. However in some situations a very small, weak, and mostly insignificant Angel may actually have dominion to act over the Archangel, simply because their lower position gives them dominion in that specific situation over a much higher positioned Angel. Getting off topic again.

An announcement of hierarchies is a common greeting among Angels, sort of like saying hello to each other. However even when Angels do know each other, they still announce hierarchies, because it’s a show of respect. Angels are proud of what they are, and by spouting off the hierarchy they’re announcing that they’ve identified someone else as an Angel, which to an Angel is the highest compliment they can pay someone.

Because of this some Angels will spout out the hierarchy to Angelkin. They do this as a general show of respect. Even though an Angel may disagree with an Angelkin and despise their choices, sometimes they may also have reasons to respect them. It’s very complicated to explain, but Angelic culture is largely based on respect and proper shows of respect, so it happens.

Real Angelkin generally won’t remember much of the hierarchy, if they remember any of it. It’s hard to regress specific things like that, and if they could regress it their puny human brains probably couldn’t memorize all that information. So a real Angelkin probably won’t be able to tell you much about their place in the hierarchy, or may only know a few general things about it.

If they’ve regressed the hierarchy at all though, they should know what it is and how it’s used. They won’t be claiming it works like a real hierarchy, or that it’s a simple tree.

Likewise an Angelkin, like an actual Angel, isn’t going to be spouting off information about the hierarchy to you. Angels only mention it (sometimes) to spirits and people that have a curiosity and want to know what it is, and they only ever spout it off to other Angels and sometimes Angelkin. There’s no reason for your dumbass to know their place in the hierarchy, and they won’t go over it with you anyways since its an undo show of respect if you’re not Angel or kin.

6. Angelkins are violent – Angels were built to be warriors. They are violent spirits. They’re one of the most violent things you’ll find outside of the lower realms. Angels were put in this universe to beat the crap out of things. That’s their nature.

Angelkin almost always retain this nature, at least to some degree. Angelkin are rarely pacifistic, and when they are they are going directly against their nature. It’s much more common to find Angelkin that think with their fists and rarely look for other non-violent solutions to problems.

An Angelkin that tells you that they were a peaceful Angel or some sort of healer is a faker. Even an Angelkin that’s struggling to be a pacifist and trying to find alternate solutions knows that as an Angel they beat the crap out of things and that’s what Angels do.

62 Responses to Spotting Fake Otherkin Part 1: Intro and Angelkin

  1. diogeneia says:

    This was an interesting read, but like so many posts on this topic, it seems more like the foundation for the “I’m real and you’re not” argument I’ve seen in various Otherkin forums and communities. (And, no, it doesn’t matter that no declaration of kinship was made.)
    The other common argument sort of represented here is the “trump” argument (my Otherkin affiliation is rarer than, older than, and/or more powerful than yours).

    I’ve been following you for a few years now, and I’m kind of surprised to see you even touch this topic (perhaps I missed an earlier post on the topic or something), yet alone attempt to draw a line between fakers and real Otherkin with an any air of authority. I enjoy your posts on magic(k), but feel as though you’ve overstepped your knowledge base here.

    A few things stand out to me as bothersome: Other beings reincarnated as humans that still retain the energy signature of their former incarnation? Do you assume they’ve reincarnated only once? And only once from this other “grand being” into a human–a being with its own energy signature (another obvious assumption, since folks are supposed to able to discern between the energy sig of a “regular” human and an Other)?

    There are dozens of other assumptions here that I find questionable: That the energy signature is an absolute identification. That these Others were mortal. That this sort of reincarnation is rare. That it’s actually reincarnation in the first place (not all who believe in Otherkin believe this). That Otherkin are at all real or conversely, that some people are faking something that is real.

    With respect Maestro, this blog topic just boils down to opinion. I wouldn’t recommend that you hold too tightly to yours either. I think there is much to be learned about the nature of soul/spirit energy and past/alternate lifetimes. What you are identifying here as a means to pass judgement on others demonstrates a profound lack of consideration for and understanding of the concept of awakening and how it affects not only the behavior, but also the energy of a person.



    • Treeburner says:

      Hello and greetings to all, personally, I must say that I have greatly enjoyed the authors many different views about different subjects(especially glamours and projections, considering that I am a huge pervert, thank you for those dude) and I must say that even more I have enjoyed his readers. I have been in few occultist forums and many times I have encountered quite close minded people in there, especially considering demons and different satanic rituals. Therefore I was thinking of settling my question here, instead of suffering all the demeaning hatred faced in many other areas. Now has anyone ever met a demon/angel/other coming forth in their “baby” form. A creature came to me informing about certain blocks I have set upon myself unknowingly and he informed me to be Astaroth. What I found out, he apparently is a great demon flying on a dragon, holding a snake and having a breath, that requires an actual circle to protect the mage from. But to me he just appeared as a rather handsome( and chill) man with a pipe. He claimed to be in a rather more tolerant form for me, since I could not handle his true power and said that I should try to use the power of constellations to break the blocks I have put unknowingly upon myself. Anyone else had this sort of thing happen to them, or is just this some spirit trying to pull a stupid prank on me? His power did feel quite big, but on the other hand, I am not so strong myself, so I might be easily fooled. Before I have mainly hung around with lesser demon Frimost and my friendly neighborhood succubus. He claimed to give me pointers mainly because he was bored, which I personally thought weird coming from a duke of hell. Especially since I am pretty much a nobody considering power and energy. Now I understand that this might sound really stupid, but I am rather dumbfounded, especially if it really was Astaroth, Thank you all in advance. Even if you do just call me a stupid moron.

      • Nymh says:

        I can somewhat relate. I can’t say if you’ve been fooled or not but I was visited by the demon Sallos a few years back. Actually spoke a bit about another demon owing me a favor and quite a lot about some of the purposes of my life. Like you I feel some doubt about if it was just a trick or something but there are also many reasons why I also can see why it would be the real deal. Just wanted to reply since I haven’t seen many posts from people in similar situations as this.

    • angel warrior says:

      What a load of crap.You’re probably a fallen angel given the task to confuse anyone who is discerning who their true origin is. A holy angel from the highest hierarchy will only praise God our Father Almighty, as Creator over Heaven and Earth, praise Jesus Christ His Most Beloved Son, the second person of the Holy Blessed Trinity, and praise and worship their Divine Holy Spirit forever and for always even while living as a human in order to accomplish their earthly mission.

      • Eryk says:

        Or you are the fallen angel doing exactly what you are claiming he is doing. His path is his own and you have no right to judge it. Even if you are right and this happens to be a load of crap, I doubt you are an expert in anything other than the propaganda you are forced to believe by the “holy mother church”. None of us, and I mean NONE of us has any real answers in this mundane world concerning the nature of existence in it’s entirety. You do a disservice to yourself by posting this.

  2. When are you posting part 2?? I am very interested to hear what you have to say about faekin.

  3. Steve says:

    Could you do a post about the relationship between angels and Christianity? I am actually quite interested in that. What do you see as the true relationship between Jesus and the Hebrew God?

  4. Misty says:

    Could you please tell me more of the personality traits like you did for this part and of the daemons too?

  5. Altero says:

    Wow, I don’t think I’ve seen such an opinionated article in a very long time. Its perfectly fine for you to voice ‘your’ beliefs, but don’t go and put your beliefs out there as ‘fact’. I personally believe this article is full of crap. Like what makes you think that demonkin are so ‘rare’? For what reason would they not incarnate here? Demonkin pretty common in the community, there’s not to much special about them and there is no reason that they wouldn’t incarnate here. Also, personalities differ, some angelkin might go along with a lot of what your saying, but angelkin vary as much as any other kintype, so there definitely would be some peace lovers out there. On a side note, I can’t wait to see you article on fae, I know a bit about that subject and I can’t wait to see how much you screw that article up and make yourself appear even more as an opinionated idiot.

    • Rob says:

      The first thing to understand is that I have power, so I’ll do whatever the hell I want. You’re free to try to stop me, but I control this blog entirely, wordpress is very pro free speech, and magically speaking I can accidentally kill you by thinking about it too hard, where as you are a spiritual ignoramus. I’m not really scared, and it’s in your best interest not to try to stop me.

      The second thing to understand, and I realize this is ‘strange’ within most of the magical community, is that I present facts because I know facts. I don’t have to ponder about what the afterlife is like, because I’ve seen it. I don’t have faith in gods, because I expect my gods to speak to me if they’re real. I know that all the so-called demonkin aren’t, because I’ve spent a lot of time in the presence of demons, so much so that I understand what they are and what they feel like.

      The community is full of liars and pretenders, and I mean the folks who know what they’re doing, not outright delusional people. Everyone is so afraid to say anything, afraid of outing anyone as a liar, because then they risk being outed as a liar themselves.

      I have knowledge and ability, so I’ve never had to worry about that. I can out whoever I like as a liar, and I can speak whatever truths I like, no matter how it makes anyone feel. I cannot be retaliated against. No matter what shortcomings I may have, no matter what secrets of mine may be exposed, ultimately my magic is real and it cannot be dismissed. I am invincible

      You are ignorant and powerless, and you chose to remain that way rather than face up to what you really are, and what the truth really is, embracing you fear rather than reaching your potential, and that is the greatest sin I can imagine. It may seem harsh to attack someone that is so clearly trying to use spirituality to fill some painful void in his life, but at the same time remember that you and your ilk are a locust on everything I hold sacred.

      I have nothing to lose here. Maybe you won’t read my blog, and maybe a hundred other of your kind will leave too. I don’t care, because I never wrote it for you, and I don’t care how many people read what I write. However I will always have an audience, no matter what I say, because I offer power and knowledge, and what I offer is real, and there will always be people who want to take what I freely give. You meanwhile have nothing to offer spiritually, except for lies and self-delusion.

      By the way, this conversation is done. I’ve decided that you don’t get to defend yourself, or have any further word on this here. You’re too stupid to say anything anyone else might want to hear, and I have the power to stop you.

      We are done.


      • Sari says:

        damn youre a cunt

        • Megan says:

          What the fuck, man? If you feel like that answer or something was wrong at least try to put up an argument instead of being so rude! Yes, he is being a bit too rude and cruel to the person, but if you want someone to understand you, you try to make an argument. Like so->
          Rob, you are being an control freak, how about you calm down and stop trying to have everything your own way. Can you tone it down a little instead of being very mean to people just so you feel powerful? And if you try to say that you can control me too, just know that you cannot. No one can, and saying so shows how much you need to control in order to feel comfortable in your own skin. Which is very sad to say the least.

      • Qavina says:

        Although I do understand what you are saying and do feel much in the same way, I believe you were a bit too harsh on this man. Humans, otherkin, and just many people in general do need to be put in their places, but it seems like you do too. This is your website, so you can say whatever you want. Therefore, I will not be the one lecturing you.
        Altero is right that this is not fact, but the information on here I can safely verify as being accurate.
        Other then that, I agree with everything you’ve said. I would just like to inform you that, for future references, try to be a little bit more considerate to the ignorant. Although they don’t understand, it is better to help them understand rather then drive them away, is it not?

      • Tonix says:

        Lol another case of the delusional freaking out, clearly this is bullcrap.

      • Nat says:

        wow, what’s with the tiny dick sir?

        PS; No one can claim truth on all things otherkin because at the end of the day we can’t prove it exists outside claiming that it does.

      • Spiritunner says:

        “Those who sayeth, knoweth not. Those who knoweth, speaketh not.”

        That you claim you can cause lasting harm to someone you don’t know on a whim through magic alone defines you as the very faker you are trying to oust. Never mind the other statements you failed to address entirely.

        It demonstrates a lack of knowledge of the function and purpose of magic, a severe lack of wisdom and responsibility that someone at your claimed level of experience would be intimately familiar, let alone a severe lacking of maturity to meet a reasoned disagreement with bile and vitriol, and of course a severe lack of the basic concept of consequences to actions (law of three, Karma, call it what you will). Creating the blowback you are receiving for your hostility, along with a severe damaging to your credibility.

        While your article was interesting, there are valid concerns to the validity of you statements that others have the right to challenge. By the reaction you chose you damaged your standing, and validated their concerns as genuine. Believe me I understand the frustration of constant random criticism, but there are far more effective and rewarding ways to respond than claims of power and blind random insults.

        By my own experiences, I have learned more about myself and my beliefs, experiences, and lessons by being challenged and having to explain, debate, and reason through my ideas than through any other method. it is wise to value challenges, for in answering them honestly leads to both the growth of your knowledge as well as that of others.

        • Me says:

          I think you have a good understanding of a certain type of angelkin but it does not define the vast variety there are. It is like defining all humans as having the same personality/lifestyle/origin. Most genuine kin I have met do not boast about their true nature. Unless it is with people they trust, or if there is some kind of anonymity. Again, I don’t like to generalize because that is a great way to close the mind. I can also relate with the fact that I don’t have complete recollection of the past. I don’t even remember if I had an angelic name. Bits and pieces come but it is extremely hazy and I don’t like to assume EVERYTHING is accurate.

      • Wooby Wooh says:

        yeah…. lol you sound like me…

  6. Mary says:

    I have actually a multitude of questions, firstly I’m still shaky on the subject but why would people fake such a thing? I mean this world is shitty but there’s far worse and harsher then out imaginations could fathom(theoretically of course) secondly how do people ho are not faking it figure this crap out! I mean I’m sure we all feel out of place at some point? And lastly you mentioned demonkin? As being non existent or super rare? But they are out there?

    • Liz says:

      Usually they wanna fit in, or they are mentally ill. (***not all otherkin! The fakers) as he said, they have some fort of learning disablity.

  7. Dia says:

    Hi. :) I just wanted to say thank you very much for publishing this article. I’ve been researching otherkin, and specifically angelkin, for a while now and this seems to be one of the only reputable sources I have found so far. You’be helped me a lot and I’m glad for it.
    Please excuse my strange speech pattern. It’s three AM and I’ve not slept since 4 AM yesterday.

    • Taris says:

      Just curious how you find this to be the only reputable resource for angel kin? Articles on otherkin as “different species” who all act the same as their brethren and who all follow set behavioral patterns are all opinionated, or perceptive based at best. I consider myself demon kin since there is a lack of better terms but don’t consider myself goetian or a xtian based entity while some other demons out there do. Calling all of those like me out there fakers is simply closing to be a believed perception and closing ones mind to such same as saying no angels serve a God or gods where a large portion of the angel kin community consider themselves aligned or linked to a specific diety. Just saying.

  8. renard19 says:

    Okay, I’m probably not an Otherkin, but I was wondering if you could help identify me? Nobody has been able to identify me just yet.

    I personally do not believe in reincarnation, however, I am a Christian and a Creationist in part because there is evidence, but I digress.

    I didn’t know about the Otherkind subculture until today, but about a year ago I decided that I would do an experiment. I wondered way it was like to be an animal, so I would lie down in bed and imagine with all my might that I was a red fox.

    Well, weeks past and these “simulations” turned to scenarios I would play out in my head, then to stories, then to a world. Now, a year later, I’m living a double life at night as a fox.

    Plus, recently I’ve been feeling like a fox ALL THE TIME. I can actually feel whiskers, ears, fur, and a tail constantly, and sometimes during the day I can feel paws and a long nose.

    So, I consider myself both a human and a fox, an ambassador of sorts. I think like a fox and I act like a fox, but I’m good at hiding it and I’m decently social. What am I??

    • Foxglove says:

      You can only identify yourself. No one can tell you who you are.

    • speshul snowflaik says:

      ooh, ooh, I know! a retard.

    • Eryk says:

      It sounds like you are using a offshoot of a shamanic ritual to shapeshift into an animal. Be careful, you can only become more as a fox and you lose part of your humanity. A strange coincidence though, someone asked me today if I knew what a dragonkin was and I had never heard of this term, then I happen to come across this article which helped me understand what it meant. Then I see your response. I have carried the name black fox for years and have a special fondness for the red fox and white fox. Synchronicity is a hell of a thing. If you want to correspond more on this, my email is

  9. I really like your blog and the ‘unsympathetic’ way you say things. I’m glad I found it =)

  10. Jeff says:

    I’ve always felt different and kind of felt an angelic spirit to me. I find it hard to get along with others, I have some difficulty speaking to others and at times write. I’m also the kind of person that will not say hello to someone in public places, unless you are a family member or my two close friends.
    I have felt the alert of an angelkin close to me and never understand why I became bothered for absolutely no reason. I have felt that I could speak with angels before but felt the unease of doing so. My prayers/wishes have been granted, but I try not to wish or pray since I have grown up for my own reasons.
    Other traits I have include: Deep penetrating eyes and a gaze that makes people uncomfortable. I upset/scare/bother some animals when I am around them, except cats. Cats like me.
    I believe in a higher power, but not organized religion. Do Angelkin attracts Christians? Because they flock to me and I try not to associate too closely with them due to my disdain for Christianity.
    I am a good person though, and I try to maintain a pacifist nature. I am extremely protective of my family, and have a confrontational personality with those that oppose me or my loved ones.
    I just wanna know any thoughts. I’ve never researched Angelkins/otherkins in my life.

  11. Foxglove says:

    I, to a certain extent, agree with this article, however, your lack of knowledge on demonkin does annoy me slightly. There are little of us and yes, many fakes, but It does not mean that we are non existent. Anyway, I’ll continue to read because I find your articles quite interesting and somewhat valuable.

    • Taris says:

      Just curious Foxglove but would you know of any decent groups out there for demonkin? Or are they all the same in the aspect that they eventually give up on meeting others like them and throw socialization among kin away lol.

  12. Ussula says:

    I stopped reading this article at the part where it said real otherkin do not long to go home. This makes absolutely no sense. If you were born, raised, and lived in an original environment, “your home”, and assuming of course it was at least a somewhat pleasant experience, but then were torn away from it for whatever reason and put someplace less pleasant than before, would you not want to go back home? Even through and through humans get home sick when theyve been to summer camp for only a week…imagine having to go through one or more incarnations in an alien realm…of course they would want to go home! Although whether or not they actually CAN go back home is an entirely different matter. Being incarnated on earth in human form does not have to be a permanent thing either, though! Some may actually be here on a mission to help humans regain balance on earth or reconnect to spiritual values and practices or for any other number of reasons that does not include being trapped here.

  13. Jonathan Wint says:

    There can be no Angelkin Because by definition an Angel in Flesh is Fallen So you can have DemonKin but not Angelkin.. But there are fools that Delude themselves into thinking there Still Angels.. Or those that Lie!

    Trust me I know this subject Intimately …

    • Incog says:

      LOL just because you say trust you doesn’t mean you’re correct because you use humanity’s definition of angel, time to get your logic updated. Either I font really agree with the original poster either but eh.

      • Jonathan Wint says:

        :) Incog Trust me I am not using Human Logic ;) Besides this is about Human Words and the only Defining Difference Between Angels and Demons is Andels wish to be Pure Spirits without corruption.. Demons Seek to be more.

        • Taris says:

          That is the xtian truth maybe but truth is perceptive and you are only seeing one facet. Quite a few demonkin don’t identify anything remotely close to the goetian or xtian descriptives.

  14. May says:

    It’s been over a year write more about this please, not too many people have written such detailed and well researched otherkin articles. I’d like to hear more about angel logic, faekin, demonkin, etc. Angels are interesting. Thank you.

  15. Annie says:

    This is very factual. Thank you for sharing this, it has widened my knowledge of this subject.

    • Adrahasis says:

      This article sparked quite a cryptic interest in me. Therefore I feel and would really like for you to post more otherkin. It is clearly a subject many want to know more about.

      And another thing: Your posts have given me the boost I needed to venture on my spiritual path. More than grateful for having found this blog on a whim.

  16. Rey says:

    A lot of people seem to not like this article, I don’t really know my standing on it yet. Yesterday I was introduced to the concept of being angelkin and I’m starting to think that I’m angelkin or something of the sort.
    I don’t really have phantom wings or horn, but even since i was little I normally see myself as glowing or something, but that might just be a measure to identify myself in my own thoughts, memories, and dreams.
    But I asked a person to do a pendulum reading and they said I was divinekin, specifically angelkin. I thought it was wrong, since what I experience is not the same as other angelkin, but I was trying to research how to find a fake angelkin so that I can make sure for myself that I really am not, but according to all of this I am? I don’t know about the whole energy thing, since I don’t know how to sense my own energy, but I fit int everything else that depicts a REAL angelkin (according to this article)…. It’s kind of scary…? I really want to reject being otherkin in general, not going to lie, but that’s one of the things that this article says that a real angel/kin does so now I’m in a grey zone hahhahahah

    Um, if anyone wants to talk to me about this, and kind of help me out of thinking I’m angelkin or get deeper into seeing that I am, please reply or something….?

    • April Wise says:

      My intent in responding is to help you to know who you are, so that the larger energy fields of your local area will be effected by your awakening; I don’t actually care one way or the other about you, per se. Yes, I am aiding you in order to aid myself, but I have no idea where you are, so it is really just the knowledge that the energy fields somewhere have been effected. Also, I want you to know that my place in this world is just as valid as yours, so please don’t judge me for my actions. Doing this fits well with my purpose on Earth, and on that note, I want to say that accepting and practicing one’s purpose is a huge part of the “basic spiritual journey default goal package” for almost all humans and probably a lot of other people, too. (It has been for me, and all the more difficult with no memory of my past life.)

      So, the first thing you need to do is tune into your energy, also known as aura or spirit signature. It will be very clear to you when you “look” at it with whichever of your senses or feeling states is most prominent. For Angelkin, my guess would be root chakra and the one on the top of your head (I forget what it’s called.) Once you have sensed your own energy, go deep into it with your awareness and see it all in its full living form. All sentient beings have this ability. If you are otherkin, your energy will move differently compared to humans’ energy, and the way it effects people and animals will help you to know what type of entity you are.

      Finally, discovering the details of your inner self is difficult if you read too much beforehand, because your mind will be clouded with ideas that may not be correct. The best thing to do is to get an idea of the nature of the thing you want to explore (non-human soul identity, non-human body features and aura) and then find a quiet place to relax and clear your mind until your spirit guide gives you a hint, then get a notepad and brainstorm until the solution is irrefutable with reason. Depending on intuition and logical skills, this shouldn’t take more than a hour. Afterwards, relax and clear your mind again until you feel the gentle prompting of the conviction of undeniable truthhood.

  17. Michael says:

    I think you can be a bit too egotistical, but I generally take what you say with at least some grain of salt so I hope you put part two up soon.

  18. Michael says:

    I think I replied to a comment, I meant Rob

  19. Great Blog Rob fact mixed with Humor
    I love it.

  20. Jo says:

    First, I want to say that I really appreciated this article and I really think it can help me later on.
    Second, I have been questioning myself lately, wondering if I could be otherkin. I’ve done some research and have been said that I might be angelkin. As you seem to know a lot about it, and because I don’t want to claim I’m something I’m not, I was wondering if you couls help me figure out wether I’m otherkin or not. I would really appreciate it.
    Thank you for your time!

    • Jessica says:

      There is absolutely no way anyone can know for undeniable fact that they are a magical gifted human being who is more special than everyone else, just like there is absolutely no way anyone can know for undeniable fact that pokemon exist on the 8th plane of existence. You will never get an answer, and the only thing you can do is decide in your own personal faith.

      I have been in the otherkin community for more than ten years so far and in the end the most safe assumption for me personally is that the whole otherkin phenomenon is a result of human psychology, not supernatural phenomenon. Other people feel more comfortable believing that they were a vampire dragon wolf living on a distant planet in their past life.

      Overthinking about something that cannot be proven like whether ones self is otherkin is pretty much a form of self obsession, and very common in teenagers.

      I do not recommend taking this topic very seriously, especially if you are a productive working adult.

      • Rob says:

        I can’t tell if you’re just stupid or a troll, and I really don’t care. In any case the sad truth is just about everyone is more special than you. Don’t bother replying, because no one here cares what you have to say.

  21. Jessica says:

    This is a load of egotistical bullshit with a lot of special snowflake syndrome sprinkled here and there for flavor.

  22. faeminx says:

    I just read the blog, not the comments…


    I’m not going to claim to be anything, except that communications with my kin paint a ‘more open’ less linear interpretation.

    For instance, how dare you state catagorically that returning home is impossible. What nonsense! How narrow minded

    Home is the truth of what you are and is independant of any circumstancial miasma. We are always home.

    I have never left home, and know this to be true of all iterations.

    *even if you are projecting into a black hole universe like this one*

    Certainly the greatest anchor to delusional realities is attachment to who you think you are or would like to be.

    There is a near complete ubiquitous drive for beings in this ‘universe’ to self identify… it is indicative of infantile self awareness.

    This is a baby universe after all… even the parent races are children.

    my nick is just a nick… If you want to know who and what I REALLY am…
    … I Am nothing…
    this little human ego finds it amusing how hard you all try to be SOMETHING… what a laugh.

    How many thousands of iterations, or millions of years will you dance the dream of being before you know yourself as you really are.

    We are the same.
    There is no difference.
    There is only one of us, and we cannot exist…
    … but we can dream.

    And we love telling stories. :3

  23. M says:

    This sounds more like demons than Angels. Interesting read, but I see many flaws in your logic concerning these entities.

  24. Noname says:

    Hi I’m new to this site and lovely blog so far. I’d love it if you’d read my findings and tell me your thoughts on it.

    After reading this article, I decided to try gaining further knowledge myself on the subject by asking an angel I know. One interesting thing I was told was that sometimes an angel will find a human about to be born and inject some energy into the baby’s soul upon birth, creating a human with an energy signature mimicking something more angelic. In this case, no angel is incarnate in the body, but the resulting person’s energy might be mistaken for an actual angelkin. I won’t call my channeling skills infallible, but I’d like to hear if you’ve found out about something similar/different, and if there’s anything else you could tell me on the matter.

  25. Izydora says:

    Hey. That resonated more than is comfortable.

    I largely think “kin” is a bs idea put forth by people with mental health issues who want to feel special and justify not fitting in.

    But I’ve felt phantom wings my entire life and ignored it. I don’t know jack about hierarchies, but I am thinking about taking boxing lessons.

    Any tips for delving more into this and figuring it out?

  26. humorsnakess says:

    I absolutely love the no nonsense style of this article. It’s not made to please everyone, it’s made to deliver information and facts. Honestly, we need a part two.

    (ps: Thank you for defining angelkin as something other than gold Tumblr aesthetics and sunset pictures. It’s refreshing to find someone who knows what they’re talking about.)

  27. Steve says:

    I personally think that any person who claims to have been anything else than a human is a bit ridiculous, except maybe for other earthly animals, we reincarnate to evolve, not de-evolve. I have only a few (2) real friends with whoom I have a close relathionship and am close to my immediate family only (Mother and her husband, sisters and their kids). That does not make me a Dragonkin a faekin or what will have you. I am only myself… The otherkins are other beings who are not Human. A relationship can be established with them, but one must realize that some will like us, some won’t.

  28. angel warrior says:

    What a load of crap. You’re probably a fallen angel who has been given the task to confuse anyone from being able to discern what their true origin is. A Holy angel who was allowed to live life as a human has only done so, because our Father Almighty Creator over Heaven and Earth assigned an earthly mission of service to be accomplished as a forerunner before our Lord, King, and Holy Redeemer Jesus Christ’s Second Coming to establish His Holy Divine and Majestic Kingdom on Earth. Holy angels serve with joy.

    • uRaeimiealxlaeimieaRu says:

      “holy” angels are mostly brainwashed, whiny fxkks. especially the one’s following your god (which isn’t even the christian god [or, i guess it/he is now(to use roughly human-present time) the one most associated to christian god]

      to OP:

      Your post is so heinously oversimplified that it’s worthlessly inaccurate You waver out of understanding to the extent that I question the nature of you having an understanding of the topic. Condense and be precise, my fiend.
      (spoken honestly [except the address], and with the secondary intent/urge to piss you off)

      (spoken in aid; repressing derision)
      Unfortunately, angels do have some history with servitude, to add to your understanding. I am aware of why you see this as contradictory.
      To say angels cannot stand being around other angles (and all related statements) is too simplified. You touched on some of the reasons why your overall statement is fallible, such as to exchange information. yes, frequent interaction particularly with the limitations of human-ness can be irritable/tiring/undesired\rare. But, some form of interaction is (in enough cases) essential. and there are some bonds, though particular, in a few (probability) that allow for camaraderie (speculative point, not from experience). Additionally, the levels of dormancy in a form can change an interaction between two forms holding persons, allowing for interactions (if one can call them that)

      • xRaeimiealxlaeimieaRx says:

        Also, archangels are “extraordinary powerful”; “hold very large dominion over their planet” – what a laugh! a fucking riot

  29. Larry Lustburger says:

    You are a fucking idiot.

  30. Shade says:

    I enjoyed your blog.

    You did however repeatedly make an error : Jesus is not the Hebrew God. Hebrew is a language not a religion – I think you meant Jewish God – which would also be incorrect because in Judaism they don’t revere Christ. The Torra ( Their Bible, never makes mention of this Christian god, Jesus ) that being is not at all recognised by them furthermore the letter J doesn’t even exist in the Alaph Bet ( the Hebrew alphabet )
    I’m fully schooled and raised on this subject.
    You need to revise your choice of wording, lest you create offence and come across as ill studied.

    Good day.

  31. Ghost says:

    I believe you have misinterpreted them on some points. While I can agree with you on some things, I disagree with others. You say ‘Angels cannot compromise/be bargained etc’, And ‘Angels are filled with rage and are not pacifists etc’ but when an angel is thrust into a human form, they must learn the human way. They must grow and change in order to survive. This is a decent article, but I don’t think you’re including the unpredictability of the human psyche, and angels themselves. I mean, who says you – a human, can put the definition ‘angelkin’ down on paper? Who says humans can even understand them? There’s a reason they stay hidden, I think.

  32. Allara says:

    Hi, recently I have come across the angelkin community. I’ve always felt a connection to the veil, but funny enough I’ve never experienced anything. I know for a fact that my aunt’s house was in fact very haunted. spirits roamed everywhere. I would be there most of my childhood as my grandmother lived there, I went to school with my cousins who lived nearby and my parents were usually working. I never realized it but years after I was looking back and I realized I had never had an encounter with anything. Now everyone there had experienced something at least. my grandmother was religious but that didn’t mean she didn’t see them. I’ve always felt different. I never fit in but to be fair I didn’t look like all the other kids. I know there were all types of shit going on there like hearing child’s laughter and seeing entities in fact. but personally, I have never experienced anything. soon later the house was sold and they moved. After forever trying to connect with my spiritual side with spells and chants, my friends told me I was crazy as nothing ever worked. upon the last year, I met someone. she opened up to me about her third eye. she comes from a long line of witches IDK if that helps. She is still a beginner but she tells me that she gets a different energy from me. I don’t have phantom limbs but I’m obsessed with helping. I don’t feel emotions and as a kid, I’ve always been in love with mythology and I’ve always had a wild imagination. She thinks I’m angelkin, but this blog says that they’re not soft? if someone provokes me I will murder them but the only thing I’ve ever been is helpful I would go to extreme lengths to do so. I was wondering if someone can guide me


  33. Lu says:

    Wow, what a superiority complex. How would you even be able to tell who is faking something? If someone is faking, they’d know it. And I really doubt angels can be summed up in six points. They’re fucking angels.

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