Method of Evocation #1 – General Method of Evocation

Well here it is, my method of evocation. This ritual was written and developed by me after studying dozens of ancient texts, finding all of the previous methods unsatisfactory, doing additional channeling, and further improved by experimentation. I’ve done this ritual, the whole thing, over a hundred times. I can now cast this in my head, and I have magic items designed to specifically cast this spell. It works. It is absolutely amazing in how well it works. This is not the method of some amateur evocator who just read Goetia and now fancies that he’ll try to sell you a book about his knowledge. This is a method I’ve used a lot. That I’ve used for many years. That I know better than just about any other spell or exercise. I’ve seen spirits physically manifest, objects move at high speeds across the room, walls become intangible, time become inconsequential, and I’ve personally been shot at close range during one of these rituals and lived through it almost completely unharmed. This is magic. Real magic, the stuff of fantasy novels. If you’re bored with magic, or with studying, this ritual is awesome, it is sublime, it is everything you’ve been wanting out of magic, and it is everything I love about magic.

You do need to know how to evoke a fire elemental to make it work. I’ll get some exercises up later. Maybe. Let’s face it, I really suck at posting the things I’m supposed to post. Energy manipulation 3-5 will be up one day too, I swear.

Gather together the following items:

Three white unscented and unmarked virgin candles.
Three seperate candle holders for the candles.
Oils representing:
Water (Recommended: Sandlewood or Jasmine)
Earth (Recomended: Musk)
Air (Recomended: Vanilla or Nutmeg)
Incense representing fire (Cinnamon is highly recommended).
An incense burner
A cloth for dressing the candles.
A lighter (matches are not recommended).
A knife for candle carving.

Additionally you may wish to gather the follwing items:

A candle snuffer to put out the candles.
A wand to aid in raising energy.
A sword or knife for emergency use.
A pen and paper for recording information.
Chalk to draw on the floor to aid visualization.
Additional incense to set the mood, raise energy, or channel.

Prior to the beginning of the ritual, prepare the candles as follows:

The first candle is the candle of water. Spread your saliva around the candle to create a bond with it. Carve into the candle the runes of water. Dress the candle in the oil representing water. The dressing should first move down and clockwise, and then counterclockwise and up.

Say, “I give this candle the element of water and all that it encompasses, as taken from my body and soul,” while moving your hand in a circular clockwise motion over the candle. While doing this pull the element of water from yourself and push it into the candle [#Note, we are not evoking water into ourselves first, we are simply pushing the water that is already in us out into the candle].

The second candle is the candle of air. Spread your saliva around the candle to create a bond with it. Carve into the candle the runes of air. Dress the candle in the oil representing air. The dressing should first move down and clockwise, and then counterclockwise and up.

Say, “I give this candle the element of air and all that it encompasses, as taken from my body and soul,” while moving your hand in a circular clockwise motion over the candle. While doing this pull the element of air from yourself and push it into the candle.

The third candle is the candle of earth. Spread your saliva around the candle to create a bond with it. Carve into the candle the runes of earth. Dress the candle in the oil representing earth. The dressing should first move down and clockwise, and then counterclockwise and up.

Say, “I give this candle the element of earth and all that it encompasses, as taken from my body and soul,” while moving your hand in a circular clockwise motion over the candle. While doing this pull the element of earth from yourself and push it into the candle

Arrange the three candles so that each is in a different place in the room or area in which the evocation is to take place. These three candles will form the three points of the triangle. The triangle should be as large as possible. At a minimum, the triangle should be large enough so that all of those attending the ritual can fit within it comfortably.

Raise as much energy as possible.

Place the fire incense within the triangle. Light the incense and say “I call forth the element of fire, may its power fill the room.” Evoke a fire elemental into the flame on the incense.

Creating the triangle:

Begin with the earth candle. Light it while saying “I hereby combine the element of earth with the element of fire, the physical plane with the spiritual plane.”

Next light the air candle while saying, “I hereby combine the element of air with the element of fire, the mental plane with the spiritual plane.”

Finally light the water candle while saying, “I hereby combine the element of water with the element of fire, the emotional plane with the spiritual plane.”

Now draw a line (physically or psionically) between the earth candle and the air candle. Say, “As the past flows into the present, let earth flow into air, the physical realm into the mental realm.”

Draw a line (physically or psionically) between the air candle and the water candle. Say, “As the present flows into the future, let air flow into water, the mental realm into the emotional realm.”

Draw a line (physically or psionically) between the water candle and the earth candle. Say, “Let the future flow into the past, water flow into earth, and the emotional realm flow into the physical realm.”

Say, “I have created a space that is devoid time and space.”

Speak the name of the spirit that you wish to call forward. Ask the spirit to come forward. For instance “[name of spirit] I ask that you come forward,” or [name of spirit] I request that you appear.”

When you have finished conversing with all spirits, the triangle needs to be shut down.

Erase the line (physically or psionically) between the earth candle and the water candle. Say, “I hereby remove the element of water from the element of earth, the future from the past, the emotional realm from the physical realm.”

Erase the line (physically or psionically) between the water candle and the air candle. Say, “I hereby remove the element of water from the element of earth, the future from the present, the emotional realm from the mental realm.”

Erase the line (Physically or psionically) between the air candle and the earth candle. Say, “I hereby remove the element of air from the element of earth, the present from the past, the mental realm from the physical realm.”

Blow out the water candle. Say, “I remove the element of fire from the element of water (the emotional realm from the spiritual realm) and return it to a purity.”

Blow out the air candle. Say, “I remove the element of fire from the element of air (the mental realm from the spiritual realm) and return it to a purity.”

Blow out the earth candle. Say, “I remove the element of fire from the element of earth (the mental realm from the spiritual realm) and return it to a purity.”

The ritual is now completed.


1. To increase the likelihood of a physical manifestation: Light the incense and evoke the fire elemental after lighting the three candles and forming the triangle.

2. To have increased safety and security during the ritual: Put each of the three candles on an altar to a particular deity that you feel comfortable with. If at all possible put the candle on an altar of a deity associated with the same element as the candle (ie, Zeus for air, Saturn for earth). Either prior to lighting the candles, or while lighting the candles, ask that particular deity for protection.

3. To decrease prep time: Many of the ritual acts can be done psionically, or are only included to strengthen the ritual. Once you’re practiced with the ritual and become proficient at it, much of it can be eliminated or substituted with psionic magic. Because of the long preparation for the ritual (about thirty to forty-five minutes usually), this can greatly reduce the prep time. In the past I’ve done this ritual almost completely psionically in a few minutes.

4. To decrease the prep time and save money on supplies: The candles used in the ritual can be saved and used again! You have to be able to remember which candle represents which element. By reusing candles you can skip the entire candle preparation segment of the ritual. However the ritual seems to have a greater success rate when the candles are fresh. If you have difficulties with recycled candles, try fresh ones.

Important Notes:

#Although attendees can leave the area at any time, the magician casting the triangle should not leave the area prior to the triangle being closed. If they must (such as a potty break) they need to be a short distance away and quickly return to the area. Failing to do so can make them sick and weak.

#After the triangle is cast no one should manipulate energy within the room or area. Doing so may have a direct and negative effect on the magician casting the triangle.

#If you cast the triangle and do not evoke a spirit, strange things start to happen.

#This ritual may attract random spirits and the dead into the ritual area. Be prepared.

#This ritual does strange things to the passage of time.

#The ritual seems to be affected by the people in attendance.

#With our experimentation, we’ve had greater success with this, and most other, rituals when they were performed after sunset. However with some spirits you may have greater success evoking them during the daytime hours, or during dawn and dusk.

Explanation of the ritual.

Let’s start by explaining exactly what we’re trying to do. We want to evoke a spirit. In order to do that we need a space with a lot of energy that is outside of space and time. We’re creating this space inside of a triangle. The triangle exists outside of space and time, and it also mashes together the various realms that make up the universe.

In order to do this, we’re literally ripping a hole in reality. The triangle we create exists outside space-time as we know and perceive it. The area in the triangle, and usually a certain amount of the area directly surrounding it, is actually inside its own little pocket dimension. The pocket dimension is created by the magician casting the triangle literally pushing his or her own soul outward and turning it into a space. This space is loosely anchored into the physical realm and time-space at the point where the triangle is created. Anyone and anything that is inside the triangle is literally existing within the soul of the practitioner. When the spirit arrives it is actually entering a dimension that exists within the practitioner which is being projected outward into the area.

You’ll also notice if you read the section on the classical method that the triangle in this method has aspects of both the triangle and circle in the classical method. Much like the circle of the classical method, we’ve created an area outside of space and time. But here all four elements (and thus all five elements) are present within the triangle. Likewise both the practitioner and the evoked entity exist within the triangle.

However with this method the energy fueling the evocation is largely being supplied from the practitioner. Some of the area’s natural energy may be pulled, and some energy is being provided by a fire elemental, but the majority of the energy is still coming from the practitioner, and the additional energy provided by the fire elemental is due to the practitioner’s skill at evoking elementals. The entire space meanwhile is encompassed by the power, will, and being of the practitioner, putting him or her in a place of power while showing that he or she is a powerful magician. The lack of protections also shows that the practitioner has faith in themselves and their power.

The first part of the ritual is the gathering of supplies, which should be self-explanatory and is pretty boring, but we’ll go over it anyways.

First you need three white unscented and unmarked virgin candles. Why did we pick white? Long ago color wasn’t really associated with candle magic because until relatively recently candle dyes were so expensive only the wealthy could afford colored candles. I really don’t get into the whole color and candle thing, but maybe you do. White is either an amplifier or something that projects whatever’s in it outward, and it’s also blank. It’s the perfect default candle for almost any candle magick. We want it unscented because we are going to scent it ourselves with our oils. By unmarked, it means be careful going to ‘occult’ stores. Some of stores will bless or mark candles with runes and symbols in order to prevent them from being used for certain types of spells they view as immoral or dangerous. Sometimes it’s very hard to see the markings as they can be very light. If you buy your candles at the arts and crafts store or from reputable mass market online retailers (like Azure Green) as I do, this won’t be a problem. Lastly by virgin I mean that the candle has never been burned before and it hasn’t been blessed or left on an altar or anything. In other words it is a brand new clean candle.

You need candle holders for the candles. Since the candles need to be set up at different points in the room each needs its own holder.

Next up we need three oils for our candles, one for each of the three elements (water, air, and earth). In addition to the element that is represented by the oil, it’s also very much okay if the oil is fire associative too.

First up we have water. Sandlewood is my favorite oil for water, it represents both fire and water, and it’s usually a very easy one to find. You could also use Jasmine which represents fire, water, and to a much lesser degree air. Rose and rosewood represent fire, water, and earth. I try to stay away from this one because of the earth association, but if you can’t find anything else you can use these ones.

Second we have air. Vanilla and nutmeg are both airy and are both very good choices for air. Vanilla is more about intelligence while nutmeg has more of a mystical edge to it. Amber is okay, it’s knowledge associative, and I’ve used it, but I prefer not to because it’s also past associative. In a pinch you can also use opium.

Finally we have earth. Musk or a variant (such as Arabian musk) is the best choice. There are very few earth associative oils out there and musk is the only one I’ve ever been able to just walk into a store and buy.

Then we need to pick out our incense, which is fire associative. Cinnamon is the number one choice. It’s ability to raise and amplify energy comes in handy during the ritual, and it’s also one of the easiest incenses to find. Ginger will also work. Most fruits that are red or reddish, except for apples, are also fire associative (like mangos and oranges). Why we need an incense burner should be obvious.

We also need a few odds and ends. We need a cloth to dress the candle. Ritual cloths are nice, but they’re very inconvenient because they need to be washed after every use. I usually use paper towel and it works just fine. You need a lighter to light the candles. You shouldn’t use matches because we’re playing with a fire elemental and that creates a small fire hazard. You also need something to carve the candles with. I use a pen knife. You can really use anything, including a toothpick or nail.

You also may want some optional items for the ritual. A candle snuffer is a safer way to put out candles when you’re finished with them. A wand will help with raising energy, and although far from necessary a lot of people will prefer it. Ritual knives and swords can be very useful if something goes wrong and you are attacked during the evocation. I highly recommend having a pen and paper available since a lot of times you’ll get a spell or word or name you’ll want to write down. You may want chalk to draw on the floor with. And you can have additional incense to set the mood or raise energy prior to casting the triangle, or to help you channel after the triangle has been cast.

Next we’re going to prepare our candles. All three candles are going to be prepared in essentially the same way, the only difference being the element used for each. It really doesn’t matter what order we prepare the candles in.

The first thing we’re going to do when preparing a candle is spreading our saliva upon it. The best way I find for doing this is putting the candle in your mouth (if it is small enough) or you can do anything from licking the candle to rubbing the saliva from you hand. In any case the point of this is to establish a bond between the practitioner and the tool by use of a bodily fluid. Properly applying a bodily fluid will help to quickly establish stronger links with magical tools. We could use just about any bodily fluid. Blood would actually make a much stronger bond, however blood is a bit difficult to get out. Likewise semen and menstrual blood would both create a stronger bond than saliva, but saliva is a far less gross choice. Plus if your masturbating on candles or pulling out a tampon, don’t expect attendees to show up to your next ritual. We’ll get to why we need such a strong bond in a little bit.

Next we want to carve the symbols of the element into the candle. I’ve supplied a nice assortment of symbols for each of the elements. You can apply all of them, or some of them, or one of them, or even just apply symbols from a different source. This process is mainly to help strengthen the fact that this candle represents the element in question and to help associate the element with the candle.

The next step is to dress the candle with the appropriate oil. Once again this step is to help associate the candle with the element in question. Make sure you use different corners of the cloth to apply the oil, or use separate cloths all together, to prevent the oil from mixing. Dressing the candle downward in a clockwise motion symbolizes something entering the candle. In this case it will be the element that we draw out of ourselves in a future step. Dressing the candle upward in a counter clockwise motion symbolizes something being taken out of the candle, in this case the element leaving the candle and forming the triangle when we later light it.

The next step involves actually enchanting the candle. Although its important to understand every aspect of the ritual and have your mind and energy focused on the intent of every action, we now get to the point where we have to be able to perform some psionic magic. This step is really nothing more than simple energy manipulation (pushing energy out of your body) and knowing what a particular element feels like so you can identify it and pull it out of yourself. If you can’t do these two things, you can still attempt the ritual and see how well it works for you, but you’ll have a much lower success rate. If you have problems with the energy manipulation, try working with the exercises in section . If your not familiar with the elements, try the earlier rituals for evoking elements and taking them into yourself until you feel comfortable with them.

Why do we say things in ritual? Announcing what we’re doing makes clear our intentions to the universe and any forces that may be present and acting upon the ritual. It also makes our intentions clear to us. It takes a collection of thoughts that may be kicking around in our head and puts them into a clear, concise, and structured phrase. It gives us the clarity and focus that will help us properly direct our actions and energies.

So we’re doing exactly what we’re saying. We are giving this candle the aspects of ourselves which are defined by this element. The reason why we are doing this is because later we will use our own soul or spirit or whatever you want to call it to form the triangle that we’ll use for the evocation. So the candles, taken as a group, will encompass our soul and the spiritual connection of our soul.

It’s not enough to just say we’re doing something though. Saying that we’re doing something just helps us focus and make clear exactly what we’re doing. As we are saying what we’re doing, we actually have to do that act. In this case we have to take the particular element out of us and push it into the candle.

If you did the elemental evocations you should know what each element feels like. Beyond that this is just like pushing energy out of yourself. Find the element within yourself, push it out like it was energy. You can push out non-elemental energy too if you need to at the same time, it won’t hurt the ritual (in fact it may help energize the candle). We make a clockwise circular motion over the candle when doing this as a ritual aid. The ritual is a common one, it mimics the motion of a screw. Clockwise to push something in, counter-clockwise to pull it out. You can use a different method to charge the candle if you prefer, however the screw ritual is a good and common method.

As a final note on charging the candles, we are not pulling elementals into ourselves to use in the candle. We are taking what naturally exists within ourselves. The reason is that we, and not elementals, are going to be the primary source of power for the triangle.

Now we need to set up the candles for the triangle. This step is pretty self-explanatory. We just have to find three flat surfaces where we can put candles and their holders. As with anytime we use a candle, we want to put the candle somewhere without a draft either from wind, a fan, or a vent. If you can’t do that then you need to buy something called hurricane glass which is a glass or vase that goes around the candle to protect it from drafts. We want the triangle to be as big as possible. Remember we have to fit in the triangle, other attendees will probably want in the triangle, and the evoked spirit has to fit in there too. The more room we have in the triangle the more room we have to work with.

Next we raise energy in the room. Any method you wish to use is fine. We’re going to need lots and lots of energy for various parts of this ritual, so the important thing is to raise as much energy as possible right now. We won’t have a chance to raise large amounts of energy later.

We need to put the incense within the triangle because we want it to be a part of the ritual, and not exist outside of it. When we light the incense, we have to evoke the fire elemental. I’m assuming that you’re using stick incense, which is the easiest to find and the easiest to use. Evoke the fire elemental into the flame either on the stick of incense or on the lighter prior to lighting the incense (and it will most likely jump over once the stick is lit). You do have to blow out the flame on the stick, but don’t worry the fire elemental can jump into the cherry of the stick afterwards. The fire elemental is going to provide a lot of excess energy which will be needed through out the ritual. By bringing forth the fire elemental at this point it will lend the majority of its energy to creating and maintaining the triangle, taking a lot of the weight off the practitioner and allowing the practitioner to have a greater degree of control over the entire ritual. Note that the practitioner is not taking the fire elemental into themselves, they’re just summoning it into the room. The fire elemental may start jumping between the candles during the ritual. In my experiences this is fine, just leave it be. This spell does use a fire elemental so take all necessary precautions when working with fire elementals.

Now we can start to create the triangle in a magical sense. First we are going to light each candle individually. Remember that fire is in between being physical (it generates heat and can burn you) and being spiritual (it has no mass or form), and so it acts as a bridge between the spiritual world and the physical world. When we light each candle, we are combining that element and the world it represents (either the physical [earth], mental [air], or emotional[water]) with the highest realm which is represented by the element of fire.

Note that there is no element connected to the astral realm. That is because the astral realm is technically part of the physical realm, and so the astral realm is also represented by the element of earth (just like the physical realm, the astral is composed of matter and energy).

The important thing to remember when lighting the candles is that we are combining the element represented in the candle with the element of fire, and bringing those two realms together. As the candles are directly tied into our body and spirit, we are also connecting ourselves to this highest realm.

Next we need to combine the candles, and we do this by creating lines through which the candles can flow into one and another. Generally these lines can be created psionically by envisioning imaginary lines between the candles. If you need the extra help, and it is convenient to do so, you can draw the lines between the candles on the ground. Make sure you do these candles in order, earth to air, air to water, and water to earth.

Earth will naturally flow into air, as earth represents the past and air the present. Likewise, and for the same reason, air should flow into water. It is simply a matter of creating a path (by making the line connecting the two) and then pushing just a small amount of the element from earth into air, or air into water. After that they should flow forward and backward on their own.

The final part is to connect water with earth, and the future into the past. This one is just a little bit more difficult, as it is not natural for the future to flow into the past. But by connecting water into earth last it is made a lot easier. Create the line, the same as you would the first two, and then push water into earth. It will take a bit more force, but once the element starts moving it will complete the triangle and all three elements will flow as they should.

Once we’ve created the triangle, we’ve now made our special space. Inside the triangle all time is connected, and all four worlds (physical & astral, mental, emotional, and spiritual) are strongly tied together with little or nothing separating them. Our special space is a place where the rules of time and space no longer exist. Also note that all four, and thus all five, elements are connected together. So are the four worlds. And so are all points in time connected together in an infinite loop. Our triangle now has the all-encompassing infinite that is represented by the magic circle.

Also the triangle is essentially the practitioner. It is an outward extension of the practitioner, it is an aspect of them. Because the triangle is connected into the highest spiritual realms, so is the practitioner. Because the triangle connects into everything and is a part of everything, so is the practitioner. In these aspects the triangle is just like the magic circle. Unlike the magic circle though the triangle does not connect the practitioner into an external higher power. Instead the triangle is the practitioner’s own self and power acting on the environment. So the power of the evocation and all aspects of the ritual come forth from inside the practitioner.

Now is the time to start evoking things. All you need to do the evocation is a name and an intent to bring it forward. Simply speak the spirit’s name to bring it forward, and barring some unforeseen external barrier, the spirit should show. It’s best to speak the spirit’s name, asking it to show, and to be polite. If your intention is truly to ask for an audience, the spirit may refuse to show (although this is rare in my experiences). If it doesn’t show or you do not want to ask, you can force the spirit to show simply by willing it to come forward from inside the triangle.

You can evoke multiple spirits this way. The best way to do this is if you still are not tired after speaking with a spirit, wait for it to leave and then call another spirit forward. Be careful as this ritual is very taxing and it is very easy for the practitioner to become weak which puts them at a major disadvantage should they evoke something that happens to be malicious.

Also keep in mind that this ritual will start sucking energy out of everything, and it needs a lot of energy. It will take a lot out of the practitioner. It’s also going to start using that fire elemental. And it will start sucking the energy out of the room, out of ritual objects, and out of the people in attendance during the invocation. Just attending this type of evocation can take a lot out of you. Casting it will take a lot more. It is a very energy intensive spell.

When you are finished you need to shut down the triangle. Remember the triangle is pulling energy off of everything around it along with the person who cast it. It needs to be shut down. Doing this, however, won’t necessarily close everything you’ve opened with the evocation.

We take the triangle apart in a backwards order from the way we created it. If you drew the lines in chalk, you should do your best to erase them. In any case, you have to erase the lines psionically. Basically just visualize them fading away, or being blown up, or however you want to do it. Remember when we remove a line we are disconnecting those two elements from each other, those two worlds from each other, and those two aspects of time from each other. Start with the line connected Earth to Water. As soon as this line is gone the triangle is broken, and you should notice a lot of the strain from the ritual has been lifted. Space, time, and energy within the triangle should start to feel somewhat normal again after this. Continue with the other two lines.

After the lines are gone go to each candle, starting with water, and blow them out. When we do this, we are removing that particular candle from its connection with fire, and at this point the candle again becomes a pure element. Once all three candles are blown out the triangle is shut down and the ritual is complete. Although the strain of the ritual should be gone, now that the practitioner is no longer empowered by being connected into the ritual and they may suddenly become exhausted (this is normal).

The candles may be saved to be used in future evocations, but be careful to remember what they are and not to light them for other purposes. Lighting one of the candles may draw energy out of the practitioner since they are connected into them.

Explanation of Variations:

1. In the original version of this method the incense was not lit and the fire elemental was not summoned until after the triangle was finished. This seemed to increase the likelihood of a physical manifestation. Using the fire elemental first was discovered by accident when I screwed up the order of the ritual.

If you’re just starting out, and just want this ritual to work and want anything to come forward, it’s best to summon the fire elemental first. When summoned first, the fire elemental will help to generate the necessary energy to create and maintain the triangle, which is the most important part when doing the evocation.

When the fire elemental is summoned after the triangle, normally the fire elemental’s power would be lent to creating and maintaining the triangle, but instead that is almost entirely drawn from the practitioner’s own power (along with some energy from the room). However now the fire elemental’s power can be used later in the evocation, both to draw spirits forward and by evoked spirits to help them manifest and take action.

If you feel comfortable with the ritual, and that you can handle the additional energy strain, and you haven’t had much luck getting physical manifestations from spirits, try evoking the fire elemental after the triangle is completed.

Note that all other parts of the ritual happen in their normal order, and the candles are now lit and connected into the spiritual plane through fire prior to the lighting of the incense.

2. Initially, when I first created this ritual, I put the candles on altars to the gods and used the gods represented by these altars as a protection. Once I felt comfortable and safe casting evocations, I didn’t really feel like I needed this protection anymore, and so I removed it from the ritual. If you don’t yet feel comfortable doing evocations with no protection besides yourself, you may wish to add this step back into the ritual. In my opinion though it is unnecessary. If you are strong enough to cast the triangle, you should be strong enough to handle almost anything you manage to evoke into it.

3. All of the ritual, like any ritual, is only present to help you focus your mind and power and also to help you manipulate the exterior forces of the universe. There is nothing here that can not be done mentally. I don’t suggest trying to do that from the beginning. But once you’ve done the ritual a few dozen times and feel comfortable with all the parts, start stripping physical actions away and see if you can do them with your mind. I typically do this ritual with no other acts besides lighting three candles and one stick of incense, and if I really wanted to I could (and have) eliminated even those steps. This does slightly weaken the ritual, but at the same time it saves on prep time and work.

4. This one is fairly self explanatory. The candles can be used again simply by relighting them. This is true of almost any candle used in a ritual. If you are reusing candles, you can skip all the steps involved with candle preparation and go straight to setting up the three candles in a triangle. The ritual tends to be a little bit weaker when done this way, but not by much. The only important things to remember are which candles correspond to which element, and not to use the candles for any other purpose (since they will drain the practitioner).

Explanation of notes:

There are no real protections offered and there is no danger with leaving the triangle (unlike leaving a magic circle during an evocation). In fact the least safe place to be is within the triangle, so by leaving it you are actually safer.

However the magician who cast the triangle should not leave it, or if he or she does they need to not go very far and return quickly. It’s actually not uncommon for the triangle to expand outward a bit and actually take up some parts of the room that aren’t actually inside of it. The magician can usually get away with being several feet outside the triangle. And leaving for a short period of time, like for a quick potty break, probably won’t be a problem.

But, and we found this out through experimentation, if you go far from the triangle and leave for an extended period of time, you will begin to get sick. The triangle is going to be pulling on you and taking energy from you, and everything running around inside of it will be running around inside of you. As you increase your physical distance from the triangle, you also increase the strain it puts on you.

Likewise manipulating energy inside the triangle can be detrimental to the casting magician. Anything done to the energy in the triangle is literally being done to them. If the inside of the triangle fills with an energy they are uncomfortable with, they will feel the negative effects from it. If you swirl around the energy in a circle you will probably make them nauseous. It is best for everyone involved to leave the energy alone once the triangle is cast.

If you do cast the triangle, you should always evoke a spirit into it. If you just leave the triangle up without evoking a spirit, and without giving it a purpose, strange things start to happen. If you want to know more, you can try it sometime. It’s not dangerous, it’s just weird, and most likely a waste of an evening.

This ritual uses large amounts of energy and punches holes into time, space, and reality. Rituals like that tend to attract things. You may have large amounts of random spirits, especially smaller and weaker ones and especially the dead, converging upon the general area surrounding the triangle, and possibly even inside the triangle. Most of these things are harmless and they are usually weak enough that they are easy to deal with if they become a problem.

We’ve also noticed strange occurrences in regards to the passage of time with this ritual, and even how time operates. Sometimes spirits will begin to appear and manipulate the environment hours, days, or even weeks before they are evoked or a decision is even made to evoke them. We’ve had instances where multiple clocks inside the triangle were out of sync with multiple clocks inside the triangle. We’ve seen an hour pass in mere minutes, and at other times hours seem to have gone by in less than half an hour. Once we walked outside during a ritual and heard ourselves inside speaking and having a conversation that we had hours ago.

The people in attendance can also affect the ritual. Remember the ritual is going to be drawing on the energy in the room, and the triangle is actually very sensitive to the energies of anybody inside of it. Because of this the people attending the ritual can influence its flow, direction, and the make-up of the triangle just by being present.

As with many rituals, we found this ritual to work best after the sun has completely set. Most magic seems to work best after dark. There are certain spirits that can only be evoked at specific times either during the daytime or during dawn or dusk, so in some instances you may have to use the ritual during the daytime. The ritual should still work regardless of the time of day.

Expect this ritual to take a good amount of time. Prep time alone can get be close to an hour long. As for the actual evocation itself, there are too many variables to tell how long it will take. It depends somewhat on how many spirits you plan on evoking and how in depth you want to get with each one. But time also starts acting screwy, and minutes can drag on for hours, or you could lose an hour or two in mere minutes. I’d say if you want to do this ritual, plan to spend the entire night doing it. You may be able to end it early, but you might not.

Pros and Cons


-This is my preferred method of evocation. It’s a great general method of evocation that’s useful in most situations. It’s also a happy medium between the power of the ritual and the complexity of it.

-This method is actually very powerful. You should be able to call forth almost any spirit using it.

-This method is both non-aggressive and respectful of the spirits, which helps promote mutually beneficial relationships with spirits.

-This method is ethically sound under most spiritual systems. No harm is done to the spirit and no attempt is made to bind the spirit’s power or control it.

-The practitioner is the primary power source of this method. This ritual is performed through the practitioner’s own power.

-Due to the fact that there is little reason for normally non-malicious spirits to be hostile when evoked under this method, and because the practitioner is seen as a source of power, there is a much smaller chance that a spirit, given opportunity, will attempt to harm the practitioner or attendees in any way.

-Because the practitioner is not dependent upon multiple protections to ensure their safety, there is much greater room for error and experimentation and small mistakes are usually not as disastrous with this method as with traditional evocation methods.


-Once a spirit is evoked, the practitioner will have very little control over them. To overpower the spirit with the triangle in this method would cause the magician to expend a great deal of energy and is not advised except in cases of absolute emergency.

-It is not uncommon for the magician to have to bargain with or befriend a spirit in order to procure a favor from it.

-The magician’s only protection is himself and his power, and during the ritual he is being drained in order to sustain the triangle. The magician may evoke a hostile spirit when, because of the triangle, he is in a very weakened state.

-The ritual is very energy intensive, and it may take quite a bit out of the magician who casts the triangle, especially if they are not used to very powerful rituals.

10 Responses to Method of Evocation #1 – General Method of Evocation

  1. Eric says:

    I’d like to ask you, how would you define the spiritual plane as separate from the physical, emotional, or mental? Apart from those three planes, what is spirituality?
    This question is pertinent to my practice, which uses silent meditation and pranayama as its only forms; in my practice I have experienced the vivification of the three planes and their relationship to one another, yet I am at a loss for the fourth.
    By vivification, I mean feeling how these three realms are constant elements of the existence of my self.
    While experiencing this vivification, I analogized it as a triangle~ mental* physical* and emotional.* I also remembered this post of yours.
    At the same time, I wondered, what fourth point would turn that 2d triangle into the 3d pyramid that MUST somehow exist? And I looked at this post, and voila, you have a fourth point… so I would like to humbly ask you for clarification on that fourth point.

  2. Tim says:

    Rob, I am planning my first evocation. I have people who live with me and they are concerned about what exactly I am trying to do and they have done little research on the topic. I wanted to ask you if you could possibly explain how safe or unsafe that you think it is to evoke a spirit and what could go wrong. Not only do they want an opinion but i’d like to hear from someone who has experience and knows more about the topic than i, a novice, know. Also, as a side note, i am using a different evocation method than the one described above. One in which the spirit is kept separate inside of a triangle from the practitioner. I really hope you respond and I would also like to say that i really enjoy your blog site and it’s information.

    Thanks, Tim.

    • Rob says:

      Dangerous is largely dependent on what kind of spirit you’re planning to evoke. Weaker spirits are usually going to be more annoying and just plain scary because, you know, ghosts, but rarely end up actually dangerous except for rare exceptions. Typically these sorts of spirits aren’t evoked though, they’re usually brought forward through a botched seance.

      Typical evocations are done with demons, or if not than angels or at least spirits of about that power. And with demons, it can get dangerous. Demons are powerful spirits capable of a lot and are always extremely manipulative. No matter how much you think you’ve built yourself up or protect yourself, talk to a demon long enough and it will convince you of whatever it wants to, and it will manipulate you, even if it’s helping you for completely altruistic purposes, it’s just their nature.

      Usually these powerful spirits are safer to deal with than the weaker ones, assuming you understand what you’re dealing with and show it proper respect and treat it in a descent manner. Everyone once in a while you’ll get one that truly malicious, but for the most part even when a demon is terrible and horrific if you just politely tell it no thanks it will be on its way. They’re very powerful, which means they can manage on their own and are major spiritual players with multiple agendas to fulfill. Typically they won’t care enough to fuck around with you just for the hell of it, nor have the time to really do that when they aren’t getting anything in return.

      Of course all of that changes when you act like a dick. For instance trapping a spirit in a prison like a triangle, and worse trying to force it to do things for you or answer questions. At that point expect the demon, who is both stronger and smarter than you, to do everything it can to get vengence.

      The reason why those evocations work sometimes is because some of them were originally created by people who were also much smarter and stronger than you. Unfortunately those evocations require that they’re done perfectly. Any mistake, no matter how small, is something a demon can exploit to hurt you.

      For instance did you make sure the area where the triangle is has been cleaned thoroughly? If you have a small hair, a fleck of skin, or any kind of bodily fluid that’s something a demon can use to cast any sort of spell it wants on you. Are you positive there’s no pet hairs there, or maybe something belonging to those people living with you?

      Piss of something like a demon normally and it will usually attempt a direct attack against you. Tie its hands and it will try to hurt you any way it can.

      Likewise if you make a clean bargain with something that powerful, usually it will hold up its end of the bargain both in form and spirit if at all possible, and it usually won’t lie about what it’s capable of. Force it into servitude, and it’s going to take whatever freedom you give it to do a task and use that to hurt you.

      Even if you do manage to do everything perfect to protect yourself from the spirits, anything that powerful is going to have powerful friends, many of which are more than willing to kill for it, and others which can be manipulated into killing because that’s what demons are good at.

      So maybe you’re protected from spirits, but can you handle going into magical battle against another living magician, or a group of magicians? Or what if they just skip the magical step and show up at your door with a handgun?

  3. Jen says:

    Hi Rob. Do you believe anyone has it in them to learn? My interests started with White craft & ritual. I am a mere beginner and really crave knowledge of any sort of these subjects. I have started with alter consecration and making friends with elementals. Though, I believe I need to read a lot more before attempting anything else. I am more in fear of making a mistake and the consequences. Have you successfully bound a demon before? And if so, what was it like?

    • Rob says:

      Everyone is capable of learning more and expanding themselves spiritually. Success in magick has more to do with attitude than anything else.

      White craft isn’t a real thing, it’s an artificial construct based on someone else’s morality, and restricting yourself to it is choosing ignorance over knowledge.

      Most of what you can read is stupid and ill-informed, and what is worthwhile you’ll never be able to understand without practical knowledge. Not all magicians read, but all magicians practice. If it’s a choice between reading and practicing, always choose the later.

      If you’re afraid of mistakes and consequences, you won’t get anywhere with magick. Mistakes can be fixed and most times they ultimately accelerate spiritual growth. Meanwhile time spent preparing yourself to practice magick instead of practicing magick is just spiritual growth that is forever lost.

      I’ve bound a demon before. It’s doable, but difficult. They’re powerful, extremely intelligent and manipulative, they’re more than willing to kill you if it serves their goals, and they have lots of friends who’d be willing to kill for them as well.

      Binding a demon is an aggressive form of attack, and one that is likely to result in retaliation if it is not done perfectly. I’d suggest not binding a demon unless you really want to hurt it for some reason, or if you’ve gotten yourself in a situation where you need to. Ordinarily I just use my words and talk with demons.

  4. Apoorv says:

    After performing the ritual, how do I summon a PARTICULAR spirit.. As in what words do I need to say??

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