Of Shielding and Banishing Rituals – Introduction


Part 1 – Shields

Part 2 – Banishings

Banishing Ritual – A ritual designed to clear an area of all entities, magical energies, and supernatural influences. The Lower Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram is the most well known banishing ritual.

Shield – A barrier created using the energy of ones aura, and typically used to deflect magical attacks or prevent oneself from being magically probed.

Shielding – The act of consciously creating and controlling a shield.

In the past I’ve talked a lot about how I feel that shielding and banishing rituals are overused within the community, and how these two things, for some, have become the solution for almost every metaphysical problem imaginable. Reading various message boards that have linked to this site and what some have asked me in comments and emails, it seems as though I’ve been misinterpreted.

Part of the problem is that I haven’t said that shielding and banishing rituals should never be used. I’m of the opinion that every tool a magician has in their repertoire, properly used, is an asset, and under the right circumstances almost anything can be useful. So of course I recommend learning how to shield or banish, because these aren’t very hard things to learn and you’re going to be more powerful through knowing them. I also recommend learning how to do everything else you can too.

Some have read this as me just saying that shielding and banishings shouldn’t be used quite as often as they are by some practitioners, but they should still remain a basic element of ones practice. I never meant anything close to that. I think there are only a handful of situations where either of these things may be useful.

The vast majority of shields I’ve done, over my entire life, have either been simple tricks to amuse me, like making my spiritual body look like a ruby rock to others to see if they notice, or so absurd and complicated, both in appearance and function, that they could hardly be considered shields. Things like the Insta Bramble Reverse Shield Trap, or the Holey Knife Shield.

I haven’t used a shield for any kind of defense in over three years, and I haven’t had a need for it in all that time. In my entire life, I can count how many times I’ve used a defensive shield on my hands.

Outside of experimentation or to prove that I could do it, or as part of a ritual that included it, I’ve never done a true banishing. I’ve never come across a use for it where there wasn’t a better option. I’ve done a few cleansings, which are sort of like banishings, but they specifically targeted general entities and not energies. I don’t even do those anymore though. I’m scary enough all by myself that I can get rid of just about anything I don’t like.  At least anything that would be affected by a banishing anyways.

This is in contrast to people who promote always shielding and including banishings as part of every ritual.

I also find that the sort of people who always suggest better shielding or doing a banishing ritual as the solution to every metaphysical problem aren’t very skilled magicians. It doesn’t take any great amount of skill, creativity, knowledge, or first hand experience to suggest either of these options. The answer is always either A or B, and which answer best fits which situation is usually obvious.

The fact that there are usually far better solutions to these problems, and that these solutions aren’t discussed, weighed, or even imagined by these magicians, only goes to further prove how incompetent they are. These are typically the sort of people who parrot the magical information of others, often times without fully understanding it, and usually have very limited, or even nonexistent, first hand spiritual experiences.

Over the next week I’m going to write two more articles in this series, one dealing with my views on shielding specifically, and one dealing with my views on banishings. The first, on shielding, is probably going to be the longer of the two.

Although just as overused, banishing rituals are not as bad as shielding. Banishing can be somewhat counterproductive, but there are also some very strong magicians who banish frequently, and the drawbacks of doing this are not that detrimental. The worst part about banishing rituals is that it’s used as a solution to problems it doesn’t really fix, or doesn’t fix well. So long as a magician keeps a wide arsenal of tools, they’re usually fine, even if they do banish too much.

The same can’t be said of shielding, which is a much bigger problem. In the short term, shielding is not as protective as people think it is, and often times leaves the practitioner in a much more vulnerable state. It’s also not very economical, and used incorrectly, it can seriously hinder the practitioner, both inside a fight and outside of it.

In the long term shielding tends to seriously harm the practitioner by restricting their magical ability and limiting their spiritual growth, not to mention the fact that it discourages learning better offensive and defensive techniques to protect oneself with.

Insta Bramble Reverse Shield Trap – The idea comes, partially, from my Hecate barrier spell which I first cast for a friend. One of the differences of that barrier, from a standard one, is that it was a thorny thicket, so that anything attempting to break through it would be hurt. This shield works in the same way, being composed of thick bramble that causes pain to anything that directly touches it rather than a standard energy barrier.

In order for this to work, it has to be an instant shield, which I’ll talk more about in the article dealing with shielding. Basically though this means that the shield won’t come up until it’s needed. So the shield doesn’t come up until the punch is thrown and about to connect, or an enemy is charging you and almost on top of you.

At the moment the enemy connects with the shield, it pulls itself off the practitioner, and instantly surrounds the attacker. That’s the trap part, and in doing so it becomes a reverse shield, shielding the attacker instead of the defender.

At that point the shield is hurting the attacker and also preventing them from forming an attack that breaks the shielding. The shield then begins slowly folding in on itself, squeezing the attacker, causing more pain, and generally crushing them.

In order for it to work, the timing needs to be perfect. It’s also easily broken, and it doesn’t cause all that much pain. It’s a fun attack though, and if it doesn’t work, I have a thousand more to try.

Holey Knife Shield – The basic idea comes from having a shield of knives. I like a shield of knives, because you can attack with one of those. It’s holey because there aren’t enough knives to completely defend the practitioner, or even defend the practitioner well. They’re just sort of misplaced here and there, leaving the practitioner pretty open to attack. They do extend far outward of the practitioner (I like to keep mine three to five feet out from myself in all directions).

The energy holding the knives to the practitioner could be turned into a standard shield for better protection, but instead the energy is kept loose and weak and fluid, that way the practitioner can be better focused on making the knives more powerful, and more knives can also be created so they extend further out.

Basically the knives act as if they’re tied to the practitioner by strings all over their body, except they aren’t affected by gravity and can float around, and the practitioner won’t accidentally hit themselves with the knives as they move. This way the practitioner can jump around, swinging their arms and legs, and hitting their enemies with knives extending several feet out when they do.


Part 1 – Shields

Part 2 – Banishings

8 Responses to Of Shielding and Banishing Rituals – Introduction

  1. sparrowrose says:

    I’m looking forward to your examination of banishings.

    I spent time as a sexual/energy healer, working out of legal Nevada brothels. As such, I did a LOT of banishings! On the most basic level, I would banish at the end of a shift, before sleeping (in the same room.) After a particularly intense/problematic client I would banish before bringing anyone else into my work space.

    For (what should be) obvious reasons, shielding was not as much a part of my practice (although I had shielding on the room, not on my person. And I had to strengthen my shielding after one particular client with separation difficulties (who also happened to be a trained magician himself) became obsessed with me after our session was over and was interfering (or trying to) with my service to others.)

    But banishing was standard and frequent because my work space would get filled with the energies of others — often very needy others filled with grief, loneliness, and other draining emotions I didn’t want lingering after them. Banishing was a serious workhorse in my toolbox while doing that work and so I’m very curious to hear what you have to say about it.

    As for shielding, not only was in counterproductive in that particular work space, but I don’t like to do it in general because I have mild-to-moderate prosopagnosia (genetic, neurological face-blindness) and when I shield, I can’t recognize anyone!!! I can’t “see” faces and can only recognize people by their hair, their clothing, their voice, their expected location, and most especially their energy! When I shield well, everyone starts looking the same to me and I get lost in a sea of what I call “Fisher Price faces” because everyone might as well be Fisher Price people for all I’m able to tell them apart.

    So I have mostly worked with shielding that keeps others out but allows select people to come inside my shields on a case-by-case basis. Otherwise, I’ve pretty much blocked out all of humanity and am left alone and lonely inside my shields.

    • Rob says:

      What you’re describing is a special situation that not many people would have to deal with. Still I think that although the banishing did work insomuch as it made your living situation tolerable, there were better solutions to the problem.

      Trying to analyze the specific situation, a brothel is the sort of place I wouldn’t expect to have all that great an energy, for most people to live in anyways, to begin with. The problem isn’t just the people coming in, but the fact that the building and general area has been soaking energy from these sorts of people for years, even decades.

      When new people come in, their emotional issues not only feed into the area, but the general energy of the area is amplifying their emotional issues. It turns into a cycle.

      If you were just visiting, I’d say you’d be better off sucking it up and dealing with it for a little while. It’d make you a stronger person, and you should be able to deal with incompatible energies. But the fact that you were living there makes it into an intolerable situation.

      The banishings no doubt worked to an extent, but that’s sort of like being in a boat that springs a leak, and deciding that the solution is to grab a bucket every few hours and throw water overboard. It’s keeping you from sinking, but you’re not really attacking the true cause of the problem.

      My guess would be that the best solution would’ve been to work with the energy of your personal living space to create a more positive atmosphere. There are a lot of different ways I could think to do that, but it would have probably taken some work and it’s something that probably would’ve had to be done in stages.

      Ultimately though it would create a situation where the room’s energy would attack the energies brought in by clients and work to make it more positive, or at least drown it out, and at the same time the room’s energy would help to improve the client’s emotional issues, instead of amplifying them.

      I’m not currently in that sort of situation, but I do something similar with my own bedroom, which always keeps a very peaceful and calm energy that’s compatible with me.

      • sparrowrose says:

        Interesting that you have such strong (and wrong) ideas of what it was like for me . . . .

        • Rob says:

          I’m only giving a suggestion based on the small amount of information you gave me. I still think that, having worked with the energy of the area, you could’ve achieved the same results as consistent banishings without having to constantly maintain it.

          • moonglow says:

            Chiming in to support sparrowrose. I too was a sex worker at one stage in my life and completely unprepared to deal with the crap energies put forth by the clients. Fast forward 20 years to now and no longer involved in that kind of work but encountering the same kinds of energies from internet dating sites!!! I’m fending off the second attack from an obsessed male in the space of less than 2 months. In both these cases I am certain that the male attacker is magically trained to one degree or another. The magickal self-defense muscles are getting a really good workout right now.

  2. The Cheshire says:

    Like the ideas. Modern society tends to make people believe that they do best by shutting themselves off and walling off the rest of the world.

    But Magic should be more. Better.

    I think there can be a lot that can be built from this. But it is a daring and beautiful start.

    So Bravo.

  3. akyaer says:

    Yeah, the articles on shielding and banishing really clear things up for me too. It certainly is one of the most practical articles I’ve ever read on the reasons for and against shielding.



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