Ebay’s Most Haunted

As of late, Ebay’s been trading in enchanted items. The key term to look for, in ebay lingo, is haunted. Many magicians currently frequent antique shops, thrift stores, and yard sales in hopes of finding second hand enchanted items. I’ve gotten many powerful items this way, including some stuff that was owned by Sybil Leek. It’s only natural that an E-version would develop. Unfortunately most of what’s on ebay is fraudulent, and most of it is overpriced (in comparrison, the stuff found in the real world is often underpriced for its spiritual worth). I’ve decided to go on E-bay over a period of a few days, and see what sort of interesting stuff I can find and add some commentary, hopefully to help people make better decisions when buying this stuff.

First off, for comparrison, here’s the best stuff me and a friend found while looking hitting some local thrift stores (we did five stores all together).

1. Purple skeleton statue, slightly burnt, obviously used in some sort of necromantic ritual and then donated to the Salvation army because of it. Has a good amount of energy in it. Purchased for $1.

2. Variety of descent candle holders, various prices between $3-$15, some of which were very nice. None purchased. I have enough candle holders, and the best ones were either overpriced or ones I would never use (such as a five candle holder).

3. Obelisk with mirrors, badly damaged, $7, used in some powerful rituals. Some of the mirrors may have been broken on purpose. Too difficult to repair, so not purchased.

4. Broken jewelry box with an interesting energy that drew my friend in. $3. Not purchased.

5. Mother Goddess abstract statue. $5. Not purchased.

6. Over-priced Asian wooden statues, some damaged, $25+. Not Purchased. Available at the flea market for less.

7. Over-priced obelisks, no energy, $40, not purchased.

8. Aztec deity statue, $5, not purchased, overpriced.

9. Three dolls containing spirits of the dead. $7-$12 each. None purchased. Honestly ghosties aren’t that interesting. Descent price though.

10. Sterling silver plated hand mirror used for some magical purpose. Actual mirror was missing. $7. Not purchased on account of it missing the best part.

And the best stuff we found:

11. 1978 crystal ashtray exactly like the one my friend’s grandmother used to scry out of which he was drawn to. Full of energy, it may have actually been his grandmother’s since most of her stuff was donated to charity after her death. Priced at $56 in 1978. Perfect condition. Purchased for $5.

12. Doll with a circle of real blood painted on her dress, and obviously done intentionaly. The doll contained a spirit which was not a dead person. The energy of the spirit was sexually charged, and it was probably negative in nature. Doll may have given me a minor curse. Left behind because I didn’t much care for it, and it didn’t want to come home with me. $7.

Okay, here’s some stuff I found on ebay:

1. Antique Charging Box

Sold 79.99

Excerpts From the Description:


“If you keep your haunted items on your bedside table, energy will slowly be released over time back into the universe making your item weaker. This is why a charging box is needed.

By keeping your haunted items in a charging box all energy that contained inside this box constantly swirling and recharging your magickal vessels while you are not wearing them, which in turn keeps them strong with magickal energies keeping them at their maximum working potential.”

“This charging box has been further enhanced with ancient protection and repulsion spells to ensure the items inside stay safe. It will keep all of your magickal vessels safe and fully charged to their maximum working potential.”

“There is difference between Magickal vessels and Genie Djinn vessels. Djinn vessel have a much higher level energy. If you will store your Magickal vessels and your Genie Djinn vessels in the same box there is a large possibility that the energy of the Djinn can destroy out all the spells imbued within your magickal items!”

“This Charging box is guaranteed to recharge your Magickals vessels so they function at Full Power!
This is a unique and beautiful very old wooden charging box fully charged with White Light Magic Energy from my personal collection.”

I’m not sure if this is really an antique, which might raise its value. Old looking boxes like this are super-common at the thrift stores though, and are usually about $1-$10 depending on the condition (they’re never in that great a condition, and if the price is too good to be true, it probably smells).

I leave most of my magical objects out, and I’ve never had an issue with lost energy. A properly enchanted item should have a way to recharge itself. This is done through tying it into an infinite source, a cycle or common event, or drawing energy off the wearer. Spirit inhabitted items, meanwhile, are empowered through the spirit, and often times through contact with the practitioner also.

I never thought Djinn were as powerful as some make them out to be, although I’ve heard that there are more powerful ones out there. In any case Djinn are no where near as common as all the Djinn jewelry sold on ebay would lead you to believe.

I don’t feel a great deal of magical power from this piece, but I guess it’s possible it’s been enchanted with some sort of recharging spell. I don’t really see the point in that though because the object should recharge itself. If someone really needs to give an object a boost, they can always do a ritual for that specific purpose. It’d be a lot cheaper than $80.

Verdict: Plausibly legitimate, possibly a scam, not very useful.

2. Haunted Spirit “Charles” 7 yrs. old in Guitar

Bidding @ 49.99

Excerpts From the Description:

Up for adoption today is Charles. He is the spirit of a 7 year old little boy that died in a house fire…This guitar was the only thing that didn’t burn. Charles was a very spirited little boy that had a dream of becoming a famous musician. He would play his little guitar endlessly and loved every minute of it. He even wrote his name on the guitar… His death was such a sad thing… I knew little Charles personally as he was my neighbor. The fire happened in the middle of the night and it took the rescue squads what seems like a lifetime to arrive at the scene. I felt so helpless as there was nothing that I could do to stop this fire or save Charles and his family. It was such a tragedy… A couple of days later the fireman was at the house doing some things and I went over there to see if they found out how the fire started and I saw the guitar laying in the yard. I asked him why it was there and he said that it was a miracle that the guitar was the only thing in that house that didn’t burn . I asked him if I could have it and  he gave it to me. I have kept the guitar for many years now and I know that Charles spirit resides within. Since I have had the guitar my husband has learned how to play the banjo and my son can now play the guitar like a pro. I know that Charles is to be credited for this achievement. I feel that I am to pass this guitar along now with the spirit of Charles  to help others that are wanting to learn how to play a musical instrument.  Charles is like most spirits and will cause disturbances in electric, tv turns on occasionally by itself, door opens and shuts sometimes as if he’s made himself at home by running in and outside playing… Charles is very special to me and I’m really gonna miss him so I do ask that you would keep me posted on how he’s doing. About the guitar… it is approximately 33 inches tall and is made by First Act. It is not in the best of shape as it was owned by a 7 year old and does have a crack in the top backside of it. I have added pics to show. If you have any questions please send me a message.

I’ve looked at the guitar, and I can’t feel Charles. It’s possible he just followed the guitar into his neighbor’s home and is now comfortable there and won’t be following it anywhere else. So the purchaser will end up with just a broken guitar and not the actual spirit. It doesn’t seem to me like he lives inside the guitar.

Verdict: Possibly a legitimate spirit, but probably not in the guitar. The only reason I don’t scream fraud is because of the next auction.

3. Boy Doll –

Bidding @ 29.99

Exerpts from Auction:

Up for adoption today is William. He is approximately 10″ tall and is wearing a plaid jumper with little cars and planes on it. He has dark brown hair blue eyes. He has a hard rubber face, legs and hands with a stuffed body.William is the spirit of a little boy that died at the age of 3ys. old. William died due to Leukemia. He is a very active little spirit and will bring great joy into your home. You may experience echos of laughter, whispering, disturbances in electric… etc. William has been invoked with a spell of Good Fortune by my Coven.

Good fortune spells can do two things. They may perceive a future, and  act as a fortune telling tool and they can change and manipulate ones fortune and futures.

This Good fortune Spell can make your wishes come true…whether it be a financial blessing, a healing of your body, or simply just help get your way in any situation… This is a great spell doll to have in your collection.

This is another auction from the haunted guitar person. There’s something in that doll, and it ain’t no three year old. Three year old ghosties don’t have that much power for one. The energy is also inhuman, and very dark and mischevious. It’s probably an imp, but it could be something far worse.

My guess is the coven tried to put a dead spirit into the doll, and this thing jumped in and convinced them it was a dead spirit, because no one really knew what they were doing.

I’d suggest whoever purchases this doll be very careful with it. It may be a useful spirit (or it might not be), but it is definitely something darker and, at the very least, it’ll cause some mischief, maybe worse. I also think it would be a difficult spirit to etch out a working relationship with.

I’d also suggest being careful when you look at the picture. Thing may have jumped out when I was connecting into it. If it did, I hope it goes back, because I don’t want to go imp hunting tonight. Also I think the buyer will be dissapointed if there isn’t a spirit in the doll when they get it.

Verdict: Legitimate, but not what the seller claims.

4. Lauralie

Sold for $39.99

Excerpts From the Description:

Little Lauralie
Oh why do you cry?
Could it be from day’s gone by?
I know you feel so all alone
Because you were never able to return home
But where you are now you feel safe
And in this vessel you found a way
To see through these eyes and never stray.

I found this Doll in an abandoned house that I was inspecting….over in a corner of a bedroom I came upon a beautiful flowered homemade box..I opened it and this doll was inside…. and attached to her wrist was a piece of folded paper with this poem on it.  I thought it was a beautiful poem but very strange and weird at the same time………Other than that I don’t know who the doll belonged to or where she came from before …. being a very busy person I took her home and named her…………. I kept her for a little while then one day a strange thing happened to me with her I was changing my living room around and kept hearing a strange knocking sound only to find out it was her because I had placed her in a box in the closet to keep her from getting broke while I was moving things around “apparently” she didn’t like this so I never did this again… after that she really made me feel uneasy so I put her up for sale and she sold,,, soon the buyer was messaging me to please take her back so I finally did and now I am giving someone else the chance to buy her again and see if they can figure this out….. since I have had her in my possession she has seemed to make me feel uneasy even more, I can’t quite put my finger on it nothing bad has seemed to happen to me or anything else,,,, I just don’t want her she needs to go to a new home….. Mabey you can find out more about her or test her with a medium I am sure there is much she has to offer she just puts out a strange vibe to me, I no longer have the box she came in. I have re-named her Lauralie because this was the name of the poem. (maybe this is what she wants??)
She seems to be an older bisque porcelain doll with porcelain head, arms, legs and a very soft older looking stuffed body, she has very red hair and looks Irish or feels to me like she was from somewhere else…. she has a white dress on that ties in a bow in the back, there is also something strange about her hands they seem to be positioned in an “odd way” a “Beckoning way” like she is reaching for you or like she is asking for something I don’t know it’s just weird………. she stands approx 15 tall.”

Please! no bidders under the age of 18 years old this doll is not intended to be given to a child. Thank you.

Due to the fact that this may be a paranormal or Active Haunted item I am ask to tell you that any activity that may or may not occur I nor e-bay cannot be held responsible for Thanks.

(For Entertainment purposes only)

*Cough* Bullshit *Cough*

The story’s too perfect. Haunted item stories never happen like that. The poem’s meaning should also have been obvious to a Wiccan psychic investigator, and so it’s super odd that the seller just took it home and didn’t think anything of it. No energy off the doll either. The seller also made a point of mentioning that they’re not responsible for the doll not working.

Verdict: Fraud.

5. Clown Dolls

Sold for $40.00

Excerpts From the Description:

“Hi. Thank you for looking at our auction. We are a husband and wife paranormal investigation team in south Texas. We travel to homes, and other paranormal sites to try to document paranormal activity. In our travels over the years we have collected hundreds of relics and paranormal items, including many spirits in the form of dolls.”

“Several years ago we purchased a climate controlled storage unit for our property. It is used to house the more active and unsettled spirits. Some spirits have requested its quiet space, while others have been put there.


Getting the storage unit could not had come at a better time. Shortly after getting the unit we received a call from a friend and and fellow investigator in Oklahoma. He was investigating a home and wanted to share what he had discovered and to see if we would be interested in the homes contents before the family destroyed the home. Once we hung up the phone we were packing our bags for a road trip! Upon arriving at the property we learned that the family had purchased the large piece of land with the house already on it. They had intentions of destroying the home, but the spirits had other ideas. The family had no history on the house but they all seemed to have a paranormal story to share during the short time they had owned it. I could see why they would have wanted to destroy the home, no one could have ever lived in it again. The writtings on the ceilings were enough to strike fear in most. If that was not enough and you were able to stick around the house, then you would hear voices in other rooms.. whispering about you. The most memorable experience in the home during our investigation was when I was walking through the kitchen on my way out for the evening. I was about to leave the kitchen when I heard a loud POP, I jumped and turned around to face the kitchen. I found all of the kitchen cabinets wide open, all of them! I heard nothing but the loud POP sound, not of the cabinets opening. The other members in my group came running to see what the sound was, we all stood in amazement. We purchased the contents of the entire home, including some of the outside contents and shipped them back to Texas.

Today I offer you two items from this home in Oklahoma. Jim will communicate with you by lighting up the EMF meter, but he will not make it fluctuate, he will only peg it out to the max setting and leave it there.  We have captured several EVP’s of his laughing, usually after he as been able to scare you. He seems to like to do that. Janice is not much better, she has pulled covers off the sleeping, touched the face of the unaware, and she can lower the temperature around you to make your hair stand on end. I would recommend that you never seperate them, they seem to be less drastic in their actions as long as they are together. NOTE: Lightbulbs, batteries, and other electrical items do have functioning problems around this spirit couple.

PHOTO EVIDENCE: We have been able to capture a white mist or light around this pair on several occasions.

Please only bid if you plan to respect the spirits and their host dolls. They are NOT TOYS!

Jim’s Host is a white haired Clown doll with a porcelain head, his partner Janice is a Bright Red Headed Clown with a Porcelain head. Both have soft bodies, which has saved them from breaking during past falls They do need to be kept in an enclosed case, they do tend to move and fall off shelves that do not have sides. This will also assure that they stay together!


The picture of the mist is easily faked, but the story seems plausible. These are psychic investigators though, so they would probably know what a plausible story should sound like.

I was able to read some energy from the dolls, so they seem legit to me. The story, and the power of the objects, might be a bit exagerrated, but magical people tend to do that with their stories. By the description it sounds like the dolls either have fae or imps in them. I can usually identify a fae in a second because I’m so familiar with their energy, and fae don’t usually get themselves trapped in objects, and won’t ever stay in one for long if they have a choice. Imps on the other hand get trapped in objects all the time, and often times live in them. So I’m guessing these are imps.

Verdict: Most likely legitimate.

6. Fortune telling fairy

Sold for $25


If this were real, I could link into it and see the future through the photo. Go ahead and try if you want to verify it. Doesn’t work. Doll is bereft energy too. Fae also aren’t usually precognotive. They don’t even usually possess forsight. Definitely a scam item.

Verdict: Fraud.

7. Rare Haunted Ghostly Image of a Child on Glass Picture Frame One of a Kind Scary

50,000 OBO

Excerpts From the Description:

You are buying a ghostly image of a child on this picture frame. I picked up at an estate sale because I needed the frame. My six year old kept telling me to look at the little girl in the frame. I thought she was just being 6, but decided to take a closer look and sure enough, I saw it too.  It wasnt long after I brought this thing home my wife spotted a little girl walking down our hall just outside the room where this picture is kept. I call it the Ebay room, she calls it the guest room. Either way, I am convinced that this picture has something to do with the transparent littel girl that as of now, we have all seen. Just look in the middle of the frame and you will see the image of a child. I tried to wipe it off and it doesn’t come off.  My plan is to pay off my house so we can survive this recession, and hopefully, ship this frame along with the spirit to your house. Even though she has never bothered any of us, it is a littel to creepy for me. Things are tight and I really don’t want to sell it because I know I will never see another one of these again, and at the right auction, this thing could go for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Please ask questions if you have them. We have several items in our store and up for bids, so please to take a look. Please ask any questions prior to bidding to avoid any confusion later. ALL OFFERS WILL BE CONSIDERED…We do not use automation, so I will personally respond to any offer you decide to make.

The etching looked real cool, and I never saw something that clear appear on wood before, but then the seller confirmed that the design wasn’t on the wood, but on the glass covering it.

The seller seems sincere, so although I didn’t sense much energy from the item, it’s probably a legitimate, or the seller is having some other sort of paranormal activity in their home they’ve blamed on the frame.

In any case a common ghostie isn’t worth $50K. I don’t know what sort of auction you could get 100K+ for something like this either. I could get a common ghostie in a doll for $7 at the thrift store. I offered the seller $5 to take it off his hands, and even offered to throw in a couple extra bucks to cover shipping. He isntantly refused me.

If people are really paying that much for common ghosties, I’ll put a ghost in almost anything you want for around $5000. Some things, like plastics unfortunately, just aren’t practical for holding spirits. Email me what you want and I’ll get back to you with an estimate.

Verdict: Probably legit, but way over priced, to the point of delusional.

8. Haunted DOLL oF *PHAROAHs+DeAd WiTCH *+56 MiLLiOn* ANGELS GENIE DJINN ++ 100%pos

Bidding starts @ $1,000,0000

Excerpts from Description:

“You are bidding on White Light inhabited Spirit Wish & Protection Vessels with EXTREMELY INTENSE SPELLS cast on them by a Witch who recently passed over to the other side.

Her name was Amanda and she was known to be quite powerful and also quite wealthy.”

“This particular piece has very potent SPELLS on it for Evoking the Powers of Angels, Fairies, Khodam, Phoenix, Dragons, Cobras, Genie & more.  Most of you already know of Amanda’s work and special relationship with the Faerie world including her highest honors approved by the Seelie Court and which have never been granted to any other mortal.

I will tell you of these vessels inhabited by over 56 million White Light Spirits combined. When done, you just have to scroll down to read a few of our newest emails or click to receive your always free Good Luck Spell from Ms. Pei or… if you prefer, you can go ahead and bid on this vessel right now. For those unfamiliar with Amanda’s Magick, please continue to read on as there is much information here that you should know.

The Spirits of White Light were bound to these vessels by High Priestess Amanda on her own request. They had last been bound to vessels owned by several Pharaohs but they were destroyed centuries ago and they were released from their bond. They came to Amanda in more recent times because they said Amanda would be best suited for their powers and would know how to bind them to the proper vessels. So Amanda bound them to this magnificent doll statue and work of art.

This piece is also a very powerful portal for all White Light Spirits to come and go and it can also be used for astral travel and astral time travel if one desires.

To bring the White Light Spirits to your side, you simply call out to them. You can also rub the vessels when you’re in need and concentrate on your wish & they will answer your call!  The Silver King Tut bust vessel is about 8.25″ tall,  6″ wide & 4.5″ deep and will sit comfortably anywhere you need for protection & wish granting – your home, business or work! He is BEAUTIFUL and VERY elegant. He’s also quite heavy and very sturdy. At private auction, bids would start at $5,000,000 and could easily go up to $500,000,000 or more.”

The spirits bound assisted many clients of Amanda’s on Amanda’s request. They brought employment, financial success, monetary winnings, true love, new homes, health, great abundance and so much more. She used these spirits to help many people. We have counted records of over 500 people that were helped by these Spirits and there were many more, we did not have time to go through the entire record.

This vessel was part of Amanda’s most favorite Egyptian collection. She loved the art of ancient Egypt and owned lots of it. Amanda said this vessel reminded her of her home on the Nile where she bound many vessels and that is how she came to bind spirits of ancient Egyptian Kings to this piece. The spirits here are some of the most powerful and oldest of white light magick to exist! They are also adept at magick and spell casting and if anyone desires their help in this area, they are glad to lend it.

The spirits are very much looking forward to assisting their new owner soon! Since Amanda’s passing, they’ve become somewhat withdrawn & VERY lonely for mortal companionship.

You should note that spirits can be a little bit sensitive. If they feel unnoticed or unneeded, they may have a tiny bit of a tantrum & go off to visit family or friends but don’t worry! They’ll be right back once they see how much you miss them and need them – like humans, spirits need to feel loved and needed, too! Just call out your love & wishes or simply rub the vessel, they’ll be back in a flash!

Amanda bequeathed her belongings to her dear friend, Ms. Pei, who is also wiccan and a psychic medium. As most of you know…

Ms. Pei is elderly and has no need for most of Amanda’s belongings and has asked that I help to get her possessions out to her still living soul mates and to those who have a true interest and an understanding of the paranormal and psychic phenomenon.

So… Here is this beautiful and powerful wish vessel. It’s MUCH more beautiful than the photos show. White Light Spirits love to come to their Master in dreams & visions so you may wish to keep paper & pen nearby when you meditate and sleep so you can write down what they tell you.

This is VERY rare & unique piece, as you can see. Amanda evoked many White Light Spirits for Magick & Ritual assistance – that is one of their greatest powers.

But be aware…

Before bidding, please understand that all haunted items are proven positive for paranormal activity. By bidding, you agree that we are not liable or responsible for any paranormal activity that may or may not occur once the listed item is in your possession.

Please be aware, too, that a haunted item is one which has one (or more) spirits attached to it and may cause electrical faults, feelings of being watched, feeling someone touch you, strange noises or voices, and even full blown apparitions. Pets and children are sometimes affected by haunted items and spirits, so it is not unusual to find your dog staring at the item with a look of awe, or your toddler giggling for no apparent reason.

I’ve had great success from Amanda’s Magick as have other ebayers!

One fellow won over $50,000!! – Read our Buyer feedback. I have an email from him & others who attest to Amanda’s Powerful Spells & Magick! Here’s just a few…

Where are these auctions where people pay $100,000,000 or more for enchanted objects. Even if it worked extremely well, I still can’t see it being worth half a billion.

In fact, I don’t even think there’s anyone with a cool million to blow on this stuff.

And then the seller assumes no responsibility if the item doesn’t work, and after you blow six figures they still want to charge you $25 to ship the damn thing. What the fuck!

They have lots of photos that may have been photoshopped. I don’t know. It’s not even worth trying to figure out if it’s a legitimate item. The price is way to high for anyone to seriously try to buy it. I’m guessing they put this up to make the other items from Ms Amanda’s collection seem more legitimate.

Verdict: Probably a scam.

9. Skull and Bones Amulet

Sold @ $102

Excerpts From the Description:

Among us the elite walk. They seem to be loaded with opportunity, legacies, and old money that is endless. They travel the world, go to the top ranking schools and attend the most secret of meetings . Their members kept secret, the ones known have taken many years to discover. Their actions, meetings, wealth and many aspects of their lives are kept secret. They take oaths with their lives all to be a member of the worlds most secret organization, The Skull and Bones.

Yet within the skull and bones their lies and even more group of elite. They are the top of the top. The richest of the richest so to speak. They guard their secrets with their wealth, power and social status. They are able to rise and keep rising in status due to the large number of media and important people that are part of the outer circle. It is they who allow this small select group of individuals to rise to power by all means. Their wealth is never ending and opportunity is everywhere they go.

is noted by many that the skull and bones and other secret orders have for ages practiced a ritualistic form of pagan or occult worship.

Each member had undoubtedly rose to fortune, wealth and vast success by merely being a part of the group. Some say that this power lies in who they know and the large money that pulls the strings for them. Others know a far darker truth. Their power comes form old forces of magic that they have practiced since early days. An old religion that has blended pagan, ritual, occult and other forms of magic. They have called on powers to bring forth the wealth of the world to them. They have succeeded.

Both George Bush and his father were or are in the order. All members hold a privilege over others. They seem to be able to carry on in secrecy with little or no questions asked. They are protected by the outer members of the order placed strategically throughout the world. The Harriman members own a private bank to which little is known about. It is kept secret and little to nothing is known about its money practices and operations. They walk in a different path than the rest of us.

This next piece is a powerful piece belonging to a deceased member of skull and bones and it recently came into our hands. It is known as the Skull of Power. It was created in Haitii by request for an elite leading member of skull and bones. It is influenced by ancient voodoo powers and the powers known to skull and bones. It is a piece of grey magic meaning neither white nor black. It was created to get things done. To make things happen. To bring what you seek. It is not a wishing piece but rather a peice that has life to it. It seems to have thoughts knowledge and understanding of what you want and becomes part of you. It radiates with energy as it seems to align plains within the energy fields around you to make thngs happen in sort of your own time and space.

This piece is no joke. After owning for only a few days I began to notice strange things happen. i was invited to an elite event by folks who normally would not speak to me. I was invited to join a powerful midnight ceremony of secret magic where I was offered to be taught ancient spells. I was a little taken aback as I prefer the more subtle magic. This piece will bring what you seek.

There does seem to be a circle of men whose energies are meshed with this amulet. THey appeared in dreams to me and within a vision offering knowlegde of anceint ways. I had no interest and they made it clear this piece is not meant for me. YOu must desire to know the secrets they share. You must want to walk among them

This small amulet is carved of bone. It needs only to be owned not work or carried.

I sense a small amount of energy from the amulet, but if it’s real bone that could be all I’m feeling. It’s no where near powerful enough to do all the things the seller claims. The Skull and Bones isn’t really a magical organization either. You usually don’t see Afro-Caribean religions mixed with Ceremonial magic, at least not until rescent times anyways. The piece also looks manufactured, not hand made.

The seller’s story seems like pure bullshit. Not even exagerrated bullshit, but completely made up bullshit. This thing is a $5 trinket. Definitely not worth the $100 that was paid for it. I doubt it was owned by a member of the skull and bones (notice the member is never named in the story). Even if it was, it’s still just a $5 trinket, since they aren’t a magical society, but a college club.

Verdict: Fraud.

10. Troll Dolls

Out of all the items I found, these were the only ones I thought about buying. It was a set of funny looking troll dolls recovered from a fire that seemed legitimate. There was only about five hours left on the auction, and no bidders yet. The price was a bit high though, $25 + $15 shipping. I was going to wait to see if the seller couldn’t sell them, and then offer an even $20 for the set, possibly agreeing to a cheaper shipping rate so the seller could make some money.

But I couldn’t find the auction. I searched ebay for all the keywords I could remember, and it didn’t come up as a sold or relisted auction. That’s not too odd. I don’t think ebay let’s you search for auctions that have ended.

So I went through my firefox history. I looked at every single ebay page I visited. I found every auction I looked at the day before. Except for this one. I could understand if the page was in my history, and when I clicked on it the page couldn’t be found. But it wasn’t in my history at all. It didn’t have a weird name either, since I looked at every single ebay page I had in the history just to be sure it wasn’t there. The thing disappeared from my history like I never visited the page, or someone got on my computer and deleted it. Anyways if someone sees some fire damaged trolls on ebay again, let me know. I might be wanting them.

Verdict: Legitimate

11. Bonus Item – Haunted Sexual Gay Male Fallen Angel

Sold for $31.00

Excerpts From the Description:

This silver bound quartz crystal holds a very passionate spirit.

He has chosen to be on earth and found a way to explore new encounters with humans. He will call to you through this listing if he wants to be with you. If you got excited or curious when you discovered this auction he may have drawn you to it.

This fallen angel is not evil. He is very masculine and loves other men. Your first encounters with him would be on a supernatural level (dream, touching you without seeing him) especially if you are new to exploring your same sex curiousities. He will not scare you or do anything you do not want him to. The more you bond the closer and more deeply involved he will want to be with you on a physical level.

I don’t even want to try to see if this is a legitimate item. This is, by far, the weirdest thing I found. I’m at a loss for words.

Note: Yes, I can sense energy and connect to objects and spirits through photographs, usually without much difficulty. No, I will not give you my opinion on an object you’re thinking of buying or bidding on. Please don’t ask me to, you’ll be ignored. Thank you.

18 Responses to Ebay’s Most Haunted

  1. s says:

    so how do we put spirits into objects? some guidelines would be helpful

    • Rob says:

      As I explained in the post, you can pay me $5000.

      There are a lot of different ways to go about doing it. It’s usually easier if the spirit wants into the object for some reason. You can force a spirit in, but I don’t think it’s very ethical to do that for extended period of time.. You also have to figure out a way to keep it trapped in the object, or constantly maintain all of the seals that keep it entrapped.

  2. Thomas Pendragon says:

    Hi Rob, The ashtray with its thick cut crystal and gilded stand does work for scrying. She used to blow the smoke over it and blow down on it. The smoke would feed the crystal so to say. I used to watch her do this a few times a day. Not the healthiest of habit. I can use incense smoke over it to get the same result being I gave up my cigars. So far the cats have attraction to it like it’s a new toy. I had to explain to them it’s not the fancy feast occult bowl.

    On another thought….
    I hate to think that my grandmothers things have been laying about a charity warehouse the last twenty years.

    It’s sounds weird but go out and dumpster dive before going to a thrift store.
    I have also learned from being avid dumpster diver and salvager you can find haunted or magick items people toss out because of certain reasons.

    1.There relative may have practiced magick and the inheritors want nothing to do with it. So everything from altar pieces to wands go in the dumpster.

    2.Things get abandoned in haunted spaces then people toss the objects out when rehabbing a space.

    3.It might be something that was in someone’s family a long time and absorbed a lot of psychic energy. You got to think of 50 years of psychic residue can do. It becomes everyday to the family so they toss it.

    4.The people discover the object is haunted so they toss it.

    Some tips.
    Dive in the older part of town.
    Pay attention to apartment complexes first and last of the month.
    Try morning or before nightfall.
    If something is magick or haunted and you have any type of sense you will feel it either by the hair standing on the back of your neck or energy like a crystal. If you do dive, don’t be afraid that others may see you. They will see you. LOL All the good stuff goes to the brave soul. I sometime walk at 5:30 am to find things and people are out even then. The trick is not to overcrowd your home so take only what you need and leave some treasure for others to find.

    If you think about thrift stores and the objects that inhabit them may have belonged to a person that died. How they died and what they did you may never know. From that children’s toy that watches you right down to that painting where the expressions change. The best way to find good objects is to go every weekend.

    As for online auctions… Why would someone want to make a buck on the horror they may release in your home? I think some are real but many are set for a quick buck to the fool who ends up with junk they don’t want.
    you have to think….
    If you buy a ring of a passed practitioner do you feel you will get power from it or will the dead practitioner resent it instead? One must remember buying Walt Disney’s pen does not give you a license to draw just like him. I have found powerful tools but can’t always use them. I try and find them the right home at times. As for haunted dolls I had lock them away to keep them from moving around my home then at some point giving them away to someone that wants it. I hate things moving about my home on there own. Yet, I keep bringing them home. LOL

  3. Ivy says:

    For the record I just have to say that the little blue-eyed doll gave me a bad case of the heebies — and that’s before I read your description.

  4. Kol Drake says:

    #1 “antique box” looks very much like the same boxes you can buy at Hobby Lobby for $5-15. The latch is a dead give away.

    #7 Depending on the photo processing, it is very likely some ‘solar etching’ took place and the image was etched into the backside of the glass. No amount of washing alone would remove that. $50,000??? Not without a visual on the frame and glass and some examination of the same. Maybe $20 — unless an actual ghost came popping out of the darn thing.

    #10 Troll dolls. Sheesh. If I only knew ‘back then’ that they would be collectors’ items today. I remember seeing those things (big and small) all over the place in the early to mid 60s. And it was okay for boys and girls… even without the ‘make them macho’ of the 90s sales push.

    Really weird the kinds of ‘things’ which can end up being ‘affected’ by spirits and energy.

    • Rob says:

      #1 – Most likely. You can also get tons of antique dolls for $7-12 at thrift stores, and apparently turn them for $25-40 each on ebay if you say they’re haunted.

      #7 – Even with all that, it’s still not worth it. Common ghosties are, well common, and no one would pay that much for one.

      #10 – These weren’t the usual kind. They looked like the Norwegian Troll Pierce tried to give Troy in the Alternate timeline episode of Community.

  5. Jill says:

    I bought the trolls and they are not the Norfin…..or Dam imported trolls. They are hand made folk trolls imported from Europe… I am waiting for them to arrive. I have a picture I could send if anyone is intested?

    • Rob says:

      Sorry, I thought I replied to this sooner.

      Congratulations on winning the auction. They looked like a really interesting item. If you’d like share anything about them, I’d be interested in hearing it. And if you could send me a pic of them to put up in the article I’d appreciate it(robertjo@gmail.com).

  6. Rachel says:

    Hey Rob you might ignore me on this one but have you ever seen an auction where the seller wants to get rid of the “HAUNTED ITEM” for shipping cost only?

  7. Michele says:

    I got a few from ebay…i think they are haunted..but I am not sure..which is funny because I have experienced hte paranormal before & have htat SENSE…with the dolls..IDK!!! If I send you pics can you sense??? would so appreciate it!

  8. HI!,I Am Very Interested in Owning Haunted WISH ITEM’S!,.Can Any one Tell ME The Name OF A GOOD SELLER?…Thank’s!..

  9. How Many of YOU Bought Real Haunted Item’s from EBAY?..Walt!..

  10. Sanjeev says:

    Hi Rob,

    I am from India and was going through some websites like http://www.thirdeyecommunications.com and creepy hollows.com, but are these things for real? It seems that every kind of spirit known to Western forms of magick can be conjured by them and trapped into rings, stones etc. Do such powerful magicians exist even today? Also is it not dangerous to keep someones ( i mean anyone be it a dragon,leprechaun or whatever) spirit with you and expect them to “serve” you for a lifetime? what are the physical and psychological implications of possessing such items in the long run?

    Lots of questions for you there, but being new to this type of paranormal stuff etc wanted to know from you after reading your review on the above items sold on ebay.

    I would appreciate you help with my questions Sir!

    Namaste – Sanjeev

  11. I applaud all the scammers – and actually laugh at the sheepish people willing to part ways with hundreds of thousands of dollars in the effort to obtain some form of paranormal paraphernalia in their life or something to validate existence after death. You cannot “capture” a spirit, if there are attachments to items it is because the spirit has chosen the item, and no other reason – the least likeliest place to find something of this nature is on ebay or some other open auction website. The vast majority of items which are legitimately haunted were accidental finds and even more vastly – people do not and cannot even recognize the items are indeed haunted (most people do not believe in this sort of stuff to begin with). It is only when terrible negative attachments start becoming active that disbelieving souls realize there is something very bad going on.

    So how does one legitimize the paranormal? They don’t and cant. Paranormal investigation is a field of study which has more than enough ill repute in itself (meaning that many organizations want to provide the best and greatest evidence to promote themselves – and some have no problem and no scruples, and will inject false evidences to be at the top of the lists). Property owners want organizations to legitimize their property in hopes of using this to encourage tourism, sales, and the old “as seen on tv” label.

    Readers such as yourselves – have probably stumbled on to this page looking how to distinguish real haunted items from fake ones. Why?

    I have been haunted for over 15 years now – spirits are around me all the time. I have no problem offering quarter to them because they have never had a problem respecting my space. They are attachments to me and follow me everywhere I go. What I would suggest to anyone looking to find some sort of “validation” to the spiritual world, is to accept it – embrace it, and welcome it into your life and your home. Spend some time with those passed away – go to a graveyard or two and talk to them. Spirits come and go just as people do – but when you start understanding that we are all family and welcoming lonely spirits a place to stay – they will. It doesnt require grave dirt, it doesn’t require magical pentacles or crystals, it doesnt require seances or ouija boards – all it requires is an open mind, an open heart – and a honest welcoming. You cannot buy this sort of thing on ebay or anywhere else for that matter just as you cant buy love. Wake up people.

    • And just for the record so that I feel comfortable with my last statements. Some attachments will not leave even if you want them to. So be careful what you wish for ; you might end up over your head with something very negative and very dangerous.

  12. Mel says:

    In reference to the glass picture frame that had a little girls face on it: I could see a second, scary, evil looking face directly under and just a bit to the left of the little girl face. Could anyone else see this?….
    FYI, some of the pics of the haunted eBay items scared the shit out of me, I couldn’t look at them for very long as the “scared” feeling I’d have would only get worse. Why in the hell would anyone want to purchase any of that stuff?… Why would they deliberately bring an item so full of negativity into their home?..

    • Lucas says:

      Some people are daredevils, or feel the need to ‘prove’ themselves against something nasty. Or, it’s just an oddity thing and they want it for the creep factor.

      Alternatively, some people are just total idiots.

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