Personal Account: Pandora Boxes

Usually I don’t post personal experiences for a variety of reasons. Every so often though I find myself with no other way to express the information. This information comes from a past life regression, and I can’t think of any other way to preserve and publish this information. I also know that in the past life, I had somehow come across this information on my own. I’m assuming someone or some group actually has information on this stuff, so maybe this post will shake some more information loose.


This regression is from my most recent past life. I’ve practiced magic in several of my past lives, including this one, and those past lives usually tend to have a stronger influence on me.

In this particular past life I was a woman, and judging by fashions and interior design I’d say I was a teenager sometime in the fifties, and that I lived in what was probably an English speaking country, most likely the United States or Canada. I died sometime in the seventies, probably closer to the end than the beginning. I’ll get to that in a moment.

Beyond that I had quite a bit of family money and was rather opinionated. I never married and never had children. I lived in a very large home as a child, moved out into my own home, a much smaller one, for a while, and eventually moved back into the family home (I’m assuming this followed the death of my parents). I don’t believe I ever worked a real job or ever actually earned money.

I remembered hiding spiritual books in my bedroom as a teenager, and through hypnosis I was able to discover where I was exposed to magic. A neighbor was a sickly old woman, and she taught me some things at a very young age. Around the time I was twelve she died, and I stole some of her books from her house following her death. Those were the books I was hiding in my house.


My first ever past life regression was of a death, and whenever I find a new past life, the first thing I try to discover is how I died. I usually die young, and quite a few of those deaths are violent, with the remaining ones being accidents. There’s probably a lesson I’m refusing to learn hidden in there somewhere.

Anyways the first time I regressed this past life’s death, it was strange but I was satisfied. Unfortunately I didn’t realize that I was missing big holes.

In the regression I was a bit older, and as I said it seemed to take place in the seventies, which would put this death shortly before my birth. I was in a home, and I can’t say for certain what country it was in, but judging by the place I’d say it was a western nation. The place was a two story, and I was upstairs, and the whole place looked cheap. The walls were painted a light blue, and it looked like it was lit by track lighting, or maybe an uncovered lamp. I was in one of those upstairs areas that isn’t really a room, but just an open area upstairs. I’m not sure what they’re called.

The house looked cheap, so it definitely wasn’t mine. It also wasn’t very well furnished. There wasn’t much furniture, and there wasn’t much on the walls. It looked like the sort of place a bunch of guys in their early twenties might own if they were really clean.

Anyways there was some blood on the wall. I was speaking to a spirit. I remember saying, “Do you know what I am,” while all poised for attack, and then something slashed me across the chest. In one swipe three cuts tore up my shirt and cut deeply into my breast. And that was how I died.

I assumed a few things from this. I knew the house wasn’t mine, so I assumed I was there to clean it and get rid of some hostile spirit. Much like I do in this lifetime, I just assumed I’d be able to handle this spirit. Unfortunately this spirit turned out to be a lot more powerful than I thought it would be, I got in over my head, and those slashes across my chest were enough to kill me.

I was happy with that explanation, but I was wrong about everything, and I figured that out when I regressed the missing pieces.

What Really Happened

As I said I had a second regression, and I remembered all the missing pieces, and now what happened makes much more sense. The most important part of the regression though is what I learned about the pandora boxes.

A pandora box was why I was at the house. I had no intention of cleaning the place, and I wasn’t even invited in. When I arrived the front door was unlocked. What I wanted was inside, and so I went in.

If you’re not aware of how regressions work, at its most intense you have access to the thoughts that were swimming in your head during the regression. It’s like you’re rethinking them. That’s why remembering something like you’re name can be so difficult, because we usually don’t think of our names. I’m sure there’s a lot of other information I knew then that I can’t remember now, because I wasn’t thinking of the back story shortly before I died.

I’m not sure where the name pandora box comes from. I don’t know if it was a name I gave the thing, or if it was a name I learned from someone else. I also have no clue where I learned about these things or how I even knew they existed. I don’t know why I was looking for one either, but if I knew where one was today, I’d probably go looking for it now just because. I do know that the idea of pandora boxes was in my head, in the sense that what I was looking for was one of several such things. Which means there should still be others like it which are still intact.

To describe this thing, it was a wooden box which was probably about a foot and a half to three feet long. The base had a rectangular shape, but the top was more slanted downward, like the roof of a house, and the ends actually came out further than the base. There were a set of circular indentations across the tops of the long sides. These pushed into the base, and the top was curved around them. It would provide a way for it to be set upon rods or carried with them, although I have no idea if this is their purpose.

The box itself was beautiful. Everything about it was a masterful work of art. You’d have to see this thing to appreciate it, but it’s one of the most beautiful creations I’d ever seen, and made entirely out of wood and paint. There were several different colors, including quite a bit of light blue and several shades of white. However most of the box was painted a color that I can clearly see in my head when I think about it, but which I can’t identify. I’m colorblind though, so it’s very possible this is one of the colors I can’t see, like green or purple.

I know in my head that these boxes are very, very old. They are thousands and thousands of years old. I don’t know the exact age. I’d say anywhere between four thousand and fifteen thousand years old. Looking at it though, it was in pristine condition. There was not a dent or a chip on it, not even a loose splinter. The paint wasn’t even faded. The paint literally looked like it had just finished drying. The thing didn’t even collect dust. It’s either craftsmanship far beyond any techniques known today, or very powerful magic.

The other thing about these boxes, they also have a very strong invisibility spell on them. One of these things could be sitting in front of your computer monitor right now, and you’d never know it. You can’t see it with your eyes, and you can’t remote view it with your astral body. It contains a tremendous amount of energy, but you’d never be able to feel it. You wouldn’t feel it if you touched it, and you moved towards it, you would walk around it without even noticing. You wouldn’t even notice the absence of something there. It would seem just like an empty space in the room. I’m pretty certain that photographs and video tapes wouldn’t work either. There is no way you could locate or sense the thing, physically or metaphysically.

You’re probably wondering how I found the thing then. I’m not sure how I located it, but I know how I finally got to see it. No spell is foolproof, there’s always a work around if you’re smart enough to figure it out. But let me get back to the regression.

So I let myself in to the house, entering through the front door. I already knew where I was going in the house too, because I made a beeline right for the room I needed to be in. Right away I went up the stairs, entering that open area I talked about earlier. The place seemed deserted, and there was some blood on the walls. I should’ve guessed something was wrong. I think I was just too obsessed and excited to see the warning signs.

Anyways I went into the hallway and entered a room which was sort of like a den. There was a lot of different things piled up on the shelves and on the desk that was in the room. Anyways I  was in this room with a spirit friend of mine, and this is how I saw the box. I’m not sure exactly what kind of spirit this was, but for whatever reason the invisibility spell didn’t work on him. I had him come with me because I knew it wouldn’t work on him, and he was my way to get the box. How I knew this, I don’t know.

Anyways I stepped out of myself a bit, and I let myself see through the eyes of this spirit. I was in front of the doorway still, and the spirit was across the room on the other side. When I saw through his eyes, I saw myself standing on the other side. Quickly I scanned the room, and there was the box I was searching for laying on the desk. And it was open. And I was overcome with terror.

I popped into my own eyes, turned around, and tried to leave that house as quickly as I could, not even bothering with the box. When I got into the open room, I saw it in the hall, the thing that used to be in the box. Judging by my reaction earlier, I’d say that I knew that something really bad was in that box, but I’m not sure if I knew it was this.

This thing was like a tall anamorphic feline almost, and it had breasts so I’m thinking it was female. It had bright white fur. Maybe there was a darker color in the back, but the front of her was definitely bright white. And she had spots, but weird spots. They were black, and they were square, not round. And they were white in the middle. They were like square donuts.

And the power. The energy I felt pouring off that thing was immense. In this lifetime, I’ve never seen a spirit that powerful in this world. I’ve never seen one that was even close to that powerful in this world. It wasn’t stronger than a god, but I can’t think of anything else that comes close to it. And this is just based on the energy pouring off the thing that was so strong I couldn’t help but feel it. There’s no telling how much power was inside of that thing.

The energy was very animalistic, very violent, and very twisted and evil. The thing was intelligent though. I can’t imagine anything being that powerful and not being very intelligent.

The energy was so strong, I can almost feel what it was right now. It was so strong that when I think about the thing or talk about it, a bit of its energy taints me, and its enough to be noticeable. I’ve also noticed that certain primals tend to be drawn towards that energy, and I’ve been approached by them because I carried it. The primals are surprisingly civil, and even a bit obedient, when they sense that energy. What that means, I don’t know. It doesn’t last very long now, years after the regression. After I experienced the full force of the regression though I carried that energy with me for almost a month before it fully dissipated. Nothing I tried did much to get rid of it, and in the end I had to wait for it to dissipate on its own.

I just want to give some sense of how strong this thing was, but it’s hard to do, because I can’t find anything approximate to relate it to. But I’ve fought a lot of spirits, including a lot of very powerful ones, and I’ve met quite a few more than I’ve fought. I’m not exaggerating because I’m inexperienced with spirits. Things as strong as this are pretty much unheard of in this world.

The thing was definitely far stronger and far faster than me. It didn’t seem to like me, and it was getting ready to attack. I figured I was screwed, so I tried bluffing. I didn’t really have any other options, and it wasn’t like I was going to make my situation any worse than it already was.

So that’s where you get the ‘Do you know what I am… blah blah blah… power power power… I could crush you with a thought, ect. It came at me, swiped once with its claw, ripped up my shirt, and put three gapping slash marks across my breast. Deep wounds like that into a woman’s breast hurt a lot, but they’re not usually fatal, at least not right away. I was still alive, and still managing to stand, and what I did next was truly impressive. I picked up the spirit and through it down the hall, through a doorway, and into a bedroom at the end of the hall.

Picking up a spirit and throwing it across a room is a fairly simple psionic attack. It usually doesn’t do much either, besides maybe roughing the spirit up a little and possibly opening up some room between you. What’s impressive is that I was able to do it to something that powerful. I couldn’t do that today. Even well rested and my energy peaked, tapping into all my reserves, even if I used enough energy to kill myself, I couldn’t manage to throw something that powerful. I’m not as powerful now as I was then.

The throw cost me just about every ounce of energy I had left. I had nothing left to defend myself with, and I could barely move. It didn’t even buy me a second. The spirit got right back on its feet, and rushed towards me, and at that point I met my end in a bloody mess. I don’t remember much of it. I suppose I either lost consciousness, or my soul was pulled out before I finished dying. That is how I came to my end.

Theories on the aftermath

I’ve been trying to find this scene for quite sometime. It was a gruesome murder, and I was a rich socialite in a place I wasn’t supposed to be in. If I could find an account of the crime, I could probably find out what my name was and find out more about that pastlife.

But it’s like finding a needle in a haystack. I’m looking for a single murder that happened in the 1970s. There were over fifteen thousand murders every year during that period for just the United States. Which, another issue, I’m not sure what country this happened in. And this is in the pre-internet, pre-electronic archive, pre-search engine days.

That also assumes a body turned up. What if that thing ate the body or otherwise disposed of it. Then I’d just be a missing person. I had money, so I’m assuming at some point someone had me declared dead, but I’m wondering if anyone really cared that I was missing. I had no husband, or children, and my parents were dead. I don’t think I had any siblings or other close relations, and I don’t many of the people I knew cared all that much for me. I was probably just some eccentric old maid that took off one day, and when I didn’t come back I doubt anyone really went looking for me.

I’ve also thought that maybe the whole house is still hidden. When I got into the house, that spirit was still in it. Maybe the box had a failsafe. When it was opened, it just made a bigger box around the house. The spirit got trapped inside and can never leave, and the lot just disappeared from existence. No one notices that it isn’t there, and no one seems to see it when they pass by it. It’s a nice theory, but it doesn’t explain how I found the house, or why I didn’t notice the huge invisibility spell around the house, which would have been a sign that something had gone horribly wrong. The only way this works is if the box was opened after I had already gotten onto the property.

Other Theories

Someone pointed out to me that what I described was similar to some descriptions they had heard of the ark of the covenant, except smaller. I don’t know what descriptions they were talking about.

Someone also told me that they heard of similar boxes being made in an ancient civilization, they thought maybe Babylon. They were very old and powerful and evil spirits that couldn’t be allowed to walk the earth. Instead of destroying them, powerful magicians trapped them in these boxes. That way their power could be sucked out of the boxes and utilized. However failsafes were put into the boxes to try to prevent them from ever being opened so that these things would never walk the earth again. Over time the boxes were lost and scattered.

Someone also told me heard of spirits like this in an unpublished French grimoire, and while trying to translate the grimoire his pet was brutally torn to pieces, after which he stopped working with it and destroyed his copy of the manuscript.

I’ve also seen some theorize that these things were worshipped, like gods, by the primals. It’s also thought that these things are what most people are looking for when they go after the primals, and somehow the two have gotten mixed up. Primals are strong relative to your average spirits, but they aren’t that strong, and they aren’t usually that bright either. It’s not the sort of stuff most people would equate with the Lovecraftian mythos.

17 Responses to Personal Account: Pandora Boxes

  1. A W says:

    If I were you (and admittedly I don’t place too much value on my own life, but whatever) I would use that taint you feel when you remember it to track the thing, divorce yourself form your destiny again and see what’s up. Even if the box had protective barriers placed on it, the critter wouldn’t if for no other reason than that it’s a stuck up asshole. Also, if you want to put it back in the box, I’d start looking into magickal traps, think about ways to use it’s own power against its self, just as any spell can be worked around, no spirit is incapable of being outsmarted or defeated either. The difference between you and you’r past life is probably not so much power as skill set, you can do things she could not, and she could blow a badass spirit down a hallway.

    Just some things to consider.

    • Rob says:

      The critter is most likely masked. It’s a common tactic to mask ones energy up until the attack (at which time there really isn’t much that can be done). This way the opponent may underestimate your skill, or at the very least won’t be able to get a clear reading on your power. The trick is done through turning the energy inward, so it doesn’t leak out, and turning it into a specific type of void energy which is impossible to detect, since it literally feels like nothing.

      Spirits which are protective in nature tend not to mask, mainly because their energy is meant as a deterrent to attack. Predatory spirits tend to mask though. Masking allows weak prey to stumble upon them.

      Going back to the regression, I didn’t notice this thing until it was right next to me and ready to attack. That much energy and as twisted as it was, I should’ve known not to go in there before I even got to the door.

      As for trapping it, I’m not sure how well that would go over. First you’d need something to trap it in, and I doubt I’d be able to make a container as strong as one of these boxes. Which means I’d have to find the open box, which is under a strong invisibility spell, and possibly very close to this spirit still. Whether or not the box was used, it’d need a strong seal. Stronger than anything I’ve ever made. That much energy could break through any kind of seal I can imagine fairly quickly just by using brute force.

      Then there’s the matter of getting it into the container. The easiest way to move any spirit is to take it through your body, and something like this could easily tear me to pieces if I tried that. The alternative is to physically move it from the outside, and the amount of energy that made up the thing, it seems like it would be beyond my power to do that.

      As for me, for any sort of fight against this thing I’d have to use some sort of external power source. I’m not usually one for admitting to limitations, but the energy differential between myself and this thing is too great for me to be able to defeat it, in any way, through my own power. I’d also have to be well prepared before I went anywhere near it. Multiple protections, everything already set up, and a clear plan of action. All of this and I still think I’d just have a slim chance of surviving the encounter. From a perspective of pure energy, the thing was huge.

  2. Azmaria says:

    Yes you found one of the Ancients. There was a group of powerful humans that all but disapeared from earth about 5000-7000 years ago chronologically from now. They often captured, sealed, siphoned the energy of, and all but killed many beings like that. They used them a bit like modern batteries. That group are generally considered evil by those they captured like that as well as those they tried their best to outright control or kill. Based on your description and the few memories and records of that era, it sounds like its the former spiritual shell of one of the universal elements. Commonly, the core essence and intelligence of the being would be forced out of it after a while and it would have to recover all that they took from it the slow and painful way, sometimes not recovering at all. In the meantime, they get a super controllable and huge source of metaphysical energy.

    Take all of this as you will. I have family that they tortured for millenia and some of those memories are still very fresh after 7000 years.


    • Rob says:

      Thanks for the information. Some of what you’ve said fits exactly with what I’ve been told by others, or with what I’ve come to assume on my own.

  3. Kitanashia says:

    you should be aware that the being you awakened had been tortured before it slept and you awakened it, it had no idea you were a friend, and in all likelihood was acting on instinct to protect itself thinking you were another of the beings that captured it. as Az said this being you awakened is one of our people. 2 parts of me still remain in those sealed boxes,and they hold me back in many ways, I am lucky Az was persistent in finding me or I wouldn’t be writing this

  4. Chris says:

    Hey, Rob, very interesting article. I was hoping you could explain a couple of things to me: first if you could briefly explain what ancients are and why they exist and perhaps what techniques one might try to develop to past life regress themselves. That would truly be appreciated. Oh, and that second floor thingy that isn’t really a room is called a loft.


    • Rob says:

      Oddly enough I wanted to write an article on past life regressions several years ago, but got distracted by other things. It’s not something I can really get into with the comments though. I should maybe look into putting together an article on past life regressions though.

  5. Chris says:

    When I wrote “ancients” i guess I meant “primals” as this is the first time I’ve heard that term used, but perhaps you could describe both and how they are related? Thanks.

    • Rob says:

      Primals are largely regional, although they get summoned all over. From what I hear they’re seen in large parts of the Southern United States, especially around the swamplands. They’re all over Vegas, but that’s largely due to left hand pathers, inspired by the likes of Grant and Simon, summoning the damn things all over the place in the 70s and 80s and then sealing them into the ground when they couldn’t handle working with them anymore. Those ground seals don’t hold up so well, and it’s made worse by all the construction that’s happened in Vegas over the last two decades.

      Primals have a dark energy to them and they’re fairly nasty. They tend to eat other spirits, and they don’t usually care for humans, and usually either try to kill them or exploit them, and then kill them. I wouldn’t trust the things. Typically if you’re trying to do evocations of things from the Lovecraftian mythos, you’re probably summoning forth primals. They’re close enough that most magicians won’t notice the difference.

      Power-wise, a primal is going to be relatively powerful. They can pull forth a lot of energy, like a shitload, and they’re going to be far more powerful than the typical spirits that usually wander around. They’re going to be far more powerful than your typical fae or ghostie or something along those lines. If you’re not careful when dealing with them, they can hurt you pretty bad.

      They’re not that powerful though. An experienced adept should be able to take one in a fight or seal it away fairly easily. They can be dealt with and managed. Things like the goetic spirits or the archangels are far more powerful than these things.

      Most primals claim that they predate the humans on Earth, and have a great deal of animosity towards humans because of this. I was told that they grew so powerful they though themselves greater than the gods and sought to replace them, but they weren’t and the gods crushed them. What remains are here are the remnants of their civilization. I never found the primals to be all that bright.

      As for the ancients, there is a lot of stuff floating around channels about prehuman civilizations on Earth. It’s been told to me many times, by the very old spirits, that what we know about the prehistory of Earth is largely incorrect, and its also been implied that to some degree we’ve been intentionally mislead. There’s also a lot of rumors about Earth, at one time, being more connected into other parts of the universe.

      There are legends out there of a time when great and horrible creatures roamed the Earth, and so to get some peace, certain wise men decided to seal the earth of, or in some instances split it into two parts, so that people could thrive without being subject to these supernatural horrors. In doing so though they also had to seal away the great heroes, and a great deal of the magic that was here.

      However a lot of corresponding folklore would seem to point to the idea that it didn’t happen all at once, but after the incident things sort of fettered out. The fourth age, for the Greeks, was the age of heroes, that ended shortly after the Trojan war. This was a time when great men walked the Earth, a caliber of which hasn’t been seen since. I’ve noticed that a lot of spirits that appear in various folklores and mythologies are no longer capable of accessing and existing in this world, so something obviously happened that caused a change.

      It’s believed by many that this world is now heading into a new era, and eventually whatever’s been disconnecting us from the rest of the universe and keeping these spirits and monsters and heroes away is going to come to an end.

      I’d assume these ancients fall into one of these older eras, but I can’t say much about that and I’m not claiming kin. Whatever was in that box was definitely from some older era, and I don’t see a thing like that getting into this world nowadays. It was a leftover. As to what’s been said about others in the comment section, I’m not going to make any sort of comment on its validity, besides saying that there are some differences between what is being said by others and what I experienced during the regression. I’m not really in a position right now to figure out why that is though, and there’s a good possibility that none of us are wrong.

      • Chris says:

        Very interesting, thanks for the response.

      • littlewizard says:

        I think the magic that was sealed off is coming back. Us kids are raher powerful. I have a freind who can read minds and another that knows things. The rest of us can do multiple things as well.

  6. Amonjin says:


    I really liked this post. I’m glad to see some of your personal experiences and could do with some more. I know they make us sound bat-shit crazy, but then again, we kinda are…Well, maybe that’s just me…err

    I’m curious to know how you induced your visions and past life regression. I’m personally not very good at past lives and whenever I’ve been guided through one it has turned into a pile of wispy crap. Are there systems that are better then others?

    I’m also curious to hear more about some of the ancient history you have come across, especially how we managed to close this planet off and, if any, stories regarding the turning of a new era. That is if you don’t mind writing about it.

    Anyways, Thanks for the good read


    • Rob says:

      Thank you.

      Several of my past life regressions have just occurred. Some have been completely random. In fact my first regression just sort of happened. Others have been triggered by similar circumstances. I had an unpleasant regression on a massage table once which caused my entire body to tense up, and my massage therapist yelled at me.

      Other times I’ve been able to find them by following threads. I find aspects of my life, personality, and past that don’t make sense. Things that I am even though I seem to lack the environmental prerequisites for developing in that way. Usually that’s due to a past life leaking into a current life. I’ve also met people that I know I’ve been close to in a past life, and when people like that show up in my life that’s another thread I can follow.

      I also have a habit of incorporating past life personalities into my current personality as best I can. Usually once I start regressing a past life it takes me a couple months to get it completely into my base personality. And I have to be careful too, especially with female past lives. Several of my past lives explored their own past lives, and this gives me another outlet.

      I’ve tried going through other people, but like you I don’t have much success. I can be hypnotized, but it doesn’t work very well. The hypnotist needs to know the right questions to ask, and how to ask them. Right now my thought process is abnormal, and most times it just confuses and frustrates the hypnotist. Many of my past lives have thought processes that are even worse.

      I’ve tried having people go in for past life readings too, and I’ve had some success with that, but not much. I’ve been told it’s too difficult to work with me because I’m not like other people. One reader said that what he does is sort of like reading a book. Everyone has a book and you can find out anything about them or their past lives by flipping through it and finding the right page. He said I was more like a hall full of doors, and several of the doors led into other halls full of doors. Everything was placed in what seemed like an arbitrary and random manner, so without a map nothing could be found. Some of the doors were also locked and couldn’t be opened. Then there were parts of me that were running around actively trying to mislead him and kick him out. He said it was too difficult to even make sense of how I was built.

  7. Krx says:

    Lacking much in the way of past life memories that make much sense, I don’t know that I would be much help with this one. That said, I did have a couple thoughts.

    The box thing does sound like an ancient spirit binding, but it doesn’t strike me that wood would be the ideal material for that? However, it could be similar to Reich’s prototype Orgon Accumilator, depending on what the interior was lined with. With a nickname like Pandora’s box, it strikes me more as a doomsday box – drawing in energy slowly from the environment on its own and keeping it from likewise escaping. It seems that if a creature wished to survive the energy drought that this world seems to be experiencing while also being unconscious such a device would be nessisary. It could maintain a higher energy level on its own for eons that didn’t require work on the part of the creature while it was in a kind of hibernation.

    When exiting the box, the creature would still be empowered with the energy that it managed to feed off of during it’s hibernation and would be one of the most powerful beings on earth. However, over time without the box helping, it would naturally begin to fade in power to the level that would be common for this world. If one were to open it early in a critical place and time, one could create great change from such a power unleashed upon the world. However, opening it early would likely also result in the creature’s eventual death or lobotomy as it would not be able to survive within the current environment.

    If the box were intentionally opened, as it seems must be the case, I would expect it would be at a very important place and time intended to bring about vast change. I would refine your search to places that went through important changes during the year in question. Also, if you had any enemies or rivals at that time it would not be far fetched to assume that they fed you information to get you into that position when the trap was sprung. Two birds with one stone as it were.

    • Rob says:

      I always assumed it was called a Pandora box because when you opened it, something really bad came out.

      Wood doesn’t seem ideal for sealing something away, but what would work well if you didn’t want any energy or influence to escape? Metal and crystal would be my first choices, but they would still leak, and if you trapped a spirit in there especially you’d need to constantly maintain the seal. It’s possible wood was chosen because it was once a living organism, and this made it more capable of holding a spirit for a very long period of time (I know bone can hold something sealed for a long time). Still, over that long a period a lot of it would come down to the magics used, and not necessarily the material.

      The idea that the box being like a vampire box assumes that entities can hold an infinite amount of energy. Spirits, like people, can only hold so much energy before it starts to affect them. First they get an energy buzz and have trouble concentrating and manipulating the energy. After a while it starts tearing them up, and at some point, assuming it’s wild and uncontrolled, it will kill them. How much energy a spirit could hold would depend on how well developed it is, and that development would come from working with and manipulating energy. Vampires operate in a way similar to what you describe, although with much smaller amounts of energy. Because vampires don’t actively produce energy, their energy production abilities diminish and eventually shut down completely, and they’re never really good at controlling and manipulating large amounts of energy.

      Plus if the box were vampircally draining, at the very least a void signature would be detectable if you knew what you were looking for. It’d be more likely though that you’d be able to feel it draining you when you got near it.

  8. Krx says:

    It’s not an active drain, like a vampire or a spell though.

    The Orgon accumulator, according to Wilhelm’s schematic, is a box made of wood with a layer of wool or natural static material covered in a thin sheet of metal. The idea behind it that this box you describe reminded me of is that energy, in reich’ s case Orgon, is naturally allowed to leave the box at a much slower rate than it is allowed to enter – until it reaches a sort of critical mass and stablizes.

    If this box was created in a place or time with a higher natural energetic state and sealed, so long as it remained shut it would naturally maintain that state without having to actively do anything. The wood reminds me of this as I’ve been considering using different types of wood instead of steel for the outer block. In theory it would still work for a very hard, thin piece of wood that underwent suitable treatment – which could perhaps over a longer period of time be made to store at a larger energetic state than was allowed for in the prototype box.

    The bleed off, if it could be released in regular bursts rather than slow seepage, could perhaps also re empower the invisibility thing you describe – though I admit I have no idea how one would go about doing that.

    Anyway, just wanted to explain more as you seem to be misunderstanding. It’s a very slow process of metaphysics (physics) that I was trying to describe, rather than a vampiric effect. The energy wouldn’t be coming from people but rather the same places that people get it – the sun, the sonnenrad, the earth – but rather than drawing it in in large amounts it would, instead, just not be allowed to dissapate at a natural rate.

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