Holy Guardian Angels (HGA) & Mental Bodies: An FAQ

General Questions:

1. What is an HGA?

An HGA, or Holy Guardian Angel, is one of several different spiritual bodies that every person possesses. Your physical body and your astral body would be two other examples of spiritual bodies. Unlike those bodies though, your HGA is not made up of any amount of mass or energy. Your connection to your HGA is also partially severed prior to birth, and this causes your HGA to act independently, and sometimes casts the illusion that your HGA is a separate and distinct type of spirit.

2. Is an HGA an Angel?

No. Angels are a sentient and distinct quasi-physically incarnate type of spirit that possesses freewill. They have individual personalities, thoughts and agendas and have no bodily connection to incarnate human beings. An HGA meanwhile is non-physical and a single part of an incarnate person.

3. Is an HGA a spirit guide?

No. A spirit guide is a distinct and separate non-incarnate spirit which attempts to aid an incarnate person in pursuing their spiritual path. An HGA may aid a person in finding their spiritual path, but it has a vested interest in doing this since the person is really just another aspect of themselves, and the only way for the HGA to achieve enlightenment is for their physical selves to also achieve enlightenment.

4. Is an HGA a servitor?

No. The term servitor is used to describe distinct spirits, either sentient or otherwise, which in some way aid or serve a practitioner. An HGA sometimes seems like a servitor because it will often times work to aid the practitioner, however it does this because it is part of the practitioner. An HGA is no more a servitor than person’s right arm is.

5. What’s the difference between an HGA and a Mental Body?

There is no difference. These are two separate terms which are used to describe the exact same thing. The term HGA has a gnostic origin and was made popular by certain Ceremonial Magic systems, most notably the Golden Dawn and its offshoots, especially the OTO. The term mental body is less confusing and a better description, and is currently gaining more popularity.

6. Is a mental body like an astral body?

Yes and no. It’s like an astral body in that it is a separate body from the physical body, it can access areas the physical body is barred from, and there are ways to shift your consciousness into your mental body to act through it.

In several ways though it’s not like your astral body. Your astral body is made up mostly of energy, although it does contain some small amount of matter. Your mental body contains neither energy nor matter. It’s made up mostly of thoughts, ideas, and information. It also contains things like emotions and passions.

Your mental body is also partially severed from your physical and astral bodies at birth. There is still a connection, but this connection is incomplete. This allows the mental body to act independently and have a personality which differs from your physical self. Often this casts the illusion that the mental body is a separate entity.

Finally your mental body has access to areas that your astral body is barred from.

7. What is the purpose of having an HGA?

Your HGA is one of your spiritual bodies. It acts as a bridge between your astral body (which is in turn connected to your physical body) and your emotional body (which in turn connects to even higher bodies). In this way your HGA acts as the bridge between your lower selves and your higher selves.

Your HGA is also your means of accessing the planes it inhabits. These are generally known as the heavenly planes, because on average they are extraordinarily wonderful places and collectively they encompass all of the things and places that are usually associated with heaven.

8. Do only certain groups utilize the HGA in spiritual practice?

The term HGA is largely associated with certain ritual magical groups. Specifically the term is a part of many systems of Ceremonial Magic, although the concept is also seen in a lot of systems that were founded in Ceremonial Magic or which had a cross-influence with Ceremonial Magic.

However the actual process is not specific to any group or belief system. The idea appears again and again in many different systems and religions. Often times a practitioner will belong to a system or religion that doesn’t have the vocabulary to describe merging with ones HGA, and it’s not something that’s usually talked about by members of the system. This type of practitioner may have a very difficult time describing the process. This can also make it difficult for people of different systems, with vastly different vocabularies and beliefs, to realize that they are actually describing the same process. It’s even more difficult for someone who has never experienced it.

Also you have to keep in mind that just because a specific person, or book, or spiritual system, or religion doesn’t mention something, doesn’t mean that it isn’t known and isn’t being experienced. Many practitioners through out history didn’t bother to write down the entirety of their practice, and they often didn’t mention things that should have been obvious to fellow practitioners. Merging with your HGA is one of those things. It’s generally assumed that any advanced practitioner has already done it.

Make-up of the Mental Body

1. What gender is my HGA?

Your HGA will be the opposite of your physical gender. If you’re a man, you’re HGA is a woman. If you’re a woman, your HGA will be a man. This is because prior to your birth your HGA was hermaphroditic. In order for you to have a gender, your HGA had to give you one of its genders. Which ever gender you didn’t get is the one your HGA retained.

2. If I’m homosexual, will this change my HGA’s gender?

No. There is some confusion because merging with ones HGA is a sexual act. This has caused some to speculate that perhaps a person’s HGA appears to them in a form they would find sexually attractive, which does sometimes happen, and as the gender they would prefer, which doesn’t happen. The HGA’s gender is determined solely by the gender it retained at your birth, not by the gender you would prefer to have sex with. Furthermore the act of merging is a higher sexual act. It’s far removed from some of the more base elements of physical sex while incorporating other higher elements. In a lot of ways the act is no longer comparable to physical sex, and normal gender conventions and heterosexual and homosexual labels really don’t apply anymore.

3. If I’m spiritually a different gender, will this change my HGA’s gender?

No. If were born a man, you are a spiritual expression of your soul’s masculine side. If you were born a woman, you are a spiritual expression of your soul’s feminine side. Your alternate side rests with your HGA, and the only way to incorporate that into your physical self is to merge with your HGA.

4. If I have sex reassignment surgery, will this change my HGA’s gender?

No. Your HGA’s gender is determined at your birth, so modifying your gender after the fact will have no effect on it. Changes made to your physical body with sex reassignment surgery will not change your spiritual gender.

5. What sort of stuff is my mental body made out of?

Thoughts, ideas, knowledge, imagination, information. These are the sorts of stuff that things on the mental planes are made up of. Your mental body is also made up, partially, of stuff that exists in higher planes. Things like emotions and passions.

6. What powers does my mental body possess?

Your mental body contains quite a bit of knowledge and information, much of it spiritual. Exactly what it knows and how much it knows is going to differ from person to person. One of the biggest factors though will be how many times you’ve been reincarnated and what you did during those lifetimes. Your mental body will also have greater access to your past lives. Outside of your own information, your mental body will also have access to the unlimited stores of information located in the mental planes.

Your mental body also has the ability to act independently of your other bodies, to access any area of the mental planes (the middle triad on the tree of life), and the ability to communicate and interact with entities that exist on the mental planes. Your mental body also serves as your bridge between your physical and astral bodies and your other higher bodies, such as your emotional body.

Finally all of this extra knowledge comes with a great deal of power. Your mental body already understands how to do things, magically, that you otherwise wouldn’t know. Merging with ones mental body also usually increases both energy production and general spiritual sensitivity.

Merging with your HGA

1. What effect does merging with your HGA have?

To start, you’ll pretty much instantaneously get a huge boost in power and quite a bit of knowledge popped into your head. It’s a lot of power and information to get all at once, and with most people it will probably take months, maybe even a full year, to sort out everything they now know and are able to do. How long it takes is going to be somewhat dependent on how much magical training the person had prior to merging, and how dedicated they are to exploring their new abilities.

At the same time merging with your mental body will give you full access to the mental planes, the ability to gather knowledge from there, the ability to channel spirits that reside there, and the ability to shift your consciousness to your mental body. This is done in a similar way to astral projection.

2. What does merging with ones HGA feel like?

I personally didn’t find it to not be very pleasant, but experiences vary. To me it felt like there was a cold spiritual fire between us, my physical and mental bodies, and this fire was consuming both of us, or rather melting us together, and I had to surrender to it and allow it to destroy who I was to create this new me.

3. How much more power do you gain from merging with your HGA?

The more experienced of a practitioner you are the less you’ll gain from merging, but in any instance it’s going to be a lot of power. It’s not like being ten times more powerful or a hundred times more powerful. It’s like being a million times more powerful. How much power a person has immediately after merging is so much more than what they had prior to merging that it really isn’t comparable anymore. It’s like comparing the amount of water in a raindrop to the amount of water in the ocean.

A large amount of this power though is due to all of the information you gain from merging.

4. How much more knowledge do you gain from merging with your HGA?

The exact amount depends largely on the amount of information you’ve managed to accumulate through out your existence, especially in regards to spiritual knowledge and life lessons. You’ll find a lot of things will start to come easier to you. When you learn certain new things it won’t be so much like learning them, but more like remembering them. A lot of times you’ll just need something to jog your memory to bring a good portion of it flooding back. It’ll also become easier to have past life regressions, and they’ll happen spontaneously much more frequently.

However the biggest advantage is that you’ll now have access to a lot more information. You can now use your mental body to fetch information from the mental planes and talk to entities that exist there, and the amount of knowledge there is astronomical. Comparatively, imagine doing all of your research using your personal library of books at home. Then one day you’re allowed complete access to the library at an ivy league university. It’s a tool that allows you to figure things out and discover new things for yourself.

5. How does merging with your HGA affect your personality?

It can have a few different effects. Generally nothing from your base personality that already exists will be lost. Some of it may be superseded and become secondary once other elements are added into your personality, and the whole process may result in personal growth which causes you to outgrow some elements of your current personality.

For the most part you will take on aspects of your true self, or at least your truer self. Those parts of your personality which are not part of your physical existence, but are rather derived from your spiritual existence, your soul, and which follow you from lifetime to lifetime will start to take a greater precedence. Also lost parts of your personality, parts which did not make the transition into your physical self, will now merge into your physical self.

In the section on gender we already discussed how your physical self is the expression of your masculine or feminine side. After merging you now have access to the other side of yourself, and those two sides will begin working more in tandem. Instead of being one or the other, you will become the expression of both your masculine and feminine sides.

Past life regressions will also become easier after merging, and so you may start incorporating elements of past life personalities into your own personality.

6. What are the prerequisites for merging with your HGA?

There are a few prerequisites that need to be met in order for merging to become possible. These are:

1. Contact must be established with ones HGA.

2. Ones HGA must be ready to merge (usually at the point of contact the HGA is either ready or preparing for this).

3. A person’s mental state must be in alignment with some part of the mental planes in order to achieve union with their mental body. Generally this means shooting for the lowest of the mental planes, which in the Kabalist system is Tiperath.

In order to be in alignment with Tiperath, you need to achieve a state generally described as perfect harmony, complete peace, and true contentment. You don’t have to be able to hold that state indefinitely, but you need to be able to reach it and sustain it long enough for the merging to take place and complete itself. If you can hold it for an hour or two, you’ll probably be okay.

This is why it’s so important to spend time working out your psychological issues and getting yourself to a place where you’re psychologically good and mentally healthy. Such a state is necessary in order to merge with your HGA.

4. You have to be willing to first open yourself up to the merging, and then to surrender yourself to it. This may take some mental and spiritual training. This may mean taking the time to develop a relationship of comfort and trust with your HGA. This may mean having outside guidance to help you through this.

7. How long does it take a person to become ready to merge with their HGA?

It varies from person to person. It depends largely on how many issues you have to work through and what system you’re using to get to that point.

In a good mentor-student relationship it can realistically be achieved in a matter of months, even weeks. In this relationship the mentor is tailor made for the student, and they develop a system for the student that tackles the specific issues the student is having, while at the same time doing it in a way that is very efficient once the student’s personality is taken into account.

Using a one size fits all system it could take a year, or even several years. These systems are designed to tackle all, or at least most, of the issues that a practitioner may face. The individual practitioner, meanwhile, has to go through all the steps, regardless of whether or not they need them. These steps are also not designed to meet the specific needs and learning style of the practitioner, but are rather designed so that they will work with as many people as possible. Efficiency is sacrificed for universality. These systems also require a much higher level of dedication and a lot more time. For the practitioner that doesn’t have that much time and dedication, it may take them much longer to work through the system. Some may never complete the system. You won’t have a mentor pushing you to work through the system and your issues the entire time either, which also doesn’t help.

One size fits all systems are also often times developed in a way to make it take longer than it should to merge. Some of these systems want to keep practitioners paying dues at the lower levels for as long as possible. These practitioners are either going to require less of the group’s resources for their personal practice, or if there isn’t much offered to higher level practitioners, they’re going to be more likely to stay with the group and believe that they are continuing to get something out of it. These groups try to advance the practitioner at as slow a pace as possible, while still allowing the practitioner to see some level of improvement in their abilities so they’ll stay with the group.

12 Responses to Holy Guardian Angels (HGA) & Mental Bodies: An FAQ

  1. mr black says:

    kudos! you’ve finally got down this long awaited post.

  2. Karmaghna says:

    I would dearly like to see a follow-up post as to how one might go about merging with his/her HGA, especially if you have some insight into the process that goes beyond the “standard” rites.

    • Rob says:

      Putting together a ritual to merge together isn’t all that difficult. To be honest, there isn’t all that much to it, and your HGA really does a lot of the work. The problem is getting a person to the point where you can merge is a process. In order to create something that isn’t geared towards a specific person, but will instead work for most people, I’d have to sit down and write out an entire magical system. It’s not something that could be done with a few rituals, because there are so many different areas that need to be worked on.

  3. Very interesting. The part about the HGA being a different gender really explains some dreams I’ve been having lately.

    • Rob says:

      That makes a lot of sense. I actually first came into contact with my HGA in my dreams. She appeared there again and again until, over time, I became comfortable with her and started to develop a closer relationship to her.

  4. Lisa says:

    Thank you for all this incredible information. Does my HGA look like me? I’m trying to figure out if a man in my dream last night was my HGA. I was trying to contact him before I went to sleep and I had a couple of enlightening astral projections. And then this dream.

    • Rob says:

      To start, your HGA is going to be the opposite gender as you, and that’s probably going to make it look a bit different. Beyond that, mental entities don’t really have forms that are as constant and structured as physical beings, like us, or even as constant and structured as our astral bodies. They’re essentially made out of thoughts, knowledge, ideas, and imaginings, and those sorts of things are far more pliable than flesh and blood. Your HGA may visit you in a very specific form, or it may come to you in many different forms.

      The best way to identify your HGA is by how it feels, it should feel like your HGA. One thing to really look for is an instant connection. Your HGA is a piece of you, and you should feel some sort of instant connection to it. Sort of like finding a long lost friend or someone you’re deeply attracted to or in love with, despite just meeting for the first time.

  5. Gene says:

    This is wonderfully written. I’m interested in accessing these heavenly realms and enjoying how they look like. Is merging with my HGA the only way?

  6. 17 says:


    I ended up reading this article looking for more informations on the HGA gender and I thought I would leave a comment to share with you how it makes sense to my own experience:

    I’ve been writing short stories during my free time for the past 10 years as a hobby (that I took quite seriously though). The stories would be written using first person and my main character would always be a male character, I had this strong feeling that I was more comfortable writing with a male narrator. I would have an idea, wait for it to develop in my mind for a couple of days and when I would feel ready I would write everything in a single shot. Something I always found strange is that right after writing I could not even tell what I had written and when reading my story afterwards it would feel like a different person than myself had written it. I understand now why the entire “I can only write as a male narrator” situation.

    Fast forward many years later I had this realisation that I was trying to achieve something through writing, something being a spiritual awakening and looking deeper into the things that had caught my attention through the years I ended up focusing on finding my Life’s purpose…I am currently trying to achieve conversation with my HGA, oddly enough it was “easier” when I had no idea that a “channeling” of some sort was happening.

    I also still feel like I have no idea what my Purpose is.
    I am looking for advice concerning one’s Life Purpose (and I realise there are many terms for this, like the True Will or Paulo Coelho calls it the Sword for exemple) as much as I am practising and opening to every opportunity to learn what my True Will it is still not clear at all, please email me if you think you can give an advice or two ? I am working by myself (not affiliated to any work groups)

    Thank you.

  7. Paola says:

    I have noticed lately that in some of my dreams I am both the male and female interacting. The interaction is between two distinct people in the dream, but when I wake up I know I was both as I know their feeling and thoughts beyond the interaction. Is this actually a communication between my HGA and my MB? These dreams always leaves me wondering for a few days afterword.

    Thank you.

  8. rafegb says:

    Thank you so much for this article and your blog. It’s really inspiring and I love it!

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