Audiocast: How To Gain Respect in a Magical Group

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This is pretty much a test to see if I could do an audiocast, how long it would take, and if anyone would be interested in it. I still have no idea how to edit these things, and with this one I paused it halfway through a story, came back, had no idea what I was talking about, and never finished the story.

The audiocast is a little over 30 minutes long and deals with how to approach magical groups and gain a position of authority and respect. It was a print article I was planning on doing, so I just converted the idea over to me talking. I know my articles get a little long sometimes and not everyone wants to read them.

Let me know if you like this, and if you want to see more of these audiocast type things. Honestly they probably won’t get much better than this mess, ever, so don’t be thinking that this is just a bad one because it’s my first. If enough people like it I may do more later. Of course I’m still going to concentrate on print articles though.

7 Responses to Audiocast: How To Gain Respect in a Magical Group

  1. A W says:

    You paint a very cynical, or perhaps realistic, view of magical groups. So then what possible incentive is there for an experienced person in going to a group?

    • Rob says:

      There are some better groups, I don’t want to give the impression that there are no good groups out there. With these better groups you aren’t going to have confrontational leaders who want to put you into an inferior position in front of the group, and you’ll gain a lot more recognition for your abilities. But those groups are difficult to find and these other groups are far more common.

      Most experienced practitioners go into the community either to meet other spiritual people or to be able to attend larger rituals, and these groups can accommodate that. Also if you want to start your own group, you really need to spend some time in the local community getting to know people and establishing yourself first.

      A lot of experienced practitioners though don’t deal with the community anymore. There’s a lot of bullshit you have to put up with, and for a lot of people it isn’t worth it. They have their solitary practice, they have their spiritual friends, and they may have even have a specific group they like that they attend, and that’s good enough for them.

      Personally I go back and forth. Part of it is just time management. I don’t always have the time to be attending different meet-ups. It’s also that after a while it sort of gets to me and I need a break from it. However I’m also a strong believer in the best way to improve the community is to be active within it and working to improve it.

  2. Thomas Pendragon says:

    “If one seeks they shall find.”
    Many “not everyone” need a connection in order to learn. Some things that are essential in the art need an example to be learned and a group can be a stepping stone in some ways.

    When I was in my teens some twenty five years ago I had to have the experience in order to be a practical practitioner. I needed to feel the energy of a ritual outside my own in order to grasp a higher understanding of it. Even though I watched some members in my family growing up work the art I still found it limiting.

    “I found that simple answers seem to hold a great deal of power.”

    Sometimes, we can get lost in some of the details and need a secondary aspect to learn just by observing.
    If you are to find a worthy group here are a few things to look for…

    1. That the group works towards a common goal and pools everyone’s abilities together.

    2. That the group can provide education with “authority” towards a higher understanding outside your own.

    3. That the group can help you with your goals as well as theirs.

    I have taken away a few lessons.
    I learned the power of keeping secrets, the higher mysteries, and most importantly not limiting myself.
    These days I don’t answer questions. I found by saying no or staying quiet, most seem to answer their own questions. They will proceed to soon after give me the correct history and method in the next two breaths. Some can’t put it into motion I found. Yet, when I reflect upon it I think I could tell most magickal people what I am doing and they will think up a method in a few moments. Why then am I needed in the formulation at all? To answer my own question I simply say “connection”. Perhaps it’s this almost psionic connection we are all seeking even more then the company. Behind that we all want to test our truths.

    If you look behind the history of some of the more famous occult leaders the lives they lived where tragic, sometimes petty and even shocking… But the occult work of one person’s life cannot be measured by who they were but instead what they were doing and what we know now from them outside the mortal life.

    We must ever remember…

    A group is only as powerful as its leaders and finite in motion, mortal in flesh, they all are. It’s the truth they prove that has power and is immortal.
    It was once said to me “what use is it to die with books and information that will die with you?”

    Thomas Pendragon

  3. Alex Ku says:

    As you’re asking for feedback, i’ll say i did like this. Of course you sound less comfortable than on written articles, which is only natural, but the info’s clear. The ideas get transmitted well and in an entertaining manner. Keep in mind when i say this that I can’t speak and understand English that much -i can watch movies in English but i need the English subs :) -and i pretty much followed well all through the audiocast, so if it was clear to me, it’s probably going to be clear to English-speakers.

    I was thinking about the use you want to give to the audiocasts; you talked about accesibility to people who didn’t want to read long articles. Maybe you can also take advantage of the features of spoken word to give diferent uses to audiocasts than articles. For example, guided meditations -like say the first exercise in your second set of energy manipulation exercises, about finding your chakras, that would be a good one to do like this. Or, maybe i’m talking bullshit here, but would it be possible to eventually pull off some energy manipulation trick through your voice in order to show something that can’t be explained? I don’t know; i’m shootin in the dark here, but the idea is that i think that audiocasts may be a great addition to your blog because they can offer different posibilities than written stuff.

    • Rob says:

      Thank you.

      I’m probably going to stay away from audiocasts in the future, unless I find something I want to do that can only be done through audiocasts. As you can probably tell by the comments, this one wasn’t very popular. It also took me quite some time to put together. Part of the reason for audiocasts was that I was hoping they’d be quick to do, and that way I could manage an extra post every month.

      Spellwork, energy manipulation, and guided meditations are all things that could be done, to some extent, through a recording. I’m actually looking into doing spellwork and group rituals through video recording. That to me would be really cool. I could print a ritual, and then include a video file that could be used as an example, or followed along with. Some powerful stuff, like full evocations, can actually be triggered through video too. To do that though I’d need a camera, I’d need someone to shoot it, and I may need other participants that would be willing to be videotaped. To do that I’d need a lot of stuff I just don’t have right now.

  4. Alex Ku says:

    This is kind of ironical. I’m part of an audiovisual team and we’d be willing to help, but we’re at the other side of the ocean… If you ever happen to come to Spain you’d be welcome to give a ring of course, but i do hope you find an easier way. A lot of us would be amazed to have this kind of material.

  5. Webgabytes says:


    […]Audiocast: How To Gain Respect in a Magical Group « Rob's Magick Blog[…]…

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