Personal Account: Dreaming With Eyes Open

Usually I don’t talk about my personal experiences on my blog and instead just present the information I found although sometimes I make exceptions. This time I’m making an exception because I never tried to look into the experience and gain any kind of knowledge from it. It’s just a weird thing that happened to me once. Still I know a lot of people are trying to figure out exactly what dreams are and spiritually what happens to a person when they dream, and this unique experience of mine involving dreams might offer these people some extra insight into the nature of dreams.

This happened several years back and it happened because of a drug. I got very sick with a flu around Christmas time and went up to the local Quick Care and got a doctor to prescribe me some things to make me feel better. I had a very bad reaction to one of the drugs which caused my pulse rate and blood pressure to skyrocket and eventually ended up giving me severe anxiety attacks. About a day after the anxiety attacks started I realized what was going on and went to a family practice that was recommended to me and saw a nurse practitioner who I got into a fight with. The information supplied by the manufacturer of one of the drugs I was taking listed everything I was suffering from as a possible, albeit rare, side-effect of their drug. The nurse practitioner had told me that this was impossible since rare side-effects never actually occur and only show up on trails because they are so large. It was her opinion that I was suffering from very high blood pressure and needed to immediately undergo extensive testing and be put on a proper treatment, and that the anxiety attacks, which I was now suffering from about one every ten minutes, were a psychological problem that coincidentally started shortly after I started taking the medication that listed it as a side-effect and that I needed to take a recommendation to see a psychiatrist and be medicated for it. There were other symptoms too such as lethargy, restlessness, and insomnia.

I couldn’t bring this up but to the nurse practitioner but I’m also a magician and that means I don’t have anxiety attacks unless they’re caused by some external source that catches me off guard, in this case the prescription drug which caused me a lot of physical problems. Of course I stopped taking the medication prior to my prescription running out, against the advice of the nurse practitioner I might add, and made an appeal to Venus for help. She directed me to seek Saturn, who I then appealed to and who balanced me out. Saturn brought my heart rate down a little bit and gave me a complete reprieve from the anxiety attacks until the rest of the drug was flushed out of my system, which took about another day.

My dreams have always been in full color and hyper-vivid. I can feel pain in dreams, and I’ve been shot, stabbed, and beaten senseless with baseball bats, and it feels just like it does in real life and never wakes me up. I can also feel less extreme things like my feet hitting the floor as I walk or the warmth of someone’s body seeping through the cloth of my shirt which is pressed against my skin when they put their hand on my chest, or the cold air biting at my face as I walk through snow. I also have a full sense of smell and taste.

While I was taking this drug my dreams changed dramatically. I wouldn’t sleep for very long, maybe an hour or two here and there. When I did dream my dreams were no where near as vivid as normal, and I was usually only able to see and hear, not touch, taste, or smell. My dreams were also not black and white, but they had gotten very dark. What I saw was mostly shades of black with some dark grays thrown in, and very rarely I’d see a dark shade of a different color. To me it seemed as if my dreams had a lower realm connection. They also didn’t seem very restful or pleasant, and without my normal super-vivid dreams I seemed to be deteriorating metaphysically and psychologically (beyond the anxiety attacks). I’m fairly certain I need my dreams and I need them to be what they are or I’m going to lose a lot of power and sanity, and probably my ability to function within society too.

Things really got interesting after I talked to Saturn and started flushing the drug out of my system as the effects became less and less. At the point where the drug was nearly completely out of my system I started to relax and laid myself down to sleep. It was night time and I fell asleep with my light on, which I normally do. Also the layout of my bedroom has a wall to the left of my bed, the tv to the right, my feet are pointing towards a big window, and on the opposite side my head points at the bedroom door. I had fallen asleep with my head sideways on my pillow facing to the right but pushed downward so my eyes would be pointing towards the window.

I don’t know what I was dreaming about, but I had one of those boo moments. You know, when something in your dream goes boo at you and you have a rush of adrenaline that wakes you up. As you wake up you instantly jump up, open your eyes wide and gasp before you realize it was just a dream. In my case I opened my eyes wide and gasped. I never jumped up because I never actually woke up. I screwed up waking up and managed to get my eyes open without waking up my body or mind.

Firstly it was weird. When I first opened my eyes my brain didn’t automatically correct for the way my head was turned. I was looking at the window and it literally looked like my entire room was sideways, like I was watching my room on a tv screen which had been turned on its side. This went on for what seemed like many minutes, and then my vision corrected itself.

I had sleep paralysis and could not move at all. I couldn’t even seem to manage the small movements I can usually make in sleep paralysis or while astrally projecting, but this might be because my concentration was focused elsewhere. I was also still dreaming, although I was entirely lucid. If I concentrated hard enough I could make the dreams stop, but if I didn’t images would start appearing around me, sort of like visual hallucinations, although the window and all the things in my room that I could see were always still visible behind the images. It was sort of like my bedroom was a background to these dream images. The dream images would also sort of draw me into them, mentally, when they would start, and I would lose more and more focus and they’d become more and more intense until I would finally get myself straight again and manage to fight them off.

I really don’t like sleep paralysis and wasn’t at all comfortable in this new situation and more than anything just wanted to wake up. I kept trying different things but nothing seemed to work, and in order to keep trying things I had to retain my focus and not let the dream images take over. At one point I tried to astrally project out of the whole situation until morning. I managed to pop out my astral body a bit and let it feel around, but I couldn’t shift away from my open eyes and all I could ever see was what was right in front of them. So instead of being stuck between two worlds, or two states being, I managed to get myself stuck between three.

Eventually I heard a woman’s voice talking from behind me. I thought this was someone that I was living with at the time who was awake and talking on the phone in the hallway. I had this idea that my bedroom door was open and they were walking back and forth in the hallway, however my bedroom door was closed and locked like it always is, and this was at like four in the morning and no one was walking outside my room talking on the phone. As this was happening I kept hoping this person would come into my room and do something to wake me up.

Then a strange girl walked into my room right in front of my field of vision (I’m pretty sure this is a familiar spirit I know, but I can’t be sure as she sometimes takes on different forms). She looked over to her left and said, “hang on a second I have to take care of something,” (for some reason I got the impression she was talking to a bat, but I didn’t see one). She then said something to me and I can’t remember what it is right now, but I knew it years ago and it seems like I should remember it. It was probably something like time to get up now. Then she punched me in the chest, and that woke me right up. No girl, no bat, bedroom door was closed and locked, but the window and everything around it was just like what I had been staring at for what seemed like forever.

I never really made anything out of this experience, besides the fact that it was a weird thing that happened because of a drug I took, but the way that dreams worked when my eyes were open were interesting. I wasn’t in a separate dream realm and I hadn’t astrally projected, at least at first (but eventually I did proving my astral body was right there too), and yet I still had dreams appearing before me. Make of it what you will, but it’s a somewhat unique case study. I also have never met anyone else who has dreamed with their eyes open before, but I told this story to someone who said they had a friend that did this once.

7 Responses to Personal Account: Dreaming With Eyes Open

  1. Alicja says:

    I feel so relifed after reading this great post. I’m having similar dreams with my eyes opened at some point. It’s not due to some drug as in your  case, but perhaps it has something to do with my emotional problems I’m facing during the day in my relationship (I’m very nervous, crying often, getting upset or worried easily etc). Let me describe it: i’m getting ready for sleep, i’ turning off the lights, i’ quite sleepy already, it, dark but some of the contours are still visible such as lamp on the ceiling, i’m always trying to cover my face with the blanket as I’ aware what will happen. I fell on sleep, it’s been perhaps few minutes since i’ having such dreams that caused me waking up very scared, fast heart beating and breathing loud, my eyes are opened-wide- i’m seeing contours of my room,s ceiling and the lamp but it’s a background coz I can see those things from my dream with my opened eyes!! I’ steering at it unable to make a move, but my brain works I’m thinking to look for a light quick. I’m also telling myself I thoughts it’s just the dream it’s bot real, despite I’m still seeing it. After around 5-10sec (for me is far too long with my heart beating like crazy) things from my dream starts to fade away slowly and by now i’ also able to move at heat the light. Every thing is calm, bright and as it should be. But not me:( kind of shaking, shocked and afraid to get back to bed. If I manage to fall in sleep after that ‘attac’ it won’t ever happen again that night.   ( I have to mention that it happens only when I sleep alone in a room and only at night when all light are off) 

    • Rob says:

      That’s actually interesting. I always thought the experience, for me, was due to something the drugs did to me, but the drugs were also giving me anxiety attacks and putting me into an emotional state similar to what you’re going through. It could be that it’s the emotional state that causes this to happen.

      I’d guess that there is a way to deal with this state, dreaming with eyes open. I found it uncomfortable, but I only had to deal with it the one time, so it wasn’t so bad. The experience seems to be far worse for you though.

      I had something similar with sleep paralysis when I was a teenager. I found the whole experience to be very stressful and upsetting. I’ve had sleep paralysis happen several times since, but it doesn’t bother me anymore. What made the sleep paralysis so bad for me was the way I approached it. I hated the experience and freaked out and it made it worse. Now I deal with it like I do a deep meditative state and slowly and calmly bring myself out of it. The whole process takes about a minute or two, and the experience is in no way unpleasant.

      Even when I was dreaming with my eyes open, it seemed to me to be more annoying than anything else which is why I wanted it to end. I knew that I would get out of it eventually, and I never got too stressed out over the situation.

      The next time this happens take a moment and try to relax yourself. If you need something to focus on, concentrate on your breathing. You should still be breathing, so just pay attention to the tempo and rate you’re breathing. This may also help you come out of the state. If the images bother you, try focusing to make them go away or control them so they become something more pleasant.

      If you have trouble with this sort of stuff, try daily meditation. This will help focus your mind and give you better control while in this state, and it will also help with your other emotional problems by helping you balance yourself out.

      Fortunately I don’t have to deal with going into this state all the time myself, but if I did this is how I would start to go about attacking the problem.

  2. krx says:

    Happened when I was a kid. Instead of dreaming that I opened my eyes I opened them while dreaming. I managed to sit up and scream for my parents, all the while stairing at a red monster from my dreams. It jumped inside of me (looked like it did) when my parents opened the door and found me.

    Amazing site. Of the thousands I’ve spent on occult books over the years, it would be a better trade if I had ditched 95% of them and read your blog instead. Hats off to ya.

  3. Ashley says:

    Something weird just happened to me. Same thing I was dreaming with my eyes open and I couldn’t move it felt like there was a pressure on me and my voice wouldn’t work. I tried to call someone’s name but nothing came out. Then all at once the pressure lifted and I could move and talk??? My little brother said I was talking to someone about 20 min before that on which I was dreaming because I think I remember the dream right before that happened. But the whole time I couldn’t move or speak my eyes were wide open. Please email me!!!

  4. Eric says:

    This just happened to me. I was sleeping normally, on my side so one eye could only see the sheets of my bed but the other could see my doorway. I opened my eyes (I don’t remember my dream before this part, but I wasn’t panicky) and it’s like my conscious split into two. One was laying motionless on my bed, but could see (but I could move my eyes) and the other had no vision but could get out of the bed. I could feel myself getting out of the bed (now panicky), puting my feet on the ground, and wandering around the hallway outside; this happening with a fixed vision of the door and my sheets. I felt like I was in two bodies but with shared senses. This felt like it was going on for hours, and when I awoke finally I could move my eyes and was very relieved.

  5. Rrhian says:

    This is very strange the same thing happens to me quite regularly, I decided to look for answers this time though. I am in an anxious stressed out state at the moment because my little sister passed away 6 weeks ago it was sudden and traumatic and I tried to save her by doing CPR but it wasn’t enough. I’m a spiritual person and have also been researching astral projection and have done it once I also get sleep paralysis & lucid dreams often. This time I went to sleep during the day as I had just come off a night shift and after a little while I became aware that I was asleep and could feel a pressure of something on me and it was walking on my bed like a cat does, I also cutis hear a low purring sound, I initially thought that my cat had gotten in my room (and as she is not always house trained) I had better wake up to shoo her out. Then I couldn’t ‘wake up’ and I realised my body was still asleep I fought it and fought it until I could move and open my eyes but I couldn’t see my room & I can’t really put my finger on what I could see but it was definitely still part of my dream. In the end my vision came through & my brain fully woke up, there was no cat in my room & my door was closed. I’d also like to say that I had to try really hard to get my brain to stop dreaming and actually see with my eyes my body felt extremely heavy almost as if I had been drugged this was hard to wake up from. I’ve read the comments on this post & just wanted to share feel free to email me any advise/opinions

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