Attempting to Fix A Major Feed Issue

For some reason, one of my original three posts for the site, Eris Enlightenment, something I first posted here 4 1/2 years ago, is showing up at the top of every feed. And for some reason everybody wants to comment on it.

I don’t know how this happened. I was updating categories for different posts and I updated that post, but I did the same for about fifty others and this is the only one that has an issue.

This is causing me to have a lot of traffic problems. A lot of sites that send me traffic list my most recent post and how long ago it was made. This not only puts me at the bottom of those lists, but makes it look like I haven’t updated in four years.

Hopefully this post will fix some of the feed problems so people know my site is currently being updated. Unfortunately this means that my fae helper spell post probably won’t get as much exposure as it would have if it were allowed to stay at the top of my feed a little longer.

And if you see the Eris post in your feed, it’s over 4 years old.

3 Responses to Attempting to Fix A Major Feed Issue

  1. KiyaraSabel says:

    I’m am now significantly more amused by that post.

  2. Scribbler says:

    Derned Gremlins! I think you may have attracted some naughty fae with that posting.

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