Help Figuring Out a Stone

I usually don’t post about my ongoing personal work on this blog (actually I have a series of posts of questions I want to see if anyone can help me answer I plan to post soon in addition to my normal posts, but more on that later). But I have a project I’ve been working on for years now and every time I manage to figure something out about it, it just leads me to even more questions. And for a while now I’ve been stumped and haven’t gotten anywhere with it. So if anyone has information, if anyone has ideas, if anyone has experiments, or if anyone thinks they’ve figured this out, please post what you’ve got. This is my appeal to the Internet, and if nothing else maybe I can get some ideas on some new stuff to try.

The Story

There once was a powerful magician. He was a local public figure where he lived, and he is a minor US historical figure too, but he was not known for his spirituality and didn’t author any books. Out of respect for his surviving family, I’m not going to mention him by name.

He was a skilled craftsman and gem cutter, and made a lot of his own tools. And he was known to have some very strange stones, some that couldn’t be identified. He was also very rich and generous. I’ve been told that whenever he needed money he would go down to his basement, where his magical work area was, and sometime later he would come out with something valuable to sell, usually gold coins, of which he seemed to have an infinite supply. The local belief was that he had buried treasure in his basement (this treasure has been sought, but never found). There is however a belief within his family that he was able to leave this world entirely, and that he would sometimes return from his journeys with treasure. Several of his family members claim to have this ability, although none have ever proven it, nor do any have an infinite supply of gold coins.

Sometime after his death one of his grandchildren saved a pretty stone from a box of things that were going to be thrown out. Over the years he figured out some of its secrets, but he was never able to use it all that well and didn’t like it, ultimately keeping it locked in a glass case. I was eventually shown the stone and instantly got it to work, after which the magician’s grandchild gave it to me. When I got the stone it had a couple of small chips and I had to wash off soda pop sticky (apparently from an experiment where the stone was submerged in coke to make it work).

The Stone, Physically Speaking

The stone is some kind of black marble. I don’t know enough about marble to properly ID it, but if anyone can tell me exactly what it is that would be a great help. The stone has a rectangular shape which is largest at the base and gets smaller at the top, until finally all four sides come in and meet at a point on the top. length-wise it’s roughly the size of an average palm. The stone is usually cold to touch, although it does become warm when charged.

What I’ve Been Able To Get It Do

When I was first given the stone I was told that it was a summoning stone. It’s power was that it could bring any person to you within about three days. Initially I inquired about using it to summon famous people, to which I was told that it had done that in the past, but it only brought people within close proximity to the stone, it didn’t make it so you’d necessarily meet them.

The very first thing I tried to do with the stone was summon a spirit. The stone is really good at this, and can actually do it in a matter of minutes. I’ve also found that the stone is very good at finding objects. More than once I’ve used it to find my car keys :)

I did discover a big limitation though. The stone is only able to find specific unique things. It can find my car keys because there is only one set of those in the entire world, it’s a specific thing. But it can’t just find me a key. Nor can it find me something specific that is not unique, like have a book I’ve been looking for appear in the store (it could however find the specific copy of a book I owned and lost). This goes for people too. If for instance I know a girl I have a crush on, I can draw her to me with the stone. But I can’t tell it the kind of person I’m looking for and then have it bring someone like that to me.

To operate the stone needs power from the practitioner. It actually needs a lot of power to do what it does. When I first got it years ago summoning anything with the stone almost completely drained me. I’ve gotten a lot stronger since then and I can do a lot more with it. I’ve never had a need to try using it more than three or four times in a row, but I don’t think I’d want to exhaust myself to the point that it would take to do six or seven, although I can probably do a bit more if I absolutely had to.

Recreating the Stone

Early on my main focus was figuring out how the stone worked, exactly, so that I could figure out how to recreate it. Unfortunately I was never able to fully figure it out. It’s very odd and complicated and it doesn’t do things in the way you’d expect. I’m starting to suspect that its summoning ability is only a side effect and not its main purpose (especially once I saw how it was going about it). I more or less gave up on recreating the stone once I started to focus on unlocking its full potential.

What the Stone May Be Able To Do

The guy who gave me the stone said that he believed that it used a secondary spirit to summon things. According to him this spirit wasn’t inside the stone, but the stone worked as a device to summon him into this world, and then he did the actual summoning. I don’t think this explanation is exactly correct, but the stone does seem to pull not only from itself but also a secondary source to work. Although the secondary source seems more powerful than the stone itself, I sort of get the feeling that the stone is a part of the secondary source. More on why this is important later.

After I had the stone for a few weeks, while I was summoning people and things and spirits like crazy with it, I was told that it should also be able to summon events. In the same way it was able to bring people and spirits and things to me, it should be able to bring specific events to me, in other words make them occur, or at least make them occur to me. This would encompass everything from getting a dream job to making someone realize they’re in love with me to winning the lottery. The full possibilities here are endless. Unfortunately I’ve never been able to get the stone to do this (actually I may have gotten it to work one time, but it was something I did to a friend who pissed me off so I don’t want to mention it).

The most interesting use though was something that was told to me recently by one of the magician’s family members. That they remembered seeing a stone that looked like this one, and which may even have been this one, within a group of stones that were set out in a circle. The theory was that the circle was a gateway out of this world, and that the key was the complete set of stones. Therefor if I could somehow recreate the circle either with the original stones or with new ones I could manage to walk out of this world in the same way this magician did.

Seeing It Work

I’ve gone into trance while using the stone and I’ve seen how it works. Imagine a line of white being very quickly drawn across a dark background, constantly creating new branches that take off into new directions and sometimes end. That’s sort of what it looks like. What I noticed is that it finds every portal in the room and then opens it up. Whatever portals are on the other side it’ll also open up, so on and so forth. It doesn’t really go towards what it’s looking for. It seems to just go everywhere. I think it also find events and circumstances and just starts pulling all of them in, and then it eliminates the ones that won’t bring forward what it needs.

It’s sort of like if I asked you to find someone for me, and the way you did it was you went and got every living person in the world and put them in a room, and then you went through each one and if they weren’t the person I was looking for you asked them to leave until one person was left.

It’s an effective method, and the stone can do it pretty fast considering everything it has to go through. But it still seems like a very inefficient method to me (which is probably why the stone needs so much energy to work). Still the fact that it can get good results in such a short time frame with this method shows just how powerful the stone is. But the fact that the method seems so inefficient makes me think that it has some other primary purpose, and its ability to summon things is just a byproduct of what it was made to do.

What The Spirits Have Said

Several times I’ve shown the stone to different spirits, often times seeing if I could get a method to recreate it, and I’ve gotten some information on the item. Several have been impressed by the stone and the method through which it works. The spirits who seem to understand it have also always referred to it as a key.


So this is everything I’ve been able to figure out about the stone over the last few years. If anyone has any information, ideas, theories, whatever feel free to post them. I’d be interested in getting some fresh ideas.

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  1. Diogeneia says:

    Hey Rob,

    Cool stone. It’s likely not true marble, though. I have a bit of informal familial training in lapidary. (It was my grandfather’s business and my father’s hobby).

    A lot of polished stone is called marble these days, but marble is white. Sometimes grey-white, pink-white, blue-white or yellowish-white, but it’s white. The only other colored “marble” that exists is man-made or manipulated (“cultured marble”),with dyes, resin, etc or isn’t marble at all. (So that green or black “marble” kitchen counter-top isn’t true/natural marble). Marble is also very common (I think its in toothpaste, if I remember right)and I find it to be so-so for magical purposes.

    Your stone is probably actually obsidian (shiny, black volcanic “glass”)–which has pretty common uses in magic and comes sometimes laced with other minerals…. or it is onyx (a variety of quartz) which comes in all sorts of colors and “design” variations. The color of Onyx can give some pretty specific clues about what part of the planet it came from too.

    Those are the two most common options, with onyx being the most likely, but there are other stones that come in black, though they are less common. I have some black jade, for example. Without seeing and handling the stone myself, its almost impossible to say for sure.

    Cheers & Blessed Yule to you and whomever celebrates any variety of it.


    • Rob says:

      Thanks. The information about what it might be was a huge help.

      It looks similar to what I’ve seen sold as black marble, but not exactly like it. I think I read somewhere that black marble is technically a kind of limestone. I don’t think it’s onyx because I have a bag full of onyx and it doesn’t feel quite like the onyx in my bag. Unfortunately I don’t have any obsidian to compare it to, and I don’t think I’ve ever had any either.

  2. K Gaffney says:

    Hard to tell from a picture, but with your description added, and also from how the stone seems to work, I’d also lean very strongly toward black obsidian, as it’s often flecked with other colors, especially a piece that size. I have a set of “speaking stones” and a small collection of obsidian pebbles that I do various workings with (it’s a favorite of a chaos*-aligned spirit I’m close to), and they’re very oddly focused, very intense things that hold a very strong charge, though none of mine are larger than 1.5 inches in diameter (I had one expedite the mailing of a rather sensitive item through Canadian customs once–the package left here and got to its new owner in a matter of 3 days.) I couldn’t imagine the amount of energy, time and care needed to charge and/or feed a piece that size, but it’s gorgeous and I can imagine, extremely effective in whatever purpose it’s put to.

    *that’d be chaos in the more fractal sense.

    • Rob says:


      I’m starting to lean towards black obsidian myself. I’m going to have to see if I can find another piece somewhere to compare it to.

      And like you said it usually does take a while to charge it up so it will activate.

  3. A W says:

    If it is a key to a circle, them given the way that it works I would guess that what happens is that the other stones in the circle form the foundation and power structure for the circle used to move between worlds. And then the “Key” is used to bring the perfect gate from all the possible realities, not only a gate that is stable enough to go though safely, but also one that goes where you want. That is how the guy managed to get gold and wealth consistently, he wasn’t just going out randomly he was going to specific locations.

    As for the link, I think that what is probably going on is that the stone its self has a certain predilection towards looking for and finding things the way it does, or else it was chosen because it could hold so much energy and use it with great efficiency. Either way, since the stones in the circle were likely used together quite a lot they would have gained a similar feel and taste (for lack of a better term) and to a certain degree have become linked. I would reckon that if you power it up and get the connection to get some juice flowing through it, then follow that back to what ever ethereal/astral region the real power is coming from, you would quickly be able to get from the primary spirit to the other stones in the circle since they are tied in both intent and being used in the same actions.

    Also if you go to the source and see what is providing most of the effect, be it a spirit, an entity, or possibly just an enchantment you should be able to copy it outright, though possibly with a small amount of experimentation. Probably the only reason that there were any magical side effects from the stone is that it is the key, i would guess that the other ones in the circle are pretty useless when not in the circle.

    But yeah I would probably have to touch or at least see it physically to get a real idea of what was going on there.

    • Rob says:

      So far the traces I’ve tried have been unsuccessful. Part of the problem is that it starts by opening up random portals and reaching out in lots of different directions at once. I also have a suspicion that it doesn’t so much as continually draw power from the origin of the secondary source, but rather in a way brings the source to itself to gain the power.

      I probably didn’t explain it too well, but it doesn’t work like you’d expect it to with the secondary source, like I would have created it, and like every other magical item I’ve ever seen works.

      Normally an object goes for the secondary source first, charges itself, and then does the operation. Or its continually being charged by a secondary source and it stores up power until it is used.

      With this stone it initially takes the charge from the practitioner and works off of that. At some point after it starts to work it gets a boost from a secondary source. I’m guessing either the secondary source is just there to take some of the weight off of the practitioner, or the secondary source is actually the other stones from the circle, in which case they were never meant to be operated this far apart.

      In any case once it starts working trying to trace anything is a mess and so far I haven’t been able to figure out any way to make a trace work.

  4. I have no idea what that is, but I can tell you that I’d love to commission a set of 4 of those someday to charge and use as focus points.

    Also, points for the Link wallet =p

    • Rob says:

      I took so much shit for that link wallet at work when I first got it :)

      I’ve seen similar designs for sale online while looking for something like it, but they usually aren’t as big and aren’t made from the exact same kind of stone.

  5. solxyz says:

    Ask the key stone to find the stone which should sit immediately to its right in the circle. Then find the stone which sits to the right of that, and so on, until you have all the stones. Even if there is no necessary order to the stones in the circle, you can ask it to find the stone which sat to the right at the last time the circle was complete.

    If this works, I suggest that you should send me one gold coin from the other side of the gate.

    • Rob says:

      It’s a good idea, but attempts to get the other stones with the one I have haven’t been successful. It might have something to do with the fact that I’ve never seen them and there’s no way I can exactly name any of them. I’m not even sure how many there are. I’ll admit I never tried naming them based on their position in the circle (I’m not even sure if they’d have specific positions), so I could try that.

      Still to get a gold coin I’d have to not only have the other stones, but also know how to travel with the set and how to specifically get to the place with the gold coins :)

  6. A W says:

    I think that it can only be an enchantment, or less likely a spirit slacking as much as possible while under a geis. I did some experimenting the other day to see about making something similar, only I used a chunk of brown obsidian and an entity that I attached to it, and frankly while I am sure the results will be terrible it at least can tell what “one of those” or “kind’ like that” means. The other reason that I figure that it has to be an enchantment is that you said that it waits until after it has started doing its thing and powered up to contact anything, which means that the only thing present at least in the first stages is actually housed in the stone, and not just using the stone as a reference or contact point in the physical realm. Besides if it were more than just a program then it would have an ongoing power drain and would probably get screwy or die (unless it went dormant), but if it is just an enchantment then the basic amounts of energy in the environment and in the stone should be more than ample to keep it whole and in power.

    Also I agree with you that the secondary thing would most likely be the other stones. The way I see it what would happen is that the search uses the energy of the user and information on the desired manifestation from the user. Then when it comes to actual manifestation (which I guess takes a lot of power) it links up with the other stones, get a power boost and manifests the desired result.

    Those two points combined enplane (at least in my mind though I imagine that I am skipping a few steps on paper) why you can only get unique objects, people, or events. What would happen is that you remember or think of something specific and that brings with it a whole lot of information, then it begins searching through everything within a 3 day range for something which roughly matches the description you have in your mind of this specific thing. See like that it wouldn’t work on “one of” or “like this” situations because you would be missing huge amounts of data like smell, dimensions, weight, etc. It is possible that simply having a picture and being able to say “I want this item, it is like this, and I know that at some point it was photographed” might do it, though in my experience that kind of reasoning rarely pans out in magic.

    • Rob says:

      I doubt it’s a spirit slacking off. If I tell it to find something non-specific it still goes through the entire process, it just doesn’t show any results. And the person who had the stone before me had some success with it initially, but then had problems after he kept trying to summon cartoon characters with it, which is when it ended up locked in a glass case. Not sure if it was some sentient aspect of the process choosing not to work with him or if he had some other issue around the same time that effected his work with the stone, but based on that I’m guessing if the stone didn’t want to work it just wouldn’t.

      Then again I remember a warning from a different member of the same family about the stone, to be careful using it because if it was used too often it would make a connection and start self activating when I thought of things. That might have been the reason it ended up in the case too.

      I’ve also tried finding non-specific things that were mass produced like OOP copies of books, video games on release day, and CDs of indie bands, and even when I knew exactly what I was looking for I had no luck. Meanwhile I’ve been able to call spirits I’ve never met with nothing more than a name and maybe a few words describing them, so I doubt it’s an issue with having enough information.

      The stone may be designed to use a specific link, however small, either through the practitioner or even through itself, either to find or verify what it’s looking for. That would explain why it needs something specific and can’t find something based on the description alone.

      I’m also now considering the fact that I may be using the stones backwards. If the stone was really designed for travel and not to summon things, then the method the stone uses would have been designed to take me somewhere, not summon something forth. That might explain why it does things in such a weird way, and also way it needs something specific. If that’s the case then I just have to figure out a way to reverse what I’m doing with the stone so instead of drawing something to me it draws me to a place.

      I’m also considering the fact that the magician who created the stones may have been traveling through some method that had nothing to do with the circle of stones. The circle of stones wasn’t used for him to travel somewhere, but rather was used as an easy way for him to return home after he had finished traveling somewhere. With this method he would have to get the stones ready before he left, so that might be why there is some confusion about him using the stones to travel. This would also explain why it might be made to be so dead set on getting only an exact thing. After all you wouldn’t want to be stuck in some other world as someone who was just really similar to you was summoned into your home.

      Thanks a lot. This thread is helping me flesh out some ideas about the stone and I’ve already figured out a few new things to try.

  7. Amonjin says:

    Have you worked with someone with the stone? For instance, a friend has your Link wallet and you try to recall the wallet.

    Also, have you tried combining item location with event creation? For instance, you know your friend has your wallet, but you don’t know your friend’s schedule. You then create an event where you run into your friend at location x at time y and he gives your wallet back.

    From your description about the multiple portals, it sounds like the stone does an infinite possibility search, where it takes an assumption/possibility (your request), then searches infinitely for a reality stream (opening portals) and then pairs the assumption with the reality stream.

    If I hit the mark at all (rarely happens… sigh) then combining a specified event with the item will reduce the stones search as you have given the stone a very specific set of assumptions to find and/or create. Granted, within any set of specifications there are infinite possibilities, but it becomes an easier task when there are more defined parameters.

    My suggestions are somewhat blind because I don’t know the extent of experimentation you have done on the stone. I hope this helps.

    As for the stone itself, from the pictures it looks to be either honed (polished) Marble or Granit. My money is on Granit.

    I don’t know how much information you already have so if any of this is redundant my apologies. The shape of the stone is an obelisk (also known as a Sundisk). The shape itself dates back to antiquity and was heavily used during the Egyptian era. The structure is a representation of the path to heaven (extremely simplistic explanation) and used for worship of Ra. Have you tried using the stone at noon? Also, it is possible that there is a second key stone. The Egyptians where known to build two obelisks structures outside of temples.

    As for the history, I know you are trying to keep some anonymity for the owner but can you divulge the approximate creation date? I have some reservations of its creation date due to its high polish. From the pictures the object has a really good shine to it which leads me to believe that it was chemically polished. If that is the case then I would say it had to have been made within the 20th century. Really, no earlier than that. It is possible to get that kind of shine via sanding but it takes a lot of elbow grease!

    The fact that it’s an obelisk leads me to believe that the person was a Freemason.

    I would be really interested to help you perform other experiments with the object.

    Good find!

    • Rob says:

      Thanks a lot.

      The stone really doesn’t look like granite at all, and it’s black is far more solid than black granite, which from what I’ve seen is mostly gray. Also the discoloration is mostly veiny, like marble, not the flecky look of granite. The pictures I put up may be a little misleading. Although there are some lines and even flecks in the stone, the picture makes it look as if there are a lot more lighter grayish flecks than there actually are, a lot of which is just a reflection of the camera flash. Meanwhile the lighter bits of the veins didn’t really pick up too well in the picture, which makes it look even more flecky.

      The stone was definitely created in the 20th century. Beyond that I have no idea of when exactly it was made, although I suspect no later than the early to mid 80s.

      The design is Egyptian in origin, but it’s also used quite a bit by different groups for different purposes, so I can’t say that it definitely points to an Egyptian connection. Although I haven’t completely dismissed the idea, I’ve so far seen no other evidence that it’s connected to Egyptian mythology, gods, or practices.

      I haven’t tried combining an object and an event as you said, it’s definitely an experiment to try in the future. But I have to figure out a way to do it so the stone doesn’t just draw the object or person to me.

  8. Stonewolf says:

    Sorry, this is kind of long

    I think this is part of a physical teleportation device that blends matter into your astral form, and rematerializes into a body cavity (such as your mouth)when you come back to your body. The stone would be placed in the western part of a circle.

    We are looking at an obelisk shape, with a point, like an antenna. It seems to open up a portal for each possibility of a manifestation to happen, and then whittle them down until the right one is found. This much we already know.

    I think you are probably right, you might be using it backwards. If you look at color theory in magick, black absorbs things, and in this case, receives things, or allows you to receive something. This stone was probably used as a sort of teleportation device for the magician to get back to his home, or as an anchoring stone for him to get back safely after quantum jumping or even time traveling. If it can search out a specific person (the magician)by looking through all streams of potentiality, and bring that to the forefront, I think it was probably used as a receiver for re-materialization into the circle. Also, I’ll bet money that the stone is granite, since representationally, granite is a composite of many things being “held” together to exist physically.

    As for the other stones that were used in the circle, I doubt that there were more than 8 or 9 all together. Probably one to help facilitate each step of the process that the magician used to operate it in order to get gold coins out of it. This is my theory because my own rock magick would work similar to this if I had tried to create such a device for this purpose, this is how I would do it.

    The one you have is probably the last step, the “key” to getting back, without that, using the other stones might result in the magician’s death, or some other terrible magickal complication of either not being able to get back to your body, or not allowing your body to re-materialize at all. Again, this is how I personally, would have done it.

    Cast your circle and create your sacred space.
    stone 1: a meditation stone to get you to trance
    stone 2: an aquamarine to give you protection in the water and protection for travels.
    stone 3: some link to a sunken ship, for the magician to trace his path to
    stone 4: a stone to facilitate astral travel or dematerialization to the ship or destination
    stone 5: a link to the specific thing that he wants, in this case, a gold coin, or a nugget of gold.
    Stone 6: a manifestation stone, to grab onto this gold coin and pull it into himself, or his etheric or physical body before going back to his basement
    stone 7: some kind of protection sealing stone, cause now he would have put the gold coin in his mouth before traveling back, and now weighs more than he did before leaving, even if it is just barely.
    stone 8: activate the black obelisk to sort out all the components of the other stones and the changes made to the guy’s body (now carrying the gold coin) and bring it all back to the circle. This last part has to do with processing a very specific outcome, with a very specific person, and a very specific item that person is carrying, and bringing it together all at once.

    The magician probably bought the first coin at a shop somewhere, and learned about the shipwreck that it came from, then used the coin as a component in his stone circle to travel to that ship, and get more coins.

    A few things to note:
    the black stone you already have is a sorting and receiving stone, so there is probably a sending stone likely shaped as a white or clear obelisk, coupled with the black one, they would mimic +/- electrodes for this operation. The white/clear one, sends you, while the black one you have receives you, or brings you back.

    That secondary energy force you were talking about that kicks in when you use the black stone, probably is the other crystals trying to resonate with it, and yes, probably was never meant to be used over long distances, but might enable you to find the other crystals if you went about it the right way.

    Since, according to this theory, using the black one would be the last step in the teleportation process, to get it to do anything by itself by way of reverse polarity would make sense that it would be very draining, since it’s supposed to collect energy and information in the first place, and sort it out. If it doesn’t receive that from the other stones of the circle, from what you in turn put into those stones, it would instead have to forcefully drain your energy in order to work. It is also possible that it would be exceedingly draining to teleport even a small amount of matter this way regardless of the actual mechanism. It’s also possible that over the years, the magician could have found a secondary use for the stone, like you first suggested, since the main use could be considerably dangerous, if it did in fact involve the steps I spelled out.

    I wouldn’t be able to say if he was able to dematerialize his physical body, or just astral project through this circle, then wake back up with a gold coin in his mouth, but I think there is a reason he only did this with a small and valuable item that could be fit in a body cavity like this, since the way this thing works could be similar to Terminator movie rules, where you can’t take anything back with you, unless it is inside your body, and is a relatively small object. I read somewhere that using the mouth to create some type of ectoplasm in a certain weird type of meditation is possible for this reason, it has to be within a body cavity.

    By this method, he could probably have teleported and retrieved almost any type of small item from any location or even time period.

    I think you should try to find the other stones by meditating and tracing through the black one, while somehow suppressing it from activating, since that might be a built-in defensive program to keep you from finding any of the other stones if you are not the original user. Or you can try to contact the spirit of the magician and ask him.

    • Rob says:


      What you described is a fairly complicated way to manifest objects from the astral. I’ve actually had some limited success with that in the past and I think there are definitely easier ways to go about it, which leads me to believe the stone wasn’t used in that way.

      I don’t think the stone was involved with astral projection at all, but actual physical movement, especially since the body would act as the anchor in astral projection. Also some members of the family do believe that certain people in the family have had the ability to physically leave this world.

      The idea of de-materializing and recreating the body as you describe would be very powerful and complicated magic with uses far beyond the scope of merely grabbing gold coins. For a start that kind of power could easily be adapted to eternal youth, a power which this magician doesn’t seem to have had.

      It also seems like overkill for physically moving through dimensions. Especially considering that the astral and physical bodies are tied to the same planes, so any place that would be accessible to one should be accessible to the other. I can’t think of a reason to go through the trouble of de-materializing the body for astral travel when it would be much easier to just walk it out.

      The actual method is sometimes called shadow walking, and it differs quite a bit from astral projection. It does happen spontaneously sometimes, but very infrequently. Usually these are stories about people being in a field and walking into another place, or people walking through a specific area or place and walking into an alternate version of it.

      Of course a method has been adapted by a small number of people that allows a person to control it. Most techniques I’ve seen usually involve finding a large flat area of land and trying to walk into a sliver of darkness while walking towards the sunset. I also think that the Greek mythology about sailing to mythological places was a form of Shadow Walking, and that it was possible to sail a ship out of this world if done a certain way. A lot of experienced people claim to be able to leave by just walking into a shadow though.

      Shadow Walking is really an interesting subject to research. Most of the websites I’ve seen that deal with it are Shamanic in nature.

      Although I have heard that it is easier to walk out of this world if you take nothing with you at all, it is still possible to take things with you (as evidenced by all of the people who accidentally did it while dressed).

      Also, although I never saw the magic circle myself, I was told that the stones in it looked similar to the one I had. So the stones were most likely the same kind, or at the very least made of materials that look alike.

      There are also a variety of reasons why I don’t want to attempt bringing forth the magician who created the stone.

      • Stonewolf says:

        maybe it set up a portal for shadow walking then. I really don’t know anything about that subject. You should cover it on your blog! :)

        • Rob says:

          Until I actually manage to do it, all I know is pure speculation.

          Were you the person who was asked me about how to move things while astrally projecting? I managed to open a door while projecting the other day. Not sure if the same method would work for you, but I can at least tell you what I did and see if that helps.

          • Stonewolf says:

            yes I think that was me. I would be very interested to hear what you have to say about that.

            • Rob says:

              I didn’t mean to do this. I pretty much opened up my front door and left it open while I slept. Still it was a good method and I remember exactly what I did to make it work.

              I was dreaming, went completely lucid, and projected out. I projected very close to the physical plane. It felt a bit funny for an astral projection too, like a shaky nausea in my stomach, but that could’ve been an early sign of the flu I came down with shortly after.

              Anyways, very close projection to the physical plane and I walked over to my front door. I looked at the doorknob and I thought about it really hard. And I mean everything there is to think about a doorknob I thought about. I thought about it’s shape, what it was made of, its texture, its color. And I’m talking about deep philosophical meditations about this stuff. I remember thinking about things like how it curves inward and grows smaller and a constant rate and how the metal turned into a smooth surface rather than a rough one.

              I probably spent what I perceived as a good five or ten minutes just looking at and thinking about this doorknob. Then I reached out and touched it. And it felt cold (like the real doorknob actually did), which surprised me a little. I turned the doorknob and opened the door then I walked outside.

              After that I came out of the projection, went back to sleep, woke up a few hours later and found my front door open.

              I figure there are two possible things that could have happened here. One is I created a thought form replica of the doorknob in the same space as the real doorknob that was so powerful and close to the physical plane that it was able to actually open the door. The second theory is that I thought about the doorknob so much that I partially pulled it into the astral with me where I was able to move it.

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