Energy Manipulation: Part 1

A lot of people have been asking me for advice on energy manipulation lately. Either they want instructions or they want books or systems that teach it. So I’ve put together some exercises to help people who are just starting out. I’ve called this part 1. What I’ve posted here is far from a complete system, but right now there is no part 2. I might write more exercises in the future. If I do the new exercises  will build upon these exercises.

I’ve put these exercises in the order you’re supposed to do them (skipping 2 if it’s a cold time of year).  The techniques in the different exercises build on each other. At the same time though they aren’t intended to be done once and before moving on to the next one. In fact it isn’t even a system where you master one step and then move on to the next.

What I suggest doing is to start with an exercise and keep doing it until you get a handle on it and you’ve achieved some noticable results. Then start working with the next exercise, but keep going back and doing the earlier exercises. The better you get at the earlier exercises the easier the later exercises will be.

Also if you’ve done an exercise a lot and you have a good idea how it works and what it’s supposed to do, you should probably try to develop your own exercises to help train those same skills. These exercises were designed so that they could easily fit into most people’s lives, but there’s also a chance that they might not easily fit into your life situation. What’s even more likely is that you have a lot of unique opportunities in your life to train your abilities, and because those opportunities are so specific to you, you’re going to have to create your own exercises in order to take advantage of them.

I also recommend continuing to do basic exercises even after you have a mastery of energy manipulation. A lot of magicians fall into a trap of gaining some ability with energy manipulation and then ignoring it as they explore other spiritual and magical pursuits instead of continuing to work more and more with very basic and simple energy manipulation exercises.

When they do this their energy manipulation abilities stagnate. Energy manipulation being a very basic skill, they don’t progress in other avenues of magic as quickly or as far as they potentially could if their energy manipulation was stronger. Eventually they’ll even start to regress and become less powerful.

In order to do most of these exercises the only thing you really need is a quiet and private space to work. If you sleep alone, your bedroom should be perfect for this. If not you’re going to have to figure out a time when you can have the bedroom to yourself or figure out a different place where you can work privately.

A lot of these exercises are skyclad. There’s a few reasons I did this. First off all of the skyclad exercises are solitary. I don’t recommend serious skyclad work for people who are going to be uncomfortable and nervous when they’re naked around other people. However this is solitary work by yourself so most people should be comfortable in that situation.

Some of these rituals deal specifically with your sense of touch, and being skyclad gives a greater degree of control in that regard. On one hand your clothes limit your sense of touch because you can’t fully feel things through your clothes. On the other hand when you don’t want to feel anything, you can still sometimes feel your clothes on your body.

Finally for a variety of reasons energy is easier to manipulate when you’re naked. There is some debate about this in the magical community, but it’s true. It’s easier to sense and manipulate energy without clothes on. Granted it can be done with your clothes on, and if you’re experienced at manipulating energy there isn’t much of a difference between doing it clothed or naked. However when you’re first beginning to learn it helps a lot.

These exercises are all very basic. They don’t even technically deal with energy manipulation. They  focus on increasing your awareness and your basic ability to sense and identify energy. Several of the early exercises are designed to train a couple of your basic senses, touch and smell. Training any of your five basic senses to make them more aware of what’s going on around you will, in the long run, make you more adept at energy manipulation. I stayed away from sound because it’s a very hard one to write specific exercises for. I stayed away from taste because most people don’t want to go around licking everything. And I stayed away from sight because training sight is a lot more complicated and actually helps with more advanced topics (like seeing spirits and auras). If I do write future posts dealing with these topics, there’s a good chance I’ll include some information on training sight.

1. The Sleeping Exercise

This is a very easy magical exercise, probably the easiest one you’ll ever do, and also a very pleasant one too.

I suggest you use nice linens for this exercise. Something like silk bed sheets or Egyptian cotton. I also suggest sleeping with just a bed sheet, a pillow case, and a cover sheet. If that isn’t warm enough and you need a blanket, then put the blanket over the cover sheet so the cover sheet is against you (unless you have a really nice and comfy blanket).

Wash all of your linens as close to bed time as possible so they’re clean and fresh when you start the exercise.

Next right before bed take a long shower with hot water, about as hot as you can stand. The hot water is going to thin out your blood and pull your blood vessels closer to your skin, which is why you feel more sensual after a shower. It should go without saying that you need to completely dry yourself since you don’t want to be damp when you go to bed.

Of course do whatever else you need to do in order to get ready for bed. I suggest waiting until the very end to brush your teeth, because if your mouth feels all fresh and minty you’ll get even more out of the exercise.

That’s the prep work. This is the actual exercise. Once you’re ready for bed, take off any clothes (if you bothered to put any on after the shower), lay in the bed naked, and pull the cover sheet over yourself. This is an awesome exercise!

Okay that’s not the all of it. When you’re laying in bed you want to pay particular attention to how everything feels. How does the fabric from the bed sheet and the bed itself feel against your skin? How does the fabric of the coversheet feel? How are they different? How does the pillowcase feel against your head? How does your body feel where it touches itself and how does your hair feel if it’s long enough to touch your back?

But don’t focus on one body part or sensation at a time. Try not to concentrate on individual parts of your body to see how each feels. The goal should be to feel every part of your body at once. If you’re doing what you do most of the day, concentrating on the part of your body that interests you at the moment to see what it feels and ignoring the rest, you’re missing the whole point of the exercise. Take everything in at once, every sensation from your head to your toes, and feel it all at the same time. Use your mind to sort out these different feelings, to figure out which body parts are feeling what, instead of concentrating on specific parts and processing only a single input of information at a time.

The goal of the exercise, and most of these early exercises, is to get you used to feeling all parts of your body at once, and getting your brain used to processing all of that sensory input at once without having to block any out. In time this is going to make you more sensual and help to undull this particular sense.

After you’ve spent a little bit of time seeing what things feel like, move around a bit. See what it feels like to have the sheets rubbing against you. Try different positions. See what it feels like to lay on your left side, your right side, your back, your stomach.

Once you’ve spent some time taking all these sensations in and you’ve finished the exercise, I’d really suggest not getting dressed if that’s at all possible. Instead just lay in bed naked and relax taking in all of the sensations until you fall asleep.

One of the really cool things about this ritual is that with some slight modifications it’s something that can easily be done every single day since it’s basically just going to bed. It may not be convenient to wash bedsheets every single night or even to shower every day just before bed, but unless you have young children that want to sleep with you, most people should be able to go to bed naked and go to sleep.

2. Feeling the Wind

This ritual is really good for when it’s warm out. It’s not so great for when it’s cold out.

Once again, taking a nice, long, hot shower before hand will help. Sit either on your bed, on the floor, or on a yoga mat. If it’s breezy out, you can open a window by where you’re sitting, otherwise you’re going to want to turn on a fan.

If you can do it comfortably and with no pain, sitting lotus style may help. Otherwise just sit Indian style. And once again you’re going to want to do this without clothes on.

Basically just sit there, close your eyes, and feel the air blowing over your body. Like before you don’t want to concentrate on a particular part of your body, but rather take in everything at once.

If it’s really warm out you can even sleep like this laying in bed without a sheet or blanket and letting the air blow over you to cool off.

I’m actually tired right now. Notice how all of my exercises seem to involve sleep. If I wrote this just before lunch instead of just before bed you’d probably be learning energy manipulation by eating a sandwich.

3. Feeling your Clothes.

This is an easy exercise that you can do all day, every day. The whole point of this exercise is to spend as much of the day as you possibly can feeling your clothes.

During any part of the day in which you’re wearing clothes, parts of your body are touching fabric. Other parts of your body are exposed and not touching fabric, and if your clothes are baggy some clothed parts of your body aren’t touching fabric. Our bodies meanwhile are used to our clothes because we wear them all day, and at least after we’ve had them on for a bit we stop feeling them, unless they’re doing something abnormal, like chaffing.

If you’re reading this, and unless you’re naked, you’re probably noticing that I’m wrong. You’re feeling at least some of your clothing right now. The thing is if you start to think about your clothing and feeling it, your body will stop blocking it out and you’ll start feeling it. You have a lot of control over whether or not you’re feeling your clothing.

The goal of this exercise is to spend the entire day, the dressed parts of it anyways, being able to feel all of the clothes that you are wearing. You should be able to feel the fabric on any part of your body that is touching fabric at any moment.

Once you get used to doing this, and on a day when you’re wearing baggy clothes, every so often quiz yourself. As quick as you can figure out exactly which parts of your body are touching fabric and which parts aren’t.

This exercise is a lot easier to do if you’re doing exercise 1 and sleeping naked. Because you’ve gotten used to not wearing clothes through out the night, when you put clothes on in the morning you’ll really feel them. In fact if possible try to spend as much time awake without putting on any clothes as you can. It’d be ideal if you could wake up and go through your entire morning routine without getting dressed until you’re ready to walk out the door. The longer you spend without clothes on the more you’re going to notice them once you put them on.

4. Incense Exercise

Once again, find your sitting place and sit Indian style or lotus style naked. This time though light some incense near you. Whatever kind of incense you want. And as the incense burns just sit with your eyes closed smelling it. Don’t try to think about it or sense something or anything else. Just sit there quietly and breathe in the incense. Through out the exercise take a few deep breaths and let the incense fully fill up your lungs.

It’s best not to replace the incense in this exercise with something else, like a scented candle or a plug-in, unless you absolutely have to for some reason (like severe allergies). Incense is going to have a stronger odor for one. It’s also thick, and smokey, and it gets in your eyes, and so it has a sensual quality to it. And it tends to scent things like your hair and your bedsheets.

5.  Walking Barefoot

This is a super easy exercise. All you have to do is take off your shoes and socks and start walking barefoot. When your feet hit the ground, try to pay attention to how it feels. Notice that different areas feel different. Grass is soft and cool. Cement is hot and hard. Carpets are smooshy, wood floors are flat, and tile is hard and cold. When you walk, pay attention to the feeling in your feet. With each step, try to notice your foot hitting the ground and how that feels.

You should do this exercise as much as possible. It’s an easy exercise because it doesn’t require you to actually do anything. It requires you to not do something. Anytime you don’t need to wear shoes or socks, don’t. Work and public showers are the only times most people need to be wearing shoes. If you’re like me, you may feel more comfortable driving in shoes, although it is perfectly legal to drive barefoot. Nowadays most companies don’t have a “no shoes, no service” policy, although a few hold-outs still do require shoes.

6. Smelling Things

Most of us go through most of our day completely ignoring our sense of smell. Unless something near us has a strong smell, be it pleasant or disgusting, we usually have forgotten the fact that we can smell at all. So the point of this exercise is to smell as many things during the day as we can.

Now there are lots of little things you can do through out the day in order to smell things without coming off as too creepy or weird.

When you’re taking your shower in the morning, smell the soap and the shampoo and anything else you’re going to use before it touches your body. Before you get dressed smell your clothes (hopefully not to see if their clean enough to wear). Before you eat or drink anything smell it. Get in the habit of smelling everything before you put it in your mouth. Any time you put your head on something, like a couch or a pillow, smell it. If a person gets close enough to you, you may be able to smell certain things like perfume or their cigarettes. If you hug some one you can actually smell them in three different places. You can smell their hair, their skin at their neck, and their clothes. But if you’re not in a relationship with somone you have to be very subtle about smelling them like this or you’re going to come off as really creepy.

I’m sure most of you can come up with other things to do through out the day without seeming too weird. The whole idea of the exercise is to get used to smelling things as much as you can.

7. The Sitting Exercise

This is by far the most useful exercise I have. In ten years time it’s more likely you’ll still be doing either this exercise or some variation of it than any other exercise here. In fact a lot of the exercises I have are just variations of this exercise. You may not be able to do much with the exercise right now, but as you become more aware of energy and you learn energy manipulation tricks you’ll be able to do more and more with this exercise.

To start, spend at least a couple of weeks doing the first five exercises before you move on to this one. Make sure you’ve spent enough time to where you’re starting to master the above exercises and you’re getting something out of them. You really want to have a couple of senses, especially the sense of touch, trained to an abnormal level before you attempt this.

Okay, you need to go back to your sitting place. You’re going to want to do this at night so you have darkness. Turn off every light in the room that you can so it’s as dark as you can possibly get it. You’re also going to need it to be as  quiet as you can get it. So you don’t want any music on or the TV or people running around outside the room. The later at night you do this the less likely it is you’re going to have to deal with noise from outside. Don’t light any incense. And take off all of your clothes so you don’t have to worry about feeling them or having them get in the way. When you’ve done all of this sit in your spot either in the lotus position or Indian style and close your eyes.

We’ve spent the last few weeks trying to increase your senses. If it’s been successful they’ve been kicked into overdrive. Now we’re going to put them into a sensory deprivation environment and see what happens.

Actually we haven’t just been training your senses with the first few exercises. Those exercises also work to train your awareness. In addition to having heightened senses you should also have a heightened awareness. So now that you’ve been deprived of your five basic senses the end result should be that a sixth sense, your ability to sense energy, takes over.

To start just sit there for a while breathing and bringing yourself to a calm and relaxed state. Then think about this: What does the area outside of your body feel like? This is similar to when you were developing your sense of touch, except right now you shouldn’t have anything on or around your body, so with the exception of the parts you’re using for sitting, you shouldn’t be feeling anything right now. So what are the parts of your body that shouldn’t be feeling anything right now feeling? If you can’t put it into words right now, that’s okay. If you can’t feel anything, you just need more practice.

Now take a deep breath. Imagine that you’re pulling everything in the room around you inside of you through your mouth and filling up your chest with it. If you’re having trouble with this, remember the incense exercise. Imagine the air in the room is thicker, like the smoke from the incense, and that’s what you’re pulling into your lungs.

If you felt something around you before, did you feel that same thing intensify inside of you when you did this? If you didn’t feel something before, do you feel something now?

As the final part of this exercise, spend some time letting all of what came before clear out of you. Let the energy you took in earlier dissipate and get used to the energy around you so you aren’t focusing on it. Once you’ve done that focus on the center of your chest. This is the area where we really feel our emotions. This is where that energy builds up from and emanates from.

Right this moment you have to be feeling some sort of emotion. Even if it’s calm or boredom, you’re feeling something. That emotion is creating energy which is coming out of your chest. There are a few other energies that are in there too, like energy that’s tied into your personality, human energy, and the energy of living things. All of these different energies are kind of squished together in a ball in your chest, and from there they’re leaking out of your body into the room. This is the energy you’re creating. Take some time to explore that. Feel your emotions and then try to feel the energy that’s inside of you. The emotion and the energy are very much tied together and at some levels are the same thing. So give into the emotion and let it overtake you and then try and feel it inside of you.

8. Building a Reference

The problem with exercise number seven is that when you try to feel the energy inside yourself, there’s only a few different kinds of energy you’re going to find. For most of us it’s going to be things like peace, calm, boredom, relaxation, ect. Once you’ve gotten to the point that you can feel that energy inside of you you’re ready to start trying out exercise seven, which is about exploring new and different kinds of energy that occur inside of you.

To do number eight you need to wait until you have some sort of emotion. It can be any emotion. You could think something’s hilarious, or you could be really excited or happy about something, or you could be very sad or angry. It doesn’t really matter what the emotion is, but the stronger the emotion is the better. Also you’re going to try to hold on to that emotion as long as you can. So don’t try to calm yourself or relax yourself, just focus on holding the emotion.

The first time you do this you’re going to want to hold that emotion long enough to get yourself to your sitting place, undress, and close your eyes.

From there just repeat what you did with exercise number six. Let the emotion overtake you and try to see if you can feel out the energy and explore it.

As you get more and more used to doing this you should need less help in order to do it. After a while you should be able to do it while still dressed, and then wherever you might be. You’ll just need to close your eyes and feel the energy out, and after a while you won’t even have to close your eyes. This of course will make easier and easier and more convenient to do. After a while you’ll be able to feel out any emotional energy as it occurs.

9. Feeling Out Places

The energy of a place is determined by a lot of different variables. It depends on the people in the place, their particular emotions and personalities, the fung shue of the place (how energy does or doesn’t move through it), the location of the place, what’s around it, what purpose the place serves, and if there are any altars or if anyone is performing magical rituals there.

There are a lot of different factors and so each place is more or less unique. This exercise is about feeling out the energy of different places.

It’s more difficult to feel out the energy of familiar places because you’re used to them. The most difficult place to feel energy is going to be your bedroom, especially if you sleep alone. A bedroom that you sleep in alone, barring some special circumstance (like very active altars), is going to be almost entirely made up of your own energy. It’s going to feel an awful lot like you. It’s like touching someone’s forehead to see if they have a fever when you have a fever.

So we’re going to concentrate this exercise on unfamiliar places. Pretty much public places you’ve never been to or the homes of people the first time you’re invited in. You can also try this exercise in places you’ve only been a handful of times.

When you first walk into a new place take a moment to figure out what it feels like. Close your eyes if you have to, and if you have to take a deep breath and imagine you’re breathing in the incense. And then come up with a few words to describe how the room feels. If you happen to carry around a small pad of paper and a pen and can jot those words down, that’s great. Otherwise you’ll just have to try to remember them.

Whatever you do, don’t over think this and don’t try real hard to do this right. Only spend a couple of seconds, at most, figuring out what the room feels like. Go with your first instincts and leave it at that. If you do decide to spend a lot of time really delving into the energy of the room and figuring out what it feels like, second guessing yourself the whole way,  you’re going to come up with the wrong answer. If you went with your first instinct you might’ve had the right answer, but if you’re over thinking this you’ll never get the right one. Secondly you’re going to completely ruin the exercise and it isn’t going to do you any good.

The exercise is not about being right or getting this perfect. It’s about getting used to sensing the energy around you when you walk into a room, and eventually that will lead into being able to identify it correctly. But for now this is more about being able to feel it than correctly identify it.

Once you have your words to describe the energy, look at them and see if you might’ve come up with any of them for reasons that have nothing to do with the energy of the place. There are really two things you have to watch out for. The first are impressions that are tied into your sensory input. The second are preconceived notions about the place.

a. Sensory input – This is when you come up with an impression about the room not because of the energy of the room but because of something you saw, or heard, or felt, or smelled. Some of these are universal among people and fairly easy to figure out. For instance a lot of people will walk into the bedroom of a teenager who is into death metal and come out saying that it is a dark and evil place full of the energies of powerful satanic magics. In reality nine times out of ten that bedroom is going to be full of angsty horny teenage-esque energy and maybe a bit of negativity from the death metal with little, if any, magical power behind it. There’s just some dark and weird and maybe even Satanic death metal imagery through out the room and that, not the energy, is what the person is picking up on.

Some are a lot more unique and harder to pinpoint though. For instance, when I was a kid my parents didn’t drink coffee, nor did anyone I knew except my grandparents. My grandparents drank cheap Folgers coffee in the morning and I would stay with them in the summer time. Now whenever I smell freshly brewed cheap coffee it reminds me of my grandparents and also happy summer mornings from my childhood. I have to be careful with something like that because those feelings and impressions I get have nothing to do with energy, it’s just that my brain has been trained to associate certain things with the smell of instant coffee.

b. Preconceived notions – Sometimes we think a place feels a certain way because we expect it to feel that way. For instance if you go into the home of someone you know, you might expect their home to feel a certain way because of the way you feel about that person.

You have to be careful of this one though, because sometimes your preconceived notions are right. A lot of times this is true of places that are commercial, or where a specific thing is done inside of them all of the time. Whatever is being done in the place is effecting the energy, so places that serve a similar purpose often times have similar energies.

One example I can come up with are Catholic churches. I’ve been in a lot of Catholic churches. I was raised Catholic. Most of those churches have a very specific energy to them. The best way I can describe it is that it’s a churchy kind of energy, because of course it’s an energy I’ve been conditioned to associate with a church. It would be very easy for me, especially when I was new to energy manipulation, to think that there was no specific energy to Catholic churches. That instead I’m entering these churches thinking there should be a specific ‘churchy’ feeling to it because it’s a church and I expect it to have that energy. That isn’t the case though, and I can sense energy well enough to know that isn’t the case.

For the record not all Catholic churches have that energy. I was actually surprised to find some that didn’t have it at all. The one in Sedona, Arizona is a good example of a church that doesn’t have that energy. It’s also a very weird and atypical Catholic church for a lot of different reasons.

10. Make Mine Music

When you create something, you leave a small creationary energy imprint in it. There is a creationary imprint in this post. If you leave me a comment, you will leave a creationary imprint in that comment.

Now if you create something that you’re emotionally tied to, or if you’re very emotional when you create something, that imprint becomes a lot larger. Because of this artistic works, like books and poems and songs, tend to have very big energy imprints.

For this exercise we’re going to try to tap one of those imprints, an imprint in a song. So the first thing you need to do is pick out a song. I suggest finding a song that you like, and better yet one you already feel a connection to. Try and stay away from songs that have major shifts partway through. For the purpose of this exercise, at least when you’re starting out, pick a song that is consistent through out. Also you’re going to want to put the song on repeat. Many songs are only two or three minutes long, and although that should be more than enough time, the first few times you do this it might take you a bit longer than that. Lastly when you do this try to focus on a single aspect of the song. Most people when they hear a song focus on the lyrical part of the song, so that’s probably going to be the best part to focus on. However I do know that some musicians completely ignore the lyrical part of a song when they hear it and instead focus on a specific instrument. Whatever’s easiest for you to focus on focus on that, just make it a single thing.

What you’re going for here is you’re trying to feel the energy imprint of the song, to feel the emotions the artist tied into it.

To do that go back to your sitting place. Turn on your music, take off your clothes, sit down, close your eyes, and listen. By this point you should have the drill down.

The first thing you want to do is, with your eyes closed, visualize the song as having form. First mentally create the room you’re sitting in in your head as best you can. Don’t forget to create yourself in the spot you’re sitting in. Now somewhere in the room there’s the speaker that this music is coming from. That is going to be the source of the song, where it starts. But from there it’s going to move through different parts of the room, and at some point it has to at least come close to you, because you can hear it.

Now what does this song look like, what exactly are you visualizing? I can’t tell you that. You have to figure out, in your head, if a song had a form what would it look like? What do you think a song looks like? Some people might say a string of notes and others a dancing cloud of sound. It can be something very weird or something sick and twisted. I don’t know how your mind works or how you associate formless things.

Once you have your song though you now need to take it into you. The best way to practice is to imagine, in your visualization, an imaginary hand coming out of your chest, reaching to the song, grabbing part of it, and then pulling it into your chest.

If you can’t do that, if that’s too difficult, you can use the incense trick again. You can imagine the song being like a cloud of smoke from the incense. And then you can take a deep breath and breathe it into your chest.

Either way once you get it inside of you then you can feel the energy tied into that song. This is a little bit different than normal energy though. This energy came from a person, and it has a direct tie to that person. Not only does it have a bit of the emotion they were feeling when they wrote the song and even a bit of their life energy, it also has information about their destiny, their spiritual path, their personality, and their past. Every single aspect of their life and who they are is, in part, hidden somewhere in that energy. Also wherever they are right now, that energy is tied into them. It is a link to them, a way to find them, and a way to get to them magically.

11. The Singing Exercise

This is a lot like exercise ten, except once you finish, sit there and sing the song. Sing it as loud as you can. If you want you can stand up, and you can even dance a bit.

As you’re doing this, you’re putting energy into this little performance of yours just like the original artist did. Of course hopefully your performance isn’t being recorded by someone. And as you sing you’re projecting outward. So what’s happening as you sing is that you’re creating a relatively large amount of energy (relative to what you normally create) inside of you and then you’re spewing it out.

So what you want to do as you’re singing is see if you can sense the energy pouring out of you. If you can take some time to watch what it’s doing and see how it’s leaving you.

Oh, and to do this exercise you really need to get into the singing and just let yourself go with it. If you do it shyly or half-assed it won’t work.

If you try some or all of these exercises, and you feel okay talking about it, please post about your results. If you’re having trouble with part of it or there’s something you don’t understand, I’d be more than happy to help. Also, for future articles and possible revisions of this one, I’d like to know how well people understand these exercises and how much success they’re having with them. Finally if anyone knows a PC term for sitting Indian style, please post it. It just seems like there’d be a PC term for that by now.


33 Responses to Energy Manipulation: Part 1

  1. Holy crap, what a post. I love how easy most of this is to integrate into a daily schedule; definitely going to use some of these alongside my other work.

    • Rob says:

      Thank you.

      Energy manipulation is like a muscle. The more you use it the stronger it develops. So having simple exercises that are either easy to do or easy to adapt into a person’s daily routine is really essential so that a person will both stick with it and practice it often and consistently enough for it to have an effect.

      Also energy awareness and manipulation are skills that most magicians use all of the time in their day to day lives. It’s not something that is restricted just to spiritual activities like casting spells or seeking spiritual attainment. So it’s important that any exercises also try to get a person used to using energy manipulation all of the time and integrating it into all aspects of their life.

  2. Rhiannon says:

    Interesting exercises – I can see I’ll be trying some of them out.

    I’ve always called that posture ‘sitting cross-legged’, a phrase which seems more common in Britain than ‘sitting Indian style’.

    • Rob says:

      Thank you.

      I thought about ‘sitting cross-legged’ and I might even of heard it called that before. But I didn’t want to confuse anyone because I also think that’s what they call the way girls are supposed to sit when they wear a dress or skirt.

  3. Alex Ku says:

    The more i read your blog, the more it blows my mind.

    I’m a learning jazz musician, and for years i’ve been trying to bridge music and magic -of course, i haven’t succeeded yet because i’m not a magician; i hadn’t done any actual magickal practice at all till this year.

    So, it’s going to be so fun when i reach the last two exercises! :) Also, they’re going to be really helpful for transcribing soloes! In fact, the process is awfully akin to solo transcribing; is that a coincidence? Well- it’s not; what i meant is did you have that in mind when you wrote the exercises? Just for curiosity.

    [For the record, and having nothing to do with this post: I’ve sent you an email sometime around the middle of October, asking for advice on something. You may remember or may not. If you don’t, nevermind. If you do: Looking back, what i asked you seems now impatient, childish and out of place. I apologise, and i ask you to kindly not take it into acount]

    • Rob says:

      Thank you.

      I don’t have much in terms of musical aptitude and the only real experience I have with performing are a few drunken nights spent in karaoke bars and playing Rock Band. I never even heard the term solo transcribing before and I’m not really sure what it is.

      I don’t think I received your email unless it was sent under a different name. If I didn’t reply to your email I didn’t get it since I’ve already replied to everything that was sent to me last month. I even checked my email and there was nothing in there I missed.

      • Alex Ku says:

        Sorry; i should not have asumed “solo transcribing” was a well-known term (or even that it is correct english, anyway; but i think it is).

        Jazz is quite unwritable, mostly (but not only) because of freestyle -Neat post, that “Freestyle Magick” one, by the way :)

        Beacuse of this, one of the main methods to learn the language is listening to the records and learning them (mostly the soloes) by ear.

        The method i’ve been told is, firstly, listening to the song over and over, until you can almost exactly reproduce it in your head. Then, you have to sing along with it, mimicking its intent. When you can do that, you pick your instrument and start translating the solo into it. So, i don’t know… Probably we’ve all been doing your last two energy manipulation exercises at some unconscious level. Or if we haven’t, we should.

        About that email, i did sent it under a different name. I had just discovered your blog, and i had just start following your advice about introspection and shield destroying. I found a deeply rooted fetish which i believed could be a weakness from a magickal point of view. I didn’t know what to make of it and i started getting anxious, so i wrote to you to ask for advice.

        I recall begin kind of nervous as i wrote it, because i didn’t really know if what i was asking you was appropiate or not, so i told you to answer it only if you felt like. I just asumed you didn’t. If you received it and did answer, i didn’t receive it. If that’s the case and you still have your answer, can you resend it to me? If not, nevermind; i’ll just go determinist and asume i didn’t get the answer because i wasn’t meant to.

  4. Hieronimo says:

    I’m having trouble finding time to be skyclad, but tho’ I’ve just begun I’m loving these exercises. I’m looking forward to the possible part two and I hope you’re able and willing someday to get around to it. Awesome article.


  5. Stonewolf says:

    Hi Rob,
    I love your blog and I’ve been following a lot of your excellent advice on magick and energy manipulation. Sensing energy is not much of a problem for me. I’m at the point where I’m trying to find ways to move a lot of my own energy all at once. I’ve found two methods, the first being my “regular” method, and the second being one I just theorized last week that could possibly move more energy through my body at once.

    The first method I like to call the water method. It feels as though my arms and hands are hollow tubes with water running and trickling through them. I stimulate this “water” flow mentally and with breathing. This energy can be tainted with any emotion or feeling I want. I’ve made people feel intense pain and sickness just by touching them, I’ve used it to heal, but I usually use it to bring my girlfriend to orgasm without touching any part of her body except her arm or leg or whatever non obvious part. It’s basically a combination of breathing, emotional intent, and mentally directing the flow through my arms and out my hands. I’ve also done this same thing with my eyes but I have less practice with that.

    The second method I just thought of and haven’t had much practice with it, so I wanted to get your opinion. This method is very similar to my first method, but it takes more concentration cause I have to bring on the state of elevated blood pressure, or the feeling of panic, like if you are falling, or really excited, or you’re about to start trembling. It’s similar to a fight or flight response but without the actual fear, just the heightened energy. It feels almost like electricity. I can feel that when I use method #1, the energy more or less comes from the heart and/or solar plexus chakras. This method feels like it comes from the root or naval chakras or both. But anyhow, once I have that racing feeling built up, the theory is that I can taint it with any emotion or feeling just like the first method, then channel it through my arms and out my hands to affect people or charge talismans. One key difference is that it does NOT feel like water at all, it feels more like air and it moves much faster than energy from method #1.

    My main questions are:
    1. What is your opinion or understanding of what I’m talking about? cause I’m not sure what to think about at this point.
    2. If these are indeed more advanced ways of using elements as a sort of energy vessel for energy manipulation, coming from certain chakras, can this same thing be done with any of the chakras? If heart chakra is water, and naval is air, then what would the third eye and crown chakras feel like if I figured out how to move energy from them in a similar way?
    3. How would it possible to increase your own energy output enough to move physical objects (telekinesis) instead of just influence peoples’ emotions and nervous system?

    I thank you very much for your work and dedication to this blog and teaching others the secrets you’ve discovered over many years of hard work and study.

    • Rob says:

      Is this feeling coming from your navel or is it coming from somewhere lower, like at or directly above your genitals in the pelvic area (around your root chakra, not your naval chakra). The pelvic area is a normal and common place to produce and manipulate energy, especially certain kinds of energy, mainly sexual energy. What you described is how most people would go about raising sexual energy. Also your description sounds vaguely orgasmatic.

      You can use any of your body’s chakras to produce, pull in, push out, change, or otherwise manipulate energy. Not just the seven chakras either. Those are just the seven biggest chakras. There are many more smaller chakras through out you body. For example there’s a chakra right below your palm near your wrist and this (well these two since you have two) is a chakra a lot of people use to push out energy. It’s the Spider-Man method to energy manipulation since a lot of people first flip their hand upside down and then they look like Spider-Man shooting a web. There are also smaller chakras at the tip of your fingers and other people prefer to use these to push out energy. This is more common among people who prefer to directly touch a person they’re trying to affect with energy. That’s just a couple of examples though, there are a lot more.

      As for telekenisis you’re going about it wrong. You can have all of the energy in the world and you still won’t move anything. Energy isn’t matter. When you direct it at an object it isn’t applying any force. You’re probably assuming it should work like blowing air at a thing. You blow enough air at an object, you’ll push the object. Energy will never push though. It’s just going to move right through the object then keep going. You need to figure out how to give the energy mass in order to move the object.

      • Stonewolf says:

        thanks very much Rob. As for the naval/root area where the energy comes from, as far as I can tell it’s probably both, or one or the other. I got the idea for it from this video

        This guys says that to create electricity from the body, you have to join the yin and the yang, and he points to what I figure are the naval and root chakras. After some more experimentation I found that this method (my #2 method) does in fact move energy significantly faster and perhaps more intensely, but not to the point where I can electrocute people.

        That is some excellent information about using any of the body’s chakras to manipulate energy, that answers a lot of questions.

        On giving mass to energy for moving objects, I’m still a bit fuzzy on that. I’ve seen videos of people moving non metallic objects supposedly with their mind, and I’ve done it in the astral state while dreaming, (pushing buttons on a TV remote, carrying off a cellphone, etc.) But as far as being awake and moving something right in front of me, it seems nearly impossible, any pointers?

        I did have one theory that I’m currently trying to work with. Would it work to move solid matter with the mind/energy if you visualize an energy hand coming from your body, transfer energy to it so your awareness of it increases, then imagine moving it to touch the object you want to move, and do your best to force the feeling sensation as if you were actually feeling it with your real hand? Thanks again for all your help.

        • Rob says:

          I’ve met people who could do the electricity trick before, but not with consistent results. It’s a very difficult thing to pull off. The people I’ve known who could do it figured it out after studying martial arts for years and years, and the way I saw it used was to shock someone when you hit them. The only thing I can get from all of this is that you’ll probably have more success researching Eastern spirituality over Western in figuring this out, as anyone I’ve even heard of being able to do it has studied some kind of Eastern spirituality or philosophy.

          I really don’t know if your exercise will work or not. I think it’s ultimately going to come down to how your brain is wired. I know most people spend a lot of time trying to do telekenisis by pushing things with energy, which unless you have some natural affinity in the way you handle energy will never work, because energy doesn’t have the physical properties to push anything. If you get it to work, it actually takes a lot of energy for a small effect and it takes a lot out of you. I’d suggest starting with very small things that weigh almost nothing, like paper, because even if you do get it to work it’s very hard to get enough power behind it to move any kind of object.

          If you just want to move something you can do the pendulum trick. This works best with crystal, but you should be able to make it work with any kind of gemstone. Hold the pendulum in one hand and wait for it to come to a stop. Take your other hand and place it underneath the pendulum. Push energy up from your hand into the pendulum and it should start to move. If you do it often enough you can even make it move in specific directions or shapes. That’s not really telekenisis though because the pendulum is designed to move off of slight vibrations and the crystal or other gemstone and even metal to a degree will slightly vibrate when energy passes through it.

  6. Goga says:

    hi rob,

    i’ve been recently performing on a stage in front of a full crowd of people —- even though i didn’t feel nervous, my body started trembling; i simply couldn’t control the energy running through it; do you have any suggestions about this? can that ‘nervous’ energy be channeled somehow properly so that it is not in the way?
    thanks a lot:)

    • Rob says:

      You can box up the energy inside of yourself, which is not a good idea and I really don’t recommend it. You can convert the energy to a different kind of energy. Or you can ground out, which is pretty much taking the energy and pushing it all into the ground, which is how most people are taught to deal with energy that they can’t handle, but that doesn’t work to well if you’re the one producing the energy.

      Really though it sounds like more of a psychological problem than an energy problem to me. It sounds like you have some sort of performance anxiety problem. You could have an issue with energy production where you’re producing more energy than normal which is causing even small emotions to be greatly exagerrated. If you’re doing very serious energy manipulation work or meditation work that might cause an over-production of energy. Otherwise the only time you’re really going to see an over-production of energy manifest is going to be in teenagers. It seems to be tied into puberty, starting around the same time as puberty and becoming progressively worse as time goes on.

      Spiritually speaking your best course of action is probably meditation. That will help with being calm and getting focused, it’ll also help you manipulate energy some which you probably also want to work with so that you can ground out and convert energy easier. You could also look into enchanting a piece of jewelry or something to help balance you out on stage.

      If it’s a psychological issue though you really have to tackle it from a psychological perspective, because anything you do spiritually is just going to help mask the underlying problem and not solve it. If you do have an over-production of energy, this problem would still specifically be psychological in nature.

      • Goga says:

        hmmm — i do not think it is psychological — i am very spontaneous, public speaker —- no stage frights —–
        but i am spiritual — been working for a while on mind traps — now i feel myself completely submerged in some type of energy field — which grew more refined/subtle as time went by —- in the flow of the now — perhaps it is just my body expressing some leftovers of nervous energy — liberating itself further — not sure —- just witnessing —thanks for your response though —:)

        • Rob says:

          Is it just a bunch of energy you’re feeling or do you actually feel nervous?

          Have you tried a simple shower cleansing yet just to pull everything off of yourself and start anew?

          And by mind trap do you mean you’re burying stuff in your head so your subconscious will do it later?

  7. Goga says:

    the body acts as if it is nervous, trembling but there is no ‘i’ inside to claim the nervousness — i do not feel nervous — or perhaps i does not feel nervous :D

    mind works – includes subconsciousness of course – however, most of the mind/thinking = not being conscious and present in the moment, your focus gets really narrow and you identify solely with your thoughts — i operate 90% in the now —

  8. Alex Ku says:

    Hi again!

    I’ve been thinking about that “blending music and magick” i’ve told you about in my last comment… And i’m pretty sure i’ve been doing it all wrong.

    I’ve been trying to develop music and magick sepparately till i reach some basic proficiency on magick before actually trying to blend them. And what has been happenning is the two disciplines are constantly drawing time and attention from the other, so i’m making little progress on any. I’m going slow at magick, and while i’ve been studying music my whole life, i’ve been kind of stagnant since i got started paying attention to magick (which was, by the way, due to reading Crowley’s “Book Four” by reccomendation of Tool’s drummer Danny Carey on their blog)

    So i’m willing to try focusing on learning magick (mainly energy manipulation) through music; turn music into my magick tool from now on. But while i’ve come across a lot of literature about magick, i haven’t found any system (or teacher) that works on magick from the perspective of music or viceversa, so probably i will have to make my own way. Which will be cool, but i’m not sure how to start to make the connection. Any tips? I play piano, mainly jazz, and i have some basic notions of how energy feels from practising tai chi, chi kung, reiki and a bit of tensegrity (it’s been hard for me to learn to feel it though… a lot of mental noise). Also, if you know of some book or blog or whatever which deals with this matter or can help me in any way, i’d be thankful to hear about it.

    Thank you for your attention, and thank you very much for what you’re doing with your blog.

    • Meg says:

      I’m in pretty much the same boat. The only book I’ve found (“Sacred Sounds”, by Ted Andrews) to explicitly deal with the subject focused on singing and storytelling, and the use of various tones to stimulate different chakras. Interesting, but not what I was hoping for. Music and magick seem so obviously related that it’s really surprising how little “research” there is into the intersection.

  9. Rob says:

    As for Ceremonial Magic, Paul Foster Case was a professional musician prior to getting involved with magic. Supposedly he was given a prophecy that he could continue with music and become a great musician, or he could instead turn towards magic and become one of the great spiritual teachers, although he would never be well remembered. He was part of the alpha et omega prior to being kicked out by Moina Mathers, after which he went on to found BOTA. I think he may have written something on notes and there uses in magic at one point, although I can’t be sure. A lot of Case’s material was never published, although secret BOTA info does show up on the Internet from time to time.

    You might also want to look into the Celtic bards. There was a Celtic belief that using words and rhymes in specific ways had magical effects.

    Beyond that I’ve seen some information in medieval books about magic and music, and there is a lot of stuff which involves using music (typically percussion instruments) to achieve trance states or empower spells.

    A lot of the modern work I’ve seen combining music and magic involves using magical languages and power words or spell incantations in songs to produce magical effects when the song is played. I’ve actually seen Enochian Magick used a lot in this regard.

    There are also a lot of magicians working on putting energy or specific thoughts and emotions into songs, sometimes with the specific intent of connecting the listener to the musician or to entirely different worlds and events that transpired there. Other times its done to aid meditation or astral travel or help the listener achieve a specific mood.

    It’s a niche subset of New Age and Goth music, and most of the musicians involved in the movement tend to be from Northern Europe. I really don’t know too many of the bands involved since I don’t listen to that kind of music. I only know about it because I have friends who like it or are involved with it. Within Temptation is a band a lot of them seem to like. I’ve listened to some of the music, and there is quite a bit of specific energy behind some of the songs.

    • Alex Ku says:

      Wow! Thank you!

      What i intend to do first is the second to last thing you told me; specifically learning to use energy to connect to the other musicians, and then the audience. I think i can do that with reiki. And then, it could be a great oportunity to learn to perceive better the flows of energy and to recognise the different energies that flow through.

      As for composition, that’s a lot of stuff to look up! Incidentally, i’ve also got some pretty neat ideas from studying for the World Music exam i’ve just came from right now. Seems like every music tradition in the world has grown from magic or hybridation with other traditions.

      This looks good, thank you very much! Let’s see how it turns out!

  10. Gatica says:

    Hello, Rob, I’ve posted here before *ages ago* and I’ve come back to your blog, I have a question for you… is there magic that one can see, that one can perceive, something so blatantly obvious even the most skeptic of skeptics would shut up? something like… I don’t know, making flame appear in thin air or something like that.
    I just want to know why all these ‘magic’ things are so vague, or criptic, that so many people believe in magic, and yet, no videos of someone doing something amazing (magic-wise) on camera, nothing of that sort, and my question is why? why do all these people claim to do magic but there’s always a catch of sorts.
    I’m sorry if I sound angry or don’t make much sense… I’m just.. I just want answers, none cryptic-philosophical answers, I want proof, sorry that I’m asking for it to someone who literally owes me nothing.
    Still, I hope you answer <3

    • Rob says:

      Only when the seeker seeks what is sought while seeking will they find what it is they seek :)

      Seriously though, what you’re talking about is a fool’s errand. Even if there was clear evidence, most skeptics would dismiss it before even looking at the evidence (I’ve seen it happen). There is always going to be some other possible explanation, and no matter how unlikely or unproven it is, that is what a skeptic will cling to. Skeptics also use logical fallacies (because 100 selected astrologers failed, astrology must be fantasy) and are even prone to making up evidence to suit their case (such as Randi’s evidence against Home’s later seances. Although the theory is plausible and maybe even likely, he claims to have seen physical evidence which most likely does not exist. Also, as another fallacy, because Home’s later seances may have been faked (and there is evidence to this effect), his earlier seances which were done differently and would have been much more difficult to fake must also have been fake).

      A few other things to consider. The kind of phenomena you’re talking about is possible but very difficult. A lot of people who spend a good deal of time practicing eventually manage it, but even then it’s usually on accident. There aren’t many people who can do it on command, and even then it will usually only work a very small amount of time (still if you can do something impossible even 1 out of 1000 times, that’s still pretty significant). People who can consistently achieve predetermined results more than half the time are extraordinarily rare.

      Also keep in mind that trying to do these acts under laboratory conditions, or in tandem with the prerequisites of an experiment, or even something as small as the lightning needed for video recording can seriously alter the success rate.

      Even then though there is always the possibility of fraud. Video recording has only been financially available to the general public for a short period of time. Meanwhile special effects were developed near the invention of film. In fact one of the early adopters of the film camera was a stage magician who saw the device as a tool for entirely new magic tricks. Every year special effects become easier and easier for amateur filmmakers, not to mention what a major studio is capable of. So even if I could show you video footage, it wouldn’t prove anything.

      Is there proof out there? Yes, there’s a lot. I’ve seen and even done the sorts of things you speak of. Some of us are lucky enough to have an experience (like say seeing a ghost) prior to even beginning to practice magic, so our faith is at least a little bit affirmed from the beginning. Not having that affirmation, it can be difficult in the beginning.

      And it’s really important that a person has some faith. On one hand doubt is going to work against you in anything you attempt magically. But it’s also important to truly have an open mind and honestly explore whatever experiences you have, and without that faith it’s very easy to be like the skeptics I talked about earlier, and write off everything as having some other sort of mundane explanation.

      A lot of times you may experience something spiritually that only lasts for a moment. And then you’re going to have a choice. You can either explore that experience and see where it takes you, or you tell yourself that you were mistaken and carry on with your life. And you might be mistaken, but if you don’t explore that experience you’ll never know what may have been there for you to find.

      I like to compare finding spirituality for us like falling down the rabbit hole. Through out our lives we’re each given many opportunities. From time to time we’re shown tiny glimpses of the spiritual world, and that glimpse is like the white rabbit. Most people see the rabbit but carry on with whatever they’re doing and don’t think much of it. Then there’s a second kind of person, and this person sees the rabbit then follows it, and ultimately they fall down the hole and end up in wonderland.

      If you practice magic constantly, if you approach it with an open mind, if you take big risks and you seriously push yourself as a magician, eventually you’ll see the sort of stuff you’re talking about. You’ll actually do some of that stuff yourself, and there is no better proof I can think of then you being the one to do these things.

      But it’s not something you can get from a videotape, and for the most part it’s not something someone else can show you, it’s something you have to find for yourself. And I think you’ll also find that most people don’t really care what you believe. I mean whether or not you think I’m for real, a fraud, or crazy really doesn’t matter and doesn’t effect my spiritual practice one bit.

      Ironically though, a few comments up Stonewolf posted a link to a video of a man that starts a piece of paper on fire with his hands. If you really must have video evidence, you can watch that one.

      • Natalie says:

        Thank you for responding, Rob, (and for pointing out the video, I find it funny how ironic it was.)

        I don’t want to get too personal here, cause I don’t want to bore you, but I used to be really into magic, believing the things I was told 100% to the point that I was almost like a cult member (I was young, hopeful and naive) and ended up getting hurt because of it… really hurt.

        I guess what I’m trying to say is I want to believe there are things out there that science can’t explain, that (as girly as this sounds) fairies exist, and that there’s energy and life we can’t see in nature (I’ve always had a very special feeling when I’m in nature, I’m happiest sitting under a tree).
        But at the same time I’m afraid of looking into these things, afraid that the need to have faith and believe will once again have me ending up being like a stupid unquestioning cult member, I just get frustrated thinking “How come this one person can have so many answers about something, and I’m so in the dark about it, so confused.”

        I guess I’m just saying that I want to be more in contact with spiritual things (without bringing bad stuff in) I’d like to see fairies… and things like that… but at the same time I’m really scared. Haha.

        I was wondering if you have any advice for how fucked up I am on the subject?
        I really love your blog posts, I’ll be reading a lot more into them now.

        • Rob says:

          On one hand we need to question some things. After all everything can’t be right. And we’re supposed to be seeking truth. Part of that is figuring out and exposing falsehoods. This can be something someone else has told us, or it can be something that we’ve come to believe on our own. Part of the difference of being a magician over other spiritual paths, regardless of what kind of magician you are, is that we’re supposed to have our beliefs affirmed and find proof for the spiritual truths rather than rely on pure faith.

          On the other hand doubt works against magical work. Usually you’ll need to be at least open to the possibility that something may happen for it to happen. When you decide that fairies don’t exist you make it very unlikely that you’ll ever meet one. In the same way the moment you come to the decision that flying on broomsticks isn’t real and is something of fantasy-fiction, you destined yourself to never know the simple joy of flying through the air on a broomstick.

          It’s a balancing act, and it’s a very find balance that we have to keep. There is a proper time to question things and there is a proper time to have faith. Unfortunately I can’t tell you how to do that because there aren’t any clear guidelines on doing it. Every situation is going to be different and unless the choice is obvious, it’s usually going to be close to the middle ground.

          In the end we all try to figure it out the best we can on a situation by situation basis, with the understanding that we will make lots of mistakes. Sometimes we’re too open and we end up believing something that we shouldn’t, that is wrong, for a very long time, and sometimes it even ends up hurting us somehow. Other times we doubt to much and our spiritual suffers because of it.

          What I can tell you is it’s best if you don’t follow someone else or look to someone else for answers. You should be going down the path you want or need to go, and finding the answers for yourself instead of relying on someone else. After all, no one is going to be as in tune with your spiritual path and know what’s best for you as you do.

          And no one has all the answers. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about the high priestess of a local Wiccan coven or the likes of Siddhartha Gautama or Jesus Christ. All of these people are just people who get scared, get heartbroken, doubt themselves, have insecurities, are prone to making mistakes, and are still trying to figure everything out just like everybody else. The only thing that makes them special is they may know a few more things and they might have some ability and power. The illusion that they’re anything more than that is just that, an illusion.

          There is no such thing as a spiritual master. No living person has figured everything out. This isn’t a place for people who have figured everything out.

          The supposed masters are just people who have figured out the simple tricks to appear as masters to others. It’s not really a deception, because that’s the role they have to play, and it is kind of a joke because any other master is going to know the reality of what they are and see the man behind the curtain, because they’re doing the exact same thing.

          And until you realize that you’ll always feel inferior, because the illusion of the spiritual master is unattainable. No one has ever managed to actually do that, even spiritual masters.

          Also keep in mind that whatever spiritual path you choose, it be something positive in your life. You should be able to easily come up with a list of good things that your spiritually provides you. Even if it’s something as simple as you enjoy doing it or it gives you comfort to know that there is more out there beyond this world. If that isn’t the case, or if your spirituality is doing more harm to you than good, something is wrong. Obviously whatever path you’re on is not the right path for you, and you should find something different.

  11. Tesla says:

    @Natalie—I hope my comments won’t prove intrusive: please disregard for any reason. —Faith, doubt and religion are major issues in my life right now. I don’t have an Answer, just my way of dealing, day by day: sometimes I’m capable of it. Warning: I personally don’t make a distinction between magic and results from religious techniques like prayer.

    “Suspension of disbelief” is close to what I’m trying to describe. Suspension as in holding something up in the air, undecided. The word “suspense” was once used to translate an idea of Stoic philosophers: if you don’t know the truth, don’t decide either way, leave it suspended and up in the air, for now. Maybe decide later, maybe never. For me, this works quite well (although given my impatience I have trouble making it real sometimes).

    An example: angels. I have a very troubled past and present re Christianity. But I needed help the other day, in a big way, was in no shape to do it myself, and used the technique of centering prayer with the name of the Archangel Michael, but embedded in the word was the notion of calling him to me. When I felt a presence or imagined I felt a presence, I asked him to help me, or if he was not the right angel or spirit or saint to send another, and then I meditated quietly. Before long, I was suddenly in the Astral, just bang, and was with the Archangel Gabriel, who was washing me with water, in a pool in an idyllic forest. I have some evidence I can make real-world use of the Astral, but I only opine that’s where I was this time. The points: I felt much better when the “vision” was done. “Gabriel” felt like a presence of pure love, and her beauty will linger in my mind. I had been terrified of angels: now I know there’s a possibility they’re, well, nice. I suspended all my beliefs and doubts and just did something. The emotional trouble was much better immediately, and next morning a physical back ailment was mostly healed.

    “Suspense” comes in again: were Michael and Gabriel “real”? if so, are they agents of an oppressive God or even of a false, demiurgic “god”? or … etc., etc. I don’t know. It worked, is all. Something happened. Something Gabriel-ish came when I needed help and I got the help. It’s possible the experience was a genuine but distant reflection of spiritual realities in my own Phenomenological Universe: when I learn to get to the Mental level or whatever, I hope for some Gnosis, not just hints and guesses and pictures in my mind. (If I get it, it’ll still be fragmentary, and true only for me, btw.) I got results: my mind was opened to more possibilities: I saw a pretty story: but I’m nearly as ignorant as before.

    Long story, sorry. —Not knowing is ok and doing is necessary, even in a state of ignorance and/or fear. For me, “suspense” or non-judgment or unknowing allows me to push on in the face of fear and ignorance and pain, etc. Last: for me “suspense” works with entities or realities not of Judaic or Christian or Hermetic cosmology: I wish to proselytize no one.


    • Natalie says:

      Thank you, Rob, and thank you, Tesla.
      When I was little I thought anything was possible until someone would sit me down and say “No, that is nor possible” It angers me that my minds been so easily corrupted by negative people, and I want to go back to not knowing… but being comfortable with being unsure, because like you’ve both said, there is nothing wrong with that.
      I want to go back to thinking anything I apply myself too is possible… I’m going to start trying to meditate (though I’ve never accomplished it before) I even remember an occasion when I was young and got lost, and what I thought to be my guardian angel told me the way home (It was weird, I could see everyone fine, as I was lost on the street at night, but this person or angel or whatever that told me my way home, he was right in front of me and yet I couldn’t make out his face… and I always thought he was my guardian angel, however silly that may sound)
      I’m at a really tough point in my life… and I feel like getting in touch with my spiritual self will help, I feel it in my bones, like it’s something I need to do, like you did.
      the past few months there’s been a weight on my shoulders and pressure in my head, an over all unneasy, unhappy feeling… and I know I want to meditate, or get in touch with something deeper, but even now I’m thinking “Why meditate? you wont be able to, you never have been able to.”
      Right now I’ll just be looking up meditation methods.. or maybe I should simply go and try what comes naturally… to be honest I’m nervous.

      • Tesla says:

        @Natalie—You can’t meditate wrong, or fail, except for not doing it. If you’ve ever paid attention to one, or one half, breath, you meditated. My only warning is that stuff from deep inside that might not feel good or even make sense will eventually come to consciousness. This usually doesn’t happen for several months or years. Then it goes away. If you’re feeling very low however mindfulness meditation or Zazen, e.g., can soon feel overwhelming. In that case, you might make or purchase prayer beads. Knots in a shoe lace even. Any prayer, mantra, name, words you like or ideals, will suffice. Some form of meditation will help you. Time outdoors, city or country, will help.

        As for the feelings you describe, they’re more familiar than I’d like. I didn’t get in touch with my spiritual roots really: I used them to get out of a bad situation. No permanent solutions, for me. I’m very much in what R. A. Wilson termed The Chapel Perilous: “Did that experience help me, or was it actually harmful? Was it a figment or reality?” One can live there and still be OK.

        Anything can be toughed out (maybe not The Poseidon Adventure or Snakes on a Plane, but almost anything). If you need someone to write to feel free to email me at I’m not saying I can help, but I can listen and maybe understand. And I’m not one percent the magician Rob is, you know. Peace.


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