Energy, Emotion, and Color: A Clarification

In my last post I discussed Color Theory, what it is, and how it relates to energy. I spoke a bit about the different colors and the energies they represent, and I specifically tied some of these colors and energies into the higher realms, including the heavenly or mental realms. It has been pointed out to me that again and again I’ve stated that energy is a physical manifestation that first appears in the physical realms, and it is absent in the heavenly realms. This is particularly true in a post I made not to long ago that dealt with the nature of energy in depth, The Law Of Attraction. My last post seems to contradict these earlier statements.

Sometimes I am wrong, and some the posts on this website contain contradictory information because I’m constantly growing, learning, and evolving, and sometimes things I thought were correct turn out not to be correct. However in this instance I am not wrong (at least not yet). There is no real contradiction, it’s just a matter of semantics and perspective. I don’t usually write my articles to be a cohesive system, rather I write them as independent articles or part of an independent series of articles. But it is my fault that I didn’t notice this earlier and that I didn’t take the time to better explain and clarify how everything fits together. For that I apologize.

As for the actual explanation, if you’ll remember in the Law of Attraction post I stated that energy doesn’t occur in the heavenly planes. However I also stated that energy was the byproduct of emotion, and that emotion does occur in higher planes than energy. The colors that are present in the heavenly planes are keyed into the emotions that are present there, not energy.

However energy does exist in the physical planes, the area where we are now. If we were to tap into one of the heavenly planes and open up access to its colors we would be accessing the emotions tied into those colors (not energy). But we are doing this from a physical plane and in the physical planes the natural byproduct of emotion is energy. And so when we tap into these emotions we naturally create energy in the physical planes as a byproduct.

Because of this many magicians, even ones who know better, refer to these energies as energies of the heavenly planes. In reality these energies only exist in the physical plane, however they are created by accessing the heavenly planes.

I hope this clears things up for anyone that may have been confused.

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