The Law of Attraction

The term Law of Attraction is unique to the New Thought movement, but the actual idea is present in nearly every form of magick, from overly complicated rituals taken out of medieval grimoires to the power of positive thinking. So what exactly does it mean, and how does it affect magical practice?

First off, I’m not a huge fan of the word law. Laws are a construct created for science (which consists of hypotheses, theories, and laws). Magic operates a bit differently than science. In fact its dismissal by science is due largely to the fact that it does not fit a model that is easily quantified by scientific methods. Magical practice consists of axioms, ideas, and theories, but never laws. In fact spiritual understanding is not completely objective and individual understanding tends to change over time. There really isn’t room for something as objectively stable and infallible as a law.

Even the Law of Attraction doesn’t work 100% of the time. It’s a sound theory, it’s been tested, it’s at the foundation of a lot of major magical theory, but it can be broken. There are subtle nuances that are very difficult to figure out and understand, and there can be unseen variables at work. If you’re trying to do something weird with the Law of Attraction, you may break it. Likewise it is not going to stand up against large amounts of external opposition.

So what does the law of attraction mean? There’s a much more popular saying among Ceremonial Magicians and Pagans that starts to sum it up, Like Attracts Like. There’s a corollary to that too, Dissimilar Things Repel.

The most basic understanding of the idea is that whatever we are we’ll tend to draw towards ourselves, while at the same time pushing away the things we are not. For example, if a person is a very violent person, that person will tend to draw other violent people into their life, and they’ll also draw violence into their life. Common sense will tell us that this is probably true. Likewise a violent person probably won’t have many, if any, pacifist friends. Once again, common sense tells us that this is true.

Now imagine two people in a physically abusive relationship. One person is the aggressive and violent abuser and the other is the passive victim. The basic idea of like attracts like that we just discussed would imply that this relationship cannot exist since these two people should naturally repel each other and not end up in a relationship together. Yet we know that these relationships do happen. In fact they are unfortunately a frequent occurrence.

Actually in this situation the Law of Attraction is working, and it’s working exactly as it’s supposed to. This is really just one of those subtle nuances. In fact it’s a really simple one.

First off, just because two things are alike doesn’t mean that those two things are the same. It just means that they’re similar. And although at a glance an aggressive and violent perpetrator of abuse seems like the exact opposite to a passive victim of abuse, when we look deeper we see they aren’t all that different.

Unfortunately, if enough people read this, some will probably answer yes to the following questions, but hopefully not many. Are you the type of person who, if you loved and cared for someone a great deal (enough to be in a committed long term relationship with them) would physically hurt and abuse that person (outside of sexual foreplay of course)? Would you remain in a relationship which did not bring you joy, but instead brought you fear and pain and shame because your partner physically abused you?

Some of you may have been in these relationships in the past and may understand why people would act like that, but I would suppose that anyone who isn’t in one of these relationships right now, and probably even some that are, would agree that neither of these people are acting in a way that makes logical sense. It doesn’t take a great leap of faith to suppose that both of these partners probably have deeper psychological issues and scars that were present before the abuse ever started.

And when we delve into the histories of people who come out of abusive relationships, there is usually a lot of negative emotions and psychological damage that has been done to them. It’s these negative emotions and this psychological damage that is similar, and so they move towards each other. If the only change either partner makes to themselves is to walk away from the relationship, both will only find themselves again in an abusive relationship in the future. They will move towards those kinds of people and situations, and those kinds of people and situations will move towards them.

Perpetrators of vile, selfish, and generally nasty things tend to have energy signatures that are in ways similar to the people who are traumatized by their acts. Granted they aren’t the same, but they’re similar enough that they move towards the same place.

Now let’s take a sidestep and talk about different worlds. When we talk about various worlds from a magical perspective we generally don’t mean traveling through outer space by starship (there are other blogs for that sort of thing). What we’re talking about would probably be best described as extra-dimensional travel in the realms of Fantasy and Science Fiction genres. Some magicians try to classify these worlds as alternate vibrations or as being made up of different energy combinations. As far as I’ve seen no one has figured out an exact explanation of what they are (and from what I know, all the explanations I’ve given so far are only sort of correct). The only way that I can describe it is to say that they are other places that are not this world.

These worlds are made up of various types of energies and emotions. There’s actually a range of energy and emotion that exists on each of these worlds and they all have median points that the ranges tend towards. A lot of worlds are very similar to each other, and we often times group these worlds together for classification. In fact there are many, many, many worlds out there, infinite worlds actually, and so anyone who has done serious work trying to map out the different areas of the spiritual multiverse tends to group worlds into fairly broad classifications.

Some of these worlds are heaven like realms. Everyone there exists in a state of perfect joy and bliss. And there are also realms that are hellish filled with all sorts of horrible things and people and emotions. The world your born on (in our case this planet) always seems like the exact median point between the positive and the negative. In actuality our planet is a bit more positive than negative, a bit more good than evil.

And different creatures incarnate on all of these worlds. When you die, you can actually reincarnate on to a different world. Most things reincarnate on whatever world they died on. Assuming this is not the case, you will probably incarnate on a world where you are at or near the median range of the emotional spectrum.

As I said, our world is actually a fairly good world as far as world’s go. It’s more positive than negative. Most people are more selfless than they are selfish, and the average person tends to have a predisposition to be a good person.

There are, however, people on this world who don’t fit this rule. We know there exist sociopathic serial killers who do horrific, nearly unimaginable acts for their own benefit with no thought of anyone but themselves. They actually do have a completely different emotional spectrum than most people. In the same way there’s the rare person who is completely selfless and is bound by the most highest of ideals. Although we’re more likely to applaud this good individual for their efforts and hold them in high esteem, their philosophies and understanding and emotional base are just as foreign to most of us as is the serial killer’s.

The reason why these people are here is because it is possible to incarnate on a world where you’re at one of the extreme ends of the spectrum. In order to incarnate on a world, you just have to be somewhere in the spectrum. There’s a limit to the amount of things at the extreme end of the spectrum that are allowed to incarnate there. It’s also rare that anything on the extreme end of the world’s spectrum will incarnate there.

There isn’t some doorman sitting at the stream of life deciding who can and cannot get in, only allowing a certain number of folks that don’t quite fit the image of the club. Rather the statements that there is a limit to how many (on the extreme end of the spectrum) can incarnate here and it’s rare that anything (on the extreme end of the spectrum) would incarnate here work in tandem. It’s a natural balance and everything always works out just right, and that’s because like attracts like, and dissimilar things repel.

And out of the 6 billion people we have here (not even including other species incarnate on this planet), there are very few serial killers. It’s a rare occurrences. The closer we get to the median emotional range though, the more people at that level which are incarnate here.

You can also travel out of this world through various means. There’s dreaming, astral projection, dream walking, shadow walking, and mental imaging to name a few methods. Once again though, where you can travel to is limited by your emotional range. As a general rule, you can not travel to any world which you could not incarnate on to.

You can however increase your emotional range, which will allow you to possibly travel to a wider variety of worlds while also allowing you access to a wider variety of energy. As you travel to worlds that are at the extreme end of your emotional range, it becomes more and more difficult to get there and sustain yourself there. It is even possible to push yourself slightly beyond the limits of your emotional range, although this is very difficult to sustain for any length of time.

Your emotions change frequently. A person who is trying to travel to another world, or in any way access another world, will generally drift towards a world that is in synch with their current emotional mood. Whatever you’re current mood, you’ll tend to go towards a world where that is the median of the emotional spectrum. People who are angry, afraid, or depressed, when trying to travel to or access other worlds, tend to go to some very bad places due to their mood.

In order to travel to a world, your a emotions need to be within the emotional spectrum of that world. As a general rule your emotions will tend to move towards the median of the spectrum of any world you visit or otherwise connect to.

This also means that if you connect into another world your emotions and energy will change to match the median of that world. Due to like attracting like, when you do this you will draw towards yourself people, things, and events which are associated with and in tune with that world.

This is actually a very old magical trick that is used by lots of different groups. If you can find a world or group of worlds that is associated with something you want and connect into that world (which is usually done through meditation, mental imaging, and channeling), you and what you want will naturally move towards each other in this world.

Say for instance you want to be wealthy. Your first step would be to find a world or place where abundance and wealth are the normal, average state. In other words at the median part of the emotional spectrum. Now you need to meditate about that world, think about that world, whatever. You just have to connect into it somehow and keep yourself connected into it.

Once you do that your energy, your emotions, and your attitude will change. As this happens you’ll notice that more opportunity for wealth and economic advancement starts presenting itself. Not only that, but because you’re connected into this other world your emotions and attitude will have shifted so that you will naturally act upon and exploit these opportunities.  So long as you sustain this connection you will move towards being a wealthy person, because like attracts like.

I’d like to take a step back and try to explain the term emotion, because I’ve been using it a lot along with terms like emotional spectrum and emotional range. A lot of people like to use the term energy to refer to these things. These worlds consist of various energies. I don’t do that because there are worlds where energy doesn’t exist at all. However emotion exists everywhere energy exists, and it exists in a many other places too. In fact emotion exists in almost every single part of the known multiverse. If you look at the Kabbalistic system, emotion exists everywhere in the Sepiroth and Qlippoth except for parts of Kether and Thamiuel.

If you’re experienced with energy work, you’ve more than likely noticed that energy and emotion seem to be tied together. A lot of energy is emotional energy. The type of energy a person gives off is related to the emotion that they’re feeling. Each different kind of emotion has a different kind of energy to it. A lot of people classify energy by the emotion it is attached to. There’s fear energy, anger energy, bliss energy, ect. And each of these energies are very different and distinct. An empath is a person who is very good at sensing the emotions of others through supernatural means. An empath is really just a person who is very sensitive to the energy around them and is able to both detect it, even if it is a small amount, and to identify it and which emotion it is attached to.

Many people get confused trying to figure out the connection between emotion and energy. It obviously exists. But at the same time there exist energy types which do not seem to be tied to emotions. There’s life energy and death energy for instance. Sex energy is another example. Some may counter that sex energy is really composed of various emotions such as lust, love, and horniness. But it’s not, sex energy is just really good at combining with other types of energy. So, for instance, when sex and lust energy are both present, they tend to come together and you get sex energy with a heavy tinge of lust in it.

The fact is that energies like life energy, death energy, and sex energy are actually all tied to various emotions too, just like any other type of energy. When we think these energies are not tied to emotions it’s because we believe in a very limited definition of what an emotion is.

I’m not saying that we should think of things like life, death, and sex as emotions. They’re not. But there are emotions which are attached to these things. And I don’t mean that when someone dies you feel sad or that when you’re dying you feel afraid. What I mean is that there are specific energies attached to both someone dying and someone who is dead. These energies are both classified as death energy, and they come from two different emotions which don’t have names.

I wrote a previous post on the elements a few weeks back and I go into great detail about the creation of the universe and what it entails. I’m not going to repeat all of that here, but if you’re really interested in understanding this concept, I suggest reading that article for a more in depth discussion.

The important part of that article though is that at the beginning of creation the first things that came into being were actions. As I explained in the article, the first actions were the actions of self-creation (Kether) and division (Thaumiel). In the beginning, this is all that exists. The next thing to come into existence are emotions. Emotions are the byproducts of actions. Every action begets an emotion. Every action causes an emotion to be created in its wake.

This may be a hard thing to grasp because when we think about actions we think about someone or something doing that action, and when we think about emotions we think about someone or something feeling those emotions. However actions and emotions exist prior to someones and somethings.

Now the things we feel inside of us, those are emotions. There are also emotions in this world that we don’t feel inside of us (like the one attached to death). And there are emotions which exist but don’t exist in this world.

Now when I say that an action begets an emotion I don’t mean like someone dies and then you feel sad. That person may have triggered an emotional response in you, but their death did not create the emotion of sadness. Sadness existed long before they died. It was caused by a different act. And so sadness became directly tied to this act that created it.

When the divine spark (Kether, the very first thing) created itself, passion was the emotion that was created as a byproduct. When the divine spark divided into two parts (it divided into Binah and Chokmah, and in doing so created Thaumiel, the first sphere of the Qlippoth), the emotion that was created was sorrow.

And so the first two emotions were passion and sorrow. All other emotions spring forth from these two. Kether is the beginning of the Sepiroth where heaven exists, where we exist, and a place which is generally described as positive and good. And the emotion created from Kether is passion.

Meanwhile Thaumiel is the beginning of the Qlippoth, a place that is generally described as negative and evil. The emotion created by the act of Thaumiel is sorrow.

The nature of the Sepiroth and the Qlippoth and the emotions which spring forth as a result of their initial acts of creation are not coincidental.

Now every time any act happens, a new and unique emotion is created as a result. Turning on your computer, reading this text, the thoughts going through your head because of it, all of these things are causing new emotions to be created. You perform thousands of acts a day which result in thousands of new emotions. None of these emotions are going to become the next big emotion though. Unless your farting causes the entire make up of the multiverse to be rearranged and totally redefines existence everywhere, don’t expect people to be feeling your new fart emotion on this world, let alone in multiple worlds across all existence.

I explained this in the post on the elements, that after the divine spark created itself and then divided itself, the multiverse ceased to actually create anything else. After that nothing is technically created. Everything that comes after is built with the things that already exist. In order to make new things, things which already exist can be combined together, they can be divided into separate parts, or there can be some combination of combining and dividing. But nothing actually new comes into existence.

When the multiverse was first starting out, there were only a handful of building blocks, like self-creation and the first division, to work with. So these were very important building blocks that got torn into their individual parts and built into a lot of different things. Sorrow is tied into the first division and passion is tied into self-creation, and so as self-creation and the first division got built into things, the emotions tied into them got tied into those things too. Emotions are things too, and so sometimes emotions are going to be directly built into things.

And so what ends up happening is certain emotions (the big ones) end up tied to and appearing in lots of different worlds and things. Emotional responses are also tied into the emotions associated with a particular thing.

For instance you feel sad when someone you love, or even someone who has just been a constant in your life, dies. Remember that sorrow is created as a result of the first division. When someone dies they leave you and you become separated from them. There’s a part of that first division built into the event of someone you love dying. In the same way if you write a book or paint a picture there is some part of self-creation in that act.

Your soul is made up of various parts too. It was built from existing parts just like everything else, including your physical body, a rock, geometry, and the event of someone you love dying. Various parts of your soul are tied to different emotions, even made up of them. The emotions you feel, your emotional responses, spring forth from your soul.

How emotions work is that when you come across something that in part consists of something tied to a specific emotion, if a part of your soul is also made up of something tied to that specific emotion, your soul immediately adapts (remember like attracts like) by placing an emphasis on the part of itself tied to that specific emotion, causing your soul to feel like that particular emotion, in other words producing that feeling that’s strongest in your chest.

Someone you love dying, the occurrence, consists of part of the first division, which is also part of your soul, and so when that event occurs your soul places an emphasis on that part of itself, that becomes the most important part for the moment, and as a result you feel sorrow.

And when you feel sorrow, your soul ends up being drawn towards Thaumiel, and all of the things that exist there, and all of the things that have been built with the various things there, and you’re being drawn towards all of the other things that are like Thaumiel. Because like attracts like.

But what does this have to do with energy?

Energy, in the metaphysical sense, is a physicality. It only exists in worlds of physical existence. Matter is another kind of physicality. These two physicalities are actually not all that much different. They’re really just slight variations on each other.

Energy is actually emotion given a physicality. Remember that emotion doesn’t physically exist on every world, only on physical worlds. But on physical worlds emotion manifests as energy. Your soul naturally gives off lots and lots of emotion, and thus energy, through out the day. The energy given off is based, in part, on your emotional state, which is tied to what part of your soul is currently the strongest. You also produce other energies, like life energy and sex energy, which are not emotional states, well not exactly. Typically these energies don’t emanate from your soul, but from your physical and astral bodies.

If you take energy into yourself, you’ll feel the attached emotion (this is what gives energy its specific feelings). If you take in an energy like life energy which is not tied to any part of your emotional range (in other words no part of your soul is made up of something tied to that emotion), then what you’re feeling is an emotion which is beyond your emotional range.

Not everyone’s soul is made up of the same stuff. Remember the serial killer mentioned earlier? I remember one time reading an account of a serial killer who raped, tortured, and mutilated an entire family, parents and young children, in horrible ways. I cannot even begin to describe how vile and putrid the acts (which weren’t even described all that graphically) were. Yet this person felt no disgust over what he was doing. He felt no compassion for these people. He felt no shame or guilt for his crimes. His soul is made up of different stuff than mine, and the emotions he can feel are different than mine. He is, after all, something that exists on the extreme end of this world’s emotional spectrum. However all things, in the multiverse, can feel the emotions of passion and sorrow (with the exception of Kether and Thaumiel, which can each only feel one of these emotions).

But all this doesn’t mean that we are limited by the current make-up of our soul. We can grow and change. Remember things can be combined and divided. We can add more parts to us, to our soul, so that we have a broader emotional range. Then we have access to new and different emotions, and also entirely new worlds. In the same way we can divide ourselves and eliminate parts of our emotional range. Why would anyone want to do that and limit themselves? By removing certain emotions we can change the median point of our emotional range, which in turn can make it easier to connect to, travel to, and reincarnate on different worlds.

Just as we can grow and evolve, so can worlds. If all of the people on this world grew and evolved and became happier more positive people, the energy and make up of this world would shift, and it would elevate itself to a higher plane of existence, the emotional spectrum for this world would change, and new people incarnating here would mostly fall near the median of the new spectrum.

Even if the change was temporary there would still be an effect. If, for instance, everyone in the world was completely happy for just one second, in that second the world would shift to a much higher plane of perfect happiness, and for that second the emotional spectrum would change. As soon as the moment passed the energy of this world would shift back and the world would fall down again. However during that second, everything which incarnated here would have a median emotional range meant for a world with perfect happiness. Although the birth of all creatures on this planet over the course of one second would not create enough new life to sustain this world in a plane of perfect happiness, it would be enough to raise this world a bit higher than it was.

But don’t be getting any lofty ideas of changing the world and making it better by having everyone think happy thoughts for a single second. You’ll never be able to make something like that occur, it would be a freak occurrence if it did actually happened. People here are designed to meet the median point on our current emotional spectrum, and so at any given time the average emotional state, taking the entire world into account, is most likely that median point. It’s very hard to get people to change that.

Also if you try to create an imbalance in one direction, it usually corrects itself by also creating an imbalance in the opposite direction. Look at 9-11. That was a national tragedy in one of the world’s largest nations. It was full of death and it inspired anger and sorrow and fear across the entire nation, and through out much of the world too no doubt. And it was man made. You would think something like this, affecting so many people in such a negative way, would cause this world to shift downward at least a bit.

But if you were watching the news, watching what was going on in New York, and even what was going on through out most of the country the balance was maintained. That event also inspired acts of heroism, charity, and selflessness. It inspired compassion and solidarity. Whenever tragedy occurs, it tends to bring out the very best qualities in people. In the end, everything balances and the world stays right where it is.

This isn’t to say world’s never change. They do. It’s usually a very long process of evolution and change, often times spanning many generations. It’s also something that really isn’t influenced by a single person, a group, and with rare exceptions even an entire generation.

Let’s get back to like attracting like, specifically the power of positive thinking and being the person you want to become!

So how does the power of positive thinking work. If you’re constantly thinking happy, good, positive thoughts, if that is your normal emotional state, then happy, good, and positive events will be drawn towards you and start occurring in your life. If, on the other hand, you’re constantly depressed or angry or afraid, then you’ll start attracting negative events into your life. That’s actually how it works, at least as far as the Law of Attraction is concerned.

Now if you’re constantly and positively thinking of succeeding at something or a particular event occurring, the Law of Attraction doesn’t necessarily say that event will occur. For instance I have a crush on Eliza Dushku. However constantly thinking about her or thinking about being in a relationship with her isn’t going to draw her to me and into a relationship with me, or even draw someone like her to me. That isn’t like attracting like. Eliza Dushku is not like me (thank god since if she had a penis that would really ruin the whole crush thing for me).

Now there are other magical theories, not the Law of Attraction, that say that constantly thinking about being in a relationship with Eliza Dushku might make it happen. These theories are beyond the scope of this (already long) article, but they do exist. It gets into theories surrounding manifestation magick, which at its most powerful level I could simply think about Eliza Dushku and have her appear next to me ready to be in a relationship with me. Manifestation magick at that level is insanely difficult, but possible. If it were easier I wouldn’t be writing this because I’d be too busy playing video games in a corvette as two, nay four, naked super models pleasured me in the most creative and obscene ways imaginable.

However looking at a picture of a girl you like, or the type of girl you like, and pushing energy towards it in order to bring her into your life or bring you into a relationship with her is a much simpler, and easier, form of manifestation magick, and far more prone to showing some kind of result. Especially when you combine it with other forms of magic (such as changing your mood to attract more positive things towards you) and more mundane methods (like reading a book on self-confidence to help you talk to girls).

There is also the idea of being what you want to become. For instance, say you want to be wealthy. So you find some rich people and you find out what they do. How do they live their life? What is their personality like? How much time do they spend doing what? What are their hobbies? How important is family to them? What kind of clothes do they wear? What television shows do they watch?

Then you start acting like them. Now you’re like a rich person. So all of the same things that are attracted to them, which are making them rich and sustaining their wealth, are now also being attracted to you. And so by acting like a rich person you will, after a bit of time, become a rich person yourself.

Even common sense tells us that this should happen at least some of the time. If you are following all the same methods and habits as a rich person, at least in some instances you will reproduce some of the same events which made them rich in the first place.

5 Responses to The Law of Attraction

  1. atmosphear says:

    I disagree with your above statement that “the 2 emotions do not have names.”

    These subtle shades of emotion related to death DO, in fact have names:

    Grief and dread!

  2. Rob says:

    I deleted the double post because I’m guessing you made a mistake and this is where you wanted the comment posted.

    I think you might be confusing your own emotional response to a specific energy with the energy itself. For instance, I know what dread energy feels like, and it’s very different from death energy. After all if that weren’t the case, you’d be prone to confusing someone who is in a state of dread as being an undead creature, since not only would they have that special taint of death on their energy, but you’d have more of it pouring out of them than anything else.

  3. atmosphear says:

    yeah it was an accidental double post. thx.

    I still stand by my statement though.

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