Immortality Magick

“No. Please no. Not after all this time. I mean a stupid accident. But I did okay, didn’t I? I mean I got, what, fifteen thousand years. That’s pretty good. Isn’t it? I lived a pretty long time.”
“You lived what anybody gets, Bernie. You got a lifetime. No more. No less.”
-From Sandman by Neil Gaiman

At this time I’m reluctant to post the actual rituals I used. I’m still too involved with what I did to fully understand it or what future consequences it still might bring. Moreso I’m fearful that someone may attempt this ritual, and then attempt to kill themselves to see if it works. While I can guarantee that if they did what I did they would survive it, I can make no guarantee of anyone’s competence with the rituals save for my own.

Likewise I usually don’t post personal accounts for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, I think they would be of little value or use to most people, especially if I provide the theoretical information and practical methods I used. Secondly I don’t want to brag. And lastly, I don’t want to sound like a crazy person, which I’m sure I would sound like. Unfortunately though I haven’t been able to analyze my personal experiences to the point where I can fully realize their meaning and convey the information in a generalized manner. So I have provided here some personal information to be used and analyzed as the reader wishes.

To begin, the original ritual I used I discovered by accident. I was attempting a ritual that would help me win the lottery, but I botched it (and was aware that I screwed up the ritual at the time). I believed that what I was manipulating would naturally fix itself if not correctly manipulated by me, but it didn’t. It was only recently that I realized the full impact of what I did and how to correct it. This is due in no small part to the information I gained from what I call the black grimoire and the aid of a mentoring spirit.

I can’t recall the exact timeline, but between the two rituals was a span of a couple of years. I cannot say for sure exactly how many times I should’ve died in that timespan. However there are two instances in which I know I should’ve died, and the only explanation for my survival is some sort of miracle. In neither case was I testing my mortality. That seems like a very stupid idea to me.

In the first instance I was shot, at close range, through the left side of my chest by a close friend and medium who had become possessed after a ritual. Based on the position of the wound I assume my heart was hit, and I was unable to move anything lower than my neck right after (whether this was because of the pain or blood loss or paralysis or something else I don’t know). I bled for a long time, received no medical attention, and after about a day of pain survived without even a scar to prove the bullet went into me. I know this makes me sound crazy and I’m already regretting writing this. However this is the abridged version of the events as best I can recall them.

In the second instance I was performing a spell and had created my own oil using herbs and burned it on a candle in a closed off room with little ventilation while I slept. I didn’t realize that one of the herbs I was burning was poisonous. My body shut down completely, I was no longer breathing (no idea about if my heart was beating), and it triggered a spontaneous NDE astral projection.

Is it still bragging about my magical accomplishments if they amount to a list of rituals I totally fucked up?

In the past I’ve noted that entities with longer lifespans often do as much or less with them than humans. Elves are a good example. Elves are typically portrayed as gay and frivolous in mythology. It’s because real elves don’t do shit. They jack around a lot. They live more than ten times longer than humans, on average, the majority of that is their adulthood, they spend about as much time raising children, and at their best they achieve, in terms of personal growth and development and their lifetime accomplishments, about as much as a typical human does. The same could be said of their civilizations culturally. As far as the development of art, science, spirituality, ect. it develops at about the same rate as a human civilization when measured in generations. Dragons are another example. They live even longer than elves and they’re far more driven. However it takes them a very long time to finish doing anything. It takes them a very long time to even contemplate or decide to do something.

I used to think this all came down to time management. Having a very minimal amount of time humans are very good at managing it efficiently. Creatures with longer lifespans tend to manage them very poorly and accomplish much less in the same time period.

I now have a new perspective and I realize it has nothing to do with time management, and it goes back to that Gaiman quote. All of us, elves, dragons, humans, whatever, will all achieve about the same amount in a single lifetime. Sure some will excel and some will be underachievers, but on average every species is the same. We all get the same amount of time for our personal growth and development, a lifetime. If you become immortal and live 5000 years you will have accomplished and grown no more than if you had died at the age of forty. In the end you got what anybody gets, one lifetime. Our true spiritual ages and growth cannot be defined in years or hours or moments, but only in lifetimes.

Things move in cycles. Each cycle has a beginning and an ending. After we finish one cycle, we begin a new cycle. Each cycle affords us opportunity for personal growth and expansion. Each new cycle is different than the one that came before it because we have grown and expanded, or if we have failed to do so then we repeat the same cycle over and over again.

There are many different kinds of cycles. We can be going through a long cycle, and inside that cycle there are many shorter cycles. We can also be going through multiple cycles at once.

The changing of the seasons is a cycle. The way the moon changes is a cycle. Life is a cycle that begins at birth and ends with death. As we move through that cycle we age and grow older. Lots of other things happen too, and we find many smaller cycles within the life cycle, and we grow as individuals. This is the cycle that concerns us because it controls our mortality.

Now there are two methods to immortality. We can control our movement backwards and forward through the cycle, and thus age ourselves prematurely or regain our youth at will, and so long as we never get to the very end of the cycle, we will never die. The other option is to remove ourselves from the cycle all together. We will then stop aging and live forever at whatever age we are.

Removing myself from the cycle is exactly what I did. With the perspective I gained I understand how to control the cycles too.

A friend of mine that was studying Comte de Saint Germain and other supposed immortals once told me that he believed the secret to immortality was loving your current life and living in the moment, since this seemed to be a trend he saw among certain legendary immortals. He was half right.

If you remove yourself from the cycle, you can no longer grow. Whatever situation you’re in is pretty much the situation you’ll be in for the rest of your immortal life. Some things may change. You might not always have the same job, but you’ll always have a job you enjoy as much as your current job and you’ll always be in the same financial situation you currently are. If you’re not in a relationship, you probably never will be in one, and if you are in a relationship, you might not be in that relationship but you will be in one like it for the rest of your immortal life. You’ll never spiritually grow into anything stronger than you are right now. Everything will stagnate.

Manipulating the cycle to change your age has a similar effect. Different periods of our life are defined by different levels of personal growth. When we manipulate a cycle to achieve a certain age, we ascend or descend to the level of personal growth that is defined by that age and we relive the situations and events that we experienced during that age.

For instance if you want to be eighteen again, know that you’ll also be working a job and making the kind of money that you did when you were eighteen. You’ll be in a relationship like you were when you were eighteen. You’ll have all the same problems and issues you had at eighteen.

Some of you might be thinking that if you could get back to a certain age, you could live it better and improve everything about your life. You can’t. If you fucked things up the first time you will fuck things up the second time and every other time you go back to that age.

The only benefit to immortality is if you love your life you can go on reliving the best parts over and over, or if your life is perfect you can stop it and remain there forever.

There are a couple of ways to cheat and change your situation even when you’re entirely outside the cycle.

The first cheat is that other divine actions that have precedence have to be carried out. You have to make an appeal to certain divine providences to remove yourself from the cycle. Normally events that fall under the providence of other deity’s cannot effect you since this would be overstepping divine boundaries. For instance death falls into the providence of several different deities, and you cannot die if you are no longer in the life cycle since this would be overstepping into the boundary of the deity that took you out of the cycle. If however a divine action has precedence, which is the case when the event started prior to removing yourself from the cycle, then the event must be allowed to continue even after being removed from the cycle, otherwise it would violation of another deity’s providence. For example if you had made a pact with a god so that certain events would occur prior to removing yourself from the cycle, these events would still occur.

The second cheat is that you can gain things if it is inevitable, you just can’t use them until you rejoin the cycle. This is especially true when you are set to gain things at a certain future point in time prior to removing yourself from the cycle (like an inheritance from a relative that will one day die). Removing yourself from the cycle won’t stop your relative from dying, and yet you can’t really receive the inherence being outside the cycle, but that isn’t recognized by the courts. Of course there is a chance you will lose the money, but you may get the money and just not be able to ever spend it for some reason.

For my own part, years prior to removing myself from the cycle I had sent a large piece of myself and my personal power away to attend to other business. When it finished it returned to me and I received a great deal of power. Although I had that power, and could feel it, I could make no practical use of it until I reinitiated the cycle

These are the cheats that I have found. I believe there may be another cheat, in regards to manipulating the cycle to change your age, and this may in fact be the great secret of immortality and how to use it.

Reinitiating the cycle has itself been an experience. I feel mortal again, and it’s a good feeling. When I initially removed myself from the cycle, I didn’t feel any great change. The change that occured was gradual enough that it went by almost unnoticed. But there was a change.

I felt the effects of the reinitiation immediately. The first thing I noticed was that life energy came into me and flowed through me. I lost this so gradually I didn’t even notice it was missing until it came back. As soon as I got that I felt a greater connection into the Earth, into all living things, into the movements of the universe. I can also sense and feel myself aging and growing older moment by moment. I couldn’t do this before and I seem much more sensitive to life energy. Whether this is a side effect of removing myself from the cycle, or if this is due to the power I gained going into effect the moment the cycle ended I cannot say. I also can’t say if this is a permanent sensitivity, or if I just feel it so strongly now because I’m not used to it. In a few months from now when I am used to it, I may not feel anything at all.

I also noticed that my life energy is not what it used to be. There’s a slight taint of decay on it. It’s death energy. Although for the most part the energy flowing through me is life energy, the energy of a living thing, there is also death energy not just mixed in, but like oozing off of the life energy (for lack of a better description), like I’m also a dead thing. Kind of like I should be dead but I’m alive. And I should be dead, I should’ve died at least twice already. As of yet I haven’t been able to control, change, or limit the death energy, at least not completely, and partly because it seems tied directly into my life essence. I can’t help but think that this exists for a reason, as a way to mark me as something that should be dead. Which makes me wonder if it’s meant as a target.

I’ve been drawing many spirits to myself lately, but the increased energy could be part of it, and the death energy I’m currently putting out is the sort of thing that tends to draw dead things to you. I also received omens in my dreams last night that I was being hunted. No idea how valid the information was, but it goes back to the theory of being marked with a target.

While writing this article up another strange side-effect became apparent. I killed a cockroach. First off I felt its spirit leave its body. I’ve felt that with people in the past and even animals, but never with something as small as a bug, granted I never even tried to sense a bug’s spirit leaving its body, but I also seemed super-sensitive to it happening. I also felt something else connected with its death that, to use a cliche, hit me like a ton of bricks. It knocked a lot of energy out of me for a few minutes, like I had just done some great magical feat. I’m not sure exactly what I felt. If it was its spirit leaving this world, or some other spirit or god come to claim it, or if I had made something concerned with death or the dead aware of me by killing something else. I could swear I felt the veil being broken though. The whole event is a swirl in my head and I wasn’t prepared for it. I’d have to experience it at least once more to get a handle on what actually happened.

Well that’s everything I have for now, except for some specific information on the rituals which I’m not sharing at this time. I also know how crazy all of this sounds, if I were reading this on the internet I would have a hard time believing it, so please don’t think I’m crazy for writing it. I have lots of other good articles on magic and spirituality, many of which are far more sane, to prove that I’m not crazy. Also I’m trying not to brag or place too much importance on myself. I mainly wanted to get the information up and available ASAP, and it’ll probably be months if not longer before I can view this all objectively without regard to my personal experiences. In the future I’ll try to leave my personal accounts out of the articles.

18 Responses to Immortality Magick

  1. Ron says:

    Well Rob, that’s a hell of a post. I’ll have to chew on this a bit and probably reread it some more. But I do have a question; with what firearm and ammunition were you shot with and at what range? And if I can offer one small piece of advice, do not test your immortality by having someone decapitate you with a sword :-).

    I have considered starting an intense sadhana using the Maha Mitrunjaya mantra to see what might happen. But boy, that would be a lot of work!

    Be well.

    • Rob says:

      I had never seen the firearm prior to it being brought out that night to shoot me (but I was aware that the person owned a handgun), and I didn’t bother to look at it after being shot, and at the time of the shooting I was a little distracted.

      After speaking with my friend (whose memory I have good reason to doubt) more than a year after the event, I believe that most likely I was shot with a .45 revolver. I assume that the ammunition inside of it was standard ammunition. I never actually measured the distance, but I’m positive the range was between 6 and 10 feet.

  2. Vivienne Grainger says:

    I don’t know that you should particularly strip your posts of your own experiences. And yes, I doubted you at first, but where with most posts of this kind, I not only click “Next,” I also click “Unsubscribe,” here I kept reading.

    I think it’s your own discomfort with “making a crazy post” that retained my interest. Had you written, “Yeah, I did this and I’m all powerful now, and immortal too, and did I tell ya I can last all night in the sack?” my reaction would have been, “So long, have a nice life, where’s that “Unsubscribe” button?”

    But that’s very different than the considered discussion on the pros and cons of achieving immortality, backed up with your own experience, which you shared with us.

    So yeah, I’m still subscribing, and looking forward to your next post.

    • Rob says:

      Thank you.

      I’ve seen personal accounts by others which I have gotten good information from. However I never felt as if I got anything out of it that I wouldn’t have gotten from an experienced individual who understood what happened explaining the ritual or magic and how it worked.

      Honestly I don’t know if it’s better to share my personal accounts or keep them to myself. I’ve always erred on the side of not posting my personal accounts (but that obviously isn’t a rule that I always follow). It’s because as I said I personally don’t think I got anything out of them I wouldn’t have gotten from reading the ritual and how it worked. I try to write posts that I would want to read if I was another practicing magician who didn’t already know the information.

      Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to leave you and partake on an epic journey to claim a frozen pizza and a two liter of soda from a nearby grocer. For the betterment of my housemates, who face imminent starvation, and the betterment of all humanity I’m risking my life on this quest, facing the possibility of deadly muggers, murderous biker gangs and drunken impaired drivers. Granted these occurrences are rare in my middle class neighborhood, but that doesn’t prevent them from occurring tonight, possibly due to some year round school’s low income busing program. Maybe chance will lead me to three, nay four, maidens of adequate physique to lay with me tonight, because even two members of the fairer sex would not possess enough stamina to begin to exhaust my carnal energies. Hopefully these women will be strong enough to withstand my awesome dark seed rushing through their inner anatomy, although the waves of powerful orgasms they’ll be experiencing at the same time won’t help the situation at all. Not. At. All. If I do not return from this selfless and most sacred of journeys tonight then fare thee well my friends. May the gods protect me, and have mercy on my dark and twisted soul.

  3. c.b says:

    Interesting read. I’ve actually always wanted to try moving my conciousness to the past, retaining all my future memory and experiences thus creating a similar kind of immortality.

    One of these days, one of the days…..

    • Rob says:

      Thank you.

      If you don’t mind me asking, have you figured out a method that would allow you to move your conciousness to any point in your past? The ideas I’ve been able to come up with are limited in how far back you can go.

      • c.b says:

        as of right now, i have no working models to present.

        i’ve been trying to lucid dream myself to instances where i still remember clearly but i foresee no changes in my in my immediate reality.

        modern time travel theory suggest that once we create an exception in the past, we just end up creating a branch off the main time-line (another reality). if my consciousness is still tied to this time-line/reality then i’d have no way of quantifying the results since it just branches off and i return to the main timeline. i just finished watching a BBC special on time travel and the energy and work to it as to make it close to a theorized working model was astounding.

        even with me, personally, something happened in my past that leaves me unsure whether i’m in the main time-line or a branched off time-line.

        to me, the theory & key for magickal time travel is ENERGY & ADVANCED PERCEPTION. a mage needs to be able to perceive TIME as an entity… an aquarium and that you’d be able to move through it freely.

        to physically time travel is much harder but i’m hoping to travel through time with your consciousness is easier since there is less calculations involved.

        i got one or two models but i’m not really investing much time on it.

        • Rob says:

          I wouldn’t put too much emphasis into branch theory. It is the logical conclusion to time travel theory and it solves several problems, but from my experience in practical use it doesn’t hold up.

          Of course if we assume time travel is possible and that the direction of time swings both ways, then we have to admit that there really is no difference between the past and the future, and that these two things are all a matter of perspective.

          That being the case, it stands to reason that the past can be changed in the same way the future can be changed. So now we have an ever changing timeline.

          As our example say today, 2010, you went back to 1810 and invented the television. The problem is we now have two different sets of events that occurred over the same 200 year period. We have Timeline A where television was invented in the early 20th century and Timeline B where it was invented in the early 19th century.

          Our normal instinct and perception of this event would be to say which came first and which came second. Timeline A occurred first, then it was changed to Timeline B which occurred second.

          The problem with this perception is time is no longer an objective standard. We’re now operating outside of time, or at least time as a constant. And so these things can not occur in any kind of order and one cannot occur first or second. B doesn’t come after A so B can’t supercede and erase the existence of A. After all, assuming you can go back to the past and the way things were, you should be able to timetravel from 2010 in Timeline B to a point after 1800 before you went back through time and changed everything.

          Yet we know that both timelines occur. The solution is that there are multiple timelines, that they branch off. In other words both Timeline A and B exist.

          We now have two timelines, but here’s where everything falls apart. Timeline A cannot exist past 2010. No matter what during 2010 you are going back into time and inventing television in 1810. Timeline A won’t carry on as if you never went back into time.

          There’s a huge hole in branch theory. I wouldn’t go so far as to say there is no truth to it, but there is a puzzle piece still missing which prevents us from fully understanding what is actually happening.

          And practical use of time travel magic affirms this. There are magicians out there time traveling and casting magic into the past, and the timeline does, at times, change because of this. At a certain level of awareness you can sometimes see the changes being made to the past by remembering bits and pieces of the past that was, although it isn’t the easiest trick.

          • c.b says:

            i might put in some more time with this project of mine, some of the stuff i’ve been working on is starting to clear up and i don’t really have any BIG projects in my plate right now so….. will read up some more on this.

  4. Natalie says:

    O_O Elves and Dragons are real? w…where are they? or do you mean in another plane of existence?
    I get childishly excited over creatures like elves and faries (as you may have noticed from past posts)
    Are all these creatures in different dimensions you can only access through Astral projection, or are things like.. Fairies something I could see by venturing out into the forest and wanting to see one?

    What about dragons? I’ve always said, if dragons existed they’d be my favorite animal…

    Still haven’t tried meditating (haven’t gone to bed since my last post.. I think I’m going to try lucid dreaming.. then astral projection.. baby steps)

    • Rob says:

      Elves, Fairies, and Dragons are real.

      Fae creatures usually have a spiritual form, meaning they can’t usually be seen, felt, or heard, but can be otherwise sensed. Under the right conditions though they can manifest. Usually these manifestations are small. They’ll be able to smack someone in the face or steal your candy or break your TV or something. I’ve seen them do full manifestations though where they can be seen and heard by anyone.

      If you keep a lot of fae in your house and you keep empowering them, and especially if you also have all sorts of energy around from magical work, they’ll start manifesting more and more. I don’t know if this is preferable for most people though, since most types of fae tend to cause mischief. Some, like Gnomes and Pixies, cause mischief while thinking they’re doing good. Others though know they’re causing mischief and continue to do so because it amuses them. There are a few types of fae that generally won’t cause mischief regardless, trolls come to mind, and there are also some that are truly dark fae and you really don’t want those things around your home because they usually enjoying harming and killing living things.

      Also if you keep fae in your house, generally they’ll start bringimg more fae into your house and also fae related creatures like tree spirits and boogie men.

      As for where to find fae creatures, they’re all over the place. Some types are regional and it’s rare to find them outside of certain places, but there are lots of kinds you can come across just about anywhere. A lot of them live in urban environments too. I actually think you’d have better luck finding a fae at an amusement park or in a mall rather than in the woods.

      I’ve seen a few spirit form dragons before, but they seem to be rare. For one thing they’re going to be really big. I got one in my house once and it took up the entire length of the house (which was pretty big) and still had to curl up to fit. They can however semi-incarnate in this world as something kind of like a human. They look almost human, but their appearance seems a little bit off, as does their personality. You’ll get like a crowd of people and they’ll just walk out of it. They’ll also walk into a crowd and completely disappear. I don’t know how they manage to incarnate like that, but it seems to be more or less unique to dragons.

      Dragons like to watch, and collect knowledge, and they also know how to get to different worlds. Dragons tend to be very long-winded, it takes them forever to do anything, and they’re pretty serious. They are in a lot of ways the exact opposite of fae, and the two really don’t mix well. Fae tend to screw with dragons because it’s fun and dragons tend to get really annoyed with them. In any case, if you keep fae around you your odds of meeting a dragon are decreased.

      It’s rare to find an elf, spiritual or otherwise. They don’t seem related to fae to me though. In fact they seem very human-like. They also tend to be lazy and do very little. I think most of the physical encounters were in Northern Europe, and all the ones I heard of were a long time ago so I wouldn’t know if there are any still left up there.

      The Elf worlds I’ve seen roaming around the astral though are all very cold and snowy places and the skies are usually darker. I’m guessing either these worlds are further away from the stars or have heavier atmospheres. Whatever the case may be, accounts of elves generally place them in colder climates and staying within shaded areas. It’s my guess that biologically they can’t handle hotter climates and direct sunlight probably burns them pretty quickly.

  5. Natalie says:

    Wow… I live in Costa Rica, though the climate really differs a lot from place to place, the coasts are hot and humid, and people thing Costa Rica is over all tropical, but there are places in my town that will make you think you’re in Washington state (minus the snow) Lots of pines… lot’s of mist, ice in the water, when I went up there I was surprised at how beautiful it was and how much it resembled up north.

    Bad fae, the ones that like “killing living things” do you mean like plants… or small animals (I have a cat, and would be devastated if because of something I did she got hurt) or can they kill humans?

    Also.. Tree spirits? that sounds quite pleasant… <3
    Boogie men however do not. What do Boogie men do?

    I'm sorry I'm interrogating you, basically. It's just very interesting, I always loved fairies since I was a child, I should do magic to bring them in? (And I had heard that about how there are good fae and bad fae..)
    Is it safe to assume basically anything mythical exists, in some form, in some dimension? Mermaids, pegasus, unicorns, etc…

    • Rob says:

      By killing living things I mean people and animals. Luckily dark fae aren’t very strong so they don’t pose too much of a threat. They’re usually pretty easy to deal with when they do attack. They also aren’t very common in most places.

      I really wouldn’t worry too much about your cat, especially in regard to fae. A lot of fae actually adore animals and would defend and protect your pet against any kind of attack. And if these fae were in your house, they wouldn’t allow the kind of fae that hurt animals in.

      Even if a dark fae does get into your house, it probably won’t have enough power to kill or seriously harm your cat unless you start empowering it for some reason. I know of one instance of a gang of them killing some strays, and they were only able to manifest as they did because someone cast a very powerful spell they shouldn’t have had that split open a nexus point and caused all sorts of chaos for several miles. Part of that chaos were all these little dark fae physically running around outside the house all night long.

      The worst I ever had to deal with was a group of about a half dozen fae that had mosquito like heads and wore white robes. I’ve been told these are actually common in the swamplands of the Southern US, but rarely seen outside of them. Anyways they got in my room while I slept and what they did felt like they were stuffing cotton or toilet paper in my mouth and then shoving it down my throat, suffocating me. I woke up almost immediately and when I did they were pretty easy to deal with. It took all six of them to put get enough power to do what they were doing, so all I did was push a few of them out of the room away from the rest. This broke their attack and pretty much left them powerless to attack me again.

      In my mind tree spirits don’t belong in the house, and so when they get in the house I suspect they’re up to no good.

      Boogie men are more silly then anything else. They claim that they eat people, but I don’t see them having enough power to hurt anyone in any way. They also aren’t very intelligent. Light hurts them, so they hide in shaded places like closets and under beds when you turn on the lights. The worst they can really do is scare very young children. Fae seem to like them and both are attracted to a lot of the same energies, although boogie men are a bit more rare. Just because you have fae in your house doesn’t mean you have a boogie man, but if you do have a boogie man it’s almost certain that you also have fae.

      Good and bad fae are a bit subjective. A lot of fae are labeled bad because they intentionally do things that annoy people for their own amusement. For instance if you leave a cup on the edge of a table, Brownies are likely to run up to it and push it off, most likely when you or someone else is near enough to it that whatever’s in it will get all over your clothes. The Brownie knows it’s wrong to push the cup, but at the same time I can’t really label that evil behavior. It’s just mischief.

      Mermaids are nasty creatures. According to Greek mythology, Pegasus is a god. I haven’t verified this, but I’d begin that one by trying to initiate divine communion with him and see if he is a god. There’s actually a really good public domain book that collects historical accounts of unicorns available online. After reading it I’m pretty sure that the creature described is more like a single horned rhinoceros than a horned horse. I actually find it quite plausible that not too long ago there was a rare single horned relative of the rhinoceros which is now extinct.

      • Natalie says:

        Not that I’m thinking of doing it (so no need to give details if it’s a spell or something) but how does one attract fae into their home?

        Also, it’s a bit of a saying here, that in houses were negative energy is predominant (families fight, argue, physical abuse, depression goes on, etc) that it attracts “negative spirits” In my predominantly catholic country they mean that it attracts demons, I was wondering if there is any truth in that, if in a negative house hold are creatures with not the best intentions attracted more to it? are DEMONS attracted to it?

        • Rob says:

          Fae like me, so when I run into them a lot of times they follow me home. That’s how I got the first three that were living with me. And once you have some in your house, they start attracting more. The more you have the more they seem to attract.

          Compatible energies in your home, fae altars, and altars to deities that are well liked by fae all help. If you had fae stuff in your home that would help too. Some people even try to give the fae offerings, but I wouldn’t do that because they’ll probably come to feel as if you owe it to them.

          The Catholic Church has a pretty wide definition of what it considers to be a demon. The majority of spirits and even deities are demons by Catholic definition. Even fae are considered demons.

          But yes, negative emotions are a factor in attracting negative spirits. But there are a lot of other factors at work and things to consider too. So it’s possible, but the likelihood is dependent on a few other different things.

          As for whether or not you’d get demons that really depends on your definition of the term. Generally speaking, the less powerful the spirit the more likely it would be attracted to the home just because of negative emotions. Of course the negative emotions could work in tandem with other factors, like say a botched seance, which could bring far more powerful spirits into the home.

  6. Ash says:

    Say a person was already dying would the ritual be able to prolong they’re life..

    • Scout Peninson says:

      Theoretically they could move their subconscious to a time in the past and then do the ritual in that time… but that is just by my knowledge I am still trying to wrap my head around thid

  7. Dunkan says:

    Rob, my wife and I have been searching for immortality for awhile . Both ex army vets, a lot of bad things have happened to us lost so many people we r all each other have. We are 27 and want to live long by each other’s side would you please message me with any help.

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