Getting Added to my Blogroll and RSS Feed News

No magick here, just blog news.

First off, I just found out what a feed was and how to use it. I’m now using a blog reader and this will hopefully help me keep up with my blogs better. I’ve also added the feed link in my sidebar, but firefox also has it in the bar too, so I don’t know if that will help anyone.

Secondly I’d like to talk about my blogroll and the blogs I read. If anyone has a blog they think should be listed there, send me a link. In fact, this post would be a good place to leave a comment about your blog. Especially give me a shout out if you’re linking to me, I usually like to return links.

I do have a few rules though surrounding the blogs I’ll link to. Pretty much I’m looking for blogs that are related to metaphysics, magick, and spirituality in anyway (regardless of specific belief systems or the exact focus of the blog). Blogs that at least sometimes have actual techniques, exercises, and rituals posted are of especial interest to me.

However from now on I am no longer linking to blogs which don’t have  a blogroll of their own (I don’t have to be on the blogroll, I just have to see it exists), and I urge other bloggers to do the same. I keep a blogroll as a service to my readers to inform them of sites I find interesting, and also to help promote those sites which I find interesting and think should have more readers. If a blog author doesn’t want to link to other blogs and support the spiritual/magical blogging community, that’s fine, but I don’t think they should be reaping the benefits of being part of the community.

Beyond that I won’t link to sites that are hateful towards any particular religion or race, to sites that only or usually post non-original material (be it other bloggers’ posts or public domain works), and to sites where the general tone is typically negative, angst-ridden, immature, or filled with self-pity.

I’m not too keen on Pagan or Magick news sites, although I do make exceptions (The Wild Hunt seems like an interesting site, and Augoeides is not only a good news site, but offers much more), mainly because I really don’t care about what’s going on. And I’m staying completely away from political sites. I’m not much into politics, and my political views lean quite a bit to the right in most cases, in stark contrast to the majority of the metaphysical community. Personal diaries of practitioners which are bereft any magical value really don’t interest me either.

Finally I definitely will not link to sites which are anti-magick, anti-spiritual, or anti-metaphysical. This includes Atheist sites, and a lot of the sites that deal with parapsychology, demonology, and ghost hunting. I will not link to commercial blogs that are designed only to sell a product (even if you pay me). If you are a sufficient dumb-ass, I also won’t link to you. Usually this is fine, but there’s a point where your dumb-assery will have a negative effect on me through association.

One other thing to note, I don’t add blogs when they are very new with only a few posts. From my experiences more often than not the blog ends up just being abandoned within a week or two of me adding it.

4 Responses to Getting Added to my Blogroll and RSS Feed News

  1. Gordon says:

    All valid criteria… Especially the political one.

    I link to you! Especially when you mix South Park with magic in a single post.

    But the blog is only a few months old. (Although I have been blogging for years.)

    So, what can I say? It’s a mixed bag, really. Your ultimate decision will not affect my reading habits with regards to your own blog. :)

  2. MelissaA says:

    Is there anyway you can set up your feed so people can subscribe through a reader? I really want to read through Google Reader… that lets everything come to me in one place. I can subscribe the way you have it set up, but it would be out there by its lonesome, and would likely get forgotten.

    • Rob says:

      In Google Reader click Add Subscription. A little box opens up. Just type Rob’s Magick Blog in there. It should give you a list of possible matches, and the first link should be to my blog.

      I think this is what you’re asking. Remember I just figured out what a feed was like three or four days ago after blogging for the last four years, so I could be completely mistaken. Hell, it’s a miracle every time I manage to make a post go up (and yes, there have been times when they didn’t go up). I also know that with the external programs I use I just have to drag and drop the URL from the feed page into the program.

      If I’m wrong then hopefully there’s someone out there a bit more tech savy that might want to offer advice about fixing the feed or how to add it to a reader.

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