Magick 101: Astral Projection and Out of Body Experiences: An FAQ

General Terms

What is Astral Projection?

Astral projection is the act of leaving your physical body and moving about in an astral or energy body. When you first begin astral projecting, it seems as if a part of you, your soul for lack of a better term, is leaving your body and moving about. In actuality though you simultaneously exist in multiple bodies, in two different bodies for our purposes here, your physical and astral body. Most of the time, while you’re awake, your consciousness is shifted to your physical body. When you astral project what you are actually doing is shifting your consciousness from your physical body to your astral body. You never actually leave your physical body. Your astral body is not something that exists within your physical body, although with most people the astral body typically follows around and occupies the same space as the physical body. This isn’t important information to know in order to project, although it does answer some other questions further down.

What is the difference between Astral Projection and Out of Body Experiences (OBE or OOBE)?

There is no difference. An Out of Body Experience is exactly the same as an astral projection. Astral projection and OBE are two terms for the same thing which developed among different groups. Astral projection is a more common terminology among Ceremonial Magicians and Neopagans, where as OBE is more common in the New Age and New Thought movements. The two terms are starting to become interchangeable among all groups.

What is a Near Death Experience (NDE)?

A near death experience refers to an out of body experience that is brought about by almost dying, or even achieving clinical death and then being resuscitated. The astral body can survive the physical body, and when your two bodies are tricked into believing you are dead, your astral body may just take off. Once you’re resuscitated you’re pulled back into your physical body.

Is a NDE a prerequisite for Astral Projection?

No. Astral projection can be achieved through nothing more than training and persistence. However some people who have experienced a NDE do report being able to astrally project afterwards, or find that astral projection comes very easily to them. Some believe that a NDE loosens the astral body from the physical body making projection easier. However the more likely reason is that having experienced astral projection once (via the NDE), subsequent experiences are easier to initiate.

What is a spontaneous projection?

Spontaneous projection is when you just astrally project without any effort or even wanting to astrally project. Spontaneous projections almost always occur while trying to go to sleep, while sleeping, during meditation, or as part of a NDE. Some people naturally experience spontaneous projections their entire life. The more you astrally project, the more likely it is that you’ll experience spontaneous projections.

What is lucid dreaming and how is it related to astral projection?

Lucid dreaming is when you are dreaming, and you know you are dreaming. Typically this gives you a great deal of control over the dream and your actions in it. You can actually train yourself in various ways to make lucid dreaming more common. A lot of the information dealing with astral projection deals with lucid dreaming. Both the confused mental state and recall difficulties that occur while dreaming occur in a similar way while astrally projecting. Also astrally projecting from a lucid dream is very easy to do.

What is dreamwalking?

Dreamwalking is the act of moving into another’s dream. There are methods to dreamwalk from both an astral projection and from a lucid dream state.


How do I astrally project?

Some people can very easily shift their consciousness and astrally project. We see a phenomena especially in certain children where astral projection is performed so seamlessly while awake that the child is unaware of any transition from a physical to a spiritual form.

Most people however need a technique, at least in order to get started astrally projecting. Every technique out there is based on the idea that our consciousness experiences a shift when we fall asleep and begin to dream, and this shift gives us a very short window in which we can astrally project. Most methods fall into one of two broad categories, projecting while awake and projecting while asleep. There is a third category, projecting from a meditative or trance state, although this is typically, at least initially, a spontaneous projection.

How do I astrally project while awake?

In order to astrally project while awake we need to get to the point right before falling sleep, and then push ourselves out of our body. Usually what is happening is that we are mentally awake and we forcefully calm our body down and force it to go to sleep (you will experience sleep paralysis while doing this, but you probably won’t notice it). Although our physical body goes to sleep, our astral body stays awake, which triggers the shift in consciousness, and we can very easily walk right out of our body.

In fact, you may already have astrally projected a little. Have you ever woken up and tried to go back to sleep, and as you’re laying there you get an itch on some part of your body, like your leg. You move your hand down and scratch the itch, but it doesn’t go away. You scratch and scratch and scratch, and still the itch persists. Finally you wake up, and realize that you were asleep and dreaming you were laying in your bed as you are now, eyes closed, scratching an itch, and that’s why the itch wouldn’t go away? If so, what happened is that you were astrally projecting your hand out of your body and using it to attempt to scratch the itch. If you would’ve rolled over just then, you would have had your first astral projection!

Remember that this is all a very technical explanation of what happens during an astral projection.

How do I astrally project while asleep and dreaming?

The second method of astral projection is to do it while dreaming. If you try to astrally project while dreaming, it will most likely succeed. If you practice your astral projection methods daily, even if you’re not successful, you will probably eventually dream that you’re doing your astral projection exercises, and they’ll work. People who exclusively use this method, however, are usually very good at initiating and controlling lucid dreams. If you are lucid dreaming, you can astrally project just by wanting to astrally project. If you can’t think of a way to do it, just mimic the methods you attempt while awake.

What is the difference between projecting while awake and projecting while dreaming?

There isn’t that much of a difference since both methods bring you to the same place. However if you project while awake you’ll generally have less confusion while astrally projecting and have better recall when you come back into your physical body. However people who frequently project while dreaming are also very good at lucid dreaming and dream recall, which in turn actually makes them more capable of remaining lucid and recalling their projection.

What method should I use to astrally project?

The best answer is whatever method works best for you. Do look around and explore various methods, but eventually you need to find a method or system you like and stick to it. If don’t see any success after several months move on to a different system, but at the same time practice your exercises daily and stick with the system for a while before giving up on it. More than anything astral projecting is just a matter of persistence and daily practice. A lot of the systems that are out there work so well because they provide structure and daily exercises which help keep you on track.

How does meditation relate to astral projection?

The meditative state is very conductive to astral projection. In the same way people can easily fall asleep during a deep meditation if they’re not careful, they can astrally project. Very few of the systems out there use meditation as a means to astrally project, although many steal techniques from meditation in order to relax the body while strengthening the mind. Most of the people who prefer to achieve projection through meditation first experienced a spontaneous projection and then worked to forcefully recreate the event.


What are the mental planes/heavenly realms?

These refer to higher planes where matter and energy cease to exist and everything exists as thought and emotion. These planes are known for being full of information and also being very happy places that are wonderful to be in. The colors here tend to be very bright and varied, and colors exist that are beyond the normal physical spectrum. If you do make it to these realms, you are no longer astrally projecting. Your astral body can not access these realms. You need to shift consciousness into a third body you simultaneously inhabit, your mental body (or your holy guardian angel in some systems).

What is the ethereal plane?

The ethereal plane is an idea that has popped up in some systems of astral projection and it refers to an astral projection that is very close to the physical plane of existence. During this type of projection your astral body is very nearly physical, it is in sync with physical time, and it can peer into the physical realm and notice events that are happening, possibly even physically move things if you’re really good. However the term ethereal plane is not used in every system, and it’s not even a very common term, and so a lot of people may not understand what you’re talking about when you use it.

What is the difference between the ethereal planes and the astral planes?

People who use the term ethereal plane tend to use it to refer to any near physical projection, and they use the term astral plane to refer to projections where either you’re close enough to the physical plane to see the same or a similar geography, although you don’t notice events that are happening and you may or may not be in sync with physical time, or to refer to projections that are so far removed from the physical plane that the geography bears no resemblance to actual geography. Technically though all of the projections listed above are astral projections and occur on the astral planes. Furthermore very few people use the term ethereal plane and most would refer to everything as being an astral projection.

What are the lower realms?

The lower realms typically refer to the realms that exist below the astral realms, although it is sometimes used to refer to realms that exist below even higher realms, such as the mental plane. In the first case the lower realms consists of several different areas (including the land of the dead and the shadowlands), and these areas are generally marked by bland and dark colors and depending on where you go they can be unpleasant to visit.

If your dreams are generally bright and/or full of color you are connected into the astral realms or higher while you’re dreaming. If, however, your dreams are dark, typically filled with black, lighter shades of black, and shades of gray, then you’re probably connected into the lower realms while you dream.

General Questions

How long will it take me to learn to astrally project?

It depends on how well you take to it. There are lots of variables that can make it easier or more difficult to learn how to project. A lot of systems claim they can teach you how to project in 30, 60, or 90 days. That is a bit of a gimmick. Even if they do make good on a money back guarantee, what those systems really mean is that most people will be able to project within that time frame, enough for the system to be successful. However there is a minority of people who will need much longer to project. These types of systems can actually be detrimental to these people, because when they don’t achieve success in the time they should they feel discouraged and may give up or lose faith in astral projection.

The important thing is to remain persistence and work at astral projection every day until you get it. If you suffer from insomnia, if you smoke, if your diet is heavy in caffeine, if you have high blood pressure, if you are a hyper person, if you have lots of sex or masturbate frequently, all of these things can make it more difficult to project. However even if you have all of these problems, you can still astrally project.

What does an Astral Projection feel like?

Awesome! The first thing you’ll notice when you astrally project is that you seem to revert back to a truer version of yourself. A lot of the environmental problems that plague us go away, as does a lot of the stress and anxiety we deal with in our day to day life. Gone too are a lot of the biological factors such as clinical depression and hormonal problems (post pubescent  horniness). You’ll feel more like your true self than you ever have.

Secondly you’ll notice that it may be somewhat similar to a dream state. There is a bit of confusion to start. What you want and what you want to do while in your physical body may not be the same as what you want and what you want to do in your astral body. This goes back to what I talked about before, becoming more like your true self. For instance, in my physical body I may want to seek out some key piece of spiritual information or I may want to find something that can tell me what the lotto numbers are going to be tomorrow. But in my astral body I find I’m more than amused hanging out in my bedroom doing back flips, because the fact that I can astrally back flip is fucking cool!

Also expect there to be some issues with recall. The transition from one state of consciousness to another makes it difficult to carry information. Generally you’ll have a much better recall of astral projections than what you do from dreaming, but still expect to have problems remembering things. When you start going higher than the astral planes you’re actually shifting through multiple bodies. For instance to get to the mental planes you need to shift into your astral body and then shift into your mental body, and you need to go through the same process to get back. Each shift comes with recall problems, ending with a lot of holes in your memory once you get back into your physical body.

More than likely an astral projection will feel different and distinct. It really is not quite like anything else. Sometimes they are close enough to dreams that a person can get them confused. Most of the time though you’ll know that you are most definitely projecting right now because of the way you feel and the way it feels.

What should I expect from my first astral experience?

Expect it to be short. Most people don’t project for very long their first time. If it lasts more than a few minutes, consider yourself very lucky. Also expect to remain in your bedroom or where ever it is your body is resting. It takes some time for most people to get to the point where they will leave their room, and longer still to get to the point where they will leave their house. Also expect your first time out to be very, well, physical. Its possible to astrally project very calmly and gently to where you don’t even feel a transition. Most people don’t experience this their first few times. What they do experience is violent shaking and shooting out at high speeds, very much like an amusement park ride, or even getting stuck halfway in and out and struggling to free themselves.

Can something else possess my body while I’m away from it?

No. Well, at least not unless you give it permission to, the same way you’d have to give it permission to possess you while you aren’t astrally projecting. This fear that something may take over your body goes back to the belief discussed earlier that your astral body is leaving your physical body behind. This isn’t the case. You are still inside your physical body when you astrally project. All that happens is you shift your consciousness and awareness over to your astral body.

What if I get lost and can’t find my body?

This will never happen. You are more connected to your physical body than just about anything else in the universe. You will always be able to find it and travel to it just by thinking about it. Furthermore when the projection ends you will be pulled back into your physical body wherever you are.

Will I always be able to get back into my body?

No. You can get stuck outside your body for short periods of time. Sometimes you may be able to forcefully end an astral projection, but this won’t always be the case. Sometimes you just have to wait for an astral projection to end. Don’t worry about it though. They never last all that long.

What is a silver cord and do I have one?

The silver cord was a metaphorical idea created by some people as a way to explain the fact that your astral and physical bodies are always connected, and so you’ll never get lost or have something else take over your physical body. However some people have taken this metaphor to be a literal silver cord that connects the two bodies, and because on the astral planes thoughts tend to manifest, when they look for this cord while projecting they find it. It is just a metaphor however, based on the erroneous idea that the astral body leaves the physical body no less, and there is no actual cord, unless you imagine it there in which case it appears.

Can I be hurt while astrally projecting?

Yes. Things can hurt you. You can feel pain. What’s more, some people have reported being injured while astrally projecting and then noticing these same injuries on their physical body. Remember the two bodies are always connected. With most people though, the injuries tend to manifest at the point where they shift back into their physical body. Which means if you magically heal yourself before the projection ends, you won’t be injured when you awake. Also usually the injuries you sustain to your astral body will not injure your physical body as badly. For instance being stabbed in the stomach may translate physically into a minor cut which barely breaks the skin and a little bit of pain there for the first few hours after the projection.

Can I die while astrally projecting?

Yes. Your astral body can be killed. If this happens, your astral body will cease to exist, there will be no connection between your mental and physical bodies, and your physical body will die.

Why do so many people say you can’t be hurt or killed?

Some probably believe this. For several reasons though, it’s probably better that you think you can’t be hurt or killed when you first start projecting. A lot of what happens on the astral plane is dependent upon thought and belief. It’s much more difficult to hurt or kill you if you think that these things can’t happen (although it is not impossible). Also when you try to astral project you need to not be afraid or scared. Fear will get your heart pumping and wake you up, a state that isn’t conductive to projection. If you manage to project while full of fear, you’re probably either going to draw yourself down into the lower planes or attract something to yourself that wants to hurt you, neither of which are good things to experience when you’re first starting out.

What if I meet a spirit while astrally projecting?

You may come across something while astrally projecting. This may be a ghost, an ascended spirit, or something that is normally non-incarnate (like a fae spirit for instance). Unless you do a lot of magical work where you sleep or you’re very good at meditating or you have strong innate psychic abilities, or someone sleeping in your home does or projects frequently, you probably will not come across any spirits in your first few astral projections. It’s something that you probably don’t have to worry about.

If you do come across a spirit, it’s probably not going to be a bad thing. More than 90% of the time, regardless if the spirit is malicious or not, the spirit probably will not even care about you and will leave you alone if you don’t bother it. Most things will be friendly if you approach them. If something does attack you, fight back. You can punch it or throw fireballs or a hundred other things when you’re astrally projecting.

If you’re just starting to astrally project, the amount of power you have magically is going to be relatively weak. The things you need to be afraid of aren’t going to bother with you because you aren’t strong enough for them to care yet. The things that will attack you tend to be weaker things which are easy enough to deal with. As you progress down your magical path and become stronger then maybe the big things will come out to fight you, but by then you’ll hopefully be strong enough to deal with them.

What if I meet another projector while astrally projecting?

Unless someone who lives with you is astrally projecting or trying to astral project, the odds of this happening are super slim. The one exception is if you’re doing a lot of magical work and have a lot of energy in your home it may act as a beacon and draw someone there.

Granted once you get better at astrally projecting you may be able to find your friends and loved ones while you both are projecting.

Is astral projection a substitute for sleep?

Yes and no. A lot of systems recommend against astrally projecting when you’re supposed to be sleeping. Most people however astral project instead of sleeping. Your physical body is going to get some rest while you’re astrally projecting. However you will not get as much rest as you would from actually sleeping and dreaming. If you normally spend eight hours sleeping, you’re probably not going to spend the entire eight hours astrally projecting.

Look at it this way, sometimes you don’t get as much sleep as you would like to. Maybe you decided to stay up late to watch a movie or because you got a new video game you wanted to play. Now instead of eight hours of sleep you only got five. You’re still going to be able to go to work and function. You’ll get through your day. But you may be a bit more tired. Most of us do this sort of stuff all the time, and we get by. For most people astral projection is just another thing that keeps them from a full night’s sleep.

Can I have sex while astrally projecting?

Yes. There are a lot of sexual things you can do, including everything you can do in your physical body and quite a few things you can’t.

How does magic work while astrally projecting?

Very well. While astrally projecting you’ll notice that things tend to manifest by thinking about them or concentrating on them. Rules concerning space, distance, and matter are fuzzy on the astral planes, and how these things operate has a lot to do with how we believe they operate. You can fly or teleport across the world just by thinking you can. You can also move energy much easier, and you can shoot fireballs from your hand without much practice. If you actually perform a magical ritual there, you’ll notice it will tend to be much more successful and you’ll see results much more quickly, probably instantaneously. Mostly though you’ll probably find yourself using psionic magic, where you think something and it manifests. All of these things are going to come much more naturally to you, and you’ll better understand how to do them, once you get out in your astral body.

Will my astral body look like me?

Most likely it will look something like you. Your astral body doesn’t have a set form. It can actually look like whatever you want it to look like. Most people, when they astrally project, look more or less like their physical selves. We can’t really see our own faces or most of our body though, outside of looking in a mirror, so we may not get everything right. We may also imagine ourselves a bit younger than we really are, or if we’ve recently lost or put on some weight it may not be reflected in our astral body. Those of us with positive body images may actually look a little bit more attractive in our astral form (those wrinkles will go away, those muscles will be more defined), where as those of us with negative body images may look less attractive (we may be as fat as we feel, or as old as we feel). Sometimes people may get mismatched. It’s not all that uncommon to see someone astrally projecting with the body they had at eighteen, and the face they had at fifty. Also little details, like the lines on your palm and the small gap between your front teeth may not translate well onto the astral. A very detailed astral body usually points to a person that is very self-aware and very strong magically.

As you astral project you will learn how to change your astral body into other forms. For a handful of people this comes naturally. It’s not too uncommon to have someone very adept at turning into a spirit animal or changing their astral body to that of a past life. In fact a handful of people will astrally project out like this the first time they astrally project. But this is very uncommon.

Will my astral body be naked when I astrally project?

It might be.

A lot of people don’t even take a second to see if they are wearing clothes when they astrally project. Most people, when they do look, find that they are wearing clothes (you can however take these clothes off, and then you would be naked). Most of us are used to wearing clothes most of the time, and so when we project, naturally our astral bodies are dressed.

If you happen to be very comfortable in your own skin, and if you actually spend a lot of time doing things naked, there’s a much higher chance that you’ll astrally project naked. If you’re naked when you astrally project it might increase your chances of projecting out naked a little bit, but there’s still a very good chance you’ll project out clothed.

If you’re really that uncomfortable about being naked that you’re afraid you’ll project out naked and someone or something else out there might see you, the odds are very much in favor of you not projecting out naked. If you do, I wouldn’t be that concerned about it. What you meet out there probably won’t care if you’re naked or not (it might not even understand the concept of clothes), and you’ll probably never meet it again anyways.

Can I move my physical body while astrally projecting?

Yes you actually can. It’s a very difficult trick, but remember that you simultaneously exist in both bodies at once, you don’t actually leave your body, so you still have the ability to physically control your muscles. Concentrate on moving muscles while astrally projecting and you should be able to do it. It will feel a lot like trying to move your muscles while in a state of sleep paralysis.

I would actually recommend practicing moving your physical body while projecting every once in a while. It’s a trick that seems useless most of the time, but I swear that if you know how to do this, at some point in your life (especially if you practice magick) you’ll be in a situation where this trick saves your ass.

So like, if astral projection is real, why isn’t it being used by government intelligence agencies / corporate spies / ect.?

Who says it isn’t.

Actually it’s very difficult to use astral projection for intelligence gathering. Remember when you astrally project, you tend to suffer from some confusion and your personality changes. It’s very hard to get your astral body to go and do what your physical body wants it to. If you do get past that hurdle, you then have a problem with recall. When you get that vital piece of intelligence, there’s no guarantee that you’ll remember it when the projection ends. Finally there’s no guarantee that you’re seeing an actual event. You can astrally project and see an event as it is happening. You can also astrally project to an entirely imaginary world that looks just like our own and see an event that happens there. You can astrally project to a parallel world very close to our own and see an event that happens there that doesn’t happen in our world. You can even create an event on the astral plane because you expect it to happen or believe it should happen, and then confuse that with the event physically occurring.

Of course all of these problems can be dealt with. You can train yourself so that there is less of a difference between what your physical body and astral body want. You can train yourself so you have real good recall. You can train yourself so you have a heightened awareness and, at least most of the time, you know where you are astrally and exactly what you’re looking at. People who reach that state are adepts and spiritual masters. Usually when people achieve that level of spiritual attainment, the politics of nations and corporate espionage are petty things that they aren’t all that concerned with anymore.

What is Remote Viewing and how is it related to astral projection?

Remote viewing is when you see a place or event that is happening presently and is happening somewhere other than where you are.

Remember how we said that we simultaneously exist in our astral and physical bodies and when we astrally project we are just shifting consciousness from one body to another and not actually leaving our body? Remember how we also said that when we astrally project we can still move our physical body, albeit with some difficulty, because we still inhabit that body? Remote viewing is just a further extension of this theory.

With most people their astral body follows them around and exists in the same place as their physical body. It doesn’t have to though. It could be on the other side of the world, and it wouldn’t make a difference. In much the same way that we can make our physical body move while astrally projecting, we can make our astral body do things while we’re physically awake. With remote viewing what we want our astral body to do is see something. It’s actually possible for us to look through the eyes of our astral body while completely awake.

Just because we can do these things though doesn’t mean they’re easy things to do. Making your astral body appear in a specific location or having it track down a specific person or item while you’re in a physical state of consciousness is hard. Looking through your astral eyes in that state is also hard. To some people it may come naturally. For most people though it will take a lot of practice and training to achieve just a little bit of success, and that little bit of success may be exhausting to come by. Of course over time, and with enough practice, it will get easier.

Side Effects

Why can’t I remember my projection all that well?

As was discussed earlier, it’s hard to take memories when shifting from one body to another. It is usually easier to remember your projections than it is to remember your dreams. However the same techniques that people use to train themselves to have better dream recall can be used to have better projection recall, and people that are good at remembering their dreams tend to be good at remembering their projections.

Help! I’ve been hurt while astrally projecting!

Once again, as was discussed earlier, it happens. Once you shift back into your physical body there isn’t much you can do about it besides taking an aspirin and dealing with the pain. When you do get hurt astrally projecting however, try to heal yourself magically. Focus and concentrate on healing yourself and like anything else on the astral it should work. If it doesn’t fully heal you, healing yourself prior to returning to your physical body should at least mitigate some of the damage.

What is sleep paralysis and how do I deal with it?

Sleep paralysis is a medically recognized state in which your mind is fully awake yet your body remains in a state of near paralysis as if you were still asleep. While in this state you may be able to move some muscles, although with great difficulty. There are a lot of factors that can cause sleep paralysis, one being astral projection.

If you try to astrally project either from a waking state or from meditation your body will go into a state of sleep paralysis just prior to the projection, although you probably won’t even notice it. If you do find yourself in a state of sleep paralysis, you may be able to easily astrally project out. When coming back from an astral projection you may find yourself in a state of sleep paralysis and this is when it’s going to become a problem. Some astral projectors may never experience sleep paralysis. It would be very rare to experience it every time you astrally projected. However most astral projectors will come back into a state of sleep paralysis at some point in their life.

For most people, when they find themselves in a state of sleep paralysis, their first reaction is to try to fully wake themselves up. This is a very stressful and difficult process, and the fact that they don’t immediately succeed can cause them to panic. If you’ve experienced sleep paralysis in the past, finding yourself in that state can cause a lot of anxiety and make you panic even more. Doing this you’ll eventually get yourself awake, but this is a very stressful and unnecessary process.

When you find yourself in a state of sleep paralysis don’t panic and don’t get anxious. You want to come out of your sleep paralysis slowly and calmly like you’re coming out of a state of deep meditation. Don’t try to wake yourself up and don’t try to move your muscles. Instead relax. You’ll notice that you are breathing. You can’t control your breathing yet, but you will be aware that it’s happening. Focus on your breathing. Pay attention to it. Notice the tempo. Notice how deep or shallow your breaths are. Just focus on it and pay attention to it. You’ll notice after a time that you start to gain some control over your breathing. You can make it shorter or longer. Deep breaths and shallow breaths. Calmly play with your breathing a bit. After a time slowly and calmly try to move some muscles. If you doing well moving your muscles, start moving some more. Open your eyes and sit up, you’re now awake.

I spent a lot of time explaining it, but in reality the whole process will take maybe one or two minutes. You’ll also come to very calmly and peacefully. There won’t be any difficulty or stress. And there won’t be any anxiety the next time you find yourself in a state of sleep paralysis.

What is the doppleganger phenomena?

A very small percentage of people who astrally project claim to have experienced the doppleganger phenomena. More than likely it will never happen to you. The doppleganger phenomena happens pretty much exclusively to people astrally project very frequently. It typically occurs when they are sleeping or astrally projecting, although in a very few cases it has happened while they were completely awake. What happens is that they appear to people in a place that they are not. This appearance usually occurs in a place they frequent and would normally be at, such as at their home or at work. They are almost always seen performing a common task they frequently perform, such as vacuuming the floor or fixing a sandwich. The doppleganger can be engaged in conversation, and when they are they tend to answer and act just like the person would, and have full knowledge of their memories and feelings. Like I said, the actual person is in a completely different place, has no knowledge of the event occurring, has no memory of any astral projection or dream of the occurrence, and usually only finds out about it after the person or people who saw them bring up the event to them later.

As far as I know, no one has yet figured out what the doppleganger phenomena is. It is an extremely rare occurrence though, so most people never have an opportunity to explore a first hand account. I’ve never heard of the doppleganger phenomena having a negative impact on a person (other than people thinking you’re crazy because you claim not to have been where you clearly were). The doppleganger never does or says anything the actual person wouldn’t, and they never seem to take life altering actions. On the contrary they tend to do typical, repetitive tasks and engage in casual conversation. This event doesn’t seem to be a prelude to any sort of attack or attempt to take over their life. And it almost always seems to happen in singular instances. I’m not saying it can’t happen, but I’ve yet to hear of an account where a person had this happen to them twice in their lifetime.

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    Hey Rob,
    thanks for all the fascinating information about magick and astral projection. Your blog site has been key in getting me started with both. This comment pertains to the doppelganger phenomenon in AP. I actually managed to do this about 3 times. I’ve been doing AP for only a few weeks now, and I’m at the point where I can do all the sexual stuff, and even get my girlfriend off physically, (she lives 88 miles away), as well as appear to other people, they see and hear me, and can feel me if I touch them. But, my control is not that great. I APed to my friends’ house, did some funny stuff to get noticed, and while they told me the stuff I know I did, they told me I did some stuff that I didn’t intend to do. For example I was doing backflips yelling the word MONKEY over and over. That was what I meant to do and I did do. But I was not intending to be naked and I was not intending to run in an out of the bathroom, only up and down the hall, but that’s what they told me I did. With my projecting, there tends to be a time delay of about 5 to 30 minutes from when the projection is over, to when my friends notice my astral body doing whatever I sent it there to do. I’ve also unintentionally done multiple copies before, all in the same friend’s house. This was when I did several trips and woke back up in like 20 minutes time, so with the time delay, that translated into multiple copies at the same place all doing the same or similar things. There are times when they thought I was there, when I’m at home just chillin. When I’m about to AP, I only do it with meditation, cause I found that works best for me, since I commonly have zero dream recall. I get still and relaxed. Stillness of body and mind to start. Then I shift 1st person perspective to a place that I am familiar with, such as a friend’s house, as though I would actually be walking around there. I use my memory of the place to guide me, and I keep conscious awareness of what my senses would feel like if I was actually there, otherwise I can’t anchor to it and concentration fizzles. I usually stomp my feet a few times and feel the floor stopping me, as well as try to hear the sound it makes. I have to forcefully fire my senses when I do this. When I’m at this point, my eyes in my physical body are pretty much doing rapid eye movement and my physical body is extremely relaxed, with my focus being on, and coming from another location. When I want to end it I can either just wake up simply, which feels kinda harsh usually, or what I usually do, is try to pull my astral body back which only takes seconds, then I wake up more gently.

    I guess my question would be, is this a totally backwards method? Cause my friends that do AP said it was; and can you tell me more about the doppleganger thing as it relates to my experience? I’m trying to get really good at this so I can visit my friends and pretty much save gas money, as well as learn to move objects cause that’s really cool. I did actually move a cellphone once, but with an unconscious doppleganger, I have no memory of it and haven’t been able to do it since. I should mention that I wear a great deal of protective charms and talismans to prevent any harm from coming to me, such as possession or not being able to come back to my body, as well as to boost other abilities. Thanks for all the help and in maintaining your very informative site.


    • jakethehumab says:

      i couldnt figure out how to leave a comment so im doing his PLEASE HELP MEEEEEE!!!!!!! ive been having sleep paralysis every day of my life since i was seven and have found relaxing and just being cool with it helps so does my friend jayden so we we made this like our hobbie any way we started lookin into lucid dreams and stuff and trying to encounter our shadow a few days ago i thouhgt i might have encountered my shadow but he told me to stop this and stay away and that im going bad places with my hobbie i think it was my shadow i dont know what it was really but thats what i was tying to get. any way weve been training ourselves to do his kind of thing for about two three years now. now i have lucid dreams atleast once a month or any way i have ones i remember atleast once a month and he stayed at my place last night and we slipped into the astral plan jnwillingly we both saw each other and could interact but i was different way different it felt wrong we culd here hese whispers and looked around we went to bed and it was dark but there was his twilight glow in my room and this one corner was just pit h black and it started spreading and as it was spreading he whispers got louder and faster i could make out some words like “take the body kill he soul” and his shadow like whisp of smoke projecteted dout of the darkness past me and over by my bed and i saw myseld in bed there was this silver light running from my chest to my body in bed and and i reached out and grabbed this light and i felt my chest rippin then i fell to my knees and started choking and jayden yelled holy fuck what is that and it turned to look at him and the disappeared then he disappeard got out of bed and turned on the light he said i wasnt in bed but my bed was tucked in and fine and i was just laying on my back in the centreof my room then i got up and we had this long discussion about it so ive been at my grandparents house ive had priest blessi me allday we are going to see a medium tomorrow one preiest said it was a powerful demon who wanted to not onlh posses my nody but actually take it i dont know what to do i cant fucking sleep im too scared so now im stayin at my grandparents house

      • Rob says:

        1. Scroll to the bottom of the screen. You’ll see a comment box. That’s where your comment goes to start a new thread.

        2. Congrats, you’ve astrally projected. People much older than you have spent a very long time trying to experience what you’ve experienced. You seem to be getting along rather well with lucid dreaming too. As for everything else that’s happened, that’s what happens when you screw around with magic. Not saying you shouldn’t screw around with magic, just that this is what happens.

        Secondly, get a grip kid. You’ve had one bad spiritual experience, and now you’re moving out of your house, calling on priests and mediums, and doing god knows what else. None of these people you’re turning to can help you, including me. At best they can maybe offer some kind of short term fix, at best. This mess you’re in is happening to you because of what you did, what you screwed around with, and it’s happening in your house. You have to man up and take care of this yourself.

        However it seems, whatever happened to you wasn’t that bad. Over the next few years you are going to be put through so much worse. And if you haven’t yet figured it out, every moment of every day you’re going to be open to having these bad things happen to you. There’s no way to stop it and no safe place for you. This is your life now.

        Right now you have a decision. You can choose to keep being like you’re being, until it drives you insane or you kill yourself or you embrace some ignorant religion that promises to save you from imaginary demons, or you can choose to deal with the fact that this is how things are going to be.

        You can live in constant fear of the horrible thing that is going to happen next, or you can enjoy the rest of your life as much as you can, and deal with the horrible things as they occur, and forget about them the rest of the time. If you can get rid of that fear and embrace this lifestyle for what it is, it is a hell of a lot of fun.

        Let’s look at exactly what happened to you. You won. It wasn’t the best victory, but you still won. You weren’t seriously hurt. There’s no long term negative effect. At worst you were a little frightened. Better still, you weren’t saved. There wasn’t a choir of angels protecting you, and you weren’t dependent on a priest or medium to help you. You went in with just your power and your wits, and you came out in one piece.

        You get to choose what that means. You can choose that this means you’re vulnerable, that this could happen to you again at any time, and that you need to be afraid of this. Or you can choose that this means you are strong enough to survive this sort of things, so there’s no reason for you to be afraid of this.

        Let’s talk about this spirit you faced. It’s weak. If it were able to really hurt you, it would have. At least right now, it’s not strong enough to. It does a lot of shows of force, which is typical of weaker spirits. The reason why it appeared as a cloud of shadows is also because it isn’t strong enough right now to take up form on this plane.

        It also wants you to be afraid, because it’s feeding off that energy. This is typical of lower realm entities. It wants to get you terrified so that it can start taking form, doing physical things, and forming stronger attacks. If you’re not afraid of it, it’s not getting any stronger, and it’s not strong enough to do any real damage right now.

        Long term I’d really suggest exploring energy work. It will give you a much better tool box for dealing with these sorts of spirits, and really any types of spirits, and it will also help you advance spiritually and understand everything you’re going through. The tools that you’ll get will work just as well whether you’re dreaming, astrally projecting, or wide awake.

        Short term, if you want to deal with this spirit while empowering yourself you need to do what you should have done in the first place and attack it. Granted you’ll have to wait for it to come back, and it may not, but if it does come back, hurt it It doesn’t matter so much how you want to do it, but you do have to believe you can do it. Yell Kamehameha and shoot a fireball from your hands, scream while spitting knives from out your throat or let the light of god or good old fashioned electricity flow from your fingertips. If all else fails, make a fist and punch.

        When things threaten you, don’t get scared, don’t worry about what’s happening around you, concentrate on what you’re doing and the matter at hand, and hurt them. You can hurt them, and when you hurt them they are less likely to hurt you. Your only goal in these situations should be surviving the situations. Anything that doesn’t help you with that goal, including your fear, doesn’t need to be inside of you if you want to keep surviving.

        • jakethehuman* says:

          so its like the entity or sleep paralysis in the way it feeds on emotion like if you get stressed when having sleep paralysis it last longer so if i relax or assert myself it will go away? and i havnt noticed that i can control anything when im astral projecting so should i just try to create stuff when im projecting, also was this an experience in the ‘lower realm’

          • Rob says:

            It’s looking for fear because fear will make it more powerful. Attention will also feed it. It’s best to just ignore it and not think about it or feel anything about it, unless you’re attacking it. With most things, pain acts as a deterrent, and they’ll usually go away. Especially with these weaker entities they generally seek out easy prey, so they’ll run at the first sign of serious resistance.

            I assume you control yourself while astrally projecting, even if your personality is a bit altered. It isn’t a lucid dream though, so don’t expect to have so much control over the environment. The main trick is to learn how to control yourself. Start out small by doing things you know you can do, like clenching your fist and punching. Put some holes in the astral walls. Try some athletic manuevers you’re not normally capable of, like a backflip or cartwheel. Graduate to some impossible things, like flying or shapeshifting. The important thing to remember about fire or electricity is that it isn’t appearing out of thin air, it’s coming forth from you.

            It doesn’t sound like you were in a lower realm. From the sound of it you were very close to the physical realm. The spirit most likely originates in the lower realm, or at least belongs there. Which means probably there is or was some lower realm energy within the room when you went to sleep, or this was something your friend brought with them. Ideally it’d be best to manipulate the energy through out the house so its more to your liking, but that’s probably not something you’re capable of right now, so there’s no point in getting ahead of ourselves. If this spirit comes back, or there’s another spirit, what you need to do is:

            1. Don’t be afraid
            2. Concentrate and know you can hurt the spirit
            3. Clench your fist.
            4. Punch.

            That should solve all your problems.

            • jakethehuman* says:

              ok thanks ill see what happens

              • jakethehuman* says:

                i projected again last night and it wasnt there also this time i wast scared at all infact i was happy and confused then i started feeling really off balance and dizzy everyhing was blurry then i felt this amazing amount of speed just throw me ahead all i could see was a really bright light but i came too for a bit and all i could here were hese vibrations in my head and i was in a large empty room and it was insanely bright the i felt myself get thrown back at the same speed and i ended up in bed awake again with sleep paralysis is it natural to get dizzy and what happend to my room i just got blinded

      • Mr Bean says:

        Dude, when that asshat jinn (or spirit or whatever you wanna call it) said ‘take the body kill the soul’, you don’t have to believe it…it’s just trying to scare you. Now, while I understand that dealing with a “spooky non human entity that seems to want to kill you” gives you some right to be a little scared, know that what humans fear the most is the unknown. So once you know about these things, they’ll become a lot less scary. From all the countless visits that I have gotten from these homeless bitches in my sleep, I have gathered that they are just people like us. You get the little annoying punk ass kids that try to troll you, and just try to give you bad dreams. Honestly, some of the things they have tried to scare me with were epic fails and you can tell they are just novices-just yell at them when you detect their presence and they’ll fuck off. And then, you get the moody teenagers that hate you for whatever reason and they can scare you a lot more, and can cause a little physical pain. They seem to know what your personal fears are. Also, one thing they usually do in order to fuck you is give you an electrical shock in your brain when your bad dream reaches its ‘climax’. When stuff like this first happens, you get really creeped out and leave your light on all night and recite plenty of prayers, etc. But when it keeps happening, you get used to it, and now I don’t let any of them try to scare me. If I detect their presence, I don’t get scared, just annoyed and angry and do whatever I can to quickly send them away, because I have class in the morning and don’t want to put up with their bullshit.

        I think dealing with spirit bullies is a normal part of life, just like dealing with human bullies. Sure because they are usually invisible gives them a slight advantage, but you have power too.

        • jakethehuman* says:

          well it was like my first time seein somthing like this u have give me that i didnt know what the fuck it was or what it could do hahahaha but ive been enlightened a whole lot on this subject recently and i feel like whatever it was, was just a complete faggot of a spirit who can suck on my kamehameha wave next time i see it but yeah not what i was expecting i mean w both realised we were astral walking ater a few minutes but when we saw it we just froze we were not expecting that to just happen walked

      • Girl says:

        LISTEN This is why people shouldn’t be playing with this stuff without self knowledge – and definitely not listening to this guy who knows some stuff but has an ineptitude about it.

        Astral Projection is like drugs. Before you do drugs your mindset is very important in that it will somehow form or predict your experience.

        To do drugs or to do astral projection in a way that is good and beneficial to you even meaningful and exciting – the positive words go on and on and on…. you need to do some work on yourself first in this plane, the plane that you can handle.

        You need to have understanding of yourself, if you are jumpy in the physical world that is just going to be accentuated in a world where your thoughts almost instantly become real.

        To have a positive experience on other planes you need to understand the workings of making positive experiences in the physical plane. Understand? I can explain this more to you if you need.

        It’s like going into an LSD trip paranoid, you will bring dark things to you. And if you need to get a priest or otherwise involved you really shouldn’t be messing with this stuff.

        This website is lacking in a lot of information and it is at the same time limiting you.

        If you’re in sleep paralysis you need to try to forcefully move your body by sort of elbowing your arms out and thrashing about if you have to, while keeping your mind relaxed. It’s quite easy and do it enough times and they will generally stop happening. Now that you know how to get out of them quickly you’ll realise they’re nothing to be scared of.

        The more in control you are of your inner state of being the more you will be in control of your environment, this includes the physical world and is *especially* true for other planes.

        You need to exercise your positive imagination much more than your negative one this is very important for all successes in life and on other planes.

        It sounds as though you are in a very low vibration and are therefore naturally attracting low vibrational states. There is no such thing as demons except for what you entertain in your mind.

        When you go into these planes you shouldn’t be focusing on ‘winning’ against other things ‘fireballs’ and attacks ‘conquering levels’. Hahaha sounds like some ‘cool’ dungeons and dragons stuff.

        I would really become more focused on the type of person you want to be in this life, what you want to experience what you desire and aspire to, before you start doing it on any astral plane. This way both experiences- life and spiritual- will be much much more meaningful and cool and make much more of what you want. It is like dreams, when you create fears in life or encounter them without processing them by day they will play out more in your dreams at night, when you are in a general state of happiness for a while in your waking life, or you are actively creating desires they will play out more in your dreams.

        The reasons you get nightmares is because your subconscious is trying to process or pushing you to find out what is the cause of some fear in you that exists under the surface that your conscious self is avoiding. Your subconscious is always under the surface and will dictate much of your life without you knowing it if you do not pay attention to it and nurture it.
        So pay attention to yourself and nurture yourself!!! Because your subconscious will bring you more of good or more of bad, depends how you take care of it.
        If you want to find out more of how just ask.

        DO NOT go into the spirit world thinking about ‘fireballing’ or attacking other spiritual entities. Don’t go into a spiritual realm with disrespect. You really should evolve yourself before you start running around like a fucking idiot on higher planes (Rob).

        • Rob says:

          LISTEN This is why people shouldn’t be playing with this stuff without self knowledge – and definitely not listening to this guy who knows some stuff but has an ineptitude about it.

          I never once claimed to have eptitude in anything.

          You’re a teenager, right? I know you’re a teenager, not because of how you act, but because of the irony of it. Here I’ve been saying people in the community should deal with teenagers better than they do, because they’re teenagers, and so now I have to deal with a teenager without getting all pissed off at them.

          Astral Projection is like drugs. Before you do drugs your mindset is very important in that it will somehow form or predict your experience.

          To do drugs or to do astral projection in a way that is good and beneficial to you even meaningful and exciting – the positive words go on and on and on…. you need to do some work on yourself first in this plane, the plane that you can handle.

          See, now I know you’re a teenager, because you don’t seem burnt out enough to be a full fledged adult talking about drugs like that.

          Also you seem to have limited experiences getting high.

          You need to have understanding of yourself, if you are jumpy in the physical world that is just going to be accentuated in a world where your thoughts almost instantly become real.

          To have a positive experience on other planes you need to understand the workings of making positive experiences in the physical plane. Understand? I can explain this more to you if you need.

          Trust me, no one needs that. Better to keep your mouth shut and be thought the fool than to open it and remove all doubt.

          It’s like going into an LSD trip paranoid, you will bring dark things to you. And if you need to get a priest or otherwise involved you really shouldn’t be messing with this stuff.

          Ew, LSD, that was one of my favs. In fact, it’s my very favorite. Have you tried LSD? Do you know what happens when you go into an LSD trip paranoid? Do you know about the pure awesomeness and happiness you have to contend with when you’re actually on LSD?

          This website is lacking in a lot of information and it is at the same time limiting you.

          The internet is lacking in a lot of information. I’m one man, I can only do so much. If you’re dependent on websites, the internet, books, other people, or anything else for your spiritual information, you’re limiting yourself. Isn’t my fault.

          If you’re in sleep paralysis you need to try to forcefully move your body by sort of elbowing your arms out and thrashing about if you have to, while keeping your mind relaxed. It’s quite easy and do it enough times and they will generally stop happening. Now that you know how to get out of them quickly you’ll realise they’re nothing to be scared of.

          Because then you’re straining yourself to thrash around in bed when you should be resting, which only works to increase your sense of anxiety and panic, and it’s an all together rough way to wake yourself up and start the day.

          That’s so much better than the method I’ve been pushing on people. A method that helps people wake up from sleep paralysis in a calm and peaceful way without thrashing around.

          The irony here is that you’re arguing against my methods because they may be violent, but in this instance you’re the one that’s using a brute force solution, where as I’ve approached the problem from alternate angles and come up with a much less violent solution.

          More to the point, our methods show just where we are in our spiritual progress. My method is one of versatility and adaptability, and it shows that I can be creative and open minded in my solutions. Yours is a strict and stubborn adherence to something that only kind of works, and you’ve managed to focus your attention on the easiest solution to figure out.

          Do you think that all of your spiritual views may be based entirely on the fact that you found a very easy spiritual philosophy to figure out, one that doesn’t require much creativity to imagine or much intelligence to understand, and now you’re stubbornly pushing that as the right way to be because you’re too closed minded to seriously consider the alternatives?

          It’s like you decided to climb a mountain, but after you got a tenth of the way up the clear and easy to walk path ended, so instead of pushing further, you declared that the place you were at was the peak. Now when you see people climbing up past you, you’re arguing with all your might that they’re actually going down the mountain instead of up.

          It sounds as though you are in a very low vibration and are therefore naturally attracting low vibrational states. There is no such thing as demons except for what you entertain in your mind.

          Nope. Talked to a demon just the other day. I posted some awesome evocation rituals. I suggest you try them. Use the goetia catalog. Lots of cool demons in there, and I can vouch for the lot of them existing.

          When you go into these planes you shouldn’t be focusing on ‘winning’ against other things ‘fireballs’ and attacks ‘conquering levels’. Hahaha sounds like some ‘cool’ dungeons and dragons stuff.

          I would really become more focused on the type of person you want to be in this life, what you want to experience what you desire and aspire to, before you start doing it on any astral plane. This way both experiences- life and spiritual- will be much much more meaningful and cool and make much more of what you want.

          Many of us aspire to shoot fireballs from our hands in this life. In fact, that would be fucking awesome, and I find it hard to comprehend how someone doesn’t want to aspire to that. So I have no idea what the hell you’re talking about. You’re not being logical. It’s like having to choose between my best friend and my girlfriend. That’s insane troll logic.

          As far as I know no one here has talked about conquering levels. I’m not even sure what you’re trying to say by the sentence structure. Probably insane troll logic though.

          Speaking of which, you talk about this astral fireballing like it’s something out of fantasy, when in fact its fairly simple energy manipulation. I use it as an example because it’s pretty easy to figure out and do, and it’s a good starting point for someone who is just starting to get a grasp on energy manipulation and is in need of an attack they can use right now.

          The fact that you seem completely oblivious to what I’m talking about, putting it in quotes and all, just shows you have a weak grasp on energy manipulation. See the Mark Twain quote I made above. I’ve written two articles on this so far, and I’m currently working on a third, so I strongly suggest you give those exercises a try. Also, a spiritual scuffle every now and then would probably do wonders for your magical ability.

          DO NOT go into the spirit world thinking about ‘fireballing’ or attacking other spiritual entities. Don’t go into a spiritual realm with disrespect. You really should evolve yourself before you start running around like a fucking idiot on higher planes (Rob).

          I’m an adept so I can do whatever the hell I want, including acting like a fucking idiot on higher planes. The fact is I can get myself to the higher planes, and I have the ability to act like an idiot when I get there.

          Now I do have to get into the rules. There aren’t many rules here, but there are some, and I must insist you abide by them. No one wants to stifle your ideas and spiritual theories, in fact this is the sort of place where those things are supposed to be allowed to flourish. So feel free to speak your mind here, argue with me, or call me an idiot, because you’re probably right about that last one anyways.

          But the one thing you don’t do here is tell someone they shouldn’t be practicing magic or exploring their spirituality right now. This includes telling them they have to work on things first. The whole point of this place, and all the work I’ve done here, is to encourage people to practice magic and explore their spirituality, and to do it right now this very instance because that’s the thing that magicians do and not doing that is the biggest issue currently plaguing the entire spiritual community. If you can’t abide by this rule, you can continue to read here, but don’t post here, because I’ll just end up blocking you because I don’t want you being counterproductive to someone else’s spirituality. Especially because you’re probably just doing it to feel better about yourself and your own spirituality.

          Also I’m not a big fan of speaking about things authoritevly when you don’t have any practical experience with it. Try to keep that in mind.

          • Amanda says:

            Holy crap. I’m so embarrassed that I asked for advice here a couple of months ago when I was having a manic episode. I should have asked Tom Cruise in Magnolia. It’s interesting to know that your experience of a drug is the definitive experience of a drug, though. P.S. I’m 34 years old and used to enjoy mushrooms and DMT, if you were thinking about making up an age and drug history for me and responding to it.

  2. Gabrielle says:

    I only found out the name for this yesterday. I’ve done it my whole life. My question is how do i stop doing it. You say you can you can control your muscles while doing this. I think i’m astral projecting most of the time. I feel disconected from my body. I want to know how i can get to a further level with this and how i can stop it at will. Then go back to it. i also heard that you can move objects is this true? I know that i can put myself into an object so i assume you start there.

    • Rob says:

      I’m having trouble figuring out exactly what you’re talking about. There’s a difference between astral projection (roaming the universe away from your physical body in an energy body) and disassociation (feeling disconnected from your physical body or the physical world). Disassociation, even constant disassociation, is common among magic practitioners.

      From the wording of your post it sounds to me like you think that you are always astral projecting, and while astral projecting you’re able to control your muscles so that your physical body moves through the physical world, and this is how you live your life.

      If that’s the case I’d say it is unlikely that’s what’s happening and that disassociation is more likely. If however you mean you go to sleep every night and you pop out of your body and seem to have no control over this and can’t stop it, that does happen to some people.

      Whatever the case is, it does sound as if you have some magical gifts you can exploit, and there are things you can do to help you deal with the problem and live a more normal and happier life (although you may never be able to completely solve the problem). I don’t want to get too much into it until I have a better handle on what you think is going on with you.

  3. Parapeti says:

    Between Lucid dreaming and astral projection there is no difference, because the dream is a type of astral projection. The dream is process that is not happening in human’s brain. It’s happening outside of the human’s body. It’s only projecting in human’s brain as a memory.

  4. Chris says:

    Please email me back on how to astral project and have sex while doing it. thanks again.

    • Rob says:

      There are different exercises and techniques and methods to learning how to astrally project. It’s important to explore different methods in order to find the one that works best for you. There’s lots of different books published on the subject, and you should be able to at least look through them in the bookstore before buying one. There’s also a lot of good information available free online.

      As for astral sex, there are different ways to do it, some more complicated and different from others. But to start, do it like you would non-astral sex. Find a willing partner then put your astral genitals together. Try some foreplay first if you can handle it.

      • Chris says:

        Can you give me some websites and names of books to read, please.

        • Rob says:

          Just do web searches on Astral Projection, Out of Body Experiences, OBE, and OOBE. There is a lot of really good information out there along with forums and groups. Yes it will take time to wade through it all, but you’ll have no problem finding what you need.

          As for books, I really suggest you start by visiting the local bookstores and reading through what they have to see if anything is useful. I actually liked ‘Have an out of body experience in 30 days’ by Harary and Weintraub because it didn’t waste time on filler pages of accounts and speculation, it was filled with exercises to do, and it was a very structured system, which are all things I suggest you look for in a book. But again that book won’t work for everyone, since different people work better with different techniques.

          • Gene says:

            Hey someone please contact me I want to learn more about this. I had my first experience 2 days ago after researchign I tried again this time I floated to the top of my room but could not get through the wall any reasons why?

  5. Zanna Coplen says:

    I have a question, because my husband and I saw his father astral Projecting he is not a good person he has done some real bad things to his family and is still wanting too find out were they are. He used to do black and white magic manely black. He learn how to astral project and we saw he last night at a park me and my husband were the only ones there and we were talking about family info and we kept hearing things as if some one was right there with us listening. he felt like a threat and when we started walking back to our place we saw him in the distance running and hidding we could tell it wasnt real and solid. It looked like him and how he dresses. we were wondering is it possible for him to hurt us while he is asteral projecting? and how long can he be out of his body if he is really good at it he has been doing it for many many years now. Can we also make it were he can be banded from our place or city and how if there is.

    • Rob says:

      Without knowing your father-in-law, it’s difficult to answer most of your questions.

      To start, yes someone who is astrally projecting can hurt you, however it’s a specific skill set so I can’t say for sure if your father-in-law could.

      How long he can stay out of body is hard to say. There are accounts of people who were able to do it for days, even weeks. Even experienced projectionists are typically limited to a few hours or even less though. The amount of time will also change from projection to projection.

      And yes there are ways to ban him from you, but these ways are not foolproof, so once again their success would depend on how skilled your father-in-law is.

      A lot of people would tend to use a combination of redirects and barriers to combat this, at least to start. Personally if I was in this situation I’d attack him head on and at the very least see how much pain I could inflict. The problem with pacifistic defenses is there is no deterrent to coming back again and again until they are defeated.

      As a start, I would suggest buying a besom. Make sure your floors are fairly clean first, and then use the besom to sweep them, sweeping everything towards the front door and out of the house. Imagine taking all of the energy in the house gathered in the house and pushing it out the door as you do this (this is what you’re trying to do). Do this as soon as you get the besom, and then every day for a couple of days, and then only once or twice a week. Place the besom at your front door, either across the door or in at the doorway or something, so that no one can get in the house without crossing it. The besom should become like a sponge and if someone enters without permission, physically or astrally, the besom will drain a good deal of energy from them.

      If you’re not opposed to a bit of harmful magic, I have a couple of spells I’ve used in the past for other people that I like. I’m going to try to post them on the blog over the next week if I have time. If you’d like I could try to email them or their drafts to you personally.

      Good luck.

      • Stonewolf says:

        I have a solution to this one. If somebody is astrally projecting to you and harming you, assuming you know who is doing it, you can fight them by practicing projection and energy manipulation yourself. A girl I used to know was sending attacks to a friend of mine, even violent attacks with some devastating results. She was even capable of possessing the physical body of another person with her own astral body. One of the only ways to stop an attack like this is to disrupt the concentration of the person doing it. This can be done with confusion spells, powder, certain bindings, but the way that I’ve personally done it, when I knew who was attacking my friends, I APed to where this girl physically was. You have to follow the person’s energy trail and lock onto their energy signature that you are familiar with, if you know that person. Then I recalled the feeling of a crippling stomach ulcer pain. The kind that you would beg to be rushed to the hospital for. Back in high school I had some severe problems with IBS so I know first hand what this feels like. Recall a similar memory to that and force sensory information from your 5 senses and your astral body until you can feel it. See yourself doubled over in pain, hear yourself screaming and begging for it to stop, feel every trace of agony that you can imagine, and taste the sense you would get right before you would normally puke. Then use your astral body to grab onto the person’s physical body, their neck, their head, the part of the body you want to effect, doesn’t matter. Grab and lock on. Then channel or move all that energy and all that feeling into that person until it has completely left you, and until they are the one that is screaming for mercy. I got results with this in about 10 minutes when the attack stopped. You could probably do the same thing to give somebody a migrain, a heart attack, or even possibly will somebody to die, if you could somehow project a memory of that. Whatever you do, take some precaution to protect yourself from energy backflow, and that person’s own possible attack against you, such as a circle casting, or wearing steel and/or titanium jewelry. Iron helps neutralize psychic attack aimed at you, and titanium makes your aura like slick teflon so it’s much harder for someone to lock onto you.

    • Someone who knows says:

      If you believe that you are strong and unhurtable – you can never be hurt. You must focus on your inner power build belief in yourselves!

      • Someone who knows says:

        This is a much more positive way of dealing with the issue. I don’t know who you and your friends are stonewolf but this poisonous shit is not cool, It needs to be counteracted with PURE positive.

        I suggest searching Ask Teal into youtube

        • Jade Forrest says:

          If you are a person who enters with “respect” the spiritual and physical dimension; knows her/himself very well; who practices positive thoughts, and truly believes in their own power to protect her/himself under all situations – you will do very well – if – every other human/entity/spirit that you encounter also operates under your beliefs and rules.

          However- if – you encounter a human/entity/spirit who wants to kill, rape, or otherwise use or destroy you – you had better learn the rules and beliefs that THEY operate under and how to protect yourself. We are taught as children that the world is a fair place and that we have control over what happens to us (ie. “treat others as you would have them treat you”). However – unfair things and bad things happen to good, positive, respectful people every day.

          I hope that you never encounter a situation where you need to protect yourself with Rob’s techniques and knowledge. But – if you do – like me – the knowledge he has written on this site – may be an answer to your most desperate prayers for help – like it was for me.

  6. Josie says:

    I have a question I been astral projecting since I was a child, I did not have the once of the best childhood. I dated off and on a man that was more spiritually trained then myself, he deep into sufism and to this day there are times when he can pull me out of my body. I hardly remember what we do( i just feel creep out or just feel off) Together but it funny how he always calls me and discuss things that going on in my life that they no way he can have knowledge a what going on in my life.
    My question is there a way to push the person that astral project away from you and take more control of the amount info he can collect?

    • Rob says:

      Sorry for the late reply.

      Yes there are some ways you can deal with this. If you haven’t taken the obvious first step of telling him that this makes you uncomfortable and asking him to stop, then do that. If that doesn’t work, then there are some other things you can do.

      If you’ve already asked him to stop, and he’s refused, then I have to wonder why you’re still in physical contact with him. You shouldn’t be talking to him on the phone or having any other kind of contact with him. In fact he shouldn’t even know your phone number. You shouldn’t meet or see him in any way, and if he refuses to respect your wishes in that regard you should involve law enforcement and treat him like a stalker.

      Practically speaking, any contact he has with you is going to make it easier for him to access you astrally and enable what he’s doing. Cutting off all contact might be enough to stop him, or it might make it more difficult for him to do this. It’s definitely not going to hurt you. Secondly giving him the cold shoulder might show him that you aren’t interested in him and having a relationship with you, and he may leave you alone. If you remain friends with him it sends mixed signals and he may think that this is acceptable behavior and you’re really okay with it even when you tell him no. Once again there’s no guarantee this will get him to stop, but it won’t hurt.

      And if you insist on keeping physical contact and maintaining a relationship with this person despite the fact that he is forcibly violating you in a way that makes you uncomfortable, there’s really nothing that can be done to help you. If that’s the case then you’ve made your choice about the situation you want, and that’s what you have to live with.

      If cutting off contact isn’t enough to make him stop, then there are some metaphysical things you can do. To start there are certain defensive measures, such as putting up barriers or redirects. The problem with these methods is that, unless he’s a complete idiot that is easily tricked, it’s a not a permanent solution.The best you can really hope for in this situation is he’ll get bored and leave.

      More likely though, if he’s persistent, when you find something that works at keeping him out he’s just going to try to bypass it again and again until he finds a way through. Then you’re stuck finding another method that can stop him, and this continues until you run out of methods.

      The only way to permanently stop him is to make it so that anytime he even tries to do these things to you, something bad happens to him. That means that when he does this to you, you have to spiritually counter-attack him somehow. Make him feel uncomfortable, make him hurt, and make sure he knows that you’re the one doing it.

      You can start with whatever you feel comfortable with. If it’s not enough to stop him and he’s still persistent, do something even worse to him.

      Note that I am advocating the use of non-scientifically recognized spiritual attacks against his astral body and other enchantments and curses as self-defense, not any sort of actual physical attack. I’m in no way advocating doing anything illegal and you should make sure that nothing you do is against any of the local laws where you live.

  7. Ally says:

    I want to try it… Can you show me how.. I did the rope method but I got to this part when I got vibrations and I got scared and stopped. I want to be able to go to outer space and go to my friends houses… plzzz teach me how tell me some methods. Thanks in advance

    • Rob says:

      The rope method, at least by itself, doesn’t always work, especially since it was designed moreso to develop the skills necessary to astrally project than to actually project. I’d suggest adding another technique or two. I’d also suggest trying at different times (before bed, right after you wake up, ect.). Also it’s good to practice this daily since even if you can’t manage to astrally project right away, daily practice increases the chances that you’ll do the exercises, out of habit, while dreaming, and they work far better when you’re dreaming. Beyond that you need to keep yourself calm and not get so afraid or even excited, since an adrenaline spike will most likely push you out of the state you need to be in to astrally project.

  8. Dimona says:

    I am so glad that I stumbled upon your article. I feel like I have been apart of this spirtual transformation without any real guidence into the nuances of it. I pick up on people that I know and some that I dont and sometimes am involved in multiple conversations at once mentally which can be quite confusing. I have been in several battles of the will, and have felt drained by the whole expereince. I was so overwhelmed that I found myself in a state of shock. I hear very negative comments and sometimes I am answering one person but than another person would think I was directing my comment at him. Also I sometimes subconsciously repeat what they say. How do I keep people out of my ear? I have had one bitter female screming insesintly in my ear just as I am at the point of falling asleep- its horrible! It feels like I can think of someone and they can appear to me on a telepathic plane.

    It seems to be a one-upping game of confidence and charcter. I am a loving person and my goal is not to demean others for no reason.

    Have you ever heard of a wind tunnel? Or a spirtual source outside that carries messages? How do I turn myself invisible so that I can travel on a spirtual plane?

    I hear myself outside myself and am wondering how to put a cap on it. I dont want to constantly project my thoughts up into the wind for any spirtual person to hear. How do I end a spirtual call? How do I keep my mind and thoughts under wrapps? This is my most pressing concern.

    Also how do I travel on a spirtual plane as a form of light? I have seen people that I am talking with follow me at this level. How do I travel and still keep conscious? I have also been hearing a lot of ticks of energy and was wondering what that was.

    I have also been hit on in this state. I feel like people can move and feel my body among other things.

    I know its alot of questions. I hope you can help.

    Thank you, Take care.

    • Rob says:

      Sorry, but I’m having some issues following what you’re talking about. A lot of what you say is a bit too vague for me to pinpoint exactly what is going on with you, and you jump around a lot so I’m finding it difficult to figure out if you’re talking about the same thing or if you’ve moved on to something else. I’m going to try to answer what I can maybe understand, but if you think I got something wrong or need a clarification or want to ask something else, please try to include as many details of exactly what happened (or what you’re talking about) as possible and try to only include one subject or question per paragraph.

      With your first paragraph, for instance, I don’t know what you’re talking about. I don’t know if you think this is telepathy, or if you’re talking to ghosts, or even if these are actual people you’re actually talking to. This screaming female could be your girlfriend who sleeps in the same bed with you :)

      Anyways if you’re talking to ghosts, stop doing that. And by ghosts I mean dead people. There are other kinds of spirits that aren’t dead people, and those might be worth talking to, but ghosts usually aren’t. Ghosts are usually crazy and they rarely have anything important or interesting to say. If you talk to them it just encourages them to keep talking to you and it encourages other ghosts to talk to you. Just completely ignore them, don’t give them any kind of response negative or positive, and they’ll bother you a lot less.

      A spiritual source outside that carries messages is called a channel, and the ability to utilize channels is called channeling, and there’s a lot that’s been written about the subject. I’ve never heard it called a wind tunnel, but descriptively it makes sense. Still if you’re looking for more information about it, look up channeling.

      I’m not sure what you mean by turning yourself invisible and traveling on the spiritual plane. By spiritual plane I’m assuming you mean traveling via astral projection, but you might also be talking about something else like accessing the mental or heavenly planes. I’m not sure why you’d need to be invisible to do this. I guess you might be thinking invisibility would be a safety precaution, but it’s really unnecessary. Or you might be trying to describe how to access your astral body or your mental body or something like that.

      Unless a person is really talented, and you’re actively trying to send them a message through telepathy, it’s going to be really hard for a physical person to read your mind. Even powerful spiritual beings are going to have difficulty reading your thoughts unless you’re intentionally directing them towards them. Although I’m sure there are some easier ways, when I’ve had my mind completely read by spiritual beings it’s been a very invasive process. It’s not something that happens just because you have an open channel.

      Most magicians are only working off energy readings, which can give them an idea about your mood and possibly what you’ve been doing. They can also read things like how much power you have and taints on your energy. It’s not actually reading your thoughts though. If you’re really concerned about this there are methods to hide and mask your energy.

      As for actual mind reading, I’d say don’t worry about it. There’s not much out there that’s going to be able to get much out of your head that you aren’t directing towards them. Meanwhile spiritually speaking if you try to close off these channels or wind tunnels you’re going to ultimately limit yourself and your growth.

      I’m not sure what you mean by traveling as light. Do you mean astral projection?

      Likewise I’m not sure what you mean by being hit on. Are you referring to spirits as people? If so I think I might know what you’re talking about.

  9. Dimona says:


    Yeah so let me clarify. I am pretty certin they are real people, because I distinctly heard the voice of people I knew and then it got wierd because I started hearing people I dont know and as I said started to hear myself (my innermost thoughts) being projected outside of myself. It is deffintly invasive and pretty aggrivating. I sound like I am up in the air and then I try to bring it down low to a rumble. How do I gain control of this? Is it a matter of focus? I live towards the end of a busy street and its like my voice is projecting out even without me saying a word. How do I mask my energy?

    I just want to align myself and not be so bombarded, I have heard that I am spirtual and that I needed to have confidence. Also voices surface that claim that I am a soulmate. Because I hear so much negative among the positive its hard to keep focused on the truth. It gets hard to ignore. It feels like I am being followed by multiple people/spirts some good some bad. I heard that I need to put a block up. Do you know anything about this? I just want to be able to control where I am projecting or not project at all, rather stay in my body. Closed and signed off so to speak.

    How do you make someone back off if they try to possess your body?

    Thanks again,
    All the Best

    • Rob says:

      Here’s what I’m having trouble understanding. How can you hear your own thoughts being projected outside of yourself? What I mean is, how do you know you’re just not hearing them inside of your own head? There are ways to project thoughts outside of yourself, but if you’re not intentionally doing that, and you don’t know how to control it, how are you aware that you’re doing it?

      By invasive I don’t mean that your privacy is compromised. In order to read your mind, it’s literally invasive as the person usually has to dig into your head and pull out thoughts. If someone were reading your mind you’d feel it. You’d really feel it. I wouldn’t worry too much about mind reading though, even if you are accidentally projecting out thoughts. There’s a very small number of magicians out there that can actually read thoughts well. Even if your thoughts are out there, for the most part they’re pretty safe, at least from physical people.

      As for masking energy there are ways to do it. For the most part you have to pull the energy back into yourself so it doesn’t leak out, and then you need to disguise it sort of into a void-type energy in case someone tries to read you. Ultimately it makes you seem much weaker than you actually are, which is usually used to gain an upper hand in a fight. It might be useful for spiritual hiding, but really it’s easier to make yourself spiritually invisible for that. Either way though it’s not all that useful of a skill, at least in my opinion.

      Yes you do need to have confidence. You’ll be far more successful spiritually if you have it. That doesn’t really help with your problem though. It’s just good general advice.

      Do not put up a block and don’t listen to whoever told you to put up a block. It’s a common suggestion to deal with empath sickness, which your problems seem related to, but it’s usually a suggestion made by people who have no idea what they’re talking about. At best some empaths do achieve some minor relief through a block, but typically either the relief will be short-lived or the person will ultimately have to trade in their spirituality and all of their spiritual gifts to get the relief.

      The whole idea behind a block is it’s supposed to make you normal and non-spiritual so your spiritual problems will go away. However any special gifts you have will also go away. And the block will actually make you even less spiritual than a normal non-spiritual person, because they at least have some opportunity for spiritual reception. The better option is to learn to deal with your issues and control your abilities rather than try to limit your abilities by blocking them.

      As for the spirits following you, there shouldn’t be more than a few that are always following you, unless your talking to them or otherwise giving them attention. If you’re giving them attention and talking to them you need to stop. Most will get bored and go away after a little bit. As for the few that don’t go away, if you don’t want them around for whatever reason and you can’t control them then you need to use force in order to kick them out of your life.

      Unfortunately though if you’re putting off lots of energy then you’re going to attract spirits and there’s always going to be spirits around you. They’ll be even more attracted to you if you can notice them, which it sounds like you can. All you can really do is just get used to always having some company around. I can’t remember the last time I took a shower, got dressed, or did some even more personal activity without having some spiritual company around. If you decide that it isn’t going to affect your life, after a while you get used to it. You just have to learn how to ignore things and how to focus yourself despite distractions.

      I’m not sure what you mean by projecting. Do you mean projecting out of body where your physical body is sort of asleep and you’re walking around? Are you talking about projecting thoughts or emotions outward? Or are you talking about remote viewing or something along that line?

      If you don’t want to be possessed then just say no. You can’t become possessed unless you first give something permission to possess you. You can be coerced or tricked into allowing something to possess you, but it can’t do it without your permission.

  10. justin says:

    Hey, im new to all of this and i would really like to give it a try.. By reading all of this i think i have done it without knowing. Every night before bed i plug up my cell phone and lay it on the tabble next to me every night, and i remember this.. Then when i woke up in the morning my cell phone was off the charger and i had no clue where it was.. I looked around a little bit and then i seen it laying on my bed where i was sleeping at.. I have no idea how it got there! I dont know what this means but i think i might of astral projected without knowing.. help me out so i can have better control over it, its all still confusing to me.

    • Rob says:

      It’s great that you want to try astral projection and it’s a lot of fun. There are a lot good techniques available, many of which can be found for free online.

      As for your phone, the most likely thing is that you grabbed it just before you fell asleep, or that you woke up for a few minutes in the middle of the night and grabbed it. You may have thought you heard it ring or wanted to check the time or something. It’s not uncommon for people to not remember what happens just before they fall asleep, or wake up for a few minutes in the night and not remember their actions. You also may have grabbed the phone in your sleep. This would be less likely if you don’t have a history of doing things like this, but a lot of people have a few isolated instances of something like that happening throughout their life.

  11. Did astral for meny years … time to start again..thank,s

  12. Fetez Barnes says:

    Hi, I’m new at this astral stuff. I just turned 17 a few days ago and I started becoming interested in this a few years back. Can you teach me how to learn the Astral projecting please? And another question can you fight something that’s harming your physical body by using your astral body?

    • Rob says:

      There’s a lot of good free information on astral projection out there. I learned to do it from reading websites when I wasn’t much older than you are now. After a month of research, I was able to accumulate a lot of information.

      There’s no such thing as a one size fits all system of astral projection, or even a constant time frame. The important thing is consistency and persistence. I’d suggest finding a few exercises that appeal to you, and then doing them every single day. The exercises may not be the right ones for you, and so if they don’t work don’t give up, but try a different set of exercises. Also don’t give up on exercises right away because you don’t see immediate results. I’d say keep doing the same exercises for three to six months before you give up on them and move on to a different one.

      The time frame for everyone’s spiritual progression is different too. You might end up astrally projecting in under a week, or it might take you years to figure it out. The important thing to remember is it’s not a race, and just because you don’t get it right away doesn’t mean you won’t ever get it. If you don’t give up, and you do the exercises daily, you will eventually astrally project.

      As for your other question, I’m not sure what exactly you’re asking. The short answer is of course, your astral body can hurt anything if you know how to use it like that. Actually hurting a thing can be difficult though.

      During a projection, it wouldn’t be very hard to hurt a spirit that was harming your body. A physical person that was punching you while you slept would be much more difficult to hurt with your astral body, but far from impossible.

      If a physical person hit you though, you would most likely snap out of the projection right away.

      You could also attack someone or some spirit with your astral body while not projecting too. This would be a lot more difficult though, since you’d also need to be able to have a good degree of control of your astral body while not projecting. Some people are very good at this and have a natural talent, although most use it for things like remote viewing, not attacks. When attacking a physical person like this, you also need to know how to attack the person while projecting.

      There are easier ways, magically, to hurt a physical person. Ritual magic would be a much simpler route that is more easily mastered. In a combat situation, like a fist fight, it would probably be easier to direct energy in a way to physically hurt someone rather than use your astral body, and it would involve a lot of the same knowledge and techniques too. So someone who could hurt a physical person with their astral form while not projecting, could probably also just hit them with energy, which would be easier.

      • Fetez Barnes says:

        I see, but can you do alot of stuff while your astral projecting? And what happens when you first expirence it?

  13. joshua says:

    Is it possible for two to swap bodies while astraly protecting with permission

    • Rob says:

      Theoretically it might be doable. Just thinking about it, it creates a lot of obstacles that would have to be figured out and overcome. Without actually trying to do it, I’m sure there are a lot of issues I haven’t thought of yet.

      One problem I’m sure of is that the bodies would age at an accelerated rate while swapped. This probably won’t be too much of an issue for short periods of time, but for a permanent swap, even in the best case scenario, you’d both be losing years. You could actually lose quite a bit more depending on how different the two are.

      Far more common is a walk-in situation. Before a magician dies, he’ll leave a piece of himself in some item. That piece will be set to draw forth other pieces after his death. Hopefully this will cause most of him to be pieced back together after dying, and he’ll remain in the object for however long it takes. He’ll manage to lure some inexperienced magician to him who will think he found some great magic item. Then he’ll work the magician psychologically until he manages to get his body. That way he gets immortality. (Note that I’m not saying all sentient objects, or ones with spirits of the dead within them, are doing this. Most have no want to ever take someone else’s body).

      If that’s possible, a double-swap should be possible, but it would present some unique issues.

  14. Kris says:


    How do you stop someone that is astral projecting themselves and have attached themselves to you after ending what you thought was a friendship and is now harming you and attacking you and you pets. They have already killed on of our beloved dogs. A speedy response would be much appreciated.

    • RitaAnn says:

      Rob and Kris, I have same problem with 3 people harassing, vandalizing and stealing from us. How can this be stopped? They don’t work and come in all hours day and night. I don’t know them personally, but know who they are but cannot prove it is them, to go to police. Can’t figure since we don’t “know” them why? It has been ongoing for several years. House has been anointed and prayed over several times.

  15. Kris says:


    Just so you know i know it was this person I could see their body in spiritual form. That is how I know they are astral projecting themselves to me and following me around everywhere I go. My husband wedding ring went missing out of nowhere. All kinds of crazy stuff happens and I went it to end and the person not to have any attachment to me i want her gone. How do i get rid of someone that astral projects to my home, my car, everywhere i go. She is obsessed with me. This is the craziest stuff i have ever seen. I never thought it existed..

    • Rob says:

      The first thing to do is cut off all physical contact, which it sounds like you’ve done. That should at least weaken her ability to astrally project to you.

      A few things I have to ask…

      1. Did you constantly feel tired around this person? More specifically, did it feel like something pierces your chest and steals the energy straight out of you?

      2. Do most people tend to dislike and distrust this person even when they first meet them? Are strangers usually rude or on guard around this person? Does this person have a very small circle of friends?

      If you answered yes to all of the above, more than likely you’re dealing with a vampire. Vampire’s are a pain in the ass, but they’re also weak and follow a pattern, which makes them easier to deal with. If that’s not the case though, then it’s just a normal magician, which is far more variable and, as such, can be far more difficult to deal with.

      There are basically two different ways to deal with this situation. The first way is to severe the link. The second way is to go on the offensive and start attacking the astral body until this person stops. So…

      3. How comfortable are you using magic? Can you cast a simple spell? Can you do any kind of psionics?

      4. What is your religion or spiritual beliefs? Just briefly, in a couple of words, what do you believe? I just want to get a handle on what kind of magic you’d be comfortable with.

  16. Hans says:

    I’ve been practicing meditation for quite long and I know that we need to keep our astral bodies sparkingly fit to energise our soul. However, I’ve had some nightmares on a daily basis and unfortunately being done by a tantrik relative. Does anyone know how to energise my astral body apart from meditation. Thks.

    • Rob says:

      Meditation should make energy control easier, but the same techniques should work outside of meditation too.

      It’s probably best that you deal with the nightmare problem though. I’ve found that meditation helps a lot with most dream issues. Meditation strengthens the mind and improves awareness. That makes it easier to lucid dream, which in turn makes it easier to control your dreams.

  17. Fetez Barnes says:

    Do you need to train to Astral Project?

    • Rob says:

      It depends. Some people are able to do it naturally. Very young children tend to pick it up fairly quickly, although they also tend to loose the ability as they get older. Some never lose the ability though. Others manage to astral project on their first attempt. A very small amount of people even have issues where astral projection upsets them, but they can’t stop themselves from astrally projecting.

      However most of us have to learn how to astrally project, and that usually involves doing various exercises until we succeed.

  18. Daniel says:

    Hi Rob,

    Great Blog, I am an artist and is working on getting the word out about astral projection and stimulating mind of these possibilities. Where did you get your images?
    May I use them for printmaking on t-shirts?

  19. Erik Morgan says:

    Hey Rob, ive projected one time, ive had an insane amount of lucid dreams thoug. Id like to start projecting more often, but im scared ill die, is it likely that i will? or is there anyway to get to place in the astral planes were theres nothing that could possibley kill me?

    • Rob says:

      I’m trying to figure out an honest way to answer this question and put your mind to ease without sounding disrespectful or having you take it the wrong way.

      Eventually you’re going to die, and I can’t say for sure if that’s going to happen while you’re projecting or not. I don’t think you’re any more likely to die on the astral planes than you are anywhere else. You can just as easily get hit by a truck or shot by a stray bullet tomorrow. The astral doesn’t seem any more dangerous than any other place to me.

      Unfortunately there are no safe spots on the astral. In fact, there are no safe spots. Your astral body is just as exposed when you aren’t projecting as when you are, so you can be gotten to while you’re wide awake. You can be gotten to in your dreams too.

      Don’t worry so much about it. It’s not worth worrying about. The things that are going to attack you, at least for now, are not very powerful. They try to be intimidating, so they can control you and take advantage of you, but if you fight back they’ll turn out to be very weak, and you’ll be able to handle yourself in that situation if it comes up.

      The really powerful and scary stuff isn’t going to be coming after you, at least not yet. Things like that, with that much power, have better things to do with their time than pick on people and seek out random folks who are far below their power level. If you met by chance, and even if we’re talking about a very malicious spirit, it’ll probably leave you alone as long as you don’t attack it because killing you isn’t going to be worth its time. As you become more powerful you might start to attract the attention of these bigger things, but by then you’ll be stronger, and you’ll be better able to deal with them.

    • Laughologist says:

      Are you at ease now, I see this was posted a year ago. now I have the same fears. I have even lost sleep these last few days fearing I may fall asleep and be paralized in sleep paralysis for longer time periods. It scares me I get axious and my heart beats fats that is the scarest feeling ever. However I have astral rojected on my own twice one timje I hit the wall and woke up the soecond time I flew in my hall way. I havenet astral projected since then but would love to experience astral projecting out my house.

  20. andrea O. says:


    I was wanting to start learning how to astral project. I’ve seen that everyone says that you need to focus, concentrate, and clear you mind. But, I live in a house with lots of people, no privacy, and constantly being bothered. Is there any way that I could do something different and it still work.

    • Rob says:

      You could try learning how to Lucid Dream, and then astrally projecting from a dream while asleep (this is actually easier to do than astrally projecting when awake. Or you could implant a thought command into your head to automatically astrally project once you fall asleep. Then you won’t even have to lucid dream. That’s a little bit tricky, but not overly difficult.

  21. Lisa says:

    I’ve been astrally projecting my whole life and have travelled to all the planes you’ve described and fought demons and bad spirits/energy. I’ve heard prophecies, seen alien like creatures, flown and travelled to space. I’ve tried to talk to people about this and they think I’m crazy. This article has answered SO many of my questions and clarified alot. SUPER informative. Finding out about the different planes was enlightening. I thought it was all just astral projection. When I go to the shadow lands, I will now try to switch to a different plane. Thank you thank you thank you for all this information. Bless!! :D:D:D

  22. Lisa says:

    Coming across your blog was one of the highlights of 2011 for me :D ….I’ve been browsing through it for a couple of hours now, learning alot.

    Ok, I have a question about facing evil spirits in astral projection. When I first started encountering them, I tried to fight them basically just with words and mental energy or will power; once I choked a demon. (I will try fireballs next time, if necessary…never really thought about manifesting weapons. Good tip). Out of fear and thought of Satan or the devil, he appeared a couple of times. I had to wake myself up by shaking my leg. I’ve gotten stronger since and I’m able to control my thoughts a bit better. For some reason I’ve started trying fighting them with love (I prefer staying positive…I believe that negativity attracts negativity…in life, in general), I simply send them positivity and love and tell them that “God” loves them, and can uncreate them. There has been many situations where this has worked and has not worked. What is the most effective way of dealing with demons and negative energies?

    I’ve travelled through time…I’ve been back to my family’s old apartment a few times and other places. I don’t think I’ve travelled to the future. Except I have been in space (time wouldnt really exist??) I think I’ve also travelled to a past life. (I asked to see what I was in a past life) Is it possible to see a past life or do you think it was just a projection of my subconscious/imagination?

    How can I get in touch with my Holy Guardian Angel? And stay in a super positive space?? Is there anything I can buy to keep positive energy in my apartment??

    You talk about masturbation a lot and that it’s bad….I kind of agree but can’t control myself sometimes. Do you think it should be kept to a minimum? Or should I just have sex with people more :D? I do find myself thinking of things during masturbation that I feel ashamed about after :S and disgusted with.

    I just read your most recent post – Lesson 1 Correspondence Course. It’s awesome! I’m going to try to manifest some money for new winter boots!!

    Honestly, your blog made my day!!!!! So informative!! :D
    (I apologize for the excessive amount of questions)

    • Rob says:

      Personally I like to fight things. When a spirit is being aggressive and malevolent, I want to hit it with something and I want to see if I can withstand being hit by it. With a lot of the smaller spirits, I could probably trap or banish them very easily, often with just a thought. I could also utilize protective magics. But I really enjoy hitting things.

      You’re right that fighting can bring about more negative things, but it’s all in the way you fight. If a spiritual fight is something that you associate with anger, and fear, and rage, then you’ll attract negative entities. In the same way if the enjoyment you get from it is hurting things and the pain you’re inflicting, then you’ll attract negative entities.

      But violence itself is not a negative thing. Violence is one of the major themes of Val Halla, which is a heavenly realm. Violence is tied into courage, and honor, and righteousness. Plus fighting can be really enjoyable. In a fight you’re reliant on your power and your wits and creativity to win.

      Fighting can also make you a stronger magician, and to me it’s the best test of a magician’s power. Usually you have to think fast, quickly change your tactics to meet the environment, and come up with new spells and techniques, and then implement them, usually in a matter of seconds.

      When I go into a spiritual fight, there is no anger or rage or fear. I’m calm, and I’m in control of my energy. The enjoyment I get is from the fight itself, and possibly from besting my opponent, but not from hurting my opponent. If something is not all that evil, in my view, or fairly weak, I’m going to be merciful.

      Your love trick can work on a few different levels. Used correctly love energy can be very powerful and very painful, and it was one of the first techniques I developed when I first started getting into spiritual scrapes. Uncontrolled, it can still be effective against certain types of spirits. Spirits that are incompatible with the energy will feel uncomfortable if you hit them with it, and many will run from it. More powerful spirits though will usually be versatile enough to deal with an incompatible energy.

      I can’t say one way or the other about the past life. That’s really something you’re going to have to explore on your own. I’ve had a lot of past life regressions, and there are a lot of different ways to bring them about. They could come about through an astral projections, but with projections it’s very hard to be sure if anything you see is actually real.

      There are different methods and systems for getting in touch with your Holy Guardian Angel. It is a part of you, and it is connected to you. I’d suggest starting by openly asking him to come see you, and see if he shows up. Hopefully he’ll give you some guidance in completely merging back together. If that doesn’t work, there are more complicated methods to try.

      The best thing to keep positive energy in your apartment would be to build an altar to a deity you feel particularly drawn to.

      Masturbation isn’t bad, it’s just usually counterproductive. With masturbation you tend to lose some energy, energy which could’ve been used on your magical spell. Also one of the easiest kinds of energy to raise is sexual energy, which you naturally start raising a lot of when you haven’t has an orgasm in a while. If you’ve recently had an orgasm, you probably won’t be producing any sexual energy. Of course there are ways to offset these issues, but they’re tricks that are a bit complicated, and never 100% effective.

      On the other hand never masturbating could be bad too if you’re not having sex. If you almost never have an orgasm, your body will get used to that frequency, and it will be much more difficult to raise sexual energy.

      I’m not sure what you might be thinking about during masturbation that leaves you ashamed and disgusted. You might want to try exploring why you’re thinking those things and why they turn you on. It’s possible it’s nothing all that bad, and if that’s the case you shouldn’t feel all that bad about fantasizing about it. You might even want to try it and get it out of your system. On the other hand if it involves being very dominant or submissive, or something that if done would be very illegal, it might be a psychological issue that’s worth looking at. Not that there’s anything wrong with you for having the fantasy, or anything wrong about just fantasizing about that, but it may be a sign of a deeper issue that is subtlely effecting you.

  23. Meghan says:

    I just had an experience that I don’t know what to make of it, not sure if I witnessed someone’s AP or if it was something else. I was staying over at my boyfriends apt and I got up in the middle of the night because I got a little cough and needed some water. I go to the living room and drink some water and then I hear a noise and I look up toward the hallway and I watch as what appears to be my bf ( silloute of a man wearing exactly what my bf wore to bed) kind of stretch then look at me and then walks toward the bathroom/ kitchen area, I was getting ready to tell him I was okay and sorry that I woke him when I decide to walk back to the bedroom and wait for him, as soon as I walk into the bedroom to my surprise there is my boyfriend still curled up in bed sound asleep. I have no idea what to make of this. I figured it couldn’t have been a ghost because as soon as I saw it I knew it was my bf, but how could it have been him when he was curled up in bed and sound asleep? So I was wondering if maybe what I witnessed was he’s AP? I’m just looking for some awnsers because this experience has certainly unnerved me.


    • Rob says:

      It’s probably an astral projection, or a wild dream projection, or something similar. I wouldn’t worry about it. If you start seeing your boyfriend around the apartment a lot though, especially when he’s awake, it could be a doppleganger spirit, and you need to be careful with those. If it never happens again though it’s nothing to worry about.

  24. Robert says:

    I know growing up I have experienced a few out of body experiences while at home and in bed but this week I think I experienced one or something like one while awake.

    I was at the car park where I usually park when it happened. The
    car park has several floors and two elevators, the elevator to the north side is close to where cars exit and enter the car park, the elevator to the south side is close to a Rituals coffee store on the ground floor of the car park.

    I remember walking too and at the time I believe I entered the elevator on the north and pressed the number for the floor I was parked on but when I came out the elevator I was at the south elevator and had to walk down to the north elevator and when I walked down my car wasn’t there.

    I taught to myself this is strange, so I went to enter the elevator on the north side. As I went there I noticed the tiles looked different, they looked like they had laid new tiles. I entered the elevator and pressed the number in the elevator but the only one that worked took me to the ground floor.

    When I exited the lift i came out to see the Rituals coffee shop and the floor tiles also looked like they were new. I stopped for for a moment and asked myself what I going on here. I was feeling totally confused.

    I decide to enter the south elevator again and try pressing back the floor I was parked on. This time I noticed the floor tiles looked the way I was accustom seeing them and when I came out the elevator and walked down to the north elevator I saw my car.

    During the whole experience I remember I felt free of everything.

  25. Kim says:


    I was wondering if you could help me out with some questions about astral projecting. I have studied witchcraft and magick, and meditation at a novice level for many years, meaning it has been more of a hobby and something I have turned to in times of need, but have never worked hard to become a fulltime practitioner of magick. Anyhow, I am pretty good at meditating now and creating visions and stepping into them. I also determinedly project to visit particular people while I sleep with varied success. Anyhow, I think that something dark is after me when I project. Alot of time I project and can recall it as a very lucid dream which I am able to somewhat control. But it is very scary.

    Last year, I began astral projecting, just as I was falling asleep, and suddenly I am having a very lucid dream and a very strong, invisible, entity that is very full of rage, lifts me from my bed where I was lying, and drags me across the room. The scariest thing was that this force was invisible to me and I could actually feel the grip of its extremely large hand, completely encircling my throat. I also remember the feeling of being a ragdoll, because as it dragged me about by my throat, my body and legs dragged behind, brushing the floor. I fought back using the only means I could remember my mother ever telling me. I began to say to it that I cast it out to take its evil and leave and it squeezed my throat tighter, trapping the words in my throat. My throat began to gurgle, and the thing loosened its grip long enough for me to shout the words again and cast it out as evil filth and declare that it could not harm me. It suddenly dropped me to the floor. Then (in this lucid dream) I rushed out the door of my apt. and saw my neighbors and told them what had just happened. It was all very real
    Well it happened again yesterday as I lay down in the am for a nap. Again I began to astral project, and fell asleep into a lucid dream state. I found my self in an apt. that remined me of my own, but there was this big oversized door cut into the wall near the corner of the room. The door had writing on it just like my youngest daughter’s door does in reality. The door was partially open and I could just glimpse inside and it appeared empty. My husband came in and I told him “look at this door, lets look in there”, just as the door slammed shut. We both looked at each other and were talking about being haunted when something very large, invisible, and dangerous pulled me by the back nape of my shirt into the air about 10 feet. I could feel the shirt tighten around my neck and this force holding tight as I struggled and squimed. I hollered for my hubby repeated to see what was happening to me, but as I looked down upon him I noticed he was frozen in time. Next thing, my husband was yanked into the air next to me , suspended , and he is a big guy. This thing was intent on bullying, and I felt that it wanted to prove that it was doing this because it can. I again rebuked him and cast it out and made clear that I at least in some way could fight back.

    Was this occuring on an astral level or was it just a dream? I was recently told by a medium that something was lying in wait to attack me on an astral plane and wished me harm and negativity. Do I need to be worried then? Any thoughts on how I can protect myself. Is astral projecting into a lucid dream state still astral projecting or something else? Please reply.
    Thank you

    • Rob says:

      There’s a difference between astral projection and lucid dreaming. The dream realm and the astral realm are two different places, although some folks tend to confuse them. They’re similar enough that sometimes it becomes difficult to tell if you’re astrally projecting or dreaming. Other times though it’s easy to distinguish between the two. Having experienced it, you’d be much better at figuring out if this was a dream or a true astral projection than anyone else.

      That being said, dreams aren’t all that much safer than the astral. The methods of entry may be a little bit different, but if something wants to attack you, it can just as easily get to you while you’re dreaming, assuming it knows how.

      The geography you described could be the astral. It’s not unheard of for astral geography to get warped. This happens to a greater degree when you have a person, such as yourself, who is astrally projecting, lucid dreaming, and having deep meditations, among other things. Part of this is a tunneling effect, where you’re making new routes as you move through the astral. Part of it is just your home not being spiritually big enough to fit you, so you start expanding it.

      For instance in my astral house the hallway extends further back, and there is a second room behind my bedroom. There’s also a route through the second story bathroom floor that leads to a series of tiled tunnels that go to a lot of different places. These are all expansions I’ve made to my astral home so it can fit me. I’m sure you’ve made some yourself, whether or not you’re aware of it.

      As for the medium, I’d say not to trust them. Psychics have all sorts of tricks to get someone away from their money. One way is by making up a spiritual problem they need to be paid to fix. Even if they are offering their services for free, they may be after something else, such as a loyal follower, or sexual exploitation. It’s best to figure these things out for yourself, and trust your own instincts. You’d know better than anyone else if you’re getting spiritually attacked. And I do believe you’ve been spiritually attacked, but I’m unsure of the nature of the attacker or the reason why, or if this is something that is likely to happen again.

      I would suggest expanding your portfolio of attacks. You’re reliant on a single attack, and as you found out it’s easily defeated by crushing your windpipe. You should have a variety of attacks, and ways to attack once parts of you have been compromised.

      If you were paralyzed and suffocated, I’d suggest starting sending an electric jolt through your body, or if you could astrally morph making yourself thorny like a rose stem. Either might get the thing to release you, at least momentarily, so you could form a second attack. Then again I’ve been lit up quite a bit, and I frequently touch sharp things like rose stems on accident. We tend to be attracted towards the kinds of attacks we know.

      Remember, even if your body is completely paralyzed, you can still form energy based attacks by focusing your mind. Even if you’re magically binded, a binding can be broken. There’s always some way to fight back.

  26. Gene says:

    I have been losing sleep due to sleep paralysis fears. Is there anyway I can rid this fear because I would liek to astral project but the sleep paralysis scares me and I feel like I am not going to wake. Since this happned phsycologically it has affected me to a point where I am afraid to sleep. Please advise.

    • Rob says:

      I suffered through horrible bouts of sleep paralysis as a teen, so I understand what you’re going through. The loss of control can be very stressful and scary, even if it doesn’t sound that bad when you’re not going through it. There are some things that may be causing it, and a change may fix the problem, for the most part. For me it was the bed I was sleeping in as a teen. After I got rid of the bed, I almost never suffered from sleep paralysis, where as before it usually happened more than once a week.

      Unfortunately there’s no way to completely stop it from happening. I still have bouts with sleep paralysis all these years later, it just doesn’t happen to me as often as it used to. Though it can’t be stopped, you can deal with it better, to the point where it isn’t a big deal.

      Sleep paralysis is such a horrible ordeal because when it happens, the first thing you do is panic. You get stressed out and anxious, you probably have something akin to an anxiety attack. You try to wake yourself up however you can. Like by moving an arm quickly, or getting your hand to your eyelids and forcing them open. This takes a lot of effort when you’re paralyzed, and it creates a lot of stress. The only relief comes when it’s over with, because at least it’s over with, but by then you’ve gone through something fairly traumatic, with the knowledge that this whole situation is going to keep happening again and again.

      It doesn’t have to happen like that though. If you can control yourself just a little bit and resist that initial urge to panic, it can be a very peaceful and tranquil event, one that’s no more traumatic than waking up from a light nap.

      You should deal with sleep paralysis the same way you would with a deep meditation. Unless the house was burning down around you or something, you wouldn’t try to yank yourself out of a deep meditation. You shouldn’t try to yank yourself out of sleep paralysis either. It’s something you want to come out of slowly in steps.

      The first thing to do is not to panic. When you wake up in sleep paralysis, don’t try to wake yourself up right away, don’t get stressed out, and don’t panic. Remember that you now have the tools to deal with the situation, and it’s going to be okay.

      You have some time if you need it, so if necessary take a moment to compose yourself mentally. Relax yourself. Don’t try to wake yourself up. Remember that you don’t need to wake up right away.

      Next take a moment to become aware of yourself. Notice that you’re breathing. Pay attention to your breathing. Give that all of your focus. It may be deep, but it will probably be shallow. It’ll have a rhythm to it. Pay attention to all of this. It doesn’t matter how you’re breathing, just watch it.

      Focus more and more on your breathing. Don’t rush this or push it though, just wait until you’re comfortable enough to increase your focus. After a while, try modifying your breathing a bit. Make it more shallow, or deep, or change the rhythm. Nothing dramatic, just something easy and simple. If you’ve been focusing on your breathing for a bit, and you’re trying to do something simple, it should work. On the off chance it doesn’t, don’t worry. Just try something simpler, or spend some more time focusing.

      Now you can play with your breath. Play with it a bit. Control the rhythm, and how deep and shallow it is. You’re now conciously breathing and in control of it. Your body isn’t doing it automatically anymore. You’re no longer paralyzed.

      Continue to breath. When you feel comfortable enough, shift some of you focus over to your eyes. Slowly lift your eyelids. Smile a bit, and lift yourself up out of bed at your own pace. You’re awake.

      It sounds like a process, but it’s not. Realistically, it will probably take you two to three minutes on your first try, and you’ll get better and faster at it the more it happens. Don’t get discouraged if it takes longer though, just stick to the process. Remember you don’t have to get out of sleep paralysis right away. Take your time. Come out of it slowly and peacefully. You’ll feel much better than if you end it quickly.

      • Laughologist says:

        Thanks a bunch, May i ask doe sone have to be in sleep paralysis to astral project?

        • Rob says:

          Yes and no. Sleep paralysis will precede astral projection. It also precedes the normal dreaming you do when you sleep every night. It’s a normal part of sleep. However, like falling asleep, you probably won’t notice it when you astrally project.

          • Laughologist says:

            I am dreaming more every night but I just cannot seem to astral project. Any tips you can provide. Every night before I sleep I say I want to do it. I want to experience going anywhere I want I just cant seem to do it. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks, and I am sleeping better now. Thanks a bunch

            • Rob says:

              It’s not enough to just want to do it and hope it happens. You have to find a series of exercises that you like, and actively and consistently do them. Give yourself some time working with them, like three to six months. If you still aren’t seeing any success, try a different set of exercises, and keep doing this until something works.

  27. carlos says:

    i’ve been trying some methods but my main problem is that i almost always fall asleep in the end. If i concentrate on not to sleep, then i can’t get deep enough and everything remains too physical most of the time. Do you have a suggestion on what to experiment with?

    • Rob says:

      You could try things that would keep your mind awake. Some people have had success with reading before bed, as it tends to tire them out while making their minds race. Others have preferred exercise, since it tires out there body even if they’re not mentally tired. In either instance, your not concentrating on not falling asleep, your mind is just naturally staying awake and active as you fall asleep. That’s really where the trick lies.

  28. Ari says:

    Hello, I found this website after googleing astral projection after I had a weird experiance last night. I’m not sure if I was dreaming or astral projecting so I was hoping you could help me figure this out. I usually only remember some dreams, the ones I do remember are those completely weird and confusing nightmares, but the one I remember from last right was different. In this dream I was helping a family with a paranormal problem, I felt as though the body I was in was mine (although it did not look at all like me) and I felt that I was a professional when it came to paranormal stuff. I remember I walked into a little boy’s room where the family said the strange things were happening, accompanied by a little girl who lived in the house also. I remember looking up at the ceiling and seeing eyes looking down at me. To protect the girl I. Tried to get

  29. Ari says:

    Hello, I found this website after googleing astral projection after I had a weird experiance last night. I’m not sure if I was dreaming or astral projecting so I was hoping you could help me figure this out. I usually only remember some dreams, the ones I do remember are those completely weird and confusing nightmares, but the one I remember from last right was different. In this dream I was helping a family with a paranormal problem, I felt as though the body I was in was mine (although it did not look at all like me) and I felt that I was a professional when it came to paranormal stuff. I remember I walked into a little boy’s room where the family said the strange things were happening, accompanied by a little girl who lived in the house also. I remember looking up at the ceiling and seeing eyes looking down at me. To protect the girl I. Tried to get her out of the room, but she kept comming back. So I called her parents in to restrain her. (Up until this point I had no doubt it was a dream) but the spirit that was looking down at me from the ceiling got angry that I was pushing the girl. I felt instantly threatened and started to run out of the room, urging the family to come with me. The spirit rammed into my back and pushed me into a wall. It seemed like I went through it because I was then in my grandma’s living room still being pushed at highspeed towards a wall with a mirror on it. I saw myself being pushed by a stereotypical scary ghost/demon woman. I closed my eyes bracing for impact from the mirror but then opened my eyes again to see myself sleeping in my bed and I was flyingout of the ceiling down directly on top of my sleeping body. I remember thinking “its okay, I’m right here in bed, not where I was before” Then I was in my body again but it didn’t feel like I was entirely. Then that itch thing happened that you spoke of but I could tell I was still not in the body sleeping on the bed. I thought I was awake and would never return to the. Same dream (that’s what usually happens when I wake up). But I did return to the same dream, almost like being snapped back. But this time we were outside the house, the family was crouded around me like I had passed out and they had carried me outside. I remember thinking of a solution to the problem the family was having but before I could tell them I woke up, for real this time. And I was laying in bed, I couldn’t move for a few minutes but when I could I grabbed my smart phone and started to research. Could this have been an out of body experiance? I just turned 15 yesterday and I have tried astral projection in the past with no luck. I also practice magic sometimes but only little spells, the spells were successful somewhat but I know the results could be better. I do not try astral projection often because I am afraid of the evil things that could attack me, and I know that if I astral project while I’m afraid of those things I will get hurt. Please give me some advise on how I can achieve astral projection and if this experiance was astral projection.

    • Rob says:

      It sounds like it was at least partially a projection. The part where you were outside your body in your room was probably a projection. The rest…

      It’s possible the whole thing was a really weird projection. You may also have been channel yanked. This usually happens from channeling though. Basically because you aren’t skilled enough at holding yourself in the channel, you get yanked through it, and typically turn up in some alternate place or reality, and usually are possessing some other body (although the degree of the possession varies). It doesn’t sound like you channel though, so I’m thinking this is unlikely, because I’ve never heard of it occurring in someone who wasn’t channeling.

      You may also have hit upon an alter-self. These are personality shards found across different dimensions, which are essentially alternate versions of you in alternate realities. These lifetimes, when you glimpse them for a short time, seem very real and lifelike, and they give you an idea of what you might have been under different circumstances or in a different world. You also tend to have a lot of the same people in your life in an alternate reality.

      My last idea, and what I’m betting happened, is that a spirit attacked you through your dream, and that the attack caused you to be temporarily knocked out of your body. It’s a very simple explanation, and going by what you said, the most likely.

  30. Ari says:

    Sorry about the double post, I accidentally posted it unfinished, the second post has the full story.

  31. jinx says:

    Thanks for the new info on astral projection! But I still have some questions, I lost my cat awhile ago and him and I were very close. I think I have had travels when I go home (currently at my nanas house) and I would see him. And hear him. And etc. Are they travels or dreams? Usually I’ve noticed when I usually think I have projected, I always go to my house and call for my cat. That’s aLl I do. Is that dreams or travels?

  32. Emily says:

    could I have some help? I’ve been trying to astral project for ages and none of the methods I have tried have seemed to work.. I have either woken with a start as I had realised I was falling asleep, or just fallen asleep. Do you have any tips that can help me?
    Also, I was talking to my friend about Astral projection, and she said that her mum used to try doing it, lucid dreaming, telepathy… things like that, but she said that she doesn’t believe it works any more.
    Last night I watched a video on how to maximise your chances of getting out of your body, it said that the peak times that it will happen is between the times of 3:00 and 5:00 am. I considered setting an alarm for this time, but as I had school the next day I didn’t bother as I thought I would probably need the sleep. I woke up in the middle of the night, wondering what time it was I looked at my phone which displayed the time ‘3:20’ I didn’t bother trying to astral project then, I just went back to sleep. But this morning when I arrived at school (bearing in mind that I hadn’t told anyone that I had woken up at 3:20) The friend who was telling me about her mum told me that she had forgot to mention that her mum always woke up between 3:00-3:20 almost every night. It freaked me out so much… Are these linked in anyway?
    Also, can you change your appearance to other people in the astral world (like in the physical you can dye and change your hair, wear coloured contact lenses etc.) So that these people would see you completely different to how you appear in the physical.
    I would also like to know if you can shift a friends conciousness into their astral body, so that you can visit them while they sleep and shift their conciousness into their astral form, taking them with you and having adventures with your friend?
    Thankyou :)

  33. I can’t believe that after 20 years of marriage, I haven’t seen my wife on the astral plane.
    One morning my wife said she got out 3 times the night before and was pulling on my arm but I was awake all night. She was right, I spent all night motionless trying to get out. How could she have known that? When I do get out she is awake, my body is not in bed and The windows and doors are in a place we do not yet live but later do. I want so bad to make love to her in astral form, shape shift, and do all that is possible together. Is it possible that we just don’t hang out together on the astral plane? How can we share this experience? And who are your mentor’s? I am curious about Alister Crowley and I think the wife is majick as hell and doesn’t know or care.
    Your feedback please.

  34. Billy says:

    Diggin the blog. The guide is great. I typically use the roll method as I fall asleep to project. I sway my consciousness from side to side with my eyes closed as if I am trying to roll out. I do this for however long it takes me to fall asleep. Usually, I will roll out as I fall asleep.

  35. Debbie says:

    I use to astral a lot when I was younger but I didn’t understand what was going on, I never tried it just happens,. Now that I am an adult it hasn’t happen in over 20 years or more. Now I am researching it. I understand somewhat. But it just hasn’t happen anymore. I was scare everytime it happen when I was younger. Now that I understand a bit. I like to do it again. But it just don’t happen! It either happens on it own. Or if I try nothing happens.

  36. Jade Forrest says:

    I have a problem with a man who projects into my body and takes my energy. I met him at a fitness center 6 years ago. He was married with 3 children. At night he would come to my room with powerful sexual energy and have sex with me. When I fell asleep, he entered my body and took my energy. When I awoke I was completey wiped out. At first I thought that he was just thinking about me and somehow I received his thoughts. However, he admitted to me that he was leaving his body and coming to me. I asked him to leave me alone. He told me that in his world, “…there is no disconnect.” After praying and going to ministers and healers, I eventually went to his wife and asked her for help. She knew that he “astro-projected” but she was unaware of what he was doing to me. She asked me to confront him with her. We did and she told him that if he wanted to remain married that he needed to stop, “having affairs and astro-projecting. After that he attacked me with an energy that surrounded me for 3 days and caused my heart to pound constantly. During those three days I could not sleep. His wife divorced him a month later. I am desperate for help. He is ruining my life. I can feel when he comes because I can feel his energy around me. He use to come with sexual energy but I learned to resist it by focusing on Jesus. Often he comes with such powerful depression that just feeling his depression almost makes me not functional. I can only fight it by connecting to Jesus’s Love. I use to be able to feel his energy trying to enter me and where he goes in my body and I could resist him by calling for Jesus and Arch-angel Micheal. However, he has become better at sneaking in when I am in a deep sleep. He prefers to be in my heart and he causes my heart to pound rapidly. I am losing my health. Do you have any suggestions?

  37. Angel says:

    Hey! I’ve been told by my friend that hes done this and he said its really cool and fun. I’ve looked up stuff about this and I was a little scared. I kinda wanted to start doing this but I wasn’t too sure about the fact of doing this. As of now I am 13 years old. I’ve also been crept out by he fact you can possibly die from this and fight things while doing so. If you could bring me more info of this wheater its safe or not that would be great!(:

    • Jade Forrest says:

      Listen to your fear!!! There is an intuitive guidance in each of us that is beyond our intellect – beyond our ability to THINK out the right thing to do. It is a very healthy thing that you are in touch with your feelings and your guidance from within – and that you are listening to it.

      I come from a different perspective than most people on this site. I have experienced how it feels for another person to attack me by leaving his body,entering my body, taking my energy, and trying to destroy me with such powerful energy that it swirled around me causing my heart to pound and making it so that I could not sleep for three days. I knew if I had not had a strong heart – I would have died.

      I never thought any of this was possible. I have a PhD in Clinical Psychology – and there is nothing in my field of study that could help me. Furthermore, there is nothing that your parents or law enforcement can do to help you – if you place yourself in a situation where you are vulnerable to other entities and energies that have the ability to destroy you in an instant, or worse, to destoy you slowly over time so that your life becomes a living hell.

      Some paths you choose have a momentem of their own, and once you begin down them, there is no going back. I know the man who attacked me. I believe that his pursuit of power-over-others – rather than a pursuit of a life of compassion, kindness,and love – drove him to study astro-travel and magik. (I can not speak about others and their motives or intentions). He told me that he began to leave his body at will, with the help of a mentor, when he was a professional football player with the Dallas Cowboys. At the time I met him he was married with 3 children. He taught advanced weight-lifting at a jr. college and was an adult health-educator for Kaiser Hospital.

      Now, he is divorced, lost his job, and lives in a constant state of deep depression. He is possessed by powerful entities who control and use him (although he thinks HE is in control). In order for him to survive – his life is consumed by having to steal energy from others (he has had to become an energy vampire). I don’t believe he ever anticipated the misery and captive prison his life has become.

      I am grateful for the information on this site. Rob’s blog has given me a better understanding of how to protect myself. I am appretiative of those who understand magik and asto-travel and choose to help others with their knowledge.

      The Bible warns to not associate with those practicing evil because, “spirits will attack you.” The Bible also warns against the succubus and incubus (male and female spirits) “who come in the night to seduce you.” I learned the hard way that there IS evil and God and Jesus DO exist. And, I learned there is only one power greater than evil – that of Divine Love.

      My prayers are with you,

  38. Linda says:

    Hi, I was on here asking why people have out of body experiences, found very interesting info, the blogs are educational as well, My first obe was 28 years ago, terrified me , did’nt know what was going on , they continued more frequently, I did’nt like having the obes or astral travelling, it still scares me , it happens naturally, I’ve talked to mediums, asked them how do I stop this from happening? they told me just to embrace it , let it happen, I can’t stop it , I try and fight it, feels like theres this energy an entity that makes me have the obe’s. I’ve seen things, I didn’t want to see when astral traveling , although it’s a very care free feeling flying in the air.I have had extremely alot of experiences with spirits. I just moved from a haunted house. when I lived there I was having the obe’s 3-4 times a week , then in I had them consistently in 4 days straight in a row and astral projected , I was very ,very exhausted ,I could’nt go to work for those 4 days, to the point , I had a hard time walking,because my legs were so tired.It does really take alot of your energy. I’ve told people about this, they tell me ,” you’re so lucky, I tell them, ”If I could give this to someone who wants to have these, I would, in a heart beat, I have’nt had 1 an obe astral traveled, in at least 8 months, it’s been great, I’ve spiritually learned how to ground and protect myself more, with my highest power. For you people out there who work on having an obe and astral traveling , please make sure,you protect and ground yourself,as it keeps you safe,
    God bless to all and have a Merry Christmas

    • Sherry Jackson says:

      Thanks for writing about your experiences and giving your suggestions. I found them interesting. I can not respond to your desire to understand why someone wants to astral travel because I don’t want to. I have a strong desire to be in control of my body and experience the world through all its senses and feelings. I can understand if life becomes so terrible that one might want to escape rather than deal with it. Everyone does at times. However, while that may be a temporarily relief – certainly, it doesn’t fix any problems and there is the possibility that things might get worse.

      Knowing the man that I had my experiences with (December 14 comment above) convinced me that I NEVER wanted to go in the direction that he did. He lived a life of CONSTANT DEEP DEPRESSION, was possessed by powerful entities, and in order to survive- his astral traveling and stealing energy from others, took over his life. As a result he has destroyed others lives as well as his own. I think he was lured to the study of magik and astral travel because he wanted power and control over others. I believe that his practices and intentions cut him off from that endless source of Divine Energy.

      Do you think that possibly your exhaustion following your obes was due to the entities entering your body while you were gone and taking your life force. I also experienced a spirit (from the man I knew) that came to me wanting me to leave my body. Finally, he entered my body in the night. I could feel where he was in my body and, at first, could not get him out. The next day, I was so exhausted that I could not do anything. I began to lose my health. When I tried to resist him, I experienced paralysis. All I could do was repeat, “I love you, God” until the paralysis went away. The next time it happened, my voice was paralyzed as well as my body. I repeated the thought, “I Love You, God” until that paralysis went away. The next time I resisted him, I saw a Demon growling at me (I saw it, although my room at night was pitch black). (I approached him at the fitness center where I met him, and told him to leave me alone. He replied, “In my world, there is no disconnect.” I replied, “In my world there is.” When I accused him of seeing the demon when he came to my room the previous night, he said to me, “Doesn’t it say in your Bible that God made everything – so how could anything be evil.” I told him, ” The Bible is all about Good vs evil”). One time I was tossed across my bed by a powerful force when I tried to resist him. I went to various healers. None of them could help. The only thing that worked was connecting to God’s Divine presence .

      Eventually, I learned to stop him by focusing on Jesus and Arch-Angel Micheal and asking them to make all evil leave me and my home. I learned how to feel the energy of the man’s spirit around me and when he tried to enter my body. Then he began coming only when I was in a deep sleep. I prayed that I would know when he came and be protected. I learned how to call in Jesus and Archangel Micheal, even when I was in a between-sleep-and-awake state. However, it has been a battle, because every time that I learned how to protect myself, he tried something different. Lately, what has helped me – is imagining a brier thicket around him that closes and grows tight around him (learned from this blog). He leaves when I do this.

      I was curious as to what you have learned that protects and grounds you. Also, could you discuss some of the obes that you didn’t want to experience as well as your experiences with other spirits. Although there will be many who will call us “mentally ill” (I know since I AM a clinical psychologist) – there will be others, who have experienced what you have, who may need the help you have to offer.

      May God Bless You and All Others,

  39. sandramilton says:

    Sherry — do I understand what you’re going through! I’m glad I found some one else in the world who knows what “they” can do. I went to an (ugly) Indian doctor, the most unattractive person you can imagine, and that was it. He didn’t know me from a bar of soap, but the next day what happened to you, happened to me…and continued for a long time.

    I managed to make him stop visiting astrally, but it took four months. Every two or three nights he’d visit, with the greatest “love” energy I had ever perceived from a human in my life. Then it changed to a kind of “yearning,” which became sexual. How did I get him out? When he’d come, I didn’t know what ‘it’ was — I thought maybe he was thinking of me — but my energy was being drained more and more, to the point where I was totally unable to stand up, go out or do anything. I realized, and that was when I was finally able to react. The next time he came I simply reacted. I got mad and yelled at him to get lost and leave me alone. Apparently that’s the occult Law. Well I didn’t know that, but after I did it, he never came back, and it was only then I found out about this occult law. Say NO when he’s there astrally, and also inside yourself. Want him out with all your strength. If I’d known that, I would have saved myself a lot of problems. That was not the end.

    Two and a half years later, I’m still having problems, because I’m still not free, but he doesn’t come astrally now, he doesn’t come at all as he did. When he stopped coming astrally, I became aware that I was still being drained, and getting worse rather than better, and when I was able to connect with my third eye to him, I let him have it. I blasted him with a huge force that contained all my loathing, yelling insults. He was connecting to my third eye, and gathering information, not freeing me as I’d asked, and telepathically sending me love, but not sexual energy now, and I hadn’t understood what was going on. After the blast I gave him, I was better, because I’d learnt this Freak was connecting and somehow still using me.

    The next afternoon roughly six months after his last astral visit, I was with a couple of friends, feeling happy and great physically because I’d gone to the beach all day, which lifts me with my energy field. So I was well, having coffee with two friends at their house. I was speaking to one of then when I was suddenly hit by the most sick, negative, cruel, energy you can imagine, but I got help. Internally, my Higher Mind — that’s what it calls itself – helped me and asked me did I want help to make this energy go away? I said “yes, take it away. ” Straight away the Indian doctor freak came astrally and connected, as he’d done so often before but in my bedroom at night. As soon as he connected, I don’t know what happened. I just spoke words inside, they felt HUGE, as if something said it with me. I just said “go away!” The immediate relief came as a big surprize. That was last summer, and where I live it’s summer again, so a year has passed and he hasn’t connected astrally at all.

    I’ve learnt a lot. I’ve gained awareness. This I think is the reason why I had to go through it. This guy does magic, he’s actually an Adept in Yoga, which he’s done all his life. But he’s a vampire magician, and they abound, and that is what yours is too. Call them succubi, adepts, practitioners or magicians, they take your life-force, and that isn’t all. This man took my everything. Anything I had, went. He put me in a world I had never known. When all is said, I’ve had well, not exactly fun, but I’ve learnt a lot! My intuition has blossomed, but I had to pay a price. I’ve become intuitive — but nothing like I was before! I can look at people, and just well, talk. It’s like I connect to the Higher Mind, and it is in light — and what comes out is beautiful, profoundly loving and true. I mean it’s really true, not only because I “feel” love and light within me, but because the people I read are as aware as I am of It, and can actually see it in me, as I “glow” and they do too. It helps the person I read for and they receive the help they need, it uplifts them! What a way to go! (I don’t do it for people, I do it for friends, rather blown away friends at that.)

    I now have Light, which of course we all do, but vampires don’t. They have no lightness of being as a way of “feeling” themselves. They’re in the dark, unless they’ve been feeding from other people, of course. But I discovered why he was there. They, vampires want Light. For roughly eight months when I’d sit and meditate, I could see the Light in my inner eye, but the doctor Freak would be in it, and I couldn’t understand why the hell he was there.

    Mine is still an on-going process, as he’s still around — I’m paying in energy, which isn’t only health, but awareness and love for myself. That makes me want to get over it — I WANT HIM OUT, that’s when I realize something’s wrong and I get desperate, for a little. That opens the door, and I begin to become aware of something new.

    I can avoid you a lot of pain if you’ll listen to this: THIS was my lesson: Your energy is Light, and you know Divine Love is Light — that’s it! You have your love, that’s all you need. I know you’re not happy with the situation he’s put you in, but that is not helping you. Believe me I know what I’m talking about. If you love yourself as Divine Love, that is all you need to survive and be well. Resenting the Vampire doesn’t help the victim — they don’t mind, because IT GIVES THEM MORE ENERGY, but it DEPLETES YOU MORE. That was my big discovery.

    Resentment, loathing, hate — that’s what we feel for these vampire “freaks.” We see who they are, but can’t understand how they can do it to others, or how they can fall so low. That is not good for us. We have to love Everything — that is the hard part for me! I don’t mean to love and marry the vampire, but
    not hate him, too. As we are all One, he’s in it too. For now that’s as far as I can go, because I can’t even like the guy, let alone feel compassion, but I understand what it did to me when I did hate him, it made me more vulnerable to him and depleted me more. Good luck! Just love yourself, and that is your clue.

    Hey Rob, I love your blog. You gave me a hand when I asked, last year and you were right — it was a spiritual experience — and it takes time to understand it. I’ve come a little further on the path than I was when I wrote to you for help. I’m writing again — but not newswriting.

    My “gift” from this experience has been a ‘blossoming’ intuition. Not only do I ‘read,’ but because now that I know “I AM love,” I write in that state of being.
    I write intuitively — but I can’t believe how I write! I have good work in my computer, that I’ve done nothing with for now. I’m told by my well, Higher Mind, that it’s a book — all I know is that I just get a “flow” which uplits me and gives me well, something similar to bliss. The words are so well chosen, the poise, the essence, the words so melodic and just so damned good! My writing is now profound, and I’ll find something to do I guess, but Rob you were right. It IS a profound spiritual experience, and I can’t say I’d re-do it gladly, because I’m still in it — but it’s taught me a lot and opened another way of being within me. Thanks, and I hope you are happy.

    • Sherry Jackson says:


      Thank you for words!!! Although I don’t wish what I have gone through onto anyone else, your words are healing in a way that only someone who has been there can be. I cried when I read what you wrote. My battle is still ongoing too – but it is not as difficult now, as it has been in the past. I believe that he has gone on to other people and only returns to me when he loses them – which makes me concerned for them.

      Like you, I also felt, from him, the most powerful love energy, sexual energy, and yearning that I have ever felt. Shortly after I met him at my local fitness center, he looked at me and filled me with such powerful love that it overwhelmed me. I knew it was not MY feeling for him, rather, it was HIS energy trying to manipulate me into thinking that I loved him. It was the same with the sexual energy that he came with, in the night – it was so powerful that I couldn’t resist it. Although these energies felt good, I began to realize that I was becoming his prisoner and losing my energy and health after he came. I prayed to Jesus and heard these words in my head, “Focus on Me!” When I focused on Jesus, the power of this man’s energy left. That was when I first saw the Demon in my room at night and felt such deep hatred and disgust towards me. I realized that these were his true feelings for me. As I began to resist him more, I began to experience the paralysis and being tossed across my bed (that I wrote about above – December 24). I felt his deep yearning to enter my body and realized that his true motive was to live off my energy. I prayed to understand what was happening to me and went on the internet. I found a site called, “Illegal Carnal Knowledge.” It described a spell where the practitioner astral travels, has sex with a victim through imagination, enters the victim’s body after she/he falls asleep, takes their life-force, and it is as if the practitioner has slept for 12 hours. Once I began to resist him, he would come during all times of the day with such powerful depressive energy that I could not function. The only time the deep depression left was when I focused on Jesus.

      Like you, I tried various things. I tried praying with him when he would come and channeling Jesus’s energy to him. I told him that what he felt in me was Jesus and he could connect to Jesus himself. I began to realize that his desire for power and control kept him from connecting to Divine Energy on his own and that he was just playing with me like a cat with a bug and all the time taking my energy and health. Then, I tried ordering him to leave and putting him down in negative language. It worked for only a moment – and I could feel his yearning to enter my body and take my energy – even stronger. Ultimately, I too, learned that as long as I focused on him in any form; fear, hate, love, or sexually – then – I was connected to him.

      A professor of mine told me years ago, “Hold my hand.” When I put my hand in his he said, “Now, we are connected positively.” Then he said, “Push as hard as you can against my hand with your hand.” When I did as he told me, he said, “Now, we are just as connected – but, in a negative way.” Only when we do not feel negatively or positively towards someone are we free of them. I began to realize that without a strong positive connection to God and Jesus, I was like a feather being tossed by any energy that blew my way.

      Like you, also, my “gift” has been a connection to that most precious and powerful of all loves, Divine Love, and a blossoming of truth that I had never known before. Truly, the importance of possessions, money, and prestige has fallen away and has been replaced by a desire to be of service to a Divine Presence whose loving energy fills me and always wants for me, only that which is best for me.

      Like you, life isn’t easy. He still comes around. There is no going back to the days of innocence and ignorance.

      You write beautifully and I understand how God’s Truth flows through you when you connect to it. Thank you again for your words. If you have any idea how we might help others, please let me know.

      God bless you,

      • sandramilton says:

        Sherry/Jade — I don’t have it all clear. The website you mention doesn’t exist. But I know the post is true because I know what it means to be attacked by a vampire, and you know the beginning of it. You describe what they do, but you don’t know how. The “spell” isn’t how they do it. I went through it.

        Knowing how they do it, as I now do, truly and cruelly, I can’t agree to say more about it. But I do know this — because I know what they did, I know what to do. That is energy work. That is what I’m into now. I don’t “shield” because I don’t need to.
        I didn’t know about shielding when I could have had the benefit.

        I am letting it go of the experience with the vampire. You arn’t ready. There I could give you a tip. There is no love involved, and you are not aware of why he was attracted to you. That is where the work is. Today, you’re not free, but you have to be otherwise, nothing works in your life. That is what I figured out.
        How can it work if you don’t have the means of leaving him out of your head? The emotions you have for him are what he’s feeding on. That is where you’re not free. When you understand that putting your attention on him IN ANY FORM gives him your mood — that is your energy flow – and proves that he’s not out of your head. His narcissism and your “helpfulness” even if highly true and very beautiful, are not really helpful. LOVE YOURSELF is really the only anecdote I can say works. It’s all in the mind.
        your training was truly helpful in realizing what was happening, i.e. you were being manipulated into falling in love. That’s all it is. And you know it. The dificulty is that if he does nothing, you can’t live as you did before him. You have the need to look inside and see why you are not free. He can’t do more, if you really don’t want it. Now you’re aware, and that’s all it takes. I’ve had this realization myself, and it really is necessary to go it alone. I hope you agree. Good luck and be well.

  40. ANONYMOUS says:

    I am 12 years old and have had a semi-unconcious (if thats what it was) astral projection. I am part native american and a Chippewa/Onieda man (i know i am chippewa because of this experience i think i may be part Onieda also) came to me and we walked and then teleported to his village in the 1800s. So, to make a long story short, we talked and when i woke up i remembered part of this. At first i thought it was a dream but i had never heard about the Onieda before and he taught me about them and other stuff. I then tryed to astral project (with luck) again. As i was leaving i heard lots of noises and people talking to me. I know this is a syptom but it really scared me and i know its bad to be amscared on the astral plane so i came back. I am overcoming my fear slowly and surely. I feel i would be less afraid if i went woth somone. My friend kind of wants to try it. If we both astral projected at the same time could we meet up (by the way, we would be in the same room) and travel and explore together? I would espacially like him there of we got attacked like u said, two are stronger than one. So any way would this be a good and possible idea?

    • Jade Forrest says:

      Dear Anonymous,

      You asked if; inspite of your feelings of FEAR and an instinctual knowing that what you experienced (people talking and noises) was a SYMPTOM; that you should project again – but this time go with a friend for protection.

      My question is, “Why.would you want to go to a place where your instinct and inner knowing is WARNING you that you have REASONS to be scared – and possibly put your friend in danger too?

      Listen to your instincts and your feelings – especially – when your fear warns you that you are in danger. As far as two of you being stronger than one – sometimes that can be true, here on earth, dealing with only other human energy. However, when you are dealing with supernatural energies – our human energy is like that of the tiniest bug that can be decimated with the slightest effort. Two bugs are no more difficult to destroy than one

      On the other hand, you have experienced a very important communication that YOU know was real. And, it would be completely normal to want to experience this elder and your feelings with him again. When you are communicated with, from the unseen world, it has to do with your destiny in this life. This elder is connected to you. What he came to teach you is important for you to know. It would be helpful for you to write down:

      1.What FEELINGS do you have from your encounter with this elder?
      2. How has the experience changed you forever?
      3. What did he want you to know and never forget?
      4. Why do you need to know what he taught you?
      5. What details do you remember, in what order, and what do they mean? Some meanings may come in time or by asking others who might know.
      6. Was there a final instruction given to you with authority?

      There are different kinds of dreams. What you described was like what Carl Jung experienced. (as well as many others throughout the history of the world). Carl Jung wrote many books that became the foundation of some branches of psychology. The information he wrote about, came from different teachers who came to him from the unseen world, during dreams.

      Always center, whatever you do, in God’s and Jesus’s energy along with that of His holy spirits, angels, and archangels. When you are in danger say, “I cover myself with the blood of Jesus Christ as my protection and I REBUKE you in the name of Jesus Christ and Archangel Micheal.” Nothing is as strong as Divine energy. And – always listen to what your instincts tell you.

      May God Bless YOU,

  41. Dear Rob,

    I am so glad I found your website. My life has been hell on earth for the last ten years. At that time, a gym instructor that I was attracted to started coming on to me. Every time I approached him, thinking he was shy or something, he denied interest let alone knowing my name which was a lie.

    This guy can read my mind and hear me when I speak anywhere in the world-it happened all over Europe while I was there-we live in the US. When communicating, I speak either out loud or in my mind and he answers me yes or no by contracting my vagina.

    I was extremely sexually attracted to him and would think of him while masturbating. Somehow, we linked up astrally and had sex daily until a few years ago when I realized he was lying to me when he said we would someday be together. Up to that point and to a lesser degree since, I cried uncontrollably daily. I lost my ability to capitalize on my masters degree in the summer of 2004(this started in February of 2004), became chronically ill with a sinus infection, filed for bankruptcy and now am in the process of losing my home.

    When all this first started, I called him and he denied it all and yet would make insinuating comments during class to let me know it is indeed real. I continued to believe he wanted to be with me because daily he would play off of song lyrics or things being spoken around me and contract my vagina.

    How did I believe him for so long, you ask. Insanely enough, on Christmas day of 2003, I picked up my phone to call my son and accidentally hit the redial button (it was a new phone and I had only called him a few days earlier to confront him). Instead of my son on the phone, it was him. I thought he had called me at the same time and I had picked up the phone and dialed without realizing he was on the line. I couldn’t believe it-he’ld called me after denying he even knew me(which I knew to be a lie)! Instead of saying-hey, lady I didn’t call you-he, in his mind, “played along” saying he would call me later that evening. I have since found out, he called a friend he went to college with who is a private investigator. That night when he called, they placed a bug on my phone.

    As a result of him alleging I was stalking him, I have felt unable to communicate with him directly. To make a long story short, in Sept of 2011, I found a video of him and his girlfriend, I knew nothing of, online. To this day, he says they are not an item-just going out-he is an evil liar who has kept me bound mentally, physically and emotionally for a decade.

    My problem is three-fold-he continues to insinuate himself on my life 24/7 by 1) contracting my body to statements meant to keep me hoping that he “loves me”, 2) periodically trying to have sex with me at which time I tell him to save it for his girlfriend which works, but most insidiously 3) by waiting until I have fallen asleep and then either, I guess, slamming me on my chest which causes me to gasp for breath and awaken with heart racing or lie over me heavily which wakes me up. I am so distressed, it takes me hours-literally-to go back to sleep. Some nights I get no sleep at all. I am chronically sleep deprived because of these assaults. I rage at him and threaten to kill him-it gets so unbearable, I feel I could commit suicide if I didn’t believe in heaven and hell.

    There seems to be no reasoning with him. I have screamed he must be demonically possessed, mentally ill or the most evil person who ever walked the earth to no avail. It is all so irrational. I have spent the last three years regaining my rational perspective of life and cannot believe the depths to which I descended in this.

    Please help me.
    Lynn H
    St Paul, MN

    • Jade Forrest says:

      Dear Lynn,

      My heart goes out to you. You are not alone. I, too, have experienced what you have. Of course, you know, those who have not experienced what we have, will think we’re nuts. Be careful who you tell.

      The guy who spiritually attacked me was a gym instructor also. His name was Scott and he taught advanced weight- lifting at a college I attended. He told me that he left his body at will and studied “metaphysics”, however, I now think he was into black magik.

      I, too, wrote to Rob at this site for help. Unfortunately, Rob no longer seems to reply or write on this site. The last time he replied was 8-4-12. I will tell you what has helped me to finally be free of Scott. After about 8 years of being harassed and spiritually stalked by this man, nearly losing my health, considering suicide, reading the Bible for answers, paying hundreds to healers who did not help; I, found the final answer that got rid of him once and for all, on this site.

      Rob made a very good argument for attacking anyone who attacks you. For years I tried to put up a series of shields (imagine crosses surrounding me), calling in Jesus and Arch-Angel Micheal for protection, and I even learned how to feel Scott astrally try to enter my body when I was asleep and resist him. But as Rob said, it just made him try a never-ending series of new techniques. So, I tried Rob’s advice and when I felt Scott come, I imagined a thicket of briers or barbed wire tightening around him cutting off his ability to breath and painfully piercing his skin. I also imagined knifing him over and over at the same time, until he left. In short order, he left me alone.

      What I learned from this experience, is that sometimes God needs us to be spiritual warriors. I am not an aggressive person and was trying to ask God and Arch-angel Micheal to do all my work, while I lived my life treating others as I would want to be treated. But, these kinds of individuals are spiritual rapists and energy vampires. Ultimately, their goal is to use you, take your energy, and destroy you. They are evil.

      Certainly, they will use any vulnerability you might have to attach to you. You already sound like you are understanding that he connects to you by causing you to focus on him. I also went through Scott projecting love and sexual energy (the heart and genitals are powerful centers of energy). When I began to realize that his goal was to take my energy and I stopped the sexual and loving energy connection, then he began to use fear and anger to connect to me. Anytime, you focus on someone, they receive your energy. Your only release from a connection with them, is to simply NOT THINK ABOUT THEM positively OR negatively (this includes love, sexual feelings, fear, and anger) at all. It helped me to focus on Jesus and connect to His Divine Love instead. Only when Scott attacked me – did I focus on him and attack him back. IT WORKS! Be patient and consistent. There will be a battle. He won’t want to give up his control over you.

      I will pray for you. Remember, this is a spiritual journey you are on and the wisdom gained through it, has purpose.


      • james says:

        transform the darkness into light through unconditonal love. Do not stab or inflict violence onto a demon, non light spirit or entity.
        it is mean to be mean to the mean and nice to be nice to the nice

  42. Dear Jade,

    You are the angel I have been praying to God for. It’s taken me the past two days to “recover” from the validation your letter has given me. Among other things, you begin to question your sanity so to read you have experienced this as well has done as much to heal me as finding the video of Karl and his girlfriend.

    You are right: no one could possibly understand or believe such a thing exists without having experienced it themselves. This is a great degree of the power these monsters wield over the one they are preying on. I have tried so many ways to relay my predicament, minus the woo-woo stuff, to family and others to no avail. There is nothing tangible to harken to. The feelings of isolation and helplessness are overwhelming. I have existed in this world with an alternate reality playing inside my mind and body-it is crushing and debilitating-literally hell on earth.

    In the process of extracting myself, I too begged God for wisdom and began to have visions of causing him serious injury but then I would feel guilty about not “blessing my enemies”. I had forgotten the Bible also says to “resist evil”. If he broke into my home and began raping me, I wouldn’t pray for him I would fight him to the death. Thank you for clarifying that for me. I have been using your visual and adding a few things of my own when I feel his presence.

    There are so many phases of recovering from this. There is the disbelief that I experienced such profound sexual and loving feelings with and for someone who basically used me as a prostitute. Then there are the feelings of “betrayal” associated with the other person(other people actually-five that I now know of), but what has been betrayed-there was no relationship-I deceived myself as a result of his lies. There is the loss of the falsely perceived intimacy-it was so deep and strong I could not imagine it wasn’t real.

    Now, I look at the years and all I’ve lost and mourn. I have no job (laid off last March and have been physically regaining my health, peace and perspective since then) and have to be out of my home by June 1st. When your spirit, mind, will, emotions and body have been raped and you’ve been a psychological prisoner (one’s life literally stops when the abuse begins) for nearly a decade, the desire to start over just isn’t there. Still, somehow I must. I ask for your prayers and the prayers of anyone reading this. You’ll forever be in mine. God bless you and thank you again for taking the time you did to write.


    • Jade Forrest says:


      Thank you for taking the time to write! Knowing – that the hell that I went through for years – has helped one other person – makes all the misery worth it. We are NOT the only two who have experienced these things. However, we are two – who survived. We can never know how many lives have been ruined and lost because of these individuals who prey on others. Perhaps we can be the help for others that was not there for us.

      You have been in the toughest university for the last 10 years that you will ever experience. The wisdom you have gained can not be learned in a book. The true healer, in every culture, has always been the one who walks the path of the one he or she will be used to heal.

      Perhaps the destiny God had in mind for you; is not exactly what you had in mind. But remember, God’s dreams for us are so… much bigger than anything we could dream for ourselves.

      Certainly what you and I now know about the world, is not what this culture has taught us is possible or even logical. And, perhaps, the greatest truth that we take away is: that Divine Love is the most powerful energy in the universe and to not be connected to it – is to be as powerless against other forces – as a leaf being blown and tossed in whatever winds blow it hither and to.

      When you describe your process of coming to understand that God wants us to protect ourselves the same as God would want us to protect others – even if that necessitates us attacking that which attacks us – I totally understand. That reluctance to attack another is against everything I’ve ever stood for – until I realized – that is exactly how my immune system protects me! My white cells surround harmful viruses and bacteria that enter my body and attack them before they can destroy me. And, you and I have learned the power of thoughts.

      Thank you for your prayers. Prayers ARE Answered! I’m sorry for your difficulties – I’ve been where you are, as are many others now.
      What I pray for you and suggest you to pray, is what helped me when my problems were so great, that I felt as though I was caught between a rock and a hard place with no way out:

      ” Dear Jesus, You carried the cross. You carried the sins of the world. I cannot carry these problems. But, I know that you can. I ask you to carry them for me and solve them. I love you. Thank you.”


      • josie says:

        I had a hard time getting away from a man the was better at it than I was you got to cut all soul ties, verbal connection you got to banish him. I used lady rhea bashing candle you can get it online in the magical realm shop in city island it work very well he just a bad nightmare now.

        • Jade Forrest says:


          I’m glad you are free of him. Can you say what he did to you – and how you cut soul ties and verbally banished him. Whatever you experienced may inform and help the rest of us who incounter these dangerous individuals.

          Thank you for sharing your experiences. I suspect that not everyone who is attacked by an astral stalker as Lynn, Sandra, you and I have been; even knows WHO it is coming from or WHAT exactly is happening to them.

          And – what is it about us that we knew – when our culture trains us that what we know is happening to us – is not real. We all know that if we went to doctors or psychologists – we would be diagnosed as mentally ill and medicated instead of being believed – and – as in the case of Lynn – the legal system was used by her astral stalker – against HER. We must help and inform each other and others.


        • josie says:

          The times i was pulled in to astral projection or encounter someone i saw myself turn into a animal in my case it like i turn part of myself into a white tiger and keep attacking that person with out mercy. I refused to give these thing any power over me . i became better in traveling in my safe zones and these attacks are far less frequent.

          • Jade Forrest says:

            Thanks for your help! I will definitely try it. Sounds like there are a few more (above) that also need your help!
            Bless you,

            • josie says:

              Long story short i met him in the lowest point in my life and he took complete advantage. He would just show up in my dream and pull me out of my body. or if i was astra projecting to to a high plain or meditating he would randomly call me and discuss the project or idea i was working on. I did leave him wished him well and time to time he would spiritually attack me for abandoning him. I would call him and ask him what his issues is and to do away. I took rob advice and focus and battling him i not the best in it but for me it was easiest to turn in to the animal i alway envision while i am mediating tigers, snow owl falcon are just my preference. Yes there was times i would wake up and not understand why my soul felt like it was beat up but i felt better by the day. I f that answers you question. Soul ties look it up online or in your tube.

              • Jade Forrest says:


                Again – thanks for your contribution! Your unique experience and your solution really helps me! I wonder if Rob can add to our mutual experiences with his own understandings and perhaps round out and tie together our experiences…


  43. Jade,
    All I can say is “amen”. If I get to heaven before you do, I’ll be waiting to meet you.

    • Jade Forrest says:


      Likewise… until then – we’ve got a job to do. We both know experiencing THE TRUTH about what humans are capable of – can seem to break us – in ways that seem irreparable. However, we have ONLY lost the myths, defenses, and lies that had allowed us to go on with meaningless lives and goals (that at one time seemed so worthwhile). How much worse – to only learn after we die – that we did not accomplish what we came here to do.

      We didn’t just lose our dreams – we are left with no dream – yet – to replace them with. I guess that is what faith is all about.

      There is so much, I – now – know – that I DO NOT know. This I DO know. I prayed that Jesus will carry your problems for you – and I know He will. Look for the door that opens. There will be a day that we will understand why it all had to happen the way it did.

      Stay connected to this site in case we can help others – or each other. You have touched my soul.

      Til we meet again…

  44. sandramilton says:

    I think I don’t fit in, thank you. I don’t understand any of this. How can you think you’re free? It was the knowledge you had gained about what was astrally done to you that GOT YOU TO THIS BLOG. This blog is not for vampire victims. who have slowly and traumatically awakened to magic which was done to harm them by some aware Freak. Rob’s blog does not cater for this. I’m actually thinking of setting one up, as the need of one seemed very obvious to me from the start — though it seems a bit hard to imagine who to be in it!

    In the meantime, HOW CAN YOU THINK YOUR PRAYERS ALONE WILL WORK? Why are you here, on a magic blog? Did you think your prayers worked before you came here? I’m an Italian-born Catholic -now retired and relieved from having understood!. AWARENESS IS NOT CHRISTIAN, (as in religious.) Awareness is more than that. This is a magic blog. What are you doing here? You are in the wrong place. You can’t offer prayers nor ask for prayers here. Rob won’t pray for you and neither will anyone else reading his blog.. He’s a Magician, and practices magic.

    If you know that you were astrally attacked — don’t you get it?
    You ARE now aware. What more do you need? Well you will need one thing: time to let it settle in. After that, that are specific things that will give you relief. I have practiced them, and let me tell you it’s true I was a victim of this mad fool who is a vampire. But I got over it, and I am well, and I have a new career.

    My life’s on track, and I like it. What you went through is not good Lynn. I understand that. But do you understand it’s not YOU! You had your head “re-organized” inside by him (his mind in yours.) You can help yourself much more by being aligned internally – and that is where I can give you a hand. How can you think it is over when you still think of him? You understood what he did, well why don’t you USE that information?

    Now you can act. You have to act, prayer alone won’t do it. You have to be aware of how you can be safe from others doing it again – even after you’ve freed yourself from this one. I am over it, and if you are interested, read my posts to Rob. They’re in another post: ASTRAL MAGIC ON THIS BLOG, right at the end. That will tell you how I got here. If you Facebook me, the page isn’t open but I’ll open it and I’ll send you an email privately so you can help yourself more to free yourself from what you’re in. I know you could do with a hand, and so could your son. I had a lot of love and help internally, from my higher whatever you want to call it. I was also protected and advised, well even guided, and now I can say I am very awake, and I wasn’t. I was told internally “Life isn’t fair — it’s growth.” Growth has a price, and we all pay it. Hope you’re well.

  45. sandramilton says:

    Sorry Lynn — my original post is not under “Astral Magic.”
    If you look under “Sex Magic and the Swinger Mentality,” 23rd January last year, you’ll see what happened to me, and how I got to where I am. Just know I had to change career because of what “he” did to me. I couldn’t continue with anything I was doing. I just had no life, nothing left. No people, no life because it just left. No work, no energy, no memory, no humaneness, no sense of self and complete identity loss. I had nothing — just total lethargy and apathy – nothing I’d ever had before. But I survived and now I know why I went through it. And I know why I am out. It is ALL possible. We do survive and come out! And we’re changed. That is it, we’re new. What we do from then on… live again. But in a different way, because we’ve become aware of WHY we became victims, which by the way saves us from being “done over” energetically again.

    • Jade Forrest says:


      Your indignation has me perplexed… Although you did not address your opinions to me – I can answer some of your concerns.

      Rob’s blog is where I found the answer that helped me to finally get rid of the man who was astrally attacking me. Who better to know what is effective against someone who practices black magik – than another magican? I learned how to attack him from this blog. Furthermore, I’m not the only one who came upon this Blog looking for help with problems with astral stalkers, energy vampires, and black magik (Lynn did as well). In addition there are also others who have offered advice (You and Josie 2-28-13). I would never have responded to you, Lynn, or Josie – if Rob had responded. However, the last time he responded was almost one year ago. We are left to help one another.

      Which brings me to you. I am very interested in exactly how you were able to solve your problems with the person who astrally attacked you. I know that we are all individuals and all are in the process of growth – throughout our lives. However, these predators who use astral projection and magik to ruin people’s lives do not simply exist because there is something inherently wrong with their victims. That would be like saying that everyone shot by a mass murderer with an assault rifle was shot because the VICTIMS OF THE SHOOTER were inherently flawed in some way.

      Your SPECIFIC experience and WHAT YOU LEARNED may be the answer someone might need (whether here or by starting your own blog). When I was desperate for help and had no money, there was no one to help me. Certainly, I am going to pass on what I have learned and am very interested to learn from others. I have no other motive than to be the help that I didn’t have. Furthermore, without my faith, I wouldn’t be here. Prayer has, and continues, to help me. That said, I am not critical of beliefs that are different than mine, including yours.

      Nice to talk with you again,

  46. sandramilton says:

    Jade Forest (World of Warcraft, I suppose.)
    I don’t get your point of view. You say somewhere there, you are a Ph.d in Psychology. Are you pulling my leg? You are not what you say, because you’d be more intuitive, and you have none at all.

    You are opinionated, very. Your mind is not open. I think you should open it. It will be good for you. All you say is nothing that makes sense. Are you over the vampire or not? Now, I say you are not. You vacilate between yea and nay! What are you in? Obviously, you are a Christian, so why are you here? Magic was done to you. But is that clear to you? Because it isn’t to me. How do you know he did a spell on you? The website you cited as containing the spell he did on you, or at least facsimile, doesn’t even exist. Why do you bother to do things like that?

    You show you DO know energy, so now what are you doing? Are you working with it? You reference everything you say with “Love.” Does it come to you – do you have it IN you, all the time? That is what it SHOULD be. So why aren’t you high? Your vibration should be humming, yet I see variations, and you are not always high at all.

    Why? Please explain. Otherwise, we’ll start thinking about who you REALLY are. Well, we could take a little guess, not a big one. You are not invisible. We are not in front of anyone physical, and yet we can be seen. Who are you, really? Are you a man or a woman? I can’t resist this, because it’s getting fun. I think you’re a man!

  47. Namida says:

    My experience which I believe to be astral projection…I don’t remember it all which is apparently common.I was able to see myself laying in bed and there was a voice of a man harassing me and I kept telling it to shut up because I was scared and was trying to awake.Any thoughts?


  48. Jenni says:

    I really need help with astral projection, i need advice and tips and a whole bunch of pointers. I have never astral projected on purpose, always happens when i least expect never when i try. Does medication have an influence on astral projection? Please helpp!!

    • james says:

      it may, Anti depressants and anti psychotics have a numbing affect and can make a person unconscious. Kind of like the fluoride in our tap water. I took my self off these meds and had some bad withdrawals so if you decide to get off them ask your doctor to wiend you off slowly and while doing so eat very healthy and practice meditation and maybe yoga or tai chi to balance your mood and light body. To be completely honest some med’s only help the current symptom and don’t help you in the future. It will make you dependent on something so that you cant be well with out it so its very important to get over these life blocks and emotions on your own or with someone naturally. I have anxiety since i was younger but am no facing it head on no more drugs or external things to self medicate.

      • says:

        Hmm true, but I got @nother question. (I’m responding on my phone & the button is broken so @ will be in its pl@ce). @re you @ble to see spirits when you @str@l project? @nd is there @ w@y to remember the trips @ lot more? I don’t know how to pr@ctice, I guess I just h@ve trouble @ctu@lly getting out of my body. @nd sometimes c@lming down, like quieting my mind. I re@lly need help…
        Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

        • james says:

          don’t practice astral projection for now . It is not of use to bettering your life and the lives of others on this planet. For now just meditate. meditate while just sitting and meditate through out your day. meditate on love meditate on your breath and your inner body meditate on the universe or meditate on a mantra or just watch your own mind and don’t analyze thoughts as they come up. If you meditate and continue meditating you will become more at peace in the now and you will be able to express more genuine love and kindness to others. Love all and live in the light.

          I Have a website that i was working on a few weeks ago and their is a page about meditation.

          • says:

            Oh th@nk you! I will check it out when I @m @ble to get to @ computer.
            Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

  49. james says:

    i have read from a source who says he astral projected thousands of times. Although his beliefs and ideas are a little off to mine. He says that astral projection is black magic and only used to benefit the self. And from reading what you guys are saying it seems so because the way you speak of counter acting attacks your idea is too cause pain on another person. That simply is not the right path for any spiritual person, I dont astral project nor do i think i should continue trying it but just because you astral project and have psychic abilities doesn’t mean it is good for you unless you learn a lesson from it . If a attack happened to me i would most likely try to Use unconditional love and transform their dark side into light. That is our main purpose here on this planet. Either to use compassion and love to overcome the darkness with our light souls or to give into pleasures desires and bad emotions. It also seems like people are using AP to do sexual things, I don’t have to much of a problem with sexuality but i have to agree with the buddha on that it can be a big desire and can keep you attached to the material world.
    If one were to just have unconditional love and do a sexual act then it would be right ( i have also read that sex in the light realm can create a virgin birth and make two people immortal) (“ancient secret of the flower of life” ). Their is many souls out there that are only trying to better their self. The source i was reading claims that the astral realm is full of people only trying to better them selves for example the akkashic records are for only non light souls who want to better them selves only. But then there is a light realm with no physicality no bad emotions and no ego. It is pure light and love
    So please everyone i don’t know if you guys astral projecting might be part of your divine path so that you learn a thing or two but Remember that it is important to continue bettering the lives of all human and souls out there. Their is no good or bad all non light souls can either be turned to the light or if they are just a negative thought they will disapear. Our solar system is moving toward the light and we must all raise eachothers vibrations thus raising our own. It is never about just raising your own vibration or just about you personally becoming enlightened . enlightenment comes with unconditonal love and the path to the light.

    • Jade Forrest says:


      I was glad to read your comments. Every experience in my life (dark and light, positive and negative) led me to come to the same conclusions as you speak of. I sought to live in unconditional love and the light. I prayed and, continue to pray for Divine Presence to assist me to be one with Divine Love, but, also be an instrument of His Will through compassion, forgiveness, love, understanding and non-judgement. I was living a life of love, purpose, peace and harmony. Then – I met a man who, as the Bible states, “came disguised as an angel in white.”

      I didn’t seek him. While I was working out at a fitness center, he sought me. He began to astrally project to where ever I was (although he was married with 3 children). I could feel his energy. Although he lived in a constant state of deep depression, he could imitate love or sexual energy and project it to me. The love and sexual energy felt good, however, his almost constant state of depression felt debilitating to me. I began to realize that he wanted MY energy. So, I began to try to connect him to my source, God and Jesus. When I felt his depression, I prayed and projected Jesus’ Love to him. l could feel his energy change. I told him that it was not my energy he felt, but Jesus’ – and that he could connect to it himself. At one point I projected Jesus’ energy to heal an old football injury (that doctors had told him that there was no cure for) – and his injury was healed.

      However, I began to realize, as he began to astrally project to me constantly and take over my life, that he wanted to control ME and did not want to give up that control to serve God. I realized that I needed to completely disconnect from him – in order for ME to survive. I spent 8 years (nearly losing my health) trying to cover myself with the protection of Jesus, Arch-angel Micheal, God and His Holy Spirits – while he became more adept at new ways to take my energy. I think that I was as much of a game as a challenge for him. Power and control OVER ME – was his goal. It was not until I read Rob’s Blog and his argument for attacking those who attack you, that I was able to get free of his harassment of me, permanently.

      I now believe that my prayers were answered at this blog. And, I learned, that sometimes, living God’s Will, necessitates actively protecting myself and possibly others. After all is said and done, I did no more than what my immune system does every day to protect my life: It attacks foreign invaders without mercy. If it fails to do that – I die.

      Bless you,

    • Rob says:

      Spiritual people have known, for thousands of years, that violence is not only a necessary thing, but a good thing. As Krishna says, it is worse of a sin for a warrior to refrain from a just battle than to kill someone.

      I don’t care what your source said about astral projection. If they really did astral project thousands of times, you couldn’t begin to comprehend what they’re saying, because you’re an ignorant dumb-ass.

      Astral projection, the akeshic record, the realms of light, even unconditional love, these are words you write, these are not ideas you understand. You’ve never experienced these things, you’ve never felt them, and you’ve never lived through them. You don’t have the faintest understanding of any of it. I do understand these things, because unlike you, I’ve been to these places, felt these things, and worked to figure them out. I’m actually enlightened. Being enlightened means I know things. I know things because I do things, and I experience them. That’s what being a magician is, which is what this blog is about.

      People like you irk me. It’s not that you’re ignorant, I was ignorant once and it can be worked with, it’s that you chose to remain ignorant, and you try to pressure other people into being ignorant like you. I have spent the entirety of my spiritual career trying to destroy everything you embrace. People like you are the dog shit that drags this community down.

      This blog is a place to encourage the attainment of knowledge and ones spiritual growth. It is meant to help and encourage people to practice magic and do things, so that they to can be enlightened. It is not your personal forum, it is mine, and I don’t like you.

      That said, you are not to post links on my blog, ever. I’m not saying people can’t post links here, I’m saying you, personally, can’t post links here. You are not to advise people that they should not do anything on my blog. You are not to talk about the shit you’ve read about as if it means anything, because it doesn’t. Discussions here are not about crap people have read, they’re about personal experiences and the knowledge we’ve gained through enlightenment. You’re not to judge anyone else’s spirituality or lack thereof, because you have no understanding of what spirituality is. If you don’t like these rules, don’t post here. Break these rules and you will be banned.

      Furthermore you have no idea where this solar system is heading or what we need to do to get it there. You can not see the way the energy is twisting ahead of you. You’re spouting free love hippie nonsense based upon a few things you’ve read and your own wishful thinking.

      You can try smothering me with unconditional love, but if I feel it, which I doubt, I’ll treat it like any other attack. I actually really like love energy, I have a bit of an affinity for it. Unlike you I understand what it is, and what it can do, and if I feel like it I can use it to crush the life out of you. Unlike you I’m not opposed to spiritual warfare. In fact I rather enjoy it.


  50. steeddy says:

    when you astral project do you project the present, eg could you leave the room and see people who arnt astral projecting still leading their normal routine, or if someone was down stairs watching telly would you be able to go down and see what was on the telly even though your body is upstairs? also what tips do you have too stop falling asleep and focus more on actually projecting as I haven’t reached the vibration stage yet

  51. Curious says:

    I don’t necessarily believe in astral projection, but I’ve had very strange experiences a couple of years ago that I’m still trying to fully understand: Is it possible for someone to astrally project and engage sexually with someone else (without consent) that is still physically in their body? I’ve been told (and I don’t necessarily agree with this bit, either) that this experience could be the result of both trauma and a vivid imagination.

    • Jade Forrest says:

      Dear Curious,
      While there are different possible explanations for perceptions that someone,out of their physical body, came to you and engaged sexually with you – I can answer your question. (And I hope that Rob, who created this Blog, and others, who read this Blog, reply also.) YES, ABSOLUTELY!!! It happened to me!

      I was working as a therapist and working on my PhD in Clinical Psychology at the time. I did not believe what happened to me was possible and I certainly knew that that if I told anyone in my field what happened to me, they would diagnose ME with a case of PTSD from trauma or simply a vivid imagination while dreaming! However, I knew there was nothing wrong with me.
      So, I started looking at the internet for answers and praying. The guy who did it to me, did finally admit what he did (he was proud of his ability and was not ready to stop).

      Over the following years, I also had three different clients come to me, who also experienced individuals who astrally projected sexually to them. They were initially reluctant to tell me until I reassured them that I believed them.

      There are references and warnings in the Old Testament about ,”a spirit that comes and will seduce you in the night.” The spirit is called a succibus or an incibus, depending on whether they are male or female. My advice is to read the experiences (above) of those of us who have written on this blog about our own experiences and how to get rid of someone who may do this to you in the future. It is dangerous and can affect your health.
      May God Bless YOU,

  52. Nicole says:

    Hey, I am not capping on you; it just cracks me up the way men discuss astral projection like it is a new, cool type of skateboarding! I spontaneously astrally projected twice when I was a teenager in England, astral projected twice and had the same, profound spiritual message that changed my life. I think that might be the point. Since I haven’t since, I have a theory that London is conducive to AP because it is surrounded by water and is so ancient. Never have again and desperate to go to loved one on astral plane. Any suggestions?
    Thanks, Nicole

  53. more info says:

    Howdy just wanted to give you a quick heads up.
    The words in your content seem to be running off the screen in Ie.
    I’m not sure if this is a formatting issue or something to do with web browser compatibility but I figured I’d post to let you know.

    The design and style look great though! Hope you get
    the problem solved soon. Many thanks

  54. hope says:

    I have a mentor who is helping me out with what iam about to share however we haven’t discussed my capabilities in much depth. Iam a dream walker and apearantly iam extremely good at this and I was born this way. I’ve been doing this my whole life without recognition because I don’t have any recollect unless I received a message or warning of some sort. According to my mentor I’ve been walking into peoples dreams people I know or have touched or I can bring them to me into my dream but what I’ve been doing is placing a thought or idea, inception, within their being an I’m destroying their life. Anyone who has ever betrayed me. Failed me or did me wrong or even not believing somethng I tried to look out for an warn them of if they say bulshit an get rude with me I feel this other side of me make itself known and its like a “DONT MAKE ME PROVE A POINT” type of feeling next thing I know, a day or so later it happens an their life takes a turn the wrong direction. I don’t know how t recollect or control this. Help please

    • Jade Forrest says:

      Dear Hope,
      After reading what you wrote – several things came to mind. First – I have concerns about your mentor.

      There are people who will tell you that you have “problems” that you are not aware that you have – and – that you need their help – for a price. If you are paying this mentor – stop now – and get away from this person before he/shes take all your money! Crooked fortune-tellers do this all the time.

      Second, there are people who will SUGGEST to you – that you are doing something you do not know you are doing – to make you trust them and then manipulate you into doing something that you would NEVER have done otherwise.

      Certainly there are people who practice astral projection and can get into someone’s dreams. These people are consciously aware what they are doing. Power and revenge are the characteristics of these types of people. You DO NOT appear to be this type of person. You are, in fact, the opposite type of person, a person who does not want to hurt or destroy others.

      You ALWAYS have control over yourself. ONLY YOU have the choice to be who ever you choose to be. If you have challenges in becoming who you want to be – every religion on earth gives the same answer: ask for help from that which is greater than us (God, Jesus, Budda, the Saints, etc.) and practice forgiveness, understanding, kindness, and love – with yourself and others.

      Remember, “What goes around, comes around.” Those who have done wrong to you – will get theirs – all on their own. And – that may be what you are seeing – not the results of anything you have done.

      The Best To You,

  55. Todd says:

    So I’m kind of new too this astral projection and just now I was in a very SP state, I had a very strong “cold goosebumps” feeling in my entire body, I’m still getting them now as I write this, and it felt as if I was so close too leaving my body,but I couldnt see, all I could see was a hand reach down in front of me and it just stayed there waiting for me too grab it, so eventually I did, and as soon as I did I felt as if I was getting pulled at lightning speed straight up, I couldn’t stop it , i wasn’t scared because I know things can only hurt me if I let them, but once this had stopped I slammed into my body, this actually happened a couple times before I actually woke up, but now as I’m awake I am still getting these vibrations and I don’t feel quite normal, as if I’m not alone. Please answer as its quite an uncomfortable feeling lol

    • Jade Forrest says:

      I have never experienced a hand reaching for me – so – I can not give an explanation for that part of your experience. However, I HAVE experienced awaking to a sense of a foreign vibration within and around me.

      A guy from my fitness center admitted that he was coming to me through astral projection. I could feel that he wanted to enter my body. When I made the mistake and allowed him to come inside of me astrally – he took all my energy! He left, feeling as if he had slept for 12 hours – and I felt (after 8 hours of sleep) as if I had not slept at all. I realized that he wanted my energy and would destroy me in the process. That started a 3 year battle to keep him out of my body. I finally succeeded by learning (from this site) to attack him when I felt his vibration around or in me. (We all have different vibrations – you are not aware of your own – but, you can feel the vibration of someone else.) I attacked him by mentally surrounding him in a thorny thicket and tightening it around him with barbed wire (I also was praying for help and understanding of what was happening to me. Although I have a PhD in Clinical Psychology – it was not helpful in this situation.)

      I understand when you describe “an uncomfortable feeling” and awaking to strange “vibrations” and feeling as if I am “not alone.” I also experienced my body being knocked across the bed by him when I tried to resist him.

      My advice to you is this: DON”T EVER ALLOW someone else to have control over your body. Furthermore, discourage any foreign vibration from coming in or around you by – immediately – attacking it mentally. Don’t take the hand of someone who invades your personal space without your permission. Never take the hand of someone you aren’t sure you can trust. And, always cover yourself in the blood and protection of Jesus Christ. In these kinds of experiences, calling the police or going to a therapist will not help you.

      All the best to you,

  56. Bets says:

    Can you heal your self from astral project like wounds and scars?

  57. Bets says:

    Can you heal your self from astral project like wounds and scars?.

  58. kasia thomas says:

    I was doing some research on astral projection and relized somthing like that has happend to me and I didn’t even know! Like when I was sleeping I was feeling vibrations when I woke up it felt like somthing was coming into my body.
    But what I REEEEALLY want know if I can take over someone elses body or make their spirit leave so that body is now mine would my physical body die??? And here is my big question can you please tell my exactly how to astral project. I looked up how to do it everytime I try it won’t happen but seems to happen only somtimes when I don’t expect it ?? I want to do it on command though :( Thanks :) reply back asap please <3! Cellnumber 404-991-5910 email

  59. jakethehuman* says:

    are there any forms of crystal or whatever which could boost the amount of time or your strength or even provide some kind of protection or whatever when astral projecting if so where can i get some

    • Rob says:

      That’s not how crystals work, and anyone selling such a thing is scamming you. Your time out of body will increase with practice. Also, time being what it is, you may perceive your projection being longer than the actual amount of time that has passed as you get further from the physical plane. Very long projections, however, are rare.

      Strength is dependent on concentration and energy manipulation abilities, and to a lesser extent creativity and other mental abilities. It’s something you can easily develop within yourself, but not something you can buy in a crystal.

      Strength is your best protection when projecting.

  60. jakethehuman* says:

    how do u get to other planes from the astral plane and which one would be best to meditate in or is the material plane the best to meditate in. i want to know because i want to increase me chakra levels and i have adhd and constant anxiety attacks so i find it hard to focus sometimes, is there any kind of crystal which could help with this?

    • Rob says:

      There is no best plane. They all have a purpose and each is necessary. Still it’s best to get a handle on the higher planes before you venture into the lower planes, so when in doubt, go up. There are a lot of different ways to get to different planes. I wouldn’t worry too much about that right now though if I were you. Once you start projecting more you should start figuring that out.

  61. jakethehuman* says:

    is it natural to feel really off balance when projecting because ive noticed when ever im projecting ever now and then i just start swaying and my vision becomes slightly blurred .-.

    • Rob says:

      Since I’m not sure what you’re doing with your astral body when you project, I can’t tell you if this is natural. Try standing still and focusing on standing on the floor. It might just be that you’re not thinking inside the box enough to stabilize yourself and walk normally when you’re projecting.

      • jakethehuman* says:

        ok umm i was just on skype to a friend of mine and she got a message on a social networking site fromsomeone who has been harassing here saying i visited u last night when u were asleep hes 19 i said to her ask him if he was astral projecting and she said wtf is that so i said just doit then he replyed “?!?! yeah could u feel me?!” so now shes freaking out because i explained to her what he did and thay ive recently started doing it is there any advice i could give her because she completely believes me which is good because shes the only person i really knowwho ive told about this hahaha but yeah she has an astral stalker is there anything she or i could do to get rid of him

  62. Todd says:

    Please answer ASAP!
    So I recently started talking too this girl and she is very sexually active, and today she asked too trade pics,I said no because It is against my moral code, she seemed fine with the answer. But, I was astral projecting last night and I vividly remember seeing her, I am an adult so I don’t get “wet dreams” but any way, she was in my room, her lips moving, I couldn’t hear a thing, and next thing I know she was trying too have sex with me, the feeling was so real, it was a feeling of an instant, amazing orgasm, but I realized this wasn’t right, I tried and tried and finally got the energy too command her off of me and told her too go away, she did, or I thought so, I was stuck in sleep paralysis for quite some time, once I broke our of that state, I was drenched In a cold sweat, and a feeling as If something was “latched” on too me. I get vivid sexual desires for her now and every time I even think of her, I get sever goosebumps. I’m not a sissy kind of guy, but I am now scared too go back too sleep, I have been awake now for 2 hours trying too find information on what the hell happened too me and I can’t find anything. Is this a dangerous position I’m in? Can a “normal” girl be a succubus, and what will happen if I let these thought take over my mind and “finish the act”, the desire too do so is very strong. I have never had such a feeling that I could not push her too the side. She is constantly on my mind and I feel something different now. Sorry for the length and if you found this disgusting. I just want too try and explain it as best so I can get a more accurate answer.

    • Todd says:

      When I was awake, I actually also felt my bed move…not shitting you, it was as if someone had sat down next too me, it had that exact same sinking feeling.

    • Rob says:

      I’m having some trouble believing your an adult by the way you described things, and I’m wondering if you’ve been an adult very long. Anyways men can have wet dreams at any age, so being an adult has nothing to do with that.

      My inner misogynist wants to say that all women are succubi. However it’s not really possible for a person to be a succubus since a succubus is a specific type of spirit and an entirely different species. In theory it’s possible that succubus otherkin exist, although I’ve never seen a real one, despite meeting several different people who claim to be one.

      That isn’t to say this girl couldn’t have done something. There are all sorts of astral sexual assaults, love spells, and spirits she may have tried out on you. It’s also possible that you were assaulted by something else that came in the guise of her.

      A real succubus is vampiric in nature and would suck you dry of energy. It doesn’t sound like you’re dealing with a succubus.

      On the plus side, astral sex doesn’t lead to pregnancy or stds, even if you don’t use protection. It does still create psychic and emotional bonds and connections, but these can be dealt with.

      As a general rule, I’d recommend against sleeping with something that is predatory or has violated your personal boundaries. Then again it’s entirely possible that this girl didn’t intentionally do anything to you, and this whole event is just a psychic manifestation of desires by someone who is naturally gifted but lacks the discipline to control them. Which again makes me think the two of you are younger rather than older.

      Most of your issues, like the sleep paralysis, are natural side-effects of an astral projection.

      Ultimately the only way to find out what the consequences of sleeping with her astrally might be would be to sleep with her and see what happens. I’d recommend trying some cleansing spells or maybe a hex break first to see if you’re being influenced by a love or lust spell, and in the future I’d suggest practicing meditation so that you can better sense when you’re being magically manipulated.

      Beyond that, it’s up to you if you want to try sleeping with her and seeing what happens. It’s not the worst situation to be in, and if things get really bad you still have options. I doubt they’ll get that bad though.

      It’s obvious you want to sleep with this girl. I’m actually more interested in why you don’t want to sleep with this girl though, since I think that’s why you’re really writing. Are you looking for permission? Or some sort of safety net?

      There are dangers, although they’re mostly emotional, and no one can make this decision for you. If you want to sleep with her, just do it already. If not, do what you did before and force her off you if she comes back. It’d probably be best to break off contact completely. A simple redirect may be enough to keep her away from you.

  63. Curious says:

    Has anybody had a similar experience or can tell us more about what happened? We think it was a kind of astral travel to an ethereal plane but we didn’t have any of the control we should have. We don’t even know who was in control of it. I think it might have been me because I was the only one talking beforehand but I have no idea how I brought a friend along if it was me. And I couldn’t control anything.

    Basically, I and a friend were up at 2 in the morning having a stay-over. We were in the lounge and just lay down in the middle of it, facing the ceiling, to talk. Just as I was gesturing to the front of the house, the room shifted and felt like it had spun around. It freaked the both of us out, but not nearly so badly as when we stood up to try to figure out what happened and the room was different.

    The large things were in essentially the same places, but the stuff on the walls, the windows, and the colors were wrong. We no longer had reflections in the windows and all of the noise but us talking and when we made a noise happen was gone. My watch stopped ticking and the other people nearby stopped making noise. The previously cream walls were stark white and glowing a little, like a white computer screen. The neon colors were brighter, but all other colors were dim. Words changed, notices that were on the wall said different things. Neither of us thought to pay attention to what they changed to though. The pictures of people on the wall changed as well. One of them became a woman, but neither of us remember her face. There were words scrawled in red, but neither of us are sure what it said. Time passed more slowly relative to how it normally does. We were there for 30 minutes or less that we were aware of, but we found out 2 or 3 hours passed after we got out.

    The whole area around the door had a bad energy and neither of us could approach it. We could see the shadow of our bodies on the floor and both of us got dizzy when we tried to walk near them. Sometimes it would go back to normal in a part of the room, but never for long. We couldn’t get out for the longest time. Neither of us have any idea how it happened exactly or how we got out worked. The way we got out was actually by laying where we were before, turning over, and then I did what I had right before we got stuck. Everything we had moved was where we moved it to in the other place, but all of the messages for help we sent out never actually sent. I know there was nothing wrong with the internet connection, so I’m assuming it was the place.

    We’re both empaths, and my friend can normally see spirits. There weren’t any spirits there either.

    We’ve been back to the room, but it seems mostly okay now. Granted, lots of other people have been in there since. It happened about a week ago.

  64. AB says:

    Is there a way to prevent yourself from accidentally astrally projecting? (I have no idea whether I’m doing this. I was just thinking about a couple of conversations I had with an ex-roommate with boundary problems who was trying to get me to try it.)

  65. SamA says:

    Hey Rob, Thanks for all of the great information. I have had lucid dreams all of my life, and thought that I had done astral projection before, until recently. For a while now I have done meditation and been moved my conscious perception around rooms and even out to space, but I starting to think this was just a lucid imagination, because recently I have really devoted time and effort into this, and have had 3 distinctly different experiences. During meditations I always feel the heavy body sinking into the floor or bed, but I recently heard this warping sound that is hard to describe and with it felt like I was falling through a worm hole or something. It only lasted a second and then I was back to meditating in my body. Second, I felt all of the typical heaviness and sinking, and suddenly bolted out as an extremely brightly lit body shouting (whooo hooo). Again it only lasted a second and then I was back in my body meditating. As I reflected I felt ridiculous, like I was acting like a child in that state. Then third and most recently, I felt the typical heaviness sinking, then my body got very tingly and hot. I felt the light body leave, and I could literally feel this massive heat source step out of my body, and again it was this brilliant gold/yellow light body. It lasted a few seconds longer. Long enough for me to tell myself to stay calm, and move slightly forward, then I was back in my body meditating. If this is astral projection, what was I doing before? And how can I help this last longer to explore? Thank you sir.

  66. Jason Hernandez says:

    I have never tried anything like this but I would like to. I am quite scared to try since I don’t want any person creeping up on me spiritually or a demon coming to me. Help?

  67. Jason Hernandez says:

    I have never tried anything like this but I would like to. I am quite scared to try since I don’t want any person creeping up on me spiritually or a demon coming to me. What should I do?

  68. Jason Hernandez says:

    I have never tried anything like this but I would like to. I am quite scared to try since I don’t want any person creeping up on me spiritually or a demon coming to me. Any advice?

  69. JakeF says:

    wow lots of great information i remember my first partial separation my heart went so crazy it threw me out of it

  70. Vernele Davis says:

    I called myself deep meditating and counted from 10 to1 and fount myself in a lucid dream it was the most beautiful thing that ever happen to me. I’m from Harlem no one ever told me about these experiences. The only thing that pisses me off, is that out of all the books I read about meditation, they the authors , never once mentioned that meditation can led to this experience . I got scared a made myself wake up . But now that I have done this I know it’s only the beginning .

  71. Guy says:

    I had astral projection, in it entity tried to attack me,i naturally defended myself by shooting some sort of beam out from my hand,it was very effective

  72. […] Magick 101: Astral Projection and Out of Body Experiences: An FAQ. […]

  73. Joe says:

    Hey, great blog. I am a very spiritual person and for a long time now I have been trying to astral project, just recently it’s been happening a lot and i am even able to induce it myself but I have a question. When I project I am always on my stomach and it feels as if somebody is pulling me out of my body by my feet, I feel like I have no control over this aspect. After my feet usually hit the wall and i am suspended upside this point I gain control but so far can only manage to float a few inches off the ground, what is this all about? Additionally how do I gain full control over my actions and movements, it almost feels like I’m limited to being on my stomach floating.

  74. Wow that was strange. I just wrote an very long comment but after
    I clicked submit my comment didn’t appear. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again. Anyway, just wanted to
    say excellent blog!

  75. grose says:

    Hi All,
    My whole life I have been able to AP as long as I sleep on my back. I now sleep on my stomach in order to prevent it. If I do, I never hang around in the vibration state for long. Find myself already where I want to be or hang in my room (my astral room then go from there.)
    A good friend wants to project. He has asked me to help him. My thought is that I could enter his apartment and try to nudge him. I have projected two nights, a total of four times this week.

    First time, I tried to go to his apartment. I was astral. I went back to my body, hung above it, then went back “in.” I stayed in vibration state and imagined my friend. Weird thing is- I could not remember his name. I envisioned his apartment but was still in vibrational state. I woke up frustrated, with a bloody nose and my left temple had pressure like never before.

    Second time I was astral I was going around (NYC) then imagined my friend to go and was back in vibrational state. I woke up, and went to bed. Few hours later I found myself astral again a few feet from my bed, went for the door and visioned him and boom-bungeed back into my body.
    My experiences in the past indicate that I have gone much higher than the earthy plane (realms of color, beauty, etc.) and have always been able to move around as I wished.
    I feel as though there is a barrier. Either my guides protecting me from his apartment? It is not even like I can get to him-to his building. He thinks it may have to do with his emotional state (depressed, down, etc) –Well wouldn’t I still be able to remote view? ? I want to help him AP but cannot break though to him. Any insight would be be appreciated:) Thank you. G.R

  76. Jacob says:

    Hello, my name is Jacob and I have been attempting astral projection for about three years and I haven’t had any success, can anyone give me a way to have my first experience?

  77. Manu Duggal says:

    can you explain the meaning of your lines that

    You never leave your body in AP experience but it is consciousness that shifts from physical to astral body..

    Then what goes outside body?
    Unable to understand your this logic. Kindly explain


  78. M says:

    Is it possible to move things in the physical plane while in astral? I have heard of someone whose friend was in a coma and was actually contacting him in her astral body.

  79. sharrontorro says:

    Hi . My 13 year old son does this all so naturally and has for about two years now . He has injured himself also waking up to a grazed knee. He is so good at it it takes him about two minutes of meditating to be out . But recently he has been very sick with an undiagosed illness that causes him great server pain . So we thought he may be able to heal himself , so daily when the pain becomes to much he does this for a rest .
    But today he did it and was woken abruptly and as he described it , he couldn’t get back into his body fully .
    Then when awake he felt strange and unwell , then his body would have these random glitches and he said it was as if his eyes were backward almost as if he had four , two looking forward and two looking backwards and so times the feeling of three legs .
    So after about half an hour I got him to calm down rest and tak himself back into his tested state . He did , he woke naturally approx 10 minutes later . He said he could see he was stuck in his body in the wrong spots his head was in his stomach and legs in wrong paces and he fixed himself back up .
    He woke the sick feeling completely gone . But also when he wakes from his states his chronic pain is also gone completely for about 1 minute after he wakes and then he describes it as a hammer hitting him with force and his chronic pain has retuned .

    Could you enlighten me at all to all these things as I have no idea about this stuff , and also can he heal himself by doing this ?

  80. Johnston says:

    I remember many years ago I was living in a caravan out bush which I had modified. It was one of those step roof jobs and had an air conditioner in the roof which I had removed and covered the hole with glass so I could look out o to the stars at night. I rewired the switch in the ceiling adjacent to the glass covered hole to turn the light on instead of the air conditioner. Because the roof was stepped, I had room to build my bed over the dining table so there was about 2&1/2 feet between ceiling and bed – comfy.
    I generally sleep on my back with arms folded across my chest.
    Anyway, I woke in the middle of the night feeling a sort of a sense of removal – like every square inch of my body was being sort of sucked at. I tried desperately to switch the light on (the switch being close to hand) but couldn’t reach it. I was beginning to panic when suddenly, a pin prick of noise from far away rapidly and I mean rapidly, emanating from a point in the far distance, came at me at speed ever increasing in volume until it seemed to explode in front of my face at which point I woke up, in the dark, still flat on my back with arms still folded across my chest. It was only then I was able to reach up to switch the light on. I was too terrified to go back to sleep and lay there for some time until I did fall to sleep again. I’ll never forget it.
    Some of my more enlightened friends of the time told me I was about to astral travel and that I should have just let it happen. I was never a believer in such things for I understood none of it. It’s never happened since.
    Some 25 years later, I believe I dream lucidly most mornings after initially waking up and then dozing. I dream best in that dozing mode after a nights sleep. I dream in full colour, visit the same (but different) places and see the same people time and again, usually the same woman whom I can sometimes recognize but not always. I really love dreaming like this. Sometimes I can wake up and if I stay still and don’t roll over or move, I can re-enter the dream I was just in. If I do move, I can’t get back in but can lucid dream other things/places for a time. Sometimes it’s easier if there is noise in the background like a monologue TV news reporter babbling on.
    My maternal aunty had psychic abilities which frightened the crap out of her (after a ouji board warned her to stop delving in the spirit world) as did, she told me, my mother who suicided when I was a babe in arms. Kinda spooky methinks but I do love lucid dreaming.

    Great article. Thanks.

  81. dheeraj says:

    How can I learn to travel my soul at my home???answer me on my email please…

  82. dheeraj says:

    How can I learn to travel my soul at home…please give procedure on my email…

  83. CS says:

    Hi, thanks for sharing your knowledge. I had a cousin that I was very close to when we were both toddlers. We’d hold hands and AP together. He used this technique to show me his upcoming death. He also gave his family lots of signs to annouce his death, including reading the night sky.

    He died when he was about 3 years old and I was slightly younger. Since he died I have missed him terribly and I am now 42 years old.

    All my life I have AP’d accidentally, mostly when about to be attacked or due to a presence. I have banished all that from my life for many years and now I wish to AP at will. I am however not sure how to call on my cousin as I want him to guide me. I mainly want to see him as I am still grieving.

    Could you please advise me?

  84. Gwapo Sibon says:

    Now this thread is amazing. I have a few questions guys. But first, I wanna share my experiences.

    I’m 25 years old now. Way back in highschool, I’ve already mastered this lucid dreaming. It was really fun when you know you can do anything without getting hurt because it’s just a dream.

    Then in college is the fun part. I’ve ready this thing about astral projection and started practicing it. I have consulted with a friend about these stuffs and advised me not to do this without protection. I’m stubborn I did it anyway.

    I Started astral projecting. It’s addictive. I did it very frequently during those times. From meditating, to separating from my body. What i usually do is put my physical body to sleep, but my mind is still awake. When the tingling sensation occur, I just roll to the floor or perhaps grab the bars on my bed to pull myself out.

    Then i walk through the walls, don’t need to open doors, fly through the roof, and fly upwards. Sometimes i go teleport to my different places, visit friends in their sleep. I’ve even attempted to traveling through time so I could predict the lotto.haha. It was a fail attempt though. It was really fun and a great experience.

    Then these bad things are starting to happen. Everytime i go to sleep. Even if i don’t want to astral project that night, it’s as if the connection is already loosen. I can easily separate from my body.

    Then there are these bunch of entities around me, waiting for me to go to sleep. They are trying to pull me out. I don’t know know what they are up to but it scared the hell out of me. As if they are trying to take over my body.

    When i stopped doing astral projection, that’s the time the movie ‘insidous’ was released. So i have concluded to myself astral projection is true after all.

    However, it only induced fear of doing astral projection again.
    Now when i graduated college, all these abilitiy has stopped. Probably because of my lifestyle now. caffeine, smoke, alcohol.

    I wanna try astral projecting again. But my main problem is this fear. Any word of advise? The first entities i’ve dealt are just hurting me verbally. I can deal with that. But the later part, those guys are already grabbing me. I want to know how to deal with them.


  85. sahiba says:

    i slept for almost 45 minutes.. i relaxed my body.. was lying ony back..straight.. i was sleeping but mind was awake..and i was imagining my hands arms and legs moving.. but i also knew that my soul is not coming out from my body.. why didnt i astral project.. ??? i neither movd nor opened my eyes.. my hands and legs were feeling numb. PLZ HELP HELP HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. todd says:

    Rob, please tap your wisdom banks and tell me if can create a thought form of this red haired girl i know , her exact body image for the purpose of making out with her all the way in another fantasical realm of true desire , i dont have any any earth 3D experience as i am a virgin , but i think about her a lot all the time , could this be an option for me ?

    Ohio Univ

    • Rob says:

      Um… I guess some of it at least, in theory maybe.

      I’m not quite sure what a fantastical realm of true desire is, or why you’d need a thought form if you went there. Or why you want this thought form ‘just’ to make out.

      I mean sure you could prolly make a thought form of a person, but it’d be limited. I mean, I doubt you’ve seen her naked, so at best it would be what you imagine she might look like naked, not what she actually looks like. Same with the way all of her insides feel. You haven’t ever been with a woman, so you don’t even have a baseline of what things should feel like. There are ways to get a more exact replica, but it’s magic that’s a bit more complicated than just a thought form, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves on that. It’s such an odd request that it isn’t usually, or really ever, brought up in discussions on morality, but you do realize that what you’re doing violates that girl in some ways. At the very least you must understand that it makes you sound really creepy. I mean the fact that you want to do this just speak volumes about yourself, your views on relationships, and your emotional maturity.

      You do realize that a thought form is just a lifeless husk. It’s a thing, not a person, one that’s limited by your designs. If you’re going to go that route, you might as well save up and get yourself a good sex doll, because that’s essentially what you’re trying to make. Except you know yours is using a flesh and blood person that you know as a mold.

      A suggestion, maybe a novel approach would be to just, you know, ask her out, like for coffee or something. And if rejected, maybe move on to a different girl.

  87. Kayla says:

    When I tired OBE, I had my eyes closed and it was dark, and it got darker and darker, and then I was able to see these eyes staring at me. They looked like cat eyes, I tried moving my eyes while they were closed but they just followed mine. Also at first I felt me sinking into my bed and I felt like my arms and legs where going numb, and then tried the rope technique and I couldn’t exit my body, and when I let go of the rope I felt so lose in my own Body, like I could turn all the way around without actually moving, and then I felt like my arms where positioned as if they where broken (my arm was straight down but my wrist was opposite) why did I feel like that?

  88. Josie says:

    I have a question of late me and my child see a dark shadow and honestly it the first time I even have been scared. Last time I made out it was male short and thin like my child father. I not exactly sure how to get rid of it from my home.

  89. Melissa Jones says:

    I did this, now I ponder if I’m crazy or the next ascended master. I got filled with either infinite knowledge or dillusion that accurately played out by chance. F*cked my entire perspective of life up. Not sure if it was a blessing or curse…I now realize perspective is everything and when you tie in religion….ugh…damned if I do and damned if I don’t….

  90. Ashly says:

    When I was younger I experianced a out of body experiance where it felt like my legs were above my body, it honestly kinda freaked me out but I eventually forgot about it.. I am now 21, this mornig around 5am I had a out of body experiance again but it felt like electricity was flowing from my brain and I could see outer space like I was there, it freaked me out so I tried to think of something good, I pictured the effil tower in Paris.. But quicky I got freaked out and it felt like I was shocked with electricity as I attempted to wake up (felt slow and weak).. I never meant for any of this to happen and it freaked me out so bad I started googling the “shocking electric” feeling and stumbled apon something about “astral body” that sounded similar to what I experianced, I typed that into google and stumbled apon your page…. I just want to say thank you for helping me not feel so crazy. I learned alot and appreciate it. It feels good to know I am not the only one that has experianced this.

    • Shin says:

      I used to attempt astral projections but never got anywhere. But since stopping, I unintentionally get these rather strong experiences like I’m about to project (it happens near the time I wake up), and I get those electrical shocks. When I wake up, for a few seconds I see stars like space is being projected in front of my eyes, and sometimes see this weird black writing in some weird language projected in front of me. I hope this doesn’t sound silly but sometimes I even saw that typical illuminati eye…yeah just sharing my experiences.

  91. Zoe says:

    i am shocked.when you do this and you may use the rope technique. do you actually see your hands pulling at it or do u emagine it. Last night i did it and i saw some faces before i transitioned. then i got all tense and it was hard to breathe. What do i do at this point. i had 3 attempts and always got to this stage. by the third time i knew i had to stay relaxed but it just disapeared and i couldnt focus. it was also very hard to focus on pulling the rope because i got distracted and these faces and (Buddhist images) kept popping up. How do i get past this level??!!! please help. i need this to work. i am not scared of dangers

  92. echo says:

    Last night was my first attempt of Astral Projection. I failed but some weird things happened to me. So i started before bed and got into a very relaxed stage. I was researching techniques and the first one i came across was the rope technique. So when i started pulling the rope i could only think in my mind(imagine) my hands pulling the rope. I dont know if thats what i am meant to do but i never actually saw my hands grabbing the rope. Then my mind drifted off and i kept getting lost. When i finally focused on the rope again i got an intense feeling. So weird. Before i was soooo relaxed and then all of a sudden i saw a face and it was white with black stripes on the cheeks. And then i saw the shape of Buddha sitting down with his legs crossed. all these images were popping through my head. i instantly got very intense and my heart was pumping in my hands. i kept telling myslef “this is really happening” OMG OMG. i was really excited but also so scared. Then it disappeared and everything was back to normal. A question i have is. After vibration and you havw to lif your leg up. How does this work. Do you feel yourself moving out? if you cant feel it does it mean you arent focused enough??? help

  93. […] his physical body was lying on the living room floor. How did it get there? I read an article (faq about out of body experiences)  that says that it takes a lot of practice to be able to move your body during an astral […]

  94. Aahil David says:

    Um I have a question,
    How do you move your astral body? I’ve been trying for so long maybe 2 months now and I can feel my astral body but when I try to move it I only move my physical body. I’m also trying to see if my councissnous will help me get out but I’ve tried all the techneics and I just need a little more help. But while your in your astral body is it ok if you feel like your body is on waves? Cause I’ve been having this feeling for a long time when I try astral projection and I’ve never felt it before in my normal sleep.
    Plz respond I think astral projection is exremly amazing and I really want to try it out but I’m so close!
    Plz give me some tips

  95. […] and roses. You see the things you want to see, but also the things you never wanted to accept. Many people even believe that going further into astral projection can even lure negative entities b…. A top secret website blogger that goes by the alias of ‘Pellian’, wrote the […]

  96. […] and roses. You see the things you want to see, but also the things you never wanted to accept. Many people even believe that going further into astral projection can even lure negative entities b…. A top secret website blogger that goes by the alias of ‘Pellian’, wrote the […]

  97. […] and roses. You see the things you want to see, but also the things you never wanted to accept. Many people even believe that going further into astral projection can even lure negative entities b…. A top secret website blogger that goes by the alias of ‘Pellian’, wrote the […]

  98. Silas says:

    Ive always been trying to have a conscious astral projection since I was 13 (I’m 20). When I was younger, I’d fall asleep at the end and have intense dreams. Before I fall asleep, I’d get an intense sharp pain (like I hit my funny bone) on my side buttocks. People say I have been very close to Astral projection.

    How can I exit with this pain? I tried to ignore it, but it just got 10x worse.

    I have my breathing and relaxation excercise down. It helps if I listen to binaural beats or guided astral projection — yet I’m always blocked by that pain.

    Any idea that’s an extremely simple fix?

  99. joseph says:

    hey guys i need some help with somthing ive beenastral projecting sncei was 13 not bywill it was bymistake because of a negative witch spirit but ion think it ever left cause i been having very negative dream slash astral projecting since but now when i do i have cut in my stomach with stuff in their but i know what it is and every time i take what ever it is out it reappears right in there with these weird stomach pain can any body tell me whats happening

  100. Becky says:

    Brilliant, extensive and clear. Thanks. Good read. Was searching for different definitions for clarity while making reference to different phenomena.

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