Glossary Up.

I’ve just added a new page, a glossary of magical terms and religions. This is meant as a quick reference for anyone learning about magic, and to give definitions for some of the more obscure terms that may appear on my blog. I’ve limited the entries to just enough information to clearly define each term.

Please let me know of anything I may have missed, or any terms which you’d like to see in the glossary (I know I’m constantly realizing I’ve missed terms) or any information I may have wrong. This post is a good place to post suggestion. Please note the following rules I’ve followed in regard to entries:

1. I’m not adding names of individuals, that would take a list several times larger.

2. For the same reason I’m not adding books, the Necronomicon (which is a fictional book) and the I Ching (which is a divantory system too) are exceptions to this rule.

3. I’ve tried to limit groups to only those groups that are very large or have had a strong influence.

4. As for religions and spiritual movements, I’ve tried to list all of the major ones I know about which are closely related to practical magic, except for the Judeo-Christian religions which should be obvious.

5. I’ve listed religions, like Ariosophy, which have espoused views of racial supremacy, but only in cases where they have been metaphysical groups that happened to be racist, not in cases where the group was simply a religion built around racism. I’ve also have only done this to provide complete information about influential religions and in no way promote these groups.

6. I’ve refrained from listing obvious terms that no one would need a definition for like sword or wand.

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