New Goetic Daimon

If you truly work with the Goetia, and you actually respect and talk to and befriend the entities within, as opposed to trying to trap, torture, or command them (as is outlined in Goetia), you’ll probably discover that there are a lot more than 72 names. Several hundred in the Goetia catalog, and many other catalogs too. Me and a friend have been working on completing the Goetia catalog for some time. We have, as of now, over a hundred names, which way may or may not publish at some point.

Anyways tonight we came across one who wishes to be remembered. As promised I’m publishing his information here, right now, so anyone who wants to can use it and some people will know who he is. Note I spell things in a way that the pronunciation makes sense to me.

Dethieos – pronounced death+e+o+s – He is a teacher of archery and sword fighting. He has blessed many great heroes in the past. The last person he blessed was Gilgamesh. The last time he was evoked on this world prior to tonight was in 30 BC. He also knows of all weapons and their current location.

10 Responses to New Goetic Daimon

  1. jesus says:

    Hello, I like the blog!

    How about a sigil for this spirit?

  2. Rob says:


    I actually asked him if he wanted me to give me his sigil to include with his name and he didn’t give it to me. Luckily anything out of the goetic catalog can be evoked with just a name. The sigil really just gives the entity more power to physically act within this world. If you do need the sigil, you can always evoke Dethieos and ask him for it.

  3. TOYIN says:

    How can one befriend the Goetic spirits?

  4. leelee says:

    Hi Rob i have spent much time going through your blogs and as a new practising magician i fine them very helpful and interesting – thanks!

  5. Imran says:

    U r a sage and teacher in the true sense yes I have seen ur picture lmao I have been reading ur posts non stop from Page 2 for five days well practice aswell a bit actually ended on ur Page by accident once I started reading didn’t even need another source wierdly every time I think of doing something it appears next on the post been practicing energy manipulations ur information years I have studied but no one ever explained the nitty gritty u r giving me a foundation of stability that equals diamonds I am indebted to u I know I’m going on but no matter what I say it will not be enough just thanks and please DO NOT STOP

  6. Demon Energy says:

    Hey can someone please identify this demon? And if possible provide me with its sigil and a means of summoning? Thanks

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