What is a walk-in

A walk-in is an entity which has come to gain control over a physical body other than the one it was originally incarnated into. A walk-in differs from a possession. With a possession a second entity inhabits the body with the original incarnate person, and this second entity sometimes becomes the dominant personality and takes control of the body. With a walk-in the original incarnate person has left their body and is effectively dead and the walk-in is the only entity inhabiting the body. A walk-in can be another human being who has died or otherwise become detached from their original body. A walk-in may also be another entity, typically a lower realm entity that is unable to incarnate on this plane of existence.

Rules regarding Walk-Ins

1. In theory a walk-in could enter a body after a person has died (defined as the astral body being detached from the physical body). In most cases this is obviously counter-productive because the host body won’t be usable for long by the time the host astral body is disconnected. If the astral body were to be destroyed though the host body would be free and undamaged. However I’ve never seen nor heard of a walk-in trying to kill the astral body to get at the physical body, even when the walk-in has been powerful enough to do so, making me believe that for some reason that eludes me at the moment this method is not possible.

2. Walk-Ins generally enter into bodies of suicidal people, helping the person within the host body disconnect from it so that they can inhabit it.

3. Walk-ins do not find suicidal people to switch with. Instead they find suitable hosts and then attack them psychologically, systematically driving them into depression and sometimes insanity, eventually leading to suicide. The entire process can sometimes take years. Even if the walk-in is eventually removed before inhabiting the body the psychological damage they do can be severe and possibly permanent.

4. Once a walk-in comes to inhabit a body the person originally inhabiting the body is effectively dead. As far as I know, there is no way to bring this person back.

5. Physical bodies are made to house specific astral bodies. Housing a foreign astral body inside of a physical body (as is the case with walk-ins) requires excess energy besides what the body is designed to provide. In order to keep the body the walk-in will have to feed off of the lifeforce of the body, which will in time age and structurally damage the body. The more different the astral body is from the physical body it inhabits the more energy it needs to sustain itself. For example an ascended master would ideally want to inhabit the body of a person with magical aptitude of the same gender (in this case the body would probably last for close to its normal lifespan). If, as a counter-example, a very non-human lower realm creature were to take over that same body, it would eat through it very quickly. Sometimes the body won’t even last days.

6. A walk-in requires consent to take a body. This consent is generally given in exchange for the original incarnate person being detached from the body. A walk-in can never just take a body (even if a person is astrally projecting).

7. Some walk-ins are able to access the memories and knowledge located in the host body’s brain. At the same time, lacking a biological brain of their own prior to entering the body, the walk-in must house their knowledge in their astral and mental bodies and then attempt to transfer it to the host body (which, as one can imagine, can cause much fogginess). The resulting personality, knowledge, and even sense of identity of the walk-in after entering the host body varies.

8. Some walk-ins have a very limited understanding of general human behavior. They may not understand how to act in a socially acceptable way or understand many subtilties that we know from a young age. For example, I know of a walk-in that was aware that he was supposed to wear clothes, but was unaware of the fact that people generally change clothes in private, and saw nothing odd about stripping naked in the middle of the street and changing clothes.

9. An old immortality trick is for a magician to find a powerful item and infuse a bit of their essence into it. At death, they then literally possess the item and remain in it for years, decades, even centuries in some cases. Possessing the item they manage to direct its course, to a degree, seeking out a suitable host. Typically they find and present themselves to a beginning practitioner who finds the item and is happy to have found a strong magical object. The practitioner then begins using the object during which time the magician becomes a walk-in and attempts to systematically attack and destroy the host before entering once they become suicidal (Note, not all possessed objects are magicians seeking host bodies for immortality. The vast majority are simply possessed objects and can be invaluable aids in ones spiritual progression and magickal advancement).

10. Walk-ins are typically dark and evil creatures, and thus their energy is usually offensive.

11. Typical traits possessed by people who become targets for walk-ins:
a. Magickal aptitude
b. Emotional and/or psychological issues (especially depression); emotionally imbalanced
c. Loners with no or very limited support groups
d. Suffers from anxiety issues (including panic attacks) or is easily scared.

11. Signs that a person might be a walk-in (note, all of these signs could be caused by other factors):
a. Drastic change in personality overnight
b. Was recently suicidal/seriously depressed but isn’t anymore
c. Missing large chunks of memories they recently possessed/possessing new memories they didn’t have before.
d. Offensive and/or dark energy, especially when it contrasts their previous energy signature.
e. Major and drastic changes in their life direction without prior warning.
f. Strange and atypical behavior that wasn’t present before.
g. They admit to being a walk-in.

12. Entities that exist as walk-in spirits can be very good at what they do, even if they do seem less than intelligent in other areas. Most can find the chinks in the psychological armor of the best of us, and even a trained adept can become emotionally unhinged if they are not careful.

13. Do note that in all legal and mundane matters a walk-in is considered to be its host body, and that the actions of the walk-in may be immoral, but they are not illegal. However action taken against the walk-in, specifically against the host body, may be illegal. The information provided here is for educational purposes concerning walk-ins, and in no way is meant to condone or encourage any illegal action.

That being said, I am of the opinion that walk-ins need to be dealt with prior to taking over the host body while they are still incorporeal (and thus have no rights under the law). After they have managed to take over the host body there’s really no point to stopping them.

2 Responses to Walk-ins

  1. Adam says:

    This is a very interesting article, thanks for posting it. So just to get this straight, a walk-in does not make people kill themselves because that would damage the body instead it gets them depressed enough to want to kill themselves and then offers to take their body from them?

  2. senlinsays says:

    I am intrigued by this article. It is the first I’ve read that does not portray walk-ins in a love&light type of way. Quite sobering!

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