Time Travelling Magick in Theory


Suppose we need some money, say $500. So we devise ourselves a spell that will make us super lucky so we win a small sum in the lottery. This is doable. Typically when we create and cast this spell we make it so it happens at some future point, like tomorrow or next week. But if we really wanted to we could also cast the spell so that we won the lottery yesterday or last week.

It is of course more difficult to change events that have passed than events that are yet to come (so you are better off casting your lottery spell in the future), but it’s not that much more difficult. In fact, most of the difficulty involved is due to our own ideas and perceptions about how time works, and has nothing to do with the metaphysics or the difficulty of the spell. In fact a spell cast into the past, if the practitioner is assured of their success or doesn’t know they are doing it, is not very much more difficult than a spell cast into the future.

The same way that the ideas of distance and space are largely an illusion when looked at metaphysically, so is the linear nature of time. We perceive time as constantly moving forward, as the past being a sure thing, as the future being completely changeable, and the present as being our chance to exercise free will. In reality we just happen to move forward in time at a somewhat constant rate. Things can just as easily move backwards in time. In fact this nature of time has been known to physicists for quite some time, and it’s been proven in physical experiments. We end up with only two possible realities. Either the future is already written and can’t be changed, or the past is as malleable and uncertain as the future.

Time doesn’t just move backwards either. Time, much like space, is spread out in many different directions. Most of us move through time on a single set route. We could move on completely different routes though. We could go forward or backwards, we could move from one point to another point far in the past or future, or we could go to parts of time that wouldn’t even exist on our time line. In the same way that all points of space are really in the same place, and anything in all of existence is close enough to touch if you just know how, all of time is interconnected and any point can be reached and manipulated from any other. Manipulated is a key word here. The past, the same as the future and the present, is malleable and can be changed at any time.

Take for example a manifestation spell. Suppose we’ve been looking for a book we really want. We’re about to enter a book store. We cast a manifestation spell (typically this is simple psionic magick) to make the book appear in the store. We haven’t looked in the store, we haven’t perceived what’s in the store, and so we assume we’re casting a spell into the future because, after all, by our account there is some chance the store has the book in there and we’re just increasing those odds. The same as if we were manipulating a roulette ball to make it land where we wanted to.

For some reason a lot of magicians view the universe as working like Schrodinger’s cat. Schrodinger’s cat though was an example to show a hole in theoretical physics. That cat is either alive or dead at the end of the experiment. It doesn’t exist in a transient state until you open the box. Unless, of course, the entire universe revolves around you.

In the same way that book didn’t just appear there. It was printed, and ordered, and shipped, and stocked, and all together at the very least a few weeks worth of events had to transpire in order for that book to be on that shelf the moment you walked into the store. That simple manifestation spell, unbeknownst to many magicians, actually changes the past and the events that have transpired.

So like, why can’t we go back and kill Hitler before he became Hitler?

It could be done. Hitler could die before he ever becomes Hitler. However the Nazi party will still rise in power. World War 2 will still happen. The Holocaust will still happen. Hitler won’t be the one who does it though, someone else will. You might change some of the events. When things happened, what happened, who lived and died, ect. But all of the big stuff is still going to happen.

The world seems to have its own destiny and its own path it’s following. I don’t believe this path to be unchangeable, but I believe this path to be chosen by us as a large collective and not by a single individual or even a small minority of individuals. If some event happens that would normally change the route the world is supposed to take, such as the death of Hitler, the world veers a little off course and then makes a correction. Some small events may change, but in the end everything turns out the same.

So what if I kill my own grandfather?

You’d most likely cease to exist in your current form. Your soul would probably end up in another body born around the same time. Your new life would probably be very similar to your old one. Yeah, I know you were never born now because you killed your ancestor (which makes you a dumb-ass), but your ancestor didn’t die until after you travelled back in time to kill them, which is the event that makes it that you weren’t born, so you actually were born when you killed them. Also you’ll still have accumulated your karmic debt for that lifetime including the murder of your grandfather, and it will keep as a past life that can be regressed. It seems strange, but time doesn’t move in a straight line, it’s a big open space.

So can the past be changed?

Sometimes personal changes can be made. Small changes are easy enough and can be done without a problem. Manifesting a book, getting a small amount of money, getting a girl to go out with you, ect. This is magick that, cast into the future or the past, is fairly easy to pull off. Drastic life changing events are always more difficult to get though. Making it so that you live longer, winning the lottery, getting married, and the like are typically very difficult things to do even with magick. Much like the world we have our own destiny, and we tend to move along that path that has been laid out for us. When we do veer off that path, the road seems to change around us until we’re right back on track. You might make it so you don’t die next Monday, but you end up dying next Tuesday instead. More often than not the magick fails, or the magick succeeds but then it retroactively fails. You might actually win the lottery, only to have the event erased, and then you’re left not even remembering winning the lottery.

That isn’t to say these big things can’t happen. They can. You just have to go about it differently. You have to change your destiny and then rewrite it. You may have to rewrite it for other people that are very attached to your life too. For the most part though once you change your destiny, the universe will start rewriting and work around you to put everything back into its natural order.

Noticing changes in the past.

If a magician is very aware, aware of themselves and aware of the universe around them, they can sometimes manage to remember the past how it was, not how it now is. Sometimes when things are remembered differently, it’s because they actually happened differently.

Accidental time manipulation in spellwork.

There is a common phenomena that happens during intense spell and ritual work where large amounts of time are either lost or gained. This isn’t just limited to solitary practice or situations where people may have just lost track of the time. I’ve been in a situation with two other practitioners where an hour passed in about ten minutes time (which is impossible to mistake), and the clock in the working area had only registered ten minutes passing when all the other clocks registered an hour. This is an extreme example though where it is both noticeable and provable. There are other times when it’s more subtle. It may, for instance, feel like days have past in a five hour time period.

Intentional time slowdown and speedup

One fairly simple magickal trick that some people have a good aptitude for is speeding up and slowing down time. They can make it so time passes at a much faster rate or a much slower rate.

Time travel by way of going in and out of time.

Time comes into existence in the sphere of Geburah. If you go beyond Geburah, to Chesod, the idea of time no longer exists. Chesod is a place where everything is forever and stagnant. Things don’t change, and there is nothing acting against anything to cause change. When you leave Geburah you leave the entire continuity of time. When you go back into Geburah, you can come in at any point you want to. So in this way you could travel backwards in time.

Part of the problem with this method is you aren’t taking your physical body beyond Geburah. You aren’t even taking your astral body beyond Geburah. You’re taking your mental body. So for starters, you can’t just appear in Victorian London because you weren’t born then. You could go back to after you were born, but then we come to other issues.

First is the transfer from the mental body to the astral body and then the transfer again into the physical body. This process is completely doable, and you could use it to wake up and have it be yesterday. The problem is it’s very difficult to keep your thoughts and knowledge from deteriorating between each transfer. So although you may wake up yesterday, you may not remember any of the important things you needed to know for today. You may not even have any memory of the future at all. It may come as nothing more than premonitions or deja vu.

Secondly, the above example assumes a best case scenario where the point in time you’re travelling to is a point where you’ve already managed to come together in union with your holy guardian angel. If you haven’t, then once you travel backwards your connection point between your astral and mental bodies is going to be severed. You won’t have any direct access to yourself. The only access you will have is to approach your astral and physical bodies as your mental body. If you ever had a point in the past where your Holy Guardian Angel was communicating with you and trying to give you information prior to when you became one with them, now you know how that happened.

18 Responses to Time Travelling Magick in Theory

  1. George says:

    Great article!
    It appears that Lewis Carroll was right when he said “It’s a poor sort of memory that only works backwards.”

  2. Ananael Qaa says:

    Have you ever experienced making changes to past events yourself?

    I’ve been able to accomplish some things magically that from an objective standpoint would require some sort of “retro-enchantment” but within my own sphere of awareness it works a lot like the “Schroedinger’s Cat” model that you describe. As long as the final result of the spell manifests at some point in the future it will work even if some of the events that lead to the result are in the past. However, I’ve never been able to make an objectively verifiable change in the past once it’s happened unless you count modifying my own memories, which I think is more of a psychological technique.

    I agree with you that in theory it should be possible, but I haven’t been able to work out the exact formula or something yet. If you’ve done it I’d love to know exactly how, and what the experience was like.

    • Rob says:

      Part of the problem with making a noticeable change into the past is it could change your memories, even your memory of casting the spell in the first place. There are ways to remember changes, but these can get foggy. Also it’s generally easier to cast things into the future, so unless there’s a time constraint of some sort, there’s no reason not to do it.

      The one place where I do have a lot of instances of casting backwards though is with evocations, although this is an accidental side-effect, not an intention. Although I generally wait until the actual evocation for the majority of communication with anything, I’ve noticed that a lot of the things I evoke tend to show up hours, days, even weeks before the actual evocation and do make their presence known. Then again I also use a unique method of evocation that doesn’t restrict the entity and at the same time intentionally screws with the flow of time (which has proven multiple times by having clocks set at the same time and then having clocks in the working area show dramatically different times than clocks outside the working area).

      I’ve also popped into the past using the trick I mentioned with Geburah, and although I did actually cause some things to happen, I had the issue with going back prior to uniting with my mental body and so I was limited to communicating with myself instead of directly acting. That entire section is based on what I learned through actual experience (and I did manage to find ways to change some events, but nothing that permanent and not the events I went there to change).

      I’ve also had instances of split dreamwalking, where I’ll have conversations with people while dreaming even though we sleep at different times. I also once saw a guy move a casino north two blocks and across a street to prove he was right, although from his perspective it should have been there (but from mine it really shouldn’t have). I also noticed a few major historical changes that other people have made, like the death of L. Ron Hubbard. I’m trying to remember any instance I can of a backwards spell.

      The easiest type of backwards spell to do would be a simple finding spell, like if you lose your keys or something. Cast a spell so that after the last time you used them you compel yourself to put them somewhere, and there they’ll be. It’s much easier to have fae creatures that go and find your keys though.

      You also might want to try casting the spell through Geburah or a higher place.

      • soreaver says:

        Hi rob i wonder about how to transfer from mental body to.astral. ody to psycal body using your method of time travel i need to fix the oast imidetly

  3. Zero says:

    That is totally rad. I am attempting to work time travel magick myself. I think this thread is cool and hope it, no, I WILL it to grow!

  4. Rashidah says:

    I have done time travel with my spirit guide. It was an amazing experience.
    What felt like a week in the past only lasted 30 minutes in the present.

  5. Melaina says:

    So then, would it be possible to make the past happen all over again in the present (and, subsequently, future time), with the basic picture manifesting in current circumstances?

    For example, there’s a certain time period from someone’s personal life that they would like to experience again.

    That way I imagine there would be no real distortions in memory, but that is probably because this idea seems to be more future-orientated than having much to do with the past, since the person would want it to happen again, not neccessarily change it or go back to it. Rather, the person would bring the past to himself.

    Alternatively, the past memories might be erased, but they would repeat themselves again in the future, so the person would end up with the same memories eventually. Yet, if I understand your post at all, the person would then forget what they wanted to change (if they did) in the first place because they have no memory of it, and the inevitable would still happen?

    But if the Universe sticks with (and corrects) course, would it even be possible to make more than small changes in this situation? I guess that the general picture would remain the same, regardless of how many times, and when, you repeat it. Then again, because there is a course, how may times would a person be able to repeat the past in the future anyway, if at all?

    These are just assumptions, though, since I don’t know whether I even grasp the concept. I probably just rambled a lot of nonsense.
    If you have any thoughts on this, I would love to hear them.

    • Rob says:

      I’ve had some wine tonight, so I’m a bit loopy right now, but I’m going to try to answer this as best I can.

      What you’re talking about isn’t really time travel magic, but a sort of manifestation magic. You want to bring about a past period of your life in the present. Not really redoing it, but getting to live it over a second time. Like being able to relive your salad days.

      In theory that should be completely doable. You managed to bring it about once, so you should be able to bring it about a second time. You don’t have to mess around with altering history at all. The closest I think you might come to doing that is if you tried to conjoin the two time periods, the past that you want to relive and the present. That’s one way I can think of going about this. I can think of several more too.

      This is all theory though. If you’re talking about something minor, you could actually do some really cool stuff with it if you worked it out right. For instance if you won $100 on a slot machine last night, and could figure out how to recreate that event, you could win $100 on a slot machine whenever you wanted to.

      I don’t think that’s what you mean though. I think you want to relive a major period of your life when you were happier. That creates a huge issue. Not with the metaphysics of actually making it happen, but on a higher spiritual level.

      Immortality, true immortality, proceeds divinity. One of the tests to achieve immortality involves being offered the best moments of your past forever. The myth of Orpheus is somewhat bastardized. Orpheus descended into the underworld to achieve immortality, not to reclaim Eurydice. Pluto’s statement of “don’t look back’ was not a command, but a hint to help Orpheus overcome the ordeal he was about to face. And Orpheus never did look back, at least in the sense Pluto meant.

      Orpheus was being offered his time with Eurydice, the best time of his life, but in exchange he would have to forfeit his future, and his divinity. In the end Orpheus passed and was able to leave that aspect of his life behind him. Many others have failed to do that.

      There is a place in the heavenly planes filled with the false gods. These are powerful magicians who became so attached to their pasts and presents that they ceased to move forwards, and now they exist in a stagnant limbo where they never move forward.

      The point is, each of us has a spiritual path to follow. Our lives, the things that happen to us, they don’t happen without reason. We are constantly being pushed forward on this spiritual path, from lifetime to lifetime, towards and through what we need to spiritually evolve.

      If something is in your past, it’s because you needed it then, spiritually, to evolve to the next level. If something is presently happening to you, it’s because it’s what you need right now. You might not understand what it means or where you’re heading right now. You might not understand it for many lifetimes. But there’s a purpose to it, and you’re heading towards something.

      When a period of your life has ended, it’s because you’ve gotten what you needed from that period of your life. That stage of your evolution has finished, and there’s nothing more for you to gain from that.

      I’ve seen a lot of magicians, and non-magicians too, cling to their past and try to reclaim it. Some are obsessed with reliving the glories of their youth, or of some past life. Some otherkin want to go back to being whatever they were before.

      This sort of thinking creates spiritual stagnation. If we truly still need something from our past, we never would’ve moved beyond it in the first place.

      Instead of trying to reclaim our past, we should always be looking forward towards what’s next. Instead of trying to bring the past back, a person should be trying to move forward towards the next thing, the next adventure, the next period of their existence. That’s what’s going to bring about enlightenment and spiritual evolution, and that is the place they should be. Also the future of a person’s spiritual path, unlike the past, has an unlimited potential, and so it has the ability to be far greater than what the past was.

      We would be best to be like Orpheus, and leave our past behind us, and move on to the greater futures that await us (in his case immortality followed by godhood).

      Sorry, the wine is getting to me. In conclusion yes, what you want to do is metaphysically possible and not all that hard. However doing that would create spiritual issues, and it would probably be very detrimental to your spiritual path. Even having a mentality where you want to relive the past is most likely hurting your spiritual path

  6. Ryan says:

    I am very interested in being able to do this. Has anyone successfully altered their past? Can anyone point me in the right direction as to how it is done or someone who can help me?

  7. Chesca says:

    Can you please help me time travel in the past? I have made a very bad mistake, I was separated with my best friends and I would like to return to that time and do the right thing. Please. I would forever regret that day. I would do anything to turn back time :( please can you help me?

  8. Travis says:

    So I’m curious because I want to do this:

    How will I be able to go back in time to the past, say: June 6, 2006 and rewind to the point where I decide to go into med school in mexico instead of going to school in america where i basically came out with a degree all jobless and want a better future for myself?

    Any way I can cast a spell to go back and wake up at that point and forget all my memories and experiences from there on?

  9. Bea says:

    I want to go back to july 17th, 2009 when this article was published.

  10. kimhyejin says:

    I wish I could go back to august 30, 2013.
    I’m so desperate.
    If I can’t go back to the past, suicide is the only answer.
    Can you tell me how I can go back to the past in detail? please..

  11. rob follower says:

    Superb what can be changed i need dramatic change of event that caused me tpo.lpss memory interilgence visualisation and other i have close encounter whit psycic vampire so my wuestion is how that this is posdibke

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