Update on Crowley’s Tarot


This is just an update of what I’ve been able to find out in the past week about Crowley’s tarot. Apparently for years now there has been an effort to rework Crowley’s tarot from the original prints. This new reworked edition is coming out soon in the US. Right now it’s already been released in certain languages and is available through amazon.de. I’m uncertain if this is being published by US games or by another company. In any case the old US games stock has been disappearing in an effort to get rid of it to make room for this new edition on store shelves, and that edition seems to have disappeared due to people freaking out and believing that Crowley’s tarot is going OOP and people trying to make lots of money of it on Ebay.

In any case, this is the absolute worst time to buy a Crowley tarot.  Too many people are asking way too much for standard editions right now. I have popular tarots with print runs of less than 500 that I got for less than this best selling tarot is going for. Just wait for the new edition, which should be here soon.  Even if you want the various old US games or AGM editions for collectability, wait, right now the prices are too high and will go down with the new edition.

Just a note, the picture above is the box art from the new edition on Amazon.de. So far I haven’t seen pictures of the actual cards, but sometimes the variations are so minor that you need to see the cards first hand to tell if they’re better or worse between editions, as is the case with the last editions of the US Games and Swiss Blue box versions, the later of which was slightly superior when you actually see the cards as opposed to judging scanned samples.

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