What’s up with Crowley’s Tarot?

Okay, people are trying (somewhat unsuccessfully) to sell standard sealed Crowley Thoth decks on ebay for $80+. I’m talking about the US Games green box and Large Swiss blue box editions, along with the premier and pocket editions.

Most of these decks were on ebay for less than $25 a few months back (last time I checked), and Tarot garden sold all of them for less than $25.

Tarot Garden is, however, sold out of all of these decks, and the US Games site is no longer has a listing.

Did the deck go OOP temporarily? Is it switching publishers from US Games to someone else? I haven’t heard anything, so I hope someone who knows something can help figure this out. Hopefully we’ll be getting a superior, and not an inferior, version of the Thoth tarot. I honestly can’t see it being OOP for long since it is such a popular tarot.

BTW, whatever’s going on, don’t pay the $80+ price. The deck was super popular, and there are so many out there it has almost no collectability. The older Weiser version and the more common Llewellyn version used to sell for less than $80.

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