Prosperity Magick: Why Your Money Spells Don’t Work


Very few people manage to make prosperity spells work. To some, it seems to come naturally. It can take little more than a meditation to summon forth large sums of cash. For others, complex rituals, bargains with interdimensional beings, and every other imaginable route is taken and they never see any success. It’s very easy to imagine that some people are just better geared towards certain types of magick, and that, despite ones best efforts or ability in other areas, prosperity is one area they just can’t master. However prosperity is an area that is usually approached differently than any other, and this in turn leads to the lack of success.

To begin with, most people turn to prosperity magick when they’re desperate for more money. They use it when they’re broke, when they need the money, or when they’re quality of life is below their minimum standards and, despite their best efforts, they haven’t been able to change this. This is the absolute worst time to use prosperity magick. Very few people even bother to try prosperity magick when they’re finances are on the upswing, when they’ve come into large sums of cash, and when they don’t need money and have excess cash to spare. This would be the optimal time in ones life to use prosperity magick, and if you pay attention to those that can use prosperity magick, they do it when they don’t need it.

One of the basic laws is like attracts like. A prosperous person will naturally attract prosperity towards themselves. A person with lots of money is more likely to get money. This is a fundamental law of the universe. Magick is meant to manipulate the universe to our advantage, but good luck trying to alter the very basics upon which it is founded.

Secondly when we have financial issues, and when we allow those issues to escalate to the point of desperation, we lose hope and faith. Things begin to look bleak. We don’t believe things will get better, at least not in the short run. Our attitude reflects our situation, both of which our negative. Attitude is important in magick. We need to believe that our magick and our spells will give us results, or they won’t. We need to believe that things can and will get better, that our wealth will increase, or it won’t. We need hope and faith in the future, and a bright and cheery disposition about it, and we need to think positive. All of these things are very easy to do when we have enough money coming in and we haven’t reached desperation.

Lastly people who have money are the types of people who are always working on ways to make money. They’re never satisfied with their financial situation, and they always want to improve it, even if they already have enough. They don’t waste their money. They’re willing to work to earn money. These are the types of folks the universe has deemed worthy of vast sums of wealth. These are also the types of people who, if drawn towards magick, will utilize prosperity magick during the best of times. If one wishes to be wealthy, it’s best to adapt oneself to the persona which the universe has decided should be wealthy.

It may seem as if the only way to make money with magick is to be rich. That’s not the case. Everything is subjective. There is no point where the universe deems you wealthy or poor. While it’s true that the universe cannot be altered at the most basic level, we can alter ourselves to become the type of person for which prosperity magick will work.

To begin with, we must have a positive outlook on our financial situation. We need to believe that we are financially okay and that things will get even better in the future. We don’t want to have stress or anxiety about our finances.

Secondly we need to be at least at a stable financial situation. This means taking in at least as much money as is going out, and reducing our debt to a manageable level. There are two ways to do this, increase the money coming in or decrease the money going out. This may mean getting a second or third job. This may mean cutting non-essentials out of our budget. For a lot of us this may seem like too much work or too big a sacrifice. It’s important to remember that this is a temporary situation though. Once we have ourselves financially on track and our finances are on the upswing, then we can turn to our magick to increase our income allowing us to return to a single job and buy all of the things we had to give up before.

It is however important to be financially independent during these times, being able to pay for all of ones essential needs (housing, food, bills). Getting someone else to take care of us can free up money for our budget, but it also works against us by making us a financially dependent person, thus repulsing situations that would make us financially independent and attracting situations that will leave us dependent on others.

17 Responses to Prosperity Magick: Why Your Money Spells Don’t Work

  1. Ananael Qaa says:

    To begin with, most people turn to prosperity magick when they’re desperate for more money.

    In my experience this is the entire key to why money spells fail. If you cast a spell and sit there obsessing about whether or not it’s going to work it never does. The amount of money you have isn’t important or even relevant, but the mindset of being at least somewhat detached from your magical results is crucial. That can be hard to cultivate with issues like money that are directly connected to your survival.

    While I disagree with the chaos magicians who believe that you have to completely forget a magical working in order to get results, that is one method you can use to keep yourself from obsessing. I prefer to work at cultivating detachment rather than forgetfulness but either will produce the right state of mind.

  2. Rob says:

    Chaos magicians have taken the buried mind trick to an extreme. It’s a simple mental trick to take some action, bury it in your mind as a command, and then wait to unconciously do it. You can get very good results with this method. You have a lot more focus this way, and you can tap into powers that are otherwise dormant inside of you.

    However anything you use this trick for, you can also do without the trick. It’s just a matter of training yourself to the point that you’re able to do it. The problem with the trick is that it becomes a major limitation. Where as normally a practitioner would reach the state where they could harness those abilities and powers without the aid of the trick and then expand and further grow their abilities from there, a chaos magician is left with the power that typically resides in them but is untapped, and instead of growing that power, they only grow their ability to utilize it to an extreme. Very good short term gain for the investment, but a very bad long term gain on the same investment.

  3. Iritar says:

    Very well written. So many people could learn so much from this. (trust me I tell so many the same thing so many times over then again sometimes my wife has to smack me in the head and remind me as well hehe).


  4. Amonjin says:

    A little late to the game on this one but I thought I would chime in.

    This is an excellent post and thought I would throw in a subtle addition that I’ve experienced in my own practice.

    The Greek inscription “Know Thyself” on Apollo’s temple has been instrumental in my success with any spell. Even more so with prosperity spells.

    For instance, if you are casting a spell to win the lottery, you should ask yourself why you are bothering in the first place and if you really want to win?

    On the surface everyone would answer that of course they want to win. They could quite their job, sit around the house naked while being hand fed grapes by servants! Who wouldn’t want that right?

    I find that spells lack success when cast from surface wants and desires. In the lottery example it would be nice to win and be carefree but something is keeping you where you are. There are a thousand and one ways to live a life you dream of without winning the lottery. It’s your job as a practitioner to find out why you are where you are.

  5. aparna says:

    to the point, inspiring and practical.

  6. carlos says:

    Once i was in the supermarket and the guy in front of me just pulled a 50 euro note from his wallet when he payed and i felt the emotion of richness for that very short moment.
    I think you need to project this very feeling of pure richness and abundance which you can feel when you first glimpse on a heap of gold coins, or when you see how much the lottery prize is that week.
    It’s difficult to find this emotion when you’re in debt. Even more difficult when you’ve never really experienced it.
    The other day i played in a members only hotel with posh upper class people, tailor-made suits and swiss watches, and when i was sitting there with the view from the top of the building i started to know how it feels to be rich. Before that i didn’t have a clue what it is like to be a millionaire. After that i started to have a clue, and this clue would make it possible to manifest richness. And so the opposite is that your experiences limit your possibilities in reaching your desires.

  7. kat says:

    Thank you all :)

  8. David says:

    I’ve heard it suggested that poverty and wealth are “tests.” Poverty can force you to turn to your inner resources. Hitting rock bottom nay the best thing in the long run because it may force you to turn inward and find your Light. When you can see the Light, your self perception will change, and your relationship to the world. This may seem harsh, and it is. Looking back, the hardest times were the time of greatest growth.

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  10. Erwin says:

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  11. Stephen Harrison says:

    No I can not agree, God wants us to be properous, Mixing up The Law of Attraction with Magik is just so wrong. The Law of Attraction is just BS.

  12. ericbinza says:

    help me i need magic to have money

  13. michael roberts says:

    Learn to use they are and their. Unconfortable to read. Just a tip.

  14. Sarah says:

    shweeeet. thanks for sharing all this!

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