Magick 101: Meditation & Trance: An FAQ

What is meditation?

Meditation is the act of actively calming your body and mind and bringing yourself to a state of rest and mental clarity, typically with the intention of achieving trance.

How do I meditate?

Most, especially the inexperienced, begin meditation by bringing their body to a relaxed state. If you are new to meditation, it’s best to begin during a time when you’re already tired and relaxed. To start, sit or lay down in a comfortable relaxed position. Close your eyes, and let your body relax itself, but be careful not to fall asleep. Some find that incense, music, or calming white noise aids in relaxing themselves and clearing their mind.

Next ones mind needs to be brought to a calm and relaxed state, which is more difficult than calming ones body. Tricks like counting ones breath or focusing on an unanswerable problem are counter-productive to achieving trance and should be avoided. Generally one should attempt to clear ones mind, or else to calmly focus on those things which will be dealt with during the meditation. All thought needs to flow without excitement or stress or anxiety, or any other emotion. The mind needs to slow itself down. During meditation one should be introspective, detail oriented, and analytical slowly spending however much time is needed on each thing. One should refrain from thinking quickly or covering many things in a short period and from thinking about things that illicit emotion. Once the mind begins to relax and some level of clarity is achieved, the practitioner should then allow the mind to wander where it may, to look at whatever comes up.

What is the purpose of Meditation?

Meditation provides many benefits to the practitioner over time. It helps to strengthen ones mental capacities including concentration and focus, and also allows one more control over the physical aspects of their body, and at the same time mediation becomes easier as one continues to practice it. However the typical purpose of a meditation session is to achieve trance.

What is trance?

Trance is an altered state of consciousness in which the mind is more finely attuned and working at a higher level. A person in a state of trance has a greater degree of focus, clarity, and concentration. Additionally almost all of their psychic abilities are working at a higher level, including psionic magick, channeling, energy manipulation, divination, past life regression, and remote viewing. A person in a trance state has greater access to their subconscious and untapped mental and magickal potential. A person in this state may experience changes in personality, regressions, and a higher intelligence.

What does trance feel like?

The best thing that it can be compared to is the state an exhausted person is in shortly before they fall asleep, where they are still awake and actively aware of their surroundings but their mind is wandering and creating images and dreams seem to be flooding in, except that one is wide awake, and the mind seems more focused. Beyond that, it can only be said that it must be experienced in order for it to be explained because it is not completely like anything else.

What can be done with trance?

Many things can be done in trance. Channeling, remote viewing, and speaking with entities and ghosts are all easier to do in trance. Energy manipulation, psionic magick, and spell and ritual work are all more powerful when done in a trance state. Many practitioners like to use meditation for past life regressions and to balance their energy (and sometimes its almost mandatory to balance energy). Puzzling over riddles and questions or general introspection are easier to do in trance, partly because of ones heightened mental state and access to their subconscious, but also because things like channeling, divination, and remote viewing are easier in this state and may lend new information to aid in solving the problem.

Are there different degrees of trance?

Yes. There are light trances in which the practitioner’s state of consciousness has barely been altered at all, all the way up to heavy trances where the practitioner may even appear to be asleep. Generally, the heavier the trance the more powerful the trance. One should note though that sometimes, while attempting to achieve trance, practitioners fall asleep, so it may just be that a practitioner has fallen asleep and has not achieved trance at all.

Is meditation necessary to achieve trance?

No. Trance can be achieved without meditation, especially by one who has spent time training themselves to achieve trance in meditation. Spell and ritual work and large amounts of raised energy may also trigger trance in an individual.

What is the relationship between trance and spellwork/ritual?

Trance amps up any spell or ritual work and makes the practitioner much more powerful. For any type of spell or ritual work the practitioner should, at some point during the working, achieve trance, at least lightly if not heavily. For powerful spells that require large amounts of energy, a trance state is pretty much mandatory for success.

What is the relationship between trance and psionic magick?

The same as that between trance and spellwork/ritual. Most who are, well, talented are able to pull off simple psionics without much effort or need for trance, but for greater feats trance becomes an invaluable aid, and in any case will increase the power and success rate of the practitioner.

How should I position myself for meditation?

The body should be in a relaxed state, either sitting or laying down. The practitioner should feel comfortable and in a position they could, under typical circumstances, fall asleep in.

What should I wear for meditation?

Meditation can be done wearing anything, or nothing at all, especially by a trained practitioner. If one is just beginning though its best to wear clothing that makes one feel comfortable, as if they are going to bed, and nothing that will make them self-conscious. Clothing that may physically irritate the practitioner and call the attention of their mind should be avoided, as should clothing that makes one too hot or cold (a blanket is fine if one is too cold). Holding or wearing magickally enchanted objects and ritual tools should be avoided during meditation unless they are the reason for the meditation.

Is there any benefit to using yogic positions (ie the lotus position)?

Certain yogic positions better align the body for energy movement and naturally raise large amounts of energy, both of which aid in meditation and trance, and a practitioner utilizing certain positions will generally have more success and more intense experiences. However in order for the yogic positions to be used one must be at a point in their yoga exercises that they feel completely at ease in the position and their is no pain or undo stress put on the muscles, otherwise the physical and mental strains the yoga positions will put on the practitioner will be more counterproductive to the meditation than helpful.

Will drowsiness effect meditation?

Typically drowsiness will aid in bringing ones body and mind to a relaxed state and may make meditation easier, the only downside being that one may end up falling asleep instead.

Will energy effect meditation or trance?

Large amounts of energy will aid the meditation and make achieving trance easier, and it will intensify the trance once it is achieved. The type of energy used, however, may taint process and could effect the direction in which the mind is drawn.

How do I meditate on a question?

Simply keep the question in your mind and ponder it during meditation, and hopefully it will still be your focus when you hit trance. Not only will you be more adept at answering the question in trance, but you may also be able to break free and channel other sources, remote view related things, divine into the future, and you may draw entities more knowledgable about the subject to you for conversation.

How do I meditate on an object?

Generally you should be holding or wearing the object during meditation, or have it close to you. You should focus and concentrate on the object during meditation, and hopefully take that focus into trance. It’s almost exactly like meditating on a question.

13 Responses to Magick 101: Meditation & Trance: An FAQ

  1. Leon says:

    Hey, how are you doing? I just want to let you know, this was real helpful. I have been looking for something like this. I am getting into the meditation and I needed some help. Thank You!

  2. Rob says:

    Thanks a lot. It’s really nice to know that some of the things I post here help people from time to time.

  3. connor says:

    i started meditating regularly a few months back, i found it relaxing, i would often get dream like visions
    of very relaxing places (like on top of a silent mountain and an isolated beach) but recently i have been getting progressively fearful about what i see. my ‘visions’ have been getting darker (2 weeks ago i can recall being stuck in a wildfire) but last Wednesday i finished meditating and went to sleep, only to wake up in the middle of the night to heavy breathing on my face i opened my eyes to see what looked like a gorilla pinning me down onto my bed, i can remember seeing claws protruding from its hands (one was by my ear and out of sight the other was on my stomach) in distress i struggle and managed to roll it off my bed and when i looked down it was gone. i cant remember anything after that point until the moment i woke up and found a claw mark starting from were the things claw held me down, trailing across to my left side of my body. please give my some insight of what on earth is going on

    • Rob says:

      What you’re describing as ‘visions’ sounds a lot to me like channeling. When you meditate you’re being drawn towards random channels and picking up ideas and images from them. Your mood when you begin meditating could affect what type (positive or negative) of channel you latch on to, and you could have negative emotions going into a meditation because of these recent negative experiences. I did say could, and that’s because this isn’t a hard rule. You can be as happy and blissful as can be and still manage a negative experience channeling.

      I’ve noticed a phenomena you may have experienced which I call a channel yank. This is when you’re in channel receiving images and you’ll almost feel like some force literally rips you from where you are and flings you someplace. The whole process is very quick, less than a second, and afterwards you’re somewhere else, possibly even another world. From there experiences vary. You’ll be in a physical body, but you may just be able to see and feel out of it with no control over what it does, or you may have complete control. From what I can tell, what has happened here is you’ve been pulled through the channel, and you’re now possessing something on the other side, the same way that something would possess a human. There’s not much you can do to get back from here in my experience, you just have to wait it out and you’ll always end up back home. Even if you don’t have physical control here, magick, especially psionic magick, will still work in this situation.

      As for what happened last Wednesday everything you tell me (that you were in your bed and not somewhere else, that you woke up twice, that you have a foggy memory) makes me think that what happened is you managed an astral projection (also known as an out of body experience or OBE or OOBE if you want to research on the net).

      I can’t tell much about the entity from your description. I’m guessing by gorilla you mean that he was large, humaniod, black, and hairy, which could be over a thousand different things. If you actually saw a gorilla face, that would limit to about a dozen or so things.

      Also I can’t tell his intention for sure. He may have been pinning you down or trying to hurt you. Or he may have been trying to pull you out of your body so you could astrally project, and in his own mind help you, but he wasn’t aware of how much he was hurting you. Our first few projections can be very violent and disorientating, and a helping hand can easily be mistaken for something aggressive.

      Until you have a second encounter with the same entity, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. A lot of times things are just passing through. If you’re meditating you may be leaving energy things are attracted to. If you’re channeling you are opening up portals all over the place things can get in through. This creature may just have happened to be in the room when you astrally projected and now he’s gone off to somewhere else.

      You aren’t defenseless when you astrally project though. Not only will magick work, it works so much better during projection. Also normal physical fighting moves like punching, kicking, and biting all work too.

      What I’ve noticed is that most people, when they first start fighting like this, tend to be drawn towards what they know when they attack. People who have been seriously electricuted tend to throw electricity. People who get burned a lot gravitate towards balls of fire. People who have been badly cut throw balls of knives. And don’t be afraid to make a fist and throw it if you can’t think of anything better to do (generally, in the astral, if you can think it you can manifest it into being with intent).

      Also, and this is a good tip, if you get hurt on the astral, try to make yourself heal yourself before you return to your body. You’ll have a lot less cuts and scars to worry about that way.

  4. connor says:

    thank you for the tips, I’ve started to meditate again now, and about that description of the gorilla thing. it had quite a tall medium-build figure with fur and a head a lot like a gorilla’s, i can distinctively remember that the size, shape and layout of its teeth were very gorilla like. its claws were about 3-4 inches long and were very clean. does this mean anything to you

    • Rob says:

      If it felt like a dead thing, it could be a dead gorilla or it could be a dead lycanthrope (either able to change shape physically or astrally), although I’ve never heard of one that could turn into a gorilla. An ascended master would also be dead and able to shape their astral form into anything, but you can’t really feel death in their energy.

      If it feels like a living thing it could be a living lycanthrope or a practitioner that’s good at astral shapeshifting. I suppose it could be an astrally projecting gorilla too, but I’ve never seen one of those.

      Then there’s the other category. Djinn typically take animal form, and I’ve actually seen one come as a gorilla before. If it seemed like a decaying corpse I’d say definitely a djinn. Some fae creatures are partial to shapeshifting into animals, though I’ve never heard of or seen one that did gorillas. It could’ve been an imaginary elemental, but those typically aren’t as strong as what you described. It could also be a gorilla spirit animal. Also a lot of demon and daimon type things can take on whatever shape they like. There are probably a handful of other things I can’t think of or don’t know about that might come as gorillas.

      Like I said, not too many different things that it could likely be. If you have some sort of personal connection to gorillas, either being very partial to or frightened of them, it could narrow it down to an even smaller number of things.

      If you never see the creature again though, I’d say don’t worry about it. It was probably just passing through.

  5. Clhaude says:

    Please, help me. I have meditated many times. Except, I practice Japanese meditation. The meditative state of awareness. Using Japanese meditation, you can talk to one another when you start feelilng the pressure in the front of your head. I tried contacting my mother (I hadn’t tried it before.) and what I got, was a grotesque image of a face, mouth open as if to scream. No eyes, no nose, but the back round was white, as if it was coming through a sheet. It scared me so bad I had trouble sleeping. One of my friends had somethign similar. If you can give me any insight on what this means, how to deal with it, and what I can do to hopefully not come across it again while meditating, please, send me a message.

    • Rob says:

      I call it a fogginess, but you’re right, it is a pressure in the front of your head :)

      What you’re doing is channeling. That pressure, it’s like a fog in your head, and you can throw things into it and get things back from it. Meditation and channeling are not the same thing. You don’t need to meditate to channel, but meditating does make it easier to channel and easier to control the channel.

      Also you’re not limited to just talking with living people using a channel. You can also talk to dead people, and spirits, and gods, and you can even access a wealth of pure information from certain other planes of existence.

      Talking to living people is hard. Most people when they’re first learning how to channel will just sort of open themselves up and see what they can latch into. Then they’ll get information, or pictures, or whatever coming through their head.

      It’s also difficult to control channels. A lot of times if you open yourself up to channel, you’ll latch on to whatever is nearby, especially if there is a lot of energy behind it. Sometimes channels are completely meaningless to you because it wasn’t meant for you or it wasn’t something you could understand. More than likely that’s all the face was.

      It could also be something trying to contact you specifically, and when you channeled you were naturally drawn towards that channel because it was calling you. In that case the meaning of the image could be specific to you, and you would be the best person to decipher it.

      Lastly you could have something hanging around you that likes to break into channels to talk. If this keeps happening again and again, then I’d say that would be the case. Basically these are spirits that will wait for you to try to channel, and then they’ll break into the channel and send information through to communicate. These things are annoying because they end up blocking the channels you need to get to. Basically you have to hunt these things down, find them, and then force them out of your house. They’re almost always small things living in your house that are too afraid to confront you directly.

      Like I said though, my best guess is that you just happened upon a channel that had something unpleasant looking on the other side. If you see that image again, or if you keep getting drawn into channels that feel similar to that one, or if you keep having issues where every time you try to channel it’s unpleasant, feel free to write back and I can see what I can do to help you with one of those specific problems.

      But if it was just this one time, it’s not a problem and it’s not something that can be fixed. These things happen. So long as you’re channeling, you’re going to run into this sort of thing again and again. You have to learn how to live with it and not be scared of it and not let it get to you.

  6. Chris says:

    what are the techniques to achieve trance ?

    cause when people doing meditation ussually everything is black pitch…


    • Rob says:

      The best technique is to regularly practice meditation. This will help you to gain clarity and focus and will also give you more control over your mental state, all of which will make it easier to push yourself into trance. There’s also a good chance you’ll eventually stumble upon a trance state doing this. Beyond that a trance may be spontaneously triggered by spell work or large amounts of energy, but this is really hit or miss, especially if you’ve never achieved trance before. I’m not sure what you mean by black pitch.

  7. Ayurveda says:


    Magick 101: Meditation & Trance: An FAQ « Rob's Magick Blog…

  8. Eva says:

    In my meditative state I was brought into a forest and the animal I saw there was a deer.. Very calm deer, she seemed i afraid and peaceful. Just looking at me and then wandering off… What does this mean? I seem to see them often in awake life too…

    • Amanda says:

      Not an expert or anything, but I think it could be a spirit animal or totem animal. It could maybe trying to teach a lesson, tell you things about yourself, or just assist or represent you in general. I could easily be wrong though, but if they come to you a lot, like in dreams, meditation, and waking life, then that could very well be it. If you just google spirit or totem animals, or the spirit animal deer meanings, then there are plenty of sites that will give you great information. Good luck :)

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