Rambling Philosophies

I figure I’m allowed one of these a year, will try to put something worthwhile up over the weekend.

Fear, if even a kernel of it exists it will manifest and multiply into all of our magicks with disastrous results. It has nothing to do with bravery or taking risks or other nonsense, it has to do with even the tiniest bit of it dwelling within the depths of ones heart, and if it does its negativity will infect every attempted operation.

It’s a fallacy to separate things that were never meant to be separated, to create a duality where none exists. We assume it is the role of the priestess to take the universe into her and allow herself to become one with its will where as it is the role of the magus to manipulate it to his ends, but ultimately each exists as the other. We are the magi, the ones who connect into the universe as others don’t, that feel her subtle movements of energies and vibrations, that empath the feelings around us and take them as our own. To do this is to become one with the universe, and to be one with the universe means she moves as per our whims. Everything in us is magnified outward and causes change.

When we’re horny, we draw mates towards us. When we’re intellectual, we draw information through us. When we’re content, others are drawn towards us. When we’re aggravated, others are drawn away. And when we doubt our magicks or their effectiveness, even the smallest bit in the deepest recesses of our mind, and even momentarily, we destine it for failure. And when we are afraid, even the smallest bit, we draw forth much of the lower planes of existence.

They say there is a microcosm and a macrocosm, but there’s only a universe. As above so below was the first blind. In truth, there is only what is.

The Magus and the Priestess are separate only when seen from this side of the abyss. They who in the Lovers are separated in Tepherit, and as per a lesson of the Devil, can cross the abyss once they are reunited as a singularity.

Every shield and every defense, even every protection, is a manifestation of a fear, and every fear, however small, will ripple across the universe and cause it to change and oppose us. Our shields and the help of friends and our faith in gods to save us are all manifestations of fear. Only alone and unprotected and naked can we begin to realize a purity of our being. It would be comforting to speak of faith in oneself and ones ability now or to rely on the power of our magicks, but even these acts are a manifestation of fear. I will say that which truly comforts me, which is a reflection of my true self, though I feel this will be different for each: There is an adventure that lies ahead of me.

All of this seen from the edge of the abyss. Be seeing the lot of you on the other side.


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