Pictures of Spirits

Let me start by saying I in no way endorse the parapsychological movement and, for the most part, I believe what they’re doing is a giant waste of time often performed by individuals with questionable IQs. I have even greater concern with their views on those who have developed true psychic abilities and their views on the individual rights and ethical and moral treatment of said individuals. Considering most practitioners see, on average, dozens of entities of various types on any given day and converse or otherwise communicate with such entities at times, there is no real point in obtaining evidence in order to somehow convince the skeptical outside world of ones legitimacy or to affirm ones own faith. All that being said, sometimes it’s fun to take pictures or record with a microphone and see what you get.

I was with Coyote Pendragon (now writing as Pendragon Deville, also known by many, many other names in many different places) at his home and we took these pictures after performing an evocation ritual. We tried to see what we could get.

This was the first one taken with my camera, and the first phenomena we captured. Notice the shadow in the picture. The shadow shouldn’t have been there, and it moved just as the photo snapped.

I then looked at the two previous photos, all photos taken in about a minutes time, and you can see the shadow moving from left to center.

It turned out however that this shadow belonged to Coyote, who was moving in front of our light source.

There actually was something right here in the circled area (note, not circled, having trouble doing that, it’s to the left of Zues’s altar before the TV in the picture), and we each took dozens of pictures of it and captured it, however what we captured faded from the screen within seconds of the photo being taken each time.

In this pic, taken by me with Coyote’s camera, we thought we caught an actual death shroud. Despite repeated attempts we couldn’t repeat the phenomena.

However, upon blowing up the picture, it’s very clearly Coyote, who jumped in front of the flash as I took it.

This next picture, however, is legitamate. These two photos were taken seconds apart by Coyote on his camera. There is no explination for the fog in the picture (and it wasn’t visible to the naked eye).

Upon blowing up the picture one can also see an eye in the corner. Coyote also points out the rainbow in the alter mirror as being legitimate phenomena, but I’m more skeptical as we managed rainbows of colors from various light sources (although not exactly the same effect) in that mirror in many pictures.

This too is a picture of the room with flash taken by Coyote, but something jumped in front of the camera right before it clicked.

7 Responses to Pictures of Spirits

  1. boleskine93 says:

    I read this with great interest. And I totally agree: there is no point in trying to prove anything to anyone. One’s Magickal journey is intensely personal; it isn’t up for debate. The fog in your photo clearly appears NOT to be a problem with camera or film. You captured something. Great work – great blog.

    Boleskine 93

  2. coyote says:

    I will say it was a great deal of fun. The fog is most interesting.

    I have taken hundreds of photo’s of the Vanity both night and day and never got a rainbow.
    Even if it is the light spectrum I still think it’s rather cool in the photo. LOL
    I would truly want to figure out if it could be repeated. So if anything we can tell others about it and what to look for.

    When I took the fog I pretended to shoot from another direction instead of the direction I intended to shoot at. It sounds funny but it might work for ghost photo’s. We did raise a great deal of energy and we could feel it intensely.

    The fog itself interest me greatly being all those photo’s where taken seconds of each other in good lighting with a digital camera that had a motion control in it. I shook the camera several times to see if I could get blur but could not from the make of the camera.

    We worked in the A.M. hours about 4:30 A.M. according to the camera.
    I note that such things are more active after 3am.

    The Zeus Altar has always been my most favorite part of my home so in a way I think it’s nice to have the energy cloud around it for me. Kind of like seeing it in another eye.

    As I don’t have to prove to others what exist I think it’s good that other Magick people get to see such things because it shows a common reality that notes can be made in verification.

    The preternatural goes hand and hand with magick. I never quite fit into any label being I don’t believe in limits or boundaries just what works. So for me a document of some of the things I do might help others somewhere.

    If anything it might give us new views on energy work and the unseen world.
    I can’t wait to see what you come up with next as a document of experiment.

    I hope others try this as well.:) I like to see what they come up with.

  3. Rob says:

    Coyote – Several of the photos I took that night had a rainbow in the mirror. I think it’s caused by the flash of the camera passing through the crystal on the lamp next to it and then being reflected in the mirror. In my photos though the rainbow differed considerably in both shape and placement. Still, I think a mundane explanation might be found for that.

    Boleskine – Both cameras were digital, so it definitely isn’t a film issue. Thanks for the support and kind words, it’s always appreciated.

  4. coyote says:

    I was able to reduplicate it. It was not the lamp. It was the fact in certain lighting on a silver mirror can cause certain prism effects in certain lighting at angle. First 10 shots produced nothing. On a angle to the right it made a rainbow. I removed the lamps still got a rainbow.

    The lamps themselves in base are ruby glass from the 1870’s that had special screw tops made in the 20’s to electrifies them. Another top could be put back in to make it run on oil again if need be. They thought the whole light bulb thing might be a fad around that time. LOL

    Ruby Glass was popular for it’s blood red glass at that time yet has no crystal in it. The dye on the other hand killed many of it’s workers slowly from the fumes.
    It was cheap to make and pretty.

    The brass base I thought might do it. But nope, nor the bulb had effect. The Glass tops had no crystal and where glass reproduction.

    “To know a bit about cheap reproduction of Antiques or what is not crystal you have to test the glass for crystal and know glass types. This info may help explain some colors in pictures.

    To tell if something has crystal in it that may carry prism you have to tap the glass. If it has a chime in it then it is crystal. If it has a thunk then it is plain glass.

    Other things that can carry prism in it would be glass with lead paint like depression glass from the 30’s and beveled windows from the Victorian period. The depression glass is no more made for food because it has poisoned so many from the lead. It thought many of such pieces may have have had something to do with the demise of some of the owners. They did not know that it was the plates they where eating on that murdered some. When found out many broke and tossed out such dinnerware.

    Oddly, most stain glass won’t carry a prism but instead the color that it fragmented unless dipped in clear lead paint. Any glass with lead paint from any direction will make a rainbow. Crystal needs the light to bend and what we know now dirty silver will make a prism.” :))

    So We know it was the mirror.
    The mirror also is not clean. If I cleaned the mirror you have less of a chance to see a prism.

    So We know non cleaned silver can carry a prism. While pretty not a paranormal factor. LOL

  5. Rob says:

    Coyote – I’m just now realizing that all of your correspondence suggestions were fae associative. Now my bedroom smells like a cake exploded in it. Damn you.

  6. Coyote says:

    Now Now…. Fae have about a long time.:)) Better cake instead of French music and dog poop smell. In all Reality Fae are elemental. All correspondences have a connection.:))
    They do work. I did tell you to use things like mandrake, mugwort and amber but the store you shop at has a limited selection.:))

    Psychic Eye is rather fluffy. I used to grow my own herbs back in the day and harvest them in the dark of the moon but can’t do that in Las Vegas. Can’t find verbain or devils root, lions claw to save your life out here. They don’t even know Mandrake out here but dragon’s blood abounds. I wonder if they know it’s sap and not blood at all?

    Of course phase 2 is dog poop and French music.:))


  7. Coyote says:

    Have been about a long time… Even from the word I left out.:)) You have no edit on this thing.:))

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