How to Summon Baal, or Anything Else, Quick and Dirty Like.

I posted this on another forum to a fellow who was asking for a method to summon Baal. My reply isn’t specific to Baal and I thought this might be useful to some so I’m reposting it here.

1. Research what it is you want to summon. In the case of Baal, the name can refer to numerous things, including several deities, so you need to figure out exactly what Baal you want to summon, and then you need to get an idea of how Baal is seen, what people generally think about him, and what he’s probably like. So long as it’s something that is popular or common internet searches will probably turn up enough information for the summoning. Be sure to check out encyclopedia mythica and wikipedia, although not always accurate they can still have a lot of information to help you out.

2. Find a statue or image of what you want to summon, and if you can’t find that then try for a symbol associated with it. Spiritual depictions are usually better than artistic depictions, but in any case go with the depiction that you feel most closely resembles what you’re trying to summon. If you have no other alternative you can make your own depiction.

3. Remove any barriers, wards, ect. that you may have around the general area that you’ll be doing the summoning (most likely your home). This includes personal wards and barriers, ones that are anchored to objects (be aware of certain things that may be decoration but are used for protection because they may have become active and can effect the summoning. This includes gargoyle statues and depictions of pentagrams), and ones that may have been put up by others.

4. Take down your shields and natural defenses. Any type of defense can hinder the summoning.

5. Make sure you aren’t in any kind of circle. Make sure there are no seals or sigils in the area since these may have an unknown effect. Refrain from doing any pre-ritual type ritual including asking for protection from anything. We don’t want to be putting up new barriers.

6. Now take your depiction of what you want to summon (in this case Baal), and place it somewhere (such as on a table or a night stand). You can just leave a picture on your computer screen if you want, that works too. Or you can print out a picture and put it in a frame and then place it on a table (the later method will generally bring better results). Now you need to activate this as an alter, in this case to Baal. Unless you want to develop a very strong relationship with Baal, this will probably just be a makeshift alter that we will take down after the summoning.

7. Now that the alter is ready non-aggressively direct energy towards the depiction of Baal with the intent that this energy is to be received directly by Baal. Make sure your defenses and your shields are down and, if he chooses to, Baal will also be able to direct his energy towards you. With a little practice you should be able to figure out how to bury thoughts into the energy in order to communicate, and you’ll be able to receive thoughts in the same manner.

8. Whether or not Baal responds you should also make it clear that he has an invitation to appear in your house and that you wish for him to come.

9. Have fun with your summoning adventures.

40 Responses to How to Summon Baal, or Anything Else, Quick and Dirty Like.

  1. connor says:

    the name Baal has been stalking me all of my life i have seen it on road signs in other countries in graffiti on walls its popped up in games its not like any other demon name i have studied it seemed to be more raised from any book or web page and i am worried why he/it is trying to contact me

  2. Rob says:

    Well Baal is a fairly common name, it appears in a lot of places. If you do think that, for some reason, Baal is trying to initiate a conversation, then it’s probably best that you return the call. Gods are sometimes known for initiating conversations in the way you described, sometimes spending years developing a relationship prior to a first contact, although I haven’t noticed that in regards to daimons/demons. I have noticed that they don’t necesserly follow the same rules of time as we do, and that often times they tend to be around in some regard hours, days, or even weeks before they’re invoked, although I haven’t noticed this phenomena extending back years.

    In any case, evoke Baal and see what he wants. You can use the above method, or you can do an actual evocation and bring him forth. Or just try asking him to come forth and talk to you, if he is so connected to you and trying to initiate something that might be more than enough. The things in Goetia should be approached with some caution. Many are completely benevolent. Some are malicious though, and some offer guidance in ways that may be mentally or physically traumatic. But there’s nothing in there so dangerous that you should stay away. Just don’t make any deals that you aren’t comfortable with and show respect and you should be fine. If you take care of this you’ll at least get some peace of mind in regards to the situation.

  3. Wolf says:

    Any serious occultist would throw this out the window. But even if you had reason to believe this would work, it’d still be the most reckless, idiotic spiritual manoeuvre conceivable. The equivalent of pulling a known serial killer off the street and telling him he can sleep on your sofa.
    Ba’al is considered on-par with Mephistopheles and Satan. Being on the same continent as he is generally best avoided.

    • Rob says:

      In my experience, serious occultists aren’t frightened by magick but practice it.

      The effectiveness of the method is easily proved. It requires a very basic amount of ability with energy manipulation and very small investment of time to set everything up. If there’s anyone out there that can’t get this to work, I’d be more than happy to help them figure it out.

      Now go away little boy and stop trying to puff out your chest. Your statement makes you look like both a fool and a scared little bitch.

  4. Natalie says:

    What are the risks and dangers involved with evoking him?

    • Rob says:

      The method I detailed above isn’t an actual evocation. It’s a form of channeling, one that I was taught as a way to commune with the divine and tweaked a bit, but it can work for nearly anything (though not as successfully).

      As such, the method isn’t nearly as dangerous as evocations. When talking to a divine entity, there’s very little risk unless there’s some reason why a deity would want to harm you. You might have some difficulty dealing with divine energy if you aren’t used to it as it can be fairly strong.

      When talking to anything else, it’s pretty much as dangerous as a channel. So there’s a chance of channeling the wrong thing, being deceived; persuaded; and corrupted, you can be pulled through the channel, you can actually cause a full evocation (this is rare), there’s a chance of possession (also rare), and in a very small number of cases it can cause headaches; bleeding in the head (such as the nose, ears, and eyes); and eventually an aneurysm and death; however in this instance you have more than enough time to identify what is happening and cut off the channel. This happens to people who keep going back to something that is hurting them. There are a few other ways you can die via channeling but these are very rare and typically require something closer to mediumship than the method I outlined above.

      With an actual evocation there’s quite a bit more of a risk, the actual risk depending somewhat on the method of evocation. You can be attacked, hurt, killed, possessed, whatever. There’s a lot of psychological damage that can be done too.

      • Natalie says:

        Okay, thanks Rob, truth be told I wont be doing any of that any time soon, I can’t even meditate or astral proyect, which are supposed to be easy

        • Rob says:

          Astral projection is only easy for certain people. There are even a lot of biological factors involved that can make it more difficult to successfully astrally project. A lot of people selling programs say at most 3 or 6 months for dedicated individuals, but in my experience this is more of a selling gimmick than a hard rule (granted a good percentage of people can make the three month mark). The best advice I can give is just find some exercises that you like and stick with them and do them every single day for however long it takes. My first time all I did was sit up in my bed for about thirty seconds before being pulled back, and even that was worth all of the hard work I put into it.

          As for meditation, that’s more like a natural skill that can be trained. I’m sure you can achieve some sort of meditation, just like I’m sure you can lift some weight, however small. If you train yourself and work at meditating, you’ll get better, in the same way if you lifted weights you’d eventually be able to lift more and more.

          • Natalie says:

            That makes great sense, after all, I’ve never even given a week of my time to trying to meditate, it’s more like on random days I’ll just “try and see if I can’ I was told to sit in the lotus position, but I can’t do that, can’t even do a half lotus, which baffles me because I can both do a splits and put my right leg over my head (Lol sorry for the TMI)
            Astral proyection is something I have never, ever tried, I think mainly I’m scared, I’m not to sure about it, if I could go into space or into a demon realm or if it’s dangerous, a friend way back in highschool told me about her aunt who once did it and got chased by a dark entity, I don’t know any way of defending myself (from an attacker) other than physically, and from what I’ve heard, that doesn’t do shit to a “spirit” or a “demon” or something… it’s something I’d like to try, but don’t think I can do it alone…

            In your experience, do you think it’s possible to astral proyect with someone else, like sit down with a person who can do it and both try to do it at the same time, do you think they’d see each others astral self?

            ((sorry if there’s a lot of typos, Im in bed on my laptop all scrunched up, it’s harder to type like that.))

            • Rob says:

              Try spending some time stretching prior to the half lotus or lotus position, and be aware that there may be some pain involved until you get used to it. If you still can’t do it, you may want to start with some easier poses and general stretching for a while to work your legs and slowly make them more flexible. You could also try the fake lotus, just cross your legs at the ankles, put your hands on your knees, and keep your back straight. Not ideal, but if it’s the best you can manage it’ll do. The lotus position can definitely help magnify the intensity of a meditation, but until you get to the point where you can do it comfortably with absolutely no pain, discomfort, or stress on your legs, it’ll hurt you more than it helps. More important than anything else during a meditation is to be both completely comfortable and relaxed.

              To answer your other question, yes you can astrally project with another, but this is difficult to do, partly because both of you have to be able to project on command, which is hardly an easy feat. More common is to go to sleep and find a person who can project, dreamwalk, and lucid dream to come and get you from your dream and take you out into the astral. Once again, this is very difficult. There aren’t many people who can do all of these things. In addition to that, they need to know how to go about it gently enough to pull you out without waking you up, and you need to surrender to them while in a dream, and most likely non-lucid, state. Plus there’s the difficulty of making sure you’re asleep and dreaming when they come for you. And also your ability to go lucid once you’re outside of the dream and into the astral.

              Honestly though, you’re worrying too much about it. To start, your astral body is already there, following you around. It’s not inside of you, it’s an alternate body that your consciousness shifts focus into. Supposing you stay near your physical body, shifting into that consciousness doesn’t put you in any greater danger, it just makes you more aware of it.

              And realistically speaking, I wouldn’t worry too much about space or a demon realm right away. There are some nasty places you could end up in. But for most people it takes both time and effort for them to manage to astrally leave their house, or even their bedroom. The chances of being drawn out of your home before you’re ready, let alone being drawn to someplace very bad, are slim.

              Just punching a spirit in your physical body might not do anything, but in your astral form you’re made of the same sort of stuff, and punching them will hurt them, at least as long as you believe that it will. If you start thinking it won’t hurt them, it might not, but I’ve never tried this. Myself and others have fought many things with nothing more than punching, kicking, and biting and these attacks are rather effective on the astral plane. Once you’re there you’ll notice how easily thought and intent tend to create a manifestation, and once you get that down you can figure out the fancier attacks.

              And if you do come across something scary (or read someone’s scary story about astral projection) keep in mind that the first few times a person projects can be very disorientating, frightening, and violent in and of itself, and adding an unknown entity to the mix, however benign it may in fact be, can cause a person to misjudge the situation and panic. If something is definitely malicious or violent towards you I’d say stand up to it and fight it. Odds are anything that would be powerful enough that you should be scared of it and should stay away from it isn’t going to be interested in you right now during your first few projections. The stuff you’re likely to might in the beginning will be more intimidation than actual power. After you become stronger and more adept and start casting off a huge energy signature then bigger things might start taking more of an interest in you, but at that point you’ll be more able to handle them.

              • Azrael says:

                Your thoughts on the matter are quite true my friend… But for the 1st time astral traveler I say ALWAYS be wary… I am a natural traveler, meaning i had been doing it against my will for the 1st 15 years of my life…I was taught what it was by my grandfather when i told him about dreams i had been having regularly about flying over my house and seeing treetops and roofs etc… Then he said to me… Those were not dreams you left your body… And I laughed and said…Ya ok that makes sense… And he said if i was wrong then how would you know what the top of our house looks like… Only He had ever gone on our roof and seen what it looked like up close… Sorry for rambling… My point is just this as you get better you will get stronger and you will attract unwanted attention. I find it helpful to carry a totem or symbol with me that once astral can help your mind manifest a weapon… (I personally carry a lighter which i use as a firey sword…) Silly i know but it works… I am quite adept in all matters of the Metaphysical/Arcane and anyone who has questions feel free to ask away I don’t mind helping out…

  5. Natalie says:

    A buddy trying to be helpful told me to try and lay down when to relax while I tried to meditate… I ended up falling asleep xD
    I’ll definitely be stretching out and try to get flexible enough to do the full lotus correctly and without pain.
    And again, thanks for the help, instead of making you repeat what you’ve probably already typed I’m going to go read your entry on astral proyection and see if you have good tips on how to do that :D thanks

    • Rob says:

      It’s just as easy to fall asleep in the lotus position once you get comfortable in it.

      I’ve fallen asleep while meditating too. It’s an unfortunate side effect of relaxing your body when you’re tired, and it happens to everyone sometimes. The trick is if you’re caught, claim that you were in a very deep meditation. That and outright deny any accusations that you were also snoring.

  6. Rashidah says:

    Isn’t Ba’al a god to be wary of?
    I have heard nothing but bad stuff about him. Especially from the bible.

  7. Rashidah says:

    I was not trying to be cheeky. I was just trying to find out if in reality Ba’al is safe god to summon.

    • Rob says:

      I wasn’t being cheeky either.

      All gods are very powerful, which makes them naturally very dangerous. However gods are not usually malicious. You’re pretty safe summoning any god, so long as you are not disrespectful or hostile towards them. There may be some exceptions. For instance if you are a truly horrible person, some gods may not look very kindly on you.

      The thing is though, that’s only if you manage to summon a god. You could screw up and summon something that isn’t a god. In that case how dangerous the situation is will be dependent on what you managed to summon.

      The thing is, either you won’t care how dangerous doing something might be, in which case it doesn’t matter what warning I give you because you’re going to do it anyways. Or you will care and you’ll be cautious, and spiritually speaking you’ll never actually do anything, because just about every spiritual act is incredibly risky and dangerous. Even acts which appear safe at a glance open you up to danger. And I’ve met so many supposed magicians who have never actually done anything that caution is probably the path more commonly tread.

      The real question is if you have faith in yourself and your ability to get yourself out of any trouble you may get yourself into. This faith in oneself is what makes a magician elite. It’s what empowers the magician to do what needs to be done to spiritually grow.

  8. Rashidah says:

    Thank you so much for your advice.
    I personally prefer to know more about the god before I try to summon them so I will have a very good idea about their personality.

    I thank you again for your advice

  9. delta says:

    Hi Rod my name is jimmy i was wondering if you can help me with summoning Ba’al I been looking around the internet for 3 month now and all i could find is the symbol and what people think of him. I was wondering about a couple of things I need to now how much much energy is need to summon Ba’al i also need to now what us do i need to summon him?

    • Rob says:

      Energy quantification is relative. The problem lies in the fact that practicing magicians can develop rather quickly, and in a matter of years something like the amount of energy they naturally produce can increase exponentially. So what one person considers a lot of energy another person may not consider much at all. The way in which you do the evocation would affect the amount of energy you need to.

      Relative to other spells and types of magic, evocations of goetic demons tend to be rather energy intensive, and that’s just the energy needed for the actual evocation. You may also need to raise additional energy, which is especially helpful if you want to see a physical manifestation, and you’re probably going to want some additional energy to defend yourself with during the evocation.

      So far I haven’t found a published evocation ritual that I like. What’s out there doesn’t really follow my style or my moral beliefs. For evocations I use rituals I’ve personally developed. I have several such rituals, and I plan to eventually publish these in a book in the future. However these rituals constitute years of research, development, and trial and error experimentation on my part, so I’m not showing them to anyone I don’t personally work with prior to the book being published.

  10. Adam says:

    If there was a possible reason for Ba’al or some other demon to be angry with you, should channeling even be attempted?

    • Rob says:

      I wouldn’t suggest instigating a fight with something as powerful as a goetic spirit, which is what I suppose you mean by demon, but if push came to shove it is possible to win the fight. If on the other hand you were trying to make amends, you have to first initiate contact somehow. Channeling would require you to be a bit more open than in an evocation, but it also gives you a bit more protection because it isn’t a full evocation. It’s probably going to be the best way to feel out the situation and see if amends can be made and if there is any danger in a full evocation.

      I don’t know what you mean by angry either. There are different levels of angry these spirits can have. Some may be a bit proud or demand a certain level of respect, and they may get angry if they don’t get exactly that. And you might just be a very annoying person. Usually if it’s an issue like that the spirit might be a bit offended, but not enough to put you into any real danger and probably not enough to even stop them from helping you. Over 95% of the time these spirits become dangerous when someone outright attacks them or attempts to bind them somehow so they can gain control over them.

      That’s what’s typically used to evoke these spirits, and it’s a hostile method that instantly creates an adversarial relationship. At that point the spirit is of course going to attempt an attack at every opportunity, if for no other reason then to teach you not to treat it like that. What I’ve found is that if you use a method that doesn’t attempt to hurt, control, or bind them, with spirits that powerful, it’s very rare that they’ll attack you. Even the really horrible and nasty ones that want you to bring them babies to eat and crap typically won’t attack you so long as you don’t start anything, and you’re free to say no thanks without repercussions if you don’t like their offer.

  11. delta says:

    tried summoning Baal. don’t work so back to square one. What if i help you with your book? can you help me with summoning Baal?

  12. Delta says:

    will I tried Channeling maybe i got the symbol wrong or I just don’t now what to do there not much on summon Baal.

    • Rob says:

      A channel wouldn’t summon Baal, it would just open up a channel so that you could talk to him. The symbol helps, but it isn’t that important, and you can easily evoke things without their symbol.

      I’d suggest trying to physically evoke Baal if you feel up to it. It’ll take a lot of energy, and a lot of people get scared when it works, but if you’re not too good with channeling it might work better for you. If you feel Baal has some need to meet with you, you might actually be able to get him to do a lot of the work.

      Or try channeling a deity instead of a daemon. Deities are far more likely to help you with the channel, and you can always try Baal later after you get used to the process.

  13. Delta says:

    how do you physically evoke Baal?

    • Rob says:

      You could try asking him to show up.

      Usually though an evocation ritual is used. Most consist of between two to five parts. The most important part is that you have to draw him forward. Almost as important, most rituals try to manipulate space-time in the ritual area so that it is more conductive to an evocation. It’s also a good idea to empower the area with energy that the spirit can use, and some magicians also like to protect or empower themselves for the ritual. Finally sometimes banishings are used to end the ritual.

      You can either read some books to find rituals you can use (most are either taken straight out of the old European grimoires, or are highly derivative of those evocation rituals), or you can study the process and develop your own method.

  14. Dimitris says:

    Don’t you need any ritual tools (dagger, chalice etc), triangle or incense to perform this type of evocation?
    Is the spirit supposed to appear or it’s presence will just be felt by the practioner?

  15. sephoniel says:

    If you haven’t figured it out people “Rob” is a legend in his own mind…..and his words have no authority whatsoever…..listen and follow the blind if you like …it’s your choice

  16. Imran says:

    Andmy mind and so many others why can’t u people listen to the truth he speaks the truth and he does say he’s way is not everyone’s way but armchair magicians enter like to be told what they well does anyone really

  17. Grammar Nazi says:

    It’s “altar” not “alter”.

  18. AfrikanPrince says:

    I have so many questions about so many different things. But here’s one of my bigger one’s.
    Can you borrow power/s from an entity? Say like, they empower your body, hand or whatever with the ability to ignite fires. Would it work like that? Or would you and the entity have to merge together?
    How would most entities, like the ones from the Goetia probably respond to this? Or is this probably an example of a request that would deem you an annoying person to these spirits?

  19. Ioana says:

    Omg dont do this unless you are ready for hell.. For the first encounter with him this is the WORST possible idea.

    wtf dude..

  20. N.X says:

    Hello Rob!!

    Okay, I didn’t come here to try learning how to summon Baal, but instead, to explore what alternative evocation formula you present, since it is alleged to be generic.

    So, on the night of a Full Moon, I wanted to commune with Thoth, the moon deity and patron of the craft. I chose to use your method, with just a few simple tweaks: I had incense burning, setup the altar using a plain tabletop, with laptop upon it, projecting nothing but the image of a large, brilliant, full-moon. The ruler of the day was Mars, that of the hour was the Sun (perhaps I should’ve waited for that of the Moon instead?)

    I went into the rite with but a ready, open mindset. I’d taken a quick face-wash as my banishing/grounding approach (it was a cold cold evening). I also burnt two candles, a brand new, white candle, and then a large blue one (used in other work prior to this).

    I wore my ritual robe, and sat before the altar, projecting energy towards Thoth, via the image of the moon. I did wait patiently, and did try many variants of the projection: visualization, projected palms, breath, emotion and even chanting or the names (Tehuti, Tetu,…)

    Did I experience anything in return? Nothing I could write home about. As with first-time rituals, i didn’t know what to expect, no how good the outcomes would be, but given how you laid out the technique, you made it seem like an instant-success. So, were my expectation just to high? I will definitely be trying this ritual another time. I love the simplicity of its technique, and the makes-sense nature of its formula, but perhaps there’s a detail you didn’t elaborate or something I messed up?

    Also, it got me wondering, though I’ve worked with Thoth before, mostly as a Muse in my writing projects, I wonder, would it be a real concern if Thoth isn’t a god as such? Not that I doubt his authority as such, but I can’t also say I’m sure if Thoth is a mere spiritual being and not a real deity – or is this a matter of semantics?

    Anyways, it seems like your channeling method is meant to be efficacious for any kinds of beings, right?

    Thanks, and I’ll be glad to hear back from you.

    • Rob says:

      Years back I posted an update to this ritual,, so definitely go there and take a look at that.

      Thoth is one of the gods I’ve definitely confirmed as a god. The energy high from divine energy is huge, especially the first time you feel out a god, and even more so if you’ve never actually contacted a god before. It should rip through your body and probably leave you pretty hyper for a while, at the very least. In other words, you’ll know it when you feel it.

      The whole symbol thing is a crutch, you don’t need it, but it’s a very effective crutch. I definitely wouldn’t work without it the first time, and the moon symbol is a bit general and weak for this. I’d suggest finding either a drawing specifically of Thoth or a picture of a sculpture of him if you don’t have a sculpture of Thoth ready to use.

      Some other suggestions to improve your success:

      Take a long hot shower beforehand (or you know a bath). It’ll help you loosen up beforehand, and although not necessary, it’s respectful to prepare yourself accordingly before speaking to a god.

      Ditch the robe. Do the ritual completely naked. It’ll help keep you in the proper mindset, and the robe can be having unintended effects.

      Refrain from doing any grounding, banishing, or cleansing rituals at least the 24 hours before and after the ritual (and of course during the ritual). I’d say ideally refrain from it 3 days before and after.

      Do some meditation earlier in the day. Focus on opening yourself up (not your mind, but your emotions and your energy). Try to take down any emotional protections you have, and definitely work on removing any shielding you might be doing. This sort of stuff clogs up your system, and it not only hurts this ritual, but really limits you in magic overall.

      Not being open enough energetically and using things like banishing/cleansing/grounding/shielding techniques are the main things that are mess up the spell. You can also be held back if you’re not quite there with energy manipulation yet, but the ritual honestly doesn’t require that much skill to make it work, and some simple exercises could probably get you there pretty quick, if you’re not there already.

      Don’t very what you’re doing too much. Keep it simple. Meditate. Push energy towards the symbol. Be prepared to receive energy back from the symbol. I’d wait 15 to 30 minutes before giving up, although you may be successful int he first few seconds. The 15 to 30 is just a guideline, don’t watch the clock or try to time yourself, it’s just not a good idea.

      Refrain from grounding/cleansing afterwards even if you fail. It’s uncommon but possible that you’ll get with the energy shortly after finishing the ritual.

      Appropriate incense is fine. With Thoth I’d suggest maybe Vanilla or Amber. Burning a candle can help, but use virgin candles, and definitely don’t burn anything you’ve used in another ritual.

      The ritual has a pretty high success rate overall, but it’s not 100%, so don’t get discouraged if you try everything and it still doesn’t work. If it doesn’t work with Thoth, I’d say maybe wait a day and try again with a different god.

  21. Christopher says:

    This is a site for the devil or the dumb.
    Baal is not a king he is a depressed sadist shadow of man.Be warned the energy of belief and believe nothing but your own senses and innermost instincts.

  22. Ronnie says:

    Listen my friend I really want/need to communicate with bael I have a lot to offer and not much to ask of him I have unlimited respect but I need a little help in a matter ! I need the basics on how to envoke a strong entity but to be sure who am I best summoning over a relationship issue(the friendliest way to put it)

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