Of Magick, Money, and More Effective Magick

Looking at my website stats and talking to readers, I’ve noticed that a good percentage of my readers are coming from spiritual systems that are supposed to lead to financial success (i.e. Law of Attraction, Tony Robbins, ect.). Oddly I’ve never been a part of one of these systems, and I was almost completely ignorant of this segment of the community prior to getting web traffic from it.

I’m not about to endorse any particular system, but from what I’ve seen most of the systems, when used correctly, should result in some success. It’s up in the air if any of these systems are really channeled works, but even if they are channeled works I haven’t seen anything new in any of these systems. The systems combine basic theories of self-help (like making a list of goals and then following through on them) with certain basic magickal laws of the universe (such as like attracting like). There may be some room for dispute with the accuracy of the magickal laws and there may exist exceptions to them, and at the same time the various systems seem to simplify the laws and ignore the greater complexities that may exist within them, but at the same time the laws these systems utilize are the most fundamental laws of magick that have been tried and tested and have pretty much become axioms of magickal work for eons. So long as you aren’t trying to do something weird with them, they should hold up. Combine these with the various self-help systems, systems that have been around for decades or longer and which have been well tested with proven results, and you’ll have a system that should work and the dedicated practitioner should achieve at least some of their material goals.

But is it a complete spiritual system? No. Financial success through magick isn’t one of my stronger areas, and I don’t often post on it. I’ve noticed that most of the people that have come from these sites aren’t coming to my blog looking for that kind of information though. They want to know about things like meditation, kabbalah, and tarot. These systems only give their practitioners a taste of spirituality. The systems themselves don’t even teach a true mastery of the system. For example, most of these systems claim to be acquired through a channeled being. And yet as far as I’ve seen, none of these systems focus on teaching the practitioner how to directly channel this being themselves, or how to channel their own separate being, either of which would result in a true mastery of the system as presented.

These systems don’t create adepts or even initiates, instead they create neophytes, people who are open and actively exploring spirituality without yet acquiring any real purpose or direction. But there are also good reasons for this. Firstly, most people don’t come into these systems looking for spirituality, they are typically looking for some sort of material success. However the utilization of spiritual methods to achieve these material goals results in certain practitioners being spiritually awakened to a degree and evolves their spiritual path. Secondly, most people come into these systems with spiritual and religious views. Although some minor spirituality can be included (such as channeling a spirit or using magickal laws) without offending most people, as the system becomes more spiritual less people will be willing to adopt it into their already established spiritual views.

It’s easy to look at the practitioners of these systems and liken them to the kinds of people who buy into get rich quick schemes. I’m almost certain that the get rich quick people do find their way into these systems, it’s the sort of thing they’d be attracted to. But I think that a lot of the people using these systems are hardworking and dedicated individuals who, on their own, have failed to achieve their goals, and these systems offer them a means to direct their hardwork and dedication in such a way to achieve success. It’s this later type that will most likely find spiritual success when they move beyond the system. Magick isn’t the easier path to doing something, it’s the more difficult path.

The universe is like a river. There are three ways to swim in a river. The first way is to just swim across the thing. It gets you from point a to point b based entirely on your abilities and strengths. This is how most people swim the river, and this is why it’s so difficult for most people to find success. You almost have to be born naturally talented to achieve even modest success in life using this route. Through hardwork, perseverance, and dedication you may eventually end up better off than most by doing things this way.

The second way to go is to swim downstream. This is the equivalent to moving with the universe. The universe moves in certain directions and it does so with great force. When you swim downstream the river can carry you far and at high speeds and it requires little effort from you to do so. One of the tricks to performing powerful magick and appearing stronger than you actually are is to move in the same direction as the universe. When you do that the universe carries you and lends you its power to be used towards your own ends.

The third option is to swim upstream. This is to move against the natural order of the universe and to have it constantly push against you to put you back in your proper place. This is the most difficult option. Swimming downstream gives the practitioner far more power than they’re naturally capable of, but a magickal path typically goes upstream more often than it goes downstream. Where the downstream swim is used to acquire large amounts of power, the upstream swim is used to acquire strength. The practitioner swimming upstream will become stronger and stronger until such a time as they’ve obtained a complete mastery over swimming upstream a particular river. If they fail to do so, the river will consume them. It’s this mastery over opposition that results in strength. This is how magick makes practitioners powerful. The road is largely an upstream swim, and strength becomes a necessity to survival, and those that can’t acquire that strength don’t survive. The magickal path isn’t the easier or safer path, it’s the difficult and risky one.

One Response to Of Magick, Money, and More Effective Magick

  1. Liara Covert says:

    Some kinds of people may believe it requires magik to experience success. The same people may associate magik with unrealistic events or improbabilities, and kybosh their dreams with fear of success and self-doubt.

    Other people exist who believe they are creators with the ability to shape the kind of world they choose to experience. These aren’t the ‘get-rich-quick’ types you astutely describe as those individuals looking for easy money or short-cuts to desired results. Magik-minded people are believers in forces and beings that aren’t readily seen by normal senses. They imagine and intend different kinds of success and their spiritual beliefs can indeed come into play.

    I like your analogy with swimming. Some people go with the flow. Otehr people consciously go against the current. Still others don’t even recognize a current exists.

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