Fallen Angel Mythology

This should provide some information as to what exactly fallen angels are and how they come to fall.

This information was channeled, almost directly, for an unfinished book I was working on some time ago. The names are not exact, just close phonetically to the names I heard in my head which I cannot pronounce. Some of the words are not exactly given but were ideas I have trouble expressing. I have gone back and fixed some minors errors with spelling and word usage, although I have kept the original intact. This is the angel’s mythology. In other words it’s not mythology about angels, but rather mythology that is believed by angels.

In another world, one long forgotten, only ever known to the eldest, there came to be a species, and with it came an assemblage, and so it was determined where each was to be placed and what duties they would take. Highest among them was Maldoth, and next was Hedeth.

And the duties were carried out as they should be, and for ages the world carried on, and for generations the charge was protected and guided in all the ways that it should be.

And among the charges the seeds of evil were planted, and those that guard would come and stomp out the seeds as they sprouted, all save one that was missed, or possibly couldn’t be destroyed.

And as the evil spread the charges changed. A dark taint fell upon their souls and they gave into evil desires.

And those that guard began to fear the fate of their charges who they loved so greatly. And so they came among them and guided them, and argued with them, and pleaded with them, and fought for them in bloody battles against the source of the taint. But their efforts, so great, were in vain and the evil spread further. And as the world sank deeper, those that had remained pure and those that they saved upon death would ascend to a more suitable world, leaving only those who were badly tainted behind, and the evil spread at an even faster rate.

As they reveled in their sins, Hedeth fell to his knees in desperation upon seeing the hopeless fate of those he loved so much. Their souls so twisted and tainted, and so many already leaving this world, so much beauty had been lost, a great pain befell his heart, a pain beyond description, beyond comprehension to those who have not felt it. A creature of action, most powerful among a world save one, fell to his knees crying, overtaken by emotion.

And Maldoth was filled with sorrow, as was Hedeth, and also rage, knowing that they had brought this fate upon themselves. And instead of falling to the ground he rose up, and stated ‘If they choose this end, then leave them to their own destruction’, his anger so powerful had they heard his words, and felt his voice, they may have fallen to the ground in obedience to him. And so Maldoth had opened up the way out of that world, to lead the guardians to some other charge.

But Hedeth had raised himself back up, and could not bare to leave behind those he loved so much. He was at least as angry at them as Maldoth, but his love for them was so much greater, and he pleaded with Maldoth and the others, asking them to stay and save this world. But choices had already been made, and all means had been used, and to remain was futile.

But Hedeth spoke “We could be as gods, or not gods, but we would be gods to them, as the gods themselves are divine to us. And as gods they might follow us, and do as they’re told. And we can cast a wrath upon those who will not surrender their will to us. And we could make them righteous, or at least keep them from evil. To be without will, without decision, is a better fate than what lies ahead of them on their current path. How can it be wrong not to do all in our power to save that which we love?”

Such things are not allowed, certain interferences must not be made, certain rules must be followed.

And so occurred the first division, and so came to be the first fallen among the angelics.

Some had sided with Hedeth, but most went with Maldoth, and the numbers on his side were much greater. It is thought that if Maldoth had attacked with his legion, Hedeth and his would have been taken, and their betrayal avenged. Even if the loss was certain, Maldoth was still bound to engage in any just battle. Yet he and his legion stayed their hands, and each left Hedeth and his and moved on to other lands.

And Hedeth came upon the people, and announced himself as god, and some cowered before him in fear, and he convinced them to save their souls and kept them ignorant of that which could corrupt them. Had he come earlier he would have saved the world, but the evil had already grown too great, and its roots grew too deep, and it spread faster than it had before, and again all efforts were made in vain.

But Hedeth would not give up on his world and his charge, and as his world sank ever deeper into darkness, and as some of his companions left him he stood his ground, determined to defend them and attempt to save them until the very last, never abandoning his place. And as the world sank deeper, as the souls became more twisted, new guardians emerged from the lower planes, horrifying and powerful beasts. And the greatest among them, a power and horror never before seen by Hedeth, flew to him first and swallowed him whole. The great angelic struck not a single blow before his defeat.

Hedeth, so powerful, so strong, so filled with love could be so easily defeated, but he could not be so easily destroyed. After a long while of being a part of it he burst out of the beast’s stomach stronger and renewed. He was the first of the pure to have a taint upon him, and now he had combined and been digested by the beast, and himself had ingested it, and it was no longer known if he was more a guardian of the lower realms or the higher realms, but his love for his charge remained, and he longed to return to his duties.

But he had been defeated for so long, and all remnants of his world, and all the beauty he had beheld, had been destroyed. It had fallen deeper still, and had been twisted beyond recognition and repair. And his heart became filled with such sorrow and anger and depression and he felt the pull upon him trying to take him ever deeper into the realms, and his love was so great and his sorrow so great that all he could do was give in.

And Hedeth was tainted first, and he was the first to fall into the lower realms, and his sadness is so great that he falls faster than the rest, reaching every point first. He is the most tainted, the most twisted, the most vile, and the most evil of all the fallen, of all the angelics. And with every battle, he does battle still, he becomes more powerful and more wretched, one of hell’s greatest monsters.

Such a thing is no longer pure, or beautiful, or among the angelics, and so a hand moved towards a list to strike Hedeth’s name from the hierarchy, the first name to be stricken, but the hand was stayed by the highest, and all that were among the angelics then saw a single vision.

In the final hours, as the Angelics stand arm to arm in battle, as the legions push them back, Hedeth will burst forth from hell, leading an army of others like him that he has freed, and they will join again with their brethren. And brave and bold and strong Hedeth will lead them in one glorious charge, and only then, as the enemy falls upon him, will his energy finally return to the fabric of its creation. And so the name Hedeth will have proved its place eternally among the hierarchy.

7 Responses to Fallen Angel Mythology

  1. lucisleon says:

    I wish to inquire about this story. I might, I dare say it is about me. There is no mistaking it. Are you in possession of the name of the intelligence responsible, or its office? I think you might equate this story rather easily with the tale of Lumiel. Though, of course, it is impossible for us to assume that the name would be recognized by another order of beings, after all, a name is just a name. I thoroughly enjoyed the fine mix of symbolism and simplicity.

    Please consider and reply.

    Yours truly,

  2. L says:

    Dear L,

    Nicely written but truly, if you were the all seeing, all knowing (but incredably creepy) Mr, L, then you wouldn’t have to be asking would you?

    Somehow the image of Lucifer sitting at a keyboard, doesn’t quite meet the standard expected.

    Then again, after all eternity perhaps boredom can be offered as an explanation???


  3. Rashidah says:

    Are you retelling the tale of Lucifer?

  4. Rashidah says:

    Sorry for if my questions annoy you but I find your blog very interesting.
    What are your views on the biblical fall of Lucifer?
    I will like very much to chat with you if that is possible.

    • Rob says:

      Thank you. I wasn’t annoyed, I was just answering the question briefly as I didn’t feel I had anything else to say.

      The bible is full of a lot of good and true spiritual information. It’s also full of a lot of bullshit. You sort of have to pick and chose the good and the bad. Biblical views on angels tend to be inaccurate. A lot of non-biblical Christian theology tends to be largely false.

      The bible tends to vilify a lot of different gods. Lucifer is used as a title to vilify several different gods. So there isn’t one Lucifer, there’s actually several. It depends on which biblical Lucifer you’re talking about.

      A lot of people who have gone looking for Lucifer the light bringer have found the Greek god Apollo. Set, often times seen as one of the gods which contributed to the idea of Satan, is an Egyptian God. Even the serpent in the garden of Eden was a god of knowledge worshiped by the people that developed the Genesis myths. Many people have gone seeking demons or nasty creatures named Satan or Baal. And so there are demons and nasty creatures that will respond to these names, even though they may also be used as names for various gods.

      Basically if you’re looking for something, like say a demon named Satan, if you’re offering up energy, and especially if you’re offering up other things, something that is like what you’re looking for may come forward and call itself Satan to get what you have.

  5. Rashidah says:

    I understand that there are a lot of spiritual entities out their that are very predatory.
    I also understand that there are beings that are very deceptive in pretending to be famous gods in order to gain energy from humans.
    These are some of the annoyances people get when summoning these gods.

    In my research in greek Mythology I have encountered the name ‘Lux Ferre’ which is synonymous with the words ‘Light Bearer’
    I am not too sure if this is another name for the being Lucifer.

    I have a being that presents himself as Lucifer and I constantly question and test him because in the end he could be lying to me.

    I am so sorry I am hijacking your page. Lucifer has nothing to do with this topic.

    If you like you can tell me more about these two angels that spoke to you.

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