Account 3: Seems Like Old Times

A while back I wrote a series of accounts for a friend’s e-group which detailed magickal experiences, particularly those that dealt with otherworldly entities. The group is now pretty much dead, and these accounts don’t have a real home. I don’t see much value in these accounts, except maybe as cautionary tales, but I already wrote them and I’m in need of good blog filler. Maybe someone will get some use out of these or see something similar to what they’re dealing with.

It’s been a strange night. A lot of weird stuff has been going on, and a lot of weird and nasty shit seems to have wandered into my house. I just chased away a giant wooden bald thing with a big nose I caught walking down my stairs. Looked like a deranged Pinnochio.

Anyways I have a few metaphysical experiences from when I was a young child, and the last ones I had involved these evil little dogs. From about when I was five these things terrorized me for quite some time. They were these evil, demonic white dogs. Huge, ferocious things. Very intimidating. They seemed to cast off fear and they would terrorize me at night. I called them nightmares, because when I told my mother about one of them she told me it was a nightmare.

About the time I was maybe six or so I stopped having any metaphysical adventures at all. I was still terrified of these dogs for several years after that, but I never saw any of them again.

Well one got into my house tonight and tried to terrorize me. Just like old times. Except now it’s a tiny little white furball that could barely reach above my knees on its hind legs. And the extent of its power seems to be casting off a bit of fear for a boo type effect when you first see it. If not for the fact that I just plain don’t like these things, I could probably keep it around the house as a pet.

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  1. acting like godot says:

    hi rob

    it’s me again. I don’t even know if you remember me, but sometime last year (around October? I think) I visited your blog and asked for your advice about some entity which seemed to be in my house (you might remember that I’ve had a series of housekeepers/maids who reported strange occurrences).

    anyway I did some meditation-based cleansing rituals (as advised by you) and things became “normal” for a while. But lately, say, in the past month, some little weird things started happening again and last night one big weird thing happened, so here I am, back asking for your advice again. I really don’t know who else I can ask.

    rob, I have to add that my wife and I are into things like Law of Attraction, meditation etc and my wife in particular has, since she was quite young, had premonitions and psychic dreams (it’s natural for her, she doesn’t “try” to have these things, she just has them).

    But really, ghosts and spirits are not our kind of thing, and we really hope that they will stay far, far away from us.

    I’ll cut a long story short, and leave out the unnecessary details. Our five-year-old son saw my wife in the living room. Except that it wasn’t my wife. At that time, my wife was actually in the bathroom with me.

    My son said something to the “person” in the living room – something about wanting to find his ball. The “person” made an odd gesture at my son but otherwise ignored my son. My son was upset by this strange behaviour – Mummy refusing to talk to him – and walked off to look for my maid.

    At this time, my maid was in another bathroom (washing up my younger daughter). My son stood outside the bathroom and told my maid, “Mummy won’t help me find my ball.” He started crying. I’m not sure why – it’s not clear to me whether he was frightened by the “person” or whether he was upset about his missing ball, which he had earlier been fighting over with his sister).

    Apparently, my maid replied something like, “Where’s Mummy now?” and my son said, “There,” pointing in a certain direction (From just outside the bathroom, you can look into the living room). What happened next probably happened in one or two seconds:

    1. my son looked back to the bathroom
    2. my maid stepped out of the bathroom
    3. both looked towards the living room
    4. there was no one in the living room
    5. my son said, “She’s not there anymore. She’s gone!”

    I don’t believe my son is making things up. My maid doesn’t believe it either. My son is not that kind of kid, and my maid said that his behaviour was very authentic – she doesn’t believe he was making thimgs up either.

    He saw a “person” who looked like my wife. This morning I googled around and found two keywords – “bilocation” and “doppelganger”. Bilocation sounds cool but “doppelganger” tends to come with some extremely negative connotations.

    I did a major meditation cleansing thing again – white ball of light in every room, expanding it to push things out of the house etc etc. Hope to get your comments about bilocation and doppelganger.

  2. Rob says:

    I remember talking to you before. I also think I might have said that this sort of thing was going to keep happening. And it’s going to keep happening, again and again, for the rest of your lives. I don’t think there’s any way you or your wife can stop it from happening now, and it’s quite possible that neither of you ever had a choice in the matter to begin with. The best you can do is learn how to deal with these things.

    The thing involving your son is just creepy for a lot of reasons. But at least whatever it was seemed to ignore him, so it’s hopefully not trying to manipulate or steal away your children by appearing as your wife. I’ve heard stories of things like that.

    I’ve never seen a doppleganger, but I have been warned about them. Basically that sooner or later a doppleganger will try to destroy the original and take its place. But from my understanding they don’t start out complete, they develop into the person over time.

    As for bilocation there are a lot of reasons why something like that could occur. Your wife could have accidentally split herself. Or it’s possible she created an imaginary elemental of herself through a meditation or astral projection technique. It’s possible you accidentally created an imaginary elemental of her during a meditation technique. An imaginary elemental is a thought form except it’s sentient and has freewill and a soul. It could also be a parallel soul, which means another version of your wife in another world is exploring other versions of herself and found your home.

    If however something is just running around your house in the guise of your wife, you need to put a stop to it. No good can come from something like that.

    Another avenue you may want to look at is ancestoral spirits. Those link through your magickal lineage. If you join a magickal group or society, or even if you just claim to be a member or take the name of one of these groups, the ancestoral spirits of the group have a right to claim you. If you have a teacher or a mentor, the ancestoral spirits connected to them have a right to claim you. And, important here, ancestoral spirits connected through a family lineage have a right to claim you.

    If this is an ancenstoral spirit of some deceased relative of your wife, they could bear a resemblance to her which in turn could confuse your son. With innate ability, like what your wife has, there’s usually a family history if you research it. And a lot of times it might not be apparent right away, because a lot of families will try to hide these branches of their family tree.

    Ancestoral spirits feel different from ghosts. They’re more whole and a bit more familiar, it’s hard to exactly describe. They also generally tend to be good things and often times have good information to give, but always ask for payment in advance if they want you to do something for them. I’m still owed a boon over here :)

    It’s very hard to say what you even might be dealing with based on your son’s account. You can’t even be sure if this was something that looked like your wife or a case of mistaken identity. You don’t know what it feels like. You don’t know how it would really react or what it might say in communication.

    Definitely keep cleaning the house, and both you and your wife should try to stay more open and aware to what’s around you, and try to keep an eye out for this thing. If one of you two just encountered it you would have much better idea of what you’re dealing with.

    The primary issue though is with protecting your children from these things. You and your wife can probably take care of yourselves in a bad situation, and when you do get yourself backed into a corner by something you’ll probably be surprised by what you can really do. But you need to make sure your children are also safe.

    The best thing you can do is empower them independently. Most people try to teach children to be afraid and to run to the protection of an adult when they feel threatened. As far as the paranormal goes, it’s better to teach children to not be afraid and defend themselves when threatened. Don’t cower from monsters, fight them.

    Fear will attract a lot of bad things, and a lot of things are very weak but able to prey upon those that feel they are even weaker, and children usually feel pretty weak, much weaker than they actually are. And being able to respond right away to a threat can make a difference in the outcome.

    And do communicate with your children and take some time to seriously reflect on what they might say about imaginary friends and monsters and such. Children are very open to seeing things, and a lot of what you’re doing is attracting things to the house. What might seem like a child’s fantasy or lie could be something very real. And definitely make sure your children aren’t associating with ghost children. Many ghost children will try to kill their living playmates, often times in the same manner in which they died.

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