Account 1: Evocations by Telephone

A while back I wrote a series of accounts for a friend’s e-group which detailed magickal experiences, particularly those that dealt with otherworldly entities. The group is now pretty much dead, and these accounts don’t have a real home. I don’t see much value in these accounts, except maybe as cautionary tales, but I already wrote them and I’m in need of good blog filler. Maybe someone will get some use out of these or see something similar to what they’re dealing with.

T told me that B wanted this account written up and added to the group in order to catalog it, but he didn’t think it was necessary to do that. I told him that if B wants it, I’d do it. Since I don’t know who might be reading this in the future, I’m going to refrain from mentioning the grimoire or tarot deck that was used. This is an account of what happened with me and T the other day, and T can fill in any details I miss.

I was talking on the phone with T, and T had come across some of his old notes from when he used to hold classes. He went through some of them, and told me some of his curriculum, and he gave me a couple of the tests he had for his students. Among his notes there were several pages from a grimoire. T had read them out loud to me and explained some of what was contained in the grimoire.

T then said that there was a tarot deck associated with the grimoire and gave me the name and asked if I had ever heard of it. When I told him no he said I should look it up and see what it was like. So I went online and found a site that had pictures of all the cards up. The deck was not a tarot deck. It had cards with pictures and I didn’t see any relation between it and a tarot deck. There was something there that sort of draws you into the deck. But at the same time it felt completely repulsive. I had told T that the deck was icky and there was something very wrong with it. That’s the best way I can describe what I felt. I also had an innate need to burn the deck. T had told me a story about him going into a trance and burning the associated grimoire in the past. Of course the deck was on the computer screen, so burning it wasn’t an option. But I did close the window and deleted the cache and history in the web browser.

Around that time I started to notice some stuff moving around my room. T told me later that he had sensed three entities in my room, although I only ever identified two of them. The one that caught my attention, which I became focused on, was the same thing that T was seeing over at his house.

The thing had a humanoid shape to it. It was very tall and very thin for its height, lengthy. A lot of it wasn’t very human-like though, and its limbs didn’t end like humans do. It looked like his arms ended in spikes or claws. In some ways it reminded me of a masters of the universe toy I used to have, the one that you could assemble different ways.

Anyways when I felt this thing I immediately didn’t like it. It had an icky feeling to it. It was a very bad thing.

I ended up using a light attack against it, and it was more instinct than anything else. The attack itself wasn’t something I usually use and wasn’t very human-esque, so I can’t describe it too well. The painful aspect of it would’ve been somewhat equivelent to throwing a bunch of knives at someone’s face. I also showed this thing how I felt towards it, and a bit of a glimpse at what I really was, and gave it a message sort of like, “You know what I am, do you really want to fuck with me and find out what happens next.”

At that point it sort of backed away from me, and seemed a bit cautious towards me. I can’t really describe the emotion I got from it then, because it wasn’t close to anything human, but I would say it was something akin to fear, although very different from it. Kind of like it served the same purpose as fear.

The thing remained in the room for a while longer, and there were some occurances in that time. The ceiling is speckled, and the thing was trying to channel into me and on the ceiling the pictures from the cards were forming. The window was also very offish. It’s hard to explain, but it happens common enough. Almost like watching a TV screen that’s on the fritz.

The energy of the rooms was also being converted. For my part I was trying to stop it from doing that, but it was probably a losing battle. I was carrying some Venetian energy in me, and the entity didn’t seem all that keen on that type of energy from what I could see.

T had the same thing in his home this entire time. I’m not sure quite how he dealt with his, or the totality of what happened over there, except that he seemed to have things worse, and he did have a drawer open by itself with the grimoire inside.

The thing or things left and everything calmed down a bit. That’s when I noticed the second thing moving around the room. It was a weird little thing, and I think it might be the same type of thing as what I used to have living with me because they did seem similiar.

It just looked like a little black blob of something that moved around the room real fast. I tried tapping it, and the results threw me at first. There was nothing bad there and no harmful intent, but it seemed empty. There was nothing actually there. Like it was bare. There was some energy there fueling it, but it really didn’t have any signature, and there was nothing beneath that. No thought, emotion, intent, basis, ect. Something that was empty.

I think it’s a chameleon type thing, and I think I had something that was at least similiar to it at one point. What I think it does is it finds other entities to tag along with for a while, and when it does it changes itself so it takes on their same aspects and energies. So it’s always 100% compatable with whatever it decides to join up with. Of course if it’s not currently attached to something, it has no aspect to it at all, it’s almost a nothingness.

The entity I had before was similiar to it in a few ways. For one thing, that entity was completely compatable with me. I tapped it and it had the exact same energy as me. It’s nature also seemed very similiar to my own. It also started out similiar to this thing when I first met it. It was a gray blob as opposed to a black one. But then it started to grow bigger, and it was also shifting into a human form. After a while it had a human head and human hands, and they were becoming more defined and more useful.

Anyways this other thing didn’t seem harmful in any way, but I got rid of it anyways because of what it came into the house with. On the off chance they have some association, I don’t want anything to do with it.

Three things, two of them similiar to what I described in my room, appeared at T’s house later on to go back through the portal, and he had some reprucussions from that, but I wasn’t there and you’d have to ask him about that.

Also, as an oddity, something came out of T’s portal and told him it was the true Venetian energy. The odder thing about that being I would’ve been in communion with Venus a few hours before that happened to T. Once again though, this isn’t something I really played a part in, and you’d have to ask T for a better description of what occured.

Addendum: T was well known in the group for being a metaphysical teacher. At the time I thought he knew better than to read a grimoire that had any real power to it, and believed him when he told me the grimoire he was reading was more or less worthless (it wasn’t). As a final note, upon further research I’ve found the toy was called Modulok.

2 Responses to Account 1: Evocations by Telephone

  1. Super Tom says:

    Oh ya….. LOL I am also thinking about publishing that work. Oh I knew better…..LOL I just did not remember. It was in the mystery box after all. I forgot why I had it in there.
    I will tell my version in my new book. I would not do a shameless plug on your blog like I am writeing a book called confessions of a magick trickster.
    I plan on putting many of adventures and works into the writen word. That nexus breaking spell your after will be in the grimoire section. The trickster grimoire.

  2. Rob says:

    We’ve had this discussion before. Me having a story to tell isn’t justification for you doing something horrible to me.

    You could’ve linked to your book if you wanted to. At the very least, you could be entering your Lulu store addy in the website field when you post, and then if anyone clicked on your name they would go there.

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