Free Book Now Available

I’ve finished writing the book and it can be downloaded free from Lulu. Those wishing to buy a hard copy can get one there too. Those who don’t want to go through lulu can wait. I should have the contents uploaded to this site in a few days at which time anyone who has any questions or comments can post them here.

As I said before, this book is being offered absolutely free. The download is free, and it will soon be freely available on this site. The cost of the paperback book is what lulu charges to print the book. I’m receiving no money from this.

The book itself contains an initatory system based on what I was taught, my personal experiences, and channeled information.

Have fun.

4 Responses to Free Book Now Available

  1. Super Tom says:

    I thought it was a good read and very good for a free book.
    There was one of those foo foo’s that seem to single your work out I noted.
    It looked green eyed being you got a good review.
    I think he was being he did not note anything on your work. Good or bad.
    He was trying to sell bad magick poetry books it looked like.
    I can make my own bad poetry I don’t need to buy others. LOL

  2. Rob says:

    From what I read his poetry was Christian based, praising god and clearly modeled after English prayer translations at points, which makes his reading of my work even odder. But I will say, honestly and without any malice for his harsh review, his verse doesn’t scan.

    I’m reminded of a rant by Hard/Clay of Sexy Losers after a so-called professional web-comic critic gave his comic a negative review. One of the main points was he’s giving it away for free, and someone can go to his site and decide if they like his web-comic or not for free, so what’s the point in giving it a negative review.

    Anyways I don’t pay it much heed. I have several glowing reviews for this blog in different parts of the Internet and I seem to be finding a niche of people who want to read this stuff and sometimes even benefit from it, and I’m sure my little book will do the same.

  3. brian says:

    Aloha Rob,

    I just found your site, but have been enjoying it, and I did read your ebook. I think it will valuable to me on my own journey, especially in turning theoretical musings to practical work. I look forward to learning more from you…


  4. Rob says:


    Thanks. To be honest, I realize a lot of things writing these posts, and I realized some important things writing the book, so I learn quite a bit from maintaining this site. Still it’s always nice to hear from people who appreciate what I’ve written and it’s encouraging to know that the work I’m doing here is helping others.

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